Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Ahead

In order for him to be counted among the top rated players in the league, and the Grizzlies to be serious contenders. Rudy Gay has to play like he did tonight on a consistent basis. This is why he makes the big dollars. The way he took the game over in the fourth quarter is what this team needs. A clutch player like Zbo was prior to his injury.

The team looked more energetic with Marc Gasol on the bench. His jumper doesn't offset his shortcomings when the other team is hitting threes. Wayne Ellington lived to try it again. Every time he takes a shot, I grit my teeth. I was beginning to think he had lost his confidence. The memory of the Miami game is long gone. It's got to be about what you're doing right now. That should go for the whole team.

If  they're not hustling, sit them on the bench.  We got more ahead than behind

Friday, December 28, 2012

Can't Compete

You would have to go back all the way to when the club was initially built. I was present at the grand opening thirty-eight years ago. I remember it well. George Miller was running the show then, like he is now. The location at 380 Beale was what he cut as a side deal when the BSDC got the money.   Thus the silence now. You won't hear from Randall Catron (BSDC) either. Notice how quiet he has been since the city took over Beale Street. He can't play the race card anymore. This location is and has been the only completely minority run project on all of Beale since its' revitalization. When they signed over management to Performa Realty. The structure at 380 Beale was the only structure that wasn't included. That was the beginning of the end for the theatre. It's like a black man selling a house. You can never get what it's worth. Unless you're part of the flight  It has taken almost forty years to happen. But the rope is running out.
This building was built in a different time. But like the Pyramid it was behind from the start. When they were building a two screen theatre Downtown for blacks. They were building multi-plexes for  whites out East. The Malco has eight screens. You could see first  run movies for $2 during the matinee. Since blacks had started to migrate. The Muhammad Ali Towne II Cinema met an untimely fate. Since then they have been a low level nightclub trying to pay big time rent. With places like Silky Sullivan's and Rum Boogie Cafes' customers spending big dollars every night. They can't make payroll with a club full of patrons spending $10 for admission and sipping off two drinks all night. In addition to only being open two maybe three nights a week. They just can't compete. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

They Know

This situation is real. Not some scripted version of what Mona Scott-Young has put together for television. This is the real Atlanta (ATL). Rapper Shawty-Lo and "All his babies' mamas" is the name of the pilot. This is not fake drama . But Bankhead at it's unsung best. What the show probably won't tell you is before Shawty made any money off records, he was already hood rich. He didn't get all these children since he started rapping. He would have had eight anyway if not nine. All of these children were raised by the state of Georgia. He might be the biological father. But none of them  have the last name Walker? If it doesn't accomplish anything else. This show might keep some siblings from sleeping together.

I don't think this show will last a whole season. Especially if they want things to stay the same. I already see trouble brewing.  Luckily they aren't on VH1. Chocolate and Amanda are going to have beef. I just saw the trailer and I already have questions. Why are these women still hanging around? The two mothers that are not on the show must have real relationships. Supposedly some of them with lovers came on the show anyway. I don't know how these ladies are thinking. Shawty Lo might be crazy like a fox. Putting them together in front of a camera. Could change the whole family structure. I'm sure finding out about E'cretia cheating took Lo for a loop. You best believe some of the other mamas knew. This might be Shawty's way of really finding out what they know?

Clean Cousins

Obviously this young man can't count? He has been suspended three times this year and the season is still young. What do they talk about around the table when he goes home for a visit. I bet growing up, this young man didn't have a male influence in his life. In cases like this I always reflect back to the APL documentary about the young elephants on the wildlife reserve. Sacramento was the wrong team for him to cut his teeth. He would have been a good fit for Boston or San Antonio. Coach Popovich and his players would have kept Demarcus Cousins clean. He would've been a better student with a better teacher. A Dwight Howard with a shot, and Andrew Bynum with some hustle. That's what a clean Cousins would be like.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Keep It Moving

One thing these two ladies don't have is low self-esteem.  If anything, they are suffering from illusions of grandeur. They think they are the ish. To hear these two talk and you didn't know who it was. You would think you were talking to  Savannah Brinson or LaLa Anthony. Having three babies by Gilbert Arenas won't bring as much as two by Lebron James. When it comes to LaLa Anthony. Being the wife of Caemellow Anthony opens more doors than being the wife of Matt Barnes. He doesn't normally last more than one season in a city. He has played on six teams in seven years. He spends more time on Twitter these days than he does his game.

