Monday, March 31, 2008

The More I Listen, The Less I Like

At one time I was real impressed with the young, Conservative commentator Ben Ferguson. I thought he was smart beyond his years and sincerely concerned with the truth. I thought he offered somewhat of a different perspective on local problems and politics. I optimistically thought and hoped he would provide a balanced approach to an age old problem in this town. Since he obviously appeals to a diverse and informed audience. I thought we finally had a venue for open and honest discussion. As time has gone on that perception has consequently changed. He is just another disgruntled white man who has a problem with the present black leadership. Once he had Carol Chumney on his show. I should have known he was suspect then. When he got on the phone during the break, and tried to get me to go along with what he was saying. Needless to say I didn't get on the air until that guest was gone.

I still think this guy is pretty smart all things considered. I'm just not so sure he's concerned with the truth as it were. He gave Steve Cohen one of the most soft shoe interviews I've ever heard him give since I've been listening. I also heard him give a walk in the park to former Councilman Tom Marshall, when he came on his show defending one of his controversial votes. This guy is on fire as long as the scandal is about certain people. That fire dies down as soon as it gets close to home. Especially if the person happens to grant an interview. As I listened to him back peddle in regards to Steve Cohen. Then I thought to myself. Mr. Ferguson is just employing the same tactics as another local talk show host.

I guess you wonder what all this has to do with David Duke? This guy "David Duke" just popped up in my mind all of a sudden. These men sound an awful lot alike. One is just more direct than the other. David Duke toned his message down to the point of being acceptable to the mainstream. Ben Ferguson sounds the same, just more watered down. Listen at them or look at their messages closely and see what you think.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tigers Beat Texas 85-67

Have You Seen This Man

This guy has been so quiet lately, I'm hesitant to call his name. I hope all is well with Javier Bailey these days. And not something life changing. That would put his livelihood in question. There was talk of him being disciplined by the state or even disbarred altogether. I just hope instead, he started to use his educated head for more than a hat rack. And stop letting people use his position and influence for their own selfish agendas."To whom much is given, much is required." Whether you like him or not. This young man is a practicing lawyer. He graduated from law school and passed the bar. In it's full regalia, a lawyer is an officer of the court.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

You Know How We Do

John Ford has to report to jail to start doing his 5 1/2 year prison stint next month. Even though the Ford family no longer has the political power they once had. They still have some clout and influence. If nothing else they know what can be done by those officials still in office. Which is a prime example of what has happened here. Generally they try to place inmates within 500 miles of their home. His lawyers were so busy delaying his report date. They forgot to work on getting him close to his children. So he didn't get any special favors as far as that goes. Moreso than preferential treatment. It was just an oversight by his attorneys. But thanks to his Congressman Steve Cohen, he'll be doing it a whole lot closer to Memphis. Instead of being 1440 miles away in Texas. He'll be in Louisiana, about 480 miles away. You best believe if the shoe was on the other foot. John Ford would do the same thing for Steve Cohen. They have history.

I know most people have forgotten what these two politicians have in common. They were two of only three legislators in the state of Tennessee, who voted to change the laws regarding marriage. They both spent twenty years in the Tennessee legislature. Who knows what else they collaborated on in all that time. With John Ford having the reputation of being the go-to man in the state senate. And Steve Cohen being the most liberal senator on the hill. You can bet the intermingling of these two go back many years. If I could hear the conversation between the two. I can just imagine what John Ford would say. "C'mon Steve help me out, you know how we do."

Take It Easy Chikezie

I hadn't been religiously watching American Idol like I have in the past. I was keeping an eye on this fellow Chikezie. Mainly because there were times I wanted to shake this guy and tell him to be quiet. I thought his last performance was pretty good. But I'm just one person. And part of even a bigger number who don't call in and vote. Randy didn't like it much, and Simon called it Cheesy. Paula thought it was pretty good, but she likes everybody. What all of these contestants better learn to do is listen to what Simon says. Many of them have the wrong impression about the benefits of challenging Simon. They think it helps their case. It might get a laugh, and Ryan might send you out. When the whole thing is said and done. Simon Cowell is usually right.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tigers Beat Michigan St. 92-74

What Is Credibility

There should have never been a question as to whether she was credible or not. I guess we can safely say she was, for lack of a better term "a shady character." She said from the start, "she came forward after they didn't pay her." So there was never a doubt that something under the table happened. That was common knowledge all the time. The sinister plot to catch the Mayor in a sex scandal didn't materialize after all. So Ms. Smith's credibility doesn't really matter anyway. To the dismay of many, it ultimately worked to the Mayor's advantage. So now after the fact, special prosecutor Joe Baugh finds her to be credible.

We are in the midst of what I consider a disturbing trend. If you admit that you stole some money. That's good, but that doesn't let you off the hook. There are still consequences for your actions.You may not be a liar, but you're still a thief. Not being guilty of one, doesn't make you innocent of the other. I think this is just a neat way to sweep this whole thing under the carpet. Bill Gibbons didn't recuse himself for nothing. The same information submitted by him wouldn't have been acceptable. Everybody has been cleared but Richard Fields, Bill Gibbon's close friend. Hm mm The more I hear, the more I'm convinced. I was on to something all along. Read my earlier blog:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Exploiting The Plantation Mentality

I don't blame Dr. Laurie B. Green, for taking advantage of the infatuation some blacks have with whites. With all these educated intellectuals here in Memphis, why was it necessary to leave it to a white outsider to tell the story? A white college professor who doesn't even live in Memphis, and probably never did. Has written a book detailing the plight of blacks during the civil rights movement. She has taken the experiences and and recollections of others and put it in the form of a book. Everything she had to say, she obtained from somebody else. Though she spoke with some of the book's contributors. The subject of royalties wasn't mentioned. I guess it's understood she'll be keeping all the proceeds. She doesn't even sound old enough to have been born in the sixties. Some blacks were willing to tell everything they thought they knew. To this educated young white woman who was willing to listen to what they said and write it down. The success or failure of this book itself, is built on the "Plantation Mentality."

