Friday, June 29, 2012


In  the days of reality television everyone can be a star. A young lady doesn't have to look like Draya Michele or Kim Kardashian anymore to be out front. She just has to have a certain type of skills.She doesn't really have to have that.  As long as she isn't shy and doesn't mind being called nasty names. She can have  her fifteen minutes of fame. It also helps if she can twerk. Who knows what she will come up with. Look at the $50 million woman whose best assets are behind her. It might just be a girl claiming to be going to the University of Memphis named April Pratt. Or that scantily clad young lady you saw who thought she  was looking good . But you were embarrassed for her and wonder who let her.leave the house looking like that. Now they have a stage.

What I would rather believe is this. Since the law cracked down on the strip clubs in Memphis. This is the new "Black Cat".  The ladies have no where to make their money these days. These are strippers who are finding ways to perform without being  watched by the law. Plus picking up some major advertising they couldn't otherwise get. They can't even get that close to the customers in the topless bars. The next time you hear about a Taboo party it will be packed. If you think you've seen everything. Look at this.  This is  hardcore.                                                                          

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Pimpin

Hopefully Beyonce is surrounded by people who mean her well and won't take advantage of her. I hope her husband is as protective of her as her father always was.  He knew her make-up and how she thinks. She is generous to a fault. Based on this I know Matthew Knowles is no longer in charge or even advising his daughter on financial matters. You can bet he would be against this purchase if he were. At least on this large of a scale. Even though she made an excellent choice of planes. But  you don't buy a $100,000 CaliforniaCustomChopper to learn how to ride a motorcycle. You buy a Honda 350 or a Suzuki dirt bike. This was a case of one woman trying to out shine another one. And she did it in style too. I made mention of this unspoken rivalry between these two divas last week. They both raised the bar. I didn't expect it to go this far, this quick though. It has already reached epic proportions.

 Kim Kardashian supposedly bought Kanye West a $750,000 Lambroghini. But you can bet there was a side deal cut with the manufacturer. She didn't even go through a dealer. I predict Lambro sales have gone up as a result of her surprise birthday present . But no one is going to go out and buy a Challenger 850 plane because Jay Z has one. Beyonce paid full  price for her gift.  Plane manufacturers  don't have year end sales. The woman spent an awful lot of money to prove a point. Single or together with Jay Z, she has quite a net worth. She spent $40 million for a jet for Jay Z on fathers day. I can't even imagine having money like that, so my opinion might be somewhat biased. I have no idea how much they are spending on airfare now. But it will definitely be more in the future. This is what you call "Big Pimpin".

Monday, June 25, 2012

Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions

The three kings have finally won a championship ring. I suppose Lebron James has suffered long enough for leaving Cleveland. He is, the best player in the league. With an outstanding pair of partners in the trio (Bosch,Wade). Don't let Mike Miller, Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem or Mario Chalmers. get hot  They're hard to beat. Judging by the way they trampled OKC. Nobody in the West can beat them. They're either too old or not physical enough. In the East this was supposed to be the return of the Bulls. With Derek Rose and Jokim Noah being hurt. You might not be hearing from them for a while. Once they got past Boston and Chris Bosch came back, it was destiny. The Miami Heat are the 2012 NBA champions.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shocked The World

This was a match for the promoters, and Manny Pacquiao the fighter lost. I won't say Timothy Bradley won, because he didn't by any stretch of the imagination . It wasn't even close. I finally got a chance to see the replay of the fight, and I see why this will go down in history as one of pro boxing's most controversial decisions. Even Timothy Bradley didn't really believe he won the fight. Before him I never heard of a fighter who won a split decision admit the judges might have made a mistake. He had taken so many punches he was still in a daze.

If there is one thing I can say on Bradley's behalf. His skin and stamina are like a tough piece of leather. In a bout where he was out punched for at least eight rounds if not more. He still looked pretty good in the end. When he twisted his ankle he wanted to quit, but his corner wouldn't let him.  His trainer earned his twenty percent. It was like he knew Bradley just had to last the whole twelve rounds. He was the perfect fighter for the judges explanation. Timothy Bradley  probably threw his best punch of the fight in the 9th or 10th round. If the fight had been sixteen rounds instead of twelve. Bradley might have qualified as a new reigning champion who partly told the truth. He shocked the world, but  he was too.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting Hits

Atlanta really is the out of town cousin with the fancy car. You don't really know how they're living until you go to their house. Even then you might be fooled.  As big as it is, this really is a small world. If you keep your ears and eyes open you'll eventually find out everything you need to know about almost everything. I strongly believe in "six degrees of separation" and "there's a grain of truth in  every rumor". I don't know if K. Michelle is telling the whole truth about what happened with her and Memphitz . But there has got to be some validity to what she said. I find it interesting that Memphitz's new wife "Toya" responded to the accusations first, as opposed to Memphitz himself. This news was probably a surprise to Toya just like the beat down was to K. Michelle. This is a side of her knight  in shining armor she never seen.

