Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The State Of The Union Address

In my opinion this speech, wasn't anything special. Other than I was impressed, with the way he started it off. With a tribute to Coretta Scott King, the widow of Martin Luther King. That was really the only thing new, he hadn't already said. Except the confirmation, of the latest Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. I don't think it was as good, as the last one he gave. Those who oppose this administration, will only call them more lies. I was inspired after listening to the last one. It made me optimistic about the country's future. This one was more business as usual to me. I guess this is the remix version of the last address. I was in agreement overall, with the President all along. He restated his position on the war in Iraq, and that America would stay the course. All Democrats agree, that something has to be done about Social Security. They have many complaints, but they don't have any solutions. Everyone wants Medical reform, but that doesn't come free. It would be nice to give everyone free healthcare, but that doesn't work. When you take out profit, you remove the motivation factor. Why would you want to be a doctor, if you can't make a lot of money. The President again, pushed his insurance accounts. Which I have always been in favor of implementing. Where ever you go, you take your insurance with you. He stressed education and the need, for our children to capitalize. We need to prepare our children to compete, on a global level. Encourage them to excel, in Math and Science. The evidence of "no child left behind" is working with the younger children, all over the country. At the rate things are going, they'll be ready for the future challenges. No one has taught them yet, it's an uphill battle.

Watching the speech amused me. It was like looking at a seesaw, with a heavier person on one side. The only time the Democrats stood up, is when the heavier Republicans sat down. I was surprised he didn't get more of a reaction, on the immigration issue. The politicians don't seem to be as interested in the issue, as the people are. Unless I'm mistaken, that's one of the more pressing social woes. Some of the things he talked about, won't happen overnight. To stop America from being dependent, on foreign energy sources. He only talked about our dependency on the middle east, which by the way isn't our major supplier. It will not happen in his tenure, if even in the near future. We may do away with 75% of our oil supplies from the middle east by 2025. They only represent one fifth, of total oil consumption. The best he can do, is set the wheels in motion. Another policy he is asking, that both parties maintain. Put aside partisan politics, and come together to get this done. Make the tax cuts permanent, that Americans now enjoy. Much of Americas problem lies, in the peoples perception. People are so busy complaining, they don't really look at their situation. If we don't go to the base of the problem, and change the peoples mindset. Nothing is going to change, as far as they're concerned. Considering the numbers, all except the popularity polls. Reluctantly the message of personal accountability, is taking hold. Home ownership is up, teenage pregnancy is down. Both good signs we're headed in the right direction. By the time people catch on, and see what's happening. The Presidents term will be over. I always say this President, will look better after he's gone.

Samuel Alito Confirmed As Justice

In one of the most partisan votes ever, Justice Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. was confirmed today. As the 110th Justice, of the United States Supreme Court. Only four Democrat and one Republican senator, crossed party lines and sided with the other. The final vote was 58-42 in favor of Alito. Those who fought against him, mainly have themselves to thank for his confirmation. He wasn't the first or second choice, for this appointment. In unexpected turn of events. There has been the only activity since 1994, under President George W. Bush. The first choice would have been John Roberts, who now is Chief Justice. Due to the death of William Rehnquist. John Roberts was then recommended, for the chief position. Leaving the original appointment open. It was then offered to Harriet Mier, White House counsel. Under conservative scrutiny, she refused the nomination. I think she represented the last compromise candidate for the liberals. I don't know if I personally agree, with all of Alitos decisions. I don't think there's anyone that would fill that bill. I trust the presidents judgement, I think Justice Alito will be fair. It's really an exercise in futility to oppose what's written in stone. We must pray for his decisions, he's already there.

Coretta Scott King, Portrait Of A Wife

Mrs. Coretta Scott King, the widow of Martin Luther King Jr. died this morning she was 78. She had suffered a major stroke, and heart attack in 2005. She never totally recovered, as if anyone really does. In my humble personal opinion. She had been a testament, to her late husbands legacy until recently. I hadn't heard or seen her do anything, that would veer from the vision. What I consider a snafu. I'll just chalk that up, to her not being in her right mind. When she publicly spoke out, on behalf of Gay marriage. I don 't think that was a continuation of the dream. I think that was for personal reasons. Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't beyond reproach, but he was a man of Christian principles. I don't think he would have compromised the word of God openly, even if it affected him personally. I'm not saying I think she was gay, so don't misunderstand. I think she took that position, because of someone close to her. She wasn't wicked, she was just weak. Everyone is responsible for themselves, but as Christians we can't overlook doctrine. It's imperative that we stand up for right, even when it's unpopular. I think that's just an example of what happens. When we look to a woman, to take a mans place. That iron hand is missing. I thinks it's represenative of his life, that his wife would be well cared for in his absence. Muzzle not the ox, that treadeth out the corn. The labourer is worthy of his hire. Martin Luther King Jr. was the civil rights leader. Coretta Scott King was his wife.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I Got Beef

I was watching a documentary on BET  titled " Beef ". In my opinion it documents the stupidity of a mindset, of a segment of the community.  That to some unavoidable degree influences our young people. It drives this form of music, known as Hip-Hop. It's about ongoing fueds, between rappers and other rappers. Both on and off the microphone. Often these disagreements escalate to violence, even death. The most notable or widely remembered, being between Biggie and Tupac. Which ultimately ended in both young men being killed. I wasn't aware of all the fights going on between so many other artist. I heard about the east coast, west coast thing. But that's just a sample of what's happening. I'm not into the underground, so I'm not up on the latest happening. This spills over to the major artist. People such as LL cool J, Ice Cube, Ja Rule, Fifty Cents and Nelly to name a few. Nelly had the #2 selling cd in the country last year.

It seems that all the successful artist, are in the midst of one, if not several spats. If not now,at some time in the past. The sad thing about this is, it stimulates record sales. I saw all the major rap artist except Eminem, involved in rivalries. Since it's a jockey for position, why isn't anyone challenging him? As a rap artist, he's among the top of the heap. Could it be because this is silly, and he avoids the drama. It appears to be mostly ego clashes, and infighting. Most of the battlers used to be associates, if not friends. I don't want to broad brush the issue, and incriminate hip-hop as a whole. I will say there are far too many instances, of this taking place. These young people are making millions of dollars, and behaving like savages. Some might consider the word "savages" extreme. I think it's appropriate considering what we're dealing with. What do you call two people, that can't live in the same big city?

Rather than devote their energy, to writing more songs. They would rather engage in senseless fighting. Having shootouts and fights, whenever they see each other on the street. Instead of enjoying the accoutrements of being rich. They risk their lives over trivial matters. I would rather see them throw their money away on cars and jewelry. At least no one would be dying.

What bothered me most, was an incident I saw involving a rapper called Lil' Scrappy. He had an issue at one of his shows, with police security. He totally disregarded the rules. In my opinion he should have been put in jail. He almost incited a riot, not to mention getting innocent people hurt. He exemplifies the exact attitude this wayward culture embraces. It's all about me, and no one else matters. If you don't like it, get out of the way. They call it getting crunk. Which usually ends in somebody going to jail, or getting hurt. Prior to the concert Lil Scrappy was told explicitly. He couldn't curse, and he couldn't take his shirt off. He has a history of doing these things in his shows. After first removing his shirt, after being instructed not to. He took a dive into the crowd in an act of defiance. He not only did one thing he was told not to, but he did both. Bringing the young crowd to a frenzy.

Maybe it would be violating his free speech, if it had not been at a middle school. Which is something else I disagree with. I don't like these obscene artist, performing in the schools. When these situations get out of hand. We're only reminded they shouldn't be there anyway. This blatant disrespect for authority, shouldn't be encouraged. If we bring it into the schools, we're giving it the okay. This documentary highlights, their crab mentality. Instead of devoting their time to moving ahead. They devote themselves to keeping each other down. I can only hope the objects of these stories, will see them and be ashamed.

One of the rappers says beef, is when you don't want to bump heads with a ni##a like him in the street. I would take it a step farther, and say you don't want to meet him anywhere. If this is considered acceptable behavior. Why would you want to be someone people avoided? I have no desire to run into these simple minded people anywhere. So if that's what it means, I got beef.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Why Can't I Get An Answer ?

