Tuesday, December 31, 2013

James Avery (1945-2013 )

Monday, December 30, 2013

Land 'O' Lakes

This ring is gorgeous to the average person. Shoot, it looks good to anyone who catches a glimpse of this sparkler. Let alone a girl being asked for her hand in marriage. It's the prettiest thing they ever seen, But even though it has 15 carats like Kim Kardashian's. Let me point out in my limited knowledge why it only cost half as much as her's  I blogged about this earlier.  This ring although beautiful, doesn't have that huge bevel cut stone in the center. It just has several stones that have that cluster effect. This ring is based on an older design that  was popular as far back as the nineties. Next year this very ring would possibly auction for $ 275,000 and pawn for even less than that.

The Avianne family of Avianne & Co. Jewelers is yet another jeweler who has made more money off hip hop than most of the rappers themselves. It takes twenty minutes to look at their celebrity client list. They have done pieces for actresses Tatyana Ali to boxer Floyd Mayweather . This man spent ten million dollars on one ring. That doesn't take into account all the watches, bracelets and pendants he has bought.  Ciara's massive engagement ring is undoubtedly one of their biggest jobs. But it's just on a long list of many. I have another question. How can Future afford  to pay this much for a ring? He must be a rapper with a trap. I know these guys are making loads of money doing shows. But I just hope they're paying their taxes.

In one of the most popular movies of this culture "Baby Boy." It explains this fascination with things that don't appreciate in value.  You drive a car off the lot and it's not worth what you just paid the dealer for it not five minutes ago. In the movie Melvin calls it "guns and butter". That's the name he gives cars, clothes and jewelry. Don't forget about drugs and fast women Too many people have made hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars and that's all they have to show. Some things will last forever or at least a long time. The other one at the first sign of heat will just melt away. All this bling is butte. Some of these jewelers are even selling margarine. Buyers have to have another jeweler check  or find out it isn't real at the airport.. Whether it's real or not. It's still just "Land 'O' Lakes."

Philly Wins, Cowboys Out ( 24-22 )

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Not Your Friend

These rings range in size feom 3.5 carats to 15 total. These rings cost  $70,000 to between  $4 and 5 million each. In case no one has noticed. Diamond  rings are not a good investment. That's something hustlers came up with back in the day. When you had lost all your money. You could pawn your jewelry to keep playing  Things have changed over the years. Kris Humphrey had a ring valued at $2 million that sold a year later for $740,000. Over $100,000 of that went to commission and fees. He only paid wholesale then. But these guys are paying  retail now.

Black people always find a way to waste their money. Kim Kardashian is being used like a female coyote. They advertise it on her to bring the star gazers back with bags of money. Then the merchants go in for the kill. I bet Lamborghini sales in the states spiked this year. I bet Kanye doesn't get the sane discount either. People like Ben Baller figured out that there was more money in selling these amatuer millionaires jewelry than managing their careers It started out wirh gold chains and then the big pendants. Then Paul Wall and Tv Jimmy started selling gold grills.  Now it's about who can buy the biggest ring.

Halle Berry and Tina Turner tied the knot this year also. But you hadn't seen their rings.  It's not that important in the big picture anyway. People that are used to money know that already. Even Lil Scrappy bought Erica Dixon a big rock They aren't even together anymore. She has already pawned the ring and spent the money. In the place of his overdue  child support. If the marriage is for real, it doesn't take all that. A big diamond ring won t make it last.

I saw a couple willing to spend $200,000 for a wedding and they still lived at home. Kim Kardashian made money off her wedding, but NeNe Leakes probably just broke even. Remember Kim Zolchiak did it second. But Benji Tankard is going to go in the hole.  So he should save his father's dough  But he thinks he has a lot of money. These women are setting bad examples. The trend is to spend money you don't really have. In the beginning average couples don't have a lot of assets. If this ends up being part of a settlement in a divorce. With the mark-up on jewelry. Diamonds are not your friend.



