Monday, June 30, 2008

Not In A Clique

The biggest thing the new chancellor of Washington D.C. schools has is probably the fact that she's an outsider. Michelle Rhee doesn't have a long list of friends and colleagues she has formed ties with over the years. She can come in and make the necessary cuts, without regards to the status quo. When I read what she said about NCLB. That broke the ice. I was willing to listen to the other things she had to say. Unlike most educators these days she isn't using it as an excuse for failure.

I have often said that the NEA is the biggest problem facing public schools. In their drive to better the benefits for those who choose education as a profession. They have gotten out of hand. It has created top heavy systems all over the country. They have allowed problems to fester in order to accommodate promotions within the ranks. Everybody wants to be a specialist these days, and nobody wants to deal with the basics. The Washington D.C. system has less than half the students of the MCS, but they have almost three fourths of the employees. Yet the students are still failing. That says something right there. I wonder how many national search firms recommended Ms. Rhee for any superintendent job? Not many if any. Being a Korean-American heading a predominately black school system. In Memphis she wouldn't have even been considered. I bet she won't support programs just because they're headed by one of her soros. She can make bold and unprecedented moves. She's not in a clique.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why The Sudden Switch

One thing I've discovered is this. "If people talk long enough, two things are going to happen." 1. They're going to tell on themselves or 2. They're going to eventually tell a lie. If they don't end up doing both. In this case I think the latter happened. The sudden change of heart, is an attempt at damage control. I think somebody may have talked too much without thinking it through. I know they hope many people weren't listening like they claim. A young man called in on the radio the other week and brought up Preston Lamm. President Of "Beale Street Merchants Association." Needless to say he was pumped for information and whisked off the air. Until then I didn't really even know who Preston Lamm was. I had heard the name before, but nothing to raise a red flag. With the involvement of the BSDC, it wasn't necessary though. I knew something was fishy. As it turns out , he's a major player on Beale St. too. He's the owner or partners in at least six different establishments. Something tells me he's a tenant who thinks he could be a better property manager.

I've smelled a rat every since this whole thing began. Mainly due to the involvement of the BSDC. Randall Catron has hung around milking a dry tit for every little bit of milk he can get. Talking to anyone he can get to listen. That's until they start to ask questions. They squandered a golden opportunity in it's early stages. Dating back to the development and opening of the Towne II cinema. Anything that has them as a backdrop, bares close watching. Since I've already made enemies in regards to this subject. I might as well stick to my guns. I talked to Randall Catron face to face a while back, and he couldn't explain the fifty-two year leases with the city then. Last I heard he still hadn't come up with one yet. If he can't get it past me, how is he going to explain it to those highly paid lawyers ? That's why they haven't paid him in the last twenty-five years. They won't pay him in twenty-five more.

Now we know who the majority of those disgruntled owners are, that we've heard so much about in the past. As far as tenants being concerned with what the others are paying every month. One rental agreement has nothing to do with the other. Any real business owner knows that. I think Mr. Lamm is trying to create a reasonable suspicion. Trying to make people think he might have doctored the books during his time as Elkington's bookkeeper. So when he doesn't offer any incriminating evidence because there isn't any. He'll be perceived as hiding something. If he does give them something they can use. He'll be considered the reluctant employee who spilled the beans on his boss. W hen that's what he really wanted to do all along. That might explain the sudden switch.

Charges Dropped

First,let me clear my throat. The crow doesn't go down very easy. I was one of those who said these two would both be found guilty. But let's not leave this out. Just because charges were dropped doesn't make them innocent. So before we raise our hands in victory, and start giving God the glory. It just means they won't be going to jail. I'm glad they didn't though, because I don't revel in my brother's downfall. Neither do I think these two are really bad people. They did what they saw others doing and they got caught. My only wish is that they take a long hard look at themselves and mend their ways. Instead of getting it wrong and thinking they're invincible. It was the grace of God that spared them, but he didn't sanction their actions. Somebody during that time was in the dark, truly through no fault of their own. They just didn't have VIP status like Mr. Ford and others did. Though not by themselves. They both were guilty of being part of the system that allows stuff like that to happen.

I think Edmund Ford has probably learned his lesson. This chapter in his life is going to cost him quite a bit. The city won't be covering any of his expenses. So he's worth more working than he is behind bars. I never thought of that before now. He's the one politician that was on trial that really has a job. From now on he will cover his expenses with money he earns, and not another taxpayer funded deal. He has severed any possible connections he might have had in the city. Nobody would touch him with a ten foot pole. But he still has to pay his lawyer, and good representation doesn't come cheap. I would love to see Michael Scholls tab. The Ford brothers alone have paid him a pretty penny this year.