I thought I posted this message before, I went back and it wasn't there. I've posted it again, in two different places. Here it is again :


Would the Mayor be calling Dale Gill, because he knows that's his style? He manages to pull tricks out of his hat. That in the past, have been good. For at least five thousand votes. If this were a smaller race, he might make a difference. It won't matter in the mayoral race though. Too many people are voting. Is Dale Gill aka Bill Dundee?

I Repeat, Roland Reeks

I heard Terry Roland (blue baseball cap) slide into a radio interview today. Just as quickly as he slid in, he slid out. He didn't really answer any questions. He knew where to go, to the weakest radio talkshow, in the city (Realtalk). He managed to get in and out unscathed. Instead of dealing with the issues at hand. He used the opportunity to try and politic. See how many gullible ears were listening. Based on the calls there weren't many. The only person he seemed to impress was the host. Time works against him, whether he knows it or not. It gives the voters time to think. Today he wasted time telling a devout Muslim, he could change his mind about him. It's obvious, he never listens to the show. He thinks he can do a pie in sky speech, and distract the Black voters. He has missed the chance for an upset. He has stirred up the voters, in district 29. It's for bragging rights now. Roland's just following through, to do the ultimate damage now. To bring question to all the elections, that have taken place in Shelby county. Not to mention those that will come into question in the future. Every election where certain people, don't like the outcome. Will be scrutinized to the fullest extent.

It wasn't what he said while he was there, because he didn't stay long. It was what was said after he left. A caller called in and revealed the names of four people, whom the allegations were directed toward. Randy Wade , Warren Lewis, Thaddeus Matthews, and James Robinson. Randy Wade lost a bid for sheriff, in the last sheriffs election. He has a following among the Blacks, in the sheriffs department. Warren Lewis is the owner of a barber and beauty shop, in North Memphis. His endorsement helps to give him credibility, among the Blacks. Thaddeus Matthews an ex-radio talkshow host that seems to arouse a small group himself. Lastly we get to James Robinson, and you wonder where he fits. That's where this whole thing comes together in my opinion.

When I heard about Vatricia Mckinnley, being a public housing official. I figured it to be more, than just a mere coincidence. Considering I knew some of the parties involved. I smelled something fishy. At that point I hadn't heard James Robinson's name yet. Believe me, I thought about him though. He was said to be involved with the embezzlement, of public housing funds once before. Due to the nature of her infractions, I figured they had to know each other. Wouldn't you know his name, would come up later. It came up today. He is one of the people rumored to have been paid. To help deliver the Black vote for Terry Roland.

Verline Mayo alleges that people were paid and made promises, to support Terry Roland. I believe she was telling the truth. I hate she wasn't able to accurately explain, exactly what took place. Her incompetence is being exploited, to acheive a greater goal. She and others are being used, both willing and unwillingly. When I heard James Robinson say he was one of those alleged, to have been paid. It was clear to me, this thing was set up. Birds of a feather flock together. Everyone can change, if they change their surroundings. Too many dirty birds here. There are too many curves in the mix , for this to be straight.

It's Just Infactuation

I enjoyed the talents of Jamie Foxx immensely in the movie "Ray". I saw his acting skills displayed like never before in that movie. He has the God given ability, coupled with the right roles. To become one of the finest actors of our time. He was even pretty good in the movie "Redemption". In his acclaimed portrayal of executed gangleader 'Tookie Williams'. I have always found him funny as a comedian. He can sing and play the piano too. He's an all around entertainer.

Lately he has been taking up causes that aren't good for his image. Not for everyone subject to his positions anyway. He has mass media appeal. I'm all for brothers not selling out, that doesn't mean become a militant though. It's okay to take a stand, but don't impose it on others. His fans are not only Blacks. He sells tickets across the board. Whether he recognizes it or not. The majority of 'Ray Charles' fans, are older White people. When is the last time you heard, a Ray Charles song on BET or MTV? Those same people don't listen to hip-hop music. His latest unexplored territory. He is also riding on the crest, of a hot new album "Unpredictable". Right now he can do nothing wrong artistically, but there's a business side too. That's just as much a part of entertainment as the art itself.

That's the line I think he has crossed. It's usually not a wise idea to bite the hand that feeds you. Which is what I think he did to NBC, regarding his last televised music special. He refused to have any Whites acts on the T.V. show. Which I thought was a little extreme. If a White artist had put on a televised show prohibiting other races. The Black community would have been up in arms. The station didn't promote the show. I hadn't seen any commercials advertising it. It came and went with little or no fanfare. I didn't even hear about it. I haven't heard plans for a repeat either. I guess I just missed it, I'm sure it was good.

Jamie Foxx comes across to me as hot dog, someone full of himself. He is good but he knows it. Some consider that as confidence, some consider it arrogance. In this case, I think it's the latter. He has been around Kanye West, and Will Smith too much. I think the fever is catching. High profile Blacks feel the need to speak out. To prove their loyalty to their people. In the case of Mr. Foxx. Why not prove his ethnicity, in his choice of a mate? His life partner is not Black, not a sister in other words. Don't get caught up in the moment. Say or do something, you'll regret at a later date. When deciding whether to say something or not, that's going to be covered in the media. I think they all would be wise to remember. It's just infactuation, it's not real. Beware of the people you ignore when you're climbing up the ladder of popularity. They may be the cushion on the way back down. Don't use the rope they give you, to hang yourself.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

To Whom Much Is Given

One of the most successful , if not the most women in the world. Has to still be careful what she says. Me amd someone were just talking about her influence the other day. This book club has the power to create millionaires. All it takes is an endorsement from Oprah Winfrey, to send sales through the roof. Whether the book is worth anything or not. It becomes instantly successful. Is the literary world shaped by the opininions of Ms. Winfrey. Is her stamp of approval all that's needed to qualify someone as being worth reading. Before she gives the go ahead sign on a book supposedly that's fact. She should rely more on knowledge of the subject, than trusting someone elses judgement.Her latest 'foopah' is the book " A million little pieces" by author James Frey. 'Foopah' is not a word in the dictionairy. I heard it used on television in this context, and I liked the way it sounded. The book was supposed to be a memoir, about a recovering addict. It turns out many intregal parts, of the story were made up. Some of the most chilling parts of the book, never took place. Questions had already arose concerning the books credibility. The author (James Frey) was on a episode of "Larry King Live" when Oprah made an impromptu call, to defend the authors integrity. As if she hadn't already stuck her foot in her mouth. Since she recommended it and had the author make a guest appearance on her show. Calling in speaking on his behalf, only made it worse for her. It helped draw attention to the fact that she was tricked. Now the question is being asked, does it hurt her reputation? I think her opinion carried to much weight from the start. To her it may turn out, to be a blessing in disguise. Considering so many people hang on every word she says. Maybe now she won't hold the compass, to so many other peoples thinking. She can focus more on the example that she sets herself.

Luke 12:48 But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Think He Makes Too Much

My opinion isn't racially motivated, let's get that out of the way from the start. I do all I can personally to promote racial harmony. Often to a point of it being unpopular. I found myself in agreement with known racist about this particular issue. They look at everything from a Black and White point of view. The problem is, in this case they're right. This man is the epitome of racial inequality in the city of Memphis. We say nothing about a White college basketball coach making over a million dollars a year. Yet we think paying a Black Mayor of the 17th largest city in the country $200,000 annually is too much. Not to mention that we fired the winningest coach we ever had. They didn't want to pay him $100,000 a yr. before he left. He had to file suit, to get his severance pay. Which by the way was about what Calipari earns anually. Maybe it's just me, but I have a problem with that.We are now ranked #3 in the nation, which is a big deal. I don't think it's due to his coaching, as much as it is the talent on the team. I'm not a basketball coach, but I could win with the players he has. I'm enjoying our success right now, but it's about time. We're paying Calipari to take us to the NCAA, not the NIT. Not to say that winning the NIT championship is not a prestigious accomplishment in itself. It's just not what was promised, or paid for. I remember we refused an invitation to the NIT once before. Now we're waving the NIT championship banner like it's an NCAA title.