If you could put Laura's face on Gloria's body you would have a star. Neither one of them is bad, but they aren't the cream of the crop by themselves . Gloria looks like Stuart Little, and Laura is built like a long distance runner. She has no curves or cuts. Her shape isn't voluptuous at all. Gloria would get a pass if it wasn''t for her stank attitude. If Laura's head were on Gloria"s body, But that might even be worse though. Her sisters' attitude is worse than hers. Especially since she lost the weight. If she were fine and had some friends. Everybody on the show would have to be weary of her. The way it stands right now. It really doesn't matter.That Jackie Christie stuff blew up in her face. Bambi is going in on her and Gloria every chance she gets.

Gloria clings to the fact that she is the reason Shaunie Oneal started BBWLA in the first place. What she fails to mention is, it is more about Laura than her. The main concern was whether there was a sexual relationship between Laura and Shaq. Gloria and Matt were just a side note. That question hasn't been answered still. All Laura has finally said is " her and Gilbert Arenas never split up".Until now she had kept it a secret. Now that the cat is out of the bag. You know whats up, so keep it moving.     

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Some Twerk

When Porsha Williams Stewart was calling Kenya Moore a tramp, I guess she forgot about doing this video. Kenya has never done anything like this. Porsha just got married last year to a guy who might like men. Come back ten years from now and prove this marriage wasn't a front. How legitimate is their relationship? It might be like Kenya said "some work and some twerk".

Merry Christmas

Should Get Some

Yo Gotti is taking this city to the bank. He loans the crowd $10,000, and gets a  $100,000 worth of free publicity. Every time he has a concert at a club, somebody gets killed. He doesn't have that many hits. If he was that popular among the people in Memphis. Why hasn't he at least moved up to the Desoto Civic Center?  All the other successful acts have. I think his audience is a collection of ruffians and gang members.Who are apt to cause some kind of trouble.

Last week he was here speaking at a funeral. This week he was here drawing a crowd where there was a shooting. It's no coincidence that he was at both. They both were gang related. Last nights shooting at Club Crave was just a delayed reaction. If it hadn't been for the MPD providing security at the funeral. This probably would have happened last week  Just because he is rap artist known outside of Memphis. This city gives him too much love. If you listen to his music you'll see. This is the kind of stuff he raps about. Since wherever he is we need extra police. The city should get some of that money. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Jack Klugman (1922-2012)

Bigger Cakes

What are the circulation numbers of  "The Women Of King" magazine? They have pictures  of everybody. From Nicki Minaj to Keyshia Cole. An argument between Brooke Bailey and Draya Michelle led me to look deeper than what's on the surface. As it turns out both of them have valid points. King magazine isn't what it once was, but photo shoots for urban models are limited. In a sea of implants and injections. For the business they are in. Opportunities like this don't come along everyday.

This raises a conversation for another time. Though I'm sure integrity has nothing to do with Draya's decision not to shoot. She unknowingly made a point.  The magazine isn't going to shoot two covers in one, or put one against the other. Like they ended up doing with Brooke and K. Michelle.  You don't have any bargaining power when they have fifty women to take your place. Probably with bigger cakes.

Trash And Class

This brings to mind the old adage "if you're living in a glass house, don't throw no stones ". Bambi had to know the truth or at least a different version of her story would come out.  Her constant referral to a "Black Santa Claus" is coming back to haunt her Black Santa has sent in texts and pictures to discount Bambi's story Making her look like a little hungry hood rat hunting for some cheese. Instead of starting stuff with Gloria and Laura Govan. Whom aren't very popular these days.  She should have been trying to make a record. Being that's her only occupation. It's going to be interesting watching her rap her way out of this.

I always thought her bragging about a trick, said more about her than it did him. Who brags about something like that? Now we know why Malaysia was so offended last season when Laura Govan called her a rat. She struck a nerve. Malaysia was fighting for the honor of every rat out there trying to make a come up. White chicks and women like Laura and Gloria have made it rough. Talking in a sexy voice, wearing weave and colored contacts. Isn't enough to get these ballers these days. They want a woman who can swim. How can you have a pool party, when you can't get wet? Look at Shaq and Hoops. Malaysia and Bambi are best friends. Birds of a feather flock together . Malaysia is just the groupie who made good. Even though her husband has never shown his face.  She has an Army behind her.

