Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Like Rick Pitino

I hope the Louisville Cardinals beats the Kentucky Wildcats today in the "Final Four". I must admit it looks real shaky right now. Much stranger things have happemed. Unlike other Memphians, I'm not against John Calipari because he left Memphis. I for one didn't dread him leaving t he city. I am and always was opposed to his type of coaching. That's why the free throw is a dying art these days. Though in the game against Baylor his team hit 99%. I just think Rick Pitino is a better coach. Just like Calipari and some of his players now. I think he is and was overated. Like he was when he was in Memphis. Hopefully this will boil down to coaching skills.


Why can't blacks in Memphis get this excited about things happening in their own city? They always underestimate the crowd but I think there was at least 1000 people .We don't have a problem with police brutality in Memphis. We have more problems with home invasions and thieves stealing copper. So why are we marching? People have taken to the street without all the facts. I don't have a good feeling about the outcome of this case. People are going to be mad either way. There is already division and uncertainty about the message being spread. George Zimmerman hasn't even been arrested and some people have already found him guilty. Based on nothing other than the fact he is half white and half Hispanic. I hope no one gets any other bright ideas like the Black Panthers did with offering a bounty. Spike Lee went too far and posted Zimmerman's grandparents address on his Twitter. I would consider him a leader. But that's not the right thing.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

This Is Correct

Today someone took issue with me saying Steve Cohen wasn't doing anything to gain relief for those facing hardship due to their check engine light. Last week he said he took the plight of Memphians to Capitol Hill, after he himself spent several hundred dollars to get his turned off.. Councilman Lee Harris has also expressed his displeasure with the law as well, but he can't change it. Oh, something may be done before election time to give Democrat incumbents something to put in their win column. How does that help people trying to pass inspection now though? The damage will already be done. Depending on what side of the coin you're on. This is  one of those taxes levied on the poor without them knowing. Though they drive on city streets and smog up the air with their cars. People in the suburbs and surrounding places don't have to worry about this new law. This only affects certain areas.

I don't really know what her issue was with my comment. Maybe she was just feeling her "Wheaties", and thought she could make me eat my words. Obviously she doesn't listen to the show.  " I'm not always right, but I'm never wrong" . I'm  put off when people try to correct you by changing the original question. No one really cares if it is city or state in charge of auto inspections. The question is whether Congressman Cohen is doing anything to get this changed? The answer is still the same. No Don't you think the authors of this legislation knew what they were doing? This is the poor peoples contribution to the auto industry. Since they can't or won't buy new cars. Don't give  them a choice. This is designed to rid us of the "Ghetto Cruiser". Anything older than a 2000 won't be worth the money. The bottom line is this is not going away soon. When and if anything happens it will be because it's time..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Mayor Greg Davis is a small, homosexual man with a Napoleon complex. Who I don't expect to be doing time behind bars anytime soon. That's why with him it's business as usual. He has in the past and will continue to take advantage of his post. In this picture I just noticed how small he is in stature. That's how he got away with all his indiscretions for so long. Unsuspectingly people looked over him. This little odd looking fellow couldn't hurt anyone or so they  thought. He is using his position to do things he would never have the chutzpah to do as a regular citizen. Like using his position to hit on men out in public. Something tells me that's what this latest incident was. Since he called in the drivers licence; why weren't they ticketed? The witness didn't see what she thought she saw. He was on a  undercover mission.

Stand Your Ground

Someone asked the question. Is there something to be learned from Trayvon Martin's death? There is one or two, but I don't think they will resonate though. Just like it didn't when Deaunte Farrow was shot in West Memphis. Which much like this case had a lot of extenuating circumstances. I wish they would start posting this up to date picture of  Trayvon. Not one he took when he was in elementary school. When I see things like this happening. That indicates there are hidden issues here. In my opinion people have already gravitated to the wrong thing. I agree to a degree with Geraldo Rivera. Trayvon's style of dress played a part in his shooting. Let's just be honest here. A tall, thin, black man with his  hidden face automatically draws suspicion.

What if when they pulled his hoodie back and Trayvon had looked like "Little Wayne" instead of "Drake"? We  probably wouldn't even be having this discussion now. President Obama is weighing in on this to some extent for political reasons. We all agree that this was a tragedy, but that doesn't bring closure. George Zimmerman has not been arrested and Trayvon Martin is dead. He was alerted to the fact that this might be big and gain some votes. You also know someone told him that him and the young man looked alike. This will also be noted as him taking a stand on behalf of blacks. The women are leading the charge and the men are following suit. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are assembling the troops. I hope this doesn't turn into another Jena 6.

