Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I use to think Pastor Kenneth Whalum was a viable candidate for the 9th Congressional district. I didn't agree with all his positions. But I thought he was genuinely concerned enough about the people, that it would balance itself out. Him and his family having attained a modest level of success in  this city. I assumed his faith would  maintain at least a modicum of decency. I don't think it's working. He has turned out to be one of Steve Cohen's biggest supporters.

Commissioner Kevin Woods is starting his term off on a good note. His actions seem to be in the best interest of the people in his district. Kenneth Whalum is acting like a sore loser. Now he is just doing whatever he can to impede the progress of the T transition Board. The unified school system is a reality. He lost the merger battle and his seat on the board as well. What does he gain by still causing trouble?

Taxes are going to go up for Memphis residents regardless. If we don't pass this, it will be in the form of a property tax hike. This just spreads the cost around to everyone who uses Shelby county for anything. Even to a degree, those who just work here and leave everyday. Using Memphis like a strip mine. The only alternative for raising revenue would be a state income tax or a toll booth. We won't have access to either of those anytime soon. Every time  the issue of  raising taxes are mentioned. The  residents get stuck on the wheel tax.  What should we do for the time being? I think we should vote for the 1/2 cent tax increase.

The normal group on  the county commssion is crying foul  Chris Thomas is part of  the group he is warning  the voters about. Is he saying  we can't  trust him to do his job? I can see why the suburban representatives wouldn't tell you this. They want to pass a tax of their own to fund their own schools. Germantown has raised there sales tax already. The rest of the suburbs are waiting on the outcome of this vote. But I don't understand the pastors motivation at this point. Unless he is preparing to run for a county wide office. His bias is clouded by his judgement.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He Deserves It

I have a new respect for Mr. Heisley. When you first hear of the amount he sold the franchise for, it sounds like a whole lot of money. Which it is. But consider his initial investment. I now understand some of the safeguards he put in place. He had to make sure he got his money back. He seemed to be  the primary stakeholder in the team. He has probably had a lot of sleepless nights over the last twelve years. Wondering if he made a mistake moving here. He was  the owner in the Jason Williams days.  When ever he managed to have a decent game as a player. It was overshadowed by his lockeroom comments.  Begging to be traded and calling the Grizzlies the worst team in the league.

This could be used to explain the trickle down theory economics. Michael Heisley is the big man, but look at everyone he pays. The front office, the coaching and training staff and most of all the players. That's just the jobs dealing with the team itself. That doesn't include the vendors and concession workers and the FedEx forum maintenance staff. The staff of the bars and restaurants that feed the fans after the games. Even down  to the ticket scalper. Out of all those people, who creates a job? Not talking about personal assistants, barbers and tailors. There are some of  those here and there. Many of these guys are millionaires.  Where would a tax break help the most?

I asked a question the other day. I think I have my answer now. The Grizzlies starting lineup collectively upon the completion of their contracts. Will have made more than the owner  off the team. He invested $160 million of his own money and made $217 million in twelve years.  Zach Randolph came to Memphis with a bad reputation. If he keeps his nose clean.  He'll make $150 million in 10 years. He just has to play.The players played themselves when they walked out.  They already had a good deal. They were making more than the owners. Look at the Miami Heat's top three. He won't make as much as them.  Whatever Mr. Heisley gets, he deserves it. 

Monday, October 29, 2012


I am in total agreement with anyone opposing Steve Cohen. I call him the John Wright of Shelby county..My distaste for him has nothing to do with his race, but his politics.  I find it hypocritical for someone to be against him, yet so adamantly support President Obama. It is also disingenuous to oppose him only after he doesn't advertise with you. Congressman Cohen is a rubber stamp for the president. He voted 100% in favor of all his proposals. If you just wanted to support a black candidate.Why not Charlotte Bergman?  She is female and black. That would really send a message. The 9th has come a long ways. The people in his district should be upset that he hasn't done anything but licked boots since he's been in office. Jockeying for position of power in the house.

In all fairness though, he has progressed more than his predecessor did in eleven years. But back to the present. I am offended that the incumbent congressman won't debate George Flinn. That is quite telling in my opinion. If you can't make a good showing against George Flinn. Your record must be pretty bad. Dr. Flinn won't win any charisma contests. Unfortunately  that's a trait Cohen possesses. At least I think. He doesn't field questions anymore.The congressman tested the waters by attending a forum at Kirby Pines Retirement Community. Obviously aimed at the elderly Jewish population or it's wealthy residents. A veiled fundraiser if you must. No major media coverage was there. Even though it wasn't billed as a debate. It was so low key. The underground outlets weren't even there. So much for the Randy Wade connection.

