Sunday, April 30, 2006

Says Who?

I don't like paying $3 and up, for a gallon of regular gas either. So far I haven't lost any sleep though. At the same time, if I was an investor. I wouldn't want the goverment putting a ceiling on my profits either. If I design an accessory that everyone on this computer uses. As long as people use it, and buy it. I should continue to get paid. That's what happened to Bill Gates. Even though gas is at it's highest ever, no one is parking their cars. As a matter of fact, the most popular sellers are SUV's. They use like twice the gas, of smaller cars. When gas gets to high to buy, we'll stop putting it in our tanks. I know this doesn't help at the pumps, but consider this. People in other countries, are already paying $8 a gallon. It could be better, but it could be worse.

Price gauging is one thing, filling a need is another. To sell your goods for the price people are willing to pay. Amounts to free enterprise, and is the principle on which this country was built. To catch people between a rock and a hard place, and exploit their vulnerability. Is absolutely a horse of another color. The last time I looked we didn't need gas to live, instead it's for convenience. I for one have altered my driving habits. I don't take two trips to do, what I can do in one. I know we won't, but we should take this as an opportunity to reflect. We as a society are much to dependent on oil. If it went up to $5 a gallon, what would we do then. Most of us wouldn't have any choice except to pay. We shop in stores,go to schools and worship in churches outside our neighborhoods. Some people have never even ridden public transportation. They wouldn't know where to begin. Last I looked it was a bargain. Cheaper than driving yourself. Most families have more than one car, we now have a mobile existence.

Last year oil companies reported record profits. ExxonMobil the leader, had reported earnings of $36 billion last year. The former CEO Lee Raymond, had a massive compensation and retirement package. He earned $69.7 in compensation, and $98 million in a pension buyout . Most of us made more last year, than we did the year before. Of course we didn't get what Lee Raymond did, but join the club. Gas and everything costs more, but thank God. Somehow I manage to pay. If anybody has some gas, I feel like I will. People didn't start to complain until after Hurrricane Katrina. That was an act of God, without mans help. The oil executives told us what to expect. It appears they knew what they were talking about. I think the President is taking advantage, of the situation. At first the American public was blaming him. Some of them still are. If anybody knows, it's him. He can't do anything about gas prices. If he could lower gas prices, don't you think he would? His popularity would go through the roof. As for the CEO's, I'm not mad at them. They're only doing their jobs. A good job, I might add. Higher profits translate to higher dividends. That's what he's hired for. I'm sure the stockholders are happy with their performance. When asking whether or not the oil executives are doing a good job, it depends on who you ask. The average consumer would wonder, if you're joking. Those cashing those dividend checks, would wonder who you're talking about.

Criticism You Can Count On

They won't get an award in tactfulness. They have a way of inflicting wounds, with just their words. I've seen many grown people crying, after a conversation with them. Whether you like what they say or not. You have to admit, most times they're on the money. Sometimes they are off in their assesments, but that's a rare occurence. Just like anybody else they have their own opinion. They dislike certain things, but you already know that about them. If I were a betting man,this is where my money would be placed. Who am I talking about? Answer before you look.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


The most developed state in America, is only 13% developed. The next time you're in a plane, get a window seat and look out. Occupied and developed spaces, look like little dots or marks. There is no chance, of us running out of space.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Putting Their Money, Where Their Mouth Is

The Hispanic population have specified May 1, as a national day of protest. Since our economy supposedly depends on the backs of the Hispanic population, we will get a chance to see. This in essence qualifies as a strike of sorts. They aren't going to work that day, whatever their occupation. I don't think the legal immigrants are going to take that chance. How do you deal with strikers? You do what's best for the company. If we look at America as a company, must we have the illegal worker? We might want them, but we don't need them. If what many people say is true, this will be a tell all. On May 1, the American economy will come to a screeching halt. I don't think so, I think they're bluffing. They know it, but they think we don't.I know my city isn't representative of places like Los Angeles Cal. or San Antonio Tx., but I seldom cross paths with someone of Hispanic decent. Except I have a neighbor, I see three or four times a week. Like I see my other neighbors,both Black and White. I've always asked this question, now we'll see. I never believed three out of four immigrants were illegal anyway. If that's true, they shouldn't be working to begin with. I would think that would be taking a chance. To not show up for a job, you're not supposed to have anyway. That puts the ball squarely on the court of the employers.

Now for the counterattack, for those who feel victimized by the Hispanics presence. This is what I suggest they do in response. When they go to protest, you report for duty. Show up for the jobs, they don't report for on that day. If those companies refuse to hire you. Then you refuse, to buy that companies products. That would be making a sacrifice, and taking a stand as well. With all these claims of jobs being lost to immigrants. It shouldn't be very hard to single them out. Tyson Chicken for one, has planned to close that day. For lack of anticipated workers. If these workers aren't documented and paying taxes. Stop buying Hot Wings for a week, see how the meatpackers react. They secretly planned a demonstration, that drew a record crowd. Since they have forewarned us, of their next move. If they hold the jobs we really want, why not capitalize? Instead of joining them, they don't need or want you. Turn lemons into lemonade, this could work to our favor.I think if the truth is known, we don't depend on the Mexicans like we thought, or at least as much as we claim. What we need to do is show up at the protest, asking for green cards. The numbers are dwindling as we speak, at the thought of facing law enforcement. If they want to play hardball, let the games begin. It's a gamble for both sides. I don't think legal immigrants are willing to jeopardize their status. This immigration issue is tearing this country apart. Like the Mexicans, are we prepared to go, all or nothing?