I touched on something I noticed about this interview in an earlier blog about another writer: A black writer writing about his own black history has a tough row to hoe. This writer had to become successful first, and then was invited back to promote his third book. Instead of questions about his latest book. And receiving pledges of support from the callers. He spent the entire hour fielding questions about who his publisher was, and how he got his book deal? All of a sudden everybody has a book on their mind, that's just waiting to be written. Could this be that other mentality in effect? Notice any similarities:

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Almost Neutral

As far as I'm concerned, just leave these two alone and let them tear each other apart. I'm not overly impressed with either of them myself. But I don't begrudge a man his hustle. As long as it isn't hurting anyone else, especially me or mine. The thing is "misinformation" is dangerous. Both of them are egotistic know-it-all, who just happen to have access to the mic. I have had my disagreements with both of them, with the results being the same from both. Rather than admit they're wrong about something. They'll just try to talk about something else. I think I heard Thaddeus say this once before. "Never let the caller have the last word." He hasn't learned to do that smoothly or thinks his way is better. Cursing out the caller and hanging up the phone isn't acceptable beyond a small time station with a limited listener ship . You can leave a goat in a stall all day long, that doesn't make him a horse. Just because you talk all the time doesn't make you informative. Both of them are their own biggest fans. Considering their jobs are fan based. They both could learn and use a lesson in humility.

Remember I said almost neutral. According to what I heard about an encounter between the two of them at a bar. In this case Jeff Lee actually scored some points with me. I didn't think Jeff Lee had it in him. Thaddeus finally ran into somebody that stooped as low as him. He responded just like I thought he would. He's always talking smack after the fact. He wants to fight his battles on the radio and his blog. He is used to being the only one to cross the line in these situations. Considering the way the whole thing turned out. I'm not so sure Jeff could have handled it any differently. Thaddeus approached him first. He says he just went up and spoke, but do we know that to be true? This could have been an intimidation move. "I've been talking about you like a dog, so what?" Knowing Thaddeus it probably was. I think Jeff Lee seized an opportunity. He did what a lot of others were afraid or just not in position to do. I can tell you this won't hurt Jeff Lee. If anything it will help him in the eyes of those like myself who are almost neutral.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Operation Save The Citizens

Even with another chance to give her positions, Carol Chumney is still making the same mistakes she did during the mayoral election. Instead of telling us what she proposes to do herself, she spends all her time attacking the Mayor and his policies. It's obvious that the people of Memphis chose Willie Herenton over her. Give it up and move along it's over. She actually believes there are enough voters in Memphis that are so displeased with Herenton they would vote her in to take his place. Though she is a female, she just might have the biggest gonads in the contest. Which may prove to be her nemesis.She should take this opportunity to be the bigger person. In her attempt to pull the cover off of him.The one getting the short end of the stick is her.

Herman Morris knows not to get involved in a brawl with the mayor. He is one who knows for sure whether or not the charges against him are true. I've noticed Herman Morris doesn't make a lot of empty promises. So if elected he won't owe favors to a whole lot of people who got him elected. If you are one of those few he owes favors to, that's not a bad thing. My concern is for those he doesn't. I think his base of support lies in those who took the money and ran. I am a conservative, so on a lot of things we agree. He is registered as a democrat, but I think his views are republican. I think all college professors and lawyers are liberal by trade. There are things in this life you cannot acquire without going through them. Herman Morris is a lawyer. What do you think?


For all those people voting for a Democrat just because they promise to end the war. Need to be aware of this little tidbit of information. More people in the military died while on active-duty during the Bill Clinton presidency, than have died since the war began in Iraq under George Bush.

I heard a reputable person ( Chuck Bates) give this information, but it just didn't sound right. I always like to check something out before I repeat it. Once again, I'm glad I did. This is what I found:

The claim that there were more U.S. military fatalities during the Bill Clinton administration than there have been to date under George W. Bush is false. Moreover, that erroneous conclusion was based on falsified statistics. Using the actual figures from the Congressional Research Service report cited above, the total military deaths under each of the two administrations are as follows:
Bill Clinton (1993 - 2000) ............. 7,500 deaths George W. Bush (2001 - 2006) .... 8,792 deaths Moreover, of the 7,500 fatalities that occurred on Clinton's watch, only 76 were attributable to hostile action; the rest were the result of accidents, homicide, illness, self-inflicted injuries, or unknown causes. For the record, here are the accurate totals for the past 26 years, including those omitted from the message above:

This is yet another example of Conservatives underestimating the public intelligence. He qualified his statement, but it was too late. It is better to let Liberals come to their own biased conclusions. Than let them catch Conservatives misrepresenting facts. The truth of the matter is this. Though we have been at war for the last six years. We have lost only 1200 more soldiers than during a time when we weren't. Not underscoring the death of anyone. Any loss of life is a tragedy. The fatalities in this war compared to all the others. Is quite significant.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Gangs Have Grown Up

After reading what I've read about street gangs for the last few days in the Commercial Appeal. I feel I'm just as qualified as anyone else to access this gang situation. I've been saying the same thing for the last thirty years. The problem didn't have to grow to epidemic proportions before I noticed. All it took was one summer with my cousins from Chicago. Telling me all about how they would rumble in the park. I knew all I needed to know about the Vice Lords and the Gangster Disciples. I could think of too many other things to do other than getting shot. Any farther interest I might have had. My father helped me out with that.