The only person who had a chance to call him on the carpet didn't. Mayor Herenton refused to debate Congressman Cohen back in 2010. Looking back at it now. I don't  think Mayor Herenton was serious from the beginning. He aligned himself with the wrong people. It was obvious he wouldn't mount  a serious challenge at that point. He still could have softened the armour for someone else. Herenton had this guy pegged from the beginning. Congressman Cohen is so arrogant and condescending. He feels he has enough blacks in his pocket already. He doesn't bother with the rest. Before Herenton could point that out.  He just had ruined his own credibility by then.      

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Emanuel Steward (1944-2012)

Before They Lose That Too

Everybody is squeezing every cent they can out of Whitney Houston's memory. First we had the R&B divas tour. Faith Evans did a good job of pulling that off. She wanted the people to know there were still some old school female singers out there. Who can sing and don't have major issues. Then we had Brandy staging a comeback tour, based on her last encounter with Whitney Houston. How soon fans forget, Whitney was still on probation. She wasn't in a position to pass the  torch. Clive Davis was giving her a second chance. The long awaited movie "Sparkle" came out. That's what it was, a sparkle in the pan. The fire was over before it started good. I guess "Houston's On Our Own" is hopefully the final attempt to capitalize on Whitney's memory.

Where is this career of Bobbi Kristina's everyone keeps talking about.? I haven't heard her sing one note or do anything considered as acting. We can't assume Bobbi Kristina is talented just because   Whitney Houston is her mother and Bobby Brown is her father. Was she doing anything professionally before her mother died? I don't think she was. I think all she was doing was secretly sneaking around with Nick Gordon and probably getting high. She is not the little princess everybody thought she was.  She has managed  to  stay out  of the spotlight for all these years. She may not be  ready to change that now.

Pat Houston needs to take a chill pill. I know they were all dependent  on Whitney when she was alive .But the party is over now. It's time to retire or get a new job. Her brother the bodyguard is giving them the best advice. He was as close toWhitney as anyone. He knew she was still using drugs. Pat can't control Bobbi Kristina like she couldn't control Whitney. Pat and Roy want to step in like they're her parents. But Bobbi Christina is already grown. While she still respects them as her elders. They better hold what they got. Before they lose that too.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Deal With It

WARNING: Picture might be considered obscene because subject is not thin. And we all know that only skinny people can show their stomachs and celebrate themselves. Well I'm not going to stand for that. This is my body. Not yours. MINE. Meaning the choices I make about it, are none of your f*cking business. Meaning my size, IS NONE OF YOUR F*CKING BUSINESS.
If my big belly and fat arms and stretch marks and thick thighs offend you, then that's okay. I'm not going to hide my body and my being to benefit your delicate sensitivities.


This picture is for the strange man at my nanny's church who told me my belly was too big when I was five.

This picture is for my horseback riding trainer telling me I was too fat when I was nine.
This picture is for the girl from summer camp who told me I'd be really pretty if I just lost a few pounds
This picture is for all the f*cking stupid advertising agents who are selling us cream to get rid of our stretch marks, a perfectly normal thing most people have (I got mine during puberty)
This picture is for the boy at the party who told me I looked like a beached whale.
This picture is for Emily from middle school, who bullied me incessantly, made mocking videos about me, sent me nasty emails, and called me "lard". She made me feel like I didn't deserve to exist. Just because I happened to be bigger than her. I was 12. And she continued to bully me via social media into high school.
MOST OF ALL, this picture is for me. For the girl who hated her body so much she took extreme measures to try to change it. Who cried for hours over the fact she would never be thin. Who was teased and tormented and hurt just for being who she was.
I'm so over that.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The One

These guys all have long standing relationships with women taking full advantage of their money and status. MiMi Faust claims she doesn't need Stevie J. or his money. Yet she has been hanging around in the cut patiently for fifteen years. While he dates and gets engaged to other women. She waited a long time before she finally had a baby. But the truth be known, time was running out. She was almost forty before she got pregnant.  She did that to keep him around,

Kimbella started early with Juelz Santana. I  think she went all in for him. She has had two sons for him so far. That's a lot of baggage. Since they all have been in live-in relationships for years already. Why don't they just get married and make it official? It's more than just the normal jitters. These guys are just stringing these ladies along. All these women have what's called a history. They were all once out there with other players.

The last thing these women need is for their past to come to light. Then the men start thinking about who had their women first. "I paid too much for this. I need to reevaluate".  That's the hold-up for Jim Jones. Crissy is talking about freezing her eggs. She is already forty-two years old. Is she going to wait until she's fifty? I also think she might finally be reading the writing on the wall. Jim Jones is getting  tired of  waiting. So all of a sudden it's not about him anymore. She needs some space, according to her. Mama Jones isn't letting up either. She wants a grand baby.

