Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ego Trippin

Usually I agree with Mayor Herenton, but not on this one. I think what we are witnessing here is a pi#*#ng contest or the Alpha male marking his territory. He hasn't had to share the distinction of being the most influential voice in Memphis with another man. Even though the job pays more money than being the Mayor. He enjoyed a certain sense of security and superiority, with that job being held by a woman. I don't agree with his assessment of the remaining candidates for the soon vacant school superintendent slot. Both of these men are more than qualified to fill the position. I think the mayor has a strong inkling as to who will be picked between the two. I do agree with Mayor Herenton that they should select from in house. I'm sure we have someone both capable and willing, already within the system. When they go elsewhere they do tend to end up with resume builders. People who have no connection to the community, and pick up and abruptly leave after creating chaos in the system.

I've heard there is a silver lining in every cloud. Let's look at what it might be in this one. Though at first the Mayor was against the city council not voting to give the county $93 million. In an attempt to balance the city budget. The Mayor has now hesitantly supported a move to drop city funding to the schools. Even though he earlier suggested it himself. When someone else suggested the same thing. He didn't like how it sounded. The end result will be to his liking though. In effect forcing city and county school consolidation. This issue of the candidates not being qualified, is simply a distraction by the Mayor. Whatever he's for, some people are against. I know the Mayor is aware of this, and plays it to his benefit. I think they call it "Ego Trippin."

Friday, May 30, 2008

Modern Day Blackface Without The Paint

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When Will They Learn

I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, but there's a limit to being fair. Fool me once shame on you,fool me twice shame on me. The incumbents aren't guilty in this case. They're just caught up in the mix. But both of these challenging candidates should know better than to partner up with some of the people they are hanging with. Both of them have been on the campaign trail before. One has spent a small fortune trying to get in office. The other has been on the beaten path for quite some time. Not as a candidate but a worker.

Jennings Bernard is what you call a perennial candidate. He has entered every race he could, and even some he shouldn't have. In one race he received less than 100 votes. I think he is the epitome of the word unelectable. In spite of his name being on every ballot in recent history. Also an ongoing daily radio program for the last few years. He has been unable to make an impact. Now he is running against Karen Camper for State Representative in district 87. Who is both a newcomer and the incumbent. She was appointed to take the place of deceased Representative Gary Rowe. She also ran for for the City Council unsuccessfully. I don't know who is behind this woman, but obviously they have some clout. My guess is the forces that have worked against him in the past, will continue to do so, and Ms. Camper will be reelected. His original partner in politics is not endorsing him. Though they have made it a personal goal to inject themselves in other races.

I don't always agree with his stances but I do admire his steadfastness. Eddie Neal has been an adamant supporter of local left wing politics since the days of "Enough Is Enough." Which by the way was the brainchild of Jennings Bernard and Thaddeus Matthews. Last year he was appointed on a interim basis to represent district 92 after Henri Brooks was elected to the County Commission. Since he was the first in that group to get into office, appointed or elected. You would think the other members would have been ecstatic over the win, but they weren't. Jennings barely mentioned it on his radio show. Only then because Eddie Neal called. Thaddeus didn't mention it on his blog at all. Though he's endorsing him now. Which has more to do with his opposition of G.A. Hardaway than his support of Eddie Neal. In the special election to fill the seat. They all set by quietly while the powers that be slid Hardaway in office. And totally overlooked Mr. Neal. I hope Eddie Neal is aware he is a pawn in a personal squabble. And doesn't let Thaddeus become the kiss of death. By using him to promote his show. If it's not already too late.

When you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. Both of these guys are old enough to know the score. Since they obviously haven't learned yet. When will they learn?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

On Top Of His Game

Attorney Michael Scholl is a cool customer. If you notice in the hysteria of his latest win in the Edmund Ford trial. He hasn't exactly been hogging the camera. He even advised his client not to give a scheduled radio interview. I've wanted to blog about him every since the verdict, but I haven't found a picture until now. Unlike Leslie Ballin and Steve Farese. I don't think he's part of a family with a distinguished history in law. The tradition seemingly starts with him. I would venture to say he's well known by the FBI and other lawyers. He has the distinction of gaining one of the few victories against the Feds. That in itself is qute a feat. This guy is officially on the radar of those seeking a high profile attorney. His billable hours must be through the roof.

Unlike Edmund Ford and his supporters. I think Michael Scholl knows there are tougher days ahead. He can get most of the charges dropped like he did with John Ford. But as we can see, it only takes one. The FBI may have sacrificed one fish in order to get two. They already had Joe Cooper anyway. Why would they have to offer him a deal ? They didn't approach him with the idea of going after Edmund Ford. He took it to them. I think they used him to make their upcoming case stronger with Edmund Ford and Joseph Lee. By allowing Ford the chance to let Joseph Lee off the hook, and him refusing to do so. Makes it every man for himself. Joseph Lee is already paying a price. He lost his job and good name already. The only thing that is left, is him going to jail. That's what the authorities are going to use to cause dissension. We've already seen Edmund Ford won't take one for the team. Now we will get to see will Joseph Lee do the same ? For the skimming Edmund Ford is about to receive. He has a good and detail oriented lawyer. Michael Scholl is on top of his game.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Looking Ahead

Chalk one up for the underdog. Slick Rick the famous rapper who did a stint in prison. He has been given citizenship declaring him a permanent U.S. citizen. Thus releasing him from the constant threat of being deported to another country. Though he has lived in America all his life. His parents are originally from Britain. It's ironic that the board of naturalization and immigration, in the midst of all the illegal immigrants in this country, would be willing to use the manpower and resources used to prosecute this individual. This is a prime example of someone being unfairly singled out. Not selective prosecution, he was definitely in violation. "Somebody else did it", is not an excuse.