Friday, December 27, 2013

A Fake

After watching this past season of  RHOA. I  think I have a clearer picture of the marriage between Kordell and Porsha Stewart. For startes I don't think that Kordell Stewart is gay. I believe at one point he was bi-curious. He probably went to the park and got a blow-job. The problem is he got caught in a sting.  But I think Porsha really thought he was though. Not after they got married, but all the time. The fact that he was  rich. She married him anyway. She was prepared to put up a front. But that's not why he married her. He really wanted a wife.

Kordell doesn't strike me as a ladies man. That's how he got tagged as being gay in the first place. No man has come out of the closet and blew the whistle or produced a picture  But no  women have come to his defense  either. Porsha isn't as dumb as you think. She was game enough to dance in a rappers video. This role of being this ditsy, sheltered, unsuspecting girl is just an act. Kordell spilled the beans on her and this historical family she claims  Who turns out  to be her mother and her brother and his bad kids Who ended up practically moving in his house. All she was doing before she.married Kordell was run a non-profit in her deceased grandfather's name.

After hearing Kordell's side of the story   I believe the majority of what he said. .Many of my suspicions were confirmed once I heard him talk. When she had the miscarriage. That was his break. If she had a baby. It would have been all over. Even after the divorce. She is spending out of control . Kordell was gone a lot but not missing. He was paying close attention. He knew it was time to do what I blogged about earlier. Her advisers coached her wrong this time. His nose wasn't open like everyone thought. They underestimated him. He wanted a cheaper trophy. And he wasn't taking an imitation. She is a fake.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I wonder did she know about the Juicy J contest, and would she qualify if she did ? Based on this video. She would definitely be in the running. She has my vote. I don't know anything about this girl though. Just because she isn't thick like CoCo. Doesn't make her a Becky. She might just look young. She might be a professional.

Holding It Down

Naya Rivera and Big Sean go glam in their 2013 Christmas Card . The 26-year-old Glee actress and the 25-year-old rapper will be spending their first Christmas holiday as an engaged couple this year. In case you're wondering.  This would be important to a lot of women. Sean enjoys a certain popularity with the females. That extends to his woman. Naya is like their champion. They look up to her. She is holding it down.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Still There

This is Amber Roses'answer to Kim Kardaskian's selfie. Unlike Kim I don't think Amber did anything other than just take the photo. This is how she looks after ten months not two. I bet she doesn't have a trainer either. This is what Wiz is working with these days. We didn't need to see the booty. We know it's still there.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Ricky Dunigan "aka" Lord Infamous (1973-2013)

Money Money Money

The Mega Lottery Winner In Atlanta Is 56 Yr Old Ira Curry Who Gets $123 Million After Taxes....Congratulations

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Why hasn't Nate Robinson secured a larger contract?  In spite of being a pretty good player. He has produced some of the most exciting playoff games in recent history, yet he remains without a permanent home. He has played on six teams in eleven years. He saved Chicago after Derrick Rose got hurt.  They didn't bring him back. Now they wish they had kept him. Rose is hurt again.  When I see people like Nick Calethias signing two year deals and they can't play. Something is very wrong here. In the future just being able to dunk won't curry you favor on the court. The league is getting back to fundamentals. So those of lighter hue can play.

I have been saying for a while now. The game of basketball is changing.  The San Antonio Spurs have 10 international players on their roster. It's a growing trend in the NBA.  Teams like the Memphis Grizzlies are doing it at the expense of winning. They're putting three players in regular rotation, that they have less than  $9 million invested.in over the next three years. One of them was a former starter on another team  He is earning $1 million a year. He is earning basically the minimum playing thirty-five minutes a game. That has to be one of the lowest salaries for even a second string center. Who obviously they intend to use because they signed him for three years.

If you look at the payrolls of all the teams in the league. There are more players making the minimum than ever before. The last players strike didn't help the players as a group. It only benefited the marquee players. If you can't drive the lane like Lebron James or shoot like Stephen Curry.You have to be able to do it all like Kevin Durant. Excluding the Chris Pauls and the Russell Westbrooks. You can make as much or more overseas. .

