Monday, April 30, 2007

On The Green, Not Taking Green

No shovels allowed! BFS President, Chairman and CEO John Lampe (fourth from left), Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton (second from left), along with several business, local and sports dignitaries, tees off initiating a unique groundbreaking ceremony for the First Tee of Memphis at Firestone Park.

Mayor Willie Herenton didn't give FBI investigators any help with the "Tennessee Waltz". Pretty much putting to rest all accusations of the investigation being racial.He had the best defense any elected official could have. He didn't take any money. Not because they didn't try to entice him.He just didn't take the bait. His office was contacted to see if they were interested. Evidently the mayor and his staff didn't bite. They don't even earn a mention.

Since John Ford's trial has ended finding him guilty. The media is bugging Mayor Herenton to get his opinion of the outcome. As though the verdict is representative of him. The only thing they have in common. They both are elected officials in Memphis.They are both Black senior citizens, who have a thing for young women. Other than that they have no similarities. Willie Herenton is a free man without blemish, John Ford's sentence is pending.

Friday, April 27, 2007

At A Lost For Words

This is one of the few times I have heard John Ford at a lost for words. After the verdict all he had to say was "I'm disappointed". In my opinion this was a compromised verdict. Somebody on this Jury was smart enough, to convince the other Ford supporters. This wasn't the end of the line. If they threw this trial out now. It could come back to haunt them later. Maybe this time it would be retried with a tougher jury. It might give them some relief for the time being. The fact of the matter is they would just be buying time.

This is a breakdown of the charges and how it came out. On count 1 of extortion, there was no contest. On count 2 of bribery , he was found guilty. On counts 3,4, and 5 of witness intimidation, he was found not guilty. Without the tape of him taking money. And had he been this quiet all along. He might not be facing time right now.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Since The Beginning Of Time

Older men have always desired younger women. Dating back to Abraham in the bible. His wife Sarah offered him her handmaid Hagar. To give him what she thought she couldn't provide. A gift I'm sure she knew he would accept graciously. It could be argued that's where many of today's troubles began. Due to the fact that women are the weaker sex. I know I'll get opposition on that. They have always been prey to older men . Women are drawn to men with power and money. Which is usually acquired over time. That's why preachers, politicians and presidents are so desirous to younger women. It's just the female nature. To want a man with stature. John Ford and Mina Knox are playing out history.

The young lady Mina Knox is 26, senator John Ford is 65. She is a former cheerleader and aspiring actress. That first met him through her grandfather. Based on her testimony, she appears to be a former escort too. John Ford is a part-time politician and full-time consultant. He has a reputation of being a ladies man too. His name and money plays a role also. Not every man can or is willing, to give his girlfriend $100-150 a day. All these older women claim that's a drop in the bucket. Considering how young and pretty she is. Many of them have done the same thing for a fraction of what she got.

I think putting Ms. Knox on the stand worked against him. It may have had the desired effect on the public. That didn't carry over to the jury though. I think she highlighted the fact that this guy has a habit. What's more expensive than a older man liking young women? Whether you think this is alright or not. It's nothing new, it has been happening since the beginning of time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

John Will Do More Time Than Mary

The one thing John Ford seems to have in his favor is timing. In light of the recent verdicts in the Dale Mardis and Mary Winkler trials respectively. It would seem like selective prosecution to string John Ford up for his crimes. Even though he is known to have taken $55,000 in cash from the F.B.I. informants. In what was said to be a bribe. With people seemingly getting away with murder. His crimes seem pale in comparison. The defense is building on the public sentiment that he only took money. The prosecution produced tapes and witnesses for three straight days. When the defense tried to cloud the issue. The prosecution produced even more evidence. I may not be the most unbiased person in regards to his guilt or innocence. I figured he was guilty from the start. Ever since they showed him taking money on the tape. Where he claims he served as a paid consultant. Like he did for the Cherokee program I guess. It seems he consulted them right out of existence. They were shut down in the midst of a cloud of corruption. He seems to have a history of peddling his influence in the legislature.

John Ford's attorneys did what they could. He didn't give them much to work with. Mr. Ford has a reputation of being a braggart. He is what you call a hot dog. Listening to the testimony he seems to have been his own worst enemy. The prosecuting attorney summed it up the best. When he made this opening argument, “There’s a maxim most young lawyers hear,” DiScenza told the jury. “When you’re defending the case and you’ve got the law on your side, argue the heck out of the law. And if you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. And if you have neither on your side, accuse the government of misconduct and yell entrapment.”

