Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

What Will It Take

Demetria Hogan is in a unique position as far as public opinion goes. White citizens view her as just another black thugette with a good paying city job. Blacks especially women are apathetic. They don't understand all this fuss about a dog. Heaven forbid their man gets to involved, they get jealous. If the evidence supported the theory of her being guilty. I wouldn't hesitate to call for her head. But I don't want to get someone in trouble just to make a point. That or be part of this public lynching because I sat by and didn't say anything. I know from experience whites and some blacks have no problem doing this.

For all those people wanting to close the book on this case. I just have one question. Do you really want to know what happened? If all the things you hear are true. Six months later why hasn't this woman been charged with a crime? Are they now waiting on Kapone to die? Now we're getting updates  on the dog's health. She was fired from her job to appease the public and now they've found the dog. Now they say she took it there. Bu t the anonymous tipsters don't  want the reward. What will it take to clear her name?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Somebody Is Singing

I saw this story on CNBC and felt compelled to put it on my blog. I see a smaller scale of this same thing happening everyday and wonder when will people figure it out. They seem to fall for a new scam everyday. I just tell those who care to ask,. Just because they're not smooth and polished like  John Calipari, and oftentimes look like marks themselves. Don't take for granted the damage these crooks can do to unsuspecting sheep. Harold Beuhler was well on his way to setting this city back forty years. He was building the new version of the projects on every vacant lot in town . Him and his bobble headed family had a grip on this city with their country commercials. It doesn't take as many people as you think. Al Parrish stole $90M from 600 people that he knew who trusted him. This is a prime example of what happens when people follow a man blindly. By the time they start to ask questions. It's too late to do anything. The damage is done.  Somebody funny looking is singing.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Got Played

The biggest mistake this man made was going to Thaddeus Matthews instead of the authorities. His listeners haven't learned yet that he is most important in his own eyes. Those teenage girls are back at home where they belong and never should have left. Wendolyn Lee is in jail with $100,000 bond and can't get out. Something about that is not right. The man would've only been charged with two misdemeeanors at most until he got on the phone with Thaddeus and implicated himself for tampering with evidence. He couldnt have gotten locked up at a worse time. The state legislature is focuing on childhood prostitution and sexual explotation next month. Thanks to Thaddeus and his followers. Last I heard the man was traffiking young girls and had fourteen of them across state lines in Southaven Miss.

Wendolyn Lee isn't totally innocent here. This is not his first rodeo. Someboody else introduced the girls to him. Thaddeus peeped out his game and got jealous. He is what I call a "Hardship Hustler." If you get caught between a rock and a hard place. He is the hard place. His concern wasn't solely for the girls alone. He wanted custody so he could get their checks. He wasn't helping them out of the goodness of his heart. Once he found out the mother was slow and the daughters were rebelling. He thought he had an opening to take over. Misdirected as he was he was only trying to help. He got played by all involved.,0,3501044.premiumvideo

Overturn Square

I am all for the city moving forward but not at the expense of squeezing the average citizen out. With all these capital improvement projects the city is backing. Soon you won't be able to afford to pay property taxes on a shack in Memphis. In the last two weeks as many major decisions by the council have catered to a minority group. First they turned Overton Park over to a conservancy, Now they've voted to spend $16.5M on a water retention system in Overton Square so Henry Loeb can meet his deadline. Which also includes building another indoor parking gararge on the site.

The suburbanites are moving back into this city.  I have no problem with that, but  I've been here all the time. Isn't my loyalty worth anything? This whole sales pitch about an entertainment district is just a sham to get taxpayer money. A black theatre offering ethnic entertainment will never materialize.  An annual performance of  "Porgy and Bess" and maybe " Dreamgirls" is close as we will get. The city is building a new Beale Street with no Overton Square Developement Corp . No input from the majority. Just an appointed board representing special interests groups The fix was in from the start.  All the things they have been unable to agree on in the past year, and all of a sudden they pass this at the last minute. In case no one noticed they still haven't worked that pension deal out. My new name for this is "Overturn Square."

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Compliment

This latest story shows just how out of touch the GOP is with the mainstream. The first lady's hips are an asset, not a negative like some are trying to say. The days of big bosoms and flat behinds are over. Even Dolly Parton got a breast reduction. You can no longer convince white women that ample buttocks aren't desirable because they don't naturally have them. They have found that there is power in the booty. That is the new trend in plastic surgery. Every since Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez got rich. It's power is no longer a secret.

