Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rode With The President

I don'i want to rain on any one's parade, but  this is what I expected. I just thought it would take longer than it did. I know he was on a high after greeting President Obama. But  some  of those well wishers should have gave him some good advice. His new found celebrity wouldn't last a year. He didn't last much longer than Dexter Haygood on the X Factor. All you got was a break. You haven't made the big time yet. Keith Norman's gift was beneficial, but only to a serious student. From barely passing to becoming a psychologist is  quite a jump. Even with the help of the president.

He had moved away from his old surroundings into a new home. The place where he once lived has been torn down. Why is he going back to the old neighborhood anyway? He already got out in a sense. He just needs to get busy doing what it takes to stay out of the hood. He can start by getting a job. Instead of trying to make a living as an inspirational speaker. What  exactly have you done other than introduce the president.? That doesn't make a resume by itself. I'm sure there was another student just as deserving if not more. Who just wasn't as camera friendly.  

Why not do an  expose on the little fat ball boy for the Memphis Grizzlies, who made the National Honor Society last year?. He isn't going around giving speeches on how he personally knows  Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay. People don't care how he got the job collecting towels. He isn't a millionaire yet.. He just works around them. This is just the beginning for him. Someday he might end up being a sports attorney or working in the front office. That would be a real rags to riches story. One I would love to hear.

Right after Christopher Dean introduced the president, everyone wanted to interview him.  Kriner Cash took a lot of criticism for taking over one of his moments in the sun. Kriner Cash was looking ahead. He didn't want this to be another episode of "Where Are They Now". Whatever  happened to "hope and change"? Looks like Mr.Cash was right . He had access to Chris"s  files. Christopher doesn't show much reserve. He's giving up already. Where is Joseph Kyle when he needs him?  I bet Chris hasn't seen him lately. I hope  Chris isn't one of  those guys we see on  the corner ten years from now. Talking about he rode in the  car with the president. 

Center City

This is  representative of the new Midtown Memphis. Ten years ago a business like this wouldn't have survived. Let alone be successful. The new bike lanes everyone is crying about is being used. There are even people like Hunter Demster who are capitalizing on it already. The boardwalk across the Mississippi river to West Memphis is another future investment opportunity for someone.  Don' t  wait too late to think ahead. Bass Pro is going to open a lot of doors for other  businesses. The city recently passed a law allowing restaurants on  wheels. It has been so successful "Crumpy's Hot Wings" has  two trucks running already.

A section of this city is being carved out for a certain demographic.  It started with closing down the Fairgrounds.  Now we have the $31 million Kroc Center in it's place.  Now we have to go to the AG center or Desoto County to go to the fair. Then we turned Overton Park over to a conservancy. The Kroc Center has $30 membership fees and they're charging $25 for what used to be free concerts at the Levitt Shell.  The council also approved a $16.5 million project building a water retention drain and a indoor parking garage in Overton Square.. To match  the parking garage being built at the Overton Park Zoo. That coupled with a  downtown on the move. And don't forget about Mud Island.  It's going to be used again.  All tied together by a trolley.

With legislation constantly being passed making homosexuals a protected group. I wouldn't be surprised if Cooper-Young eventually became a crime free zone. Even the  dumbest criminal doesn' t want  to be charged with a hate crime. Kill a homosexual and get thrown under the jail.  The latest trend. Campus crime will stop as soon as they take the handcuffs off campus security   It's by design there are no more public housing projects downtown.  The only thing left of the old  Memphis is the Mid-South Coliseum.  Thus carving that line that I've been talking about for years. Down the center of the city. .    


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Good Wife

My main problem with Erica  on LHHA was her issue  with Joseline. I felt like all the women on the show were ganging up on Joseline unfairly.  Erica and MiMi tried to raise themselves above the drama by claiming to be the mistreated mothers of  Stevie and Scrappy's children. They knew what they were dealing with  when they got pregnant by these men. Neither one of them is innocent as they pretend. MiMi moreso than Erica. Erica is kind  of green. MiMi is a woman of the world. 