I Am A Christian

It's unpopular to claim your faith these days, if you are a Christian. We are supposed to be accomodating of others, just don't mention your own. I listened to Muslims expouse their views for a solid hour, nobody said a word. I am the only one that spoke of my Christianity. I'm accused of pushing my beliefs on others. Now I'm holier than thou. Everytime I profess or stand on behalf of my faith. That doesn't mean, I'm ready to take on the sins of the world. People hold Christians to a higher standard. We are human too. We just know that we're not perfect. Not even close, on our best days. The difference in a sinner and a Christian. The Christian isn't sinless, he just sins less.

This is a poem sent to me by another Christian. It was timely to me, maybe it will help you too.

Christians - By Maya Angelo

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not shouting "I'm clean livin'."
I'm whispering "I was lost,
Now I'm found and forgiven."

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble
and need Christ to be my guide.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak
And need His strength to carry on.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed
And need God to clean my mess.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible
But, God believes I am worth it.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I still feel the sting of pain.
I have my share of heartaches
So I call upon His name.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not holier than thou,
I'm just a simple sinner
Who received God's good grace, somehow!

Now You See It, Now You Don't

A poster posed a question, I wanted to write about. In regards to the housing vouchers given to Katrina victims. Maybe I shouldn't say question, it's more like a statement they made. As articulately as their response was written. It still didn't tell the whole story. Therefore making it false.I want us to look at what really happened. Let's tell the whole story. Not just the part that supports our arguments. They say it's been eight months, when a year was initially promised. Exactly how many extensions does that make? Originally it was supposed to be, only for three months. Not the whole year as many are saying. Does being in a storm mean you get free rent and utilities for a year?The writing on the documents they hold says different. It's not unusual for people to misunderstand,or not even listen. As far as homes to return too. The majority of them were renters anyway. They made up like 65%,of the cities population. Property owners had to go back. They didn't have a choice. They had to pay their mortgages. They didn't even get three months. Many homeowners were back within the month. When it comes to jobs, and economics. A lot of the evacuees weren't working anyway. That's how a lot of them got caught to begin with. Waiting on the mailman, and the first of the month. Hurricane Katrina gave some of them, more money than they ever had before. Families could receive up to $26,500 each. Oh I forgot about the income tax checks. Income tax without income, what kind of formula is that? The fact that 50% of the people who receive tax refunds. Get more out than they put in the system. We never talk about that. This wasn't a vacation, it was a disaster. FEMA and President Bush, had no control over this. If you haven't moved back already, or have a definite date of return. You are no longer a New Orleans resident. Where ever they are, they're probably not going back. When you read the link below you will see. People have abused the system, to put it mildly. Was it taken away, or was it really there to begin with?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

X , No Longer Marks The Spot

I was trying to understand the mentality, of those so critical of authority. I am a Christian so I look at everything from God's viewpoint first. All power in place is allowed by God, whether we like it or not. I know everyone doesn't share my beliefs,for that matter even believe in God. Based on that fact, we must coexist. No matter how erroneous I might think your logic appears. I must respect your individual opinion. The faith I prescribe to, is based on freewill. It's a choice you have to make.Having said that. Why do some people choose to remain clueless? At least they appear that way.

I can remember when manufacturing, was in its heyday in Memphis. We had plants like International Harvester, Firestone, Chicago Bridge & Iron and Kimberly Clark. We also had the meat packing plants, like Armour,John Morrell and Wilson. There were several other good paying jobs, here in the city of Memphis. People wouldn't even work at the post office. It didn't pay enough money. A job that draws thousands of applicants now. When they take applications every two years. Male teachers were extremely hard to come by, they made more money in the factories. Those that did either just refused to do manual labor, or were promoted quickly. Quickly advancing them through the ranks. Many of the employees were making $700-800 a wk.,back in the early seventies. It didn't just happen here in Memphis. The same thing happened all over the country. Everybody was buying a new house, with two cars in the driveway. A motorcycle too,if the man still liked to hang with the fellows. Those were the good old days, but times have changed.

I always stress to young people, you can do anything. You no longer live in a society, where you can be denied based on your color. We now even have a Black director of the "Environmental Protection Agency" Jerome Ringo. Who would have ever imagined that? Black children can no longer be painted, in the corner of no opportunity. They can do anything they want. Is there predjudice and nepotism,in the workplace? Honestly, of course there is. Who wouldn't watch out for their son or daughter? The next person in line would be, your relative or your neighbor. Then you get to the church member. The list continues. As long as it wasn't detrimental to them. And the people receiving the favor, can do the job. I wouldn't trust anyone, that said otherwise. Most of us were done a favor at some point. Which brings me to my statement. Qualified people aren't standing in line at the unemployment office. People with the right skills get hired everyday, all over the world. If you want to make $20 hr. for moving boxes. The competition increases dramatically. The workforce is driven by supply and demand. If you have a busted pipe, you need a plumber. You don't care about his race. You just want the water to stop. In years past all they needed was your back. In the new century that isn't the case. X, no longer marks the spot, unless it's one of the letters of your name. For the younger people who don't know what I mean. A person use to be able to make a good living, regardless of his education. People earned a $1000 a wk., and couldn't sign their name. Therefore they marked it with an X. To teach our young people that the system has failed them, because those conditions no longer exist. Isn't fair to say the least. Everybody isn't going to be a engineer, but they have to construct something. If nothing else at least their name.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Disqualified Contestant (Wk. 10)