He should thank God for the Spitzer scandal. Otherwise he might have been looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. This has been going on for the last eleven years. Too bad he didn't sign a contract with someone like Irv Gotti instead of Russell Simmons. Irv lost his power and status taking a chance on a dope dealer. Russell took the money he made off Slick Rick, and went and got ganked somewhere else. "Nobody wants you when you're down and out." In spite of being Hip Hops hottest acts at one time. Once he got arrested the industry seemed to quickly forget him. There weren't any free Slick Rick rallies or standing room only crowds in the courtroom. There wasn't even a big coming home celebration by the industry either. It went pretty much unnoticed.

Governor David Paterson has made another visionary decision. For someone that's visually impaired, he certainly can see a lot. He managed to see the injustice here. This is the second time since taking office, he has made a surprising move. He seems to be doing things not so much for political points, but simply because they're right. He tends to see things that others don't. The truth of the matter is this. Slick Rick was old news. His receiving a pardon has brought new interest to the outcome of the case. He might be on his way back to the United Kingdom , if it weren't for Governor Paterson looking ahead.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Families Finally Reunited

First let me say,"I don't approve of old men groping young helpless girls." So don't label me a pedophile for looking at these people's side of the story. It seems this whole FDLS debacle, has been reduced to just that one issue. When it appears to be just a small piece of the puzzle, if one at all. All of this groundswell of intolerance for their religious belief is based on a lie. The authorities took the word of a psycho and proceeded. As it turns out the girl who started this ball to rolling. After claiming she was being held against her will and forced to have sex with older men. Turns out she has a history with the authorities for doing stuff like this in the past. Weeks later they have yet to find any evidence to support the sweep forced on these people. One which resulted in the removal of over 400 children from their parents and other siblings. This reminds me of the tactics Hitler used,"separating the children from their parents."

Tonight I heard they had finally discovered a sixteen year old girl that was pregnant by an older man. Are we going to take half the teenage mothers in America and put their babies in foster care? Every since the capture of Warren Jeffs , there has been this fixation with the Mormon lifestyle. In all these investigations I have not heard one report of physical abuse, homosexuality or incest. Just claims of older men having sex with girls. Which all of these wives and mothers deny. I just can't see all these mothers lining their children up to be sacrificed. Obviously some judges started to interpret the law instead of being lead by people like Nancy Grace. Thank God these families were finally reunited.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are You Sure This Is Crow

I'm a man of my word and I'll admit when I'm wrong. I thought Edmund Ford Sr. took a bribe and would be found guilty as charged. I'm not often wrong, but this time I was. The jury didn't see it that way. That doesn't mean he was innocent though. Reluctantly, I was all prepared to sit down to a humble meal of crow. I wanted to cover the taste, so I ordered mine roasted with gravy. I figured flooded with gravy nothing can be that bad. As it turns out I was right.

I took a bite and it turned out not to be so bad. I expected it to be repulsive, but instead it was quite tasty. The best description I have about the flavor. It tasted sort of like roasted Duck.I took a second bite and then another. Before I knew it, I had ate the whole thing. I started to get worried when I wanted seconds. I don't want to get used to this. When I thought about the demons having their day. I suddenly felt depressed.

Not wanting to eat the whole thing myself. I offered someone else a taste, after they asked what I was eating. I told them what it was and they still wanted some. After they informed me it wasn't crow after all. Needless to say I was overjoyed to hear that. Then I considered the source. Just like they got the verdict wrong. They killed the wrong bird too.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is God Going To Pay-Off The Loan

Edmund Ford Sr. thanked all the right people after he received his surprising verdict. I know they're going to claim they knew it all the time, but don't believe them. They were just as shocked as we were when he was acquitted. The only way they would have expected this verdict, is if the jury was fixed. He thanked God, who gets all the glory anyway. Whether we agree or not. Whatever takes place is allowed by him. Not to be confused with being ordained and covered by his blood. If he had been convicted. He still would have been calling on the Lord. Lest we not forget the Devil is busy also. His minions win temporarily as well. That may be the case here, since he's going back on trial in August. Let's see will God be the same saviour of the darkside then?

Next he thanked his earthly angel "Attorney Michael Scholl." This guy should get an award for his jury selection in the case. He managed to find the only twelve people in Memphis. He could collectively convince Edmund Ford wasn't guilty. I haven't seen two people in one place except the courthouse or his victory rally that thought he was innocent. But that wasn't Michael Sholl's assignment. He just had to make them wonder if it was a loan. Create a reasonable doubt. He gets plenty of practice doing that with the Ford family, he was John's lawyer too. With the FBI trying all these cases in Memphis. Only selecting jurors from a Memphis jury pool. Sooner or later they were bound to lose one. The numbers play it out. Michael Scholl was in the right place at the right time. The odds were on his side.