If the fate of John Ford rested solely in the hands of Memphians. He would have a good chance of beating the wrap. Here in Memphis he has a "Teflon Don" persona going. Some citizens see him as larger than life. His lawyers have pulled out all the stops. Creating a sliver of doubt when it's really open and shut. The media focus has changed from him taking the money. To his escapades with his wife and women. Which has nothing to do with the case other than maybe how he spent the money. His young girlfriend was supposed to be a bombshell. She turned out to be a dud instead. She was suppose to prove he was singled out by the government. I don't think that's what happened though. To me, she ended up looking like the reason he needed the money. The thing is, if they don't get him here. They'll get him in his trial in Nashville.

Back to the original statement. There is a couple of dynamics at work here. She was up on state charges, he faces federal. There's no 30% rule in play here. He'll do the time day for day. She has served some time already, he hasn't served any. He can receive up to sixty years if convicted. There's not as much room for lesser charges. Either he's guilty or he's not. He wasn't under any duress to make him take the money. He did it because he's greedy. Even though you never have enough. John Ford is already a wealthy man. He didn't have to resort to being on the take. Considering all these things. If he's found guilty. John Ford will do more time than Mary Winkler.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Other Side Of The Coin

I want to talk about the Wendi Thomas article. The same people that were applauding the Don Imus decision last week. Are the same ones crying foul now in regards to the Three Six Mafia being protested. This is the other side of the coin. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have opened a can of worms. Leading the charge to say the Don Imus comments were a major issue among Blacks. Everyone has the right to be offended, not just Blacks and women. Just like people who had never seen or even heard of Don Imus mobilized to get him fired. Expect the same thing to happen to Black entertainers.

I sincerely hope radio station WDIA isn't representative of the mindset of most Black Memphians. Unfortunately I think it is though. When Bobby Ojay is finally right about something. The majority of his audience disagrees with him. When he spoke with logic on the Don Imus incident. He exhibited the foresight to look ahead. He predicted something like this would happen. I'm sure he didn't expect it to happen so soon. I don't agree with him about Wendi Thomas, but I understand his position. You can't have it both ways. The smart people know that.

Ms. Thomas has found herself in the same predicament as Mr. Ojay. Her supporters have turned on her like Doberman Pinschers. With an added vengeance I might add. Not just expressing a difference of opinion. Resorting to nasty comments. I've heard personal attacks, character assassinations and everything. Some of those same people that were slapping her on the back, giving her kudos. Are now calling her a sell-out and a puppet for the White man. I'm not as outspoken in my disagreement as Ms. Thomas. I do agree she's right though.

Read the link to get the full story:,2845,MCA_25341_5498161,00.html

This is her colum focus this week. This is another link:,2845,MCA_25341_5505079,00.html

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What You Didn't Hear On Camera

To get the bigger picture, go to the link:

Deadly Defenders

If you could afford these two guys week before last, there's a chance you can't anymore. Since they got Mary Winkler off with murder, in my opinion. The stock of these lawyers has gone through the roof. To reduce a possible capital murder case down to voluntary manslaughter. Is like performing magic for the defendant. They did everything but got this lady acquitted. After she shot her husband in the back while he was asleep. Loaded up the children and jumped in the car. She was found in another state. After all that, she gave a confession to the crime. After all that she may still end up with time served. That's quite a feat.

Leslie Ballin already has sort of a cult following in Memphis. He has a name among those who are familiar with the Memphis courts already. I can remember if you went down to 201 Poplar, and it seemed 40% of the people going to court were his clients. That was when crack was in it's heyday. Every dope dealer in the city, had this guy on speed-dial. He kept a lot of guilty people on the streets. I guess it depends on who is talking. The perpetrator or the victim. Whether you think he's good or not. Read the article written about Mr. Ballin in Memphis magazine. His family law practice went to a whole different level as a result of this win. His children's children will benefit from this win.

The other half of the team is Steve Farese. I only heard of him in recent years. Though his family has a reputation in local law circles. His sister is the prominent divorce attorney Kathy Farese Turner. His father being the late John B. Farese. Who specialized in criminal defense before him. Steve sort of took the helm after his father died. Making a name for himself. In other high profile cases like (Micheal Mullins) the Fedex pilots trial. Initially, he was the one contacted by Mary Winkler's family member. To represent her. He was the most vocal in her defense. He came across to me as a country lawyer. I would say he turned out to be quite a city slicker. All the high profile cases he has been involved with. Have ended with surprising verdicts. Read the feature article written in Memphis magazine about him. His son is always on the camera with his father. In one of those custom made suits. Like I said about the Ballins. This is the start of something big.

