Tuesday, September 29, 2009

He May Never Come Back

I don't have the privilege of being privy to specific details concerning this case. But from the outside looking in it looks like Elbert Jefferson has pulled a fast one on the city again. Considering the councilmen that made it possible. This might be another backroom deal on one hand. A bit of fast talking and buying time on the other one.

From the beginning I have always thought Elbert Jefferson was a bit of a sacrificial lamb. In the end he will end up taking the blame for all the questionable fees that were paid to outside attorneys over  the last five or six years. He will lose his job but he won't go to jail. Robert Spence, Jerome Wilkins and Alan Wade will get away Scott free. The book will be closed and we'll move on to something else. Even if it has been going on all the time.

I think once again the D.A. sees the writing on the wall. You can't take for granted justice will prevail in this case. With his latest move Jefferson got the city between a rock and a hard place. Now they can't fire him until he comes back to work. Bill Gibbons might be making his move too late. He may never come back.

Three Lawyers And A Teacher

If only facts mattered and emotion didn't play such a big part in how people vote. We could just sit back because we already know how this election would end. I'm just sitting back quietly watching how this whole thing turns out. If you didn't see the televised debate, you might be surprised to hear who won. This debate kind of slid under the microscope with little advertisement. I didn't know about it until after it was over. I watched it on the Internet. For some reason I don't think that's just by coincidence. The early front runner and the obvious media favorite didn't fare to well.

Charles Carpenter has gotten mixed up in negative campaigning and it has backfired on him. His associations indicate obvious judgement issues on his part. This guy has too many skeletons in his closet to try and point the finger at anyone else. First he couldn't remember how much money he had made off the city of Memphis in the last seventeen years. That might not be so hard to believe if it didn't make up 90% of his business. He had to know that question would come up and he should have known the answer. Unless he underestimated the intelligence of the voter and thought he could keep it a secret. Then there are those menacing rumors about his children and his ex-wife. If he is so skilled at handling complex financial matters. It would seem he would have done a better job with his own. A firm that has been in business over 31 years should have a job for his son instead of him having to work on a temporary job for 12hr. I have a problem with those men who don't provide for their children. Unless it's the child's' fault and not the sins of the father.

Even though she still causes a stir. Carol Chumney's time has passed to be mayor of Memphis. She has become known as the anti-incumbent candidate. Her appeal was rooted in her opposition to former Mayor Willie Herenton. Now that he is no longer in office, her star isn't quite so bright. She lost her momentum when she left the city council.

This is A.C. Wharton's race to lose. He was picked to win this race by the media and most of the voters already. At first even I was one of those people in that group. I don't dislike Mayor Wharton or anything he has done. I just think he should keep the job he already has. And let Myron Lowery finish the job he started. I think Mayor Wharton has done a marvelous job doing what he was elected to do as county mayor. That's just not what we need in Memphis right now.

I think Myron Lowery is doing a good job so far. His performance in the debate was excellent also. I must admit I wasn't a supporter of his at first, but his last few weeks in office have changed my mind. I don't know if he will be someone who will be in this unique position again. It will probably be a long time before we have another mayor pro tem. He has a chance to prove himself to the people now without being elected. He is on probation for the next two years with the people having A.C. Wharton as an ace in the hole. Patiently waiting in case Lowery doesn't work out.

This Or That

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Two Mayors And Their Wives

This is one of the few pictures I was able to find of Shelby County Mayor A.C. Wharton and his wife Ruby. They have been married for 30 plus yrs. and have raised 6 sons, 3 of them adopted.

This is one of several pictures I found of Mayor Myron Lowery and his wife Mary. They are always seen in public together. They have been married 20 plus yrs. and have 3 children.

Vasco Smith (1920-2009)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Be A Bigger Man

I know the former mayor of Memphis is feeling like he got played by Ms. Marsh and he probably did. He seems to have underestimated the resourcefulness of Ms. Marsh. in regards to getting in his pockets I bet he never expected this former security guard who worked at the Peabody Hotel to be calling the shots. Along with those who might be advising her against him. He thought she was as awstruck as some of his followers, and would just go for whatever he says. But she was smart enough to get a lawyer and tie up half of his lump sum pension.This will probably be among the most expensive lays the mayor ever had in his life. But this is what happens when the hunter gets captured by the game. He had an affair with a pretty young woman half his age. Now he has to pay.