We are investing in him in hopes of a payoff in the end. The proverbial pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow. Considering we don't want to pay for anything else in this city. Especially when it comes to investing in the future. The resume he uses is clouded with scandal. Why isn't there more of an uproar about this coaches salary? If it was Nolan Ryan, with the same statistics. My thoughts and opinions would be the same. I bet the University of Memphis and it's fans would want his head. I heard the only logical argument that could be made on his behalf. His so-called connections in the NBA have served him well in his college career. He's a public relations dynamo, if that's what you want. My argument is about his coaching ability not his media appeal. Someone called him a snake oil salesman, that's a pretty good description. It just reveals the psyche locally, as well as nationally. Obviously his appeal is widespread. He has convinced the country that he's a great coach. He has managed to do this without winning the big games. The best teams don't always get the most exposure. It appears we want a movie star instead of a winner. Right now they're one in the same. When it's all said and done. I think we're paying him too much.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Collateral Damage, Or Are They ?

Ms. Verline Mayo poll supervisor at precint 27-1, and Ms. Vatricia Mckinney poll worker at same location. These two ladies are at the center of the voter fraud scandal, in district 29 state senate race. Ms. Mayo is the supervisor at the precint location, where some of the infractions took place. Ms. Mckinney is saying that she infomed Ms. Mayo ahead of time. That she would be unable to work that day. Ms. Mayo is saying she was unaware of the fact, that Ms. Mckinney wasn't supposed to be there. Until the poll opened that day, and Ms. Mckinney's sister(Ms. Mary McClatcher) showed up to work. In both cases they both commited violations. One doesn't excuse the other. Unfortunately when the dust clears everyone ought to be in trouble.

As I stated earlier, I think Ms. Mckinney was doing business as usual. Circumstances put the spotlight on unwritten policy. It's just understood that everybody does it, all the time. She just picked the wrong time. Not because she didn't come to work that day. Or she sent her sister in her place. She violated when she cashed the check. She was double dipping at that. She was on a taxpayer funded, public housing resident official leadership retreat. At the time she was absent from poll. All that crying doesn't hide the fact, that you were milking the system. I bet she's probably somebody's cousin.

Ms. Verline Mayo made comments today, after repeatedly refusing to have anything to say.There wasn't really much she could say though. That would help or salvage her position. Anything she says is going to be wrong. Once you've obviously screwed up. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't. All you can do is ride the storm out. See what's going to happen in the end. Something she said, it made me wonder though. If she could be part, of a bigger picture. It's possible someone got to her. I mean what can they really do to her ? To suggest we need another election, because you didn't do your job. That's awfully big of her. I liked it better when she remained quiet.

Regardless of their involvement, it wasn't their idea. I'm not even sure they know what has really happened. This raises questions, pertaining to all the elections in the past. It cast doubt on those yet to take place. Nobody has misplaced or miscounted thousands of votes. Those people now have challenges too. Foolish though they may be, we have to entertain them also. Even people that lost by landslides, have legitimate cases now. What's in question here, is the integrity of the process. Based on the present political enviroment, if you keep digging. There's no telling who, or what it might uncover.

We're Not Outnumbered

I posted an article about the beatings earlier. I was hoping the public wouldn't be so callous, not to identify the attackers. I was pleasantly surprised. Here is an account, of what took place after the video aired. The things people do sometimes make you wonder. I would consider this proof. Those of who are decent, we're not outnumbered.

Two witnesses saw the brutal slaying of a homeless man in a Fort Lauderdale park, an arrest report released Sunday reveals.

The two watched as Brian Hooks and Thomas Daugherty walked up to Norris Gaynor on Thursday morning, baseball bats in hand, according to Fort Lauderdale police. Moments later, the witnesses saw Daugherty smash his bat into Gaynor's chest and head, the report says, leaving him unconscious and dying on the bench he chose as his bed.

Police would not identify the witnesses or say how they happened at the scene, or what motivated the attackers. One victim of Thursday's predawn spree that left two homeless men hospitalized and one dead said he saw a third man running away with the attackers. Police have said a fourth man might have been involved.

Hooks and Daugherty, who live eight blocks apart in Plantation Isles, surrendered separately Sunday after driving back from out of state, said Capt. Michael Gregory, head of detectives for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Hooks' attorney said his client's involvement was limited. A woman at the home of Daugherty's mother in Tennessee declined to comment.

Hooks, 18, was held in the Broward County Jail, and Daugherty, 17, in the Juvenile Assessment Center on detectives' allegations of murder and aggravated battery.

The murder allegation means they will be held without bail unless a judge decides otherwise at a hearing expected today. Prosecutors still must consider charges.

Meanwhile, detectives will widen their investigation to include other recent attacks on the homeless in Fort Lauderdale, Gregory said.

The trail leading to the arrests began with a surveillance videotape of the first beating, Gregory said. The tape was released to the news media about noon Thursday, eight hours after the last attack. Ten hours later, people posting messages on a local racing Web site's forum listed Daugherty's name as one of the suspects. Police monitored the Web site for other clues.

Meanwhile, tips poured in from students, parents and neighbors of the teens -- more than 100 of them, Gregory said.

Within 48 hours of the attacks, investigators found the two witnesses who signed statements describing the fatal attack on Gaynor, according to the arrest report on Hooks.

Sometime Friday, detectives contacted the suspects' families, who disclosed the teens had left the state, Gregory said. One teen had relatives in Tennessee, the other in Indiana. Police negotiated with the families, their attorneys and the teens themselves to surrender.

Investigators announced Saturday afternoon that the arrests were "imminent," but Hooks and Daugherty didn't appear that day.

That evening, police searched both teens' homes and a police officer was seen carrying a baseball bat from Hooks' house. Police would not discuss what was found in the homes.

The teens returned to Broward County Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Hooks surrendered about 9:30 a.m. Sunday, said his attorney, Jeremy Kroll.

"We believe the current charges do not appropriately reflect Brian's responsibility and that, when all the facts come to light, it will be evident that Brian's involvement is far more limited than has been speculated," Kroll said.

He said he could not discuss Hooks' background or where he had been. Kroll said the family had no comment at this time.

Daugherty surrendered about noon, Gregory said.

A woman who answered the phone at the Sparta, Tenn., home listed for Daugherty's mother Sunday afternoon said, "No comment, please," and then hung up.

Both teens' actions and demeanor on Sunday were "what you would expect of an everyday teen," the detective supervisor said.

"They were quiet and then invoked their right to not speak," Gregory said. "They were polite and cooperative throughout the booking process."

The crimes they are accused or suspected of made headlines and news broadcasts from New York to Halifax to France.

At Sunday night's Billy Joel concert, the singer said he had read about the beatings. He said he had once been homeless himself and that if he had been attacked when he was on the streets, he might not be performing before a huge crowd at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise.

The first attack was the beating of Jacques Pierre, 58, at 1:20 a.m. on the Florida Atlantic University and Broward Community College downtown Fort Lauderdale campus. A security camera caught two teens chasing and beating Pierre near where he usually slept.

The second victim, Norris Gaynor, 45, was ambushed on a bench in the Riverwalk park near the Esplanade Pavilion. A friend found his unconscious and bleeding body and called 911. Gaynor died about three hours later at a hospital.

The two witnesses watched as Daugherty and Hooks, armed with baseball bats, confronted Gaynor, the arrest report stated. Daugherty beat Gaynor about the head and chest "while Hooks stood by," it says. The witnesses told police they didn't see Hooks deliver any blows to Gaynor.

The teens are being called only suspects in the third beating, the 4 a.m. attack in the Church by the Sea memorial garden near the 17th Street Causeway. Raymond Perez, 49, was trying to sleep when a blow from a bat woke him up. He crawled to the road and flagged down an ambulance.

Both survivors are recovering at Broward General Medical Center from head wounds and fractures..