Any rational person has to understand Geraldo Rivera's point about hoodies. The "stand your ground" law is on the book in at least twenty-two states. The law was designed with certain people in mind. Mainly blacks and Hispanics. He could have included the white kids but they already know the score. When  they get  a job and start making money. They start investing in weapons and security. Have you seen the t.v. series "Sons of Guns" and "Doomsday Bunkers". Have you ever wondered what happened to the kid with all the tatoos and funny haircut, or the one who kept to himself.  They won't be hiding out anymore. These guys are getting rich helping others like them stand their ground.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let The Cat Out

Rick Santorum always made me think of the cat who ate the canary. I agree with some of his positions but not enough to give him my support. He wouldn't do as well as Mitt Romney against President Obama. He finally said what has been painfully obvious since the beginning. He said " if you vote for Romney, you might as well vote for Barack Obama". In essense admitting there's not much difference in the two.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Bobby

I have been watching Ray J to see how he was going to work Whitney's untimely death to his advantage. Before her sudden passing he was finding new found fame as her suspected boyfriend. I think it was his camp that started the rumor about a sex tape of him and Whitney. As if the world wanted to see a burnout and an a-hole having sex. He has been using his respect for Nippy as a reason for not talking to the press. According to Bobby Brown's sister he really doesn't have anything to tell. She says he was just a drug runner and not Whitney's lover. I believe she thinks she's telling the whole truth. The ex- sister-in-law no matter how close doesn't get all the juice. Based on what I know about women. I'll buy half of that.

This whole thing is beginning to fit.Whitney may have been crazy, but she wasn't stupid. She knew she didn't stand a chance against the younger Ray J groupies.  Why put herself through that for nothing? She could satisfy her needs and habits without him. They have been together before though. She always paid for what she wanted, including men. Remember she bought Bobby Brown when it was his prerogative. Any close friend or family that claims they didn't know she was still using drugs is lying. I bet she was putting a fifty cent piece in a joint before she died. Ray J is probably smoking like Chief  Wahoo too .I bet he won't submit to a surprise drug test. He would be positive for marijuana and cocaine if nothing else. True or false this is going to shut him down. Notice how now all of a sudden they're posting the crackhead pictures. Him and those close family members had to see her like that. He is the new Bobby Brown.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Now We Know

I'm glad they didn't draw this out like they did with Michael Jackson. The coroner is just being kind by calling it an accidental drowning. She probably just had a drug induced heart attack and died. She just happened to be in the bathtub when it happened. History books will leave it up to discussion. But for those of us here right now. This brings to light an undeniable fact. Drugs are hard to shake.

Giving Up Her Seat

I posted a picture of Rhianna bare breasted last week that I wanted to make a comment about. But the news about her and Ashton Kutcher hadn't leaked yet. He's just satisfying his wild oats. She thinks it's bold and exciting. Not realizing she is just a rendezvous. I'm not surprised at anything Rhianna does. When her father was interviewed and he said Rhianna had gotten too fat. I knew then she might be a weed. Most fathers would discourage their daughter from being loose. He was just looking at her as another woman like any other man. With a mother that's busy with her own life. The girl has no voice of reason. The money makes it right.

Ashton Kutcher might be the only bad boy out there with the means to pull this off. She doesn't really want a regular guy. The young brothers on the rise don' t Rhianna is no longer on the radar as far being a prime catch. The Blake Griffins and Reggie Bushs' aren't interested. The old players like L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell have ruined her. They put her on a star and left her there. Chris Brown has realized there are plenty of other girls out  there jockeying for position in his stable. He has put Rhianna in rotation. She left him as a free agent too long, trying to be slickCheating with him on his new girlfriend, woke him up to her. Which essentially makes her a jumpoff. On another note. That is why her father suggested she get back with Chris. He knew she was unwittingly giving up her front row seat to stand in line with the fans. Don' t just be another Toukie Smith. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Don't misunderstand my concern as approval of the "Mo Money Taxes" business model. As one who has always been out of the government loop. I had to earn all my money and never got all my taxes back. The success of their business was built on the backs of what appeared  to be gullible blacks. Lately they started adding whites to  the mix. I was secretly fuming inside at people getting these huge income tax checks every year. While I struggled just to keep from paying. They had found the poor people's spigot. There was just a little thing called dependents I didn't have. Unless of course I lied. This is where the fit hit the shan. The vast majority of  their clientele signed a return that did.