Willie Herenton is a wealthy sixty-seven year old man with a five year old namesake. He better be careful how he handles this. The 100 Black Women of Memphis won't take kindly to him dragging her name through the mud. Regardless how it happened, she is the mother of his son. This is how a up and coming young athlete about to sign a big contract might act. Not someone drawing their social security. Being around to see this child attend his first day of school is favor from God. The fact that she has moved away shows she is not on stand by for Willie Herenton. Could that be part of the problem? I know he isn't used to not getting his way. Welcome to the real world. Instead of acting like some irresponsible teenager with no male guidance in his life. You can't take it with you. Only those things you do for God will last. Don't let those who look up to you see you act this way. Be a bigger man.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Beg Your Pardon 50,000 Times

The fist bump given to the Dalai Lama by Myron Lowery has caused quite a stir in the media. It's not just the talk of the town in Memphis but all across the country. I don't claim to be up on everything, but I know quite a bit. Before last week I wasn't all that familiar with proper etiquette and what would be a proper greeting for this dignitary. I will go out on a limb and say I'm among the majority. People take the Dalai Lama more serious than he takes himself.

I read the newspaper coverage and I was shocked at some of the vicious attacks made against the mayor. I couldn't believe some of the posts I was reading. They act like Lowery took off both his shoes and threw them at the Dalai Lama. He wasn't too offended by the gesture. If it was a big deal they didn't hear it from him. He didn't just graciously not complain. He went the extra step. Unlike many of those raising a fuss he admitted he was mistaken about it's meaning. For all those who are making this the next national incident. I wouldn't have done it because I know where it came from. Those people he was trying to reach haven't come to his rescue. For those people with other agendas. " I beg your pardon 50,000 times."


White Women

I was expecting something like this to eventually make the news or at least the tabloids. Even though this tryst hasn't actually happened. The possibility or likelihood of this happening is not out of the question. I just expected it to get more attention than this has. Thus far the only mention of President Obama in a sexual connotation is his infamous encounter with Larry Sinclair. Even though I believe every rumor has at least a grain of truth. Though I'm not such a great fan of Obama. I was quietly hoping that rumor wasn't totally true. I'll just say the presidents' admitted experimentation with drugs has put him in some questionable positions. Whether anything actually happened or not. Remember, he didn't file an incone tax until he was thirty-three years old.

I'm always thinking out of the box to figure out what's inside. I think I might have something here. Now I know why no sisters are coming forward talking about how they lost the first black commander-in-chief. Someone could write a book and have a million seller. There aren't any takers though. The black women lost out once again. Before Now that the media is speculating about his taste. Funny that lady doesn't look anything like his wife. It wouldn't look good for his image if it was discovered Barack was looking for his own Heidi Klum. Is that what he's been hiding from the public? He really likes white women..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dynamic Duo

I think the MPD did a commendable thing when they endorsed both Myron Lowery and A.C. Wharton for city mayor. That endorsement did two things inadvertently. It dispelled the notion that Chief Larry Godwin doesn't have the support of his fellow policeman and a candidate improves his chances of getting their vote by vowing to remove him. Secondly it shows that they are with Wharton because he has been projected to win. But they have no problem with Myron Lowery and what he is doing.

I for one could get use to the present arrangement. I wish they would just stay the way they are now. The two men have two totally different management styles. In between now and the time the city/county arrangement changes. We need them both. We need Myron Loweryto finish the job he started in the city. Likewise Mayor Wharton may be the only one that can convince the county residents to consolidate. That makes them a dynamic duo.

Read about an appearance they made together.


This Is What I Mean

The women here in Memphis fall for the pretty boy or the trick every time. Not necessarily in that order and they like it even better if the man is both. Either you give them chills or they want you to pay their bills. Heaven forbid you have big money and get a reputation of being a big spender. Unfortunately in this city, where the women go the men will follow. I find it funny how Kriner Cash turned a plan the public initially disagreed with into a three year extension on his contract. All the while still getting what he wanted done to begin with.