I'm not so sure about Joseph Lee. The same character flaws that got him in this mess to begin with. Might lead him to believe he has a future in politics. I heard him say he wanted to do something in public service. How soon he forgets. Even though he wasn't found guilty of anything. He would be hard pressed to find another job equal to the one he left. I think he had a once in a lifetime opportunity that isn't likely to come again. Standing around after the fact, bragging about how weak the FBI case was, isn't vindication. Joseph Lee paid a hefty price in the form of his job.

Whatever these two men do now, they should count it a blessing. Especially Edmund Ford. He can truly say he dodged a bullet. Not only would he have lost his freedom, but his livelihood as well. They are free to pick up where ever they left off. Legally they have a clean slate. They dropped all the charges.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going To Jail Is An Escape

You would think at some point this man would have enough money to straighten up his act. At this level backing out isn't an option. This is the second major money making organization that has been toppled as a result of gang association. Irv Gotti didn't go to jail, but he lost a fortune. He may not be dead broke. But Murder Inc. will never be the same as it was before. This is yet another prime example of the wealth of the wicked being stored up for the just. This guy was making money hand over fist legally. He didn't need to engage in illegal activity. He had to know his luck would eventually run out. That's the thing about greed. The thirst is never quenched until it;s forced. No matter how much you get, you still want more.

I think these guys at some point, sold their soul to the devil. This time the gang being The only way out of the agreement is jail or death. If by chance you happen to avoid those two. You're going to lose your money. Jacob Aruba was part of an investigation that yielded $270 million in cash and 1100 pounds of cocaine since the year 2000. Needless to say there are people involved at this level that will kill you without a second thought. I think this guy just got caught up, and couldn't get out. Going to jail for 30 months is a escape for him.

George Carlin 1937-2008

Imus Is At It Again

Let me clarify what I mean. I don't think he did anything the last time he was the center of controversy. It's like we've found a old sailor and we're waiting around for him to cuss.Unless he carefully selects everything he say. Sooner or later it's going to happen.The thing is. If we weren't trying to catch him in the wrong. Some of us wouldn't be talking to him anyway.

Are we going to follow this guy around dissecting everything he says? If so, he's going to keep someone real busy. This won't build up much steam I don't think. The watchdogs with the muscle won't bother this. Who will be offended except multiple offenders? Al Sharpton and his gang are on their own this time. Considering the fact he is back on the radio with a raise. The last episode only made him wealthier.When it comes to getting his name in the news. Imus is at it again.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Even though I don't think it will matter in the final tally, this still is a segment of people I feel worth mentioning. For no other reason than the influence they have.With only 11% of blacks voting Republican anyway, this represents an even smaller group. I would think we may be looking at 2 to 3% at most. People who disagree with the politics of Barack Obama adamantly, but are going to vote for him just because he's black. Two well known black Republicans, Armstrong Williams and J.C. Watts, have both expressed indecisiveness in the upcoming elections. I tend to agree with a lot of things they both said, but nothing we didn't already know prior to this election. He hasn't changed his positions or stances; why should they?

Another popular black Conservative for reasons other than his political views, had previously endorsed Barack Obama outright. Joseph C. Phillips switched back over to the left as suddenly as he stood up for the right. It wasn't very long ago he was writing books proclaiming his independence . Before the ink on the pages dried good, he was tapping out. The first time a black has a real chance to elected President. He jumps ship in spite of his politics. Since then he has wavered back to the right. I guess he finally listened to himself. He was giving credence to all the stereotypes that black Conservatives are saddled with already. In the height of his euphoria he gave his condition a name. Black Republicans who support Barack Obama are called "Obamicans."

