Friday, February 28, 2014


In every rumor there's a grain of truth. Myley Cyrus is the kind of girl you get in  trouble for. Not the kind you lose your home and family over. Because you don' t know who else is getting lucky. Myley is a trophy piece. The kind of girl you party with. Her longtime boyfriend Liam Helmsworth couldn't take the pressure. He broke up with her over this. But I bet he still acknowledge that they used to date. He might have forgiven her for Robin. But he wasn't going  to be wondering about her and Juicy J.

I think Robin and Paula had an open relationship to some degree. I just think they have different rules or it turned out that way. They have done some experimenting before. I bet there probably were some threesomes at some point. Other women of course. Paula didn't like being made to look stupid. They joked about Tiny  tightening the reins on TIP. He didn't perform at the Grammys or the VMA's. Though Robin had to sing. Paula should have done the same thing as Tiny. And made the blurred lines clear.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I don't wish any bad luck on anybody to make me be right. I honestly didn't know about this before I wrote the last blog. But I've been writing about this couple for three years now. The writing was on the wall even back then. Clouds were on the horizon in the form of other women. Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are splitting after twenty-two years. Paula pulled the plug and after much resistance on his part. He reluctantly agreed.

Robin must have got some advice from his father. He wants to bring it in now. I think he thought about where he lives and what that means. California is a community state. She might be black, but she has a white attorrney. He is going to have to give her half..

Those clouds have burst in public. Paula doesn't like to get her hair wet. In that respect she is a true sistah.  Robin was supposed to be her umbrella. And it's been raining.


When I've been critical of Robin Thicke and his game, I think I have a valid point. There are few enough openings for a black man in entertainment already, for one of the spots to be occupied by him. Unless you' re Tyler Perry or Will Smith and even he is double dipping. It's hard enough for a brother out here trying to find work. Without Robin Thicke perpetuating to be this larger than life knight in shining armor for black women to swoon over. Taking our good jobs and pretty women too. Don't get that trend started. Even those who have award winning movie roles can't do that.

If the truth were known about Robin and Paula. I saw them doing separate nterviews on "Chelsea Lately". He isn't only acting like her people, she is acting like his. He is like a  white version of Eric.Benet. Except he can't sing as good. He got his name out there by hanging out with beautiful black women and singing R&B songs. While in a way, she is passing too, Black women don't have blond, blue-eyed babies. So is she really as black as she is white ?Her mother is English/German. That explains the baby.When they leave the stage and cameras behind. He becomes a full fledged white boy and she is his wife. Look at some of their old pictures. He used to have the long hair and all..

Speaking of beautiful black women. What is the connection between Robin and Rhianna? She seems to be the woman most pictured with him these days. I haven't seen his wife Paula Patton lately. Something about that relationship isn't quite right. She starred in some movies and at the peak of her popularity had a baby and disappeared. Lately all we do is hear about her from him during his interviews promoting his own projects. While her popularity is put on hold for him. He becomes a star and she starts breaking.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quicker And Cheaper

No doubt Darren Sharper could get a woman without using date rape drugs. This guy was knocking off Gabrielle Union before Dwayne Wade. They won't be able to prove many if not any of these cases. But why go through the trouble and expense of dating? When all it takes is a pill and a drink.

They aren't using these drugs on random women. These are the women who drink all the Cristal and Moet they can get for free. The women used to do the damage after the men went to sleep. Now they put the women to sleep first. It's quicker and cheaper.  

Monday, February 24, 2014


I guess the Brooklyn Nets wants to be a team of firsts and lasts. They signed the first openly gay player Jason Collins to a 10 day contract.. Not only is he the first. He may also be the last. Based on his play and the salary cap. Teams won't be signing utility player anymore. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Now this girl ain't broke, but she ain't messin with no broke nothing. Kimoro Lee Simmons Hounsou has just added Tim Leisner to the list. I'm not sure she ever married Djimon Hounsou. She never used his last name. Birdman called Kimoro Lee Simmons the love of his life just the other day. She has to find a man who honors Russell Simmons. If she takes her new husbands' last name. This guy must have bank.  

Friday, February 21, 2014

Running Out

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 8.23.50 AM
Could it be that I am psychic or just pay close attention to my surroundings?  How can someone claim to be an avid NeNe Leakes follower, and not see through what is taking  place? This latest incident confirms things I said in an earlier post. Kenya is playing innocent but she knew exactly what she was doing. NeNe is outdone someone is more underhanded  than her. None of the other women on the show would have had the confidence or nerves to pull this off.  Except maybe Marlo Hampton. NeNe is intimidated by her. She has the skinny on NeNe and Charles Grant.

Peter for once spoke up for what's right. Usually he is the one out of pocket himself. Gregg would never stand up against NeNe for any reason. She is the biggest meal ticket he ever had. Neither of them ever planned for things to turn out like this. They thought they had this covered. This is why they're reunited. She can't afford not to have him around. Gregg knows where all her bones are buried and he isn't telling. He is perfectly happy being Mr. NeNe Leakes. She is happy being the boss. Instead of Peter checking NeNe on her behaviour, it should have been Gregg. But like I said before, he is weak.

