Sunday, September 28, 2014


Now I know why Wiz Khalifa was looking so mad when Amber Rose wore this dress at the VMA Awards. It was meant to send a message to the waiting world.of things yet to come. She filed for a divorce after only fourteen months of marriage. This picture lowered the gauntlet. No one should see her like this but her man. But this was retaliation. For those who find her sexy. She gave them an eye full  to spite her husband with this photo. Originally she was a model.  So she is used to turning heads. This is nothing new to her.

Wiz underestimated what he has at home. You can't leave an Amber Rose by herself. That would be asking for trouble. Expecting her to stay that way is arrogant or naive. The hounds are going to come sniffing around soon as you leave. Amber is not some regular woman.  She was early Kim, She'll have another baller there in a minute. If she goes back on the market. Rick Ross or some other guy with lots of money would love to catch his slack. She won't hit the ground.  She has too much cushion. Look at her behind.

Both are claiming that the other one cheated. But I don't know who to believe. But I think the actions of one brought on the actions of the other. I think Wiz cheated first. Him and Juicy J are hanging out with Beckys. They're still riding the Myley Cyrus wave in search of the next Iggy Azaela. But I remember the black, blond,beauty at the beach. Even though she took this picture about 10-15 lbs. too early  She is still an eight.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Higher Grade

This is beginning to look more and more like the Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore divorce. Unfortunately for Mariah the end result will be the same. She is going to have to pay.Now they are calling Nick a user. But him working all the time, was her main complaint in the beginning. During the time they have been married. Nick has made a lot of money. He has been building his own brand. Nick is not just some struggling rapper trying to get a deal. He has business connections now.

I don't know what these women are after. Evidently it's not just his money. They all could catch bigger fish. The list of models he has dated rivals Lianardo DiCaprio. He has dated practically all the cast of "RHOH" and I bet a few on "Wild-N-Out" have been with him too,  He isn't  dealing.with mediocre.chicks. His latest project is Amber Rose. Mariah was his bottom line. All the women he is attached to lately are a higher grade. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


I knew I was on to something with my assessment of the behavior of some women. I should say black women because it affects  them disproportionately.. Let's see how many Professional Baseball, Hockey and Soccer players lose their millions. Black women want to be warriors and test their strength. While white women only want to wear wings.   

Saturday, September 20, 2014


I don't condone men hitting women, but let's be candid here. The aggressive, boisterous female is on the rise. That might be the case here.The only thing that sets some of these women apart from their competition is their fighting skills. Many of them are students of the Shante Broadus school of relationships. They beat up the guys and their side pieces too It's best woman win.

The notion that a man should never hit a woman is hard to adhere to these days.  With women being Gangster Disciples, Bloods and Crips. These images being circulated in the media are misleading to a degree. Ray and Jenay Rice still got married after the incident. She didn't even report tt to police. As it turns out, when the dust settled. They were fighting about another woman. I wonder who hit who first? Some people don't think it matters. But I beg to differ. I don't think there are that many burning beds Times have changed.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No Ladies

I don't believe Jamie Foxx and Katie  Holmes are a couple. Jamie comes across as one  of those guys always  hanging around causing trouble. Now he claims Holmes is stalking him.  Because she moved to Calabasas, California. That's pure speculation on him and his fans part This is yet another unconfirmed relationship. I don't have any proof these two aren't together. But I don't see any proof that they are .

Jamie is forty-six years old and has two daughters with anonymous mothers. He dates a lot of women. But none of them are considered squeezes.They don't have recurring roles. I put him in the category of a Leon. These are guys who don't need a wife. They have babies, but no ladies.

Friday, September 12, 2014


I  wonder did this scandal help or hurt Jill Scott at the box office last week? She certainly didn't get the mileage that Jennifer Lawrence and some of the other celebrities received. How did this photo slide under the radar? When TMZ talked about this story everyday?  There wasn't an outcry even from blacks. Why do you think that was? What if this were Beyonce, Nicki Minaj or Rhiana?  It would have made the front page.

Something bigger is happening here. Jill is so excited about her weight loss  She isn't going to say anything. In a way she is glad the focus is on race. That keeps everyone from talking about the real reason. She has loss weight and looks really good, but she is still thick 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back In The Picture

Though I don't agree with her methods. For me what she is doing would have the opposite effect. But everything MiMi has been doing is meant to prove her dedication to Stevie J.  The sex tape  with Nikko wasn't leaked. It was meant to show Stevie.what he was missing. Anything he can do with Jocelyn, he can do with her. According ro MiMi  this is the highest.grossing film in the distribution  company's history Vivid Entertainment also did the Kim Kardashian, Ray J tape MiMi is  counting on a big payday after this. She is not a stranger to money. And she is happy with her deal her. So I presume it was lucrative.                

Stevie might end up with MiMi after all  Assuming her and Benzino are right.  Jocelyn has crossed that line with Stebbie J.  He takes pride in his beefcake, and he thought she did too. It would destroy him if he found out Jocelyn is a liar. Another man beating his time is inconceivable to him. Althea blew his mind when she told their secret.  She was straight up from the jump. Even though she knew. MMi wasn't going to tell.  She wasn't going to risk thirteen years of waiting. She just  wants to get rid of Jocelyn finally So she can get back in the picture..

Friday, September 05, 2014


Mariah got with Nick based partly on her ego. But she wasn't as secure as she thought . She couldn't get over Nick dating Selita Ebanks and Kim Kardashian. But he has a brand new string since then. Her ego  is behind Nick's latest plea   Since we saw Brittney Dailey and Jasmine Sanchez and heard what Nick said first. Public opinion is blurred.  

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Joan Rivers (1933-2014)

Monday, September 01, 2014

Miraculously Recovered

Suge Knight is one of the biggest  bully's  alive. He terrorizes other grown men. Vanilla Ice retired at  the height of his career. Dr. Dre  walked away from a record company he started  Snoop Dogg gave up the rights to some of his biggest records. Costing each of these men millions of dollars to get away from Suge Knight. To further intimidate Dr. Dre. Suge got his daughter's mother pregnant. He n a good candidate for a beatdown. But no one is up for the job.

I think Chris Brown is Suge's latest victim.  He was shot six times at a CB pre-party he crashed. While sitting at the host's table probably popping bottles and smoking stogies. Why was he there to begin with? It was rumored those bullets were intended for Chris. But I don't think they were. The shots hit the intended target. Bur once again they didn't stop him. This guy has super powers. Just like he did before. He miraculously recovered.