Kellie Pickler

My Picks For Best Performances (Wk. 10)

Elliot song one of my favorite songs,and did a great job. Paris made it do what it do, as usual. They both gave top notch performances. The coach in all fairness was the problem. He screwed up Elliot's arrangement and Katharines. Katharine didn't overcome his interference.

Let's Growup, It's Time For Solids

I know it's hard to abandon something you have gotten use to having. A small child never wants to leave the protective arms, of their mother. But if a child develops normally. His independence and maturity starts to evolve. First you start out with a spoon, then you graduate to a fork. Eventually you will drain anything, no matter how big. When what you're filling, has grown just as big. This analogy to a degree, describes the city of Memphis. You can't continue to withdraw, and never make a deposit.

Yesterday Mayor Herenton announced his new "leanest budget ever". The new budget allows for $500 million for operating expenses, and about $2 billion in capital improvements. He proposes no city layoffs, and no new property tax increases. No reduction in employee benefits, or health insurance. He plans to replenish the dwindling cash reserves, to the tune of $20 million. This by June 2007, the end of the upcoming fiscal year. Sounds like a winner to me, that covers about everything. Hold up, wait a minute, not so fast. Don't bring on the band yet. Now we face what I call, what has become a thorn in American progress. There is a time and place for everything. The time for unions is not now. When you include their demands, it always changes the landscape. The new budget calls for no new raises for the city employees. Here come the city unions. You never hear, at least I don't. About the city employees who work downtown, in the various offices. Could it possibly be, they have a better understanding. You always know what the Fire,Police and Sanitation department unions say. The problem is the union doesn't even give a thought to the fact. You have to take the good, with the bad. I know it sounds like a lot of cliches, "but you can't have everything".

This new budget addresses all the complaints, I hear on a daily basis. If the Mayor proposes these things, and doesn't follow through. Then we have a problem. That's when the union officials and leaders need to cry foul. You can't secure your own position now, and deal with the newcomers later. That's what the unions have been doing lately. Creating contracts that eventually end up costing jobs. Would you prefer making $18 hr. and be working? Or $20 hr and be laid off ? Not to mention cutting someone else, out of a fulltime job. They don't have money in the budget, for both them and you. I know you say they have the money. Where does the money come from? In the form of property taxes, on guess who? What works for them, has to work for you too. That should be reflected in your contracts and negotiations. I'm not sure the residency laws are serving the best interest of Memphians. All new employees and department heads, have to live in the city. That only covers a small percentage. The city won't really reap the benefits of that law, for about 15 yrs. at least. They aren't concerned about the city necessarily, probably because they don't live here anyway. Close to the words of John F. Kennedy. "My fellow Memphians, Ask not what your city can do for you, but what you can do for your city".

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Are Animals Acting Like People ?

There is really no way to explain death, especially murder. The only explanation I have, probably sounds condescending. Unfortunately it happens,as sure as you're born. You're going to die someday. One way or the other. Just in the last month their has been, four unexplained attacks by animals. Some of them resulting in killings, if not serious injury. By animals that normally don't attack humans, unless they're provoked. They pretty much stay away from you, if you stay away from them. It first started with the Bear killing the 6 yr. old little Elora Patrasek, and attacking her mother and brother. Mother Susan Cenkus 45, and 2 yr. old younger brother Luke Cenkus. Then there was the mountain Lion that attacked the 7 yr. old little boy, on a mountain trail. While he and six other people were hiking, in Boulder, Colorado. He was bitten, on his head and jaw. Details about the victim, and his injuries were sketchy. The animal was later killed by a Colorado park official. Then we have another Bear attack, that happened in the Smoky Mountains. It resulted in the death of 50 yr. old Glenda Ann Bradley, from Cosby, TN. The latest attack involved a renegade pack of Chimpanzees. In Freetown, Sierra Leone one man was killed, several others were injured. One of the victims had to have his hand amputated, after being mauled by 20 wild chimps. The animals killed local taxi driver Issa Kanu and bit and mauled three U.S. employees of a construction company helping to build the new U.S. embassy in Freetown.The three Americans, Gary Morris, Paul Gregory and Donald Ford, were flown to the United States on Monday to receive medical treatment for their injuries.In all the above mentioned cases, they have one thing in common. It happened in the midst of them enjoying themselves. They didn't know they were in a danger zone.In the past they hadn't been.

