Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I always say " if you go in on your knees, you can never stand on your feet". That's what happened to Randy Wade. The Deputy Director tried out his feet. He planned on being a power broker in local politics. A Sydney Chism on the state level. That won't be happening though. Steve Cohen took care of that. Randy Wade used his clout to get Steve Cohen  elected.  This is how he pays him back. His years of dedicated service don't  count for much.  All of that "brother from another mother" doesn't mean a thing. He was just an employee. Mike Kernell was his friend.

Congressman Cohen knew exactly what he was doing. He was disconnecting a loose wire before it caused any real damage. Look at the first person Randy Wade called. when he gor in trouble, A convicted child pornographer, whom he had  to avoid just months ago. That doesn't promote  confidence and shreds any semblance of credibilityty that he might have had.  His main job now is going to be clearing his name. No one with any power is going to have  anything to do with him. Let's see him go to Rep. G.A Hardaway now.

Steve Cohen never considered  RandyWade his equal. He gave him a job and a title. Now that he no longer works for his office. He can no longer pull strings and do favors using Cohen's office and name. The congressman has no desire to be a part of the local Democratic clique other than to get their vote. I don't feel sorry for Randy Wade. He helped Cohen trick the black community foe six years. Little did he know he was being tricked too. In his last years in office Willie Herenton was wrong  about a lot of things, but he was right about Steve Cohen. This guy is arrogant and condescending. He'll dismiss President Obama in 2016. Blacks are just a means to and end. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Mo Williams is  the first mid-level player the Grizzlies have tried to get. Mike Miller coming back to Memphis is no surprise. Mo Williams'  signing would be a better gauge of whether or not Memphis is a destination.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Lois DeBerry (1944-2013)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

For Now

I have mixed  emotions about the Dwayne and Siovaughn Wade divorce. If indeed his accusations of infidelity are correct. Then she brought it on herself.  You can't hang out with your little ratchet girlfriends creating drama. And expect to remain a basketball wife just because you have some babies..That doesn't guarantee your position. In spite of what these single women tell you."Girls can't do what the guys do and still be their lady".

I  was blaming Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh for getting the big bucks and going Hollywood on their women. But I'm not so sure anymore. I still think that's the deal with Chris Bosh. But the details of his relationship are  not known.  He might be getting falsely accused too. He is taking care of his daughter, just not her mother. Dwayne Wade was giving his ex-wife $25,000 a month and maintaining her house. He even bought her four automobiles, all while having custody of his two boys. She  received the cars, the house and $5M in a divorce settlement. In  exchange for her getting lost. Now she has to to  establish visitation. She should have used Andrea Kelly's lawyer.

I have seen the courts work with crackhead mothers to help them keep their kids. Judges don't usually award custody to the fathers unless the children are being used as pawns by the mother. But in defense of Siovaughn . Maybe she is just a woman scorn.  Through no fault of her own,  she is the unfortunate victim of an upgrade by their men. I don't think D-Wade is totally innocent. He has a reputation of playing the field. But it's not what you think, but what you can prove.  If that's the case he got off cheap for now.  


My main complaint with the new ownership is the way they do things behind the fans back. The reason the public should be kept abreast of the teams decisions is because we're sharing the risk. This team has built in provisions with the city and county to make sure they make a profit. Maybe not here in Memphis, but the Grizzlies are always going to be worth what Robert Pera and his group paid for them. We have gone from a team who belongs to a wealthy owner, to an owner being made wealthy by owning the team.

I think I have this new ownership figured out. They are trying to build a model for small market teams. When the players went out on strike this last time, they hurt themselves. They are signing shorter contracts for less money. They give you two years to prove yourself. If not by the third year and before you get the biggest  end of your contract. They don't bring you  back. Jamaal Franklin is another one of those signings. I watched his workout tape. He actually looks pretty good. He might pay-off.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Now I see why Sunny Hostin was so sure that George Zimmerman was going to be convicted. When she looked across the room at the jury. She just knew they had a ringer in the bunch. If I remember correctly. She was the one who said she wouldn't convict the defendant if the evidence doesn't add up to a guilty verdict. Yet she went in wanting to find him guilty of second degree murder.

Maddy is an example of how most black  people feel about the Zimmerman case. It has nothing to do with the facts or evidence. She just wanted to find him guilty of something. She dispels the theory that Trayvon's perspective wasn't represented.  I want to submit that it was. This woman is openly admitting that had it not been for the other jurors.   She wouldn't have done her sworn duty.In spite of he evidence. She would have followed her heart. 