Then he thanked his friends and family who stood by his side. They showed up religiously even though he was guilty. They didn't look as happy as I thought they would after it was over. Probably because they know this isn't the end of his troubles. I know he was acquitted of all charges. I say he was guilty because he took the money. The informant just didn't ask the right questions. And say all the right things. So Ford got off on a technicality. The witness wasn't on trial. Since Mr. Ford claims it was a loan. Who does he pay the money back to, and what are the terms? Why would someone loan him $8900 with his financial track record?

He didn't thank Joe Cooper but he probably should have. If it wasn't for him he would have been found guilty and went to jail. I gue ss he wouldn't have been there in the first place if Joe Cooper hadn't set him up. I'm sure after all this, Ford won't be paying his money back. When and if he does. He needs to tape that also. Unless of course, God is going to pay-off the loan.

Super Watch

I had to wait until the smoke cleared before I said anything about our choices. I didn't want to become partial to a candidate only to have them withdraw their name from the race. Two of the candidates had already withdrawn from consideration. Leaving the board only three to choose from. Now that we have reduced that number down to two people. I'll now attempt to put some form of normalcy to this selection process.

Kriner Cash from Miami-Dade , seems to be the front runner so far. Considering the finalist will have to participate in a public forum. He comes from a system four times larger than the one in
Memphis. So, he has the credentials in addition to some other qualiities that might play to his advantage. I understand where board member Kenneth Whalum Jr. is coming from, in regards to needing a black school superintendent. That may have been more of a factor with the last school board, than it is with this one. I think the present board will be less likely to be in awe of a black male than the last one was. What we need is a task master, black or white . Who won't whisk in and shake things up, and leave as quickly as they came. That's what worries me most about Kriner Cash. I don't think he'll stay. If he does a good job, Memphis will just be another notch in his belt to gain leverage elsewhere. Read his plans for Memphis city schools and a short biography:
The other candidate is Nicholas Gleidich from Orange County Fl., the eleventh largest school system in the country. A system similar in size and makeup to the one in Memphis. I was impressed with his background in actual teaching. I think it's imperative that an administrator have some hands on experience with the children. It's hard to delegate when you don't know what's really happening yourself. Mr. Gleidich has spent his entire career in the same place. And has dealt with many of the same problems we are facing now. Instead of moving to a new job. He has worked the problem out and moved on to something else. That's what I feel this city needs. Like we have done in other high profile positions. We have drove the price of doing business sky high. We have to pay the new one just as much as we paid the last one. Even when they left much to be desired. I think pay should be based on performance. Though he has never held a superintendent job before. I like his record. Read what the newspaper said about him:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Janis Is A No-Show

Once again Janis Fullilove has left the people of Memphis hanging. Thinking they might get a chance to ask some burning questions, or have some answered by the subject herself. I'm sure a lot of people have been listening to WDIA for the last couple of days, expecting her to sit in for host Bev Johnson. She is out on vacation this week. Giving Janis the chance to sit in at one of the most listened to shows in Memphis. I know they won't, but Janis's supporters should feel a little betrayed by her actions. Yesterday she supposedly had an unexpected doctor's appointment. Which was due to the wreck she was in a couple of weeks ago. That absence was acceptable considering her latest circumstances. What was her excuse today though?

This isn't the first time she has did this. I didn't really hold it against her for not showing up at the radio show "Realtalk." Nobody was really listening anyway. That wasn't the case the past two days though. I'm almost sure she was avoiding the heat. This isn't a planned press conference with press secretaries and the Mayor present. She has to answer unprepared questions straight from the cuff. The producer of the program can't protect her from unscripted callers. She would be out there on her own. I think we have heard the last of Janis for a while. Especially in a one on one setting. When it gets hot in the kitchen. Janis is a no-show.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just One More Reason

The long awaited decision of where to hold the 2009 Mid-South Fair has finally been revealed. Now that we know where it's going to be. I can safely say I personally won't be spending any money there. I didn't go last year, I definitely won't be going now. It will no longer be where it' has been all my life. They have moved it totally out of Shelby county to Tunica, directly adjacent the casinos. I was hoping they would pick Millington, but they didn't have adequate roads. I must say I expected the planning commission to take the easy route. There seems to be this willingness to relinquish all our expendable dollars over to the state of Mississippi. Which brings me to a bigger picture.

Since we can't seem to stop this hemorrhaging called flight. I won't call it white flight, because it has nothing to do with race. It's cheaper to shop in Mississippi and even buy groceries there. Lately all our entertainment events have even gone there as well. A Blues show in Memphis is a thing of the past. We need to do something to rebuild the blood supply. If you continue to drain anything without ever putting anything back. Eventually it will be depleted. Once again I suggest Toll Booths. Then a person can go back and forth across the state line all they want. I've been talking about this for years. Look at the discussions I've had just on my blog. I actually brought it up long before then. It's just that it was then before any elected officials publicly admitted that was a solution. I have a theory about why that happened. It was because they were trying to get the lottery passed. We now see that didn't work out as planned. For all those that don't think this is a viable solution. The latest development only offers one more reason.