I don't disagree with what he's doing. I saw a documentary on the school system in Detroit the other day that was frightening. I don't think the citizens of Memphis foresee the schools on the horizon unless something is done. I'm just making note of what he has done thus far. Every thing people have tried to throw at him has fallen on deaf ears with the public. He is the perfect person for this job.. Men who usually have some type of following with the women have found him to be a not so easy target. Even former Mayor Willie Herenton had to accept it was a fight he wouldn't win. He usually has the support of the "100 Black Women." Even Thaddeus Matthews can't get his crowd to bite. You will never hear them talking about what he said about Kriner Cash. It just comes across as him being jealous. When I talk about style over substance. This is what I mean.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Redbirds Win Crown

Professional sports are looking up in Memphis these days. As of late everything has been coming up daisies. The Redbirds won the PCL crown, and are only one win awayfrom being named the 2009 National AAA champions.
Next for Redbirds
What: Redbirds (PCL) vs. Durham Bulls (IL), in the Triple-A Baseball National Championship

When, where: 6:05 p.m., Tuesday; Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City


Friday, September 18, 2009

Worth A Thousand Words

Listening to the media one would have thought Patrick Swayze had experienced a miraculous healing. Considering that he succumbed to his pancreatic cancer last week. Obviously as we were lead to believe, that wasn't the case. I only saw pictures of him the way he was prior to his sickness. If I had seen this picture before now I wouldn't have been so surprised at his death. A picture is worth a thousand words.,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

God Is Good

We always hear about it when our young people do something bad. Here is a story of a different nature. Congratulations are in order for one of our young people who is doing good. I wrote a post about this young man last year. Fred Harvey Jr. has committed to continue his playing days at Texas Tech. When I wrote about him last time I wasn't aware he was a gifted student as well as a star athlete. In addition to his feats on the football field, he has a 4.0 GPA,

Today I was talking to his father and he informed me of an added bonus. By committing early his scholarship is guaranteed for five full years, I didn't know they usually award them one year at a time. To give some indication of this young man's character. The first thing he said was "God is good."


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He Didn't Lie

I'm not in full agreement with the manner in which Congressman Joe Wilson shouted out during the president's speech on health care. But that doesn't mean that I disagree with what he said. He was so right that afterwards the bill was immediately rewritten to reflect what he pointed out. Instead of using this as a means to further divide the parties. The reactions to his comment may be the beginning of what is needed to ultimately get this bill passed. Even all the Democrats don't agree with the plan on the table now. Both sides can learn from this ordeal. The Republicans shouldn't plant their heels and close their minds to anything the Democrats propose. Vice versa the Democrats shouldn't disregard any concerns and suggestions from the other side either. What everyone should remember and act accordingly. He didn't lie.

President Obama On Kanye

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Style Over Substance II

When you ask some people why they are voting for A.C. Wharton, most of them just say he has character and integrity. Where are they getting this information from? I can't say that he does or doesn't, but if so he is not the only one in possesion of these qualities. I haven't heard of Myron Lowery being involved in any scandals or cheating on his wife either. But no one has bothered to mention that. Even though it is not necessarily obvious from his record.It seems any attempt to sully or discredit the county mayor's name is falling on deaf ears. Fortunately for A.C. Wharton some Memphians choose style over substance.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze (1952-2009)

Kanye Is A Clown

This guy is like an out of control drunk that needs to be sent home. He can't whip nobody but he always starts a fight. When he's around you don't know what he might do or say. Kanye West is crazy like a Fox though. He carefully picks and chooses these bouts of unruly behavior and the venue. I bet he will never do something like this at the BET or Soul Train awards. Because if he did. You might get the chance to see your first televised beat down.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Report Card

Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery can be reached at myron.lowery@memphistn.gov or by calling the Mayor's office at (901) 576-6000.