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ten Toes Down

The black community could take a lesson in this family about standing for something. The rest of the family has said if you don't want all of us, you don't get none. The whole lot of us don't go along with homosexuals. Phil was just the one who had his comments put in print. We're standing together ten toes down.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Leave The Antics Alone

Once  again  the welterweight class is wide open  Adrien Broner loss the belt he won from Paulie Malugnaggi on his first title defense. The sport doesn't need another Jack Johnson in the 21st century..There is no question now that he can be beat. And this showing proves his critics right. More than his skill, it was the competition or the lack thereof. Marcos Maidana thumped Adrien Broner like a drum. And Marcos wasn't even undefeated. How would he fare against a Timothy Bradley, Keith Thurman or Shawn Porter? Broner has been hiding in the shadows of Floyd Mayweather for years now. But Marcos Maidana uncovered him. He wasn't as good as he believed and Maidana  was better. Now Broner can focus on his boxing. And leave the antics alone.


Cut Your Losses

The marriage between Robert and Andrea Kelly sadly is a casualty of his success. But not for the reasons you think. I would predict the problems probably started around 12 play. She married him when he was up and coming and started having children. But since then he has become a full fledged superstar. But Andrea remained the same round the way girl with the coke bottle shape he met from the south side of Chicago. It's not likr he married Beyoncr or Alicia Keys. He hadn't been to Miami or New York yet when they tied the knot. And social media was in it's beginning stages then. So that allowed her a certain amount of anonymity.

Andrea Kelly and Tashera Simmons are two sides of the same coin.  They both  remained in the.background for the same reason. They enjoyed the perks.They came from humble beginnings. But both  their husbands were multi-millionaires. They always knew what they were up against. But they believed or hoped things would one day change. Obviously it didn't. And neither did they.After hearing Tashera  do an interview on the Breakfast Club. I don't feel as sorry for her as I initially did.  I hadn't heard his side yet. She was DMX's enabler. She had control over his  money but ended up with nothing. It's a shame for their four children. She had access to 40 million dollars or more. She w rachet too. Between the cars, weave and reckless spending. She blowed a grip herself

R Kelly was the first entertainer to fall in love with a stripper.She just didn't work in the clubs. He was her biggest sponsor. She just performed for him exclusively. By the time he came to his senses he was married. You better believe she was the inspiration behind a lot of his music. If R Kelly had only been as successful as say a Willie Clayton. Robert and Andrea would still be together. He just would always be working hard trying to make ends meet. But that wasn't the case. The more he made, the more she spent. She was trying to do everything then, she is now. Dance studios and all. Just with his money not her own..As much money as these guys are making these days. It's better to split 100 million than 200 or more. Leave now and cut your losses.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013



This might have been the beginning of the end for  two  hot dogs that have too much mustard.  Jessica  Corazon manged to mess this highlight in each of their respectve careers a smear. This is something they should have kept between them.  She  was not worth Broner bragging aboutt, and nothing for Malinoggi to be defending. Neither of them are acting like gentlemen.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jameis Winston Wins Heisman

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Peter O'Toolr (1932-2013)

Baseball Wife

This has Evelyn Lazodo written all over the place.  She saw Carl Crawford and the mother  of his newborn baby. Her covetoua mind  startdsd clicking right then. She figured she could beat Amy's time  There is nore competiition in rhe NBA than MLB. Most black and latina women aren't hip yet.  They're still focused on the four qurter players. Evelyn has to competede with women like LaLa Anthony  After checking out Amy Freeman  She feels she has a better chance of being a baseball  wife.

Friday, December 13, 2013


The best way to get over one dude is get another. You don't have. time to miss the water if the well doesn't get dry. That's why Khloe Kardashian has finally filed for divorce. She has found a plumber who clears her pipes. What's the latest news with Jayceon Taylor and Tiffney Cambridge? Khloe is the one who has a type.Kim wants a rich black man who is excited about her. When Kris Humphrey  told her she used to be a sales clerk in  the valley. I knew his days were numbered.  But Khloe is the opposite. She wants a rich black man she can be excited about. But Lamar made that tough.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