Your friendly Congressman Steve Cohen help set these poor guys and their customers up. The government closed them down after seventeen years, practically overnight. He was the main one requesting a congressional investigation. Which lead to the proposed audits. Which don't bode well for his constituents. Some of them won't get a tax check for a very long time. The probe can go back up to seven years. Unless they discover fraud.  It really depends on the situation. In most cases, the IRS has 3 years from the original due date of a return to audit that year. Unless of course there's fraud. In years where you under reported your income by more than 25%, they can go back 6 years from the original due date of the return. In years where you never filed a return at all, or if fraudulent activity is suspected, there is no limit on how far they can go back to audit such years. Markey Grandberry is one of the most hated men in America,and Osama Bin Laden is dead. Mo Money taxes has left the room; or maybe they haven't.


I just wrote a story on Ice T that's apropos for the Shaq and Hoopz situation right now. I bet he can't get over the fact that she was slobbing down Flava Flav before they got together. The thought of that haunts him daily. Flav was not the only one who was smashing that.  That's just who everybody knows about. She is a well known jumpoff and her first impression  on most people  will never change. She can marry Shaq and have some babies. He still will never trust her. Shaq is crazy about her and she is probably crazy about him. But every time they get nto an argument, he expects her to take a knee. Hoopz doesn't impress me as good at keeping  quiet.. Even though all she offers is her good looks and sexy body. I can imagine the neck poppin and the finger pointin in  heat of the moment. She probably talks a little too much. She looks like the kind that will put you down and then make love to you. Shaq looks like the kind of guy who keeps coming back for more.

This is probably not the only time this couple will be on TMZ.  Even though black on black love isn't news even remotely.  They expect the worse anyway.  Did  they even make the evening cut?  This will  probably just make it as far as the blogs and websites. Finding credible sources for this incident are not at your fingertips. Before the ink is dry about their breakup, they'll probably be back together again. There was rumor that they got married without a prenup. A month later we hear she is being escorted from his home by security. My guess is neither is true. If anything this falls under the category I wrote about in a earlier article. "Some guy she met at the club or an old boyfriend" has caused a rift. With Shaq working more as an analyst and her not staying in the house. It's not like this girl couldn't catch another baller. She was with a college basketball star before she got with Shaq. There it goes again.  Superman has found his kryptonite.

PS: I wish Shaq would read this passage and adhere. It would make his life better. He doesn' t have  to overlook his mothers husband but he shouldn' t write his real father off.
Deuteronomy 5:16 (Whole Chapter)
Honour thy father and thy mother, as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee; that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee, in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.   

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Help

All change in this country has come about as a result of people leaving their comfort zones and speaking out. The "Good Ole Boys" never expected interference from Beverly Marrero (D-TN). She represents a niche district where the school merger isn't top priority. She could have easily laid in the cut and got backdoor support on her pet projects. Like Congressman Cohen. Instead she sprang a leak. She asked a question I've had since Judge Mays made his ruling. How can you participate in a process while simultaneously planning it's demise? The thought of sabotage crosses my mind. Does that not automatically make the contract void? I am not an attorney, but I know that.

Mayor Keith McDonnell has openly had a seat in both arenas. Even now he says the AG Robert Cooper's opinion is of  no importance to him. The city of Bartlett still plans to go ahead as planned no matter what. He sounds like Kenneth Whalum now. He doesn't have a defence for his position. He has just started making stuff up as he goes. It has turned into a pi##ing contest for him. In other words forget the existing law. We have already experienced that in action with the Norris-Todd bill. Yesterday the suburban cities threw the city of Millington under the bus. The law limiting municipal school districts wasn't  passed last week. As I always predicted the classes are going to split. Everyone that started out with the fight won't finish. That was never the plan. They don't care about poor white children either.  That's where they crossed the line. They've rattled the cages of those not so far removed. Though they're doing better now. They remember the times. It's about time someone help them remember how it was. Hats off to the lady who wears the funny hats.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Oprah Winfrey is getting a dose of reality these days. You can't feed the public with special interest stories and self help angles. They want the dirt. Who threw a punch and who slept with someone other than their spouse.  Play with a puppy and they'll lick you in the mouth. If you start out small you'll stay that way. You take these people's money and influence, and you have to play it out. Oprah spread herself a little too thin and they want what she promised to deliver. They expect her to keep them relevant though nobody else really cares. You can't win shooting for second place. You have to play to win. Rosie O'Donnell and her base are small in number but they carry a big stick. But Oprah needs a homerun not a base hit.