That's kind of like us being attacked by other people. When we have something happen like the incidents mentioned above. We are flabbergast, and we don't know what's happening. Yet murder is a regular occurrence, in our society. Yesterday a two year old little girl was shot and killed, caught in the middle of a drive-by shooting. Young 2 yr. old Jakira Lewis was killed by a stray bullet. As her mother Shantira Marion held her, in her arms. The mother was shot twice as well. She was treated and released, only to discover her daughter was dead. In our city, we already have 52 homicides. We are ahead of where we were last year, at this same time. What a category to build the numbers. This is the one thing, where we need the numbers to go the other way. I began to think about it statistically. You are much more likely to be attacked by another human. Than you are a wild animal. Even when you go into his natural habitat. What if the animals started acting like people? It would be utter chaos. God gave man dominion over all in the beginning. Somewhere down through time we have got it twisted. Instead of man keeping himself, above the level of animals. Animals have started to act like men. That shouldn't be a bad thing,but unfortunately that's not the case.

Terry Roland Rolls Over, I'm Not Surprised

Don't believe the hype. After all this time and trouble, State Senate candidate Terry Roland. Decided he didn't want to be appointed to the senate seat, on an interim basis. He didn't want to hold the position, unless the people voted for him. A better explanation would be, he doesn't want to do it for free. It's like getting an Oreo cookie, minus the creme filling. Since it was all about the voters of district 29, they need representation now. He finally had Ms. Ford removed, that's what he wanted. The district couldn't be any more racially divided at the polls, than they already are. Where was this attitude a couple of months ago. I bet he wouldn't have been so concerned with the voters feelings then. I said polls, because it's not that serious. The activist people of Memphis, always talk a mean game. When it comes to taking it to the streets, most of that fire disappears. Whatever happens politically might have us up in arms for a week. After then we'll move on to something else. That handfull that never shutup, don't have anything worthwhile to say. My opinion of Terry Roland hasn't changed. I stated how I felt months ago. All of those staunch supporters, ought to feel betrayed. I happen to know some of them feel that way. He took his people to the party, and left them outside.

Read my first suspicions:

New Orleans, Is Going To Have A Runoff

After all the jockeying for position by Nagin supporters, namely the NAACP. The New Orleans mayoral race is partly over. I say partly, because they are still going to have a run-off. Incumbent Mayor Ray Nagin garnered 39% of the vote, while Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu got 29%. The candidate in 3rd place, local businessman Ron Forman received 18%. All three of them are Democrats. So we can safely say the next Mayor of New Orleans, will be a Democrat. Forman has endorsed Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, so he will get the majority of his support. Which will put Mitch Landrieu solidly ahead of Nagin. Between the three of them they make up 86% of the vote. There was a total of 22 candidates in the race, another large field. I can't help but think all of Nagin's supporters already voted for him. The winner will be the one who captures the uncommited vote. The absentee ballot isn't as much in Nagins favor, as they think. He's largely the reason they aren't there to begin with.It doesn't look good for Nagin right now. His racial comments, may come back to slap him in the face. I always ask these questions that never get answered. When are these displaced voters going back to New Orleans? I sympathize with those who are misplaced. But if you've already been gone almost a year, and you don't know when you're going back. You are no longer a resident of New Orleans. You use to live there, but not anymore. When all the cards have been played, no doubt we'll have a winner. I think we will see a new face. I don't think it will be the incumbent.

Monday, April 24, 2006

You Were Wrong, Just Admit It

I am really disturbed and somewhat offended. That as of late, Black politics have been reduced to what amounts to a "bad hair day". Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, has done what amounts to a waste of much needed time. In the midst of the immigration issue, and protecting our borders. Black elected officials are wasting time on a 1960's fight.Taxpayer time and money,was used on one of her race based complaints. She has a history of doing things like this. When she had the likes of what I think is a senile, Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover. She was begging for the media attention then. She held several unwarranted press conferences, showing their support. I'm still waiting for her to back up her claims of "inappropriate touching". That would provide somewhat of a basis, for the accusations she's made. I might be willing to overlook the other stuff. I would at least give it some thought. She just keeps digging her self in deeper and deeper. It would save a lot of time and effort. If she would just admit she was wrong. I guess that's being too ambitious. That is not very likely to happen.

Check out her latest episode:

How Young Is Too Young ?

The rise in crime puts us in a compromising position. It prevents us in our humanity, from carrying out swift justice. Many times once we catch these people, we don't want to enforce the penalty. The perpetuators of some of the most violent crimes you can imagine, are our youth. What happens when the hoodlum in question is 12 yrs. old? Don't even mention when the youngster has ties to you. I'm for taking the gloves off, when it comes to these children. Their destruction exceeds their innocence. The worn out excuse, that they don't know what they're doing. Doesn't work for me anymore. If they learned how to do what they're doing. They could just as easily, learn to do right. There are others who feel just as passionately, about saving our children. They feel these children are victims. I don't necessarily agree with them. But I respect their opinions. I understand their passion. They thank God, they made it out. To address this cancer of an issue, both sides have to come together.

I was listening to the plight of 13 yr. old Braxton Moore. The youngest inmate to ever to be housed, in the criminal justice complex in Memphis. As cute as his petite little mother might be (Jamie Moore), she has spawned a demon seed. In a television interview she kept saying; "he is a child, not an animal. I feel like his life is being taken away". The problem is, he did a grown-up, animalistic thing. What about the innocent victims? The people that got robbed and shot. Now that he has gotten caught, all of a sudden he's to little. He didn't just get small yesterday. He has been small his entire life. He was even smaller, when he supposedly went along for the ride. Why would the others want him to ride along, if he wasn't going to do anything. Did they just want another witness? Even though they're dumb, I don't think that's likely. Lastly where was the mother, when all this was happening? He was on an all day crime spree. If he hadn't got caught. He would just be a little person out here, commiting crimes. Until he got caught, he would still be getting away. I would bet a dollar to a donut. This isn't the first time he went along, for a so-called ride. He just got caught this time.