Registered Roommates

They're calling it marriage, but it's not recognized in the state of Tennessee. Instead of trying to force others to accept their alternative lifestyle. If they want to be counted as man and wife. They should just go where others agree with them. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

I don't really care about them being among the first homosexuals to claim to be married. Marriage is between one man and one woman, regardless of what state says it's legal. Why not do a feature story on the mother who had six children and still found a husband? Now that would be something I would like to read. The Commercial Appeal for some reason didn't allow readers to comment on their feature story. Which is something that isn't usually done, but I know why they did it this time. A large percentage of their readers have a distaste for stories such as this. It is sometimes harshly reflected in their comments. Homosexuals are powerful and have friends in high places. I think they should remain as they always have. In my opinion this just makes them registered roommates.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Could Have Been Avoided

I'm not homophobic, but I'm prejudiced to a degree. I just can't find myself feeling sorry for this 6 foot 5 inch man dressed in women's clothing. Not to mention the fact, he was initially arrested for prostitution. The tape is incriminating against the officers no doubt, but I sympathize with the police officer to a degree. I can see him seeing this guy's aggression as a threat. Duanna Johnson is behemmoth. Their stature alone, would be intimidating to some people. Regardless of his sexual preference, he is still an able bodied man. Who looks like he has been through some battles before. To be honest, I'm some what disgusted by this whole thing. The fact that the system is bogged down with stuff like this. Who in their right mind would be buying sex off the street from this person? This was a waste of manpower by the police . They should have been fighting real crime. Like catching some more of these home invaders. Like they did in Germantown. Unless this person was bothering somebody else and being a public nuisance. Him and any trick he attracted, deserved each other. As long as they didn't engage in public indecency. Personally I would support having a red light district. Since prostitutes and their customers are obviously here to stay.

I don't want one penny of my tax dollars spent to pay this person in the form of a settlement. I don't want to pay him for what amounts to breaking the law. Why do you think charges are just now being filed? Four months after the incident took place. I bet it has something to do with the climate created by same-sex marriage. The man and his lawyer tried to extort the police out of 1.3 million dollars. They were hoping for a settlement out of court. This is a prime example of an ambulance chaser at work. The time is ripe for homosexual and transgender issues. The public feels sorry for what is considered a lack of tolerance for alternate lifestyles. The issue to me is the same rules that apply to heterosexuals in lock-up, apply to transexuals too. Him claiming the officer called him a he/she is really no excuse. While in custody, when you are told to move you move. We don't need to call a whole team of officers to the scene because an unruly inmate won't comply. We don't have enough officers now.When the officer told him to get up to have his fingerprints taken. He should have did as he was told. I bet all the other inmates did. Civil rights are those afforded everybody else. Not special treatment. This could have been avoided.

Watch the video:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Collateral Damage

I don't agree with the position the Mayor has taken in regards to Kriner Cash, since he was chose unanimously by the board to be the Memphis City School Superintendent. Today he made some inroads towards extending the olive branch to Mr. Cash. If indeed he happened to be listening to the interview. Even if he wasn't, I'm sure someone will tell him what was said. The Mayor explained that he was just making an educated observation based on having been involved in the process himself. I still think his ego is at the root of his disapproval. But this lapse in judgement on his part, may be starting to make some sense. The whole thing is somewhat coming together now. The city and county Mayor have both endorsed a plan introduced by council member Bill Morrison. It calls for the abolishing of the school board as we know it now. Then merging the city and county schools under one governing body. To me that sounds like a win/win situation.

Today I think I saw what the problem is in the Memphis community. At least as far as the Mayor's popularity goes. The Mayor is elected by people that don't share his political ideology. If you listen closely, you'll see the Mayor is a Conservative. His underlying message is "personal responsibility." That's where he loses half of his support. They vote for him because he is black. Then go against him when he's not just that. Those he calls "Haters", are simply those looking for a handout. Or those who want to keep the status quo.To estrange all those voters that don't agree with his politics, would be political suicide. He has laid the groundwork for some black people in this city to have a chance they never had before. Some families are owning a home for the first time in three generations. Problem is, they're still doing what they have always done in the past.Why should we expect different results?

I think the Mayor sees Kriner Cash as a blast from the past. He feels like he could set this city back about sixteen years. To the days of when the Ford family was king. When they represented the Memphis black community in local, state and federal politics. Don't get me wrong, I'm not discounting it's importance. It was necessary in it's time, but that time has passed. Herenton almost has them lined up to consolidate the schools. Which is no minor accomplishment. That's the pride and joy and final claim of superiority by the county. The unflattering comments made by the Mayor, I don't think it's as much personal as it is hazards of the trade. In his quest to obtain his ultimate goal. The perceived disrespect of Kriner Cash is collateral damage.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He Could Have Spent That Time In The Gym

I could have told you he would be back before it was over. There was never a chance on him being picked up in the first round of the NBA draft. He was an on and off player at best. Not a marquis player, like Rose or Roberts. It has even been said that CDR should have stayed in school another year. I don't think Dozier was even a starter in all the games he played. I don't guess you can blame him for testing the waters. Every body wants to make a million dollars. Even those players riding the bench make a lot of money.