All the cast members have been on Kandi Koated Nights  except K Michelle and Arianne. .I think it's because they're afraid of the questions. We haven't heard the last of the Memphitz ordeal yet. That's the first thing they're going to ask K. Michelle about.. Arianne doesn't have much of a story line, but she is mysterious. Why is she always around? The question regarding her sexuality came up on this show before. The only thing that made you remember Erica  was the fight wuth her and Joselne . She is a pretty girl, but  she is boring. I discovered this when I heard her doing an interview. She is lucky to be coming back.

I was right about Erica all the time. She is a square. She can't compete with those groupies and girls Scrappy meets on the road after the show. She still has her hooks in him though, but not for long. They have a child together. Their daughter is eleven years old. Probably the first time they had sex.  She got pregnant.  Then he met Lil John. That was the start of trouble. When he  gets himself together, and possibly makes another hit record. She'll be a good wife.           

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Different Route

Mayor Wharton is between a rock and a hard place. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. The people want him to do something about crime. Yet when he does the only thing he can. The public had a fit. A group of ministers and the police association were on the news the next day. Councilwoman Janis Fullilove promptly went about making unfounded allegations. Why would Mayor Wharton want to fire Director Armstrong? He hired him in the first place. Mayor Wharton is a politician, but no more than anyone else. He is just playing the hand he was dealt.

At first I wondered why would Janis be so outspoken regarding the mayor? Then I thought for a minute.Janis has realized the city council is the height of her political career. Unlike Janet Hooks and Tijuan Stout Mitchell. Mayor Herenton took care of them before he left. There won't be any cushy appointed job with the city when she leaves the council. At least not under Mayor Wharton. She is not one of his favorite members on the council. He would probably remove her if he could. She doesn't fit into his plans.

Michael Williams does his cause more harm than good. He doesn't stand up well under questioning. He does well when he does all the talking. Put him against someone asking logical questions. He exemplifies all the things that are wrong with the MPD. All of Director Armstrong's problems have been with the Police Union. At first it was the ticket scandal. Now every week we have an officer charged with domestic violence or some other misconduct. Williams blames everything on officer morale. They do their job according to their raises. They makeup the difference any way they can. The standards have been relaxed so much. We're hiring former gang members.

I think the mayor and the director may be in this together. The blue wall they talk about is real. Bringing in the TBI may be the only way to break the code of silence. Tony Armstrong coming up through the ranks may be his biggest drawback.He has to go against too many friends to accomplish anything. Kemp Conrad wants to draw up legislation, an ethics code of sorts, to take away some of the strength of the unions. That's the bigger picture here. Until  this city is released from the Unions and i t's restraints. It's always a  trip to the same bridge. It's just a different route.

Still In The River

I'm not a fisherman, but I know this is a big deal. Bill Dance caught a 110 1/2  lb blue catfish. Whatever he used to catch it sales will increase by 25%. This  is why Bass Pro is a good fit for Memphis.  As much as this fish weighs. It still didn't break the record. He threw it back. The record is still in the river.

Andy Williams (1927-2012)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You Don't See

We  spend so much time talking about discrimination against gays, but we fail to mention how they discriminate against each other. Not the race factor, but that exists also. I'm talking about how they are judged based on how they look. You never see the homosexuals that look like models, or those who you never suspected . It's always some Perez Hilton looking guy, or some girl named Paula who looks like a Paul. Where are the George Michaels and Angelina Jolies? People don't overlook them. They look upon them as a disgust and a waste.  No one really cares if Rosie O'Donnell has a wife or Elton John marries a man.