I always say your experiences, shape your opinions. As long as there are people who have been there themselves. They understand where these youngsters are coming from, and think they can change. Then there are those parents, who have those out of control children. That just don't know how to handle them. They don't want them locked up though. Everyone wants an exception, when it comes to them. If you participate in this lifestyle, one of three things happen. You will die,go to jail, or maybe get out. The odds are against the latter of those happening. As well it should . We can't continue to level the playing field, for those who don't come to practice. In my opinion "if you're old enough to do the crime, you're old enough to do the time".

Sunday, April 23, 2006

'Decider' Is That Really A Word ? LOL

I often take heat for my support of our President. It doesn't make matters any better, when he says things like this. When I read this I laughed so hard. The other people in the room, thought I was crazy.“I hear the voices and I read the front page and I hear the speculation. But I’m the decider, and I decide what’s best. And what’s best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense.”To me it's moments like this, that make President Bush just another person like anyone else. It goes without saying he has more responsibility, than just about anybody else. He still puts his pants on one leg at a time. Just like everybody else. Ultimately each of us carry the main responsibility for ourselves. That's another blog though,we won't get into that. In the course of a day, imagine how much he talks. It wouldn't be human to never make a mistake. It just let's you know he speaks from the hip. The media and Bush-haters are salivating over this. It just shows he doesn't have a speech writer, to prepare everything he says. If you want to read the whole story. Click on the link below:

Saturday, April 22, 2006

FEMA Is Not A Synonym For Fraud

I purposely waited until I revealed my opinion, regarding FEMA's performance after hurricane Katrina. I wanted to give a fair and balanced report, of how I think they responded. Up until now, the coverage has been kind of one sided, don't you think? When you see people sitting on top of roofs, or crying in the streets. The first thing you think is, somebody isn't doing their job. If we all are honest with ourselves, we must admit. There is another side, that we're now hearing about. At least now it's in the news. I was already aware of this practice. Most of us know somebody that has gotten money from FEMA, that they weren't supposed to get. I just wasn't aware off the extent.

FEMA is seeking $4.7 million, in overpayment and fraudulent claims. Overpayments range from $2000 to $26,500. Out of 2.5 million claims, 900,000 were false. That's over 1/3 of those who filed. Using false or duplicate social security numbers. It's no doubt they knew, they were breaking the law. That's just on the Gulf Coast, the state of Mississippi. That could very well be the reason they aren't doing much complaining.They're to busy stealing themselves. They don't have numbers for the state of Louisiana yet. I would imagine they're at least as bad, or worse. That may sound like a drop in the bucket, considering we have a $3 trillion deficit. We've spent billions, of taxdollars on the war in Iraq. America is the richest country in the world. All of these things may be true. It still doesn't justify stealing. Which is what this amounts to being.

I'm not saying FEMA did an acceptable job. They dropped the ball, in several cases. In many instances they were used as a scapegoat. It was easy to blame your mistakes, of which there were many. On the one organization who was shouldering the lions share of the responsibility. In defense of FEMA, it was their first time dealing with a catastrophe of this magnitude. The likes of Katrina had never happened before, except for Andrew. As devastating as it was, even it was of a different design. Katrina required a blueprint of it's own. As for those who have to repay the money. I would bet it's not the first time they signed their name.Unless some of the social security numbers, belonged to little children. Which I bet many of them were. This is a popular tactic of people, with this way of thinking. This attitude of entitlement is killing our country. I would bet many of these people felt they deserved the money. I've often said before, "A major catastrophe, isn't a cash windfall. There are those always looking for a way to get over. Are we a country of people, that zoom in for the kill. At least a lot of us are. To many of us prescribe to the idea. Get what you can ,while the getting is good.

The Usual Cohen Grandstand

I have often said I think Steve Cohen will win the race, for Congressional seat in the Ninth district. The seat being vacated by Harold Ford Jr., in his bid for the Senate. That doesn't mean he's my personal choice. But I think he will garner the biggest base of support. There are 26 candidates in the race. The vote will be split up among the Democrats something awful. I don't like his politics, but he seems to be effective. Though his biggest accomplishment, I disagree with. He still managed to get it passed. He has been credited with being the driving force behind the lottery in Tennessee. I think he is riding the crest of this regions predisposition with immorality. He is known as the most liberal White politician in Tennessee. If elected to congress. He will be the first Jewish politician ever, to represent Tennessee in the house. Based on his positions on gay and abortion rights, which he supports. I wonder how other Jews feel about him.He doesn't depend on their vote to get him elected though. It's probably good he doesn't. I'm not so sure they base their support, solely on someone being Jewish. Which is what scares me about him. Why does he make it such an issue. They might just look the other way, while he does their dirty work. I bet Jewish vendors have some of the lottery contracts. Not to mention the Jewish kids receiving the scholarship money.