It Just Played Out

Edmund Ford enters the court everyday with his lovely wife Myrna holding one hand, and shaking everybody else's with the other. He acts like he's running for political office again. Though he probably won't, but stranger things have happened. That was probably his best asset during his time as a city councilman. His undertaker background is obvious where ever he goes. He is used to going to churches and meetings shaking hands and kissing babies. For what it's worth, he has been visible though. The people in his district knew they voted in a fool. That's why some of them like him. He didn't always hide behind closed doors and do his misdeeds though. He often did it in public view. Anybody that has watched the council meetings over the years, have seen him in action. Now we understand what those idiotic rants and raves were all about all these years. Like he himself said in the video played at his trial. He was making somebody walk out of the council meeting. Obviously sometimes that worked.

I couldn't help but notice some of his loyal supporters during his trial. I guess they know we see them, with their faces being in practically every camera shot. They're circling around like funeral directors in the time of bereavement. You can believe me when I say. Some of those well wishers are really looking at his pretty little wife. Hoping to catch her if she falls. You have to wonder about a man or woman who would be at another mans' trial everyday, and their livelihood wasn't affected by his outcome. Why would you publicly encourage and support someone though they're obviously guilty? And you call yourself a minister or a community spokesman. Unless you were trying to get brownie points with someone other than him. What is their motive? No need trying to gain the favor of Edmund Ford, he's on his way to jail.

I don't know how smart Mrs. Ford is, her husband might be the brains of the bunch. If that's the case we'll soon find out. All the stuff they were on the verge of losing anyway. Will very quickly be lost if he's convicted. With all the money they're making on funerals these days. I don't expect that to happen though. The business is largely successful because of her. If the rumors I've heard are true. Edmund Ford being locked up might save the family some money in the long run. I've met Mrs. Ford before and she doesn't impress me as being slow. Instead, I see a seasoned player. Playing her role until the end. She isn't the religious beacon she's pretending to be either. Don't let her fool you. She is not blind to Edmund Ford's shady dealings. She has long been a willing recipient. She like her husband, is cunningly aloof. That eye popping, crazy talking, bristling up persona he's been hiding behind all this time. Even though he wouldn't bust a grape. It just played out.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just Remember Me Ballin

When I first read the story about Blake Ballin. The latest version of the Memphis Barristers. He is the son and grandson of Leslie and Marvin Ballin. Both well known attorneys with impressive win/loss records in other controversial cases themselves. I must admit though. I had to check myself. I had to make sure I wasn't guilty of buying into the stereotype of holding white attorneys to a different standard than blacks. Some believe you can only get a fair shake if you go to court with a white lawyer. With verdicts like the one in the Guana case. To some degree that might be true. His client killed a cop and they had it on tape, and he wasn't sentenced to death. His stock like that of his father has gone through the roof.

In the past, I have been critical of one of the black attorneys ( Javier Bailey), for taking on what I thought were frivolous cases. But what's the difference in what he does and what the Ballins have been doing all the time? They both take cases no one expects them to win anyway. Their names are synonymous with upholding those who are on the wrong side of the law. It's been said you can find the business card of these two individuals in the pocket of every low-life and thug in the Memphis area. What I'm about to say, might sound hypocritical to some. If I get in trouble and it looks like I'm going to jail. " Just remember me Ballin."

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Friday, May 16, 2008

A Different Kind Of Morehouse Man

The era of Affirmative Action has officially reached it's twilight. The Civil Rights Movement is officially coming to a close. This will be used as proof of education being equal across the board. Joshua Packwood,a 22 yr. old white man has gone to a HSBC and is graduating as the class valedictorian. It will be interesting to know how this will effect the value of a Morehouse Education. Will it open doors that otherwise might have been closed before now? Are well connected alumni tearing down his doors with job offers? Since he initially had the opportunity to attend Ivy League schools such as Stanford and Yale and he chose Morehouse. Will it be said he took the easy way out, instead of challenging others like himself ? Please don't misunderstand my reason for asking this. His accomplishment is exceptional, whatever school he attended. But is a 4.0 at Morehouse equal to a 3.75 at Yale?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not So Shocked