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan are another helpless case. They've been engaged since she had twins. She has played herself more than once. Rappers are using her to make her man look bad. Men fighting over you doesn't make you a prize. Who ever wins will resent you in the end. Her and her sister are both messy. They crap in the water where they swim.  She wants  to solidify her position, by making him jealous. That's not working out to well. She still hasn't got a ring. What guarantees one now? After she took suggestive pictures. Matt might be having second thoughts.

Jim Jones and Juelz Santana really want a girl they can take home to their mothers. Even though they want a hot girl to fool around with. They want a good girl to be their wife. When and if they ever do decide to settle down. It probably won't be with the women they have now. Kimbella has been with other rappers. Crissy likes the dope boys.

Stevie J. is a rolling stone. He has a way with women. That most men don't. He is always looking for his next conquest. He doesn't go after them. They come to him. Even though they know he's no good.  They try him anyway. That's what causes the problem. Then they want somebody to treat them like a queen. After guys like Stevie J. have dogged them out.

In one respect men and women are the same. They both have puffed up pride and egos. They always wonder about the one that came before them. When they start to think about what got them hooked. They wonder if you were that good to someone else. It's always in the back of their mind."What you won't do for one, you'll do for another". They want to know if they are the one.     


Monday, October 22, 2012


Jay Z and Beyonce threw a fundraiser for the president at the 40/40 club in NYC.  It is rumored that $4 million was raised. So I suppose all 100 guest paid $40,000 a head. Jay Z and Beyonce are known Obama supporters. Since the last election in 2008. So I'm not surprised at their endorsement. They have so much money, they can support who they want. They could be supporting him, just because they're friends. So it has little to do, if anything with his politics.

My question is" where is Kanye West"? As vocal as he is in regards to politics. Why has he been so quiet this time? Could it have something  to do with his girlfriend Kim? Notice how they imply Kim Kardashian supports the president, but they never actually say the words. She supported his stance on same-sex marriage. That's not  the same as  endorsing him. I  don't think this is a coincidence. Where Kim goes, Kanye follows. A lot of people that were on board the first go round for the president, are obviously missing this time. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

On Her Own

I don't think Shekinah Jo really has a main man. She says she has been in a relationship for five years, but she didn't give enough details when asked about him. In all the time she has been on "Tiny and T.I Family Hustle", I have never seen a man and one has never been mentioned. Other than the time Tiny set her up on a blind date. I haven't seen her  with a man since.  That didn't go anywhere either. Even though she is loud and country. I do like her style. Underneath the hard and brash exterior. I think she might be a diamond in the rough. She doesn't even wear make-up. All  that dunk she has in her trunk. She is going to come up with a man she can claim sooner or later. I just hope it's her own.

The main thing she has in her corner, is she can do some hair. Her name has started to get around in Atlanta. The new black Hollywood. She is already keeping Tiny's hair on point. Now she's doing Tamar Braton's wig too. If she starts doing Kandi Burrus's hair or any of the ladies on "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta". It's going to be a wrap.  She will be the hottest hairdresser in the A town. That's a pretty big deal in my opinion. This could be another Kim Kimble in the making?     

I believe Shekinah is Tiny's friend for real. Not like the made for T.V. friendship of Tamar and April. She is a real hairdresser from Atlanta.Trying to make a come-up like her best friend did. Tiny is her friend too, but she has been around her husband too long. Catch a sucker bump his head. Just like T.I., she tries to be nickel slick. You  don't  get the majority of the profit just because you invested the start up costs. Especially with your best friend. But then again, maybe that's the way it works. She didn't ask Tiny for a loan. She is looking for a handout . Which brings me back to my original point.

I think Shekinah needs a good man. One that can calm her down. Help her turn this into a opportunity to shine on her own. Being Tiny's girl has it's limitations. At the end of the day Tiny goes home to her husband and children. T.I. is out of jail now. Shekinah has been dependent on her friend so long. She doesn't want to leave the nest. Tiny gave her a jump start. She doesn't realize the chains are gone. She can do it on her own.


George McGovern (1922-2012)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Go To Work

At first I was in utter disbelief at the numbers I was reading. When I considered the source. Then I had to add a caveat.  Before I took the figures as truth.  There are probably some fudging of  the numbers here. I must take into consideration. Anytime I see " River City Breweries" involved in any jobs program. I proceed with caution. They have been promising the Memphis area 500 good paying jobs for   years. All the while getting grants and tax breaks from the state and city. Now they have sold the company for a huge profit.  The new owner hired the old one (Carolyn Moody) as a consultant. Now the process starts all over again.                 

This is an excerpt from  the article I was reading:
"The new brewery and bottler had received 28,000 local job applications, reviewed 6,000 resumes, and determined only 2 percent showed the potential prerequisite qualifications. And too many of the first hires hadn't possessed the skills to survive probation.