Look Like A Winner

This man actually got criticized for winning basketball games. They ridiculed him about his weight and used words such as sloth to describe him. Rick Majerus exhibited real coaching skills in the tournament in my opinion. His team beat Memphis and gave Michigan a run for their money. With a team who didn't have any thoroughbreds on the roster. This just emphasizes a disturbing trend among players and coaches in the NCAA. That's why no one can hit free throws. It's all about the highlight reel. It's alright to lose, just look like a winner. Give the crowd a thrill.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ice Really Loves Himself

I don't have one but I think I know why white women seem to snag so many of the wealthy or desirable black men. They allow the black man to love himself and stick his chest out without putting it all on the line for their good names. Who wants to be looking over his shoulder for a "Chris Webber" or "Fifty Cent" in their woman's past. Talking about how he used to be with her back in the day. You know he probably took  her through the ringer. Why didn't they stay together? Will Vivica Fox or Tyra Banks ever get their last names changed? As long as a man is taking care of business and making plenty of money. He shouldn't have to worry about old boyfriends or some dude his woman met at the club one night. Raining on his parade and making trouble. I hate to use him as an example but the shoe fits. Bobby Ojay is constantly on pins and needles when he is on the air. Worried some clown from Bearwater in North Memphis is going to call in talking about he knows Sharon Littlejohn. The thing is, he probably is telling the truth..

What Ice T has done is created him a woman without a past. His wife never hung out with the ballers and rappers with whom he seeks recognition. She just looks like she did. Her history in the industry is basically him. She worked at the Playboy mansion for a while with the biggest tricks around. Was she a Karen Steffans without a book? We probably won't ever know. She made a couple of x-rated movies back in the day. Those movies are like lottery tickets. Much like the other Playboy playmate Kendra Banks. She was down for the money I bet. And Ice T has quite a bit. He could have been a guest at the mansion himself. He at least has a Platinum American Express. We know less about Coco than we do about him. Where did this exhibitionist come from and what's her story? That this former self proclaimed pimp treats like a queen and buys her everything she wants. Why isn't he down on Coco like he supposedly was with all the other women in his past? He made some puffed up comment recently about black men and their choices in women. Obviously sisters didn't build his legend. Some chick from the hood where he supposedly got his hustle. Once he made some money wouldn't suffice.

Coco hangs out with Ice and homosexuals who watch her watching him. They only have one  cell phone between  them. He is the manliest man around her plus her best friend. She lives in a world of his making. Undoubtedly he is the key. I think Ice T is just some light skinned guy who showed up years ago with a long perm and claimed that he was gangster. His references were never checked. Nobody ever challenged him. He like his wife is a character of his own making. He has been peddling Cocos' assets for the last eleven years. When the rap game got rough and it was bound to happen.  He put his focus on acting and left it to the real thugs. With Coco parading her body and taking naked pictures. He is finally legitimate. Ice T as he would say "has a bottom bitch". Coco allows him to prove something of which he never really had proof  of before. For however long the relationship lasts. It's just between him and her. Being good to Coco is just an extension of being good to himself.  Ice loves Coco, but Ice really loves himself..

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Next Year

I knew there was a problem when I read this interview. These coaches and players believed the hype. They think they are better than they really are. Josh Pastner is quoting John Calipari as if he was already in the "Final Four". He took Rick Majerus and the Saint Louis players for granted. He better hope his career isn't based on his record in March. It would be real short. Will Barton was looking beyond the task at hand. This was not the time to put the fate of the team in the hands of the other players. Instead of crying about the calls to the referees and getting in squabbles with his teammates. He needed to stand up and take the game over. He isn't Kobe Bryant or Phil Jackson. We could have used them both. Neither one showed up. Come back next year and get it right.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Is This Incestuous

I was about to admit to a hair brain idea, but then I got a second wind. Nick Gordon could be another love child out here with an uncle/daddy he doesn't know about. Bobby Brown had other children around that time. I wouldn't put it beyond Whitney to try and keep something like this undercover. Cissy Houston obviously knows things we don't. She called a relationship between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon as incestuous. Those are pretty strong words. We know for sure Whitney didn't have a baby other than Bobbi Kristina. So who is she talking about?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Looking Shady

This guy is almost seven feet tall and not athletic. How did he think he was going to go unnoticed on American Idol? He sat up there like nothing was wrong knowing he had outstanding warrants. Well, he's no longer a fugitive from the law. Instead of coming on television looking dumb. His momma should have told him what was right. You know the police have been to her house lookng for him Now  they both are looking shady.  