When I was young I was pretty popular with the other kids. I could convince my friends to play what I wanted to play. But they wouldn't shoot another kid from the neighborhood because they were on the wrong street. When the street lights came on, all that influence abruptly ended. We better be somewhere close by, if not in the house. The authorities could have and should have nipped this in the bud at the first sign of trouble. Instead they treated them like the little kid who bought the soda, but stole the chips. You can't wait until your children get to be teenagers and then try to discipline them. By then they're not having it. It's the same thing with gangs. Some of the adolescent thugs have grown up to be adults. Their lifestyles haven't changed. Just their level of involvement. The officers and O.G's now run businesses and own homes. All of these home invasions aren't random acts. There's always some cop with ties. Last year a judge was removed from the bench. Because now it's been proven,they even have a judge with affiliations. The gangs have grown up.

Read the whole series of articles:

Just Putting It Out There

Since I think this is just the first of many stories between now and July. I won't write a long post about the Mayor's latest announcement. Since he has all the cards stacked in his favor. I don't blame him for weighing out his career options. Because ultimately that's what it is. This is simply a career decision. In a city where some people think $100,000 is too much for a black man to make. Those citizens are virtually losing their minds. Especially now that Herenton is in the running for twice the money he was already making. I have never heard people in Memphis question how much Kevin Kane is making. Though I don't agree with him going back to the school system. I don't blame him for doing what he's doing. I think the mayor is,"just putting it out there."

Saturday, March 22, 2008

He's Got The Whole City In His Hands

If indeed the Mayor does step down as expected, it's going to cause a whole lot of local political dishevel. His decision will alter a whole lot of aspiring politician's immediate future plans. No doubt there will be gnashing of teeth, and bitimg of nails. Some who felt they wouldn't really be contested, all of a sudden might have a fight on their hands. Others who felt they had time to work on getting their agendas in place. Now have to light a fire under their intentions. Based on the politicians ability in the past to bamboozle the voter. That might not be such a bad idea.

I think it's a given that if A.C. Wharton wants it, he's the next city of Memphis Mayor. As for there being some backroom deal. There wasn't a need for one. Why go through the hassle of a tough campaign, that you very well may lose? When you can wait a little while and walk right in with no problem. Lately he has been in full support of all the mayor's proposals. Personally, I have long been skeptical of his approach. At times I think he is a little too diplomatic. Since I usually agree with him. I like Mayor Herenton's style better.

I bet rookie congressman Steve Cohen feels like he was just hit with a blindsided punch. Here he was focusing on Memphis newcomer Nikki Tinker, who I think he can beat with ease. Her strongest tie to the Memphis community, being her association with former congressman Harold Ford Jr.. She was his campaign manager. And out of no where comes an even bigger challenge from someone who could beat him. With all the renaming of buildings and attending funerals he has done in the past year. Steve Cohen thought him being re-elected was a sure thing. I bet he's not so sure about that anymore. He has to keep a black suit out and pressed.

You might wonder where does Kenneth Whalum Jr. fit into all of this. I just wrote an opinion post about him the other day that makes even more sense now. I think Kenneth Whalum Jr. has political aspirations that go beyond the school board. I see a local Floyd Flake in the making. I'm not particularly in agreement with all of Whalum's positions, but he's not a liberal's liberal like Steve Cohen. I don't think Nikki Tinker is any better than Cohen. She might even be worse. I don't feel race is a factor in the search for a school superintendent, but it is in the 9th congressional district. Some people feel this job can only be done by another black. With a ratio of 7 to 3 in favor of blacks. I think he should exploit this widespread mode of thinking misguided or not. Especially, in a district where he is well liked.

This all depends on whether or not Mayor Herenton steps down or not. None of this matters if this doesn't happen. The idea of him taking over the reigns at MCS, seems to be gaining the most attention. If the school board wants to give him the superintendents job. Why wouldn't he accept? He would instantly get a $100,000 raise in salary. The idea of him running for congress hasn't taken off. This would create a dilemma for some people. He may have just said that about the run for congress, to shake up the Ford camp. Since Nikki Tinker is their entry. Until July 31st of 2008. He's got the whole city in his hands.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Under His Own Terms

The detractors of the Mayor and those who don't like him are going to claim victory after his latest announcement.Their claims will range from the FBI being hot on his trail, to him having stole enough money and decided to quit. Neither of which are true. I think it's just the final piece of the upcoming puzzle. I say upcoming because, I think a lot is going to happen between now and then. The Mayor has already laid out what needs to be done. It doesn't take four years to get that done. He has already said "some bold initiatives will be introduced."