The most hated group is men on the down low. Not because of their spreading of disease, as people often claim.  But  due to resentment and jealousy. Men and women both hate them. Women resent the fact that a man is beating their time.  They can't believe a man would want another man over them. As far as black women are concerned, they are just like white women. Another competitor in the race. Generally men don't like what women don't like. Other than that. That's reason enough. This is just another on the long list  of stereotypes black men have to overcome.  Now they're always watching how you hold your hand and how you cross your legs. The first time you don' t react  the way they want. You must be gay, because you're not after them.

Good looking lesbians get a pass. Men somehow think  two  women having sex is hot. because they feel like participants. The secret is, "they continue having sex even when men aren't around The threesome turns into a twosome and you aren't invited. What if Gloria and Draya on the "Basketball Wives L.A." sleep together and Gloria goes  back to Matt and the twins? That's the same thing. If she dabbles in homosexuality. She can go right back and get a man with no problem. But if a man is known to be sleeping with other men. No woman openly wants them. It's a double standard.

Now that transgender has been added to the equation. If you didn't grow up with someone. Or maybe see their baby pictures. They migh not be  what you think.  You might  end up getting a surprise  like Chingy did  with Sidney Starr. Frank Ocean obviously isn't the first man in hip hop to be attracted to other man. Even though they probably know.  She's giving the video vixens a rum for their money. Chingy could have arguably chose from hundreds of girls. But  he chose Sidney. She has been pictured with Ludaceis, Omarion  and Twista to name a few . In addition to being transgender.  Sydney Srarr can dance.. As far as the big legs and broad shoulders. As long as she has a flat stomach and a big booty. They pass the test. Men are attracted to big muscular women anyway. Look at Serena Williams.   She is bigger than a lot of men.  

I know  this is more information than some people need. It's just that you never hear about all that are included in the LGBT community. It's more than just  some odd ball couple who just want to live together in peace. What happens when Dejuanna Johnson wants to be a police?  Or Chaz Bono wants to work at Jail East. You don't have to worry about those you see at the rallies. It's the ones you don't see. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

ReTweet, ReTweet,ReTweet

Since we're reviving careers and bringing divas back. Somebody go and find Tweet. She has a string of good music. Her "Southern Songbird" is still  the jam. Based on this one she is still humming.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It Was Shady

I laughed as I watched what was suppose to be the next to the last episode of the season for Amateur Millionaires. As it turned out that was the final show. I should have known getting to be a fly on the wall in the final meeting was too good to be true. I was anxious to see how Kenny Lloyd was going to explain why he was leaving, and where he was going. And what Stormy was so excited about. You don't just walk away from a million dollar business.

There was even a preview for the last episode. At some point this early exit was planned. I don't even think all the Presidents were abreast of what was happening. Robert Jackson seemed lost. Unless that was part of the hustle. Notice you hadn't seen either wife lately. Though they were the ones  who started the businesses in the first place .The rise and fall was quick. Regardless what Dorothy, China and Jewell might say.  This was basically an elaborate Pyramid scheme. Helen knew the deal. .That's why she was already stealing. I doubt  they gained any new members. The show didn't even last a whole season. It wasn't illegal, but it was shady.

Letting It Show

I looked in the familiar places to confirm my suspicions. But no one else saw it or at least they didn't say anything. So maybe I'm wrong. But I think Imani Showalter is still on the show in another role. Notice how Imani disappeared and they slid Brooke in her place. Everybody came back from last season. Talk about not having an impact. She was around for a whole season and no one noticed she was gone.

She made more waves off than she did on the screen. If these rumors are true. Something tells me I'm right.. These  reality shows are a tight knit group. Everybody was recommended by somebody else.
I wouldn't be surprised if some type of deal wasn't cut. Imani wore a sundress at the beach. Even Jackie Christi wore a bathing suit. And she wasn't  single. Brooke came on the scene taking her clothes off. She is thick like Imani was, just a younger version. Who doesn't mind letting it show.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Need Help

The jury is still out on the Tamar and Vince Show. I like them as a couple. But I'm afraid this show will prove Tamar is most  effective in small doses.. She was funny on "Braxton Family Values". But Toni is still the star in the Braxton family. When it comes to singing. They all have beautiful voices. Had weave been popular when they were singing as a group. The story might be different now. 