He already had a fly woman by his side. Brooke looks as good or better than Bambi. The man was a player not a square.  As it turns out she was a downgrade. Brooke has kept it Gucci, and she is the one who was cheated. When I saw Bambi on BBWLA Reunion it was apparent how ghetto she was.  Like Santa said "  that's the difference between trash and class. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Problem

I doubt anyone has told K. Michelle her trouble with men is karma.  It's hard to picture her as a victim.  When she is always the one starting fights. She thinks it's cute but it isn't. Young people arguing with their elders doesn't look good. It's being disrespectful. Plus it only draws negative attention to you. Talking about Karlie Redd makes people notice her behind is too big for her body.Talking about Rasheeda's bags under her eyes, makes people notice her long face and big teeth. None of which are dealbreakers, but erase her room to  talk. She needs to be less of a diva, and more of a singer.

At first it was the Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, now it's pro basketballer J. R. Smth. Both of them left K. Michelle holding her heart in her hand. Instead of the new up and comng songstress. She is looking like a jump-off. These men are watching her disrespect Karlie Redd over and over again. Now she has started on Rasheeda too. Just because she doesn't agree with her about what happened. She better watch her step.That crowd is growing. I'm not sure I totally believe her either. There are  three sides to  every story. Hers, his and the truth.

I noticed K. Michelle has switched her base of operations from Atlanta to NewYork. It looks like Memphitz and Toya had more freinds than her. She must have a bigger buzz up there than she does down here. Don't put your pen down. You don't have a hit yet. I heard her mixtape, and it isn't that great. She better take the advice of music manager Jeff  Robinson. She needs to work on her reputation. If  everywhere you go there's trouble. The problem might be you.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

She Can Chew

This is one of the reasons it took so long for Tamar to get a hit record. Her spirit isn't right. The comment she made about Joseline wasn't called for. Now she's calling her a bully because she defended herself. Like Joseline said "Tamar is too old to be botherng her". Tamar was batting a 1000 that night. She even throwed shade on Beyonce.  Which she quickly apologized for. It's a good thing she said it on "Tiny Tonight" or she would be facing more than Joseline's wrath.. I don't think she is ready for battle.. She bit off more than she can chew.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Show Me

Tamar is so arrogant and obnoxious. You almost can't be happy for her. People have been waiting for this song for three years. They are just happy they weren't disappointed. This single had two reality shows and Lady GaGa to promote it. This is good, but show me whar else you have.


When I uploaded this photo I didn't care much for Kenya Moore, but I'm beginning to like her more and more. I think I see her dilenma. Most of the brothers that would know how to work with a woman like her are already married or already have a significant other She wants a black man that's her age. Not a youngster or a sugar-daddy. Like Kim and Marlo. She could get an old white guy with money, or a younger black guy with ambition or issues right now. She really does need the right man in her life. Everyone seems to think she is too desperate to find Mr. Right. But the woman is just keeping it real. She is forty-one years old and wants to have a baby. She doesn't have a whole lot of time. No doubt some things she does are silly. But what woman on RHOA isn't? That's the nature of the show.

As far as RHOA goes, since Kim Zolchiak left, Kenya is the hottest character on the show. They wanted someone with money outside that they earned on the show. Besides the boring and predictable Kandi Burrus. That also wanted to be on camera. Plus Cynthia needed someone else to fight for her. This is who they found. Porsha Williams-Stewart would have been a better fit on  Amateur Millionaires Club, except she wasn't selling anything. Her and Jewell Tankard are a lot alike. Their primary accomplishments are who they married and who their parents are. Maybe they should do a show together. " Our Husband's Money". Porsha Williams-Stewart is rich but she was wrong.

I think some of this is based on jealousy. Last year NeNe was bragging, when she should have been thanking her lucky stars. All the veneers, tummy tucks and nose jobs in the world won't make her a beauty. She is jealous of Kim. Kenya and quiet as it's kept Cynthia too. Can you imagine how she would act if she looked like Kenya Moore? You couldn't stay in the room with her if she did. I can hardly stand her now. Kandi or Phaedra can't carry the show with their storylines. The crux of  their excitement surrounds the show itself. Kandi is young, dumb and full of c*#. But she can't air the details of her personal life over the air. It isn't that interesting for someone with all that money. That would be the end of her relevance on the show. The world is full of single mothers with deadbeat dads They just aren't rich like her.