True Color

People started out talking about the first lady being upset with the president for flirting with the Danish prime minister. Initially I thought it was much to do about nothing. But after further consideration there might be some validity to this claim. The question I have is " If the first lady was interested in what was being said on the floor Why  wasn't the president?" If it was just an innocent photo, why wasn't his wife included? Maybe she was, but she declined. The truth of the matter is this. She isn't as in love with white folks as her husband. Now that he has been  elected for a second term in office. She can show her true color.\



Kim Zolchiak is and was the only cast member on RHOA that can  trust NeNe Leales. The main reason is Kim has never had jungle fever. She has had a lot of men and even a woman. But she isn't down with the swirl.  There are a lot of  white men  who breathed a sigh of relief  when Kroy bought the farm.  She  was like the driven snow and Big Poppa wasn't the only driver. But that purse still has snap. She got a young ballplayer and two babies after she appeared on the show. Kim made a record.went on tour and got a new life and family Unlike the other women on the show, She doesn't need it anymore. She took the money and ran. NeNe  was glad she  was gone. That was a fight she couldn' t  win.

These  other women are sitting ducks. Cynthia is afraid of NeNe for some reason. I believe it has something to do with her daughter. Black men don't go along with the children's father spending nights. Maybe we'll get the whole story before it's over.  Right now looks like Porsha Stewart's storyline bought her some time. Cynthia and the others pumped her up to go after Kenya.  Knowing Kordell Stewart was suspect. And Porsha  wasn't as clueless as she pretends. She  was scandalous just like them. Something tells me they knew.

Then you have Kandi Burrus and Phaedra Parks. Just hoping they can  remain under the radar.  With their shaky romances. The last thing they need is some of their skeletons to reappear. Leave it to NeNe to make that happen. She managed to find someone that freaked them both. Phaedra is having issues with Apollo texting Kenya already. This is only ammo for him to use against her. And poor  Kandi was just a  round the way girl who is trying to escape her past. But no matter where you go, there you are.  Even her mama won't let her turn the page. She is trying to leave Atlanta  by moving across town..But that won't happen. As it turns out Phaedra hooked Kandi and Todd up.  After watching how she handled Kenya. I have concluded Phaedra is a snake and Kandi better be careful. Mama Joyce might know something we don't.

That only leaves Kenya  Moore to  stand up to NeNe. And she won't  get any help from  the others.. All the other women are so jealous of her.They want to see her fall.. Nothing is safe with them. Not even the truth. NeNe counts on  them doing her dirty work for her. I don't really like her but I do respect her hustle. She took nothing and made it into something. She was on the outside all the time. She is the Gucci of reality  t.v.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Makes A Difference

Until you have one of these on the shelf, you really haven't made the cut.  That's why people like Rick Ross, T.I. and 2 Chainz are appearing every chance they get. You're only as big as your last hit. Look at Sly and  the Family Stone and the Ohio Players. Sugarfoot died broke and Sly Stone lives in Watts in a van. Both thrse guys made millions in their prime. But they don't get those residuals. Heaven forbid they get hooked on drugs. They can end up flat broke. When J Blackfoot died he was doing shows and waiting to get paid. Bobby Rush is eighty years old and doing two shows a night.

The fact that  Niicky Minaj, Rihanna and Myley Cyrus don't have this coveted award is contradictory to what I'm saying.  They are three of the hottest acts in the game. Yet they weren't even mentioned. But do you remember Cyndi Lauper? She is still in the conversation thirty years later. She has a song nominated for a Grammy right now. CeCe Peniston was a hit machine in the nineties too, but she is doing episodes of "Unsung" on TvOne.That's not like singing thr "National Anthem" at a major sporting event. Tina Turner just got marriedMary Maey M and Patti Labelle is still on the B guest list singing " Lady Marmalade"from yesteryear. But on the other end of the spectrum. Mary Wells and the Marvelettes died in virtual obscurity.

People like Bobby OJay are telling people just focus on the live performances. They might be making big money rheas days but that's going to change.The market is going to get saturated just it has over here. The promoters are going to get hip. Why pay  Wacko two hundred thousand, when you can get  Yung Dro for fifty and a  ticket? No matter how much money you make abroad, the main destination is still the states.You can still get rich without a Grammy. But in an industry loaded with attitudes and egos. Having a Grammy makes a difference.  