Blues City plans to eventually hire hundreds but needed 60 workers initially. "After Blues City went through the first round of 6,000 resumes and still didn't have enough qualified candidates, I could tell they were getting discouraged," recalls Carolyn Hardy, who sold the former Hardy Bottling Co. to Blues City and remains there as a consultant. "We got with Southwest and the mayors. I was sure that Blues City wasn't only one with that type of problem."

A picture is worth a thousand  words. What do you get from the picture above? Was this the first day of class? It looks like the student wearing the suit was the one using his hands. Obviously h e missed the first few classes. Why would you wear a three piece suit to work in a factory? If the course is almost over and he hasn't learned that. He is not ready to go  to work.


Friday, October 19, 2012

The Biggest Personality Won

Why is it acceptable for everyone to make  hurtful comments the first time they see this young lady's picture? If she was a lesbian or bi-sexual this would be against the law. This is discrimination at it's  worst. She should be able to sue any major news source or major media that perpetuates this foolishness, in regards to her being elected the first Black Homecoming Queen at the University of Mississippi. Liars and losers have managed to blemish this golden moment for Courtney Pearson . By claiming the whole  thing was a prank or joke that went too far. Every time a overweight person is successful at anything. You have some skinny people on the sidelines hating and finding fault in their accomplishment. It's no big deal. All they did was call her fat. They feel like she'll get over it in time.

I know Courtney Pearson doesn't want to be the face of  fat people facing discrimination. So I won't mention her name anywhere else but on this blog. But she is a prime example of what I've been talking about. That would make me just as guilty as the other people trying to make this a joke..

I hate to be presumptive here. Something tells me she spends most of her time around  whites and stuck-up blacks.  The only people that would compare her to "Precious" in the movie. Are white people and those haters I was talking about.  She is cute and has the personality to match.  A seasoned sistah would have so much swag.  You would think she was Oprah Winfrey.

I do have one question though. Isn't it customary for the queen to be escorted by the king or a boyfriend?  I don't think having her father escort her at such a big moment is normal. I don't know who planned the event, but they should have noticed that was unusual. The only other time I've ever seen a father escort the Homecoming Queen at the crowning.   The girl had downs syndrome. It wasn't a prank, but it was staged.. This was neither. It wasn't staged  and it wasn't a  prank.. It was just the biggest personality won.

The Loop

This is the group a certain councilperson was jockeying to be a charter member..She made her move too soon, but didn't make it soon enough. At the height of her popularity, she went for the wrong ring and lost.. Had she run for city council from the start. Janis Fullilove's career may have been totally different now. She could have been like the local Nancy Pelosi. Instead her and Ophelia  Ford take turns being the joke of the day. .

Gale Jones-Carson and Tajuan Stout-Mitchell both have secured cushy jobs with the city thanks to Mayor Willie Herenton. Along the way they have also developed  sort of a local ladies clique. Gale Jones-Carson gets around, she has her hands in a little of everything. If things had gone as Janis planned. I suppose she would've started calling herself Janis Fullilove-Chalmers had she made the cut. Now they wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole. With her legal troubles and alleged gambling and drinking problems. She would damage the brand they have built.

At first I was disappointed at how clueless Bev Johnson seemed to be in regards to politics. Now I see why she didn't. She has been recruited to be the voice on the airwaves of the local Democrats. Now we know why G.A. Hardaway and Karen Camper get  carte blanche when they call the radio . This use to be a gig for Janis before she fell from grace. Bev is finally getting her props. After twenty-nine years in the business, she has finally become a local celebrity.

Her only competition is on another level..Stormy is already known in other markets across the country. She used to be with Tom Joyner in the morning.. I don't know how she ended up at WDIA . It 's got to be a clearchannel thing. They even got Stan Bell in the trade. But for local radio in Memphis. Bev is the Queen. She had a show the other day about being in the right circles. I guess she was just checking. She is in the loop.   

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The cost of gas in June of 2008, the early stages of the heavy summer driving season and during the presidential campaign, was $4.10 per gallon. The 2008 gas crisis hit its peak one month later with prices averaging $4.11 per gallon.

By August, the cost fell to $3.74 and continued to fall until the price averaged $2.07 just after Election Day in November, when Mr. Obama was elected president.

The cost of gas was $1.84 just six days after President Obama's inauguration. As noted above, that is far cheaper than the cost of a gallon of gas six months prior in July 2008. Gas prices have the ability to fluctuate quickly.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Congratulations to the first Black Homecoming Queen in Ole Miss history Courtney Pearson was elected fifty years after James Meredith was the first black student ever admitted to the university. Look at us now.