I don't plan on ever being charged with murder. I'm not planning to kill anyone. If by chance I did though. Guess who I would be looking for? Retaining these guys doesn't guarantee victory. But based on their history the odds are in your favor.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Jury Foreman Agrees With Me

I watched an interview with the jury foreman in the Mary Winkler trial. "Mr. Bill Berry" was one of the two men selected, on the twelve member jury. He like me, would have voted for a second degree murder conviction. In my opinion, only because they wouldn't go for first degree. Which would have given Ms. Winkler a sentence of 15-25 yrs., which still wasn't really enough. I wrote a blog earlier stating how I felt about what happened in this case.
Just like me, Mr. Berry felt the jury was one sided. To many women as opposed to men. With a ten to two ratio of females. It's no wonder we got a verdict heavily flavored with the female influence. This was a victory for every woman who has ever been abused or even knew someone and the man got away. Click on the link below to see the foreman's interview.

Talk About The Big Dogs

Hercules was recently awarded the honorable distinction of Worlds Biggest Dog by Guinness World Records. Hercules is an EnglishMastiff and has a 38 inch neck and weighs 282 pounds.

With "paws the size of softballs" (reports the Boston Herald), the three-year-old monster is far larger and heavier than his breed's standard 200lb. limit. Hercules owner Mr. Flynn says that Hercules weight is natural and not induced by a bizarre diet: "I fed him normal food and he just grew".... and grew... and grew... and grew.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

She Got Away With Murder

This shows what can happen if you take a case to trial. You never know which way a jury is going to vote. A good attorney can poke holes in even a solid case. Let alone a weak one. This went from a capital murder case down to voluntary manslaughter. I think this defense is nothing more than something concocted by the defense team. Before the other day we never heard anything about Matthew Winkler being abusive.Is their any record anywhere of domestic violence on this man? Reaching this verdict relied solely on "the battered woman syndrome".

The prosecution dropped the ball by seating a ten woman two man jury. The defense played on the sympathy of the female jurors. Ms. Winkler had the premier defense team in the Mid-South. Steve Farese and Leslie Ballin have developed quite an impressive track record. They took this case pro bono and were able to convince others to do the same. I have never seen so many people celebrating and rejoicing. A man getting shot in the back while he was asleep.

I Think She's Guilty

She will be charged with second degree murder (15-25 yrs.) She has quite a defense team in Steve Farese and Leslie Ballin.

A Message We Can Always Use

I know a lot of my readers don't particularly approve of President George Bush. They think he has done a poor job these last seven years. Whether you like him or not though. You have to admit the truth in regards to this man's character. This President is always on his toes. When he is called on for his leadership skills. It has just been one thing after another. I would venture to say he has probably faced more adversity than any one commander-in-chief in history. The President spoke at a convocation ceremony for the students and faculty killed at Virginia Tech. I was thoroughly impressed with the speech he gave. I always say this President will look a whole lot better, after he is no longer in office.

In the event of something happening like this, words don't really suffice. Anything anybody would say wouldn't be enough in this case. This was a timely scripture from the bible that I thought fit the occasion. "Don't be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good".

The Face Of Death

One would wonder how the death itself would look. Due to the fact that it will eventually show it's face to everyone. It would be nice to know what it looks like if you were to see it face to face. To the right is a picture of Cho Seung-hui the perpetuator of the worst massacre in American history. I think this picture would serve as proof to all concerned. Evil comes in all shapes, sizes and ethnicity's. This guy looks like the young man at your local beauty supply store. That might sound stereotypical but that's who comes to mind. Not trying to point the finger at any race in particular. Just pointing out it could have been anyone. All anyone would need, is the will to do it and a Smith and Wesson.