This goes back to NeNe's appearance on " The Apprentice" three years ago. She abruptly left the show. When Donald Trump did basically the same thing as Kenya. When she won a challenge and her charity was supposed to get paid. Donald Trump began asking questions about the organization. According to Wikipedia it  was "My Sster's House" then. Save Our Daughters is another sham organization designed to launder money obtained fraudulently or avoid paying taxes. How can you be worth fifty thousand dollars earning twenty thousand a week? I wrote a blog about this two years ago. Time is running out.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I don't trust black people who talk with a country twang. It impresses blacks and whites for different reasons. But they're hustling everybody. Given the chance they are harder on other blacks than whites could ever be legally, They talk a good game to blacks, like they have their backs. While they gain their trust, they get paid by whites indirectly. But if given a chance they'll tell anyone that listens the worst possible scenario you can imagine involving other blacks. All while convincing whites he is different from other people of his race.

This is a classic example of poisoning the well. Judge Joe Brown used Memphis as a spring board for his career in Hollywood. Now that his show is no longer popular. To go on the "Thaddeus Matthews Show" and undermine the D.A.'s office is disingenuous and tacky to say the least. I think he has shot himself in the foot. That white support he is counting on just went out the window. There is nothing the D.A. can do about crime in Shelby County without the help of the mayor, police, sheriff plus the citizens. It won't happen overnight.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Still Rich

Now we see where Khloe and her sisters picked up their questionable ways. "They might not be gold diggers, but they ain't messin with no broke ni**as."  The rapper known as "The Game" doesn't have as much money as Lamar Odom.  But he is still rich.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Wants To Crack

Michael Sams definitely won't be the first gay player in the NFL. But if he is drafted as expected.  He will be the first openly gay one.  A call from the president doesn't follow you on the playing field. I think this was what was at the bottom  of the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal. Jonathan Martin was planning to be the first to come out, but it didn't go as planned.  The Sams family was more accepting and open to his coming out  than Martin's was  You haven't heard a word from him or his family during this whole ordeal.
The latest report now claims there were three players guilty of bullying Jonathan Martin. But I don't believe that for one minute .Even though the investigation is over. The media still hasn't revealed what was in the tapes. Probably because they don't know. This would tell a lot about the league they would rather not talk about. Richie Incognito is a scapegoat in all of this . He thought the investigation would clear him. The eggs needed to make this omelet. Nobody wants to crack.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shirley Temple Black (1928-2014)

Calls The Shots

I don' t know how the white housewives handle conflict. But I could make a RHOA  If I  had some mud and two sticks. These six women are so predictable it's scary. Honesty and fair play are non  existent virtues in this group The fact that it is the most successful of all the housewives franchises says a lot about the audience. More than blacks are watching this show. But is it because they can relate or just for entertainment?

Kenya Moore is like a Republican on the show with a  room full of Democrats. She never gets the benefit of the doubt. She gets second guessed even wirh the truth. Most of the men on the show want to get with her or have already tried at some point.  That makes all the other women jealous. But they would never admit that Even small head Porsha tries to twist the facts when it comes to Kenya.  She is about as bright as a nite-lite. She has trouble with the simplest of things So imagine her trying  to be coy. Her and all the other women except Kenya are intimidated by NeNe Leakes.  But the only man NeNe controls is Gregg and he's weak. So that keeps him at bay. If Kenya had a strong man she would be running things. And there lies the problem with her.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are a sneaky pair. They have managed to last for six seasons with little to no storyline. Except the almost didn't happen weddng. Peter has adapted this quasi NeNe role with the men on the show. All while Cynthia kisses NeNe's butt without hesitation. She is partially responsible for the fight at the pajama party too. She was  trying to put the spotlight on Todd to get it off Peter. She has financed another one of his dreams. The "Bailey Agency" unknowingly became a tenant of a building owned by Peter. Even though she has a lot less money than Kandi.  Instead of watching Kandi's money. She better watch her own.

Phaedra better start wearing a maid's uniform instead of a business suit. She is constantly cleaning up behind her husband these days. Apollo Nida is messy. She has to follow him around whenever he appears in public like an agent When you see him she is usually in close proximity. Making sure he doesn't talk too much and blow their cover. If you start out on your knees. That's where you'll stay. I believe the auto theft story about them  That she filed suit to keep quiet. When Apollo showed no interest in her dealings with Willie Watkins. I knew their marriage wouldn't work then. They were unequally yoked to begin with. He would rather steal and possibly go to jail, than get legitimately rich in the funeral business..

You couldn't pull Gregg and Todd away from their women with a tow truck.  Kandi has so much money Todd has nothing to lose anyway. Mama Joyce is his biggest worry, and she is hooked on the slots.  Gregg was gone but NeNe let him come back. She figured out she is safe with him  Kordell Stewart read the writing on the wall and vamped. He didn't let Porsha get settled. He divorced her and pulled Towana Braxton. Now she could be on this show if she wanted. She can handle Tamar, and that's no small feat. So she would be a perfect fit. Like all these women on RHOA. She calls the shots.  