Kandi and Phaedra Parks went on a little sex-toy tour. The next thing you know Phaedra wasn't wearing her wedding ring. She has her hands full with her husband. Women want to give her a run for her money. Phaedra better watch Apollo. He made a guest appearance on "Kandi Koated Nights". He cut up so bad. Phaedra had Kandi remove the show from the archives. Since they've been together. She has constantly fought to hide her past. Something about Phaedra isn't kosher. I think she's lying about her age. Apollo might not be in such awe of the donkey butt. There was rumor of trouble in the Nida/Parks camp earlier. Have they worked that out?  Apollo was flattered that Kenya was flirting. The rest of the men were wishing it was them.

This thing with Walter Jackson is his own doing I think.  He started worrying about his image and what people are going to say about him. He has gone out of his way to make himself appear caught off guard. Notice how apologetic he was to everyone on the cast. He doesn't  want to be the butt of any jokes. He is also making sure he is seen with other women. A real player wouldn't go out of the country with a lady he's not getting intimate with. People are beginning to wonder, including myself. Whether he got the cookies at all.  In all the gossip the blogs and websites are digging up and spreading about Ms. Moore. They haven't dug up any sorted past. Probably because she doesn't have  one.

What started out making Walter look like a ladies man, has ended up making him look like a mark. Remember he went after Kandi Burrus first. But she turned him down without a second thought. She just bought a house with a former member of the RHOA production staff. Who is probably now working for her. The house was paid for in cash. How much money do you  think he contributed? If   they don't get mariied. Kandi will have to buy him out based on the repaired value. As good as Kandi is with business. You think she doesn't know that? So you know she really wanted a man.

Call me presumptious but I think some of  this criticism is rooted in jealousy. In Kenya I see an older, more educated, acknowledged version of  Jocelyn Hernandez. On the show when she spunn around and walked away and said she was going to bed. I was hooked. This is the sexiest woman on  the  show. Don't hate on her because the men all pause when she walks into the room. Like her style or not.  This woman is forty, fine and fabulous. She has a pedigree.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Too Far

I hadn't been watching "Inside Sports" with Rob Parker and Skip Bayless. So I wasn't aware of their motto "embrace debate". If I had t hough. I could have told Parker he was walking on thin ice. When you're on the other side of Stephen Smith. You've probably gone too far.

Monday, December 17, 2012


I have always said there should be a special place in hell for women who are guilty of lying about  the paternity of their children. These chicks already know when there's an issue. Yet they let these men claim their children Counting on the man's ego to get them over the hump They don't  plan on getting caught. I wouldn't condone taking a life for any reason. But I can see why Jovan Belcher did what he did.  This was a bigger pill than he could swallow.

This young man has overcome adversity all his life. He wasn't highly recruited out of high school to a major college program. In spite of leading his team to a state championship. Even though he was a starter for the Kansas City Chiefs. He wasn't drafted into the pros. He walked on as a free agent.  Which is extremely rare. He was beating the odds until he met his Sunshine.  The biggest crime he commited was falling in love with a.deceitful woman  

Crime Was Down


I have mixed emotions about something like this gaining headlines in the daily news. It shows some   type of growth in the city. But what kind are we talking about?  This wasn't just some guy everybody liked back in school. He is confirmation that we have a serious gang problem in Memphis. Where was Uncle Joe and Stevie Moore when they're needed?  This is the real thing. From correction officers to judges. The gangs have a strong presence in the city government.

I think the funeral director was behind this whole thing. Former County Commissioner Joe Ford knows exactly what this service cost the city. Being that the cost of  police protection should have been incurred by his funeral home. Just because they paid the required rental fee for the Cannon Center. Doesn't make it good business.  All money isn't good money. I don't particularly approve of city police being used to provide security for gang members funerals.

The city has given the wrong people a fallen hero. Instead of the message of an untimely death due to an abhorrent lifestyle. People have lost pay and privileges all in an attempt to show their respect to a convicted felon. He just got out of jail. This service drew 2000 people in the daytime during the week. Other than his family and close friends. Probably 1500 of them didn't have jobs. How do you think they earn a living? These are the people who steal your cars and break in your houses. All of them that don't sell dope. How many murderes, rapists and drive-by shooters do you think were in the room? For at least two hours crime was down.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


What you talk about at the dinner table at the house will eventually make it to the school. Children and adults represent what they learn and do at home. You can't be a heathen all the week and be a saint on the weekend. Rob Parker's comments about Robert Griffin's blackness can be heard on a daily basis regarding other less well known blacks. People like Stephen Smith are nothing more than hypocrites.  They're throwing Parker under the bus. In a different setting they would have been giving him high fives and slapping him on the back. The rhetoric doesn't sound so good in mixed company.