Needless to say in his twenty-three years on earth, this is the highlight of his life. Now the entire world is aware of someone, who otherwise we probably wouldn't have even known. There isn't a whole lot to say about him. He had no close friends or acquaintances. He was a loner. To find out more about him. Go to the link below:

Monday, April 16, 2007

Largest Massacre In American History

Today will be remembered as one of the most horrific occurrences in American history. Starting at 7:15 am this morning the bloodbath began. At the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia, at a co-ed dormitory. There two people were killed first. The whole thing ended at a classroom building on the other side of the campus. Where the other 31 people were murdered. At the latest count 33 people have been killed, including the gunman. It is still unclear whether the killer commited suicide or was killed by police.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

From The Same Vein

Since where I live everything seems to be about race. I'm about to attempt to compare how people capitalize on the ignorance of others, regardless what color they are. I'm going to criticize both Blacks and Whites alike.

Carol Chumney and Steve Cohen, are just like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to a degree. They just have a different pigmentation. Carol Chumney is a trained lawyer and so is Steve Cohen. Unlike their counterparts, at least they are trained shysters. Just like former county commissioner Walter Bailey did concerning the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue. Who is a practicing attorney also. Had he done the research he would have known where the issue was going, before he got the people all stirred up. To try to give the public a lesson in Civics after the fact, is too little too late. Since the resolution to remove Joseph Lee had no power anyway. Why did Ms. Chumney even propose it to begin with? It was simply a divisive move that blew up in her face. It was supposed to show the public where everyone on the council stood. Making them show their hands on whether or not they support the Mayor. It ended up coming across as being racial. The vote split down racial lines, with only Myron Lowery breaking ranks. In light of the outcome of the Mickey Wright case. The timing was wrong.

Steve Cohen is busy giving out proclamations at every Black gathering where there will be a T.V. camera. I wasn't surprised to see him at Apostle Patterson's funeral. Every Democrat that considered themselves having any standing was there. Then he gave a proclamation to Odell Horton Sr., which I personally don't have a problem with. Knowing full well most of his voters don't even know what he was remembered for. Click on the link below and refresh your memory: He has the one qualification some folks require. They just know he was Black. To show the voters he supports Black causes, and he gets along with his constituency. I don't see him taking pictures with people at the abortion clinics after having killed their unborn babies. Shaking hands and drinking beer with the gays at the Cooper-Young festival , or people spending their last dollar on lottery tickets. He represents them too. I want to know what legislation you're working on in Washington. What are you doing about immigration? Not your stance on local law enforcement, and how the courts are run.

I won't get into Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton except to say that like the others. I have dedicated other articles to them already. They only champion causes that benefit them more than they do anyone else. Just like Ms. Chumney and Mr. Cohen they keep their followers preoccupied with trivial matters. Trivial in the fact that they aren't really doing anything to change them.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Their Fates Seem To Be Crossing

When I say their fates might be crossing. You might ask how is that possible when the two defendants have nothing to do with each other. In that assessment you wouldn't be incorrect. This is just another way to look at it though. Things are only getting better for Mary Winkler. They have already erased the two top sentences she could possibly get. She can't be sentenced to either death or life in prison. She has the local dream team in Steve Farese and Leslie Ballin. After seeing him in action, Mr. Farese has a flair for the dramatics. I could have sworn I heard him crying yesterday. Considering the fact that she initially ran and confessed when they caught her. She probably couldn't be in any worse shape than she was to begin with. It will be interesting to see how this thing turns out.

The outcome seems to be the opposite for John Ford. They've been talking to the same witness for the past two days. They haven't run out of videotape yet. No wonder it took the defense team so long to prepare for his case. I think we will soon be seeing him in a orange jumpsuit. Instead of his tailored suits and expensive jewelry. I think he is just buying time. Putting off the inevitable. According to what I heard earlier today. We might be adding to the list of charges a criminal assault. Based on some of the excerpts I heard today. His mouth may turn out to be his worst enemy.

What Nobody Has Said

As I watched some of the news coverage about the Rutgers women basketball players. I couldn't help but notice. Several of them have gotten their hair straightened. All of them have covered those tattoos. Everybody seems to want to avoid what Don Imus was really thinking, and just didn't want to say. He probably wanted to say some of these girls looked like boys. Bernard McGuirk said they looked just like the "Toronto Raptors". A pro men's basketball team. I think Don Imus probably thought his comment was the lesser of two evils. Had he made a comment about their masculinity. Could it have been worse? I would bet a dollar to a donut he thought about that. I have said all along the feminist movement will ultimately gain the most ground from this.