I keep harping on John Calipari, because he is the true winner here. The players that were leaving had nothing to lose. They were playing on four year scholarships. They were guaranteed a education if nothing else. Something more likely to be of value to some of them, than a professional try-out. A couple of weeks ago Coach Calipari was faced with losing his whole last years starting team. Through recent rule changes instituted by the league he suddenly has back half of his last year's team. In addition to the unexpected signing of the JC player of the year. I think this guy is building his team in two year increments. That's why I don't think we'll win a title under him. I think the new team mission is based on some of the new signees. And Calipari sees light not to far in the future. And the renewed interest in Dozier is due to needing him in a supportive role. Considering how this whole thing has turned out. He could have spent that time in the gym.

Monday, June 16, 2008

This Weekend I Became A Fan

I discovered something that's been under my nose all the time. I went and watched a tournament last Friday out at Cordova CC, and I must say I have been bitten by the golf bug. To make it even better. I had the chance to watch probably the greatest match of all time this weekend. Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate Though I haven't watched the sport for the last forty something years. I feel like it was well worth the wait. Tiger Woods is phenomenal. He is probably as good as a human can be, only being outdone by a robot. Even then you might be inclined to take your chances with Tiger. He did what ever was required at the time it was needed to win the 108th 2008 United States Golf Open Championship.

Even though Tiger Woods won in a nineteen hole, sudden death, four day nail biter. His competition was equally impressive. Against any other golfer in the world Rocco Mediate would have won today. Heck, he would have won it yesterday. He made one bogey on the fifteenth hole yesterday that gave Tiger the opening he needed. Today he did the same thing on the eighteenth hole. That left the door open once again. It was almost like he had a fear of winning. He couldn't imagine beating Tiger Woods. He believed the hype, which turned out unfortunately for him to be true. Otherwise we may have had another winner. I think he may have lacked the killer instinct required to put Woods away. A missed opportunity here and there ultimately made the difference. In ninety rounds of golf, Mediate's ranking improved tremendously.. He jumped a whopping 111 spots, from 158th to 47th on the PGA tour. Not too bad for a weekends work.

To those who don't see what the fuss is all about. It's like being in the dark and someone hits the light switch. I'm not an expert by any means. But now I understand what millions of fans are all excited about. This weekend I became a fan.

Tim Russert (1950-2008)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Don't Be Free

I have heard Ms. Toni Green sing and I think she is very talented. I'm not so enthused with some of her lyrics, but overall she is very entertaining. I also think she has that look that has commercial appeal. Especially for what I presumed was her target audience. She puts you in the mind of a Donna Summer. Who is also staging a comeback these days. Toni isn't after the Ciara fans; or is she? That could very well be her drawback here. Her fan base may be to spread out, to cause a big splash. You got a little here and a little there. Not enough to cause a ripple anywhere. I always thought she catered to an older audience, though many of her songs are obviously directed at younger people, especially women. People don't pay to hear "been there and done that." As a general rule old folks and young folks don't party together.

Considering how long she has been around and the connections she has in the music industry. Not to mention her popularity over seas. It makes one wonder why she hasn't achieved more stateside notoriety. I have some suspicions as to why that might be, but that's just my personal opinion. But since their claim to fame is Memphis music. It is imperative that she be popular here. That doesn't mean sing at every birthday party where there's twenty-five people or more. It means make your apearances memorable, and few and far between. Something another successful local musician said that I agree with. " You can't let the people see you all the time for free. Then they won't pay to see you." I think Ms. Green could use that advice. I hear or see her at least every other week. Self promotion is a good thing, but she should be beyond that. I shouldn't hear her personally plugging a show, more than I hear the commercials. Every time you appear in public, that's like an appearance. By the time of the show. I don't want to see you. When is the last time you saw Mary J. Blige in public?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Get It Right

The verdict is finally in, and R. Kelly has been acquitted of all fourteen charges. Regardless what you think, he no longer has to worry about the outcome. I think his best friend in this case was time. The thirteen year old victim is now twenty-three. Plus she claims the girl in the video is not her. Several family members backed her story. The alleged crime happened over nine years ago. He has put out at least a couple of gold albums since then. He has made plenty of money to pay the witnesses off. In one of his interviews he said he was "going through some things." I don't doubt that he was telling the truth. A word of advice to the acquitted. Since he has a second chance. Get it right.