Rob Parker is wondering what in the world just happened. Last I heard he had been suspended indefinitely. He probably just thought he was being controversial. Some things are left unsaid for a reason. He used all the catch phrases that usually ignite blacks.  He mentioned his white woman, Republicans and even Griffin's hair. None of them worked though.  Robert Griffin appeals to a different kind of fan. Not just those who followed Doug Williams. He wants his career to last a long time. There is a big difference in BET and ESPN. Parker got caught up in the mix.  Though it may be true or at least widely accepted by most people watching. You don't have the clout to point it out.

We Don't Know

I think Emily Bustamante needs to collect her child support and go on about her business. If indeed that's Fabolous's baby. She can make it on her own. I hope this isn't a Maury episode. If Evelyn didn't have that bad little boy Jovan. She wouldn't even be in this guys rotation. In all fairness though. All we see is Fabolous dogging her. But I'm beginning to think there's something else we don't know about. Why would a good looking chick who has his baby already, continue to put up with his disrespect? It might be her. We don't know. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Something For Everyone

I'm not sure who this woman is, but this photo is all the buzz this week. It was first rumored to be Brett Favres daughter, 23yr.old Brittany Valkenburg.  But I'm not sure it's her though.  Why would all of a sudden she put her picture out on the web like that? She is already popular for who her daddy is and her good looks. She is #12 on the athletes all-time hottest daughters list.  Which isn't too shabby.  I don't think she is hurting for money either. Not the kind this kind this snapshot will bring. Brittany is already married and has a new baby. I can't see this picture helping her one way or the other. I know this might sound stereotypical  But forgive me for saying, "she isn't after a baller or a rapper".

Another young lady named Pamela Alexander has come forward saying it's a picture of her and not Brittany. According to her profile not only is she stacked in the back, but very smart.  Comparing them to pictures of her on her Facebook page. To me it doesn't look like this is her picture either. But before I judge her I would need to see more than just these pictures to make up my mind. Maybe I was wrong about CoCo after all. She may have really inspired this young white lady to be proud of her body. I talked about this just the other day. Whether it's her or not. She is getting millions of hits and tons of exposure. That she wouldn't have had otherwise.

Women like in this picture are causing people not to have to choose sides. White people feel the need to defend petite women with large breast and a pretty face.  Black people aren't really into that. They like the donkey butt even if it matches the face. Jada Pinkett Smith felt the need to defend her body image. In the past the thin girl with the pretty face got a pass. That doesn't work these days. She isn't leading in any particular category, but in a instance where beauty, boobs, brain and bottom are required. She has something for everyone.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Too Much

Ice T really shouldn't be surprised at what happened in Las Vegas last week. He didn't check his trap and his cheese got ate. Unless of course it is true what I've suspected about him all the time. He was just being himself and ran into some real Pimpin. CoCo folded and he temporarily got knocked. Good thing she didn't run across a Pimpin Ken or a Pimpin Snoopy while she was gone  She might be almost turned out by now. Ice has been guarding her 24/7 for eleven years. Remember she was on her way to doing adult films until he semi-saved her. She was already on the set.

She isn't but one step away from doing porn now even though she is his wife. This woman's website is just one thread short of hardcore pornography. I'm not buying her claim of reaching out to other curvy women either. By hiding behind her obsession with wearing shoes and very little else. She is taking xx-rated pictures and posting them on the Internet. Notice how the shoes are all "come f&#k me pumps". I think her target audience is the masturbation crowd.

Ice T should know you can't leave your jewelry unattended around people with no gold chains. Somebody is going to pick it up soon as you turn your back. If Ice is really from the streets as he claims. Him of all people, should already know about getting knocked by another player. I became suspicious of his credibility when I heard the "Pimps up Ho's down" interview. Come to find out Magic Don Juan was playing him then. He should just chalk this up to hazards of the trade and keep it moving

I guarantee he won't resort to any gorilla tactics and end up like T.I did. So far Ice T has managed to escape this ugly side of the business. Nobody checked his references. He got on in the middle of the ride. He has avoided having beef with anyone all this time. Don't get into it now. I doubt he'll get caught up in his own hype. The damage is already done. Ice T is too old, and has too much money to change now.