My only problem with the first lady is her focus. The fight on obesity really doesn't need her help. People spent $46B on some type of diet last year. Her influence could be better used somewhere else. If the congressman wanted to hurt her feelings. He would have to turn that comment around to make it offensive. Tell her she has a big stomach and a flat behind. Now that's an insult. Telling her that her butt is big is a compliment.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Was Right

I suspect I was right all the time about Kapone being missing. How much is the reward now and was it still collected? Now they're questioning the people where the dog was found. Like they are going to reveal some underworld dog smuggling ring. Supposedly after Shelby county crimestoppers received an anonymous tip. Kapone has suddenly been found. This had to be the most popular Pitt Bull in the Triun-State area. After all the hype and media attention has died down surrounding his disappearance. What made him show up unexpected in Senatobia Miss. six months later? He was never really missing.

Demetria Hogan always maintained she only picked up one dog. The surveillance cameras only saw one when she arrived at the shelter..Her employers and the public took the word of the Shoups over hers. She was taken to trial and fired from her job on pure speculation. I wish I could see the faces of all  those people who convicted her without proof. In hindsight would they at least admit they jumped to conclusions. This is probably the only place I'll get credit for my persistence of her innocence. But some will say that doesn't let her off the hook. Looks like I was right.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Not Yet

I like Will Barton and his energy but I am a realist too. He is not a Moses by a long shot, he won't get us to the promised land. It's going to take him and four more like him on a good night. He is a condiments type player and Memphis needs the meat. It doesn't matter if you score 100 pts. if your opponent scores 110. That's what's been happening lately. Will Barton has been on fire by himself. Last game him and Joe Jackson were the majority of the teams offence. Except for a few burners by Crawford. The rest of the team just dressed out.

I'm going to pull for Will in spite of what his high numbers mean for the team. I have him figured out now. If you want to stop him you have to run the whole game. The other teams are just going to let him score and stop everybody else or vice versa. He weighs 175lbs., fully dressed right out of the shower on a 6'6 frame. He is like a Greyhound running after a rabbit. The rest of the team are like Irish setters looking for quail. They need to do more running and less setting.  We know where the birds are. They're flying in the rim. In case Will Barton is thinking of going hardship. Don't hire an agent yet.

The Successor

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kim Jong IL (1942-2011)

Get Excited

If Stan Simpson was Glen Cyphiens last contribution to the Tiger basketball program. He was being stingy. It was time for him to leave the school. Josh pastner is taking it to a new level hopefully. I remember all the hype surrounding the signing of Stan Simpson last year. He was supposed to be the missing link. Coach Cyphien was the one who got all the credit. Either this was a setup or a testament to his shortcomings. I think it was the latter. His main job was to recruit a big man, and obviously he didn't deliver.

Last night I watched him play. Stan Simpson is a division 11 level player at best. He doesn't move like Gorgui Dieng and Chane Behenan. He plays on brakes. Though Simpson is 6'10 /235. Just like we were with Will Coleman last year. We don't have a big man again. And Coleman seems to be better than Simpson. You won't find a good big man in JC because of his grades. Their skills aren't up to par. This guy runs flat footed and seems content sitting on the bench as a junior. The coach had to beg him to get excited on national television. I hope he's getting a good education. His days on the court are numbered.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Revelation


Based on this picture it doesn't look like Greg Davis, the embattled mayor of Southaven was divorced and dealing with his latest revelation back then. At least it doesn't look like he told his wifeHe took this picture with his wife and kids back in 2008 when he ran for congress. That wasn't very long ago. Three years to be exact. With the atmosphere for homosexuals right now. Whether it be consensual or not. If he came out with little to no prodding by the media. You can bet there is more we don't know about that he is hiding. Was or is this the new Barney Frank? The investigation only went back three years. He has been in office fourteen.

I don't have a dog in the fight other than justification for prior statements I've made. I have  always maintained that Desoto County  was just a suburb turned city feeding off  the flight from Memphis. My complaints and insight are like spitting in the wind though. Most people that hear me are apathetic or invested. They've bought homes or like the shows at the Desoto Civic Center.. They're using the grease.  In addition to the exorbitant salary this man was receiving. He was balling with the taxpayers money. Now we know what all those sales trips were for. How much has really been spent on his lifestyle over the years?

Hope I'm Wrong

Don't expect a major turnaround in the team with the arrival of Ferrokahn Hall. It's not his fault. He just isn't what the team needs right now. The Tigers need a 6'10 big man with some weight. One who can get the ball in the paint and turn around and shoot. It would really be nice if they could hit free throws too. He probably wouldn't stay but a year or two. But that would get them rolling.