I'm not so sure his liberalism, isn't somewhat condescending. He embraces views that totally contradict the Jewish faith. The causes he supports, don't generally affect his Jewish brothers and sisters anyway. They largely affect the Black community, or citizens of Western Tennessee. Of all things the East and West Tennessee come together on, it had to be the lottery. It has turned out to be unbalanced at best.Lately he takes every opportunity to get on camera. Speaking out on things that make him look like a fighter for the underdog. Last month it was the prayer said at the assembly. Which he hasn't had a problem with in the past 23 years. This time he's breaking away from the majority, on behalf of Ms. Ford. Not that I disagree with him about that. It's just that he's spitting in the wind. It really doesn't matter what he said. Those who voted not to void the election were like a who's who of The Tennessee Waltz. If he wins this seat, he has been watching his predecessors closely. Both Harolds were masters, of last minute grandstands. I wonder why Steve Cohen doesn't have a wife, or any children? I wonder could that have something to do with his arrogant liberal views?

Friday, April 21, 2006

If You're Living In A Glass House

The organizer of the recall, made the news today. Much to my surprise and approval. It wasn't the usual free publicity, he usually gets. Normally it's an incognito spotlight, to take potshots at Mayor Herenton. Instead the coverage this time, was about him. I wonder who has taken their shield of protection, from around him? It talked about the fact that he was seriously delinquent, on his child support payments. Instead of worrying about who the Mayors father is, and where he lives. He should have been more concerned, with the welfare of his own. Don't ever think this wasn't planned ahead of time. The problem didn't just pop up last week. They had the children's mothers and everything. This is just another instance of not dotting your i's , and crossing your t's. I can't help but think, this has something to do with the recall. I can't say this is fair, but neither are his tactics. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. It appears instead of collecting signatures, he should be collecting a paycheck. He needs to find a job that pays with a check. If you came up with the money, to keep from going to jail. Why were you behind anyway? If you had it, and didn't pay it. That would make you a Deadbeat Dad. If you're living in a glass house, don't throw no stones.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Eugenics, Facts Or Fiction

This is the basis of much controversy. Some political candidates have made mention of this, in their campaigns. I won't say some, when I really mean one. James Hart candidate for congress, has made this part of his platform. One would say how do you prescribe to this theory, without being a racist? I'm not racist, but I am realistic. I don't agree with his reasoning, but I see his point. He is a simple minded racist, his views are based on skin color alone. It's kind of like the thinking of Adolph Hitler. According to which side you were on, some people thought he was brilliant. He spearheaded a unprecedented Nazi movement. Whether we want to admit it or not. There are people walking around us everyday. That simply don't possess, the average level of comprehension. Yet we live in a society that makes provisions for everyone.

In our country, it is not a crime to be dense. If by chance someone comes into millions of dollars. They would just be a simple minded millionaire. I say millionaire because no matter how much they have. They'll still end up with nothing. A fool and his money soon part. Talk to some of these drug dealers, or career criminals. They have wads of money, but can't make a coherent sentence. "You know what I'm sayin"? There are so many ways to come into cash windfalls. We can't associate possessions with intelligence. From the lottery to illegal activity. It doesn't take a lot of thought, to have money and do something stupid. I asked the question once before, and didn't get an answer. When I was younger, I once heard of the "small heads disease". No one else has heard of it, and I can't find any information. I can't help but think , the two are connected. This may be one of those things, that we no longer discuss. In our strive to be politically correct. This is just one of those things, we no longer talk about. To read further on eugenics see what Mr. Hart has to say:

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ophelia Ford Ousted 26-6

After eleven long months. Eight Democratic State Senators, finally decided along with eighteen Republicans. To void the May special election, which Ms. Ford won by 13 contested votes. All of which were, voided except for one. So much for the one man, one vote theory. If there was only one vote left to her advantage. That would've declared her a winner. She has continuously cried racism, from the very beginning. Now she may finally have a legitimate claim. Since she was accusing them of it anyway, they probably figured why not? Based on the final vote, there was no party loyalty present.

This late in the game. Whatever happens is more symbolic than anything. The election is up again in May. Only one month away. Ms. Fords closing remarks were "I will be back in January". I think she was right about that, I think she will. Terry Roland has missed his opportunity to capitalize, on the apathy of the voters. When all else fails, play the race card. Which she did from the start. Though it didn't serve her in the end, among the legislature. It has always been a winner with those particular voters. I think this issue gave Ms. Ford all the fire she needs, for the upcoming election.

How West Tennessee Democratic senators voted:

For voiding the election:

Sens. Roy Herron, D-Dresden, Doug Jackson, D-Dickson, Jim Kyle, D-Memphis, Don McLeary, R-Humboldt, Mark Norris, R-Collierville, Curtis Person, R-Memphis.

Against voiding the election:
Sens. Kathryn Bowers, D-Memphis, Steve Cohen, D-Memphis, Ophelia Ford, D-Memphis.

Not voting:
Speaker John Wilder, D-Somerville.

Disqualified Contestant (Wk. 9)

My Picks For Best Performances (Wk. 9)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This Is Why We Need A Military Draft

With the rise in juvenile crime, and the blatant disrespect of authority among the youth. The reenactment of the military draft would give this country, a much needed enema. Since we say the young people are our future. We shouldn't burden the productive members of our youth, with their counterproductive counterparts. At least not without trying to help them. The military does two things for wayward youth. It provides discipline, in addition to making them a productive member of society.