I think this whole move revolves around his effort to push consolidation. The mayor is the one person who has the power to make that happen. Those that don't want it to happen , claim it can't be done. I'm not so sure that I believe them though. That's wishful thinking on their part. Some people are basing their opinions on information given by the organizers of the recall effort and the charter commission. I wouldn't take that as law that would stand up in court. If it wasn't a possibility, as some would have you believe. It would have never been mentioned. I listen to some of these people and how they somehow expect him to kneel before he leaves. Just like he has for the last sixteen years. He will be doing things under his own terms,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

He Can See More Than You Think

I was planning to post this story concerning the historical event, of David Paterson being named the governor of the state of New York. I had to wait though, because the story continues to unfold. There were certain things we knew his appointment would mean up front. He has the distinction of being the first legally blind governor ever. He is also one of four African Americans to hold the office in any state since reconstruction. And the first one ever in the state of New York. Additionally he is the first Governor ever to start his term off with a self induced scandal. Not only did he reveal vague information about his own extramarital affairs, but those of his wife as well. Unfortunately I think that also qualifies as a first.

I had a bad feeling about her the first time I saw them on camera. I could be wrong about this assumption since it's strictly my opinion. But I think this confession was more about her indiscretions than it was his. It reminds me of a story in the bible about Hosea the prophet and his wife Gomer. This is an unusual situation to say the least. Usually the woman is standing by her man, instead of the other way around. This man did what he did because of what she did first. He said he did it to curtail any future blackmails or extortion. Since he is so sure he didn't break any laws. What was he so worried about? His wife is the only person he has to worry about. According to both of them she already knew. He can see more than you think.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It Never Went Away

It's ironic that this old tired subject would be coming to the forefront among blacks at this time. No matter how they try to disguise the discussion, it's partly fueled by envy and jealousy. They try to give another reason, but it eventually reaches the same resting place. Is this person's sucess based on them being qualified or them having a light complexion? Probably some dark skinned individual somewhere , is trying to appear not to be a hater. Yet they stoke the flames by not letting the topic die. They talked about it all day yesterday on the radio , and brought it back up today. This has always been an issue among some blacks, that has never really improved. Just in recent years the focus has shifted. To get a better idea of the people in question here. Anybody who buys into that "Willie Lynch" theory, generally harbors these type feelings. Some dark skinned blacks were always jealous of lighter skinned blacks. They think they were somehow treated better as slaves. Whoop-DE-Doo The fact that this is coming up now only reinforces the fact that some powerful people still have a hangup in this area. They're just ashamed or afraid to let their true feelings be known. As well they should. All blacks who have ever dealt with other blacks. Have made a decision about this one way or another. Here we are in 2008 after hundreds of years, and it never went away.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She Believes In Oprah

I saw trouble on the horizon when she gave her entire audience brand new automobiles last year. As if that wasn't enough, she had a party and gave all her guests each a piece of expensive custom made jewelry . How can you get the average person to say anything negative about her after that? There is no way possible that everyone that listens to her will be a recipient of her philanthropic ways. The overwhelming majority of the people that witness her gratitude will only gain a memory. Yet no one is willing to go against the grain, for fear of not being in order in case she wants to give them something. Being that she can offer a sort of instant gratification. People are more concerned with her worldly gifts, than the eternal gift of salvation.

I 've noticed every since she endorsed Barack Obama for president she has been unusually quiet. It could have something to do with the fact that move was considered by feminist to be a betrayal. Here we have a chance to elect the first woman ever as president and she has gone and jumped ship. With the recent firestorm surrounding Barack Obama and his pastor Jermiah Wright. I know she's sitting nervously by hoping they don't mention her name. Since she use to go to the same church too. She would rather be considered an apostate rather than a separatist. Which brings me to the point of this post.

As blessed as Oprah has been during her career. I have never heard her give honor to God for his many blessings to her. I always thought it had something to do with her alternative lifestyle. It would have been hypocritical of her to be as goal oriented as she is with everything else. And continue to take the stands she has taken. Personally I always thought she might be a lesbian. She has been engaged to the same man for twenty two years. I think it has mainly been for appearance sake. As supportive as her fans are and have been in the past. They still aren't ready for that. Since she couldn't change the rules of Christianity. She has started her own religion. No wonder she no longer attends Trinity Christian church. As contrary to scripture as she was. I figured something like this would eventually happen. She has embraced the "New World Movement."

Read more about it:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Deer In The Headlights

You don't have to stick your hand in the fire to know the flame is hot. I heard a man today who said he was a Christian and also an officer at his church. Who said he felt betrayed because he didn't get support from his pastor. Because he didn't support Barack Obama for president. Needless to say this man was black. He said he confided in his pastor his reasons for not supporting Sen. Obama. He didn't say exactly what they were. I can just imagine some of them. Instead of advising him to pray about his decision or trying to convince him otherwise. His pastor came back with some lame excuse about "he wasn't educated enough, well connected enough or rich enough to really make a difference. Therefore he should just be quiet about his beliefs and join the crowd." I think that was the wrong thing for a man of God to say.

I felt his pain, to a degree. Until most people get to know me. I get that same vibe. Black preachers for the most part are sold out on Barack Obama. There is a hidden covetness they have when it comes to him. Privately most of them envy his oratory skills and ability to move a crowd. Can you imagine power like that as an evangelist. We haven't seen the likes since Martin Luther King. Me and my pastor don't agree about this issue either. He would never say what that mans pastor said to me directly though. Even if he felt that way. That has nothing to do with spiritual correction, and that would just be rude. If he did, at that point he would no longer be my sheperd. He could no longer teach me anything. Nobody's opinion is above the word of God. He is no respector of persons. Despite what far to many people would have you think. That's the attitude of a lot of these intellectual black Obama supporters. As if you must have certain credentials to dispute anything they say. If you aren't a millionaire lawyer, with a couple of bestseller books. How dare you not vote for this man?