•Sworn in as Mayor Pro Tem of Memphis at 3:30 PM on July 31st by Judge Hardy Mays.
•Selected Jack Sammons as Chief Administrative Officer.
•Selected Veronica Colman-Davis as Deputy City Attorney.
•Selected Donna Davis as Media Relations Specialist.
•Selected Susan David as Special Assistant.
•Addressed Summer Youth Employment graduates end of summer program.
•Worked to correct paycheck problems within the SYEP program.
•Neighborhood Stabilization News conference at Frayser Community Development Center.
•News conference with Police Director Godwin for Undercover Operation Safeguard, 77 arrested.
•Met with all Division Directors.
•Ribbon cutting for the Disney's 'A Christmas Carol' Train Tour.
•Homeland Security Funds meeting with Congressman Cohen.
•Participated in groundbreaking at FedEx House for Le Bonheur Children Hospital.
•Attended Baptist Ministers Association meeting.
•Visited National Night Out meetings throughout the city.
•Addressed MLGW Neighborhood Leaders Conference with community related topics.
•Mayor Lowery's nominee Councilman Bill Boyd wins the Bobby Dunavant Award.
•Signed approximately 75 legal contracts totaling $27,828,242.33 during first week, including HCD grant funded contracts totaling $21,981,881.00.
•Met with all Division's Deputy Directors.
•Held Town Hall meeting for public to meet all city division directors.
•Held Open House for public to view Mayor's Office.
•Participated in Memphis City Schools Pre-K Express Program at Convention Center.
•Participated in Stop the Killing Rally at Brickford Community Center.
•Addressed Kroc Center neighborhood forum breakfast at Christian Brothers University.
•Addressed MPD Command staff at the Airways Police Station.
•Addressed Memphis in May Annual Year End Review luncheon at Peabody.
•Attended Elected Officials Prayer Breakfast at Crescent Club; Paul Stanley was the guest speaker.
•Meeting with Turkish representatives Mark Namver and Kemal Oksuz.
•Participated in the Friends for our Riverfront meeting on Cobblestone Landing.
•Met with Shelby County Trustee's staff about combining city and county taxes collections.
•Addressed the Orange Mound Civic Organization.
•Spoke to IBEW members about the importance of open communications with MLG&W officials.
•Signed approximately 40 legal contracts totaling $31,902,597.00 during 2nd week, including HCD grant-funded contracts totaling $27,074,923.00 during 2nd week.
•Participated in Air Conditioner Give-Away with Memphis Police Department's New Chicago Co-Act.
•Spoke to the Men's Journey Group at Calvary Episcopal Church.
•Welcomed the American Bridge Association tournament players to Memphis.
•Participated in Mayoral Forum at St. Trinity CME Church, Walter Hurt Organizer.
•Attended AFL/CIO Labor Council luncheon where City Court Clerk Thomas Long was guest speaker.
•Appointed Janet Hooks to Division Director of Public Service & Neighborhoods.
•Appointed John Vergos to Memphis Area Transit Authority Board.
•Appointed Mark Jones to Memphis Housing Authority Board.
•Appointed Jacquelyn Jones to Memphis Animal Shelter Board.
•Appointed Deni Carr Reilly to City Beautiful Commission.
•Appointed Karla Davis to City Beautiful Commission.
•Joint Appointment of David Peck to Memphis & Shelby County New Arena Public Building Board.
•Joint Appointment of Julie Raines to Memphis & Shelby County New Arena Public Building Board.
•Joint Appointment of Johnnie Turner to Memphis & Shelby County New Arena Public Building Board.
•Joint Appointment of Brandy Johnson-Ward to M&S County Center City Revenue Finance Board.
•News conference with MPD updating Operation Safeguard, 103 arrested.
•Sponsored a school supply drive with UniverSoul Circus.
•Breakfast at Salvation Army with Tamble Terrace Neighborhood Watch, Willie Banks, President.
•Met with Uptown Volunteers at the Community Garden on 4th Street.