Who Do You See

Don't think these animations weren't directed at a  particular demographic. This was posted in the Huffington  Post which has millions of readers from all races and ethnicity. Karl Rove talked about how George W. Bush did a commercial in a predominately black district two  weeks prior to the election.  And doubled  the vote he got in the prior election. Notice the olive complexion and long, black hair Who do you think sees themselves in this picture?.

Least Expected

This is what I talked about in an earlier blog.  I would love to be a fly on the wall in the ladies lounge, when they see this picture. Fitness Guru Shaun T Married His Longtime Boyfriend Over The Weekend In NYC..He is one of those you least expected.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Revolves Around Them

I have an idea for what I  think would make a great reality show. Even though they're in the same situation or worse, as all the other women. They have let a taste of success swell their heads. An hour of them once a week together would be enough. Jackie Christie, NeNe Leakes, Nicci Gilbert and Chrissy Lampkin need to get a show together. Let them have a series, where they try to steal the spotlight from each other. I am sick of  them trying to be the center of attenntion on a group orirnted show. I would've included Tamar Braxton, but she managed to get a show of her own, Having a husband who is a music producer didn't hurt. But it isn't helping either.

I once heard Jim Jones say he wouldn't do a reality show. A year later, obviously he has changed his mind. Maybe after the first season of "LHH", Chrissy realized she was coming up short. Jim Jones is trying to make every dollar he can. The Dipset money is getting thin. At least all the other women on the show have babies. She doesn't  even have that.  Chrissy isn't a youngster either. I heard she is forty two years old. Why does Emily follow her around like a little puppy? Fabolous is bigger than Jim. She is already a working stylist. Krissy just has an idea. She wants  Emily and Alicia  to do all the work.

Nicci Gilbert is another user. She used every fat woman she could to promote her new Curvato line. Including Faith's daughter,China. "Faith didn't like that either". Until she made it to the runway in New York. Then she hired peofessional models. I see why her popularity was so short lived. At first I gave her a break because she was  co-executive producer of the show. She used Syleena to model her clothes for free.  Then purposely walked off the stage at the "Essence Fest" without introducing her. That was the highlight of Syleena's career. Nicci did that because of her promoter friend. The only songs she wanted to sing. Were the ones that she wrote. The ladies supported everything she did. She was absent for everything else.

NeNe is the one I dislike the most. She is a hater, going around trying to pull down anyone doing better or looking better than her. Instead of  taking her new popularity and making new friends. She is doing just the opposite. Be careful  who you step on going up, you might meet them on your way down. She hangs out with Kim Kardashian and people in Hollywood these days. Even buying rich people expensive gifts that she can't afford. You know she is very rich now. What do those two have in common? She doesn't realize she's just the flavor of the month. Her star is already getting dull.

Last but not least we have Jackie Christie. The wildest one in the whole group. Like Draya told her "she's too old" to hang out with these ladies. You're not trying to be an example. You're trying to be one of the girls. Your episodes with  Toronto are classic.   Doug Christie is overshadowed by his overbearing wife. Obviously ruling him is not enough for her.After further investigation. There seems to be a method to her madness. She has been auditioning for a show like the one I'm suggesting, for the past twenty years. Her and Krissy have the most in common. They both arrived on the scene on the coattails of their men. But Jackie has way more time. She is old in the game.

They probably would never complete an episode. Without a disagreement. When everybody tried to show up fashionably later than the others. They would never get anything done. In their worlds everything revolves around them.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Conservative Black Celebrities

I have been suggesting something like this for quite some time. I always figured Paul Ryan would split the female vote. The initial reaction to Stacey Dash's endorsement was severe. But that has gave way to calmer minds and support for her right to choose. It's going to take more people like Stacey Dash to wake blacks up politically. All blacks are proud of the nations first black president. But that doesn't mean we all agree with his politics. Since it seems most of us like to follow a leader. Now we need entertainers like LL Cool J, Snoop Dog and Fifty Cent to come out too. Not saying that all blacks should be Republican, but they all shouldn't be Democrats either.

I'm glad Stacey Dash is attractive and successful. No one can accuse her of being a sell-out. Like black Democrats normally do. Some of the younger generation may actually listen to her and consider what she says. I'm sure she has some true fans that respect her opinion . Some that won't abandon her because of her opinion. She scores highly in the looks department, so she's not trying to be accepted. I already know the brothers don't really care. If she went to the RNC on a date. A brother would be right there sitting by her side. She has money, so no one is paying her to say this. .I bet she can clearly articulate why she supports Mitt Romney. But I bet Vivica Fox can't tell you why she supports President Obama.