Twenty-Two Questions

John Branston
Three superintendent interviews down, two more interviews to go. So who should be the HNIC of the Memphis City Schools?
HNIC, as Mayor Willie Herenton and other fans of the 1989 movie Lean On Me know, stands for "head [N-word] in charge."
Don't worry. Nobody used those words this week in interviews for the best-paid government job in Memphis. They're taken from the movie about bat-wielding principal Joe Clark, played by actor Morgan Freeman. Herenton and some members of the Memphis City Council think a Clark-type is needed as the next school superintendent.
The school board and its search-team consultants have other ideas. The first round of interviews Monday and Tuesday consisted of a dainty game of "22 Questions" posed to each applicant, who had three minutes to respond to each question. Neither the applicants nor the board members had seen the questions prior to Monday afternoon.
This brings to mind a puzzle that ancient philosophers called the "Job Applicant's Dilemma": If the questions are secret and the interviews are seven days apart, should next week's job candidates Google the questions and look like a smartypants or not Google the questions and exhibit a stunning lack of curiosity and research skills?
Far be it from me to be a snitch, but here are 22 questions NOT on the list, which should give you some idea how the search is being conducted:
1. Should a fictionalized portrayal of a principal in a 20-year-old movie be the role model for the next superintendent?
2. Should a 6'-7" mayor and former superintendent be the role model?
3. Should an eighth-grader who is big, easily pissed off and has access to guns be paddled, suspended, or told to sit in the corner as punishment for bad behavior?
4. Should a first-grader who is shy, small, and gets smacked around at home be paddled for misbehaving in school?
5. Should the MCS dress code be strictly enforced? Define "strictly enforced."
6. Should the MCS mission statement, "Every Child. Every Day. College Bound.," be kept, modified, or abandoned?
7. Should every child pass through a metal detector every day?
8. Should the Memphis City Council withhold all, some, or none of the $93 million city contribution to schools this year, as has been proposed? If your answer is "none," then should there be a 58-cent city property tax increase, as has been proposed?
9. Should the city and county school systems, which are both funded in large part by the county, be merged or kept separate? You have three minutes to answer.
10. Should city schools get $3 for building or renovating schools for every $1 the county schools get for construction?
11. Should the governor of Tennessee take over the Memphis City Schools this year or next year if they don't improve?
12. By the way, name the governor. If you don't know, why are you here?
13. The Memphis Education Association has 6,350 members. Would you like to say a few words to them?
14. Within 10 percent, what are the annual operating budgets of the city of Memphis and Memphis City Schools? If you don't know, why are you here?
15. If the optimum size of a high school is 1,200 students, how many students should graduate each year? Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings wants to know.
16. If your answer to the above question is equal to or more than 125, what would you do about nine high schools that graduated fewer than 125 students in 2007?
17. Explain why Memphis rebuilt Manassas High School, which graduated 38 students in 2007, for $30 million.
18. Should Southwind High School, opened in 2007, be a city or county school?
19. Should the city school board, county school board, or developers with a vested interest choose new school sites in unannexed areas that are growing?
20. Should the school board get a raise, and should there be a school board at all?
21. Why are there no mayors among your references?
22. Are you sure you really want this job?

Will He Be Back

I myself have problems with coach Tim Thompson's overall public demeanor. He has that get it quick mentality. That has obviously come up again. I might be a stuffed shirt, but that's just how I feel. I just think a high school coach should act a certain way. If him and a group of dope boys were standing together talking. If he wasn't wearing a shirt with big letters saying "COACH." You couldn't tell them apart. Well maybe now you could, he looks older these days. But he still acts like the Don Juan of high school football. For those that don't know him, he is a preacher/pimp. Like Don Juan hypes the crowd and adds color. Coach Thompson does the same thing. He promotes a rap concert like atmosphere at the football games.

This thought just crossed my mind as I wrote this blog. I haven't ever heard about it, but I wouldn't be surprised if I did. He strikes me as the kind of coach who would mess with the teenage girls. Not taking anything away from him as a football coach. He has enjoyed a level of success. But at what cost? Surely he isn't working so hard just to mess up again. He has to know he'll be under the microscope. I hope I'm wrong and he gets another chance. We just have to wait and see if he will be back.

Look Both Ways

I partially agree with what Ben Ferguson is saying. This rape dance shouldn't become a three ring circus if you will. This is not the nexus of the MCS. Why not highlight those children who secured over a million dollars in college scholarships. It shouldn't become a sling blade either. Some people are looking to cash in on this unfortunate incident. Others want to use it as a way to further their own agendas. The talk show hosts at WREC jump on every chance they get to undermine the present administration. Like somehow this is the Mayor's fault. Ben Ferguson and whoever that lady was who appeared opposite him on MSNBC. Probably have never even been to Mitchell High.

Ben Ferguson called another radio host a "media whore." When that host agreed to do the same interview he did, a couple of days earlier. If anybody is guilty; Bill O'Reilly is the media whore here. He is the one keeping this thing in the spotlight. Now they've even discovered another video. Initially Ben claims he turned the interview down because he didn't want to exploit the situation . But then he accepts the invitation only two days later himself. Were his motives in the concern of others or self centered?

I have a couple of theories as to why he didn't accept the call at first. One being he didn't want to appear opposite interim school superintendent Dr. Dan Ward. I bet he would have jumped at the chance to appear opposite Johnnie Turner, president of the local chapter of the NAACP. Secondly, I don't think he expected the story to get this big. This story has taken wings and flew. Since this whole thing happened right under his nose. He didn't want to miss the ride. Young master Ben has stuck his foot in his mouth. I'm sure he thought about that while taping. He wasn't his usual quick witted self. He didn't look both ways

I Don't Believe My Eyes

I certainly hope this case doesn't drag on much longer. It's a waste of taxpayer money. Edmund Ford is guilty just like his brother John. It doesn't matter that he was targeted. If he wasn't dirty, it wouldn't make a difference. Would a policeman be excused for taking part of your money, just because he knows you won it shooting craps in the bed of a truck? It would still be a dirty cop. I hope they don't drag this thing out for years with appeals.The citizens of Memphis have been sold out by this family for years. Let's bring this fleecing to a halt.

I heard he was offered a plea bargain and probation, but he turned it down. He would have you think it's a matter of principal, because he didn't do anything. But that's not the reason though. It has more to do with the fact that he doesn't have anything to lose. The plea deal also included him losing his mortuary licence. What good was it to be free and be out of business. His lawyer Michael Scholl will use every trick in the book. The Ford family is keeping him busy these days. I don't think he'll be successful with getting him off. But he has an angle I'm sure. I think the focus now is saving his livelihood. The only way I believe his defense. I don't believe my eyes.