•Spoke at funeral services at Greater Imani for Jerry Knox, Lakesha Spencer and Maurice Crawley.
•Participated in Community Guest Day at Longview Heights SDA Church.
•Attended Bowling for Backpacks' sponsored by Coach Lionel Hollis with the Memphis Grizzlies.
•Met with Shelby County Democratic Women at Piccadilly on Mt. Moriah.
•Visited Fire Station #39 on Raines Road.
•Supported University of Phoenix Students with their Downtown Health Care Project.
•Met Police Officers during shift change at Raines Station precinct.
•AT&T Ribbon Cutting for the introduction of AT&T U-Verse in Memphis, with Chuck Thomas.
•Met with the Commercial Appeal Editorial Board with Mayor A C Wharton and SCCC Deidre Malone.
•Spoke to High School Football Players at the tailgate dinner for the Kick-off Classic at Bridges.
•Attended Dr. Kriner Cash's State of Education Address at the Board of Education.
•Donated $1,000.00 of the Mayor Pro Tem salary to MLG&W's Plus One Program.
•Attended Baptist Minister's Association meeting with Mayor A C Wharton and SCCC Deidre Malone.
•Participated in Media Leaders Luncheon hosted by Donna Davis.
•Participated in Ribbon cutting ceremony for the Maxine Smith Center at Southwest Community College.
•Attended Raleigh-Frayser Community Action Network monthly meeting.
•Visited Fire Station #13 on Parkway.
•Visited the Central Police Station on Tillman.
•Attended Association of City Retired Employees luncheon at the Board of Education.
•Appointed Johnie McKay to Deputy Director of Community Enhancement.
•Attended Greater Memphis Chamber Breakfast Forum featuring Dr. Shirley Raines.
•Attended Memphis In May Board meeting, next year's honored country is Tunisia.
•Spoke at press conference for demolition of Old Lester School by HCD & 1st Baptist Church Broad Ave.
•Spoke to senior citizens-Christmas in Aug. sponsored by International Paper at Sexton Community Ctr.
•Attended Frayser Exchange Club meeting Stevie Moore, FFUN was guest speaker.
•Participated in webcast/conference call on Health Care Reform with President Obama.
•Attended Mayoral Forum at Baptist Ministers Association.
•Spoke at Downtown Neighborhood Association.
•Appointed Wain Gaskins, City Engineer to Transportation Policy Board of Metropolitan Planning Org.
•Signed approximately 42 legal contracts totaling $10,000,793.00 during third week, including contract for new Animal Shelter totaling $7,176,641.00.
•Met with Maryland State Delegate Representative Barbara Robinson
•Attended LeMoyne-Owen College Celebrity Sports Breakfast.
•Visited Fire Station #37 on Weaver Road.
•Kicked off South Memphis Clean-up Campaign at our Mitchell Community Center.
•Attended Washing Chapel CME Church for program on domestic violence.
•Attended LeMoyne-Owen College National Alumni Association meeting.
•Presented proclamations at the Sister Network 5th Anniversary Pink Ribbon Luncheon.
•Visited the House of Mtenzi presenters banquet for the Stone Awards on October 17th.
•Attended the United Negro College Fund Banquet.
•Donated $1,000.00 of the Mayor Pro Tem salary to LeMoyne-Owen College.
•Welcomed Fantasia to Memphis with a certificate of Special Recognition.
•Visited Fire Station # 11 on Union Avenue.
•Attended St. Augustine Catholic Church with members of the City Council.
•Welcomed participants in the 3rdAnnual Memphis Artists Awards Program at Evangelist Faith COGIC.
•Unannounced visit to see conditions at the Memphis Animal Shelter.
•Spoke to AFSCME sanitation employees at their beginning workday meeting.
•Attended Community Education Program at Bloomfield Baptist Church.
•Visited Fire Station #5 on Front Street.
•Approved the sale of beer at University of Memphis football games at the Liberty Bowl Stadium.
•Visited Memphis Police Department Union Station Precinct.
•Attended Developers Network Luncheon at Hope Presbyterian Church.