I was beginning to wonder if I was living in a bubble, for even thinking about this angle. Then I ran across this article about basketball and lesbians. If nobody has taken note of this except myself. No wonder lesbian activity is running rampant in our schools. The story below tells of at least one women's coach that is known for thinking like this.

" Rene Portland, Penn State women's basketball coach, has been accused of anti-lesbian bias. A former player, Jennifer Harris (pictured above), filed the complaint with the NCLR (National Center for Lesbian Rights) after she had transferred from Penn, partly because of the coach's racial slights and homophobia. After Harris filed her complaint, two other former players also came forward to testify to Portland's blatant homophobia. Portland threatened to kick players off her team if they came out, and told players not to associate with anyone she believed to be gay.
Really, NOT ok behaviour for a coach. Especially a women's basketball coach. I mean, come on. Gayness and women's basketball pretty much go hand in hand. Obviously, straightness does too, but this bothers me a lot because basketball is one of those few athletic fields that queerness is almost accepted. Unless, I guess, you play for Rene Portland".

I'm not homophobic, I'm just not naive. I realize these people are on the constant attack. When I say these people. I mean those pushing the homosexual agenda. Though they only make up 2% of the population, an influential bunch they are.They may have used race to inflame the public. Though many support his suspension, they don't agree it racism. He has made a lot of enemies during his thirty years on air.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol Picks

American Idol: Top 8 Finalists
Posted Apr 10th 2007 10:44PM by Liz Finn-Arnold
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(S06E28) So who exactly thought a Latin-themed night was a good idea for American Idol? I fully expected tonight's performances to be painful. However, I really didn't expect Sanjaya to sing in Spanish and give one of the better performances of the night. Unbelievable. Just when you think Idol has no more surprises left, you witness something truly shocking.

Jennifer Lopez, looking rather svelte, took time out from her busy schedule to mentor the finalists and help them find the passion in the Latin-themed music. Unfortunately, not many of them truly found their inner Latin beat. J.Lo excitedly gushed that she watches American Idol at home, and she does have her favorites. Yeah, so we've heard.
The cast of Drive, and Mickey Dolenz are in the house to watch our Top 8 fight to keep their spots in the competition. And before the hour is up, we'll learn that LaKisha tried out for Idol to make a better life for her daughter, and Jordin loves 80s music. We'll also hear a story about a cow named Simon.

The night starts off with the heavy hitters batting first.

1. MELINDA -- She sings "Sway." J.Lo tells her to go out on stage with the intention that she's the sexiest, sultriest thing around. Mindy Doo admits that will be a challenge, because she is "so not sexy." Her dress is much more flattering this week, making her look longer and leaner in her midsection. But her hair? Is that one of the bad wigs from Dreamgirls? Randy says another "solid performance." He liked it. Paula calls it "very sultry, very smooth" and a "subtle" performance. Simon says "it had to happen -- I didn't like it." He found it very "cabaret, lazy, and wooden." He thinks she's better than that. Melinda is happy because Simon wanted something bad to say about her and he got the chance. I agree, it wasn't her best, and certainly wasn't sultry.

2. LaKISHA -- She sings Gloria Estefan's "Conga", and J.Lo helps her pronounce it with Latin-flavor. And rather than give Kiki singing tips (It's not like she's going to listen anyway), Jennifer gives her some dancing tips. LaKisha comes out with overflowing cleavage that is starting to distract from the singing, especially since she's moving around tonight. The band sounds really good, but LaKisha just isn't feeling the music. She looks uncomfortable. Randy loves that Kiki was having a good time, and made it her own. He calls it "hot." Paula says LaKisha looks lovely, but she didn't feel it as much as Randy. Paula thinks it was a "safe" performance. Simon actually agrees with Paula. He says even though LaKisha was having fun, he isn't sure how much fun the people at home had (not much, Simon). Plus, he didn't think the dancing was very good.

3. CHRIS -- He sings "Smooth" by Santana. Again, J. Lo helps with the Spanish pronunciation. I have never wanted to turn down the sound, as much as I do listening to Chris murder one of my favorite songs. Poor Rob Thomas. Randy thinks he did a really good job, and calls it "really cool." Randy likes the runs at the end. Paula calls it a "hot, hot performance." She thinks Chris is sexy. Simon says it wasn't the best vocal he's ever heard, but he preferred the performance to the first two. I disagree with the judges completely. I cannot stand those whiny and annoying vocal runs. That was painful. And the guy sings like he's in pain too. Honestly, he's a lot cuter with the sound turned down.