I listened to a couple of  Hall's interviews. He is more concerned with hanging out at Chingy's and going down on Beale than he is getting rebounds. He is worried about his image and he hadn't played a game yet. The reason I say that. He seems to be real thin. His body hasn't changed one bit in almost a year that he has been ineligible. Though he has had use of a new weight room and strength coach at his disposal. I hope I'm wrong.

Friday, December 16, 2011


I was beginning to wonder if I was crazy or something. But wasn't this the former governor of New Jersey on trial? I ran a goggle search and found out I was right. Not only that, he was a Senator as well. Jon Corzine is one of the most powerful people in that state of  New Jersey. And a lot of others as well. This official is embedded in the unions and well connected in the banks. In addition to being former head of  Goldman &Sachs. He is the former incumbent who lost to Gov. Christie in the midst of claims of corruption. In a state with a history and reputation where the underworld has a major influence. The Regular Joes just banded together and voted him out. I read two days worth of articles concerning his latest troubles and it was never mentioned once. I found it strange no one was connecting the dots.

Then it dawned on me.  These pondents don't want to come up missing or find a horse head in their beds. Jon Corzine's whole demeanor is starting to reveal itself. Now I understand his humor. How can you not know what happened to $1.4B under your watch?  He is standing in front of the senate denying any involvement. What can you do? This guy is in the Mafia or Mob. Nobody with a loud voice making major money will address this. Heraldo Rivera was our last example. Let someone else take on that fight. No one could pull off crimes of this magnitude by themselves.  You never know who is involved. They have to be surrounded with people just like them. This reminds me of the movie "Goodfellows". Where they come in as partners and run your business into the ground. Jon Corzine is in  the clique.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How Much

I wonder do black women in Memphis read the comments posted in the Commercial Appeal? I bet at least 60% of them saw someone who looked like one of these women before they put on their make-up this morning. Especially if they're over forty. Since many black women have bought into this movement to abandon black men. They could find out especially what white people really think about how they look.These people in Memphis would have you think they're in Miami.  All of  these women  either have or can find men to chase after them.  I bet if you  seen something beside their mugshots you wouldn' t even know  them. Fashion Fair and the hair supply store can do  wonders.

Which brings me to my next point. Regardless how you look without your makeup and hair done. Don' t let these guys keep you hanging around for twenty  years for nothing. Sandra Richards feels justified in what she did. The other women do too. She just did it too late. This guy only had $100,000 after 30 yrs. on the fire dept and 24 yrs. in  the  state  senate. What did he do with his money I wonder?
I can tell you what he probably did. I met him out on numerous occasions He spent it all playing a big shot. She knew that too. Fortunately for  his children he had something left. Sandra Richards was just  trying to be slick like  their father was when he was alive. She has been his girlfriend and campaign manager all these years.  Though she should have known his business wasn't in order. Obviously she didn't or she was just taking what she could get.

I was listening  to Ulysses Jones Jr. discuss the ruling and the corruption him and his sister faced. This case is still a mess.  There are more charges to come. His father did not leave a substantial estate.He better leave  well enough alone. Take the money and stay out of court. Part of the estate is the house itself. Which is partly owned by Ms. Richards and  has a mortgage. The cars are losing value everyday. And I know his attorney didn't work  for free.  So how much is left ?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Jokes

I can imagine how Chris Christie must have felt being the brunt of a joke that was probably just made in jest. Mitt Romney didn't think he was doing anything wrong with his comments when he made them off the cuff. He didn't recognize the magnitude of his error. Neither did Mayor Gatsuo when he gave him the lead in Manchester N.H. earlier that day. After hosting an event that raised $1.1M and to find out that  the recipient of the donations cracked on him. Can you imagine sitting around popping your collar over what you've put together? And to have it underscored by some sidewinder who comes out of nowhere and rains on your parade. 

The media tried to play it down. I just happened to catch it on AOL. This is why Gov. Christie won't run for president. It would've been the leading story on CNN, Fox and MSNBC. He knows even if he wins the presidency, he won't escape the low blows and jabs about his weight. Not to mention the possibility of other skeletons coming out before the public. If he did like Mike Huckabee,, he would be the next P.O.T.U.S. .Like it or not the politicians and voters are superficial. In this politically correct atmosphere where even homosexuals are off limits.  Even  though he is the best the Republicans have to offer. It's still okay to talk about the fat boy and have a good laugh on him.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Before They Produce

I think the Grizzlies should have called Marc Gasol's bluff. He never produced an offer sheet from another team. So we don't know what his options were.I don't think the other teams were going to pay him that much had he gone somewhere else. Marc Gasol is soft and lacks toughness. I think he spends too much time outside the paint. He has great potential but we're already paying someone to catch his slack. If Zbo falls flat for any reason, this deal will be a lemon. Marc Gasol is not a force in the middle yet. Maybe 50M for four years. But I was thinking more like five. I wonder what Tyson Chandler and NeNe are going to get?

