Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dr. Breedlove

Against Himself

Since all the buzz in the Republican debates surround Herman Cain. Why isn't he considered a front runner yet? If the same thing was coming out of Rick Perry or Mitt Romney's mouth. The Republicans would be dancing in the streets right now. Instead they're begging a reluctant Gov.Chris Christie to jump in the mix. Even though he has repeatedly said he doesn't want to run, and might need to focus more on  keeping his present job. All of New Jersey isn't happy. It's starting to look like the Republican base wants anyone except President Obama and Herman Cain to win. What is the connection there I wonder? They represent different sides, yet the same thing. How long will it be before Herman Cain states the obvious? Being the only black candidate in the race. He is running against himself.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grow Your Own

I have been trying to write this post for a few days now. Today if nothing happens I promise to finish . Two things are happening here maybe three. I have some photos to help make my point. I have a friend that's adamantly against the judge's ruling. He fails to realize nearly 9000 petitioners disagree with him. He blames Judge Potter and Mayor Wharton for being racist and showing a lack of leadership. I can't make him understand they are honoring their constituents wishes. In this Eco-conscious environment where they're raising a garden on the White house lawn. Good luck against them and the animal rights activist. The only thing that would draw more attention is if the neighbor was fighting dogs.
The two pictures above show how this situation might get out of hand. It's like when a cub gets to be a full grown bear. What started  out to be cute and cuddly is now uncontrollable. That's why they tell you"don't feed the bears."  Back in May it was a neat little garden. Today it resembles an over grown field that needs to be cut down.  Once again the intelligentsia have spoken for the less educated.  Once it was revealed that Mr. Guerra was a math teacher and a couple of neighborhood kids were helping him out. The less articulate Mr. Dowdy across the street with the '91' Cadillac Sevilles' opinion didn't matter anymore. When he complained about the cat scratching his car.Someone suggested that he get a real job. The cats' comfort is according to some more important than his. Outsiders look at it as, at least the house isn't empty. We're collecting  taxes and MLGW is being paid. Now they're calling it a science project. Since when did raising corn, okra and tomatoes require special training?
The last thing is what happens due to blight. Whites won't live among blacks if they can help it, but Hispanics will. They might have a number of things we consider inappropriate outside their homes. Just because we have freedom of religion. You don't want your neighbor to hold a tent revival in the front yard.  Remember Julio on "Sanford and Son" and his pet goat? He didn't need a lawnmower, the goat ate the grass. What happens when they want to raise chickens in the backyard to get fresh eggs? Will city dwellers have to get used to roosters crowing at the break of day? They've started on this tirade that you can't find vegetables in the hood. Now I suppose you have to grow your own.

Mouth Closed


The Commercial Appeal won't pull the covers off a deceased well respected member of the community. Especially if that member isn't a high profiled black. Much to my dismay and disappointment.They usually have plenty of subject material. If the readers don't figure it out for themselves. They just don't look that deep. Thaddeus Matthews won't talk about things like this. So a lot of the blacks won't know what to think. I bet most people probably won't put this together, they won't give it much thought. But what does a mortician and a jeweler have in common? "The dental work of dead people." Gold is up to over $2k an ounce. Have you ever seen an embalmed body with the mouth open? Most black people I know have some gold in their mouth. When I read Joe Ford's history. I knew this was just the tip of the iceberg that the ship should never hit. Joe Ford and Las Savelle have been in court before. Why would he let him burn him twice? Las Savelle has been making and selling jewelry in that same Midtown location for the last twenty-five years.. I bet he even knew Joe Ford's father before he passed.