4. HALEY -- She sings "Turn the Beat Around." J.Lo brings Blake in the room to give Haley a beat. J.Lo says Haley's going to have to "throw the song at people" if she wants to win this week. But we know, and Haley knows, what her real assets are, which is why she comes out wearing the shortest shorts possible. She also looks a little like Jennifer Lopez tonight. And yes, she's having fun with the song, but what's with all the weird faces? Randy calls it "really karaoke." Paula says it is a fun song, and she "had fun up there." Simon thinks Haley is smart to wear the least amount of clothes possible. That's all she can do, he says, and "have fun." He also felt the vocals were rushed. I don't love Haley, but the judges do seem to be a bit harsh with her.

5. PHIL -- He sings Santana's "Maria, Maria." Jenny tells him to think of somebody while singing the song. Then she claims he gave her "goose pimples." Ew. The good news is, we don't have to look at Phil's shiny bald head. The bad news is that we have to look at the dorky hat. As usual, his voice is inconsistent -- good in some places, cracking in others. Randy agrees with Jennifer that Phil didn't quite connect with the passion of the song. Paula thinks it was a good vocal. Simon found no originality, and calls it "a bit lifeless" and "flat." Simon says there is "nothing to get positive or excited about." Phil takes his lumps, and tells Simon that his daughter has a stuffed cow that she named Simon Cow. Okay, that's kind of cute.

6. JORDIN -- She sings Gloria Estefan's "The Rhythm is Gonna Get You." J.Lo says Jordin's voice is so sweet, and reminds her of Michael Jackson. Jennifer shows her how to move her body to the rhythm of the song. I'm disappointed because I really thought Jordin was going to pick a Selena song. Randy says she has the "Yo Factor on blast." Paula loves that she is "authentic" and "adorable." Simon feels the same he's felt all night -- it was only an okay performance. He's frustrated tonight. I hear you, Simon. But what did you expect on Latin-themed night? If only you had let Perla, the Shakira-clone, through during Hollywood Week.

7. BLAKE -- He sings "I Need to Know" by Mr. J.Lo (Marc Anthony). Jenny tries to get Blake into the passion of the song. Is it just the Latin music or is it hot in here? Blake is sweating up a storm on stage. When I close my eyes, I like what I hear. But when I look in Blake's eyes, I can't find any emotion. Randy thinks it's the "best song choice of the night." He calls it a "hot performance." Paula says, "it captured the essence of who you are." Simon calls it "the best performance so far." Does he mean tonight or ever? Because it was the best tonight, but not ever. Still, Blake is going to sail on through after tonight's performance.

8. SANJAYA -- He chooses a Spanish song, "Besame Mucho," and J.Lo says she loves him. She tells him to not to rush the ending. She thinks it's a good song choice for Sanji, and Jenn believes that Simon might be impressed. Sanjaya sits on the stool, sporting some subdued curls, and facial hair. He looks a little less feminine, and even more like that dude in Nacho Libre. And I agree with Jenny-from-the-block. The song works for Sanjaya. Randy calls him one of the smartest contestants he has ever met. Randy says, "that was actually really good." Paula calls it "smooth" and "very, very nice." Simon snarks that he couldn't understand a word of it, Sanjaya sang like a fourteen year-old, and "I'm going to hate myself for this -- it wasn't horrible."

So we did have some surprises tonight. Our powerhouse ladies didn't do so well with the Latin beat. And Sanjaya finally found a song he could sink his teeth into.

The Protest Did The Most Damage

Most Black people would have never even knew who the Rutgers women's basketball team was, if it wasn't for the publicity of this protest. I personally didn't watch the women's basketball championship. So I didn't have an opinion about these young ladies either way. After hearing all the hoopla surrounding what Don Imus said. For those who actually listened to the comments. He was only responding to what his executive producer Bernard McGuirk said. His big mistake was saying what was on his mind. Probably the same thing some Black men were thinking as they watched the game too.