It's ironic they would picture him with Kendrick Perkins. Who btw is only making half of what Gasol is getting. Since he finally got resigned by Oklahoma. Perkins is exactly the type player Gasol has problems with. When it gets physical underneath he goes outside. A big man with a soft touch is sweet. But we don't need a 7 foot shooting guard we need a beast. I think Perkins owned him in the playoffs. That's why the Grizzlies lost. Marc Gasol is a long shot like Josh Pastner and Justin Fuente. I wish all of them success. I'm just against giving them the money before they produce.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fuente Fever

Tiger fans are already watering at the mouth. They just gave this guy $900,000 a year and he has never coached a game. I haven't heard anyone complain about his lack of experience. They only gave Larry Porter $750,000 and he came from a bigger program. If Justin Fuente wins three games next year he'll get credit for turning the program around. If he wins four he'll get a contract extension and a raise.

Don't ever think R.C. Johnson had nothing to do with this latest developement. Like the coaches he hires being strong in recruiting his strong suit is fundraising. He couldn't sell the boosters on a black football coach though. Notice they had Kato Johnson pushing this hire. Since when did he become an expert on football or any sport for that matter? He is small in stature. Height and weight both. I bet he never played on any type of  team in his life. Attendance had dropped to less than 5000 fans. That won't even pay the light bill. The players and fans are just more comfortable with a white coach. R.C. Johnson is planning to buy at least a mediocre team before he retires. He might be successful. The hype begins.

Noticeably Absent

999 was noticeably absent.

Truly Blessed

Who wouldn't serve a God who had been as good to you as he has to Rev. Dr. Frank E. Ray? The people around him are blessed as well. That's why they love him so much. I wish I had his connection. I would be the biggest cheerleader you ever seen. My journey hasn't been nearly as rewarding as his. But I still have faith. The bible says touch not my anointed. Frank Ray must be in that number. This man has been around the world preaching the word of God. He has his own piece of heaven right here in Memphis. This man drives a Bentley and lives in a million dollar house.

The only thing his opponents have against him is his womanizing ways. The main ones complaining are mainly jealous. Either they have experienced rejection or loss their woman to a man in the church. That's a character flaw, but the women are laying it at their feet. Choosing them so to speak. Frank Ray is a pastor but he is still a man. The women know his weakness. He falls for a short skirt and a smile. All his wives and girlfriends have set on the front pew of his church with dresses well above their knees. David a man after God's own heart, fell for a woman too. Solomon the richest and wisest man in the world had two to three women for everyday. I know they say money, power and respect aren't everything. But it runs a close second. This man is truly blessed.

Effective Or Not

I'm going to give Josh Pastner a chance to work it out. He gave Coach Finch his props and that bought him some time with me. But I think this is an indication of his weakness as a coach. He can recruit these players but he can't coach them. Every year we lose valuable players due to discipline problems. In the past he recruited players for John Calipari. Now he has to deal with them himself. The boys know who is doing the coaching and who is getting paid. Effective or not he is the boss.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Same

Newt Gingrich might be the smartest one in the room but he can't beat President Obama. Have you noticed the price of gas going down or the economy on the rise. Looks like the troops will be home by election time.  His newly found conversion to Catholicism won't gain him any votes either. America doesn't want to be indirectly ran by the Pope. Newt Gingrich has been a part of everything that has happened in the last eight years both good and bad. Some of the same things he is railing against now he supported and even lobbied for in the past. This will come out if he wins the nomination. A deal killer.

Ron Paul has a core base of supporters, but not enough to win the white house. His base is hardworkimg, middle class, gun carrying, white men. They dare the minorities and Liberals to come n their house. He has some good ideas but not enough to appease the mainstream. Not to mention the fact that he is 76 yrs. old as we speak. Ronald Reagan was only 70 when he was elected. Some people say he stayed in office too long.  Toward the end Nancy and astrology was the main advisor.Could that be the reason for some of  Ron Paul's extreme ideas. For those that say age doesn't matter. They held it against John McCain and he was only 72 . Ron Paul is like moses. If he is serious about a Libertarian ever being elected. He needs to start preparing a Joshua.

Mitt Romney can't beat the president but he is consistent among Republicans. No matter who has made a splash he has remained in the top three contenders. Mitt Romney is looking better all the time. Since Rick Perry turned out to be a disappointment. Romney has been on cruise control. Michelle Bachman, Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum have never built any real  momentum. So everything remains pretty much the same. He is a family man, businessman and has held elected office. He has done a pretty good job at all three. 