Tamar isn't new to the music game. She has been around since the ninties.  She just never had a hit. Then she got a  rich husband in the music industry and the rest is history. Vince is not a household name and not much of a personality either. He struck gold with Lady GaGa. But his wife is way more animated and well known than him. She has enough for them both. But thirty minutes of  "" is a bit much.

I see the producers trying to give the show a Hollywood feel. But I smell  Atlanta in the air. I think the dinner for the close friends was staged. The pro ball players looked out of place. Vince doesn't look like he ever played any kind of sports. In school he probably played in the band.  Duane and Keisha Martin, and Mary J. Blige and her husband/manager Kendu  Isaac were ringers. Mary acted like she didn't want  to be there. If their name came on the screen They got a check.

Though successful in his own right. Vince is no L.A. Reid or  Quincy Jones yet. If I've heard him and his wife mention Lady GaGa once, I've heard it a thousand times. It  would be a big boost for ratings if she appeared on the show. The most you can expect is a guest appearance by "Mindless Behavior". Based on the vibe I got last night.. They might need help.

Had A Ball

This is an example of how you can spend millions of dollars and still end up with nothing. I hope Floyd Mayweather is paying attention. This is an example of how  it gets away. We don't know his financial situation because  he is still fighting and making money. Vince Young spent a forrtune on chain  restaurants and didn't invest in any. Though it didn't last long. If nothing else he had a ball.

Won't Shine

Let's not talk about the obvious here. We'll save that discussion for a later date. Three games into the season there's no visible improvement from last year. We fired Larry Porter after two short seasons. I don't think that's long enough myself, but I don't run anything.  To  turn this program around, we're going to have to recruit some marquee players. Unless they are hiding out like Dontari Poe did when he was here.. Coach Fuentes doesn't have any right now.  You can buff a piece of  coal all you want, it still won't shine.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Has A Lot

I knew this was going to happen but not this soon. Fifty Cent is sneaky and can't be trusted by men or women. Floyd Mayweather is so immersed in himself. He didn't see this coming. He has the Nino Brown complex. Fifty Cent is like G Money. But we ain't all we got. Fifty has a lot of money too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Divas Don't Fight

The newest show on the horizon is R&B Divas. Faith Evans gets to play the Shaunie O'Neal since she is the best known in the group. She will always be known as Biggie's wife. Which will keep her name out there. She is like the first lady of hip hop. I thought it was a idea put together by Faith Evans. But as it turns out. It was a joint venture between her and Nicci Gilbert. Nicci comes across as having an unappreciative attitude. When the truth is she is half of the wheel. Unlike the other women on the show. Reviving her musical career is not on her radar.She is truly a diva.

Then you have KeKe Wyatt. Who I hope is just putting on a show for the camera. She couldn't possibly still be that scarred by her previous marriage. How did her and her husband/manager Michael meet? She put it aside long enough to have three more children. But she hasn't recorded another hit since "My first Love". This show will reopen some doors for her. Once people discover she can really sing. Her biggest record was a remake. She is looking for that one original hit. To make her relevant again,

My personal favorite diva is Syleena Johnson. Her career has took a dive in recent years. It is evident in her appearance. You can see it in her skin and wardrobe. She had a nice house temporarily, but it was a rental. It wasn't even her furniture.  She moved with a van in the rain. It was just her assistant and some friends. Her husband wasn't even there. She is already looking better than she did in the first episode. It wasn't too long ago that she was the prettiest little, thick, chocolate thing on the music scene. She has never been as big as some of the other women. But she is  like a sponge around Big Jim and Daniel Moore. I hope she plays her cards right. She has the most to gain from this show. I think her family is going to add some thrills also. Sylecia and Sylete are both engaging. They seem like two divas that don't sing.