Itching Ears

I worried myself about why seemingly intelligent people, couldn't understand the simplest of things? But then I noticed when they didn't have a logical answer or response. They simply made something up, or moved on to something else. So they obviously knew they were wrong. It wasn't that they didn't know any better. They just had itching ears. For cases like that I started this recurring post to document some of these far left conspiracies .

Today I heard someone say the A.I.D.S. virus was created in a laboratory by the government, and President Bush hid the cure in tapes that were stored in the Twin Towers. When the Republicans arranged to blow up the towers, of course the tapes were then destroyed. Now we're to believe the A.I.D.S virus was created by Republicans, and President George Bush has the cure under wraps.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time To Try Something New

I know the fans won't see it this way, but this is an indictment of the coaching staff in a way. This young man was recruited with promises of going to the NBA by now. Instead he is wondering if he's going to get any playing time at all . Based on comments made by his father. Who seems to be very much involved in his son's career. They expected more from his stay in Memphis than they got. This young man hasn't turned out as expected, so the team is moving on without him. I know he's only one player, but I think he is an example of others. He is the third player on the team that played for the championship squad to leave. The franchise player Derrick Rose was expected to leave, but I don't think he was ready either. Those that have stayed around, are exercising every option they can to test the waters. It would seem those veteran players would be chomping at the bit to get back and capitalize on their seniority. Instead they're jumping ship and starting from scratch on new teams. Instead of building om what should be a solid foundation. They're trying to exhibit their wares somewhere else.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Extremes Have Joined Hands

I was thinking about the comedienne who told a joke that went," men are so hard to find these days, even the ugly ones have an attitude." That's kind of like the situation we have in politics. Even those that don't usually have a say in things. Feel their voice is being heard now. People perceive times as being so bad, they're willing to listen to a pipe dream. Somehow the Democratic party has become the Academic party. They now write the rules. They think they are so educated and wise, that anyone that disagrees with them has to be wrong. The party formerly known for catering to the underdogs, is now the party of the elite. Today I heard someone who could hardly even speak the English language, try to call Conservatives ignorant. He was probably an illegal immigrant with a cellular phone. But he still has a vote.

Then it dawned on me what has happened.I always heard "elite white liberals really don't care for blacks, they just use them for their votes." Minorities and liberals are beside themselves these days. They don't realize after the election is over, things go back to the way they were. It doesn't matter if they do win the election in November. This time liberals may have a winning combination in place. Conservatives are getting it from both sides of the spectrum.You have the elites walking around with their noses in the air. In addition to the blacks, which they've always had and the women. Now they have joined forces with the poor white and Hispanic voters. With lax poll regulations and massive voter fraud. Even the illegals are casting their ballots. This makes for an interesting atmosphere to say the least. Everybody who formerly was outside the loop, have now been included. The middle is in trouble. The extremes have joined hands.

Kriner Cash Picked To Head MCS

This afternoon a candidate was finally offered the job to head the Memphis City Schools. I t was a show of solidarity and decisiveness by the board. Kriner Cash received all nine votes from the school board to take the helm. Considering how the whole thing went, I think the selection process was really ceremonial. They have really known for weeks who was going to get the job.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just A Thought

Sticking To Her Story

Most of the members on the City Council, I have nothing to do with them being there. Wanda Halbert is one of those members. Along with several others who I'm not happy with. If I were, I'd definitely be one of Wanda's staunchest critics. I think she has rendered herself ineffective on the Council, due to her past indiscretions. I'm not very happy with the job she has done so far. I think she's wasting the taxpayers time and money, with these latest distractions. Trying to appease certain loud speakers in the community and hoping no one will think about the questions she should be answering. Were you taking money under the table while you were on the school board? Bruce Thompson taking a plea bargain didn't provide closure. She has gone to the council with that same uniform response she had on the school board. Either she is not at liberty to answer the question, or it is the responsibility of someone else. I got so tired of hearing the responsibilities of the school board. I knew them backwards and forwards. For a change I would like to hear her duties, other than to say it wasn't her fault. Even though she doesn't really have one. She's sticking to her story.