Even the young ladies have lost control. They act like uncivilized heathens too.When they no longer behave as young women. What motivation do young men have? For the first time they went to combat. If the reenact the draft, and force them to sign. I bet they won't be so concerned with equal rights then. War is the humane way to balance the scales. War will either make you, or break you.

Look at video below:

Monday, April 17, 2006

They Cancel Each Other Out

Both of these candidates have a base in Memphis politics. Ms. Halbert for her work on the school board. Mr. Wilbun for his past work as Juvenile Court Clerk. They both have served the needs, of certain special interest groups. Those people they consider their constituents. It just depends on whether or not, you fall into one of those categories. In my personal opinion, neither one of them did a very good job. At least they didn't do anything for me. I heard a commercial yesterday for Shep Wilbun, that brought this out in the open. A popular talkshow hostess, has given her voice in support of Mr. Wilbun. In the long run, this might work against him. Ms. Janis Fullilove has some unresolved credibility issues, of her own. Ms Halbert has the support of a less popular host indirectly. She can't be held responsible for that because she didn't pay him. As far as we know; anyway. With her I don't think it's about him having something for her. He just doesn't have anything against her. That he can use against her. Both of them are Democrats, in a crowded field. I have my personal opinions, but I'll keep them to myself. I don't think they will come into play. I believe they will cancel each other out.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Squirrels Gone Wild !!!

With the sudden rash of animal attacks taking place. Some of the animals among us daily, that we overlook. Have the ability to create utter chaos in our lives. Should they all of a sudden disregard the natural order of things, what would humans do? What if you went out in your backyard, or a walk in the park. Instead of the squirrels avoiding you, they attacked. Life as we now know it wouldn't be the same.

Gangs Of New York, Deja Vu

"What are they contributing to this country? Other than robbing the natives, of a decent wage.They will do for a nickel, what nigga's use to do for a dime.
Before that the White man got a quarter."

-The Butcher-

I have a new movie to add to my list of favorites. Today I saw "Gangs of New York" for the first time. I had always heard about it, but hadn't got the chance to see the movie. I sat and watched the entire thing, didn't miss a thing. That's a good sign with me, usually I get distracted. If it's not the phone, it's the computer. I guess it was predestined for me not to see it until now. It could be seen as the perfect analogy, to modern day America. In light of the looming immigration issue. The story line would fit perfectly in today's society, just replace the characters. The five points district of New York in the 19th century. It consisted of gangs made up of people from everywhere. During that time the Irish were converging on America then, just like the Hispanics are now. Some of these people are simply in search of a better life. They just happen to be caught up in the middle, of a corrupt atmosphere.

It's ironic how ulterior motives were the forces, behind their ultimate demise. The same people that claimed to be concerned with the welfare of the people, were engaged in backroom negotiations that hurt them. These were the oppressed and general population, especially the poor.The gangs muscled the decent working citizens. The crooked police muscled the gangs. While the power hungry politicians played them both. America was built off the backs of immigrants. Everybody here is from somewhere else. Whether it's by choice, or by force. Many people came to America after being driven from their homeland, for whatever reason. It's amazing how soon we all forget, exactly how we got here. People came to America and started anew, then just like now. Still they aren't willing to extend the same opportunities to someone else. I find it strange that many of the people complaining about wages, don't even work. No matter what the wages were. There aim would be to exploit, rob,kill and steal. Sounds just like the intentions of Satan. Whose image was very popular, and displayed proudly.

You can't blame those seeking a better life, for coming to America. Criminals are opportunist, using any excuse to do what's wrong. They're like predators and vultures. Zooming in for the kill, and cleaning up what's left. The problem is dividing the predators from the prey. This movie took place during the beginning stages of the Civil war. I couldn't help but notice the immigrants signing up for citizenship, at one table. At a table right next to it, they signed up for the military. It's like they got of one boat, and got on another. That was the passage to there citizenship. That sounds like America's predicament now. Those that claim this is their country, are hesitant to go to battle. They want the benefit of the American way of life, at someone else's expense. We won't handle the situation now, like we did then. Thank God at this point, we're not outnumbered. For those on the wrong side of righteousness, this should be proof. "If you dance to the music. Sooner or later you have to pay the piper."

How Much Can You (Bear) ?

This past Thursday a 6-year old girl was killed by a black bear, at a popular mountaintop campground in Tennessee. Little Elora Petrusek lost her like after being attacked by a breed, that's usually shy and avoiding. Her mother Susan Cenkus and her 2-year old brother Luke Cenkus, were attacked by the bear also. Both are expected to survive. The bear thought to weigh between 350 and 400 lbs. Escaped into the woods, and hasn't yet been found. Unfortunately it is unlikely, that it will be either.

This is an unusual occurrence. There has only been 56 reported cases, in the last 100 yrs. When you think about what could happen, if this became widespread. It's really quite frightening. This happened not very far, from one of my favorite vacation spots. I love to visit Gatlinburg. The bears are a part of the landscape. Thank God the bears don't usually act this way. The humans couldn't coexist. We would have to return to the days of Davy Crockett. Otherwise they would take over. How much can you bare? When it comes to the bears. You can't bare very much.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Why We Celebrate Easter

Turn Of Events, Or Was It ?

