Monday, April 30, 2012

Just You Weight

If Governor Chris Christie hasn't been cheating on his wife, or she been cheating on him. He passes the smell test so far. I don't have an opinion about his wife one way or another. You don't see her much in public. If he was gay that would have come out by now. As long as they don't produce pictures of him in bed with a dead animal. You are looking at the next "Golden Boy". In spite of his girth. He is going to make a lot of those who ridicule him eat their words. Just weight and see.

Get Well Soon

I had started to really enjoy listening to Jeff Lee and Greg Peters every evening. Jeff had made a 125* turn in his attitude. Which made him just about straight. Whether he returns to radio or not. Get well soon!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I appreciate President Obama's sense of humor, but I don't think he should be having a publicized beef with Donald Trump. One is the Commander-in-Chief, the other a self-promoting celebrity Real Estate investor. Who by the way has a lot of money. One can go where the other one can't. And I'm bettting they probably will. Who does Donald Trump really represent other than himself? The "birther" issue was dismissed early-on and some of it's original supporters labeled crazy. Ask Ms. Orly Tatz what it dd to her career. Only to have Mr. Trump bring it up last year and have it make headline news. He shouldn't have that kind of influence on the president. Don't think he accepts being the brunt of the president's jokes. He could be lulling this administration to sleep. What if he suddenly has questions regarding Larry Sinclair? President Obama better be careful. Don't leave smoldering fires unattended.

Still Free

I wonder were any of Jerry Sandusky's victims black? That might speed up his prosecution. Considering the nature of the accusations. I would bet money they were. Like I always said "this man is going to get acquitted". Like I heard once before. It's not against the law to have sex with a twelve year old consenting boy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


As long as it isn't rape or teachers sleeping with students for grades. That or succumbing to pressure of authority figures. I think we need to pump our brakes before we destroy every successful man's career that ever chased a woman. Why was this student slipping around with a camera phone anyway? Heck, do away with the hair, the makeup and the push up bras and braid your hair and wear a sundress. Men can't look at you anyway. At least they better not say they are. Just like the whole "Secret Service Sex Scandal" this is overkill. Seventeen year old young ladies having sex with twenty-three year old young men isn't a crime. It's just against the law. The cardinal rule in prostitution whether casual acquaintance, street walking, met at a club or escort service. "Get your money first". Then the terms are clear. Having sex and sexual advances from men on women is a natural occurrence. If they don't like women (girls)they like men (boys). Since nothing has or is likely to change anytime soon. All of this line in the sand attitude is overkill.

New Family And Friends

This young man has experienced a sudden rise in popularity both in Kansas City and here in Memphis too. I wrote an article about Dontari Poe and his guardian angel Coach Mike Dubose, shortly after his combine performance last month. Which was quite impressive to the scouts also. That's what started the buzz to begin with.  Most Memphians still hadn't noticed him yet. I watched some of his tapes on the field that didn't show me much.  I hope Dontari proves me wrong. But after being chosen #11 in the first round of the NFL draft everybody is talking. Bev Johnson is so transparent. Suddenly he is her God son. She didn't even mention him until today.He is suddenly a wealthy man with new family and friends.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Kim Kardashian has managed to find another celebrity with as bad a reputation as her own. This is her biggest catch yet. He is worth more than her. She just broke up with her ex-husband professional basketball player(Chris Humphries) a couple of months ago, after a whirlwind engagement and marriage. The ink on the divorce isn't dry yet and already she is back in love again. If her new beau was not so starved for attention himself. He might slow things down and look at those that came before him. Kanye West should be more selective and not get involved in the drama just out of respect for another man.

It was only a couple of months ago Kim was pledging her undying love for Chiris. Kanye always remember she chose him before she got with you. But being in the middle of something like this is right up his alley. He already recorded a tune on his new album dissing Chris Humphries as a player. He better save some of that testosterone for Ray J. I expect them to run into each other. That should make headlines at some point.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Cornfield

How can a six year old girl cause so much fuss the school had to call the police? Is this the Twilight Zone? Maybe she was going to wish them to the cornfield.