This may have been more of a victory for feminist groups than it was for Blacks. Though Blacks have clearly been the most outspoken on this issue. What have Blacks really gained from this? I find it funny how they had a pretty White girl talking about how this has affected her life. Trying to give this movement a different look. The comment in question wasn't about her anyway. Is that why all the sponsors pulled their support?I don't think the young ladies know they're being used to further others selfish causes.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are among the Blacks to benefit most from all this. It has given them lots of camera time, and a long awaited victory. This thing was so big they shared in the bounty. Which is something I haven't seen in a while. They seldom if ever work on the same project. Al on the radio and T.V. and Jesse marching. Unfortunately I think this may give them unwarranted influence among Blacks. They were successful though they didn't really accomplish anything. Had it not panned out, they would've just walked away. Al Sharpton has yet to apologize for his biggest blunder to date. I might add the one that brought him to national recognition.He has a long list of apologies in order for the Tawanna Brawley incident. On a more recent tip, Jesse Jackson was asked about his comments concerning the Duke Lacrosse players. He said "he didn't feel the need to address that". Years from now the Rutgers womens basketball team will find that this wasn't really a win either.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Don't Believe The Hype

I'm not surprised the Commercial Appeal would print this article, after the editors commentary last week. Obviously "Otis Sanford" is supporting someone other than "Willie Herenton" for Mayor of Memphis. He may have more of a challenge than he ever has before, but mainly because in the past he hasn't had any competition. I don't put much stock in polls anyway. You can make a poll say anything you want. Even the poll in question was made up of likely Memphis voters. I think what the poll shows is that the same thirty five or forty thousand voters that tried to recall him. Still haven't given up yet. There is this same group of people that are largely White non-residents. Who think they have a formidable candidate, and they're trying to create a buzz. It's a passion for some. That want to remove the Mayor from office.

It's amazing what they claim the Mayor is responsible for. The top reasons voters gave for why the mayor shouldn't be re-elected: job performance, length of time in office, morals or character and priorities on the issues. None of which hold up under closer examination. Those are generic answers.

Pass It On

This story started back on March 8 over a month ago. I have kept it on my mind, I just hadn't got around to putting my thoughts down. At first I was going to point out how stories change from one person to the next. That's the wonder of writing your thoughts and comments down. Then the story took on a whole new direction. I guess that's why I didn't finish. There was more to come.

The start of this story begins like this. A well known radio talkshow personality called the county Mayor "A. C. Wharton" a "House Ni##a". I know they weren't expecting to have to defend that statement. They just thought nobody with a voice would hear them. Unfortunately for them it didn't turn out that way. Though they were very vocal in denying the charge. Not only did the claim come from a credible source. I heard them say it with my own ears. They better be glad they weren't in a state of the art studio, it would have been on tape. I'm not so sure it isn't.

Two days later the words came back to haunt then. The statement was made that this person heard them, and as a result had lost their respect. Which according to them they had to a large degree before hearing these comments. To have them deny what you know you heard. Should only make it worse. Which I think it did.

This is where the "pass it on" comes into the picture. Between the person accused and those who agree with them.The N-word was changed to Negro instead of Ni##a. The station it was said on changed to one they know no one heard it. The person did call that station twice that day, but that's not where they made the comment.In addition to the flat out denials. Some of these people are outright lying. Others are just trying to repeat what they heard. The story changing everytime it's told.

Now we have this thing with "Don Imus". His executive producer "Bernard McGuirk" is much harsher than him. I don't applaud what he said. I've just heard it all before. Black celebrities and comedians make off color comments all the time. No one is calling for "Spike Lee's" head. Even though his movies were used as inspiration for the jokes. He shouldn't have said it on the radio, but he shouldn't be fired. Let's use our emotions here as a yardstick. As upset as we are about what Imus said on a show we don't even watch. We should pass it on.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Political Correctness Gone Awry

I know he wishes he hadn't said it in hindsight. That's what Imus the talkshow host is most sorry about, not what he said. When it's all said and done it not going to be worth what it's going to cost him. At least not initially. I think this incident will ultimately will introduce him to a whole new audience.

About the Imus comment. I agree it was a mistake. A mistake in the fact that he didn't expect it to blow up like it did. Before this came up, most people complaining have never even seen the Imus show. I was reading the interview and the executive producer Bernard McGuirk made the most damaging comments. Which seems to be a history with that team. It was just on the "Imus in the morning show". Because we call somebody a n-word or a nappy headed ho, hopefully doesn't render us being a racist person. It just means you talk too much.If that's the case the majority of Blacks themselves are in trouble. He didn't say anything that hasn't been a running joke in the Black community all the time.