RIP Officer Martoyia Lang (1980-2012)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

They Don't Tell

I don't think Russell Simmons has dated a black woman in quite some time. I have a theory, yet unproven. But I think I've figured it out. Kimoro Lee is the closest thing to a sistah I have seen him with since Cynthia Bailey. And I didn't even know about that. Word is he proposed to her and she turned him down.  She ended up having a child by a guy of questionable sexuality and eventually marrying a man who lives off women. I wonder how she feels about turning him down in hindsight? Since then it's been a constant Rolodex of thin, white women in Russell's life. One thing all these ladies have in  common. They don't tell his business.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Itching Ears

This is why Ice T is usually like Coco's shadow.  He can't let her out of his sight, without her getting out of pocket. Why do you think the bulldogs follow her everywhere she goes? Not because she is such an animal lover as she pretends. They get in the way of all the wolves. Sort of like children since she doesn't have any. Where was Spartacus and Maximus when these pictures were taken? I bet they were locked away back at the hotel out of the way. Ice T knows what catches CoCo's eye. They've been together ten years and this is the first time they've ever been apart. He is involved in everything she does. Like her pimp or her manager.

Ice T pulled her from the "Playboy Mansion" with Hugh Hefner and his friends. When she met Ice, he was probably the flyest guy she had seen in quite a while. Especially one who had millions of dollars. She did better than Kendra when she got Hank. Instead of being a hard, cold, pimp like he claimed. Ice turned out to be the ultimate John. She could be a retired player's wife and he could supposedly hang up his hat. If she went to a "Players Ball" without him at her side. She would get pulled by one of the other players. Someone like this is what Kenny Red and Pimpin Ken live for. Talk about the hooker mentality. She is a sucker for the gift of gab and a glide in your stride. Put her in the midst of all that game and she'll go crazy. She can't stand up under the pressure. Ice is always there to keep the predators away.

Many conclusions can be reached from looking at these infamous pictures. None of them are good for her husband though. If her and AP.9 did get together. He gave up the dinner for a snack. Why would he blow up the spot this soon? Her plans call for her being in Las Vegas at least six months. She has only been there a couple of  weeks.  Could it be someone didn't live up to the others expectations? Maybe someone had second thoughts. In either case scenario. It might be over, but it still happened nonetheless.  This is not the first time something like this has happened to them. That's why the use the same phone. Having CoCo is like winning that big bear at the fair. Now you have to guard her the rest of the night. You have to watch her constantly She has itching ears. She could easily get stole.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Myth

For those people who don't think Yung Joc is a come-up, better take another look at his bank statement. This guy is worth $20 million at 29 yrs. of age. That's like a highly successful lawyer or surgeon. That qualifies him as a what's called a baller. He's worth more than most pro athletes his age with fairly good contracts. And has been for six or seven years now. We hear what the men are doing, but we don't hear about their wives. You might be surprised to find that many of them aren't even sleeping with their famous husbands. Yung Joc's wife and their children live in College Park  Rumor is Yung Joc has a place in the city of Atlanta. Where him and the rest of his ladies hang out.

At first I thought the ladies on KKN were giving Yung Joc a break. I thought he was just a hot dog tooting his own horn. Considering the accusations surrounding him. I didn't expect them to be so friendly. The ladies joked with him about his jump-offs and didn't mention his wife. Kandi even said she approved of what she saw and asked whether it was hard or soft. Letting him know she had studied his naked photo. But he didn't have that mesmerizing affect on the women, Stevie J. had on them  The women on the show wouldn't look him in the face. He can see the curiosity in their eyes. Even Funky Dineva was admittedly smitten and he/she ain't gay. After further discovery though, with Yung Joc it might just be a front. The ladies on KKN might already know the score. Depending on the results of the paternity test. His woman might have betrayed him first.

One of the women Joc was accused of getting pregnant has kept it moving though.  Depending on which one you're talking about. He is just a memory. There were rumors of their being more than one. So I don't know what Kia Lynn is doing. But less than one year later Gizelle xxx was getting another rappers name tattooed on her body. She didn't let any grass grow beneath her feet. Like Amber Rose did after Kanye West. In Young Dro she found her version of a Wiz Khalifa.