Nicki Minaj endorsed Mitt Romney first, but she folded under the pressure. When  Russell Simmons is considered somewhat of a spokesman for blacks. What group of our people does he really represent?  Certainly not those like me. The Rush Card charges people to use their own money.  He counts on people not thinking for themselves. This story won't get a lot of attention. Not in Memphis anyway.When Liberal entertainers start to talk to their accountants. You would be surprised what other black celebrities support Conservative views.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


As a black man, I am not offended by what Ann Coulter said. I  totally agree with her analysis. I have said as much in different words many  times before. Blacks have loaned our struggle out so much. It no longer has any roots. Homosexuals and immigrants weren't rounded up and sent to this country against their will. Just like nothing is keeping  them from leaving now. Democrats say you can' t  legislate morality. Yet they pass or don't pass laws forcing others to accept their way of life. Civil Rights are for blacks. Like her politics or not. Ann Coulter was right.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Knocked Out

I don't condone men hitting women, but this notion that a man should never hit a woman is preposterous. Where do you draw the line? What you don't see in the video is her hitting and spitting in the drivers face. In a case like this, that is exactly what she needs. I'm never in favor of a man imposing his power over a woman. She is naturally the weaker sex. Some women don't know that though. They need to be  reminded.

It usually is just some loudmouth  broad that talks too much. Sooner or later. Her mouth will  write a check, her a** can't cash. Unless you run into a tow truck driver named Bernice. Who fights like a man.The first lick might be the only one you get. That's why men have to hit some women. To keep from getting knocked out themselves.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden Got Beat

Vice President Joe Biden is supposed to be the muscle in this administration. Last night he did a fair job at what he does, but still no cigar yet. Since the president likes the game of basketball so much. Let's use it to make an analogy. The Democrats are like the Oklahoma Thunder. The president is Kevin Durant, and Joe Biden is Kendrick Perkins. Perkins disagrees with every call that is made against him. According to him, he never fouls or makes a bad play. He isn't much of a scorer. But he makes it possible for Durant to score forty points. He is somewhat restrained by the men in the striped shirts. But you still have to be able to hold your own in the paint. If you can't, he'll run over you. That's what Paul Ryan did last night. He held his own. He didn't get schooled.

Joe Biden was his usual rude,condescending self. You only hear from him at convention and election time.  Unless they need to do some damage control.  Like they did last night. The vice president slot is basically ceremonial. Joe Biden did what he always does. Take the attention off the facts and hammer in the talking points.  It was easy last time against Sarah Palin. In addition to not having a good grasp of the issues. Her biggest drawback was she was a female. America had already chose a black man over a woman.  And the country knew and liked her. There was going to be a white man on the ticket regardless. With a black man and a white woman running the country.  White men couldn't sleep. In repayment for all his years of service on the hill. Joe Biden served as the sleeping pill.

The keyword here is specific. The Democrats are going to try and build a case off of that. Democrats might be detailed in their description. But does it work? Joe Biden spent the whole night asking  Paul Ryan for details. Instead of explaining why this administration's policies haven't worked.  Joe Biden has been a Senator for thirty-six years. He definitely knows how to kick the can. Democrats were impressed with his intimidation tactics. To me that just shows Biden got beat.    


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Name And Reputation

I guess it's a sign of the times. Either you cater to the discriminating patrons or feed them until they get enough. Like the middle class, just having large portions is no longer enough. You're either rich or you're poor. There's no in between. When it comes to restaurants, your food is good or it's not. If it's not that good, you better make it a buffet. The main thing Neely's ever had going for them was they gave you a lot of meat. But to me it tasted like smoked meat with a ketchup and vinegar sauce. A decent slaw. Eat some now, save some for later. It was like two sandwiches in one.

I am not an "aficionado" on BBQ or Steak for that matter, but I know what tastes good. Neely's BBQ just like  "The Butcher Shop" is closing after decades in Downtown Memphis.  Mainly because the food wasn't very good. The advantage to judging BBQ restaurants as opposed to steak. There is no such thing as an up scale BBQ joint. Cozy Corner or Rendezvous haven't changed and they could stand renovating Their success isn't due to marketing or hype. They just consistently have good food

What I think is the best BBQ in the city, a lot of Memphians aren't familiar with. I go into the trenches.   The best ribs in  the city are no longer in business. The proprietors of these establishments have passed. RIP Beasley's BBQ on Jackson Ave. and RIP Noels BBQ on 3rd and Peebles. But Cozy Corner on N. Parkway and The BBQ Shop on Madison are the best out there now. For shoulder" The BBQ Shop" and "Al's Tasty Burger Inn" when the shoulder is fresh.  Payne's makes good smoke sausages and links. I only had the Cornish Hen at Cozy Corner once. But I would rather have the ribs. Neely's name only comes up in one category. Their BBQ bologna is good, but TBBQS is better.