Scott Russell, a part-time Fort Lauderdale police officer who works with the homeless, said he hoped something positive could come from the publicity.

"If anything good can come from this, exposure would be it," Russell said.

The arrests cheered homeless advocates, but didn't assuage their long-term fears, said Sean Cononie, director of the nonprofit Cosac Foundation that shelters the homeless in Hollywood.

"Some are wondering if, like there was Columbine and then there were eight other cases, will this give other kids the same idea?"

Saturday, January 21, 2006

You Reap What You Sow

It doesn't pay to do wrong, it will follow you. What an unfortunate time to have something like this, come back up to haunt you. When the world is watching you. When I heard the harmonic voices of twin brothers Terrell and Derrell Brittenum, monday night. I thought to myself, these guys are on their way. Only to later hear about their troubles with the law. I liked them the best at first, now I've changed my mind. They seemed to have started a trend that night. The most talented performers, came in pairs. I like the younger twins, that sang that night too. Paula seemed to like them better anyway. I thought they lacked the seasoning these brothers would have. They were only sixteen years old. That's my opinion America could see it differently. My opinion has differed from the publics before. I was surprised when Fantasia won, year before last. I thought America would hold her single motherhood against her, they obviously didn't. I'm still not sure, she should have won though. But I respect the fact, that she did. I think she used up the benefit of the doubt with America. I hope these guys are found innocent, but I doubt they will. I think we should change the name of the show to maybe "Unrealized Talent". All these exceptionally talented people, seem to have gambled with their God given gifts and lost.

69,950 Signatures To Go

I applaud anyone for exercising their right to free speech. The people that support the recall, are imposing with theirs though. It seems a lot of people are selling wolf tickets over the airwaves. Writing checks they can't possibly cash. Speaking of checks, I'm glad the people that showed up did. Those most outspoken wouldn't have raised the money, to pay for the meeting place. I don't blame the organizer for not footing the entire bill. Make those that agree with you, put their money where their mouth is.

I find it strange no one else, is taking credit for this recall openly. The longer they hide their identity, the more it damages their credibility. I don't trust them as it is, obviously a lot of other citizens don't either. Those who attended the meeting are optimistic. I wonder what percentage of the community do they make up? Everybodies opinion matters not just the opposing view.

The Field Is Growing

Eleven people so far have pulled petitions to run for the 9th Congressional District seat being vacated by U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr., D-Tenn., and a 12th, state Sen. Steve Cohen, said Tuesday he's mulling a candidacy.
At least four others have also expressed interest in the race.

Also Tuesday, Republican security guard John Farmer, who initially declared to run in the District 9 race, will instead run in District 8, the seat held by nine-term incumbent Democrat John Tanner. The 8th includes Millington.
And unlike 2004, when Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn ran unopposed in the primary and general elections, Southwind Middle School social studies teacher Bill Morrison, 34, will make the 7th District race competitive as a Democrat. The 7th includes parts of eastern Shelby County. "I don't think the people up there are representing us anymore," Morrison said.
Cohen, 56, said Tuesday he is considering running on the policy issues he has long advocated. "I'm on a listening tour. I don't have a timetable. I'm not leaning in either direction. I'm studying a lot of issues both here and there."
The deadline to file the petitions is noon on April 6.
Cohen ran for the 9th in 1996 but lost to Ford Jr. in the Democratic primary, Ford Jr.'s first race. Cohen got 34 percent of the primary vote to Ford's 60 percent and four minor candidates split the rest.
Because Cohen is in the middle of a four-year state Senate term, he would not have to give up the statehouse seat to run for Congress and he said constituents are urging him to make the race.
He said he would run on the "same issues I've always espoused up here: concern for working people, concern for the Bill of Rights, concern for peace, for bringing people home from Iraq and spending the money on issues here at home. It's pretty clear: I'm a national Democrat."
Other potential Democratic candidates who have expressed interest but had not pulled petitions by late Tuesday are Laura Davis, Tyson Pratcher, Ron Redwing and Edward L. Stanton III.
Davis, 54, is an independent contractor; Pratcher, 30, is a lawyer and a Hillary Rodham Clinton Senate staffer; Redwing, 39, is the Memphis Center City Development Corporation chairman; and Stanton, 33, is a FedEx attorney and former assistant city attorney.
Farmer announced his decision to switch races on Tuesday, days after Mark White, 55, second vice chair of the Shelby County Republican Party and co-owner of Grand Events and Party Rentals, declared for the 9th.
Farmer, 51, who lives in Memphis but would move to Martin if elected, said he has nothing against Tanner, but thinks he's gotten too liberal and it's time for him to retire. Farmer says "backing up the President" on terrorism, economic development, opposing same-sex marriage and protecting the flag are his main campaign issues.

Caught Up In The Mix

I think this lady ( Ms. Vatricia Mckinney) has gotten caught up, in the middle of something she knows absolutely nothing about. It was business as usual to her, someone else just jumped on a moving train. She dosen't have the power or sophistication to put together something like this. How is it possible that someone, could be on a taxpayer funded retreat. And not think that they had to report the trip. Either the rules had to be slack. Or the offender had to be dense. I can't totally discount the ignorance of people who commit crimes. Sometimes it amazes me how blatant and bold lawbreakers are.

This lady wouldn't have did what she did , if it wasn't common practice. How did the sister (Ms. Mary Mclatcher) come in and just start to work without training. She had done it , or at least seen it done before. Let's be honest here, you don't get the best qualified. When the job is semi-annual at best. We never think about the election commission , until there is a dispute. I have went to the polls and seen the incompetence. I'm not surprised, that stuff like this is happening. We have developed an attitude of entitlement , that premeates public service in this town. One thing I noticed is, this lady is totally dependent on city gratuities. She lives in Public housing, she is a resident official. She works for the election commission, and probably something else.

I'm not defending her,because Ms. Mckinney was wrong. Whatever the penalty for her actions. I think it should be applied liberally. When it comes to the law, ignorance is not an excuse. Though that might be the case, they still have to pay.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Does It Really Matter ?

The question always comes up, whether Jesus is Black or White. The question that immediately follows, in my mind. Does it even matter? The gospel of Jesus Christ, is open to everyone. The images you see of old, on your grandmothers walls, no longer exist. A new movie is making it's premeire at the "Sundance film festival". A movie about a Black African revolutionary Jesus, titled "Son of Man". The films director Mark Donford-May, doesn't believe Jesus was the son of God. He thinks Jesus was a militant who spoke out against the occupation of Israel by Rome. During a time when it was very unpopular. He was subdued and killed. I don't see how he can accurately depict the life of Jesus, leaving that very important aspect out. They aren't calling this fiction, but that doesn't seem to matter. Weak minds take a morsel of truth and run.

I think everyone would like to view the saviour as being like them. Why not forget about color, and accept the message. Anyone who has studied the ministry of Jesus. Is accutely aware, that he was the catylyst for change. He broke down barrier, after barrier. In his attempt to extend salvation to all. That is why they crucified him. It bothers me the ease with which people are allowed, to create questions and have them seen as legitimate. There will be those who spend more time and effort, investigating this concept. Than they will the true story of Jesus Christ. There are programs on the television daily, about the "Davinci Code". The book questioning the bible, and it's King James translation. It contends Jesus had an intimate relationship with Mary Magdalene. Did it take two thousand years, for that to come to the light. The book was published only six years ago. It already has over 3 million followers. Those who subscribe to it's doctrine. Over that which has been in existence, for over two thousand years.There seem to be uncountless numbers of people, ready to believe anything new. As opposed to that which is tried and true.

I think everyone should be allowed to express their ideas as long as it doesn't harm others. Some would argue a difference of opinion on religion, doesn't constitute harm. That's another story though. Even so I think we should require intellectual integrity. If something is purely entertainment, or a figment of someones imagination. We should present it as such. Don't even give the impression, that it could be true. Let's hope this idea doesn't catch on like wildfire. Instead let's hope it inspires people to really get interested. Then the question will become. Does it even matter?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Do What You Have To

If Antonio Davis was earnestly doing what he thought, was protecting his wife. The suspension is just a price, he will have to pay. I don't blame Stu Jackson and the NBA, for doing what they did either. The bottom line is, the players don't go into the stand. If his wife was being attacked, it was his duty to come to her rescue. If she was mouthing off as rumored, it'll cost him for her behavior. The truth will come out before it's over with. In both cases they did what they should have done. I am very happy Antonio Davis, didn't blow it out of proportion. Right or wrong, it was handled by both sides with dignity.