My last post was to black women. This one is to black men. Just like black women thought it was about their hips.  The men think it's about their girth. They aren't aware that size isn't the most important thing to most women these days. The same ladies that wanted something big as a horse in the past. Have lost their loudspeaker when it comes to female opinions on sex. They are sleeping with each other now. Just remember the female anatomy is flexible.They can accommodate the birth of a baby. When it comes to having sex. According to most women. That's another myth.

Friday, December 07, 2012

It's Your Beauty, Not Your Booty

There was a time when black women basically had the market cornered on big curvaceous  butts. It  was rare you saw a white girl with some junk in the trunk like Stevie Van Lowe did on Moesha. Jenna Van Oy had to hang out with Moesha and Prentiss Vaughn to find a circle where she was considered cute. She didn't fit with the Britney Spears and Alicia Silverstone looking girls. They would have called her fat and suggested she go on a diet.. But Tee and Hakeem were slobbing at the mouth.

I looked at several polls that rated the hottest female behinds  I found this one the most accurate in my opinion. Mainly because it did include some black women. Most of them didn't  have any at all. Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have changed the game. Beyonce is barely mentioned. I don't know if it's real or not, but Nicole "Coco" Austin looks good next to anybody. She has a body like an animated character with all the right enhancements. A black woman use to be able to get away with just having a big behind. It didn't matter if she looked like a mule in the face. With $50 million and a classic cut behind her. Andrea Kelly still can't attract a white man. She probably won't even pull a baller. Especially one with bank. She'll probably end up with a brother on a regular grind. Her last boyfriend was a barber. She won't fare as well aa Nicole Murphey. She married Michael Strahan.

Though generally considered to be flat as an ironing board. Don't count the Asian women out. I watched a movie that had a lot of them as actresses. They have a lot of other things going for them. I never really seen a fat one. In most cases they are kind of cute. Kimoro Lee Simmons is the tallest one I've ever seen. Her two daughters could turn out to be stunners.  A  hint of the exotic mixed with their aunt Angela  Simmons. Though she isn't  pretty as she used to be when she was young. Kimoro has reached that MILF status herself. Though both these men could have had their pick with the ladies. Billy Dee Williams and Wesley Snipes went to the Oriental side and stayed. President Obama seemed intrigued by them as well. I bet he's still getting the cold shoulder behind that visit.

Black women have the best looking butt in tight jeans or a fitting skirt.if they have nice legs to match. Kandi Burrus looks good in jeans and Phaedra Parks looks good in a skirt. But they can't switch it around. Kandi doesn't have the legs and Phaedras butt is on her back. Neither one of them can pull off the two piece swimsuit. But they both still look good. If you get caught up in the whole looks thing. With all this cosmetic surgery these days.  That's what the men want now. Even Apollo Nida made mention. Phaedra wants to make a workout tape where you don't sweat. Apollo stressed the fact he wanted to go after the Brazilian type women. Phaedra had a funny look on her face. He wants a woman who can get out of the swimming pool and let him run his fingers through her hair.  It's the opposite of what Mike Epps said. " It's your beauty, not  your booty".

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Hard To Beat

Things are looking up for the Grizzlies and their fans. Even though they were already the best team in the league. The other night the team got a little better. They won 108-98 in overtime. The old Zach Randolph came back. Even with 15 double doubles this season. He still hadn't switched gears yet. Against the Phoenix Suns he did just that. He scored 38 points and grabbed 23 rebounds against a formidable front court.. Jermaine Oneal and Marcin Gortat were doing a pretty good job. Just not good enough.

This is just what this team needed. Rudy Gay is good, but not a Kobe Bryant. He isn't able to take charge of a game like the marquee players in the league. Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James all can take a game over just like that. With them on the opposing team. The game isn't over until it's over. Rudy can make clutch shots, but not the game  winner. Now the Grizzlies have that same weapon in their arsenal. They're going to be hard to beat.       

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


If fast food restaurants are going to be required to pay workers  $15 hr. plus benefits. These workers that are protesting still won't have jobs. Then those employers who hire them will attract a higher level employee.  What do you  think is going  to happen, if you were required to pass a written test, and hired according to your score. Low skilled employees definitely couldn't find jobs.

The problem is the mindset of the people. Just having a job doesn't guarantee you a house with a double garage and a SUV inside. You can't afford $800 monthly rent if you only make $7.25 hr. and have two kids and a car note. You need another job or a cheaper place to stay. Unless you own  the restaurant. You  aren't going to earn 20 hr working on fries.