Friday, July 26, 2013


The hypocrisy of these entertainers supposedly supporting Stevie Wonder will be revealed before long. Those white people that stood beside them earlier are dropping like flies.  It's no longer the topic of interest on CNN They're on to the next story in search of ratings While hundreds of other black children die with little to no fanfare. I watched Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper yesterday. Piers has gone on vacation and Anderson is talking about Prince George Alexander Louis the prince.

I'm not surprised at Stevie Wonder. He has joined the ranks of Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover. They use stuff like this to remain relevant. But Jay Z probably doesn't do a lot of shows in Florida anyway. And Kanye West will sign on to anything to try and regain some cool points with blacks. He is trying to regain his base. Now they can't confirm whether the Rolling Stones, Rhianna and Justin Timberlake are even participating. I knew Justin Timberlake  wasn't a sure bet. Beyonce was at the march, but she was never on the list. For stuff like this Rod Stewart and Madonna don't carry much weight. It's not like they have the support of Keith Urban or Lady GaGa.

Most of these other acts are basing their decision on emotion. Not many black acts can afford to avoid Atlanta, Chicago or New Orleans. None of these states are going to cave for a segment of these cities. They could do without the people that won't show. The "Essence Music Festival" is the biggest stage some of these black acts ever get. I can hear Mary Mary arguing now. This might be the start of a solo career for Erica. I know their manager  Mitch isn't in favor of this. Eddie Levert and Patti Labelle get a pass because of their age. Alicia Keys and Usher better be careful. Their bread is buttered on both sides.  Will I Am is part of a group. Fergie is the main attraction. Erykah might join the group, but her baby's daddies won't. We haven't even mentioned the land of plenty yet. Las Vegas is in Nevada. They might need to reconsider.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Perk For Pera

I didn't know about this. This is yet another hidden revenue source. In spite of not paying anybody any money. It seems that all the players are paying to play in Memphis Since he is responsible for all operating costs. This is another perk for Pera.


I share some feelings with Ted Nugent. But he might be a little over the top. He is one of those white guys that won't be intimidated by blacks. He is the one blacks won't confront to his face. They call him crazy  behind his back/

I'm not surprised at Stevie Wonder. Outside of award shows, tributes and shows outside the states. He is no longer a sought after act. But these other acts better look closely. I see Jay Z  is on the list, but Beyonce isn't. There are  twenty-three states with "stsnd your ground" laws. Some of these places , most of them can't afford to avoid,   Stevie Wonder has an excuse though. He is blind.


The  exorbitant luxury tax isn't the only reason a team would let Mike Miller go. As conscious as the new Grizzlies ownership is of the luxury tax. You can bet they wouldn't even pay the minimum to anybody that isn't pulling some minutes. Let alone $6M a year for coming off the bench. Beyond those they already have on contract. They don't even plan to pay the starters that much.

I think the acqisition of Miller might have more to do with him being damaged goods than anything else. It's not all about the money with the Heat. Miami would rather have the space on the roster. I'm not familiar with all the exceptions and neither is the  average fan.  But Miami's starting five puts them over the cap off the bat. But they aren't trying to get rid of any of them. Had he fit into their future plans they would have kept him. He came back to Memphis to retire.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Watching You

A picture is worth a thousand words. The Martin family went to great lengths for you not to see this picture of their son. This is the Trayvon Martin that was killed that night, not the little league baseball player we are familiar with.  I went back and looked over all the blogs I've written about this young man. So I know I've based my opinion solely on the evidence presented..I propose to you that this young man carried a chip almost sixty years old. Black men have this modicum of manhood that  is getting them killed.

Blacks want the rest of the world to turn their heads and not mention what is obvious. Blacks don't even trust their sons themselves. It was a slim black man about Trayvon's size who killed those women in Cleveland, Ohio. When you're in the midst of a confrontation. You don't have time to see how old the attackers are. The police arrested a 16yr.old with a Tech 9 and two clips.  Does that make that weapon less dangerous?   In the words of the late Bernie Mack" if you're old enough to talk back, you're old enough to get hit in the throat".

I want blacks to get what they should have got after Deaunte Farrow was killed. They went through extreme measures just like in the Trayvon Martin clean up his image. Deauntee even had a young man with him who got it right. The truth will always eventually come out. Both of these young men contributed to their own death. We are doing our young men a disservice by not telling them what's right. Just because you haven't done anything. Somebody that looks like you did. That's  why they're watching you.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Little To None

As I said earlier. I would respect the new ownership more if they just told the truth. David Stearn and the NBA did Memphis a disservice in screening the new owners. It is important that they have more money than the players on the team. Last year the Grizzlies profitted $5 million in their most sucessful season to date. Four players earned more than that. That was even after trading Rudy Gay and Mareese Speights. I like Tony Allen but his stock wasn't that high. Tony is the only player originally on the radar this team is going to get,  They claim he is the DNA of the team. But his main asset to management was that he was cheap.