Memphitz must have felt like Kevin Federline, and K. Michelle like Shar Jackson when he got with Toya Carter at that time. Before he met Toya, him and K.Michelle probably didn't have a problem. She was content with the way things were going until the whopping  started.. She was getting cosmetic surgery. He was getting tats and buying jewelry. I don't think Toya knew about the other woman though. She and her daughter just liked Memphitz. It was so important to her to try and have a normal  family life. She didn't bother doing a background check. Plus he didn't seem to mind trying to fill the shoes of  Lil Wayne. That helped his bid tremendously. He was ready to be a step-daddy..

Toya should take notice that he is trying to dog the singer out.instead of disproving what she said. Now I know exactly what he does in the music industry. Not very much. Aside from a short stint as a veejay at BET.. He is a talent scout with nice teeth. That's what got Ms. Pate to go along for so long. She was a willing participant  Unlike Olivia she doesn't have Rich Dollaz but she has a story. She needs a manager to cry for her. This girl can sing and now it's out there. I hope she has a song that will take her to the next level in her career.. Hopefully she can meet someone who can really help her. Someone whose survival doesn't depend solely on her getting  hits. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Something tells me Kanye West should be smelling the Folgers by now. This isn't what you thought it was. You can't accuse Kim K of stealing when she gets too expensive like you did Amber Rose.  No matter what she does in front of the camera. Only him and her know what goes on behind the scenes. Kim gave him a $750,000 car for his birthday. He is in one country, and she is in another. It's not that serious. What is he going to do to match that? Buy her a twin engine Cessna or a yacht? Whatever it happens to be. She won't be wearing it on her back or feet. The question is,"will Kanye rise to the occasion, or come up short"?  In case this pairing doesn't work out  People will be watching with eagle eyes.  When it comes to establishing his reputation as a cad or gentleman. This is going to be a defining moment for him.

Monday, June 11, 2012

No Act

I couldn't write about Robin Thicke without writing about the pioneer.  Jon B was making hit records way back in the days of Tupac Shakur. Even though Jon and Robin started out together. Their careers seem to have taken very different paths. Robin is the new face of "Remy Martin". Jon B is doing concerts in the mall. Both artists were given their big breaks as a result of an experiment by Andre Harrell and Kenneth " Babyface" Edmonds. The black producers wanted to see if white artists could sell records in a black market. Obviously they can score hits. But can  they build a following? To this point all of them have only achieved moderate success. BTW What ever happened to the "Average White Band"?

I can't help but include white women too. Teena Marie as talented as she was, never reached her deserved level of success. She was as least as talented as Alicia Keys. But she was never considered mainstream. Her springboard was her downfall. She will best be remembered for her performance of "Fire and Desire" with Rick James. Funny thing is you can't cross over once you've committed.. Thus we have a Joss Stone. If you're even marginally successful in one genre, you don't get a chance in another. Nobody ever left Soul and  went Country. Ray Charles and Lionel Richie don't count. They were only exercising their creative muscle. Ray will always be known for "Georgia on my mind" and Lionel for "Penny Lover" in my book.  "I can't stop loving you" and "Stuck on you" don't cut the mustard.

Jon B was probably the most talented vocally, but Robin gives a better show. Pharrell's influence is definitely in both his music and performance.  He puts me in  the mind of a David Bowie singing a Teddy Pendergrass song. Jon B is like a Ronald Isley, just singing and swaying side to side. He is a white man out here singing black songs for a living. He even has a real black woman named Danette. Who really needs to go to the beauty shop every week. Appearances really do matter. So he has to keep a gig or a job. To support a black woman and baby who have no choice in their color. Not a bi-racial woman only claiming to be black. So she can shine in comparison. What's up with that? That blond blue eyed baby gave it away. Black women don't have white babies. The black gene always shows itself. Don' t count him out though. Real singers are coming back.  Jon B is not an old man (37). This is not another Vanilla Ice we're talking about. Two hits and running. I look for Jon B to strike again real soon. Since this is not just an act.  