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Quite A Bit

A gambler never tells you about the money they lose, only when they win. Floyd Mayweather bragged when he won millions on the NBA championship.  So I don't doubt he lost a lot of money on Superbowl XLVIII. Maybe not the rumored $10 million  But still quite a bit.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Pharrell Is Next

I have had this picture since the Grammy Awards show where Daft Punk won "Album of the Year" and "Best New Group" and you still don't know who they are. Pharrell  Williams got an award for performing and producing. That's double money. The new face of EMD is Pharrell Williams himself. And Daft Punk is the gimmick he's using to do it with. This young man is a musical genius. I think he is ahead of his time. A young Quincy Jones with aspirations of being a Paul McCartney. He has his name stamped on three different genres of music right now. And he has a Grammy Award in each one of them.

I  don't believe in conspiracy theories, but I'm bending the rule on this one. I think history will repeat itself and Pharrell Williams knows that. In the sixties there was  "Rock & Roll" and the "Ed Sullivan Show." Then we had "Rock" in the seventies and shows like the "Midnight Special" and "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" were the rave.  The eighties brought us "Disco" and "Studio 54." People wanted to forget  that era for various reasons. America was less accepting of women and gays then  That opened  the door to "Hip Hop" and the "MTV" generation of  the nineties.  Which brings us to where we are right now. The age of the mix tape and the Internet.

This is the next page in music history.  We have heard very little original music in the last thirty yeas in everything except Country music and the balladeer John Legend. Even Scottie McCreary has his own material The last time somebody (a black) crossed over was Lionel Richie.  Before that it was Ray Charles and that was fifty years ago. Country took both their careers to a new stratosphere. Lionel made so much money he quit. He hasn't made a record in twenty years and he isn't sick either. The O'Jays and the Whispers are still doing gigs after fifty years and counting. The Commodores are still performing "Zoom" when they get a chance. Lionel was the last one to make it over. I think Pharrell is next.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Second Thoughts

This would qualify as a classic example of "don't let your mouth write a check that your a$$ can't cash." That's exactly what has happened to DMX. He was selling wolf tickets as a lot of black celebrities often do. But being picked out of 15,000 applicants caught him by surprise.  He was supposed to be so upset he would almost do it for nothing. Now all of a  sudden he wants a ridiculous amount of money.  This might not be that easy after all. I think DMX is having second  thoughts.

Perfect Timing

I am starting to see how the league does little things to build the NBA brand regardless of the facts. They put a positive spin on anything they can. Like naming Marc Gasol defensive player of the year when it should have been Tony Allen. Fans are being cheated only seeing good basketball the last half of the season. This year teams with losing records are expected to make the playoffs. Most of these teams won't win forty games let alone fifty.  I commend Dave Joeger for finally rallying the troops and starting to win. Now the Grizzlies are playing like the team he inherited when he took over from Lionel Hollins last year .The learning curve has been more than generous.

The Grizzlies had the best record in the league in the month of January. They attribute all this to the return of Marc Gasol. But they weren't doing that good before he got hurt. They are just playng better than before . The team's success in January has more to do with signing Courtney Lee and James Johnson than anything else. We needed a consistent three point shooter and the added defense didn't hurt either. In the absence of Tony Allen and Quuincy Pondexter. That was perfect timing.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Phillip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014)

More Than Talk

The Game is coming across as a bully these days. First it was 40 Glock, now it's George Zimmerman.  The Game picks and choses  his battles carefully.Where was all  this testosterone when Gucci Mane challenged all rappers to a boxing match or when  Alley Boy and Duct Tape were charging royalty fees to tape videos  in Atlanta?.   Why didn't he offer to teach Richie Incognito a lesson when he was terrorizing his teamate? That would have made thr news for sure. They're about the same size except for weight. That  would be a good match.  If he.had taken on either of those three. Now that would be impressive. Being  the enforcer on TMZ doesn't make you hard.

In case no one has noticed yet. George Zimmerman has lost a lot of weight. Don't count him out yet. He might not be an easy mark. Remember what happened to Sticky Fingaz.This might be a result of him getting in shape. George Zimmerman isn't crazy. He knows a lot of celebrities would like to build up their name. Where is Jamie Foxx and Kanye West? This would give them credibiliity with people that listen to them.  Jamie never misses a chance to raise the banner for blacks and Kanye has a Kim complex..But I bet neither of them will put on a pair of gloves.  That takes more than talk.   

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Seattle Seahawks 43 Denver Broncos 8 Superbowl XLVIII

In the most one-sided Superbowl I've ever watched.  Peyton Manning and his high flying act  was almost shut out. Not that Russell Wilson and the offense was shabby, but the Seattle Seahawk defense swarmed the Denver Broncos from the very first play

Saturday, February 01, 2014


After I saw Beyonce and Jay Z perform at the Grammy Awards last week. I enjoyed them but I thought it was overkill. I still feel that way. I am tired of seeing Shawn Carter's wife and Bleu Ivy's mother as the only thing blacks can come up with at every major event. That's why Etta James reacted the way she did when Beyonce performed "At last" at the presidential inauguration. She isn't the only one out here who can move a crowd. Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift are all at the top of their respective games. Blacks should have more than one entry in such a big field.  This is proof.