This team is good for putting a dollar on a dime.  The prospect of signing Mike Miller and acquiring the rights to Nick Calathes is not such a big deal.  Miami released Mike Miller with two championship rings still owing him $12.8M and Calathes is shooting only 58% from the FT line. It doesn't look too good. Coach Hollins warned all his naysayers about Tony Wroten before he left. Summer league proved he was right. This guy isn't the answer and none of the draft picks are either.

The Grizzlies are officially the new cost cutter team in the NBA. Their intent is to build a team with 2nd rd, D-league, last leg free agents and foreign players. Not exactly the make-up of a championship or even a competitive team. After the way management treated Coach Hollins. No mid-exception players are going to want to come to Memphis. The organization  shows no loyalty and don't reward productivity. Job security is little to none.

Dennis Farina (1944 -2013)

Gay Martyr

I  wondered how  Parks & Crump Attorneys At Law. stayed in business as civil rights attorneys. I know they were representing Trayvon Martin. But a case like that doesn't come along every day. Then I was reminded of the Marco McMillan case in Mississippi. They took that case. Darryl Parks and Benjamin Crump are like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson with law degrees. They have the paperwork to get these frivolous cases to court. Jackson and Sharpton need help. Considering neither of them has any real qualifications. If Al and Jesse had degrees they would really be dangerous.

The Parks & Crump Attorneys At Law is a well polished machine. The whole country boy in the big city is just an act. I have seen con men use that tactic before. Believe it or not it works. Then they have the smooth talker Mr. Parks. Who is skilled in making a long well spoken argument about nothing. The other day I heard one of his followers try to make an argument that Trayvon Martin was dead before he was shot. Where in the world did that come from? Those are the kind of people Parks and Crump galvanize. They converge on small towns with less sophisticated police departments. Then they throw everything they can against the wall, hoping something sticks.

This case has all the makings of a made for television "Unsolved Mystery".  An up and coming, young, black politician who was killed in a small southern town. But I think the race merchants are going to take a bump on this one. They're going to get a lesson in good old fashioned common sense. Some black people talk a good game, but things haven't really changed.  Even though they didn't speak out against gay marriage. Marco won't get  the support Trayvon received.  If he had a baby's mama and had been through a bout with drugs. It might get more sympathy. Claiming the defendant was framed would get more attention. They hate the young man was killed, but even all the locals won't cooperate. Blacks aren't going to get behind a gay martyr.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

No Different

About the worse thing that could happen is for the president and bleeding heart liberals to give credence to this idea of racial profiling. There is a race issue in this country but it has nothing to do with the George Zimmerman verdict. I hope blacks are looking around at who is at these rallies. Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan go home to their gated communities at the end of the day. The country is divided over this. The president spoke to four Hispanic groups last week and they didn't even mention this. I don't think blacks have thought about George Zimmerman is one  of them.

The president thought he had more influence than he did. Only the blacks have this undying love for him. He should have never opened his mouth concerning this case. He thought the jurors were going to clean up behind him. But the not guilty verdict changed all that. He has to put some action behind those words this time. But that's easier said than done. Public opinion has started to  sway. People that actually watched the trial are beginning to be heard. Blacks seldom take a stand for something worthwhile. This is no different. .

Saturday, July 20, 2013


This  would seem to be a gift horse for Skittles. Unless a deal was worked out with the Martin team behind the scenes. This is the biggest marketing campaign for Wrigley's since the Doublemint twins. Maybe that would be considered tacky. But I bet for the right money, Benjamin Crump could easily be convinced to say " an unarmed Trayvon Martin died for some Skittles". Since that seems to be part of the defense anyway. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Exactly III

Exactly II

Exactly I

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Grown Folks

When you look at the Bar Kays you don't think about the long arduous history this group has endured over the years. Every since Otiis Redding and four members of the original band were killed in a plane crash. This group has never quite rebounded to this day. Their biggest hit to date is still "Soul Finger". Even though that was  in the sixties. That is still their signature sound after almost fifty years.