I see the same thing happening here as did with "Affirmative Action." Even before he is elected to office. The black intellectuals are posturing for position. Proping up to sell out the masses for the benefit of a few. Under the guise of helping them get their due. We created all of these services to accomodate all of these degrees we suddenly had. We invested in a generation who couldn't do anything but administrate.

I saw a picture the other day on the most dangerous animals. I was surprised to see that list included deer. We generally view deer as harmless victims. You don't imagine a deer attacking anyone. When you enter their space that's often not the case. Making the comparison of those deer to my people. It just made me more determined to express my views. Just because we were born who we are. We don't have to be like a deer in the headlights.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why All Of A Sudden Does This Matter

I'm just listening in amazement as the rest of the country finally acknowledges something we've been asking all along. I say we because, this has long been a question among people I discuss politics with. It leads me to believe all this is being fueled by other liberals against a liberal. I guess this was a major bomb the Clinton camp was holding for a time such as this. As long as they thought they were going to beat Barack Obama with no problem. I guess they didn't feel the need to drive this point home to the voters. Makes me wonder if this had came up before now. Would it have made a difference in some of the earlier caucuses? I think it would have.

As far as dragging Barack Obama's name through the mud. That strategy may prove to be too little too late. With a chunk of John Edward's delegates already switching over to Barack Obama. His lead is even bigger than it was before. With the caucus in Pennsylvania still ahead. Even if Hillary Clinton wins. I feel like Barack Obama will still get the Democratic nomination. If that's the case. This is like an early Christmas gift for John McCain. By the time he gets out of the battle with Hillary Clinton he will be so bloody and battle weary. McCain has struck a major blow against Obama without ever raising a finger. Those Barack Obama supporters who have had a change of heart. They can't take their votes back. But they can in the general election.

If you want to read more about the pastor:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time Will Tell

The rumors have already started to circulate surrounding what happened last night. All we know at this point is Chris Jones has been charged with second degree murder for the death of David Munsey. And the attempted second degree murder of an unidentified 22 yr. old. Just because he is a deputy sheriff doesn't mean he used that as a means of intimidation. Obviously neither of these guys were intimidated. They were both arguing with him. He could have done it in the capacity of some hothead at a bar who drank too much. If some of the rumors I heard are true, it could have also been premeditated. In an unlikely scenario it could have been a case of self defense. I'm just not so sure he received preferential treatment. The evidence just supports those charges right now. Unlike so often in the case of Memphis crime. Several witnesses came forward with eyewitness accounts. Even though both the victim and shooter were white. People in the black community have already started to scream a conspiracy is at work. Just wait and see what happens. Time will tell.

Friday, March 14, 2008

While It's On My Mind

Kenneth Whalum Jr. has been rumored to have his eye on running for the Mayor of Memphis. I don't think he does, he wouldn't win anyway. He is much to controversial and off the cuff to get the reserved vote of people like myself. He does have a knack for getting media coverage though. In order to be able to win a city wide election, you have to be able to do that.

I wouldn't vote for Kenneth Whalum Jr. for mayor, but I would support him for congressman of the 9th district. Compared to what we have now, it would be a refreshing change. I'm not impressed with what Steve Cohen has done since he has been in office. Look at one of my earlier posts: I don't usually agree with race being a factor, but I do here. I think a black would be best suited for that job. I don't agree with a lot of his politics, but he would bring the district back toward the middle. Just thought I would bring this up, while it was on my mind.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

She Was Folk

I guess this is one of those things that's better left unsaid. Since we can't change it now. I wrote the full story yesterday, but it somehow disappeared. Since there aren't a lot of loudmouths coming to this blog anyway. I don't think it will hurt anything to mention it on here. Either this town is full of perpetrators or people who just don't know what's happening. If you ask me, I think it's a little of both. The media made it a point to highlight the baseball cap placed on Shindra Roberson's casket the other day. Posing the question to the public and those in attendance. Why was it placed on there? I bet the news reporters and camera men knew exactly what it represented. Though no one that commented on camera answered the question. Also it remained there throughout the service.

Shindra Roberson was a known member of the "Gangster Disciples Folk Nation" a reputed street gang. Several other members were there to pay their final respects to a fallen soldier. They were the ones who had no respect for the pastor or the church. All through the eulogy they were talking and walking. I've heard they were on the church grounds drinking, like they do in the country. They could have waited for the repass, since it was being held in a nightclub. I hate that she was killed too, but we can't change her lifestyle with a homegoing service. You preach your funeral while you live. She was "Folk."

Take a look at this:

The Seed Has Already Been Planted

Geraldine Ferraro has been under fire for a comment she made about Barack Obama earlier this week. She made a statement that set everybody off, but actually it was true. I can't help but think some of these people may be living vicariously through Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Geraldine Ferraro must feel a sense of sisterhood with Hillary Clinton. Even to the point of feeling that she might be finishing what she herself started years ago. When she ran along with Walter Mondale as his vice-president. They make these meant to be damaging statements about the other side. Then they step down from their positions with the campaign they're working with. Leaving the damage they created behind.