•Participated in 38106 Meeting at Hamilton Community Center.
•Announced State grant of $975,312.00 for the enhancement of Elvis Presley Boulevard in Whitehaven.
•Signed approximately 7 legal contracts totaling $946,762.60 during fourth week.
•Stopped by the Mid-town Security community Meeting chaired by Peggy Williamson.
•Key note speaker at Germantown Democratic club Meeting at Cozymel's Restaurant on Poplar.
•Participated in ribbon cutting ceremony for renovations at Liberty Bowl Stadium.
•Met with Cellular South officials.
•Discussed future road and bridge improvements leading to Memphis Motorsports Park.
•Met with members of the Indian Hotel Association.
•News conference to announce solutions to payroll problems in the Summer Youth Employment Program.
•Speaker at Minority Business Council breakfast at Cook Convention Center.
•Addressed employees at the City Employee Recognition Ceremony at Memphis Botanic Gardens.
•Held press conference to announce NLC Prescription Discount Card program with CVS Caremark.
•Chaired the Memphis Pension Board meeting.
•Addressed 50 participants in the 2nd Chance Program in the Council Chambers.
•Participated in the WMC TV live debate at Opera Memphis.
•Appointed Joseph Sanio to Pension Board.
•Appointed Kenya Bradshaw to Youth Guidance Commission.
•Appointed Rodney Lomax to Youth Guidance Commission.
•Re-Appointed Lilly White to Memphis & Shelby County Board of Equalization.
•Appointed Brian Mallory to Memphis & Shelby County Board of Equalization.
•Re-Appointed Wayne Tabor to Memphis & Shelby County Convention Center Commission.
•Re-Appointed James Toles to Land Use Control Board.
•Appointed Stanley Hyland to Landmarks Commission.
•Re-Appointed Kevin Kane to Memphis & Shelby County New Arena Public Building Authority.
•Appointed James Weatherington to Memphis & Shelby County Electrical Code Board.
•Appointed Brent David to Memphis & Shelby County Building Code Advisory Board.
•Re-Appointed Edward Bumpus to Civil Service Commission.
•Personally delivered checks to Summer Youth Program Participants on Sunday.
•Visited Fire Station #15 on Breedlove.
•Participated in roundtable discussion with Senator Alexander & Sec. of Edu. Arne Duncan at Soulsville.
•Visited Fire Station #14 on McLemore Avenue.
•Signed approximately 39 legal contracts totaling $3,408,379.17 during last week of August, including HCD grant funded contracts totaling $1,187,208.00.
•Participated in Press Conference for Library Card Day at Benjamin Hooks Library.
•Participated in Memphis Chamber Ribbon Cutting for On the River Seafood & More on Main Street.
•Addressed participants at the Memphis Business Journal Annual Health Care Heroes Awards Banquet.
•Addressed over 300 participants of the Older Worker?s Conference held at the Peabody.
•Attended luncheon at UT Health Science Center with Chancellor Pat Wall and local legislators.
•Met with Betty Tyler with the ARIZE a social wellness program.
•Addressed city employees at Brown Bag Luncheon in Hall of Mayors.
•Stopped by the IBEW Stewarts meeting.
•Spoke at Town Hall Meeting with Kemp Conrad regarding Paradiso.
•Spoke at Neighborhood Watch meeting at Appling Farms Police Station.
•Visited Fire Station #1 on Jackson Avenue.
•Emceed Musical Program at Levitt Shell.
•Signed approximately 32 legal contracts totaling $4,872,279.50 during first week, including HCD grant funded contracts totaling $3,098,040.00.
•Attended Center for Southern Folklore Music Festival at Peabody Place.
•Attended Bank of Bartlett Annual U of M Tiger Football Kickoff Party at Cattle Barn Pavilion.
•Attended Faith & Labor Picnic at Trinity United Methodist Church.
•Addressed the participants at National Baptist Convention at the Cook Convention Center.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Be Careful What You Ask For