Friday, December 06, 2013

Tough But Fair

I want to address those who are unhappy with the plight of blacks in this ccountry. None of which BTW aw trying to leave. There are planes, trains and boats leaving daily. These Kanye West type soldiers who want to keep fighting these imaginary wars. Are stalwarts to the black race. That's my main turn-off to the NOI. If they planned a mass meeting. They couldn't do it without renting a building. They don't own as much as a large gym.

A lot of them are prime examples that even a fool can do well in this country. I've known police and firemen to lose their jobs for the cause. Now they driving cabs and selling fruit and "Final Calls." And nothing is worse than the five-per center. They only eat pork if it's smoked. What do you want America to do for you? How could a honest, hardworking, free black man say he isn't living the American dream? If you're not incarcerated or on paper and have your health. You have the same rights and privileges as anybody else. A lot of these people complaining have Good government jobs. I hate to hear a mailman talking smack.

You have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That's all anybody gets.

Thank God I have life, being in America doesn't guarantee that. It might help since we have access to modern medicine and now we have universal health care. I could be in a third world country like Somalia. You can die from an ingrown toenail over there. Since man doesn't control that. There aren't many better, but there are a lot worse. I could be dead or alive anywhere.

Your character is up to you. As long as you don't break the law or hurt anybody, nobody is telling you what to do.. That wasn't the case just fifty years ago.  Ten years earlier Emmett Till was tortured and killed. Some blacks couldn't even vote. Let alone run for office. But it's a new day now. So all these people claiming to do so much to help others is just hot air. The best thing you can do for the poor and down trodden is not be one yourself. Lead by example. I'm not living the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but I'm far from destitute. Anything more than I have is not promised. The worse you can say is " it's rough but it's fair."

Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Big And Tall

This is probably Evelyn Lazodo's lsst big score. You better believe somebody surprisingly gave her what for her is a golden egg. I say surprisingly, because her baby is twenty-one years old. The new daddy was putting it everywhere and she let him. This woman is scandalous. I bet they were having unprotected sex because she convinced the man it was safe. Nobody knows how old Evelyn is, but as it turns out she can still get pregnant.  When if ever the father is revealed. I'm not going to be surprised. It's going to be a baller with a big contract. This baby is going to be big and tall.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Not Kosher

This is an example of where our society is headed. When you have a young black women attacking another one over who is beating the others time with a boy. Whoever he is, and whatever he is using to have these young ladies fighting. He probably has more than just these two on the hook. You will only see neckbone blacks and rowdy puerto ricans acting like this. Don't foirget about the poor white trash.  There is more of them than you  think. Jews, orientals and average whites wouldn't act like this. They don't mix. It's not kosher.

Video uncut:  http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhn8Sn7gl3IC6KhbQf

Monday, December 02, 2013

Kardashian Christmas

This is the annual Kardashian Christmas card. Notably missing is baby North West. I'm not surprised Kanye wasn't included. Since he isn't married to Kim anyway.

Last Second

Auburn pulls off a last second miracle against Alabama.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Game

When you have millions of dollars, people will listen to anything you say for a little while anyway. Since you have more money than most of your peers. They figure you must know something. But sometimes it's just luck. Fifty Cent made $100 million dollars off the sale of an energy drink.I have heard Kanye West with this same rant from Jay Leno to Jimmy Kimmel. The longer he talks, the dumber he sounds. He is part of their monologue every night. They are starting to make a joke of him. You never see Birdman, P Diddy or Jay Z challenging the big boys at night They know these guys  can make or break you.

Powerful black men have always been willing to risk it all for a white woman.  Jack Johnson was arguably the most recognizable black man of his time.  But he lived like a man in hiding. Instead of taking full advantage of his clout. He chose for a while to live out of the country with a white female. Kanye thinks having Kim Kardashian makes him a boss. He could just as well be called a Buster. Don't make your woman larger than you.  She is not as important to everybody else as she is to you. Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton are not moved. They don't design their clothes for the Hip Hop crowd. Even though your woman has a big behind. It's not bigger than the game.