Monifah might be the sleeper on the show. I was surprised she could sing as well as she does. Actually she is one of the better voices in the group. Her personal life is her biggest drawback. Everybody isn't feeling the lesbian storyline. I don't know who cries more,her or KeKe Wyatt. She hasn't made a record in thirteen years. She just got off drugs recently. She is still very vulnerable. She has already been working for Nicci in her play "Caberet Kittens". That's how a lot of singers are making their living these days. Monifah made a bold move coming out. I don't know about her career,but it's good for the show.

Mona Scott Young or Shaunie O'Neal had nothing to do with this show. We might not see any fist fights and jumping over tables. The strongest person on this show is Michael. Divas don't fight. Not with their hands. They use their mouth. If it comes to blows. Someone else does it for them.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


They say  where there 's smoke there's fire. This Arianne chick is lighting all over the place. Here she is pictured with the new Somaya Reece. Are they down in Atlanta or up in New York? Here Arianne is here again with a  woman scorned. Somaya didn't like how she was treated on LHH. She  was kind of like Carlie Redd. Her character just didn't make a splash. The people wanted to see Krissy and Yandy fight each other. Not Somaya rapping on the stage.

I bet Jim Jones is having second thoughts. He wishes he  had tried  to do a collaboration with her at least. She might get on in L.A. or Miami now. She got everything fixed. With some grooming and the right producer in the studio. We might be looking at the next Nicki Minaj or Lola Monroe. Rich Dollaz and Olivia played themselves. When they didn't get in on the ground floor. He tried to come across like a Louis McKay. But Somaya wasn't moved.  She already had an investor, she just didn't have a song.

Her persistence is paying off. Now she is up and running. She has capitalized on her popularity more than anyone on the show.  Latina on MySpace, Somaya Reece  has leveraged her popularity on the site to build a thriving career as a model, actress, photographer, and musician She has several irons in the fire. All of them are hot. Olivia once said Somaya wasn't on her level.  Little did she know she  was right. If it was a competition. Somaya is winning.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Uncover It All

Finally a word from the ever present Arianne. Mimi's so called best friend. That act with Charlamagne was just that, an act. Men are not her preference.  She may have had a man before, but not in a while.  Her sleeping with Memphitz is a smokescreen. That's why she hasn't been on Kandi Koated Nights yet. Mona Scott Young is saving her and Shay for something. Stay tuned for season two. They uncover it all.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Trade

Look  what Kim is driving around Beverly Hills these days. She bought Kanye West a $750 ,000 Lamborghini and she got the keys to his half-a-million dollar Mercedes. Plus I heard he bought Kris Jenner a customized Bentley as a gift. You can tell Kim is dating a brother.. White men don't spend money on cars like that. She was riding an Isuzu Trooper at one time. The girl has skills. She made a good trade.

Lack Of Understanding

Dr. Cash has done a fine job considering what he has had to work with. In spite of continuous opposition, often from those that don't even have a stake. He has been directly responsible for this system receiving awards and funds that will pay his as well as other superintendants and their staff for years to come.

Martavious Jones was right. He didn't start this David Pickler did. The best thing to do would be to leave things as they are. With Kriner Cash as #1 and John Aitken as #2. Instead of wasting money on a national search. Save that money and use what you have already. The unified system will be under the microsope if things don't work out.

Otherwise he should leave this town. Our loss will be another city's gain. There seems to be no shortage of job offers. He shouldn't stay in Memphis and have a blemish put on his record. Due to lack of understanding and jealousy having the loudest voice in this city.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Nicki Minaj was testing the water to see where her base of support was. I'm glad I waited until after the VMA's before I gave her props on being courageous. She has finally came out and stated her position. Her half hearted endorsement only created buzz among Democrats. The Republicans didn't even acknowledge her. It was hit or miss with them. Since it was divulged that Paul Ryan dated a good looking black woman and how it  ended. You can rest assured. They are going to get more of the female vote.