I wasn't even aware who Logan Young Jr. was, before the Albert Means recruiting scandal. Even then I wasn't aware that he was a Memphian. I'm not saying it wasn't mentioned, it just wasn't highlighted. Now that I'm interested, I still don't know. I just know he was a multi-millionaire who loved Tide football. Not only in spirit, but monetarily as well. That's what seems to have got him in trouble. Evidently all SEC fans know who he is, and about his ties to Alabama. I come to discover after investigating further, he has a history of Philantrophy throughout this city. He received all kinds of sparkling comments from those who knew him. He was well liked by his neighbors as well. I wondered if it was the same Logan Young, convicted in the Albert Means trial. The police initially didn't call his death a homicide. They were unsure of exactly how he died. Only that he was covered with blood and unrecognizable. Which to me seems strange.

Today it was ruled that his death was an accident. His death supposedly was caused by him falling down some stairs. According to the police, they still haven't closed the book. Until this ruling came down. The prime suspect was his son Logan Young III. He has retained the services of Leslie Ballin and Steve Farese the local dynamic duo. They had a press confrence to announce, he was handcuffed and detained. I can't imagine them both getting involved for nothing. I expect a lawsuit to come out of this. To get a better look at the man, and what caused his downfall. Read what ESPN had to say.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


The city of Memphis is the 17th largest city, in the United States. It has a population of 671,929 people. Contrary to what many would have you think. The surrounding areas are prospering because of our growth. The city isn't being flushed down the drain, instead it's flourishing. Dating back to 1990 our population and rank has increased.

For Those Predicting Doom

I was having this discussion, with what I call a Perennial Protestor earlier. I started to send this information to them. Then I thought about it, and changed my mind. It would be like p*&sing in the wind. Why should I continue to give my pearls to swine? They make slop out of everything anyway. This is very interesting, as well as factual. Within these numbers you can find an awful lot of answers. I have this litmus test I always use. If you have to leave something out, or change part of the statement. I wouldn't bank on it myself. More than likely it's not true.

All these people that claim Memphis is struggling economically. I tend to disagree with them, to some extent. Of course we don't have a perfect city,there are things in need of fixing. Tell me one city that doesn't? Memphis is the 17th largest city in the country, according to these statistics. These are the latest numbers, I was able to obtain. I would love to discuss some factors, based on what we have. They may have changed some, but not that much. This is enough to help paint a clearer picture. Maybe you'll see it as I do. To get the numbers, click on the link below:

High Tech Hard Times

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Disqualified Contestant (Wk. 8)

Bucky Covington

I Say Let Him Go

I figured they would use his semi-success to try and justify giving him a raise. In case everyone has forgotten. He didn't win the National championship,like he promised when we first signed him. We won the NIT, an invitation we refused under Larry Finch. The winningest coach the university has ever had. He went to the elite eight and lost. To a better coach in my estimation. Everytime it comes down to coaching, we always lose. The teams success had nothing to do with his coaching skills. He had the necessary horses. I could have won with those players, if I was coach. I have always felt, he was over paid. He isn't worth the price we're paying him. If it were left up to me. I would say let him go. See what I said earlier:

Live By The Union, Die By The Union

Just like many other institutions in America, the Union has outlived it's initial purpose. Due to the fact that at one time, this country had slavery. Not to mention sweatshops and illiteracy. We needed something in place, to balance the scales. Just like the NAACP, and the KKK. Yes I said the KKK, they are a sort of a Union. They were initially formed as a protection group. To shield the southern landowners, from the overspill of reconstruction. Just like other groups with the same inspiration. It took on a personality of it's own. Unfortunately it rains on the just, as well as the unjust. The same things that happen to the bad, also happen to the good. This attitude of entitlement is killing our country. In our efforts to even the playing field. We have come to desire and expect things, that ultimately close us out altogether. What goes around comes around. We don't have control of when the day of reckoning comes.

For an example, who needs four pair of glasses in one year? How do we guarantee raises, when the money hasn't been made yet? What if the product doesn't sale? If your union agrees to something for it's present members, but leaves the new ones out. That should indicate they're not bargaining in good faith. A simple lesson in economics, should come into play. How do you expect those after you, to make it on less than you did? Some of these retirement packages are so lucrative. People in retirement, make more than those who work. Deals that were made during the big industrial years, are outdated today. With these big paychecks, what have the recipients done. Other than prepare a new generation, for more of the same. Which by the way you've already sold out. The general idea seems to be get yours while you can, let them get theirs later. I guess we can now safely assume this results, in the loss of jobs.

I often like to say, "if you don't want to spend more yourself, where does it come from"? I know this doesn't coincide with the Union philosophy. If everyone saw it like this, they wouldn't collect those membership dues. When I worked on a Union job, it was general knowledge. The people that do their job, don't need the Union anyway. The Union only comes into play. When you get into trouble, or at negotiation time. Neither one of which really matter, if you don't have a job to begin with. Let's get a Union of the minds. Let's get on one accord. Let's do and expect what's right.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Picks For Best Performances (Wk. 8)