Tuesday, October 21, 2014


With the various assets Fantasia has, she still can't get a good man.  I noted this several relationships and a baby ago. Lately she has been hanging out with Kandi and Phaedra. I  think I know what these women have in common. They are blinded by the light.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Feeling Young


At first I thought this was wrong.Stevie Wonder is sixty-four and his fiancee is twenty-five.  Then I thought it through. Him out there tricking and her getting his money. Would be even worse. At least they are doing the right thing. They are getting married   This is their second pregnancy. They're definitely having married sex. They're expecting triplets. I suspect fertility drugs.

Stevie Wonder is not the average man  He has been in the spotlight all his life. There have been a lot of women in his life. He already has seven children. He has enough money for them all.  Something about this woman must be special. He is even looking better these days. She keeps him feeling young.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Wiz is doing exactly as I thought he would.  I have seen him with four different women. None of them look anything like Amber Rose. That's  why she filed for divorce. They have something that she doesn't. They have  that Becky.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Reality T.V. is like the mixtape for performing arts. All this fame  with no training comes at a cost. If you are good to the game, it will be good to you.  Rosie O'Donnell took a stand by refusing to work. with a reality star. She put it in her contract. It takes more than being a housewife or a million twitter followers to get a job next to her. Only those with a background in acting need apply. I'm okay with seeing Tamar Braxton and NeNe Leakes once a week.

The  only outlets for blacks these days are Tyler Perry and Kevin Hart.  And Kevin Hart doesn't discriminate.  Elise Neal is the darkest woman on his set. After forty years she doesn't even have a lead role.  With Edris Elba being the main man and Taranji P. Henson for the women. Plus Steve Harvey and Tamar Braxion on television three times a day Mona Scott Young is the new Norman Lear of today  The next star might be in the clubs right now. In the future the only new faces might be Lil Scrappy's girlfriends.    

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I bet if you gather 100 young, black millionaires and their women. You might get 10 sistahs in the group. These guys won't settle down with their own kind. I watch"Love & Hip Hop"everywhere. Even if they have children it doesn't matter. Look at Ne-Yo and Monyetta Shaw.  Watch him marry a woman of a different race. When he finally does get married. The day of the video vixen is over. All that money has moved to the strip club. These ladies are earning thousands of dollars on a nightly basis. But they still want.to  eventually quit.. No one wants  to be a retired stripper.

Bow Wow is an example of a growing trend  He has a light skinned woman with her own long hair.  I watched the Hip Awards show. There were almost as many black women on stage as there were in the audience. Dark skinned women are wasting time hating on the light skinned  women. They arr being overlooked too. These days Jasmine Guy and Sally Richardson wouldn't be a big deal.  What used to be the exception must now be included.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Saturday, October 11, 2014


Mariah is calling in all her favors trying to make it rough for Nick. I believe she kept him from getting the Richard Pryor role in the long awaited movie. That would have been too much for her. But she better be careful this doesn't blow-up in her face. "The hole you dig for others, may end up being for yourself". She already looks like a cradle robber, because of the eleven year age difference. Nick is starting to look like a victim of her controlling ways.

Nas needs to stay out of this. He has never been a threat to Nick. Nas is the biggest rapper with a history of dating women who don't look better than her. Mariah is using him to try and look relevant. But this won't do the trick. This proves she is out of the loop. Nick Cannon fans might not even know or  remember him.

He doesn't have the juice.he had fifteen years ago. The business has changed since then  Nas needs to consider the future. With him being a rapper. He might end up needing Nick before it's over. Marah might be powerful.  But is she worth the consequences?

Thursday, October 09, 2014


Paula Patton has done herself proud since she split with Robin Thicke. Unlike Mariah she isn't  trying to keep pace with her ex-husband. I don't know if she had this planned or.not She could have been  waiting for a time such as this. This breakup isn't  getting the best of her. She looks fine.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


A breakup might be the best thing for these two at this point. A separation might be just what they need. Absence  makes the heart grow fonder. She is tired of  just  being his girlfriend, and he isn't ready to make her his wife. She wants to have some Derulo babies. But I think he has had a change of heart. All this time he has been happy in her shadow. But after the success of his last single. He has felt the other side. 
I  think Jason Derulo has been kept in check over the years. Dating Jordin Sparks has kept him under watch.. I see a premature  version of  Chris Brown. All the pop-locking and tattoos all over his body. Paints a different pictute of him. He has gotten rich  with Pop.  Why is he trying.to crossover to Hip Hop? Jordin is trying to avoid a Montel Jordan scenario. This is what she was dreading It's the ever present draw of the tour.

Friday, October 03, 2014


In case you are wondering. Who  cheated on Amber Rose and why? A young impulsive guy worith 30 million dollars . Not to mention his pick of pretty girls. Rap has progressed beyond the strip clubs and the hood. That's why Pharrell Williams is one of the richest rappers in the game.  He figured it out years ago He appeals to blacks and whites alike. I used to look sideways at all those tattoos on Wiz Khalifa, But now I see his angle. He is building his fan base. Ink is mainstream. 

Thursday, October 02, 2014



This is what Beckys look like thekse days. A young, rich, black man is under a lot of pressure. You wonder why Robin Thicke, Nick Cannon and Wiz Khalifa are getting in trouble? What are they getting in these streets you ask? These women are like sexual fantasies fulfilled.  They'll do anything these guys ask T.I. was almost out the door, but him and Tiny worked it out. He can't afford to leave "The Family Hustle".  The only couple who are not target are Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. She was the one he picked. He chose her over all the other girls.

Amber Rose didn't have to watch Ele Varner or Lola Monroe. Meek Mill and the other up-n-coming rap artist are handling that.  Wiz is on another level. He is up there with Kanye and Jay. They have an international audience. Who do you think is buying tickets on the European tour? Amber Rose better keep an eye on Katy Perry and Myley Cyrus types. I bet Wiz's new woman looks more like Iggy Azaela than Blac Chyna. It takes more than a big booty to win him over. Don't be surprised.

Sexy has gone full circle. For a minute black women were the big thing.With weave and the new found appreciation for curves. They were the apple of a black man's  eye. Then it was the Latin girls Light skinned gilts with  their own long hair.  But white girls are back with a vengeance  Iggy is the subject of the most popular sex tape never released. And she isn't even a beauty queen. But she feeds the imagination.