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Party With A Purpose

Initially it comes across as being  impersonal and selfish. The tax exemption doesn't belong to an individual anyway. It is for a particular organization. But some things only hurt you after you get bigger. As long as you have fifteen members or 500 listeners it doesn't matter unless they're influential. But  what happens  when you get two-hundred fifty raising  $20,000.00 every Sunday or several hundred thousand llisteners tuning in daily? Now I see why my pastor was so protective of the church's 501C3. Ill thought out decisions now, can come back to haunt you later. There are people who will use the church's name to do anything. Even an R&B show featuring Roy Hughes (The Mack) and the Temprees, where you BYOB. Mary J. Blidge is caught up in the middle of a bogus charity scam now. Bobby OJay has been following that story intently since the beginning. Talking about it almost every morning on his show. The other day people were calling him inquiring about the annual White Soiree. He forwarded all questions to Bev Johnson and pulled the commercial off the air. Obviously it wasn't paid for with cash. It was probably being called a public service announcement (PSA).

Bobby and Bev balance each other out. They keep the station local. Both of them are partly to blame for this latest thing at WDIA. If it had gotten this far Bobby didn't have to blow up the spot. He could have pulled Bev to the side and talked to her off the record. Rather than put her on front street making her look bad. For Bev's part she should have known better.  Bobby wouldn't let any of the other personalities make any extra money using the station. He wouldn't even let Janis do that and he likes her. So Bev should know better. Most of those people coming to her event are more concerned about the buffet than the charity they're supporting. Plus meet some of the callers. Like Little Daddy, Lady D, Lady P and Prince Charles. This is a deal between Bev and Scotty. They go to the same church. He is also the music director at Mt. Pisgah. It's a party with a purpose alright. To put some money in their pockets.

Benevolence With Benefits

I knew this would come up sooner or later. Though it has gone on unchecked for years. You know that person that has a rally every year, or passes out coats and toys at Christmas time. This is that pimple coming to a head. People claiming to be generous when they're actually helping themselves. I first noticed it going national on "Celebrity Apprentice" with NeNe Leakes. Donald Trump didn't want to blow up his spot. So he kept it quiet. She was playing him too. Most people weren't paying attention, but I was. She didn't have a legitimate charity to give the money that she raised on the show. As it turns out she was the main recipient. She was getting paid two ways. At home and on the show.

 But then I noticed all the pro athletes wives and girlfriends doing the same thing. They spend a lot of time donating and raising money for others. Even though their financial stability isn't guaranteed beyond the current season. Either through free agency or relationship troubles. They might not be around next year. People like Rafer Austin's baby's momma sponsoring a fundraiser. When she doesn't have a ring and he doesn't have a team. He has played on six teams in twelve years. It's kind of like being a stylist. Charity work is the job you have when you don't really have one.

Friday, June 08, 2012

An Act

I'm trying hard not to judge Robin Thicke, but he's always on the screen these days leaving me no choice. He is one of the judges and performers on the new show "Duets"  this season. It's where successful recording artists sing duets with new talent they've pre-selected to work with. I was watching the show the other day and Robin Thicke's partner sounded much better than him. He messed up the song if you ask me. He sounded like he was the one who needed a voice coach. He is over competitive to be playing the role of a teacher. Unlike the other judges John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Nettles. They were more like musical mentors to the contestants. He acts like it's all about him and how he performs every week. Not the contestants looking for their big break.

He out talks all the other judges and never admits defeat. The syrupy salutations he heaps on everybody every week are over the top and becoming transparent. He tries to keep everyone owing him one by kissing their butts. But he is the kind of guy that the ladies will choose regardless of his arrogance.  Because they think he's cute. That's part of his hustle. He counts on that. Even though he is already somewhat of a celebrity.  When on the stage he still tries to get all the attention. This guy is a foot long hot dog with slaw.  But the ladies love him.