It's not like Geraldine Ferraro is seeking support for any office. So she doesn't have to be careful with her every word. She said the same thing about Jesse Jackson when he was running. All of the Democratic strategist seem to think this will work against Hillary Clinton. I don't think it will though. Ms. Ferraro has been down this road before. She knows the effects of her statement and who it will incite. After this election is over, she knows it will be business as usual. This is a call from an outside source reminding blue collars and feminist who they're voting for. Even though the Clinton campaign is denying involvement. They have the most to gain. The seed has already been planted.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Power Corrupts; Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

For someone who is obviously very smart, this guy made an awful lot of stupid mistakes. I think he just got so caught up in his power. He temporarily forgot to cover his tracks. In a matter of weeks we have witnessed one of the rising stars on the Democratic horizon come to an abrupt and untimely end. Eliot Spitzer left a paper trail and then brought attention to his blunder, by trying to get the bank to remove his name from the transaction. Known as the "Sheriff of Wall Street" in some circles. He has built a career around prosecuting people for some of the same things he has been found guilty of doing himself. After pledging to clean up corruption in the state of New York. As it turns out, he was part of what needed to be cleaned.

It seems like everybody who has taken strong positions lately, have been found to be in violation themselves. It makes you wonder if these high profile people aren't being targeted by their so-called victims. Somebody somewhere knows your weaknesses. Often times powerful people think they have the power to make those sources disappear. They try to go to a higher rung on the ladder in hopes of being discreet. The next thing you know we have a scandal. First we had Congressman Mark Foley then Minister Ted Haggard and now there is Governor Eliot Spitzer. None of these people just picked their affinity's up after they got to be well known. They became popular afterward. When you're twenty years old and just getting out of your parents house, your racing harmones and sexual perversion don't really matter. When you speak for thousands , if not millions it does.

I found these pictures :

Try To Shed A Different Light

Instead of stirring up the racial fires in the city of Detroit. The Mayor (Kwame Kilpatrick) should be working hard to clean up his public image. He should still be keeping a low profile in the media. What preceded the thirty days he's talking about is him being caught up in a sex scandal. Read the excerpt below from his 2008 "State Of The City Address."

2008 State of the City Address

On March 11, 2008, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick delivered his seventh State of the City Address to Detroit. The majority of the 70-minute speech focused on positive changes occurring throughout Detroit and future plans. Kilpatrick specifically noted increased police surveillance, new policing technologies, and initiatives to rebuild many of the neglected neighborhoods in the city. He received standing ovations from the audience repeatedly during his speech.

Towards the end of the speech, Kilpatrick deviated from the transcript of the address that was given to the media[57] and posted on his official city website[58] so that he might address the scandal and controversy surrounding his years in office. He said, "I cannot leave this auditorium with my wife and my sons sitting there without addressing this issue." Kilpatrick begun his statement with, "In the past 30 days I've been called a nigger more than anytime in my entire life. In the past three days I've received more death threats than I have in my entire administration." He then proceeded to state that the media is only focusing on the controversies so that they can obtain more money through higher Nielsen ratings. In the remainder of the speech, he addressed the city council members who chose not to sit behind him on the stage in protest, particularly Kenneth Cockrel Jr. and asked that people "say no more" about any of the controversy.

"...And finally, and this may be the most talked-about part of this speech after laying out all of that, but I feel that I cannot leave this auditorium with my wife and my sons sitting there without addressing this issue. In the past 30 days Ive been called a nigger more than anytime in my entire life. In the past three days I've received more death threats than I have in my entire administration. I've heard these words before but I've never heard people say them about my wife and children. I have to say this because it's very personal to me. I don't believe that a Nielsen rating is worth the life of my children or your children. This unethical, illegal lynch mob mentality has to stop. And it's seriously time. We've never been here before. And I don't care if they cut the TV off. We've never been in a situation like this before. Where you can say anything, do anything, have no facts, no research, no nothing and you can launch a hate-driven bigoted assault on a family. I humbly ask members of council, I humbly ask the business community, I humbly ask the religious community, I humbly ask the brothers and sisters of the city of Detroit - I humbly ask that we say 'no more' together. I humbly ask that we say no more together. I love this city with every part of my being. I will continue to stay focused on building the next Detroit. God Bless you, Detroit. I love you."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Remember This Face

I think before it's over you'll see this face again. It may take until this case goes to trial. Nonetheless, when it's over she will have played a part in this whole thing. Not that I think she had anything to do with the murders physically. It might be a case of what my grandmother would call "cloaking." Helping you along in your mess. If nothing more, I think she was an accessory after the fact. She knew who the killer was before everyone else did.I would bet immediately after he committed the murders he went to her house in Goodwill Village.

Democrats Need To Worry About Republicans

It's amazing how liberals always manage to get the cow by the tail. They think the reason they're running low on Democratic ballots in Missisippi is because the Republicans are trying to sabatoge the election. As if they aren't doing a good job themselves. What they better be looking at is the fact, that Republicans have the power to control their primary elections legally. Unlike with the Democrats there probably won't be any voter irregularities. Just a unexpected surge of votes, that they weren't expecting. John McCain has already secured the Republican nomination. That order of business was taken care of expeditiously. I have long said the Democratic nomination will be decided by the Super delegates. That decision will definitely split the party. One candidates supporters won't automatically switch over. Republicans don't need to worry about Democrats. It's the other way around. Democrats need to worry about Republicans.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Apology Is Alright, But Pay Her In Dollars Too

As if the gruesome murders on Lester St. weren't bad enough, the sanctity of one of the victim's privacy was violated as well. Pictures of the body of Shindra Roberson laying on a slab, in the morgue were posted on the internet thanks to a local blogger. A victim's family has finally had the sense to be offended by this type behavior. This isn't the first or even second time the two parties involved have done this. Usually the family is looking for a payday. They think this kind of exposure helps their case. These people are in a vicarious position though, being that they can't sue anyone. Except those two people in question.Which may prove to this family's advantage.