What's Going On, With The Pyramid ?

I heard representative Steve Cohen say something I didn't expect to hear from him. He said all this attention being paid to the Ophelia Ford fiasco. Is distracting attention from more important issues. I think he was looking for feedback myself, to see what the community is feeling. True to form the majority missed what he said. I haven't seen a public reaction to this point. Since he is spearheading the drive to place "Pro Bass International", in as the Pyramid's new resident. Is that solution beneficial to the citizens of Memphis? I think it serves a special interest group. Undoubtedly one with Steve Cohen ties.

I don't support anything that doesn't take the Pyramid off the city's hand completely. I think we should have held the University Of Memphis, to their lease. They're having a pretty good year, but it's about time. I think we're paying Calipari too much, but that's another story. We don't need to subsidize another private venture. Like we have in the past. We made some mistakes in our efforts to acquire the Grizzlies. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. While our political plate is running over, let's not forget about the Pyramid.

Here Comes The Judge

I'm neutral in this District 29 senate race. I think Ms. Ford, should have never been the winner to begin with. My opinions are those, of an objective observer. I don't live in the district, so I can't vote. As usual the troublemakers have ran into another snag. I say troublemakers, not because they're speaking out. It's the manner in which they're carrying it out. I don't want them, to just up and give the seat to Terry Roland either. That wouldn't be fair. I get the impression they aren't really concerned with what's best for all. Only what makes them a winner. As this saga continues, real personalities come out. They tell you it's about a fair election, when it's really all about them winning. Even if they have to cheat.

Judge Bernice Donald, has done the only thing possible. You can't rule on a case, without looking at both sides. She didn't pursue the case. It was brought to her. The Judge is in a precarious position. Largely based on questionable decisions, she has made of late. I think the "Madison trial" was an example of "judicial priviledge". That particular case, has nothing to do with this one though. In this case, doing her job only makes her look bad. She's a powerful woman ,that has a powerful position. This thing is going to create a lot of casualties, or collateral damage. Unfortunately for the Roland camp, she knows the Fords.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

All We Really Know Is, They Voted


I have said from the beginning, that this voter fraud thing was fishy. All we have proved, is the dead people voted for someone. Who did they vote for? They could have just as easily, voted for Terry Roland. Every one that has been questioned, was brought up by the Roland camp. It appears they have invested more time, investigatng these paticular irregularities. They know they are there, because they planted them. I wrote an article on Dec. 13, "I think the violations were planted". Maybe we should be taking votes away, from Mr. Roland. Instead of thirteen, mabe it should be twenty-six. We are undercutting the significance of the voter. If we don't like the results, let the officials overide them. If you're happy now, enjoy it while you can. What goes around, comes around.

Where Are They Now ?

It's amazing to watch the two-faces of the American public. It's always best to say and do, the right thing in the beginning. You never know when, it will come back in your face. Instead of Ray Nagin coming clean with the people, from the start. He blamed the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, on the Bush administration. In his frusration he played the race card. In an attempt to be looked upon as a fighter for the people. He has made some untimely statements, he can't prove. When he later calms down, he wishes he had kept it to himself. It seems like everything he says, he ends up apologizing. It would be better, to just be slow to speak.

I would have more respect for him, if he just admitted the truth. This was the first of it's kind. There wasn't a model, to follow. He had took this gamble before, just never lost. New Orleans was a city, barely getting over. They weren't going to spend the money needed to evacuate, if it wasn't necessary. What Ray Nagin is doing is sitting straddle of the fence. The writings on the wall. The city of New Orleans is moving full speed ahead. Most of them that are gone, won't be back anymore. Mayor Nagin has started to wonder. Where are my supporters now?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why I Don't Support The Recall

People in support of the recall of the mayor. Seem to think they have exclusive rights, to public opinion. I have just as much right to speak up for my opinions. As they do, to speak up for theirs. Since they don't have a legitimate argument. They choose to shout and label, the opposing view. How can you call someone uninformed, when you don't have any facts. To debate with someone that agrees with you. Doesn't require much proof. Those that are just jumping on the bandwagon can't answer any questions. No one has told them yet.

If you want to replace the mayor. Why not do it at the polls, the correct way? You hear the empty wagons squeaking, they make the most noise. I have yet to hear a plan that deals with the unlikely event of the mayor being recalled. This is by all means, a major endeavor in all respects. The organizers of the recall, haven't looked that far ahead. I bet the silent partners have, believe me there are some. Even if the empty wagons don't know. They just want to do something, even if it's wrong. The problem with things like this is, once it happens. The damage is already done.

Briefly let's look at what we do know. We don't have anyone in place to step in the mayors place. We can safely assume the president of the city council, will take over for twenty days. Which would be Tajuaun Stout Mitchell, one of the mayors supporters. If they don't select a replacement to take over, the mayors chief executive officer Keith McGee will take his place until the next general election. Nowhere in that sequence, do I see anybody rocking the boat. These are the same people in position during, the accumulation of this debt. When you talk about the mayor, you criticize them as well. To even imply that you could do something in such a short span of time. Would simply be outright lying. In the gentlemans agreement they didn't lie about it, they just didn't bring it up. That's why certain people want to tamper with the city charter. The charter is written so the unlevel heads of a few, won't be able to create chaos for the many. I saw this type of politics in action, in the Shelby County Democratic Party. A few discontented members, joined forces with some newcomers. They got some misguided protestors elected as delegates. They removed the largest fundraiser, the party has ever had. They were successful but so what. It didn't accomplish anything.

I appreciate the diversity of all the ideas. People should have the right to make their opinions known. If someone doesn't agree, you can't force them. You go back and alter your strategy, come up with something better. This wild west mentality doesn't work. You can't make others, go along with your plans. Insist they disregard their concerns. Regardless of what they think. If you want their support , you have to convince them otherwise. When we make decisions driven by emotion, we usually make the wrong one. I think emotion is the driving force, behind this recall of the mayor.

Aretha Franklin Sings @ Luther Vandross Funeral

Monday, January 16, 2006

You Don't Have A Clue

The question is often asked. If Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today, what would he say about the progress of his dream? The first thing he would probably say is, "that's not the name of the speech". The title was "A check for insufficient funds". That might help explain the reason the vision, has been misinterpreted. If we knew what Dr. King had to say, about the state of civil rights almost forty years later. You might be surprised to hear what he would say.

A lot of people claiming the covering of the legacy, their actions would leave them out. Those who think it was about aggression, have it all wrong. His answer to violence, wasn't to strike back. He didn't advocate the tactic, by any means necessasary. The movement he championed, was one of non-violence. He had the insight to see the bigger picture. The minority can't force the majority, to do anything. You can't fight fire, with fire. Especially when you only have a spark, going up against a blaze. The smaller one will be extinguished. The offendors usually outnumber the offended. If not in number, in influence and power. Having the ability to with-hold something, from those who are less fortunate. Ultimately causing people that are supposed to be united, to end up going against one another.

The civil rights movement wasn't mobilized to make Blacks separate citizens either. Instead it's purpose was to make all people inclusive. To give everyone equal oppotunities under the law. It brings to mind the lyric from a James Browm tune. "I don't want nobody to give me nothing, open the door I'll get it myself". Somehow that principle seems to have gotten overlooked. Some people think this is, a "get out of jail free card". The fact that your foreparents endured the hardships of American slavery. Doesn't excuse you from personal responsibility now. The country has done much, to serve the underpriviledged population. We do more for others, than they do for themselves. Poor people in America that have nothing, have the nerve to be picky. Look at some of the evacuees from New Orleans.