I don't like it when white men get  rich of the black experience. Especially if they haven't lived through it themselves. All black people know at least one black  man this spot was made for, but he's somewhere doing construction work or preaching. It brings to mind people like Gary Owens and Paul Wall,  who have built careers around feeding off the patented behavior of  blacks.  I watched  Robin Thicke around other white people on "Access Hollywood" and he let his guard down. It works on the white women too. Kit was squirming in her seat so much. She couldn't wait for the interview to end so she could hug him. The guy is like a John CalipariHe might get discovered later, but he has them fooled for now. This is just an act.                                                                

Thursday, June 07, 2012


Some New Salem members are drawn to this type drama. They go to church looking for the latest episode of this reality series every Sunday. Then they talk about it all week on the radio. Bobby OJay is jealous, because he knows all the ministers aren't blowing all their money. They have 401ks and hefty retirement plans. Not riding around blinged out like Marvin Winans. It started with the wedding with the leather gowns in July. Seven years later here we are talking divorce. Women in the church fighting is an indication of leadership. Heathens don't go to church to clown. This is not good look for a man Pastor Frank Ray's age. If the rumors are true. He has been sqawling and chasing the good sisters for a long time now. When he walks into the room the dresses slide up the thighs. Front pews at his sermons look like a Wendy Williams reunion. The big handkerchiefs the mothers should be carrying for overexposed females are no where in sight. His reputation precedes him with the ladies. He is a "Cocksman". You can't trust him around your woman. He'll go after her.

I heard about his playing before I heard about his preaching. The bible says a good man leaves an inheritance behind for his family. If something happened to the pastor today. He would probably die in debt. Last I heard his son was trying to promote parties. Then I heard he was doing a revival at some church. Both attempts to capitalize on his last name. He hasn't made a big splash with either. If the pastor is rich he should also make it easier on his brother. The poor guy has been working two jobs for over twenty years and still having a hard time. The last time I saw him he was bragging about being Frank Ray's brother. As if that and two quarters would equal a dollar. Don't forget about his estranged wife Deborah. She hasn't been cheap in the past and won't be in the future. Seven years as his wife and no telling how many as his mistress. She had a long run. They both have better days behind them than ahead. She might not be able to keep them. But she'll win them in the divorce. Even though they don't have children. He'll lose at least the house and a car. The new BMW,not the old Bentley. It's probably worth the most.

 Pastor Ray living in the church is like Raiford living in the back of his club. I guess the pastor is living in the infamous bedroom in the church. It seems he would at least be living in one of the condominiums across the street. I don't think he has a lot of money. Like most people think. He is what I call "Atlanta Rich". He spends as much or more than he makes. The story of his estate might make for an episode of "Family Wills". He drives a Bentley he probably bought from Andy at Smith Imports. He owns a home in Eads on which I know he'll take a loss if he sells it anytime soon. Being somewhat of a potentate among preachers in this town. He should be slowing down instead of starting over. Don't be fooled by his cool demeanor. God has been very good to him over the years. It's time for him to try and repent. He has played out.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I wasn't at this graduation ceremony, so I don't know exactly what happened. I do know the mother was arrested and detained by police for being too loud. Something happened that caused a ruckus. I have been at ceremonies and concerts where this was an issue. They probably also had so many balloons you couldn't see the stage. It goes back to the days of people standing in the seats at the Mid-South Coliseum. When I first heard this story I wasn't ready to cry foul yet. I know how some families act when their baby gets his/her diploma. Let them start their adult life being civil.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Kanye West has always been one of the most arrogant a**holes out there selling out concerts. Somehow he has made it through without any beef. He basically just got a break. Looks like he would be more humble and appreciative of his fans. Since they just accept him for his music. It's unfortunate success doesn't have an opposite effect. Lately him and Chris Brown are running neck and neck for young eggheads who've gone too far. They're both cruisin for a bruisin.

 Every since this Kimye stuff got started, Kanye has gotten worse. Being on tour with Jay Z doesn't help either. Since Kris Humphries plays for his partner's basketball team, he is always picking on this guy. Chris Brown's weapon of choice seems to be Twitter. Kanye does all his damage in the studio, on movie sets and the stage. Chris Brown needs a lesson in everyone ain't Rhianna. She probably isn't much of a brawler. I see a MMA fighter in his future, or either he'll cower down. White men like her. For his antics Kanye needs to be looking for Ashton Kutcher and Punk'd, and find Fifty Cent calling him out for something for real. Parading Kim around is going to make him a target. He might finally encounter a real confrontation.