Las Savelle started out selling gold chains at the flea market on weekends. Who do you think his customers were? Bargain hunters who didn't question where the gold came from. He moved from Downtown to Midtown when everyone else was moving out East. Staying close to blacks the whole time. Why would he have a manager when his wife and daughter work in the store? There are aspects of the business they don't know about. Those long time employees could tell you stories you wouldn't believe. The little lady at the counter could write a book. I wouldn't put much pass the Fords to turn a profit. They have a history of body snatching and ripping people off. A scandal like this wouldn't surprise me.. I wonder how many gold rings and necklaces came out of the mouth of dead people? Those who contributed will never tell. They're keeping their mouth closed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In The Movies

The notion is catching on in New Jersey, just not at the governor's mansion. When I wrote the article about Gov. Chris Christie and how he could change the game for the Republicans. I had no idea Mayor Cory Booker was already doing that very thing.  Could a battle be brewing for the big guy on his own turf ? Not everyone in New Jersey is impressed with him as the Republican base. He has taken steps as of late to bridge that gap with his signing of  the pension  reform for state workers.  Is that a move to change plummeting ratings? He knows the chances for him to straddle the fence are slim and none.                                              

I'm sure Mayor Booker wants to take his star to the next phase and the governor's office would be a likely stop. No doubt he is a star on the rise. But no mayor has bypassed higher office before taking the top seat. He leads the pack with moderates and Independents as a  replacement for the incumbent. Like it or not this country's voters are superficial. These days they want a leader who can go shirtless. Maybe even a tatoo if it's tasteful. Being tall and handsome doesn't hurt either. After watching this guy on his HBO special. He puts you in mind of a Vin Diesel in a suit. If he doesn't make it in politics. He might consider a career in the movies.

The View

Monday, September 26, 2011

Losing Some Weight

The governor is just like the Wildebeests at the Nile River drinking water. They can't see the Crocodiles but they know they're there. You can bet Chris Christie has seriously thought about throwing his hat in the ring. The Republican nomination isn't the problem though. It's the big race he's worried about. He would probably get the Republican nomination on disapproval of the president alone. He would be the only one with a record matching his rhetoric. Especially one that the people could live with. Unlike the radical Tea party favorite Congressman Ron Paul.

The dark horse appeal of Rick Perry has worn off. It's looking more and more like he should have showed up in the beginning. Based on his recent performance. Looks like he needed the practice. So far George W. Bush-lite isn't working out to well. Rick Perry has the look, but not the swagger of the former commander-in-chief. He was soundly whipped in the last debate by a soft-spoken usually reserved opponent. He had his butt handed to him by Mitt Romney. Someone not known for his aggressive behavior. Not so good for the cowboy image.

Don't be fooled by latest straw polls done in Florida. They might have traded spots but the top two competitors are still the same. It's a serious problem when the highest polling candidate (Herman Cain)  in campaign contributions and fundraising is in last place. Why isn't that support converting to dollars I wonder? I think the same thing would happen to Gov.Christie down the line. Regardless what the President Obama haters say. This won't be his first time facing the fat jokes as opposed to pressing issues. Him being elected governor could have had as much to do with hatred for former Gov.Corzine as the voters love for him. The people of New Jersey were so fed up with corruption. They just wanted a change (sound familiar). The mainstream voters won't stretch their arms around him like Conservatives have. There is a little voice telling him it's not his time, and that voice would be right. The best chance Christie has is 2016, and if possible losing some weight.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Smartest Thing

Sherra Wright might very well have some idea of who killed her husband, but she isn't the only one though. Not being insensitive, but you could probably even get some leads from his children. I was always told you should always let someone know where you're going. Between his various roomates,girlfriends and family. It's not fair to put that monkey on her back. If what she said is true; and I think it is. She can't go all willy nilly naming folks just to keep the police and public from blaming her. We're not talking about some disgruntled customers crying over a nickle bag. She might be implicating some major players. Nothing she says will bring Lorenzen back.Her tight lips might be the smartest thing.

Vesta Williams (1957-2011)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

We Got A Bargain

This would be an opportunity for Kriner Cash to improve in the one area he's failing. "In the field of public relations and employee morale." Even though it wouldn't save the job of  a single teacher. The bonus wouldn't cover pay and benefits of not even one. If it did we wouldn't be laying so many of them off. It  won't hurt him financially if he doesn't get the money. But if he refuses it, he will at least give the naysayers the perception that he understands what the average citizen is going through. Even though he doesn't and shouldn't anyway. A man making  $275K yr. would hardly be living check to check. And I can understand why he wouldn't buy a house in Memphis. If many had their way he wouldn't have a job.