Our country is in a sad state. When rappers can come out for  being homosexual, and get more airplay But still have to keep it a secret how they vote. Fifty Cent, LL Cool J and Snoop Dog only want to be trailblazers on wax. Ellen Degeneres and George Clooney had $40,000 a plate dinners. The only black person there was Areatha Franklin. All they had was finger food. She didn't stay fifteen minutes. She left before they could hit her up for more money or ask her to sing. Neither of which she planned on doing.

I would like to be a fly on the wall at a Cash Money board meeting. Birdman and Lil Wayne are trying to get over any way they can. Add Nicki Minaj and Drake you're looking at 1/4 of a billion dollars. They've gone beyond just being hood rich. Nicki is in a different tax bracket. Maybe she hasn't forgot  where she came from. But she has a new address. She has love for her people but she was semi-serious.

Innocence Of Muslims

Bigger Than His Bank

It's ironic that as soon as I posted this video, the classic "Soulman" started to play on the radio. The story is Sam and Dave broke up the highest paid R&B act of it's time over a woman. I just found out another one of my favorite groups, Con-Funk-Shun also broke up over a female. So don't be surprised if there is some truth to the rumor. There might be trouble in the "Money Team" camp. Fifty and Floyd's girlfriend may have gotten a little too close while he was in jail.

I would like to think that Fifty wouldn't  do his partner like that, but I don't know. They had a little episode in public concerning a bet before Floyd went to jail.  I don't know what the bet was about. But clearly Floyd was the one who was upset. He doesn't respond well to losing anything.

Floyd didn't seem to know this press conference wasn't for him.  It was for Fifty and his energy drink. Why did Floyd bring his woman and kids?  Then not want her and Fifty to take a picture without him.  They both are egomaniacs. Floyd showed a million dollars cash, Fifty had to show two. If the rumots are true How will Floyd top that?  This could be bigger than his bank.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Good


A child has two parents whether they're a couple or not. Lil Scrappy's father is a preacher and his momma was pimp. I think he'll be alright with a little help though. Him turning his life around isn't too far fetched. It's not like he's burning up the rap charts anyway. As long as he continues to be as he calls it crunk. He might draw a bigger crowd if he was a preacher. In the rap world. His mother is his biggest fan. I think  she is living vicariously through her son.  They both need to quit acting so aggressive before somebody gets hurt. That includes his future wife.

Now I think I see where that attitude, what I see as an unhealthy obsession Momma Dee has with her son comes from. This might not be an act. Maybe, she never really got over Scrappy's father. She never says anything about her daughter. I don't know if her and Sctappy have the same father or not. You don't know anything about Momma Dee outside of Scrappy. I once heard her say she was a nurse. Was that before or after her pimping days? She hasn't done much of anything that amounted to much. Now she is talking crazy mixing wine and medication.

I noticed a difference in Scrappy and Momma Dee after the fight with Stevie J and Joseline. Erica sent Sxrappy out just to stroke her ego. I'm glad Joseline whupped her butt. She's not as innocent as everybody thinks.  Remember her comment about being the "Bitch". She is an instigator who has a fool for a mate.  I saw Momma Dee turned down for the first time on the "Reunion show",  That playa act was toned down considerably.  Somebody not on  the show has an influence on both of them. I think it's Scrappy's father.Scrappy reminds me of how soft spoken and nice the toughest kid in the school was when his father came on parents day. Everyone is influenced by someone. Hopefully  it's good..

Monday, September 10, 2012

Uncle Tom

Let's first start by establishing Uncle Tom is a fictional character. Based on what I hope this post will accomplish. Those who believe in Willie Lynch most likely won't agree. But the character of Uncle Tom is just as real as Willie Lynch and his legend. Only we know where Uncle Tom came from. His roots can be traced. Uncle Tom's character was created by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852. There is no record of the "Willie Lynch Papers" or it's author before the nineteen eighties. It's like an updated version of a overseer's account on how to handle slaves. Complete with everything needed to agitate modern day rebels. Ready to fight for no good reason. Slavery is over.