Who Is Game

I can imagine how Irving Hamer is feeling today. "Like the loneliest player on the team". Initially he took issue with the whole sexual harassment investigation. I don't blame him either. What's the big deal he thought? "You know how we do". He has always been a butt wipe anyway. That's just his personality all the time. Everybody else gets a suspension or paid time off if anything. But I have to resign or face termination. This should have never left the party in the first place. Had it been someone else, we might not have even heard about this. He had his back on the target. An outsider was in the group this time.

It seems odd that we know who some of the witnesses are, but  we don't  know the victim yet. I sense a Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp scenario unfolding here. Somebody is going to get paid and/or a promotion behind this. Why would you attend a party that doesn't allow your spouse to come anyway? When alcohol was introduced that made it unofficial. Let's not act like inappropriate advances don' t take place in these settings. Remember how shocked everyone was with the allegations in regards to Herman Cain?How do you know who is game if you don' t ask.   

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Something Soon

I have been wondering about this couple lately. Today I ran across this article, but I think there's more than meets the eye. She is the one working these days, but I bet he has the lions share of the money. All of a sudden after all these years they owe the IRS. This highlights two things I think. The disparity in the industry as far as pay and this interracial thing has it's drawback's too.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rhi Rhi


Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Play Hard

The Tigers have already shown they play better when coming from behind. I don't like this three pointer season mentality. Play mediocre ball all the year and pull a rabbit out of the hat at tournament time. That way we don't get to see any good basketball until March. That's not fair to the fan. It's like John Calipari promising the NCAA and delivering the NIT. That's good, but not what we  expected.

Let's not put  too much stock in this selection process. There are sixty-three other teams. One loss and it's all over. The seat on the plane will still be warm. Don't breed a sense of entitlement among the fans.   Build your hopes and dreams around an invitation to a tournament  where the odds are stacked against you from the start. Josh Pastner needs  to listen to his team on this one. Instead of crying about where you were seeded. Just play hard.

Not Yet


I'm glad he got his mind right. He has turned into a top rate player in the C-USA. That's not the NBA though. Immediately aft er this interview he went out and had two mediocre games. If he gets to go pro with a decent contract, I don't blame him if he leaves. But I think he would be an outstanding senior if he stays. Joe Jackson, him and Tariq Black are just beginning to blend. The added experience will improve his lot as well as his team mates. He will be even better. Plus he is doing quite well academically (4.0).

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Sunday, March 11, 2012


For the past two weeks I've listened to people weigh in on this budding romance between Marvin Sapp and Imani Showalter. What's wrong with leaving the basketball wives behind and keeping company with the preacher? She didn't fit in with those aggressive women anyway. They got some younger chicks with more drama than she has and t&a to match. She got out of the race while the getting was still good. She gave her youth and some babies to the NBA and still didn't get a ring. It sounds like misery might love company. The church women don't like the competition from the worldly girls. Marvin might be the mark of a new beginnining.

I saw a movie  today "Good Deeds" that fit right in with where I was going with this story. The regular guy handling his business ends up with the girl in the end. People are perfectly content  with the young women falling for the bad boy and getting played. Instead of getting with someone that can make her honest and take her out the race. Not just a baller having fun. Sean Kingston is drawing fire from the haters for his connection with Maliah. Yet they can't understand why she isn't still running behind Drake. I hate to see somebody throwing salt on somebody elses game even if they don't agree. As long as they're not hurting you or those unaware. A lot of it is based on jealousy and some of it people just being programmed to think a certain way. Good treatment feels the same no matter where it comes from. These hotties are tired of sweatin with the  rest of the unpicked flowers. They just decided to come in out of the sun and get some shade.

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Friday, March 09, 2012


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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Consider What Was Said

I don't know if all of Rush Limbaugh's critics really have a complete understanding of what is happening here. Rush could have been more selective of his words, but the jist of his statement was true. The Democrats have found a way to reintroduce a touchy issue that two out of three voters don't support or are at best apathetic. Blacks shouldn't get behind anything that diminishes their numbers. Though they might be quiet on this issue.I bet the Hispanic population won't join this protest.