I don't know who wrote this song, but they penned a hit. Let's hope this record gets some national airplay as opposed to just being local. Instead of getting caught up in Atlanta. Jazze Pha needs to use his influence to help his father. James Alexander and Larry Dodson are the only original members that remain. The only group out there like them with more time in the game is "The Ohio Players" They had their moment in the spotlight. Maybe it's  time for the Bar-Kays to do what the grown folks  do.

Misplaced His Mind

There is no excuse for this man taking the law in his own hands. But something tells me there is more to this story than we are being told right now. A seventy-six year old man killed a thirteen year old boy at point blank range on camera. That tells me if this man went through the expense of installing surveillance cameras at his home. He probably had that boy on  tape. The story tells a lot about the actual shooting. But little about the events leading up to the confrontation. He looks like a man who misplaced his mind.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Isn't Pretty

I knew there were extenuating circumstances surrounding this case. After reading the entire account of what happened. A few important details have come out that change the complexities of this case. Marrissa Alexanders' vanity is what got her twenty years instead of three. For once when uncovered it would help if they told the whole story. In this case it would open a whole new can of worms. Have you ever wondered how the whole DeBarge family got strung out on drugs but still became successful anyway? The Fords didn't lose their grip on the city of Memphis for two generations.They were a family of good looking people.

This is what happens when you are average. You don''t get the breaks or benefits of the doubt that an above average looking person might get. Nobody wants to be the poster girl for this fight. But it's the picture of most of the women behind bars.  Some of them are pretty, but most of them look a little rough. There aren't many Paula Patton's or Gwineth Paltrow's in jail. When it's all said and done. She got caught up in the 10,20, life law. The jury looked at her and sent her to jail. I watched as Sunny Hostin squirmed in her seat when Mark Gregaro offered that up as a defense. This defendant won't want to go that route. The picture of the criminal justice system isn't pretty.

The Shelf

This video was banned at first, but obviously after public outcry they changed their mind. I agree with Wendy Williams about the reason it was initially banned. Had this record not been so popular. It might have been put on the shelf.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Kudos to the observant, open minded and outspoken Cheryl Underwood. As a black comedienne she took a white prosecuting attorney to task and won Marcia Clark of O.J. Simpson fame has experienced a sudden rebirth in popularity during the Trayvon Martin trial. I'm sure she thought she was in a safety zone when she made a guest appearance on "The Talk" But little did she know she would encounter Ms. Underwood.  She hit her with a term like "jury nullification". She realized this wasn't a walk in the park.

Cheryl Underwood helped me reconcile my misgivings about her support of  President Obama.   I couldn't understand how she could bring herself  to join hands with Democrats. Her and Colin Powell voted for Obama, but they ate still Conservatives. But it might be more about being on the right side of history.  Than selling out her principles. It's all good in the woods.

BTW: Wendy Williams did a respectable job on her show of addressing the subject. She took the oppurtunity to instruct on being aware.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pumping His Brakes

I haven't done the research  but I'm  willing to bet the reason the president came out about Trayvon Martin, is to divert attention from something else.  For a commander-in-chief who has never felt the need to address a local crime in the past.  Why was this case any different than thousands of others? But  since he already over stepped his bounds. Why is he suddenly pumping his brakes?  

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Enforcer

I appreciate the brash exterior of Attorney Don West has put on for these court proceedings. I think there was some bias being  displayed by the judge. In addition to some underhanded, even illegal practices engaged in by the prosecution. He is more in your face than Mark O'Meara .But they come as a pair. What ever he says they are a united front.  With him being the enforcer.


Saturday, July 13, 2013


The long awaited verdict is in, in the George Zimmerman trial. Not guilty on all counts was the verdict they gave him. " If Zimmerman was hit, You must acquit"  For all intents and purposes. The same as being innocent.

Cory Monteith (1982-2013)

The One

I have watched more CNN in rhe last four days than ever before.  They have the best coverage of the George \Zimmerman trial of all the networks. But listening to the trial analysts is almost as exciting as the trial itself.  I have made note that nearly all of those for the prosecution are young black females. They have a couple of white males in the mix, but most of them are talk show hosts in search of ratings. That's all Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper talk about these days. They both have two hour shows on a daily basis.

One of those  analyst who has taken a dive in credibility in the last few days is Sunny Hostin. Black people with a voice need to stop using the clout they have established, to get behind causes just because of other blacks holding hands in darkness. Judge Hackett is past her prime. So she gets a pass. But I hold Faith Jenkins, Natalie Jones and Sunny Hostin to a different standard. It started with Sunny's comments about John Guy that marginalized her position on the panel. Mark Gregaros an accomplished defense attorney and  writer,took her to task.  All she could say was, "she is a former federal prosecutor with lots of trial experience, and she is Latino, African American, a mother and part white". None of which have anything to do with the facts in this case. Faith Jenkins is a candidate for changing ships. Her voice isn't sounding so convincing all of a sudden. She barely escaped  the wrath of Trent Copeland. He  is the only black on CNN I've seen who I totally agree with.