Elbert Jefferson wants another chance to play on the same emotions that kept him from being ousted back in August. I said then it was just a matter of time. Looks like that time is just a little closer. http://indepcons.blogspot.com/2009/08/he-has-nothing-to-lose.html He already knows the six white council members are ready for his departure without further discussion. They are not so easily intimidated with his legal terminology and legal maneuvering. Many of them are lawyers themselves.

I suspect he is just trying to hold together those supporters he already has. Even with Myron Lowery gone you can't count the black votes before they are cast. Either Harold Collins and or Janis Fullilove are blacks who usually end up breaking ranks. Based on the latest twist concerning the case. I have a sneaking suspicion of how this whole thing is going to be wrapped up in a neat little package so fast the blacks won't know what happened. Be careful what you ask for.

The Tigers Will Win

One thing for sure and two things for certain. The Tigers will play and they will win.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Give Her The Gold

I don't like the way this whole thing was handled by the media. It should have been handled more discreetly than it has. Regardless what happens officially, from a personal standpoint for Castor Seymenga the damage is already done. They have now come out saying this young lady has inner testicles. Is this something she could not have known? If this young lady has a monthly cycle, or if she doesn't and it was known. Don't make her life an open book. Give her the gold.


Perfect Fit

After a stellar NBA career that hopefully isn't over yet. Looks like the Memphis Grizzlies are going to get him before he retires. Allen Iverson looks like he grew up in Lamar Terrace and never really left. To those that don't know, that was a public housing project in Memphis that was recently torn down. Notice how he wears the hat. All kicked to the side. I bet he wears his pants down around his hips instead of up around his waist. If he was a rookie and the Terrace was still there. I could see him driving up and down Camilla in a Mayback now. This is the kind of player that can really sell the tickets. He appeals to a different kind of fan. Acquiring him is like getting three-in-one. It will be like having a player,coach and a star. This is a perfect fit.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cash For Clunkers

The numbers have come back on whether the "cash for clunkers" program made a significant impact on the economy. It seems that the companies that received the government bailouts didn't sell many cars. They only had two of the top ten sellers but were the lions share of those traded in for the cash. Below is a link to a list of the top sellers and trades.


I don't know anybody personally who took advantage of the offer. I guess that's just as well they didn't. Because some of those who did are beginning to have second thoughts about their purchase. I wonder what brand of auto those people bought? Someone said something early that made perfect sense. "People are driving clunkers for a reason." The only one who benefited appears to be those who owned the clunkers. Even though we will all pay the tab.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In Between Times

Lately I have been hearing a lot of people saying they are celibate. This is a tricky proposition especially when it comes to women. Just because you don't have a mate right now doesn't make you celibate. It just means you aren't having casual sex at this time. Celibacy is a vow not to have sex or get married. Bare in mind you can't have one without the other. If you could do that everyone would qualify. Since most people aren't getting married anyway. What they are calling celibacy is nothing more than in between times.

Main Entry: celibacy !se-lu-bu-sE
Pronunciation: \ ˈse-lə-bə- \
Function: noun
Date: 1646
1 the state of not being married
2 a.
2 a abstention from sexual intercourse b. b abstention by vow from marriage

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Her Opinion

Hope And Responsibility

Tweens And Early Teens

Even though this is I think just an innocent look of an eleven year old girl in short pants taken out of context. Until I thought about who her mother is, I could see how one might think this look is not age appropriate. She looks older than she is but she's just naturally a big girl. Some mean spirited Republicans have taken it and used it to try and soil her image. Calling her tacky and vicious names. I don't agree with this type behaviour but the Democrats started it first. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they have short term memories but they do. I never heard President Barack Obama say anything negative about his competitors family himself. But when the media attacked Sarah and Bristol Palin he could have took a more vocal stand against the practice then like he did earlier about negative press coverage of his own family. People would be more inclined to speak in defense of his family now. Since it appears she is not going to be that petite girl in the ads for Abercrombie and Fitch. This could prove to be helpful as Malia publicly goes through her tweens and early teens.


Monday, September 07, 2009

It Might Be Worth Millions

I once heard Charles Carpenter say "crime doesn't pay." Maybe he should change that to "it didn't pay for him." That must be a cliche some corporate attorney created after getting a big payday after closing a big deal. I don't think you could get the likes of Leslie Ballin or Steve Farese to agree with that statement. The business has treated them pretty good so far. So much so they both passed it on to their sons as their fathers did to them. Charles Carpenter has two sons and neither of them is a lawyer. If they are they don't work with him. Seems at least one of his sons would be in line to take over such a successful family business if by chance he does win the special election. Rather than have to live somewhere else because they can't find a job in Memphis. Could this firm really just be a way of justifying a bigger paycheck from the city?