This brings to mind Don Imus and the Rutgers women's basketball team. Who by the way took a surprising stand against his colleague. You would think of all the people in the world he would understand this unofficial witch hunt. His comments were actually more insulting than those of Limbaugh. Unless of course he is just jockeying for the newly available market share. I'm not surprised at AOL and some of the other media outlets. They are anticipating the money that will be spent by the Democrats. Columnist Kristen Powers said it best. "There is a double standard at work here." Liberal men are allowed  to be misogynist. If Chris Matthews or Bill Maher said the same thing; would there be  such an uproar? If you dropped your wallet full of cash, would you care who turned it in? Forget who said it and consider what was said. 

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Monday, March 05, 2012

KY King

This brings to mind the movie "The Five Heartbeats" when the artist asked Redd about his money. He never got an answer. I don't think Mayor Greg Davis will ever come clean. Seems like Redd was keeping two sets of books on his artist. One for the I.R.S. and one for himself. He kept his people quiet through intimidation and strong arm tactics. Greg Davis is keeping those who helped him get away for the last fifteen years with the threat of spilling the beans on them. There is no question that this guy was stealing. What is the holdup with his prosecution? If they had been able to prove 1/4 of this type corruption against Willie Herenton. He would be a seasoned inmate by now.

Why would you refuse to quit when you've been caught? I find it strange that even though they were paid, no one signed the invoices. I don't think that's a coincidence. Someone was smart enough to know this would sooner or later come to and end. You don't know whether the blame falls on the alderman or the Chamber of Commerce. All we know is the money was paid with someones approval. In Southaven they are starting to look like the mafia. Greg Davis has taken on the persona of Teflon Don. We can call him the KY King.

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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Cooky Or Correct

The media has poisoned the well when it comes to Ophelia Ford (D-TN.). They make sound bytes out of everything she says if they can. Though she may be unconventional in her delivery. If you get past the initial shock, she really sometimes makes a valid point. No one questions the motives or quirkiness of Beverly Marrero (D-T.N). She is quite eccentric too. I wonder if  Ophelia's  critics on this one have been  in the hospital lately? Don't just assume anything. She might be right. Is she cooky or correct?

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Take The Picture

Where there's smoke there's fire. Somebody in the Houston household has a lighter. Something is going on with Bobbi Christina. The truth hasn't come out yet. Now we hear about a secret son. One who Cissy doesn't like. We know Whitney didn't have another chiid during the marriage. I can't help but wonder. Is this Bobby's son and Bobbi Christina's brother? Did either one of them take the picture?

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Friday, March 02, 2012

Wide Open

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Call me crazy, but I think Chris Brown and Rhianna are already back together. He has regained his base and she never lost hers'. If anything it nade them bigger. They are just taking those who aren't sure about them for a ride. Chris Brown has come back with a vengeance. He is one of, if not the hottesr R&B artist on the scene right now. Rhianna is sexy as ever and rubbing elbows with the likes of L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell.

Chris Brown is dating Rhianna look-a-likes these days. His last girlfriend called it quits after rumors of a fling at the Grammys. I thought that was Rhianna on his arm at the NBA All-star game last week, but it wasn't. I don't think the young lady minded being mistaken for her. Young ladies are tweeting they would gladly take that whupping to kick it with the Breezy. Before he gets a bigger head and decides to keep his options open. Now Rhianna is claiming she can't find a man. Due to an over inflated ego or having his nose wide open. Chris Brown might believe that..  

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Should Be Heard

Always think about what you're going to say before you speak. Once it's out you can't take it back. It seems unfair that the children at Mannassas High School and the people of that community won't get the rare recognition and praise associated with something positive. The documentary "Undefeated" won an Oscar; Memphis or Manassass High School weren't even mentioned in the Oscar acceptance speech.

The local jewel in the black archives in Memphis is Booker T. Washington in South Memphis. The movie "The Blind Side" had roots in that neighborhood, and then there was President Obama's visit last year. Even the dilapidated Clayborn Homes made national news. The celebration had started with Tigers even before they won. This gave North Memphis something to bragg about. There has always been a stigma attached to that part of town. Indirectly a loud mouth has messed it up once again. If there is a lesson to be learned from this if any. Cussing isn't cute. It just overshadows what should really be heard.

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