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Harry Morgan (1915-2011)

Looks Good

I saw Gale Jones Carson on GMM dancing with the Memphis Steppers this morning. I wish I could post a full length picture of her. It would better prove my point. I forgot or didn't even know she looked that good. If some folks I know had looked like her they would have been in Nashville or Washington D.C. by now. After watching her dance it became clear to me how she climbed the ladder in Memphis politics. She used her assets to her advantage. It just is what it is. I know things I won't bother to mention. At almost sixty years old she still looks good.

Another Switch

Herman Cain cleared the way for Newt Gingrich with his sex scandal. Now Newt is extending the same courtesy to Mitt Romney by revealing his conversion to Catholicism. In both cases Republicans have been required to loosen their belt when it comes to unspoken standards. The only thing they haven't done is put a female (Michelle Bachman)in the lead. If you're going to support an adulterer (Herman Cain). You can't hold it against a man for leaving his wife on her sickbed(Newt Gingrich). If you're going to support a Catholic (Newt Gingrich). You can't disqualify another because he is a Mormon ( Mitt Romney). I see another switch.

Monday, December 05, 2011


Ginger White would have never come out like this on her real man. Her and Herman Cain were using each other. Neither of them were for real. She would have been looking for her payoff at the other end. She's only doing what he told her while he used her body for sex. "Instead of depending on me to give you money. You got to do something to help yourself." The part he left out. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. That's what she has.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

End Of Cain Train

Where do all the misplaced Herman Cain supporters go now? All those people arguing on his behalf have  ended up looking like fools now. Mr. Cain took for granted it was understood that he had women other than his wife. He figured the president got away with accusations made by a man. Surely he could overcome accusations made by a woman.You aren't going to find a powerful black man that doesn't have some dirt somewhere in his past. I have always maintained that harassment is a matter of perception.  It's not a crime when the advances are welcome. It has added drawbacks when you pay for it though.  When the money runs out the friendship is gone too.Ginger White saw how much the other women were getting paid for him making improper advances. She felt like she got beat. He probably had her doing everything. Herman Cain was and is paying for his pleasure.

Arrogance Or Innocence

In spite of being under indictment Otis Jackson is still running for reelection. Considering who his attorney is (Javier Bailey), I'm not surprised. You can't call him stupid. He has nothing to lose. He is either arrogant or innocent.

Likes Women

Herman Cain should have already done what he is doing now. I think deep down inside even his supporters know he is guilty. His wife stood by him in the face of the harassment charges. The Ginger White accusations go somewhat deeper. The only way to get in front of this is to admit guilt and ask for forgiveness. It might be too little too late though. It won't put him back on top but it will buy him some more time in the race.

Only two women have come forward in his defense. One was a infamous black female Republican, the other one was his wife. Alveeda King taking up for him doesn't carry much weight. She can't even convince people about the party affiliation of her uncle Martin Luther King. Now here she is putting it on the line for Herman Cain. Another uphill battle at best. This could have something to do with her ego though. She can't believe all this time he hasn't hit on her. She is a redbone. Blacks know what I'm talking about. If so, she wasn't offended by the encounter. She may have even taken him up on his offer. He didn't go for the almost. Light skinned wasn't good enough. The only  thing we know for sure. He likes women.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

This Time

I was mostly right about what I said about Kris Humphries in an earlier post. Turns out a hot young "Nurse Good Body" had already tried to break him in before Kim came in the picture. Don't forget this guy is a NBA baller. Maybe not a superstar, but in the league just the same.  He must have a good line but a bad hook. Or maybe it's the other way around? He can catch them, but he can't hold them very long.. They always end up leaving. Bianka Kamber had some of the same issues then as Kim Kardashian does now. He didn't learn anything from that breakup.. He landed in Kim's arms before he hit the ground. He probably won't hit it this time either.


At first I was ready to say he hadn't been given a fair chance to turn the program around. Then I thought about it, and that might have been the plan all the time. If he ends up somewhere as a recruiting cordinator making six figures, and Memphis ends up hiring a high profile coach to take his place. I'll have suspicions of history repeating itself. He was used like Tic Price to clear the path for what's to come. After such a disappointing run the fans have lowered expectations.  They're ready to break open the bank to get a winner.

I'm beginning to think there really is a glass ceiling in college coaching for minorities. When you look at their win/loss records you can kind of see why. Even at HBCs black coaches aren't exclusive.. Football fans and players alike seem to be more comfortable with a white head coach. I believe next year we would have seen a marked improvement in the Memphis program anyway. If that had happened, it would have created a problem. That would explain him only being given two years to turn it around. To win was never the plan.