Maybe It's A Little Of Both

I think I heard Kenneth Whalum Jr. give the best description I've heard so far of himself. He said "you can tell a Morehouse man, but you can't tell him much." I think that's his biggest problem. No one can tell him anything. Education is a good thing, but sometimes it makes some people foolish. Obviously they've taken that moniker on as being positive. To me that summed up his persona, as well as that of some others. They have no respect for decency and order. That was evident in his split with his father over the church. Even the animals recognize the importance of elderly wisdom. The only way you were able to control the young elephants, were with the older bulls.

The problem is, he is now getting older himself. The same misbehavior that he once championed has come back to haunt him. The same attitude that lead to his rise, will ultimately lead to his demise. Even though he's not that old himself. Now he is considered the old man on the board with the antiquated ideas. I'm sure when he graduated from Morehouse college he thought he had all the answers. Now due to time he really does have some. If you want to see yourself when you get older. Look at your father. I don't agree with some things the pastor says. Only him and God know if his revelations are spiritually inspired. Usually what successful young men claim as confidence, is actually cockiness. Maybe it's a little of both.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Cash Is Likely The New King

I wrote a post a week or so ago about the Mayor and his disapproval of the superintendent candidates. I said at that time, he was ego-trippin. His apprehension of having his dominance challenged by another man in charge, was something he hadn't been faced with before. Johnny Watson doesn't count, he was controlled by Sarah Lewis. Mr. Ward is serving on an interim basis. He isn't causing any ripples. He's just holding the job together. The Mayor and the MCS Superintendent are the most influential jobs in the whole city. Every time these two people speak, it makes the news. On last Thursday night Herenton had his worst fears confirmed. When Kriner Cash got the chance to go before the citizens. Just as I figured would happen. It's all over but signing the contract. His public Q&A in effect proved to some of the citizens of Memphis. There is life after Carol Johnson.

In the past couple of days I've heard two of the people responsible for electing the new school superintendent. If I were a betting man, I would put my cash on Kriner Cash. They used words like confidence and swagger. He has even managed to gain the support of some of his most vocal opponents. This guy is a public relations dynamo. He's already shown he can charm the the most resistant. I've never questioned his qualifications, just his commitment to the job. I still think he'll stay here for a few years and go after a bigger position elsewhere. A stint in Memphis opens the door for bigger and better things. It's like the old adage "if you can make it in Chicago, you can make it anywhere." I think that particularly applies to high profile positions for blacks in Memphis.

The cards were stacked against Nicholas Gleidich the other candidate in the running from the start. I mentioned him in my first article, but I'm one of the few who have so far. No one else is even calling his name. He was just included to make this process look legitimate. Any white man short of John Calipari, wouldn't be chosen in Memphis. One of the board members referred to him as "Mister Rogers" in the wrong neighborhood. Today the board decides and we'll see who they pick. They might not pick either one. I don't think that's likely to happen though. For a lack of a better term. I think Cash is likely the new King.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Jim McKay (1921-2008)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Good Show

I was critical of Martavious Jones for appearing on the Thaddeus Matthews show at first, but he represented himself well. Thaddeus tries to intimidate people with his bluffing, and disrespectful banter. But commissioner Jones held his own. I expected another Willie Brooks type encounter. I think Thaddeus did too. Mr. Jones handled him just right. He was cool and got his point across in spite of the atmosphere. But don't start hanging out down there. It only gives him credibility. When like you said " he's full of hot air."I knew much useful information wasn't going to go forth. Due to the mindset of his listeners. The majority of them were only looking for a chance to vent. The majority of the calls and questions revolved around the issue of busing,

I like the way Mr. Jones emphasized the need to only be concerned with facts. He didn't let the conversation get swept away in lies and rhetoric. The interviewer and his listeners want to reduce an entire school system to isolated incidents. It would be ludicrous to attempt to seriously debate the plethora of issues without having the numbers in front of you . As a board member, of course he isn't going to be in favor of cutting the budget. That doesn't mean he doesn't recognize areas where improvements can be made. He had just enough South Memphis in him, to deal with the North Memphis in the host. Though he was accused of double talking and political B.S. when he didn't bend. The host and callers just didn't comprehend what he said. When we got the chance to hear him talk. I understood everything he said. All in all, it was a good show.