Last week Thaddeus Matthews was saying he didn't care what anybody thought about him posting the pictures. He felt the public had a right to see what was happening in this city. And he didn't feel he owed anyone an apology for his actions.I still don't know what those pictures would reveal. Other than give people something to talk about. That was before it appeared he might be in trouble. The last I heard he was apologizing to the family. Now that N.J.Ford funeral home has abandoned him, and accused him of tresspassing. That was pivotal in helping him realize the error of his ways. In the past he has proven to be able to avoid paying his debt. So there isn't much of a chance of collecting from him. But to save his neck, he'll spill the beans on Ford. That's where it becomes interesting.

The Ford's are another story, they can be made to pay. I don't think they're going to close down the funeral home to avoid a lawsuit. They'll just have to bite the bullet and pay.I have often wondered why they allow him to hang around their business. He undoubtedly has something on them. I don't know, but hopefully we'll soon find out. The apology is in order, but she needs to get paid as well.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

We Still Don't Know All The Details

Even though we have a confession by one of the victim's brother. I still don't believe this case is completely closed as far as those who will be charged. We know the police haven't closed their investigation. But as we have seen lately, sometimes that's just a matter of procedure. There are still 300 to 400 pieces of evidence to be looked over. If Jesse Dotson is the only one involved, what difference would it make? I could be wrong and I hope I am, for the city's sake. Me being right only indicates the city has gone to the next level when it comes to gang activity. Serious gang members pledge their allegiance to their gang family first. Which might explain him killing everybody in the house.

Let me first say I'm not one of those people who think this is some cover-up by the Memphis police. No doubt, they have the right man. Just not everyone that's involved. Personally, I expect there to be more arrest made in this case. I just think right now with the atmosphere in this city. The police have to be very careful of the progress of the investigation they make public. Somebody else has dirty hands in this. If nothing more than being an accessory after the fact. I have heard a couple of rumors that make a lot of sense. They haven't been proven. So I won't repeat them. I will say they reinforce the fact though, that we still don't know all the details.

By Right The Money Shouldn't Be Paid Out

The surviving child identifying his attacker doesn't entitle him to the $81,000 reward that was being offered. If someone just wants to show an act of kindness like Governor Bredesen did that's fine, but the victims can't demand compensation. Me and people close to me disagree strongly about this. They say I don't have any compassion. They think the children should be awarded the money. I appreciate what the Governor did, but it could be sending the wrong message to some people. As it turns out, it might not be legal anyway. It would have been better if it had been done posthumously. As not to give artificial hope. Now you have all these people planning to change the surviving three children's lives with less than 100 grand.

Someone Lived To Tell

The brother and uncle of several of the victims has been charged with the Lester St. killings. As of 7PM Friday, 33 yr. old Jesse Lee Dotson has confessed to all the tortures and murders, of one of the most horrific crimes in Memphis history. I think the police suspected him all the time. They gave his history right off the bat. Him and his younger brother Cecil Dotson. Had already had an altercation that required calling the police. This man attempted to murder everyone in the house. I'm sure he didn't intend to leave any witnesses behind. It's just by the grace of God, that someone lived to tell.

The Next Four To Go

Kady Malloy

Luke Menard

Asia┬┤h Epperson

Danny Norriega

Thursday, March 06, 2008

These Murders Are Gang Related

My predictions in this case are coming to pass one by one. My computer has been acting up, so I've been delayed in my postings. As soon as I saw these pictures the other day. I said this was gang related then. Today I read in the newspaper that Cecil Dotson has long been a member of the "Gangster Disciples", a street gang with growing numbers in Memphis. You can rest assured Hollis Seals was a gang member too. Marissa Williams is the only adult who doesn't have a criminal record. That's just a coincidence, not because of her innocence. As long as she has been with Cecil Dotson, she just hasn't got caught. They have four children and lived in the house together. I'm sure she was aware of everything he was doing.

The Dotson sister seems to already have an idea of what happened. Not to say she knows who did it, but she won't be surprised when the killer or killers are caught. She was first on the scene I heard. And when no one answered the door. She was the first to suggest calling the police. Yesterday while talking to a reporter. She got a call from her house, and there wasn't supposed to be anybody there. The police went to her house, and ended up gathering several bags of evidence. After granting what I thought were too many interviews. She is now in protective custody like the three children and other family members.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lester St. Leeches

I know the family is hurt, and people in Memphis aren't accustomed to this type of violence. The fact of the matter, in crime infested cities across the nation. This type crime is nothing new. Those who are so critical of Memphis, can't wait to say we are one of the most dangerous cities in America. Yet as soon as something bad happens, they revert back to that Norman Rockwell mentality. People in Los Angeles or even Little Rock Ark., wish this was the first time this had ever happened. I'm not discounting the impact of this incident, but crime is crime everywhere. It also doesn't matter the race and age of the victim.