The jurors in this case are six women. Five of them are white, one of them is black or Hispanic. It's not hard to tell though. What race are her children? Do they look like  Ralph Giancarlo or Carlos Esposito? As a whole only blacks and gays want  to assimilate. After watching Sunny Hostin today. It's like she has a bitter taste in her mouth. She went home and thought about what her colleagues said. Don Lemon and Charles Blow aren't even attorneys. So their legal opinon is limted in it's scope. I think I know why they are so consumed with this profiling. In the words of Don Lemon "you know how we do". In spite of what she thought. She still represents only the one. 

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Didn't Know

Sybrina Fulton was put on the stand to show some family stability on behalf of her son. She has been working for the state of Florida for 23 years. But it's a different story when it comes to Trayvon's father. The only thing Tracy Martin has been doing that long is breathing. It appears the one thing he consistently does is change  women.  But apparently he still keeps the back doors open.  The stepmother ( Alicia Stanley) blew his cover with her appearance on Anderson Cooper. She was supposed to keep quiet about her relationship with Trayvon's father. Not only was it news to everyone else. Sybrina Fulton didn't know about her either.

Friday, July 05, 2013


This is a whole new game for Fifty. He must be paying big already. I didn't  even know he had another child. He won't be  able to keep this one quiet like he did his oldest son's mother. What goes around comes around eventually. It  wasn't long ago his friend Floyd Mayweather was in the same situation.. With all his money he still went to jail.

These guys have to learn they can't lock  these women away from the rest of the world. Guys aren't going to stop hitting on her because she use  to be their woman. The cost of protecting their turf is getting kind of expensive. These men are buying million dollar mansions and other men are enjoying them.  That's the price you pay for being a baller. Someone is always after your spot. No matter how much money you have. You can't be in two places at one time. One man's trash is another man's  treasure.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

All In One

I am happy for Tony Allen. He just agreed to a four year $20M deal. They act like they signed a J.J. Reddick or a Kyle Korver. But they still haven't signed a shooter yet. They just signed the cheapest top notch player they could find. If he could hit a jumper. He wouldn't be here. Boston would have kept him in the first place. But it's all good for Tony. I thought they were going to try and get him for less. I don't know who sweetened the deal for him? But you can bet it wasn't the Grizzly front office.

If  this team doesn't  make a respectable showing next year. Not signing Tony Allen would be devastating.  One thing I must admit. In spite of public outcry. The new ownership group is staying the course. They still haven't spent any money. Tony Allen's raise is a result of moving Darrell Arthur and not keeping Austin Daye. Before trading Rudy Gay the Grizzlies had one of the highest payrolls in the league. Now they're among the lowest. Even though Tony got a raise, he was still a bargain. He is a player, coach, mascot and buffer all in one.

Good Girls

Is  there trouble in Paradise? I have always thought this  was a marriage of convenience, mostly for Robin Thicke. I don't blame him though. This is what I expected. He has used Paula Patton's new found popularity in the black community to build his own. Robin Thicke has become the cool white guy with the  R&B flavor,while Paula has become the black chick who has his baby.  Her career is like that of a modern day Josephine Baker. She must have got a dose of reality. It doesn't work for her like it does for him. The novelty of their relationship has worn off. Her last movie role has become true to life.

This is the modus operandi when the races mix.  One rises, while the other one falls.  Whether it be in business or romance. I like to use the analogy of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and the infamous Super Bowl incident. He has been on the rise every since. But she has never quite recovered. There was talk of Paula being overly flirty with other artists at the "Hip Hop Awards" show. That was aimed at making Robin jealous. But I doubt it worked. She is just trying to remain relevant among all these beautiful women . She is not the star she once was. Especially in the midst of all these good girls in the "Blurred Lines" video.


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Package Deal

Why is this woman even doing an interview? She is not Trayvon's biological mother and she is not even with his father anymore. What difference does it make where she sat at the funeral. Trayvon's girlfriend wasn't even there at all. And it's over now. Why wait so long to say something anyway, and why should his father keep this woman posted? Sounds like she got wind of the settlement the parents received .I alluded to this earlier. Now it's starting to unfold. Trayvon was a rolling stone to a degree. Where his father went he followed. He was part of a package deal.