The best way to describe Uncle Tom was to call him a Christian. He was also a preacher.I'm surprised no black minister has ever addressed this topic before. At the time the book was published. It had more versions  than any other book besides the bible. It was published in 37 different  languages. How did such an important  message get lost in the translation? Instead of  blacks using it as a means of demeaning each other. His example should be emulated and respected. Unlike the sell-out he has been portrayed as being. To the contrary Uncle Tom was a man of principle. He lived and died for his belief.

Like it or not, slavery was real. Not talking about what really happened doesn't change anything. Staying trapped in  the past doesn't  change anything either. I often think about the scene in "Amistad" where the mother fell over the side of the ship with her baby.  Was that a sign of strength or one of weakness?  She didn' t give the new world a chance. She may have killed the cure for cancer or the next Frederick Douglass. Honor can be found in the midst of oppression. It worked over 100 years later with Martin Luther Ling Jr.  He was much like  the true and original fictional character He was a real life Uncle Tom.



Definition of EPITHET

a: a characterizing word or phrase accompanying or occurring in place of the name of a person or thing

b: a disparaging or abusive word or phrase

c: the part of a taxonomic name identifying a subordinate unit within a genus

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


The First Lady gave an excellent speech last night. She has become quite the stateswoman over the last few years. She has changed her tune from being proud for the first time of being an American, to talking about the struggles endured by her father. I would like to see this side of the administration other than at election time. I want the words to come into manifestation. Action speaks louder than words.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

It Goes Away

This is how multi-millionaires go broke.  All it takes are some bad investments, and a Judas in the camp. Floyd Mayweather bet 3 million dollars on a college football game and lost. I know people are going to say he has the money; but does he really? What if none of his many children can fight? They probably won't be runway models and leading men on the big screen either Some of them are teenagers already. None of them have shown a propensity for the camera thus far.  They all look like him.

Floyd Mayweather is rich but not wealthy. His bark is bigger than his bite. He loves to be the center of attention. I think that's why he went to jail. They wanted to show him who was boss. In spite of all his money. He couldn't buy his time and keep from going to jail. He did  a three month sentence for domestic violence.  He might be big but he isn't bigger than boximg. This TMT promotions hasn't  worked yet.

Look what happened to Evander Holyfield. He was once on top of the world at one time. He is now bankrupt and his house is in foreclosure. When you stop fighting the big paychecks are over. You better have saved some money or made some wise investments. Just as fast as you made it, it goes away. The money disappears in chunks. Just like it came.

Beef On Ice

I have come to realize that even though this is reality tv, a lot of this program is scripted. K. Michelle started from day one planning for being held over for season two. She has claimed everything but sickness, hoping to draw attention to herself. Why does she have such a problem with Karlie Redd? They don't even run in the same circles. I think she picked what she thought was the weakest link. As it turns out she was wrong. You don't get many points for attacking an older woman who has had less cosmetic surgery than you. If Karlie had just told the truth, or at least a more believable lie. Had she said she was in her thirties. The whole thing would  have blown up in K Michelle's face. Instead with the help of "Funky Dineva", she did it to herself.

I think there is an untold story in the above picture. I read some things about  Rasheeda after the Debra Antney interview. Then I see this picture of her hugged up with K. Michelle prior to her shocking confession. I'm not sure Rasheeda wanted to fight or just wanted K. Michelle to close her mouth. When she said something about Rasheeda disrespecting Kirk. That brought  her off the couch. Security had to come between them. But after the break  they were fine.It's almost like  they were warned to settle down. The momentum on this is building. You can't cover it in one show. Let this wait until next season. Women fighting is getting stale.The only real fight was Laura Govan and Malaysia Pargo or when Chrissy sucker punched Kimbella.  If you want it to stay fresh. Put this beef on ice.


Monday, September 03, 2012

Michael Clark Duncan (1957- 2012)