Bo Diddley (1936-2008)

The Dismemberment Has Begun

I didn't see her, but I heard Michelle Obama appeared on the talk show " The View " yesterday. I also heard Cindy McCain has been a guest on the show before , which I hadn't heard about either. But I don't want to leave her out, for the sake of not appearing biased. Until then, most people watching the show that day. Didn't really even know who Cindy McCain was. Her husband has been a public figure for thirty years. Yet she hasn't played a pivotal role other than being his wife and a wealthy heiress. We can't say the same for Michelle Obama though. In the short time her husband has held elected office, she has become a political figure in her own right. She almost single handled derailed his campaign with her derisive comments.

On their separate appearances on the show. I wonder if they were both asked the same questions? The wives aren't running for the most powerful job in America. Their husbands are though. It's them that we should be most concerned with right now. What the First Lady will be using to color her hair, is not indicative of national security. Whether she wears butt padding in her dress or not, won't secure the borders. Let's not turn this campaign into a makeover and psychiatric profile of the prospective President's women. They didn't nominate Hillary Clinton, so they don't get the perspective of a female being in the oval office. In the event that Barack Obama is elected. Let's not substitute the roles to have access to places we never had before. Like the first family's bathroom cabinet. That's more information than the public needs.

Cindy McCain was on television too, so I'm not leaving her out. But in all honesty, the effects and what's expected of the two are different. What First Lady do you know intimate details about other than Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis? The biggest reason being, her husband was assassinated while in office. Some of the black media personalities are already acting like they got a "Sistah-girl" in the White house. Shouts out to a strong black woman looking out for her "boo." As if a dedicated wife isn't supposed to do that anyway. I see steps being taken to trivialize the dignity of the office. I knew this would happen if Barack Obama received the nomination. The dismemberment has begun.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Verdict Is In

I went to this blog (Anti-Thaddeus)and found it to be quite entertaining. I found the blog administrator and most of the posters to be a breath of fresh air. Being that most of them seem to actually read more than a blog for their news. The blog itself was a result of comment moderation being enabled on Thaddeus Matthews's website. He had to find a way to keep from being flooded with questions he couldn't answer. I guess some other posters with common sense had finally made it to his blog. He was getting more negative feedback than he was positive. Due to his immature behavior, and defensive attitude. It became more and more obvious that he wasn't ready for a mainstream audience.

I was probably the first poster whose comments he outright deleted. He claimed I was trying to promote my own blog. Which of course wasn't the truth. If I was, it wasn't working. Very few people who believe in his brand of justice or go along with his theories, want to talk to me. They start out on fire, but that flame quickly burns out. They classify questions and facts as boring. They come to most of their conclusions minus dealing with those little technicalities. It had more to do with him not being able to defend his positions than anything else. Since during that time most of his readers weren't concerned with facts. It was more like an anti-everything rally. Comments like mine weren't appreciated very much. It was like a rotten tree falling in the woods. For any unsuspecting victim, it's better that it's down. But unless they just happen to be close by. Nobody will hear it fall. Since these people are local residents. It's hard to believe none of these people were reading all the time. If they were, they weren't saying anything. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. They were reading all the time. They just benefited from his actions at that time.

I know no one has the time to dispute every blog Thaddeus posts. They would have to devote as much time to their blog as he does to his. But since they did initiate the blog, and they seem to have people listening. Don't half do the job. I wondered why they didn't address certain subjects that he was involved with. They just seemed to be primarily concerned with character issues. That is such a waste. When his character isn't up for debate. It's already been decided by all but those who follow him, that he is a crook and can't be trusted. It is apparent that they don't consider him to be a credible person except in certain instances. Guess what they are? The alledged connection between Thaddeus and the Mayor was created by Thaddeus himself. The minute the Mayor didn't sign on to his questionable causes, he had a problem with him. He didn't change his positions, Thaddeus did. When he talks against Mayor Herenton these same people give him a pass. I bet these people have been with him since the attempt at a recall. I talked about them then. That would explain the vengeance. They were once a victim themselves.

Trained Instead Of Taught

I was discussing some of the latest news with someone who I know is very smart and educated. They use proper English, and hold a very good job. They graduated with honors and attend church regularly. Yet their level of understanding of basic issues is to say the least, frightening. In a society of adults who think like children. It's not uncommon to see full grown , functioning adults, make a decision my 11 yr. old son wouldn't make. Just because someone is over eighteen yrs. old, doesn't make them mentally grown. Some of them don't have sense enough to pour water out of a boot. They may have the sheepskin on the wall, but nothing between their ears. This seems to be rampant in the black community.