Race was not the primary focus either. Dr. King was a Black man, and Blacks benefitted the most from his cause. The ideal wasn't race specific. It applied to Asians,Blacks, Hispanics and Whites. It was to anyone who was mistreating another human being, based on them being different. It was on behalf of anyone, that was being mistreated because they were different. In his speech he said," It's not a day for a Black man, it's not a day for a White man either". "It's a day for a man". I don't know how anyone can listen to his speeches, and come away with racist thinking. It doesn't matter what color you are. If you seek an advantage for those like you, to a point of being unfair. You would be considered a racist.

The issue of reparations, have somehow been attached to the civil rights struggle. Nobody alive today has ever been a slave, or even known a slave personally. Do we pay the Chinese, and Irish people too? Many of them ended up in America, under adverse conditions also. If we pay reparations to all the people that were affected by slavery. The list certainly won't end with Blacks. To assume your family members before you, were denied the opportunity to go in business. Who is to say they would've left anything behind anyway? That would indicate they didn't think like you do now. In 2006 if you are employed by someone else. What happened to the entrepeneurial spirit in you? The pioneers of the civil rights movement weren't in search of a hand-out. If they were to give you the money now, and you didn't put it to good use. What do they do for your children? Twenty years from now, they would be complaining too. Are we willing to suspend all the measures put in place, for the sake of having it now.

According to some of the comments I heard people make. The benefactors of the message, have totally missed the mark. I watched an episode of "Boondocks" I found both funny and on point. The world then was totally different, than the world is now. Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't faced, with many of the issues we are today. Many of the things we have done as a result of his efforts. Would probably embarrass him, to say the least. Unless he did a 180 degree turn, he wouldn't go along with the dream being exploited. Often the purpose is distorted to fit special interest agendas. If you are one of those, that don't think the dream has been realized. You don't have a clue.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Lighter Side


Saturday, January 14, 2006

No Regards For Human Life

Is this what the world is coming to? This was senseless violence,of one human on another. With no evident reason for doing what they did. It wasn't for revenge, or material gain. The victims were homeless, and probably didn't even know their attackers. Those who perpetuated the crime had no idea they would end up on camera. It wasn't a crime of aggression, they attacked the victims in their sleep. They were running even with bats in their hands. I bet they're somewhere shaking in their boots, so scared they can't sleep. What I believe, was a cruel heartless joke. Ending up taking someones life, and seriously injuring two others. My gut feeeling tells me, these are going to be. Some out of control, well to do teenagers. With a history of little infractions, in the past. That their parents paid off. All speculations aside, we do know this. We live in a society where people are violent just for fun. These predators beat someone to death for no reason, while they were sleeping. I know people are going to say it's racial, but I don't think it was. I think this has more to do with what's considered class, than the victims race. The fact that the victims were homeless. Leads me to believe the attackers considered them expendable. I hope when they catch these criminals they will punish them accordingly. Not just give them a slap on the hand. This is like one of those video games, except the characters are real people.

When Will It Change ?

The question often comes up among Blacks. "When will things change"? I have somewhat of a generic answer, as a solution. When we wake up and smell the coffee, and stop blaming others for our problems. Listening to some of the peoples complaints, it sounds like nothing has changed in the past 50 years. We don't have the same problems in 2005, that we had in 1955. Until we become realistic in our expectations. We're just spinning our wheels.

Look at the Jewish people. While Blacks were jockeying for there seat on the bus. The Jews were being lined up, stripped and shot in the head. Pushed into mass graves, something we now call the "Holocaust". Only to come to America, and all pull together. Within the last 50 yrs., look where they are now. When was the last time you saw the Jews marching for civil rights? Not that theirs haven't been violated. You move into their communities, and offend them. They stop spending their money, and boycott you. They don't talk about it, they are about it.

When certain people stop using the arguments they used in yesteryear. To gain access to the lunch counters, and get front seats on the buses. Blacks will not be considered a force, to be reckoned with. The lack of jobs, has more to do with a lack of education. Than a lack of opportunity. We live in an ever changing economy. These days it's unlikely, that a worker will spend their entire career in one place. It's not the administrations fault, jobs won't locate here. You can't attract major industry, when a large part of the workforce is illiterate. The day of people having huge payroll checks that they are unable to sign is over. The letter X is no longer acceptable as a signature. Those were the good old days. They are over now. We here in the city of Memphis, must get over Firestone and International Harvester plants. We should be focused on the new jobs being provided. In the new $4 billion bio-medical complex, being built in the former Baptist Hospital site. Instead of being down the street staging protest rallies, in Nathan Bedford Forest park.

Any crime situation we have in Memphis is largely a result, of black on black crime. All the white collar crimes, we go along with them willingly. Usually in our pursuit of equality, or what we consider fair. Using shortsighted form of book-keeping, robbing Peter to pay Paul. Like when we pay too much for houses and cars, we can't really afford. We pay ridiculous interest rates, to make up for bad credit. That or filing bankruptcy, to avoid paying your bills. Without thinking, in the process making the attorneys rich. Until we stop trying to make excuses, to overlook wrongdoing. Stop trying to articulate immorality, and make it a racial thing. It will never change. Just because someone lets you have it, doesn't mean it's something you can afford. We want everything right now. We want to come on the job the first day, being the boss. Instead of working your way up the ladder, putting in your time. Once getting up, you have your people trying to pull you down. From a level not easily attained, without a doubt. Instead of letting your blessing, open the door for someone else like yourself. Once we get there, we try to close the door to everyone else. We haven't realized yet, there's plenty of room at the top.I don't know the makeup of the readers of this post. I presume they are mostly Christian, with that being the dominant religion. What I suggest will work for anyone, that wants what's best for all. My answer is mainly to them, that claim to be Christian though. If they truly believe, they should understand. If they understand they will see the truth. If we don't come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ our lord and saviour. Just like the Israelites were, we will be lost a very long time.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Can This Many People Be Wrong ?

*** No its not the carpet,....these are actually people in Ruku Position (bowing to Allah)

"Nowhere in the world you will see millions of people praying like this day and night, five times a day.."

~This place is not dead like "Vatican city" in Italy, which is suppose to be the center of Christanity

~This is the center of Islam, only complete and Alive religion of Allah the Only God.

Q. Can you show me people of any other religion who have faith stronger than Muslims?

Q. Can you show me any other religion whose people pray so vigorously and faithfully?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

He Might Pull It Off


I have been watching "state senator Steve Cohen", and his actions of late. He supplied me with a new term I like, "National Democrat". If nothing else, it's an honest declaration. To me it simply means a Democrat willing to scratch your back, if you scratch his. His specialty is his legislative prowness, and his ability to push certain projects and have them pass. He is credited with being the king, of the Tennessee lottery. He has made a career, out of pushing for legalizing the lottery. He is very receptive to his constituents that's for sure. The problem is determining who they are.

His latest outburst on the senate floor, I think was hypocritical. How can he challenge anything as being incorrect, based on religion. He is an Orthodox Jew, that built a career around legalizing gambling. This issue was ironically brought up, after he got his lottery passed. I'm sure he has sat through many prayers, in his time serving in the senate. Does he suddenly feel convicted? I wonder how many Jewish people play the lottery? I bet they are the recipients, of some of the college scholarships though. I think his objection was politically motivated. Liberals like to see a show.

Which brings me to my final point. He is the only candidate, to mount a serious campaign challenge. Against Congressman Harold Ford Jr., since he took the seat. Now that is definite that Harold Ford Jr. is stepping down. Steve Cohen has announced that he is a candidate, for the District 9 Congressional seat. The Democratic field is packed. There are at least seven other candidates that will have their own base. I won't try and list them all, it would take too long. They all have already pulled filing petitions. The thing about it is, the others will be battling for the same group. The Democratic Black vote. Leaving Mr. Cohen a niche of his own. Steve Cohen has crossover appeal. He is White and a Democrat, a perfect combination for this race. Not just color, but party as well. He may just have enough connections, to pull this thing off.