We are experiencing firsthand the effects of having double standards. Blacks think we have a free pass to say what we want, about anybody we want, and it doesn't matter. Then when another race does the same thing. We want to cry foul. I think what's happening here is America is no longer walking on eggshells around Blacks. In a society where everything is allowed. Why wouldn't we expect comments made by us on the regular eventually be repeated by other races. Blacks are no longer the majority minority, so we no longer have that realm to ourselves.

Friday, April 06, 2007

It's Not A Time To Kill

If indeed we do have the actual killer,the time is what is prescribed for the charge. I'm not happy that an admitted killer has received a slap on the wrist, but neither am I pleased when gang members get off either. Some citizens want a justice system that they make the rules up as they go along. If the D.A's office settled for a second degree murder charge. They probably didn't have much of a case. We have yet to find a body, and they didn't have a witness. The description of how he killed him and disposed of the body, doesn't offer closure. It still doesn't produce a corpse. Some might say "why would he confess to a crime he didn't commit"? When faced with the alternative sentence. People confess to crimes they didn't commit everyday. Considering the racial climate in Memphis. A person on the wrong side of the fence could easily be convicted.

Look how the citizens have raised the level of this case to national prominence. Last I heard someone had called Jesse Jackson to intervene. Like what is he supposed to do about this? This is a race baiters smorgasbord. Let's see what the Black preachers will be talking about this Sunday? According to the anonymous witness, Mardis was seen driving the code enforcement truck with something in the passenger seat covered with a sheet. That doesn't even sound right. If this were the other way around, what would citizens say then? This wouldn't be enough evidence to satisfy them. They would swear this was a conspiracy against the Black man. The same loopholes and liberal judges that have repeatedly allowed criminals to go free. Don't disappear just because the defendant is White.

We better hope they don't start locking people up for saying stupid things. We will have to start building more jails. If Dale Mardis had kept his mouth closed. He could vey well be going free. What we should do is plan for the future. We can't change what has already been done. I sincerely hope nothing happens to make that niece have to eat her words. It would be ironic if she found herself in the same situation as the accused. In spite of emotions running high, this is not a time to kill.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Where Are They Now

I was forwarded the link below, from one of my regular blog readers. It raised some mixed emotions as far as what has happened to some of these people. Some of them, I had wondered why they hadn't been around. They disappeared as quick as they came on the scene. I didn't even know many of them were dead. It gave information on what has happened to various entertainers that didn't get a lot of fanfare in their passing. Click on the link below see if you see anyone you've missed:

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Martin Luther King, On Blacks Today

Thirty Nine Years Ago Today

Today is the anniversary of the assasination of Martin Luther King Jr. I guess the biggest question on the minds of most is "has his dream been realized"?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Same Old Soup Reheated

(Clockwise - Keith Norman, Javier Bailey, Richard Fields, Desi Franklin)

The Shelby County Democratic party has elected a new chairman. Pastor Keith Norman was voted in as the new head over opponent Javier Bailey. As I stated in an earlier post. I think this is an attempt to clean up the party's image. The former chairman (Kathryn Bowers) is under indictment for bribery charges in the Tennessee Waltz. Though we have no problem we know of with Matt Kuhn. He didn't do much to clear up the party's image either. Especially for those who were concerned to begin with. Mr. Bailey wouldn't have helped matters much considering his problems with the "State Bar Association". Let's face it, the Democratic party suffers from a serious issue of credibility. Until yesterday, I held some optimism for the future of the party. I listened to a radio show yesterday that shook my faith, as far as anything changing. Thanks to Jennings Bernard and some others. Among the first orders of business will be what I call infighting. There seems to be one faction more concerned with removing Richard Fields from the executive board. Than dealing with the more pressing issues of today. I personally don't think they will have much success with this. Attorney Fields is a part of both Desi Franklin's and Sidney Chism's group. He had to get a majority vote to get the position in the first place. This is the beginning of division in the party. Either way there's going to be casualties. Which ever group Keith Norman sides with, the other one will be upset. I think this will be the look of things to come. It's hard to convince others to join a fight already in progress.

I heard someone say they were excited about the prospect of conducting a meeting, minus a longtime argumentative member. Who regularly creates confusion and causes disruption. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. You may have gotten rid of one, but picked up several others. You better believe this guy is going to be coaching eager ears from the sidelines. I detect this is an avenue for some of these people to vent their frustrations. It allows them the opportunity to take an organization by force. I have repeatedly voiced my displeasure with hijacking a party. This is what I see in the future for the party.