All these separate "Help the family" funds being started, cause me to be somewhat cautious. Some people are using this tragedy to further their own personal agendas. If they just wanted to contribute to the reward to find the killers. "Crime stoppers" is already in place. I'm not in favor of paying little Junebug around the way, for doing something he ought to do anyway. Let's not let being a lowlife informant become a come-up for criminals. The award has been raised to $81,000, thanks to the Governor Bredesen. Let's just be honest here. The only person that knows about this, is probably a criminal themselves. You shouldn't get paid because you were cellmates or fellow gangmembers, with someone involved in a crime. Let's not let the city and state get in the business of paying for information. With all this crime happening lately. They'll soon have another budget shortfall.

As enraged as some of the citizens are about these killings. Have you noticed the reward hasn't grown except for government donations? All of these people pledging hundreds of dollars in support of the families. Are just trying to get others to contribute. I know for a fact some of them aren't going to give a quarter. They have track records. If anything, they'll be trying to get some of the money for themselves. If indeed there are any contributions. Where is that money going? I hope I don't sound negative, but it crossed my mind. First Baptist Broad and Pastor Keith Norman have been instrumental after the fact. I think what they are doing is trying to discreetly raise money to pay for all the funerals. The chance of anyone being insured is highly unlikely. Somebody who might be responsible for some of the expenses, is a faithful tithing member of that church.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mike Huckabee Concedes

After suffering a sweep in all four states in yesterday's caucus. Mike Huckabee finally conceded defeat to Republican nominee John McCain. Some would say he should have done it long before now. Republicans now have a single candidate to support.

Live By The Sword

I didn't post this story right away. I didn't want to sound unsympathetic to those loved ones left behind. Four adults and two children were killed. Three children were seriously injured. At first I thought the Hispanic gangs had finally struck. If robbers keep on viewing their people as targets. It's just a matter of time before they make their presence known in Memphis. I was mainly basing that assumption on, thinking it happened in another part of town. I thought it happened in the National/Raleigh area. I just couldn't see even young black hoodlums, killing helpless babies. Therefore I didn't even suspect a black perpetrator at first.

Police aren't saying how it happened. Whether the killings were caused by shooting or stabbing. Based on the number of adults that were killed. It's safe to say there was a gun involved, or at least several killers. All that killing someone had to scream. No one stood in line for their turn to die. They are being highly secretive with specifics of the case. Especially anything involving the five children. All we know is that the ages ranged from 18 months to 12 years. We don't even know when it happened yet. It could have been as long ago as Saturday night.

A leak has sprung surrounding the case, possibly stating who the owner of the house was. He was supposed to be in court this morning on a aggravated robbery charge. Needless to say, he didn't show. I would bet he probably had some seedy associates. Some that everybody in the house knew too. I think that's what happened here. Whoever did this, tried to kill all the witnesses. This lesson unfortunately won't help him and his family, but if you live by the sword. Guess how you'll die?

Geechee Or Gullah

I got a very interesting history lesson on the origins of a local culture today. As it turns out, the people I have always heard about in the past. Turned out not to be who I thought they were. Heck, I might even be part Geechee myself. I always wondered exactly where the word came from, and exactly who they were talking about. Thanks to local author Dwight Fryer, I know better now. A book has been written explaining where this strange dialect and group of people came from.

Something I found quite humorous. All this time, what I thought was a lack of sophistication. As it turns out, it was me who didn't know the score. I was reminded of the way my grandmother always called shrimp, "schwimp." As children we always had a good laugh at her expense. Turns out the joke was on us, not her. As it turns out that was what the Gullah called them. This is the textbook description of what a Geechee is : The Gullah and Geechee are descendants of West African slaves who were brought to America to work the cotton plantations and develop rice crops. Because of the relative isolation of the sea islands, much of their culture is intact today, especially on Sapelo Island, Georgia, and St. Helena Island, South Carolina.

The pictures, I thought caught the essence of this story. They took me back to a day I've only heard about from others like my grandmother. When I saw the picture of the older lady above. I thought about Ms. Ency and all the elderly women I've met over the years. Click on the link below, read more and see more pictures:

I found Dwight Fryer's story quite inspiring. I was impressed with him on his second book as well. "The legend of Quito Road." I like how he has taken something that was there all the time, like his family history. And used it to further develop his passion. Go to his website:

Monday, March 03, 2008

I'll Pass On This One II

This just goes to show that if you dig one ditch, you better dig two. Just last week Conservatives were hanging Barack Obama out to dry about Louis Farrakahn endorsing him. Now John McCain faces the same thing with John Hagee endorsing him. Some people view his fire and brimstone preaching as extreme as Farrakahn's anti-sematic teachings. You really can't blame John McCain for distinguishing the difference between John Hagee's opinions and his own. He doesn't want to lose the Independent ,sympathetic, or Muslim vote. With the way things are looking now. He needs every vote he can get.

Mr. Hagee is a big boy, this isn't his first rodeo. I don't think John Hagee should take his endorsement back as some people have suggested. I'm sure he is used to people not being in full agreement with everything he says. He is quite the controversial figure himself on a consistent basis. I tend to agree with John McCain's strategy in this case. Stick with what brought you to the dance. He has never been a Cowboy for values in the past. Don't start trying to be one now. Just be quiet and let it do what it do.

Just last week:

The One To Beat

This guy is off and running already. He is so good it's almost sickening. I mean he has the shyness part and the whole tears thing down to a science. The other day when one of the other contestants lost. He stole her final moments in the spotlight, with his crying. Unless some one pulls a trick out of the bag. He is the one to beat right now.