I Don't Know But Maybe He Does

I was about to say Pastor Manning had finally lost his mind. You don't say those kinds of things, you'll be labeled a heretic. I find myself flinching when he talks, but I often agree with what he says. I thought he had let his disliike for Barack Obama drive him over the edge. Just when I thought he had gone too far. I saw the video below. I think it best prepares the listeners for the things he will probably say.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Public Outcry

For the time being the taping of the "The First 48"episodes in Memphis have stopped. I'm glad the public outcry about this issue is properly placed. And they are articulately making their opinions known. The show has nothing to do with the rise in Memphis crime. Highlighting the the hard work that the detectives and investigators do on a daily basis, if anything sends a positive image. It proves that not many murders in Memphis go unsolved. The MPD basically do a fine job.

I read the comments in the morning newspaper and no one has really mentioned what's at the base of this parting of ways. Since the people just know something is wrong and they're trying to get to the bottom of this. I won't interrupt the flow of discussion since it's going the same way anyway. I'll just mention it here.

I think Chief Godwin is politicking instead of policing. He needs to take a page out of West Memphis Chief Paudert's book. Enough of this foolishness already. This is more about a personal vendetta of his, than what people in other places are saying about Memphis. The perpetuator of this farce is already bragging about his deeds. Godwin is more concerned with keeping folks like Thaddeus Matthews quiet about him, than he is informing the people of the unit's success. Wanda Halbert has a hidden agenda. She is carrying the banner hoping no one will uncover her taking bribe money while on the school board. Bruce Thompson gave her a reprieve when he plea bargained the case away. But because of that she has been rendered ineffectual on the city council. I would bet a 100 dollar bill to a donut, Thaddeus planted the seed in her head. The television show can't do her any damage, but Thaddeus can.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Self Inflicted Wounds

The latest revelations by Barbara Walters, was more information than I needed to hear. In the past I always looked at Ms. Walters with a heir of diplomacy. Whatever she talked about in the past. I always took the topic somewhat serious. Now thanks to Ms. Walters herself. That's no longer the case. I tend to agree with her former co-host "Starr Jones" on this one. Who by the way, is the only one in the interview she gave a negative report. I now see her as a old, busybody, adulterer with nothing better to do than write a tell all book. Divulging some things she should have taken to her grave.

I would be remiss not to mention what appears to be the most explosive chapter in the book. She felt the need to tell the world about her adulteress, interracial affair with then Massachusetts senator Edwin Brooke. Even though it was thirty-one years ago, while he had another wife. I fail to see the importance of telling the whole Oprah Winfrey audience about it now. It's more damaging to his reputation than it is to hers. Unless there was another hidden agenda. I have a sneaky suspicion as to why she did what she did. In any event any damage she suffers will be self inflicted wounds.

My Hats Off

Interim school superintendent Dr. Dan Ward scored a knockout yesterday, without ever throwing a punch. He managed to leave the local loudspeaker at a loss for words. Whether Thaddeus Matthews admits it or not. His pride and ego had to be hurt. Dr. Ward refused to go on an interview on Bill O'reilly's television show, if Thaddeus Matthews appeared on the show as well. I commend him for taking a not so popular stand. It showed conviction on his part. If you don't agree with what's going on, you shouldn't be in the midst. I appreciate Dr. Ward not reducing the incident at Mitchell High school to an indictment on the city. What we witnessed was an isolated incident, but not a unique one. The attitudes and practices of the streets have just spilled over into the schools. At any unchaperoned, unsupervised, teenage party in the city. You could have very well seen the same thing. Dr. Ward didn't blow Bill O'reilly out of the ballpark with his answers. At times he even looked shaken, but he initially he held his own.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why Now

This is the reason I started this blog in the first place. I get the chance to write down things that will probably never be talked about anywhere else. What is a new book going to reveal about the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman trial, we don't already know? Most people have already made their mind up about whether or not O.J. Simpson is guilty. Other than give Geraldo Rivera a chance to stand on his soapbox and assassinate Simpson's character. He even conducted a pros and cons argument. Where both legal analyst only presented the cons. What could the public possibly gain by reopening this divisive chapter in history? Nothing, but what we are already experiencing.

You might be asking " what are we experiencing?" Just go to the link below and look at the comments section. The Commercial Appeal looks like the Thaddeus Matthews blog. The racist attitudes are really showing themselves. Being politically correct has gone out the window along with common courtesy. Everybody is going to their respective corners. The blacks on one side, the whites on the other.

You might be wondering what does Barack Obama have to do with this? I'm about to create a conspiracy theory here. Who has the most to lose by a racial divide coming up now? With his ability thus far to unite the races for a common cause. He doesn't need talk of O.J. Simpson to remind whites of the one that got away. It would be devastating to the Obama campaign if people started associating a vote against him as vindication for the O.J. verdict. Think about it, O.J. Simpson was the last black man except Denzel Washington with national cross over appeal. And they dropped him with the quickness. And he wasn't even running for president. Of all times to bring this up, why now?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Heart Of America Hardened

I've waited for three days thinking I might get a better picture of what happened at the NYC protest march. In response to the shooting of Sean Bell by three New York policeman. I have yet to pin it down, but so far I've heard of six separate groups. The media only say hundreds participated. Never putting an approximate number on actually how many were marching. At first the number of those arrested was said to be 170, but that depends on who you're getting your numbers from. The NYPD only report about 50 arrests, that's 120 less than the NAN is saying. There couldn't possibly be that much of a discrepancy. Somebody is embellishing if not outright lying. You can see how both of them might not be telling the truth for different reasons. Al Sharpton to hype it up, the NYPD to play it down.