Why are we acting like the school budget is only $5M.  They spend $42K on rubber bands. He is the superintendent of a very large urban school system. Being under constant scrutiny by either a apathetic, envious or uninformed citizenry. Is a very hard job. No sought after administrator with credentials is begging for a job. They always leave Memphis for more money than they made here. Kriner Cash is responsible for this city receiving over $100M. If we had to replace him if he left. Could we get a Michelle Rhee for the same price? In Kriner Cash we got a bargain.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Too Late

I never heard of the death row inmate Troy Davis before earlier this week. Many of those who had joined the fight for a stay of execution hadn't either. Activist Al Sharpton didn't show up until yesterday himself. His voice has been practically silenced with his contract at MSNBC. Too bad for Troy Davis. Three hours after it was originally scheduled the execution was carried out. Where was the outcry before now? I guess this story doesn't have the makings of a movie. With all this tainted evidence and the recanting of statements. It should have been easy to get his conviction overturned. How many millions were raised for his defense? Too little,too late.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thirteen Are Gone

If I had one wish it would be for this young man's mother to intervene.. I think a mother's touch would make a difference here. Her stepping in apologizing for his ignorance is the only way he can save face. He can say he cooled out because his mother begged him to. Otherwise he is going to have to back up what he said. And I don't think he can. I think he bit off more than he can chew on this one. Fabolous is really a gangster turned rapper. Some of these guys really came from the street.

I hope Ray J isn't trying to revive the East Coast, West coast thing. He isn't even a rapper, barely a credible singer.His performance on 24/7 might have been his biggest audience yet. So "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." Notice how he keeps mentioning Tupac and his boys riding with him. Floyd Mayweather and Fifty Cent are probably just instigating. I know Fifty is. Floyd hasn't had time. yet  I hope Ray J doesn't think he' s going to get to Fab through his woman either. Emily B won't fall for the okey doke like Faith Evans. You had fifteen minutes of fame, thirteen are gone.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Out Of Season Everyday

I like Andrew Clarksenior, and usually agree with him. I understand his distaste for the president, but lately he has gone overboard. I disagree mostly with the president's social policies, but agree with his jobs plan. A working class black man earning less than $100,000 yr. arguing about class warfare is stupid to say the least. Newstalk Memphis is beginning to sound like the comedy series " The Boondocks." With Andrew playing guess who? I hope he is just doing this for ratings and isn't serious.  It's not the same as it was on WREC. He has gone from being the voice of  reason on the weekend. To being a voice out of season everyday.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Told The Truth

I don't agree that  an incapacitating illness on the part of your spouse releases you  from your marriage vows. But I am also keenly aware some people don't have a choice if they don't want to lose everything they have. All  the critics want to use scripture to back up their positions. When is the last time any of these sanctimonious people  contributed to the care of an orphan or widow? Tell me what doctor or medical professional  you have found that takes christian principles as payment.  My point exactly, they haven't. Needs go beyond a word of encouragement and a pat on the back saying how srtrong you are. We're talking about the difference in a patient staying at home working one person to physical and financial ruin and having medicare and medicaid provide needed around the clock care.
The focus here has fallen on the husband cheating and not the answer Pat Robertson gave. Am I the only non-wealthy person who didn't go to the military that heard what he said? Taking care of a disabled spouse can be both physically and financially overwhelming. Honoring your vows is commendable, but not always practical. In my opinion Pat Robertson was not condoning divorce or infidelity, but addressiing a more prevalent social issue. The high cost of medical care and  how it pertains to marriage is very real. Unfortunately in some cases, divorce is the most loving thing a poor person can do. What do you do when one spouse can't receive much needed care because together they don't qualify? Pat  Robertson may not have been the best person to make the comment, but he told the truth.