Monday, June 04, 2012


Good for Beyonce and all the other singers out there that Kim Kardashian can't sing. Her list of collaborations would probably include everyone except Rhianna and Nicki Minaj. She would definitely sell some tickets. If the average act could afford her fee. She released a couple of demos but they didn't take off. So she left that alone and went on to other things.

The rappers don't have enough money or she would already be in the videos. Plus she has more money than most of them, except the one she is supposedly dating and a few others. One of them being Beyonce's new husband Jay Z. But I don't think she's after him like that. I just think she wants to get the royal treatment everywhere she goes. He is the king. Even though she hasn't paid any dues. Her association with Kanye took her straight to front and center. They  were at a NBA basketball game and the media was all around her.                

I can't see why Kim would be jealous of  Beyonce. So I don't think that's the case. She is filthy rich as well for making a sex tape. Even her shadow is famous. You see a shapely body, you look for her face. Now they pay just to use her silhouette. She even made her family rich. Now her sister makes money for having babies out of  wedlock. With the help of her mother Kris Jenner. That's who you better watch. She is the brains behind the operation. Her daughter is the muscle. Kim is among the most popular people on the planet. How can you be mad about that? After hearing her say "I have everything I ever dreamed about". I would imagine she is pretty happy. Her life is a dream come true..

Even though Beyonce has way more money right now. She feels the presence of another woman. Another hen in the hen house so to speak. She might be a little jealous too. She was out there entering talent shows and doing rehearsals while Kim was working as a store clerk in the valley. Now she is part owner of the boutique itself and many of the brands it carries. On the other hand, Beyonce is working hard as ever. I feel a modern day Anna Mae Bullock here  She could hardly take  time off  to have a baby. Unlike the Kardashian girls her sister Solange can because she  isn't busy these days. I haven''t seen her lately and she had a husband, a baby and can dance and sing. Beyonce may be  quiet, but she ain't crazy. Neither is she blind or deaf. Kim has the makings  to be a black woman's worst nightmare. A white girl with a pretty face and booty bigger than hers.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Richard Dawson (1932-2012)

Saturday, June 02, 2012


I guess you've figured out by now I'm an avid Wendy Williams fan. She is a credible source for celebrity gossip and not bad to watch either. I think shes the bomb in the yellow dress. She just happened to be wearing it on television as I wrote this blog.She has a certain honesty and realness about her. Something Monique and Tyra don't have. Not the prettiest face or most banging body but by no means a slouch. But her crystal ball demeanor doesn't apply to everyone.

I couldn't figure out why Wendy was so complimentary and impressed with Kim Zolchiak. Kim is a "Drama Queen" like the rest of the cast. Kim is the only one of the "Atlanta Housewives" who hasn't appeared on her show yet. Why doesn't Wendy call her out like she does everyone else? Then I looked at some of their pictures. And it dawned on me. They kind of look alike. One is just black, and the other is white. There are obvious similarities between the two.

Friday, June 01, 2012

The Pace

The city of Atlanta has been selected the 7th worst dressed city in the country. Even Memphis fared better than them. And we're supposedly the worst at everything. Why aren't the progressive blogs and black radio hosts who are normally always shouting the praises of the new L.A., blowing  up the airwaves and bandwidths talking about this? You have all these higher earning gullible black people assimilating to a culture that ultimately holds them back. What is the "Underground" city known for? Atlanta is a city based on spending money right now that you don't have and making it rain in the  clubs. Nothing is geared toward ownership of anything at a later date. Life is a party for the living today. Beauty shows and strip clubs excluded.  What are the major jobs? The service industry is booming there. Now the standard  tip is 20 % and up. If  the bank called in the loans the town would c;lose down. A policeman and his working wife paying a mortgage with an interest only loan is the norm. As soon as they lose their jobs they lose their house and spouse. Then they come back home. Unless they find another job or jobs they end up with some name brand clothes living out the back of their car.

I thought it was ironic that of the top twenty worst dressed cities, fourteen of them had NBA teams in them. More often than not that's the biggest sign of them being in a small city. Their sense of style and transportation.. Maybachs and Maseratis aren't everyday. You might see them out somewhere dressed to the nines in their fancy cars. But them and their family and friends alone should or shouldn't count for something. To me  there is a direct correlation between the two .If nothing else they should be sharp. if the only economy in the city is basketball players and rappers.  You might need better role models. Instead of watching what the entertainers and players wear. Since blacks don't dictate fashion, they buy them. Watch the owners and producers. They set the pace.