I have to question him having a vision for the city. He didn't seem to have one for himself. Now I see why Charles Carpenter is so willing to give up his thriving law practice. He will probably soon be experiencing a tremendous drop in business anyway. When one client provides over 90% of your business. That's who you really work for. The other business you do is just on the side. For the last seventeen years Charles Carpenter has worked for the city of Memphis at a average of over $300,000 annually. That's more than any of the mayor's appointees make. All things considered. His message should be to anyone that listens. Prepare yourself and be ready to get in where you fit in. It might be worth millions.


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Watch Your Mouth

Friday, September 04, 2009


After seventy days the "king of pop" Michael Jackson was laid to rest. They might be taking this king thing a bit far. I don't think it had started when Elvis Presley passed. Has James Brown been buried yet?


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This Was Bound To Happen

This is yet another example of one of our elected leaders being like a deer caught in the headlights. Martavious Jones is an educated young man who was frequenting somewhere he really had no business being. I'm sure he heard Ms. Webb's interview on the same show the other week. As president of the school board he should have declined the invitation on principal alone. Once you make it out yourself,you can't go back and hang out in the hood. You're going to have to get hood yourself or some dweller is going to call you out. Most of those people are still there for a reason and Thaddeus Matthews is a permanent resident. If he had a million dollars he would just be a fool with money. Jones thought he could overshadow the emotions and rhetoric with facts. One thing he didn't take into account is where he was at.

I don't really feel sorry for Martavious this time though. He should have known better from past experience. I wrote a blog about him a while back the first time he went on the show. http://indepcons.blogspot.com/2008/06/good-show.html That should have been his first and last appearance. He has been back twice since then. Little did he know he was being sized up all the time. He fell victim to the same setup as Willie Brooks. Though Brooks was just an innocent victim. Anything short of him beating this guy down is going to work against him now. By some impressionable listeners he will be viewed as weak an ineffective. He may not have a lot of money at least for advertising and is not an intimidating figure. Another thing he also isn't white. With those three things working against him. This was bound to happen.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Enjoy His Retirement

I hope D'Army Bailey doesn't take the bait and throw his hat in the ring for mayor. He is only being courted because none of the front runners in the race are listening to the group that is trying to draft him to run. Judge Bailey is at the best place in his career he's ever been. He no longer has to hustle cases and take the lead in unheralded causes like he has in the past. He can retire and draw his pension and promote his book and pursue other interests.

To put it mildly, D'Army Bailey is unelectable in a major contest. He won in races for judge probably because he was uncontested or due to his name recognition. Once you get elected as judge you have to really drop the ball to be removed from office. Most judges remain seated until they retire on their own or due to a scandal. Judge Bailey is the kind of person who could lose a race after getting a big head start. He lead the charge to restore the "Lorraine Hotel,"only to have it taken over by a group of philantropist led by Pitt Hyde. Since he has already finished one race. He should just sit back and enjoy his retirement.

I Had To Have Proof

I was talking to a friend of mine who didn't know as much about the NOI and their doctrine as myself. What I was telling him about what they believed must have sounded like a fairy tale to him. He just couldn't fathom that Louis Farrakhan and the black Muslims could believe and be teaching this foolishness. What better place to get it from than the source itself? Below is a link to the exact words spoken by Louis Farakahn about the infamous spaceship.


Timing Is Everything

The county commission voted "yes" on two issues that are closely related whether you know it or not. I don't think the voters have quite figured it out yet though. This move of taking a cut in pay is largely ceremonial and really won't affect some of those in office now. All the proposed cuts combined don't even add up to thirty thousand dollars. With benefits included that doesn't even replace one full-time county job. What started out as a request for a raise in pay somehow took a turn and ended up being a cut. County Commissioner Joe Ford has to be wondering what happened.


I have a suspicion this is what lead to the other vote. People are already looking at consolidation in a different light. The county commissioners have began to see the benefits. They can now see the possibility of them being elected. It's some of the city council members who are in fear of losing their jobs. I hope this doesn't get bogged down with time consuming inquiries. Timing is everything.