Might Vote Differently

The former president laughed it off, but he picked up on the underlying message. Dick Cheney was bold enough to suggest what everyone else with  half of a brain was thinking. The Republicans haven't found an answer for the president yet. The long awaited Rick Perry isn't getting the job done. But you can't tell me a sizable number of Democratic voters aren't having second thoughts about voting for President Obama over Hillary Clinton. If given a second chance they might vote differently.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Still Trying To Crossover

I don't usually post on stories of this nature, but I do read and have opinions on them. I'm not really concerned with who Jennifer Lopez is dating other than the fact that it proves my earlier posted point. She has just became one of the wealthiest jump offs in the world. I say that because her chances of hooking up with someone of comparable station is unlikely. Especially if they're of the caucasian persuasion. She has not one but two Hispanic babies and a history with not only Marc Anthony but Sean Puffy Combs.  To all  the leading men type out there that want an audition. Jenny from the block is still trying to crossover.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lil Bush

Friday, September 09, 2011

Twenty Five Dimes

Vanessa Williams
Halley Berry
Lisa Raye
Lauren London
Kim Kardashian
Queen Latifah
Kim Burrell
Keri Hilson
Angela Simmons
Phyliss Yvonne Stickney
Kriti Allie
Kimoro Simmons
Erica Campbell
Gabrielle Union
Tammy Torres
Jordin Sparks
Regina Hall
Chrisette Michelle
Janice Jackson
Tamron Hall
Amber Rose
Sanaa Lathan
This is a list of high profile women I consider the most beautiful celebrities. By no means am I saying these are the most attractive women out there. As I write this letter I can think of some I left out. It took a week to come up with this. I see unknown women all the time that are equally as beautiful. My wife to me is the most beautiful woman in the world because she's mine. So no two people will have the same list. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I didn't try to rank them. On any given day all of them are and have been #1 for somebody. I really needed at least this many more selections.  In my opinion I think these are twenty five dimes.

Honorable Mention:
Cheryl James     Lynn Lampkin    
Emily B             Jennifer Lopez
Toya Carter       Jessica Simpson
Mya                   Evelyn Lazado
Tamia                Tyra

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It Will Last

The Heritage Classic is going through growing pains. Not so much it's own but those of the city. It's not what it used to be for tailgaters and those less interested in the game itself. Fred Jones came on the radio today and 75% of the questions were regarding tailgate policy. He would have you believe the main attraction is the battle of the bands or the Orange Mound parade. I would beg to differ though. Unless a different crowd picks up the torch. The future home of the Classic might be Melrose stadium.

Tiger Lane only has 586 parking spots available. Only 16 of those are R.V. accessible and Mr. Jones has one of them himself. No way they can accommodate all the people that formerly came to Memphis every year. So much for those who make the annual pilgrimage to the big cookout. It was kind of like a mini COGIC for the city. The fashion show and golf tournament barely got an honorable mention. Fred Jones is the P. Diddy of of the Mid-South but he is getting old. For 23 years he has hosted a party in the middle for old classmates to come together. If ESPN doesn't come to the table with an offer  to televise the game. Twenty-five years might be as long as it will last.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Where It's Needed

I have been a supporter of Mrs. Obama so far. Like her husband in the past I think some people have been to critical of her. But just like the president, it is time for an accounting. Since everything she says and does gains so much attention. It's high time she uses that stage to draw some attention to something really important.

I didn't hold it against her when she tried to put the country on a diet. Even though she has a liking for barbecue ribs and soul food herself. I understood where she was coming from. Her campaign was directed at a young culture who has more gut than butt. Which will eventually more than likely have associated health risks. Which goes hand in hand with health care reform. In spite of what some would say. She has room to talk. Junk in the trunk isn't the same as being overweight.

Michelle Obama has said practically nothing about the disease (Multiple Sclerosis)from which her late father suffered. He was the catalyst for all the successes she now enjoys. He worked and sent both her and her brother to school while her mother remained a housewife. Not so very long ago the president himself lived in his house also. I think it's kind of selfish on both their parts not to acknowledge his hardship. Michelle more so than Barack. Society is already preoccupied with losing weight. When it comes to finding cures for less known diseases. That's not the case. Add your voice where it's needed.