He Is Just Literal, In His Interpretation

Pat Robertson is always saying something unpopular, that rubs everybody the wrong way. His latest comments regarding the "Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon", have had considerable backlash. Mr. Robertson in my opinion, often only says what many other believers think. Either you believe in the written word , or you don't. Everything he says, he has scripture to support his statement. It's always simply a matter of ones interpretation. His latest comment is based solely on prophecy, laid out in the holy bible. Like it or not, Sharon has made a political decision contrary to the will of God. Whether or not that stroke was Gods punishment, we don't know. We don't know, that it wasn't either. We know it's not Gods will though.I often hear this statement, from people who call themselves believers. This is something a true believer should never say. A popular thing to say is "We can't put God in everything". That statement couldn't be farther from the truth. What should we do to demonstrate our faith? Why wouldn't we include him in all our decisions, being that we believe he created everything? We look to God for the good things, the miracles and blessings. We want to leave him out, when we want to do bad. We want to set him aside, while we deal with our temporal issues. God is not one we can hide, when it's convenient. When the truth is uncomfortable, or we think we have a shortcut. We don't speak out against people, suggesting we take a break or chill out. To each his own, as long as it doesn't bother me or mine. Why are we so vocal against those, that choose to protect or speak out? Since we have one, thank God we have the other. There would only be the left, we wouldn't know what's right. Pat Robertson just represemts the otherwise quiet side.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Marion Barry, Has Fallen Again


It was only a couple of weeks ago that Marion Barry, was reporting he was robbed. He is the former four term mayor of Washington D.C., and present city councilman. He also is a Graduate of Lemoyen Owen college, here in the city of Memphis. He is truly a rag, to riches story. After he was caught on tape, smoking crack in a hotel room. He was reelected as mayor again. In spite of his drug troubles. He's on probation for not filing taxes in the last six years. He could easily be locked up, if it wasn't for a plea agreement. He is allowed to hold office because of a provision in the city charter. Like the one they're trying to modify here. He has been the main character, of every kind of fairy tale, you can imagine. How many chances do you think he is entitled?

This drug thing is tough. It has taken down the best of them. This guy isn't stupid, he's just weak. I have seen and known some good men to succumb, to this addiction. Once you get that monkey on your back, it's hard to shake it off. Most people shake it for awhile, only to have it come back later. When I look at the brothers that have lost good jobs, and good women I shutter. Marion Barry even gambled the trust of his people. In his own right he was a civil rights leader. This drug must be awfully powerful. If a man would choose a rock over a woman, something is wrong with that.

I don't think there is such a thing, as a functioning crack addicts. Like we have functioning alcoholics. They have a tendancy to loose all self control. They might do anything to try and get the drug. It makes me wonder about Barrys claim of being robbed. It sounds fishy, but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I wish anyone well who is trying to overcome their addiction. I don't want them holding public office though. That's too much power. Just keeping themselves together, that's a full time job.

Mayor Addresses Kiwanis Club


The memphis mayor W.W. Herenton, has taken the time to address every segment of the community. He didn't have his annual state of the city address for everyone, he addressed them separately. I feel considering the political climate, this was probably the best thing. Meeting the opposition, in their own setting. Rather than have them disrupt an organized meeting, with irrelevant questions.

He had a meeting for the city as a whole. Where he took responsibility for the surplus situation, which is all he could really do. The financial shape of the city, didn't happen over night. He was the first to admit to this infamous "gentlemans agreement". With the former city council, about not revealing the need for raising taxes. For a councilman to come out after the fact, is without merit. Councilwoman Carol Chumney may not be guilty of being involved with this, but she can't accomplish anything by herself. She has the easiest district in the city. You don't hear the people from East Memphis, complaining about anything. The east part of the city is relatively clean and safe. Considering the size and budget, this city isn't in that bad of a shape. There are shortfalls all over the country, not just in Memphis. I think overall the speech was well accepted. He didn't take questions from the media.

The next day he talked to the media and the naysayers together. Sometimes they sound like, one in the same. He accused the media of not being fair and subjective. In all honesty, I think he was right. Race isn't the main issue here, but it plays a part. I noticed Jackson Baker, was quiet as a church mouse. I hope his readers paid attention to that. I don't blame him, he's playing it safe. He is a writer and his job is to sell newspapers. I understand where he's coming from. I just found it interesting that he was the first, to get behind the administrator (Thaddeus Matthews)of the recall. Who the mayor called a "societal misfit". By promoting his blog in his newspaper. Knowing full well, what its content was. The mayor talked about the charter commission, with which I disagree. He said he had no problem with it, as long as the citizens approve. I think he knows it won't amount to much. It's not worth the effort required to fight. I heard the mayor make some concessions in his speech. He might come across as being arrogant, but it may just be his confidence.

His latest speech is to the Kiwanis Club. Some of the movers and shakers, of the Memphis community. The business owners and professionals, a significant part of the tax base. Many of which, for the most part. Opponents of the Mayor, don't even recognize their names. I wonder what they think? They have basically remained quiet, in the midst of our financial woes. Outside the Belzs, Hydes, Smiths and Turleys. Listening to some people, you would think Memphis is divided in quarters. You can't have a discussion without their names coming up repeatedly. Those four people encompass the solution, to all this citys problems. Some people are so tunneled in their vision, they don't look at anything around them. If he only addressed the views of part of the citizens. He could only look to part of the citizens, to pay for everything.

The mayor has said there will have to be some cuts. In the fire and Police departments. We don't want to cut any services, but we don't want to pay more taxes. How can you get anything out, if you don't put anything in. As he has said from the beginning, in spite of what some people heard. His actions have proved repeatedly. He is a Mayor for all the people.

We Need To Stop

A habit we need to stop,both men and women. Is dropping the issue, when it is proven we don't know what we're talking about. Let's stop being so narrow minded, in our pursuit of knowledge. We disregard, what we don't already know. It should be about having it right, as opposed to being right yourself. Many times in my daily interactions, I have seen people try to bury and issue. Simply because they were proven wrong. Unfortunately much to often with success. I think this is something we as Americans need to stop, it has become standard practice. Only to evaluate what is directly in front of us, don't dare ask a question. We need to come to a general consensus, a meeting of the minds so to speak. That doesn't mean go along to get along, or let sleeping dogs lie. Let all the righteous people join hands, and get to the bottom of something. If there ever was a time, to get something right. The time is now, I would think. The knowledge of a few ,end up shaping the opinions of many. What's important to me, may not be important to you. I think it's important whether it's your personal gripe or not. We should still search for the truth, whether we agree or not. Does this paradigmatic behavior matter to you?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Who Is Calling Themselves Bill Dundee ?

Who Is Calling Themselves Bill Dundee ?
I have been keeping up with the progress of the recall petition. We know who half of the duo is, the other is staying anonymous. Calling themselves Bill Dundee for some reason. The only Bill Dundee I know, would be the local wrestler. Using this name could have something to do with the audience they're trying to attract. Only a hardcore wrestling fan would consult Bill Dundee for political advice. Voters like the ones who voted for Jerry Lawler, in the last mayoral election.If this thing is successful we won't have to wonder who Bill Dundee is. He'll be more than happy to come into the limelight. I think he's staying in the background, waiting to see how it turns out. If this thing turns out to be a travesty or a joke, they'll remain Bill Dundee. If it is a roaring success, they'll come to the forefront. Ready to take the credit for such a marvelous idea. I can't blame them, for testing the waters. If we allow it, why not. George Flynn was the first one to try it on the radio. With the Jennings Bernard and Thaddeus Matthews tagteam on WTCK 1210. Look where Mr. Flynn is now. He woke up and smelled the coffee. He quit beating a dead horse. Now he's on the county commission.I think Bill Dundee is Jackson Baker. The writer for the "Memphis Flyer". In my humble opinion. He is one of the more accurate, of the local political pundits. I first became suspicious when Mr. Baker endorsed the "Thaddeus Matthews blog" in the"Memphis Flyer". In the past I have known them to be a stickler for facts. Even when it goes against his political leanings. What's the deal now? Recent developements lead me to believe. The local voters aren't really that preoccupied with facts. This thing is driven by emotions. If I noticed this paradigm, I'm sure Mr. Baker has.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Laughter Is Good For The Soul

Three men were at the pearly gates of heaven waiting to enter. But before going in, the angel had a question. The angel said "just out of curiosity how did you get here"? In other words, what events led to you being here?