I haven't dined at enough different Steak restaurants to objectively compare.  But I have had some good and bad meals. I'm the kind of guy who would order a steak at a seafood restaurant. I have dined from New York City to Tunica Miss.  Some places I wouldn't even mention. So I think my recommendations are fair.. For the money, the best steak I ever had was between the old "Western Steakhouse" on Madison and "Bonanza" on Frayser Blvd. But they both are gone now. I  have eaten at "Folks Folly" and " Ruth Chris" a couple of times. Ruth Chris was okay, but I didn' t care for "Folks Folly"that much. Especially for the money. My best experiences lately were across the state line. Jack Binions at the Horseshoe and Limericks at Fitzgerald's are both excellent choices. Outback, Logans and Lone Star are hit or miss. Catfish Cabin makes a pretty good rib eye.

Seldom do you run into the owners anymore. You never met the owner of Ryans or Corkys. It's evident in their food. Up until he died, whenever you went to the Cozy Corner. Mr. Raymond was sitting right there by the door. He tasted what came off of his pit everyday. It was the same way at the Western Steakhouse. Every time I ever went there. I saw the lady with the big blond hair. Without someones name and reputation at stake. Like a lot of the other restaurants in this city. It just depends on the cook.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sentenced To Life

Jerry Sandusky has to be wondering how did this explode in his face?  If these allegations are true. How did he stay under the radar all these years?  He got thirty to sixty years for his crimes. If he doesn't so much as sneeze for the next thirty years. He still has to do all of that. Unless by some miracle he lives to be 98 years old.  He was basically sentenced to  life.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Columbus Day

Sunday, October 07, 2012

A Difference

I have been touching on this for quite a while. It's going to take a celebrity to get blacks to open their minds when it comes to politics. It's going to take more than him,but Al kapone is a start. I should have known a Memphis rapper would break ranks. When their records sell or they achieve a level of success. They find themselves on the other side of the coin. Liberals want to do big things, but with someone elses money. Al Kapone has discovered that someone else is him.

I'm still not impressed with Al Kapone and Scrapiron  though. How can you be against Steve Cohen and support President Obama? This only proves the black vote is selfish and for sale. These guys support George Flinn based on how he has helped them. No matter how wealthy George Flinn is, he can't do a personal favor for 200,000 people. There's a difference in personal responsibility and personal gain.

Redistribution In Reverse

I  don't know how I overlooked this proposed renovation.  This is bigger than the pyramid project. Then again I do. Your view of this city and it's events depend on where you get your news from. Since I have been keeping abreast of the happenings of what I call the regentrification of Memphis. As much as I read I should have caught this.

This building has been vacant for over twenty years. It's older than the Mall of Memphis was. Why hasn't this eyesore been demolished by now?  Because this isn't a new idea. Even if it is  referred to as Crosstown. It's still part of what I call "Center City" redevelopment. It's just on  the left/right side of Poplar. Depending on where you're coming from.

How could I ever forget the smell of freshly cooked Spanish peanuts coming from the nut shop, in the basement of Sears? And looking at the new bicycles and showing my mom which one I wanted for Christmas every time we went to the store. The aroma of steamed onions coming from the Krystals across the street, kept the dining room full before they had a drive-thru. The Sears catalogue was my favorite book. I studied it like it was a weekly reader. My first long trip across town without a chaperon was to Sears.  I rode the 31 Crosstown bus that dropped me off at the front door. Reminiscing brings back fond memories of better days.

I wonder who owns this building anyway?  Someone has been paying taxes on an empty building for over twenty years. If not it belongs to the city. Is this another Chisca Hotel deal? Where  the city pays the investor to take a risk. The investors make $2 1/2 million just for buying the building.  Before  a nail is hammered or one board is cut. The  project has already turned a profit. If the economy improves, they  stand to make a fortune.If it doesn't, they can file bankruptcy. Since the poor citizens will pay for this in the form of taxes. It amounts to wealth redistribution in reverse.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Cash Is King

Lately I've been thnking to myself. Am I getting apathetic in my old age or just losing my touch? I passed up an oppurtunity to really stir the pot with  the radio listeners day before yesterday, about the presidential debate. The regular loud speakers were unusually quiet for some reason.  Even those who  normally drink the Kool-Aid have gotten thirsty.  Anybody trying to make an excuse for the president"s poor performance is a member of the 47% group. I've only heard one person out of maybe fifty admit that they would vote for President Obama  no matter what. When in actuality most of them fall into that category.

When the subject did finally come up yesterday. I heard every excuse from the altitude, to his wedding anniversary attributed to his poor performance Wednesday night. Not once was  the fact  that he couldn't defend his record ever mentioned.  When that  was exactlly the case. He was all prepared to toot his horn about healthcare. But Mitt Romney snatched the rug from beneath him right off the bat.. When he pointed out the president's preoccupation with healthcare instead of the economy. President Obama didn't have a defense. You can leave a pig in a barn all day long, that doesn't make it a horse..