In a city of over 8 million people. Even a couple of thousand protesters aren't very many. There may be that many people in one apartment building. Let alone a whole street. Al Sharpton has a history of pretending more people showed up than actually did. I guess it justifies his appearance fee. Contrary to popular belief, he does require one. Every time I hear him speak, I think about the boy who cried wolf. If the country keeps getting false alarms, eventually they'll stop answering the alarm. I don't want someone like Al Sharpton sounding the alarm. The heart of America has hardened. Can you really blame them?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Say No More

A picture is worth a thousand words. With that being said. As wordy as Janis Fullilove is, she can't explain this away. I'm not a trained traffic investigator, but these pictures are self explanatory. Unless my eyes totally deceive me. Obviously her story was not true. All the questions I asked have been answered except two. They will only be answered with time.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's Not That Hard

I don't get paid for defending Mayor Herenton, but I probably should though. I do just as good a job or better than those who are getting a salary. Really his public relations people have a fairly easy job. Mayor Herenton usually clears a path for those that follow him. If they just tout the job he's done so far. They have more than enough ammunition for his detractors. It gives me plenty come backs to work with.

I read the same news stories everybody else did. I didn't see him say anywhere that he was applying for the job of school superintendent. Just like now, some people think he would the best person for the job. Those people that didn't want him to win for a fifth consecutive term. Will take anything they can get. That's why they're trying to hold the mayor responsible for something he didn't say. It gave them the chance to say he is toying with the citizens. Instead of focusing on the issues at hand. He is engaging in sparring matches. He needs to act like a champion. Don't sign up for bouts where you have nothing to gain. Keep your head and stay where you're at, it's not that hard.

Will It Really Matter

I must say the outcome doesn't look very good for councilwoman Janis Fullilove at this point. She could put this whole thing to rest, by doing what the other lady did. Provide the media with pictures of her wrecked car. She said the car was totalled in the wreck. But even if it was, it wasn't blown to pieces. Pictures would go a long way toward proving her case. It would show where her car was hit. The pictures provided by the other lady, seem to support her story. Even though the police haven't released a report, disputing either of their versions. It's going to take six days.

I bet this will be some of the longest six days of Ms. Fullilove's life. Not only will it reveal who was at fault in the accident . It will also tell whether alcohol was involved or not. Janis has in recent years claimed to be a recovering alcoholic. The saddest thing in this whole matter is a little girl was hurt. Janis is trying to divert the focus to the child as it should be. Omari Flemming and Channel 3 aren't having that. They're on this mission to expose the truth. Which is supposed to be a new sources main objective anyway.

I depend on WREG for fair and balanced local reporting. Some of the other stations have gotten to chummy with certain news suppliers. They let gossip fuel their interest. Almost to a point of dictating what is or isn't news. If certain stations don't cover this story, it won't be news to some people. That's something else Janis is hoping for. As long as it doesn't go any farther than it has. To those voters who live in her district. Will it really matter?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

People Play Fair

One of the first things I was taught about good sportsmanship is, "you can't quit when things don't go your way." If Barack Obama doesn't get the Democratic nomination. Some blacks have pledged not to vote in this election at all. That doesn't show much conviction. Six months ago no one was even taking Obama serious. To that I say this. "Don't bite your nose off to spite your face." Blacks only make up 12.5% of the entire population. Which might not give them as much leverage as some people might think. Obviously some people believe that crap about blacks being the base of the Democratic party.I never heard that before a few weeks ago. I simply don't believe that.

What blacks have to be careful of, is walking away with nothing. They have distanced themselves from the Republicans for the last forty years. So they don't owe us anything. Blacks can't afford distention between them and the Democrats too. The game doesn't come to and end, just because you aren't playing. The coach just goes to the bench. Blacks are behaving like spoiled players. Trying to hold the Party hostage, if they don't meet their demands. People play fair.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Queen Of Soul Has Come To Memphis

The weather subsided long enough on last evening for Aretha Franklin to grace the city with her one of her seldom seen performances. The fact that she doesn't fly the friendly skies severely encumbers the possibility that you might get to see her perform live. There are only so many performances she can give in Detroit and the surrounding areas. Obviously she hadn't been here in a very long time. Mayor Herenton presented her with the key to the city. Her performance outshone that of annual headliner Jerry Lee Lewis. Go to link below and get the skinny:

Is It The President's Fault

I think the powers that be, overestimate the intelligence of the average citizen. Many people actually believe that the price of a gallon of gas depends on President George W. Bush. Any learned individual, wouldn't buy that for a minute. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Does not the price of gas depend directly on the price of a barrel of crude oil? At the beginning of 2007, the price of oil was only a little over $60 a barrel. Now it's up to a $120 and rising. With prices like those in the picture, expected to be the average by Memorial Day. Will we be paying twice for gasoline, what we were 18 months ago?