The first man said." I came home early from work one day to my penthouse apartment, and much to my disappointment. I walked in and saw men and women clothes, scattered on the bedroom floor. I saw my wifes bathrobe, and a mans shoe. I smelled cigarettes, and me or my wife didn't smoke. My wife was in the shower, but she was alone.I knew something was going on. I looked in the closet, and under the bed. I looked everywhere and saw no one. Just at that moment I looked out the window, and saw a man downstairs running out the door. He had on one shoe, and his shirt hanging on one arm. He was digging in his pocket, trying to find his keys. He was just about to get away. I knew I couldn't possibly catch him, twenty floors below. I thought,what in the world can I do? I looked over in the corner, and saw a refrigerator. So I pushed it out of the window, it landed on top of him. It killed the man downstairs instantly. He didn't get away. The angel was like man that's incredible, but how did you get here? The first man said "In the midst of all the chaos, I got so excited. I had a massive heart attack, and dropped dead on the spot".

The angel asked the second man the same question. The second man said " I was running late for work one day, I had overslept. I couldn't be late anymore, or I was going to get fired. I didn't have time to get fully dressed in the house. So I was putting my clothes on,as I went out the door. I managed to get one shoe on, and forgot the other. I was working on my shirt. I ran out the front door of my apartment building, and was headed for my car. I had just found my keys, when all of a sudden this refrigerator came from an upstairs window. I saw it coming, but I couldn't get out of the way in time. It dropped on me, and that's the last thing I remember. The angel was like go right in man, you deserve a break.

Then the third man came up, and the angel asked him the same question. The third man said to the angel. "The truth be known, I was hiding in this refrigerator".

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Conceited Or Correct

I'm a Black man that loves the city of Memphis. I support Mayor Herenton because, I think he does too. That might not count for a lot, to those against him. It does to those concerned with the welfare of this city. I don't get that feeling with this recall, or the charter commission. This opposition is based on sour grapes. People that have been denied, or are in search of a position. I see them as undermining the present administration.

People outside of the community are pulling the puppet strings, of people in search of later rewards. The system of government in this city was set up long ago, to avoid what we have now. A city run by the majority, that happens to be Black to the dismay of some. Regardless of what your position is, naysayers are part of the aggravated few. Memphis will be just like South Africa, if those against the mayor have their way. The majority will be so divided. It will allow a weaker opponent, the oppurtunity to win.

Opponents of the mayor, blame him personally for the decrease in reserves. We propose there to only be about $500,000 left, in a fund that peaked at $70 million. Who was at the helm, during the time we accumulated those funds? The mayors opponents want to know where that money went. The money was spent, that's where it went. We had unexpected storms, and shortfalls in projections. Look at the number of property owners, that didn't pay their property taxes. If we had that money alone, we wouldn't be short. The mayor said it best, when he said. "Most people complaining, really have no idea about major finance". They can't even balance their own checkbooks. When Herenton took office there was only $3 million in the reserves. We hadn't built anything new then. If they had told you the city was in bad shape, in this past election. Not that it really is, just not in the shape it was. Who would you have voted for then? Nobody in the running, could have produced the money then or now. Who could or would make a difference? We would still be in as bad a shape, if not worse.

You can't keep taking money out, and not put anything in it's place. Eventually it will deplete itself. We don't want to cut anything, but we don't want to pay for anything either. What do you do, to replace a shrinking revenue base? You have all these people bragging, about living outside the city. Ask those same people where they work? They will tell you " the city of Memphis". Our population increases by 37% during the day. What does that tell you? If we had a percentage of money, that leaves on a daily basis. We wouldn't have a money shortage.

Those people the Mayor lashed out in his interview were deserving. They claim they haven't called him names, but they always refer to him as "King Willie". That's meant to be an insult. They use "King Willie" to talk about him. He uses " societal misfit", and "uninformed" to talk about them. You may not like his demeanor, or attitude. In all other accounts "Mayor Willie Herenton", has been this city's best.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Cover Your Ground

If you think something is worthy of bragging rights, shouldn't you maintain its upkeep? The "Martin Luther King Center for social change" is in financial trouble again. The center is in need of $11,000,000 in general repairs. The four King children are split on whether the goverment should take control or not. Two are for it, two are against the National Forrest service taking over. This issue has come up before, and wasn't resolved then. I think the failing health of Corretta Scott King, the widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, and the mother of his children. May very well be, the inspiration behind this latest trouble.The center was started in 1968, by Mrs. King herself. The center has provided her with support and income since the projects inception. I think 30 years is a pretty good run myself, mans attention span is usually quite short. Last months breaking news, is now a distant memory. The wife and all the children, have made a living off their fathers name. When Dr. King was alive he wasn't a wealthy man then. Upon his death he only left $10,000 in life insurance. Which is remarkable in itself. Considering all his children were provided for, and went on to college. Dexter King is the executive director, of the center as we speak. Martin Luther King III, was the director before then. The center has reached it's present situation, under their poor management. In spite of over 650,000 visitors annually, not to mention concession and souvenir sales. Anybody else who had done such a botched job, we would have asked for their heads on a platter.I agree with Dexter and Yolonda, they're reading the writing on the wall. It's just a matter of time, before the gig is over. In the beginning everyone was enthusiastic and willing to give whatever monies they could. Blacks considered it a necessary and worthwhile cause then. That genorosity since then, has come to an end. The people that feel they are directly affected by the civil rights movement, and feel compelled to keep the fire burning. They are quickly becoming a thing of the past. We are getting older, and the young people don't share our sentiments. Their messenger is Tupac Shakur and Kanye West, according to them they represent the struggles of todays Black youth. They aren't doing much for their fallen heroes, so I don't think we can depend on them to carry the torch for Dr. King.If someone is willing to step in and do this thing first rate, we should say more power to them. Someone said the family didn't ask for help. To a degree they are right. Two of the children don't want any help, they want to get rid of it anyway. I can understand why they didn't. They would then have to explain, what was happening to all the money collected. Their plan may be to get, while the gettings good. Drain the center for all you can, then let it go. The big money isn't in the museum, it's in the private papers. They can't sell them, and keep the center. It would eventually exhaust the proceeds from the papers. At least two of the children, know where they stand. Past experiences have taught us, we don't treat our icons well. We want others to finance our dreams, put their money where our passions are. Look what happened to Rosa Parks, she died broke. Due to the health of Mrs. King, they can no longer ignore this. Does it matter to the point, you're willing to reach into your pocket? To continue the the upkeep of the legacy, in the manner we have in the past.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The congressional Black Caucus is holding back. It is said that they raised $400,000 for hurricane Katrina relief, but have yet to give any of the money to the evacuees. These are the people in position, who are so critical of the governments response time. While they themselves have offered nothing but lip service. The catastrophe in New Orleans, was the first of it's kind. It's not like we had a blueprint or example to go by, everyone kind of played it by ear. The response time may have not been the best, but we don't have anything with which to compare.

That's like the entertainers who criticize the administration. If they really wanted to do something substantial they could. It would be interesting to note just how much they have given toward relief. A couple of the local New Orleans rappers, own airplanes and helicopters. At least Oprah Winfrey and a few others like her. They got their hands dirty, in addition to financial help. Instead of spending exorbitant amounts of cash, on whimsical things for themselves. Don't leave out groups like the Nation Of Islam, and the NAACP to name a few. Instead of contributing money, to the defense fund of a dead person (Tookie Williams). They should be leading the way to help those that are still alive. Those people they have so vociferousuly labeleled as victims of the government.

It's easy to say what someone else should have done, or even what they should do now. I know the government should be the primary source of relief. Having said that, they're not the only one. That doesn't excuse the rest of us, from looking out for one another. Some people talk such a good game. If they would just "put their money where their mouth is", it would go a long way.