As quiet as it's kept. If  President Obama isn't reelected, he'll be somewhat relieved.  He realizes he has been used to advance an agenda that wasn't totally his.The man has aged twenty-five years since he has been in office. But the first lady is looking better and better every time I see her. Two groups that have benefited from  this administration are average black women and homosexuals. Neither one of them has  ever enjoyed the level of acceptance they do now. Don't ask, don't tell was struck down. Same-sex marriage is now legal in seven states. Barack Obama was the first sitting president to openly endorse same-sex marriage. The first lady has made shopping at Kmart and  Target popular. She looks just as good in a  $50 dress as a $5000 gown. And more women than ever think they look just as good as her.

Nothing  the president can or will do will top what he has already done. Being elected the first black president was an amazing feat in itself. He managed to charm the public as a whole. But he has to convince more than the voters to go along with him. Not just because of  his race, but partisan gridlock  Congressman and senators aren't going to vote against their own self interests whether they be Republican or Democrat. It has more to do with your pockets than your politics. Even on  the hill. Cash is king .

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Touched My Spirit

This may not be important to anyone else but me, but to me this is monumental. Over  twenty years ago I  saw about 7/8 of a movie that  I never forgot. The 1/8 I missed though, included the title. Ironically the answer to my question was right under my nose all the time. The movie is titled "A man named Peter" the biography of Peter Marshall. He is credited with coining my favorite phrase." If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything".  I have repeatedly used it without knowing where it came from. I just knew it touched my spirit.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Mitt Romney 1 Barack Obama 0

This debate was the presidents to lose. I think he accomplished that. I don't think Mitt Romney did anything that will sway the president's supporters. But he did give his base new hope, and convinced some Independents he is a viable alternative. President Obama suffers from the curse of incumbency. He has a record to defend. For some reason he wasn't very sharp. He didn't do his usual convincing job.


The verdict is still out on this Memphis Urban TV1. I'm trying not to base my opinion on who I know is involved. But "birds of a feather flock together. The idea of a black owned television station is not a new one. But it would be a first for this area. It could be an asset to this community if used properly. It could also set it back forty years if used the wrong way. We don't need a twenty-four hour daily call to arms or jealousy forum. I saw something like this before in "Enough is Enough". The overall idea was good, but it was destroyed by individual agendas. There have been technical difficulties for the last two days. I'll be watching if it ever gets off the ground.

How It Looked

Off the top of my head, I was quick to blame this outburst on Nicki Minaj. After getting the whole story, or at least the latest version. It might not be Nicki's fault after all. Mariah thinks she's slick. She knew if they got into a fight. She would be perceived as the victim. Security and cameras had her back. She knew she could only push Nicki so far before she exploded. This is how it looked.

Getting Bigger


What could Rick Ross and Young Jeezy possibly be fighting about? It couldn't be that serious. Neither one of them live in the hood anymore. They don't even have to see each other. You would think the Atlanta Civic Center could accommodate them both. Rick Ross is a boss. Young Jeezy is a heavyweight too. They both have acquired too much to get a stupid charge and end up going to jail. .Rick Ross is on top right now. Young Jeezy isn't doing too bad either. Why are these millionaires taking a chance on going to jail, or even being shot? To claim bragging rights for something that doesn't even matter Must be a black thing.Their idol "Big Meech" is doing thirty years in the penitentiary for that same way of thinking..

At first I thought other rappers were just picking on Rick Ross because he was large. "Big, black and ugly as ever" as Biggie use to say. Now I'm not so sure about that. He just might be a thug who made some money and just got fat. Eating shrimp and drinking Cristal  everyday will do that to you. If you're always in the middle of the same thing. You might be the problem. It's getting to be commonplace with Rick Ross, but Young Jeezy usually avoids trouble. Especially since BMF went to jail. Even though he has that gangbanger persona. Smart hoods don't want to be seen.  They just want the money. Instead of Bleu Davinnci making a popular record. His career is dissing Jeezy. He seems more upset than Big Meech himself. Young Jeezy doesn't want to  end up like Irv Gotti. Rick Ross is on something else.  Along  with some good music. I'm beginning to think he ts getting bigger off stuff like this.     

Monday, October 01, 2012


This is how you go from being a multi-millionaire to being broke. Floyd Mayweather spent $50,000 in one night at a strip club in Atlanta.  It wasn't  even Magic City. I never seen so many bullet wounds and stretch marks in one place. Those strippers had to be doing tricks and turning flips to get that many tips. The ladies worked so hard. Club Diamonds was closed the next day. Hustlers never get a day off. They're always down for a dollar. Big money Floyd gave them a vacation.

Note:  Ray J and Joseline Hernandez were there, but Fifty Cent wasn't. What does that mean?