Stop making the water cloudy for those who don't wear goggles. The value of the dollar bill and Wall St. speculation play a big part in the overall cost of gas. But the bottom line derives from the price we pay OPEC and the Middle East. Just use this as an example. When the price of wood goes up, the cost of houses rise. If you want to see a higher hamburger, raise the price of beef. Before the blame is mistakenly placed. It doesn't matter how many tankers the Bush family owns.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's No Longer A Joke

I was reading the newspaper earlier,and I read a story that made me think of some new menace-to-society possibilities. The influence of street gangs stretches far beyond just our innocent children. Though youngsters provide the primary recruitment source. The effects of gangs are prevalent among grown people as well. A large number of gang members grow up to be adults. Have you ever wondered where they are?These people aren't going from drive-by shootings and Pitt Bull fighting to raising families and working forty hour work weeks. We better start taking this issue far more serious than we are right now. That former gang member could end up being in charge of something important. Like your livelihood or the law where you live.

You would think once given the opportunity to do something different they would. Obviously that's not the case. Look at former pro football player Michael Vick for instance. He lost a 110 million dollar contract. Keeping it real with his home boys. His defense for his actions was that he did it growing up. If all that money and prestige didn't change his habits. How can a 10 an hour job make them turn their lives around? Whatever they end up doing, they take their homies with them. Last year they removed an up and coming young attorney from his position as a substitute judge. After it was discovered he had ties to a local street gang. Ties which influenced some of his decisions on the bench. That's connections in pretty high places. We won't even mention the dirty policeman. That's why I was in favor of recruiting outside Shelby county. For that very reason.

We are living in a society where it doesn't matter who your friends are. Some people think your associations don't bare any reflection on you. But I beg to differ. That factor is coming into play locally as well as nationally. Look at what Barack Obama is experiencing these days. One indication of where someone might be going, is where they've already been. You can't be judged for something you did twenty years ago. Twenty days ago is a different story.
1 Timothy 5:22
Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure

Friday, May 02, 2008

Operation Help Who

I'm not one to criticize someone just because they're not polished or as prepared as I think they should be. But please give me a break here. A hate crime at a single wide trailer on a lot. The other at the candidate for sheriffs house right next to a campaign sign, The group of citizens over in West Memphis Ark. calling themselves "Operation Help", are merely a group of opportunist. Capitalizing on the often self inflicted hardships of those who don't give the law it's proper respect. They are predicting a lot of media exposure based on their modus operandi. Rather than try and teach their fellow citizens the acceptable standard of conduct when approached by the police. They plan to challenge every police action they don't like, on the basis of brutality.

I'm all for getting the behind the scenes story. I don't particularly like the way they are able to manipulate the news though. Ironically the president and the vice president of "Operation Help" had crosses planted in their yards. Neither of them placed formal complaints with the West Memphis police. Claiming strained relations as a reason for not filing one. Considering those involved and what they plan on doing. Makes me ask the question. Operation help who?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Could This Be A Coup d'├ętat

Individually these four characters may be considered a joke. But if you put these people together, they make a whole comedy show. One that might not be so funny. If it ever takes the stage. Like it or not, they hold some responsible positions among them. If Hubert Bass is elected sheriff. The judicial system in Crittenden County could become like the movie Bucktown. The wheels of justice will take a frightening turn.

Javier Bailey might be on the verge of being disbarred in Tennessee, but he seems to have a clientele waiting on his services over in Arkansas. This man has a license to practice law, obviously in at least two states. He isn't your average everyday run of the mill racist. He has the ability and authority to take his foolishness to court. I also noticed he announced that he had been called to the Ministry. I guess he'll now be known as Rev. Javier Bailey, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Until this man is no longer allowed to practice law. You can't take him for granted.

Victor Hill is a sitting judge as we speak. He has the power to make judgements and give out sentences. He revealed his true colors in the Deaunta Farrow case. His bias and racial prejudice puts all his decisions in question. He even tried to convene a special grand jury to overturn another judges ruling. Him and his supporters took it all the way to the Arkansas supreme court. In the right situation. With just half a chance. He could be dangerous.

The latest member of the posse is Hubert Bass. He isn't a newcomer to West Memphis politics though. Since he has already been a city councilman before. He presently serves as Asst. county coroner. Not to shabby of a job in itself. A position not without inside knowledge on all the latest controversial cases. Like all politicians before him. Promising to make changes. In spite of the heat, he is now running for sheriff of Crittenden county. Looking at the coucilmembers now. It was probably something to his credit that got him defeated last time. Now he appears to have joined forces with the wrong people in hopes of winning. I think he figures he has this whole thing in control. He'll be able to cut this off when it gets out of hand. It 's already to late in the eyes of some people. He suffers from guilt by association. Birds of a feather flock together.

Let's not forget the hand that rocks the cradle. The one thing all three of these men have in common is Thaddeus Matthews. The local Michael Moorer of conspiracy theories. That's not necessarily a positive thing. Depending on who youb ask. It could be the kiss of death. Two to three hours a day, five days a week. He tries to keep these dead end causes alive after the mainstream media life has left them. He doesn't even live in West Memphis Arkansas. If by chance this thing should work out. I'm sure he would move over there with the quickness.

If there are 100 good people in West Memphis, the city won't be destroyed. That's exactly what this would amount to if it happened. I would submit that the majority of the voters haven't looked that far ahead. They're just caught up in the moment. I think there is a large enough number of politically uneducated voters. That could elect the first black sheriff just because he is black. Could this be a Coup d'├ętat?