Kat Is Krazy

Kat Williams is just doing things to get attention. But he better check himself before he wrecks himself. Money Mike was just an act. But I think instead of him making the part,it made him. That role was the pinnacle of his career. Kat is not krazy. He better do something. Kevin Hart is taking over.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Paying Off

These two California businesswomen  have brokered a shrewd business deal. You would have to have vision to see the big picture here. It doesn' t seem like such a wise investment right  now. This is called gentrification. They bought a 38 yr. old, 196 room full service hotel for $1.25  million. Paying less than 5% of this buildings  repaired value. With a 10% occupancy rate, and on-site owner management . They're already making money. No one is going to watch your investment like you will. That's a given.

The main problem I foresee with this venture is security. Management has a lot to do with that. Your employees can put you out of business. If  word gets around you don't want a certain clientele just because they're spending money. They won't frequent the establishment. A police precinct being less  than a block away and your other neighbors being auto dealerships. The immediate area is safe.

The restaurant is the key to this sale. If they can prepare food good enough where the guest never have to leave the premises. Maybe even a bar and grill. For someone who wants to get in this business. This could be a real nice living. I know most people don't remember the little lady in midtown buying apartment buildings..But she capitalized on what others investors overlooked. Look at Midtown now. It's paying off.

Final Chapter

I  don't know what made Javon Belcher kill his longtime girlfriend Kassandra Perkins.  Whether we  think it was insurmountable or not. Based on his actions it wasn't to him. Killing yourself doesn't make you a coward. To the contrary it takes a lot of nerves. Most people don't have the nerve to give up millions of dollars. They think that's the answer to most of their problems. Let alone take their own lives. They just ride it out until the end .I have no proof  to back up my assumptions. But I  think this was a case of;"who in the hell left the gate open"? The endless belittling and nerve wrecking yapping has finally come to an unexpected end.

In spite of what most people think. All domestic abuse isn't physical.  The tongue is a powerful weapon. It allows a little woman  to bring a big man to his knees. No matter how big they are, they still have feelings. This isn't your run of the mill domestic violence. This wasn't a battered woman. Even though they were a couple. This was a form of an opponent to him. Yes he could have walked away, but he didn't. He chose to end the whole thing  If they were having so many problems, why didn't they just go their separate ways? Though they lived together and had a child.  They still weren't married.

I would love to have been a fly on the wall during their final argument. I haven't heard anyone accuse him of being physical even on the day in question.  What could they have been arguing about all night long? Something about this whole thing doesn't sound right.  He entered college and the pros with little to no fanfare. He wasn't highly recruited by big colleges, and he entered the NFL as a free agent.  Some hard-headed young honey from Texas comes to town and locks him down. Then sticks him with a baby before he can get away. Whatever was between  them. He decided he couldn't live with it, and neither could she. This was the final chapter.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Dee Harvey (1965-2012)

After A Brother

What's the difference between Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton? At one time they were like the female version of the "Rat Pack". Now one has gone into virtual obscurity and the other has become the poster girl for promiscuity. Though she doesn't fit the profile. It's just  that all of her relationship's have been so closely watched. Paris was the original. She has done  everything Kim has done, only she did it first. Kim is more popular, but  she is working 24 hrs.,365 days a year. I even saw pictures of her sleeping. We have seen pictures of Kim doing everything but using the commode. She would probably do that too. But nobody wants to see that. I know I don't.

Even though Paris is three times as rich as Kim. The momentum is clearly on Kim's side now. All indications point to Kim surpassing Paris very soon.  She might be catching up money wise, but that's the only place she is gaining ground. She is going to be like Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry. When it comes to finding a mate. Neither one of  them can keep a man.  Why can't three of the most  beautiful women in the world find  the man of their dreams? They are either a come up, or a jump off. Never  the virtuous one.

What do Ray J., P. Diddy and Christopher Williams all have in common? Not that they're  entertainers. But the women I mentioned earlier are judged by them. The other ladies didn't know what Paris Hilton and Kim Zolciak did. They have done everything under the sun, but been with a black man. Anna Nicole Smith and Kim Zolciak even dated women.  They still managed to marry wealthy white men and have little white babies.  Paris Hilton made a sex tape that was equally or more explicit than the one made by Kim Kardashian.  The difference was that the man she was with looked like her. Not like Ray J or Kanye West. It's like the housing market. No one wants to buy a house after a brother has lived there.