I think as a nation we are abandoning the concept of critical thinking. Education is to teach you how to be a better employee. The main objective in a capitalistic society is to make more money. So everyday people won't take notice, as long as marketable skills are being taught. They'll just do whatever is required to keep getting raises. Everything is centered around duplication and repetition. You have people that are good at doing just what they're told. But if required to think on their own. That puts them in a vicarious position. I know God doesn't make mistakes, but it would be nice in some cases to still have Judges and prophets. Like they did in the old testament. The last thing people want to hear these days is the word of God.

I heard someone today talking about college professors with tenure. Just so happens, most of these people are liberal in their thinking. Our nations colleges are bastions of liberalism. I understand why the teachers think that way. Without it, half of the college professors wouldn't have a job. Someone posed the question whether or not values still mattered. We are reminded on a daily basis, that in many areas of our community they don't. What will be the final result of a generation that are trained instead of taught.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The First Black Nominee In History

After much fanfare and untimely surprises, Barack Obama was declared the official nominee for the Democratic party's candidate for President. There was a crowd of 38,000 supporters there to congratulate him on his win. In spite of his acceptance speech, Hillary Clinton hasn't conceded yet. His campaign rallies are like Usher concerts. That's not the whole country though. What those are is large pockets of disgruntled voters. Ready to do something even if it's wrong. I still think this whole thing is a novelty act. He is riding on an emotional crest being experienced by the American people. They expect this man to be able to do much more than he possibly can. Let's see if this is the shape of things to come. Is this the first of many first.

A Tangled Web To Say The Least

This idea of withholding funding from the school system has multiple implications.It forces you to make a decision as to what is more important, taxes or tradition. Lowering the property tax rate at the alleged expense of the children, or consolidating city and county schools. I am in favor of dropping the funding completely, but that might be a bit harsh. I've always said " when the city and county have the same problems. Then the problems will be solved." If it's good for the county. Why wouldn't it be good for the city?

I liked some council member's original idea, but I've noticed a bit of backpedaling here. I've witnessed some encouraging partnerships on this issue. I guess they have to consider reelection or future votes. It seems now the plan that gives the least amount of money seems to be building steam. Anything less than a reduction in property taxes will be unacceptable in my opinion. I appreciate a city council that is a good steward of the taxpayers money. So far this present group seems to be doing that.

I'm not surprised that the council members whose districts lose the least money, would be making the most noise. Barbara Swearengen Ware and Joe Brown Jr. are the most vocal opponents of any plan to reduce city funding.They just built an high school in Douglass they have to bus students in to fill. Very few school age children live in North Memphis proper. Which entails both councilman Brown and Ware's districts. Their respective districts probably have less students combined than some of the others have by themselves. I wish this had come up before we built some of the newer schools that have been constructed in the last few years. Man millions may have been better spent.

The school system over time has taken on various directions. In the course of it becoming the eighteenth largest system in the nation. And having an annual budget of over 900 million dollars. A lot of skeletons have been hidden there over the years.Nobody wants to concede any of their control. Which make it next to impossible to do the best thing for all parties involved. It's a tangled web to say the least.

Monday, June 02, 2008

All Things For All People

I think in his heart of hearts, he really is concerned with the best interest of all the American people. The problem is all the promises and relationships he has formed along the way. You can't separate yourself from mentors and long standing friendships, just because you're running for public office. You are going to be judged by the company you have kept. Whether you like it or not. And don't mention the folks that have given you money. You know they're looking for their repayment too, which is understandable. And they're likely to show up at the most inopportune time. Sooner or later they're going to be revealed. If you dance to the music, you have to pay the piper. Unfortunately in Barack Obama's case, all the pipers are showing up for payment now.

With friends like his. Who needs enemies? It would seem they would keep a low profile considering all the heat he is receiving for the comments of his friends. Instead it seems like everybody is trying to out do the other with their destructive and devisive remarks. Just when the Jermiah Wright controversy died down. Here comes Father Flagler a controversial,Catholic, white priest. With his version These aren't just passing acquaintances, these are old relationships. Some twenty years old. He has fallen victim to what all black candidates face on a national level. In order to be accepted across the board. You can't stand for anything. Barack Obama like many before him, have good intentions. You can't spread yourself around to thin. If he is elected president or even gets the Democratic nomination. His latest round with shedding his old friends is just the beginning. He is learning already his plan for unity won't work. You can't be all things to all people.