A Break

It takes a certain mentality to be content with surviving like this. Where the brand of sneakers you wear can make or break you. I wouldn't want to hang around all day smoking weed and eating snacks with a bunch of other men. How can a man find contentment in an atmosphere that doesn't include females? Especially for any extended period of time. Unless he has somehow found a way to take care of his needs with only other men. Now I know what Melvin Moore meant when he said "go lay up and play some dominoes and let my fingernails grow". To him it was a break.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dick Clark (1929-2012)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Mother Knows

A picture is worth a thousand words. And this one says a lot. I don't know whether it's old wounds being reopened, or new ones being made. Trayvon Martin's mother has a look of discontent with this whole thing on her face. She is happy George Zimmerman is being charged, but the victory is bittersweet. Something tells me she had probably vaguely foresaw something like this happening to her son. Why was he at his father's fiance's house (who we have never seen) in the first place? How could Tracy Martin provide a stable home for Trayvon, when he doesn't have one himself? I think Trayvon was an out of control teen staying with his rolling stone father because his mother couldn't handle him anymore.

In a interview on CNN yesterday the mother fueled my suspicions. She said she knew it was an accident and not intentional. It may have been a slip of the tongue, but it was nonetheless quite revealing. Of course her handlers got busy doing damage control. Writing retractions and giving her a prepared statement.  She knows her son better than anyone else. She is not as radical as  Trayvon's father. In him I see another Stevie Moore in the making. Trayvon's mother is just glad it made it this far. Only  weeks ago this fish was dead in the water. She knows the whole story. Not just the one that has everyone excited. No matter what image the outside get's to see. A mother knows the truth.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Loss

If Kriner Cash gets the job in North Carolina, I guess his haters here in Memphis will finally be happy.  It just proves misery loves company and ignorance is bliss. Like I always say. "You don't miss your water until your well runs dry". Mr. Cash is responsible for this city receiving $120,000,000 from the "Gates Foundation".  As well as receiving additional federal funding for the state . He can also rehire his friend Irving Hamer his right hand man. Who I think was unfairly forced to retire for Cash's sake. I don't blame Cash for testing the waters. His talents would be more appreciated elsewhere. Kriner Cash has never been evaluated based on his performance. Some Memphians both black and white just think $100,000 a too much for a black man to make. Let alone him and some of his friends. They can't get pass that.

Have you noticed all former Memphis  school superintendents except Willie Herenton left for a better job? I finally can see what Herenton has done to the city for the last twenty years. He has stayed around and undermined everyone who didn't bow to him. His charter school application is yet another example. He has always been in the background second guessing their every move. Based on their departure. They must have been doing something right. You haven't heard of Jerri House or Carol Johnson trying to come back. They're somewhere  else making the same or more money with less headaches. If Kriner Cash does get the job. His gain is our loss.                                      

Monday, April 09, 2012

Mike Wallace (!918-2012)


It's ironic that I would run across this article right after I wrote my post about Shaq and Hoopz. It makes me believe there might be some truth to the rumor that the fight was about Hoopz appearing on Shaunie's reality show (Basketball Wives). Shaq doesn't want a standoff between his new woman and his babies mama. A meeting between the two could spell trouble for him.

My ex-wife is very intelligent. She doesn't really get involved with the buffoonery, but I can't stop them from what they're doing. I just know that she does a beautiful job taking care of the children. She's always been a professional. We're very cordial. Take it from me. It's all about being happy

Sunday, April 08, 2012


I knew that breakup wouldn't last long. Shaq was the ultimate come-up for Hoopz. She was a dream girl for him. That's why Shaunie had all those babies. She knew she was just holding it down until a senorita came around. He was so weak he didn't last a week.

Diamond In A Bed Of Coal

This is a prime example of how a player can get lost in the shuffle. Here we had one of the top prospects in the country here in Memphis not being allowed to play. Thank goodness for the combine and Coach Mike Dubose blowing his horn. Dontari Poe may have gone unnoticed.

That's why the last two seasons, when Poe played on defenses ranked 117th in total defense last year and 114th in 2010 among the 120 FBS schools, it was DuBose who constantly told NFL scouts that Poe was a diamond sitting in a field of coal.

"Potentially, Dontari is the best player I've ever coached," DuBose said. "I never had anybody as big, as strong, as quick and as flexible as Dontari.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Monday, April 02, 2012

Does Truth Hurt