Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dog Whistle Racism

This young lady is being used as a scapegoat. People are going to blame her, even though the prosecution never had a good case. Her testimony is no more incriminating than testimony given by the neighbor Johnathan Good. He said he heard the white man screaming. And saw him on the ground  with  the black man on top. That pretty much supports everything the defense said. Rachel Jeantel is nineteen years old in the 11th grade. She isn't the key to this case. The fact that she can't read cursive writing and remember everything she said. Has more to do with her level of comprehension than her being rude and disrespectful.

I hope this doesn't backfire on the defense. Once it was revealed that Rachel was an unreliable witness they should have took her off the stand. Public sentiment has switched to feeling sorry for Rachel as opposed to the fact that the prosecution has no case. The racial climate in America is fragile these days. With the Paula Deen thing and all. The media is just getting around to calling this a racial issue. For blacks this was always racial  Someone other than a black killed another black. They've switched the focus from Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman to Rachel Jeantel and Don West. The fact that the witness is uneducated and has a poor background has nothing to do with the facts in this case.

This does bring light to a different issue though. I've been talking about this for years.  Don Wext' daughter posted a picture on Instagram that blew "politically correct" people's cover. She isn't old enough yet to know you can't say everything to everybody. Even if you're telling the truth. Those who are able to recognize it are outsiderized by everyone else. If you don''t pull the race card on everything you are soft. If you don't agree with the crowd, just don't say anything at all. If you  bring it up around whites, you're called a troublemaker. Rachel Jeantel doesn't even realize she's prejudice, but Molly West is too. The people holding these two to different standards are part of the problem too. The new word for racism that slides under the radar is called dog whistle racisn.

Friday, June 28, 2013

She Didn't Sign

This is a more up to date picture of  Trayvon Martin before he was killed. This is the seventeen year old who is over six feet tall.  Who also smokes marijuana and keeps  company with young women who are obviously confused about their relationship. The young lady in question is ruining his case and I think I know why . This young lady has been pretty much absent throughout this whole ordeal. After watching this young lady on the stand. More so than being dumb,  I think sh e feels dejected. Instead of being a ride or die chick. She is feeling like a woman scorned.

Feb. 19, 2012 -- Trayvon Martin, 17, and Tracy, his father, travel from Miami Gardens to Sanford, Fla., to visit the elder Martin's fiancee in her townhome at The Retreat at Twin Lakes.

I would love to be a fly on the wall behind closed doors with Trayvon's mother and father. I bet she  would have some choice words for him. His \ways had  rubbed  off on his deceased son. That's  why he's no longer here. From  the bewilderment in her eyes, I can tell she isn't down with this. She can feel that young lady's pain on the stand. She got played before too. They're asking her to pretend like they were just friends.  When all the time she thought she was his girlfriend. Not just some jump-off who he was on the phone with when he got killed. Had he been at home he probably would have been with her. Everyone that thinks she wasn't his speed. Takes that as license to talk about how Rachel Jeantel  looks.  She was to  him, what his mother was to his father. Sybrina Fulton is like a deer in the headlights. Unlike his player type father, she didn't sign up for this.

No Surprise

I never really expected either of these players to be drafted. They didn't stand out in a mediocre league on a mediocre team. I wish them both well in their pursuits. Adonis was hit with that same old "Melrose" handicap of being hard to coach. It seems he doesn't listen very well. A four year degree and a higher basketball I.Q could only help. They messed up his head in high school. He never The nineteen year rule in the NBA, took him out of the loop. He never really got over the early hype.

D.J. Stephens with his jumping ability should try out for the " Harlem Globetrotters". But if he doesn''t make it in basketball. He has already used his skills to his advantage. He has a degree.For three years they hardly acted like he was on the team. He has already exceeded all expectations on the floor. Give him a job on the UofM coaching staff.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Money

I have been around enough older white women to know, this woman isn't racist. She is probably like that woman who owned the Frayser Bonanza, or the man's wife who owns Colettas on Parkway. On Friday and Saturday night his place is packed with blacks buying and .making those pizzas. But I would bet a weekend's receipts he has used the n-word before. That's what happened to Paula Deen. She has developed a working relationship with blacks over the years. Something she just said in jest around another white woman has caught up with her.

This picture serves as proof of this lady's affection for some, if not all blacks. I can't blame her for that. I don't like some blacks myself. America has a love affair with the Clintons. But you will never see Hillary kissing a black man on the cheek. She doesn't even kiss black children. The only black that has had her lips on them is the POT\US. And I didn't see her really kiss him then. It was more like a cheek to cheek. But even if she hasn't I bet her husband and his brother have used the n-word before. I can hear Bill Clinton saying " I like those n**ga women. They got big lips and big hips". And Billy replying "you ain't lying".Would black women especially, distance themselves from them if they knew that? I don't think they would. They would probably think it's funny. "Man I knew Bill Clinton was a brother. He likes black women".

This isn't the same as finally convicting Byron Dela Beckwith. We're prosecuting the old sheriff's granddaughter. "One of those old drunk darkies down in the bottoms killed my grandfather. But that was when my mama was a little girl". A black man helped my grandmother bring in her first cotton crop. We been rolling with blacks, colored, Negroes and nigga's every since. All the mortgages, car notes, credit cards and student loans I paid for blacks.  Where is your loyalty? That's just like a ni**a. If you think I'm a racist. Give my money back.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Team Manager

This is no surprise to me and anyone who has been listening. This was the plan all the time. David Joerger has been the projected coach every since Robert Pera bought the team. I understood the move, just not the way it was done. I think it was a low down move not to let Hollins interview with any team that showed interest in him. When you knew you weren't going to retain him. Dave Joerger has been named head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies. He is negotiating a 3 to 4 year deal for less than $2M annually.They haven't said how much less. But rumor is he is earning less than Coach Josh Pastner  Lionel Hollins  is one of the premier coaches  in the league. He can command north of $5M a year. The Grizzlies couldn't or wouldn't pay him.
I don't blame Jeorger for taking the job. It's a golden opportunity for him. I don't envy the job he has ahead of him. He is goi ng to take the heat for Levien. If he loses, no one will be surprised. If  he  wins it will be opening the door to all he has been working for. He is used to winning titles. He just hasn't done it in the big league. He has some pretty big shoes to fill. I wish him well. This is one of those situations, where being right doesn't change the end result. Whether you agree or not. David Joerger is the manager of the team manager.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wrong Crowd

I have to bow down. I am an avid Lebron James non-fan But even I have to give him props on this one. He redeemed himself on two accounts here. First he didn't leave his teammate. Even though I don't think much of him. Chris Bosch needs all the help he can get. It would be disrespectful for him to hang out after the big game with someone publicly having beef with someone on his team. Lil Wayne closed the door for him and all his friends. With his "f**k the Heat" rant. Then he sealed the deal with his comments about Chris Bosch's wife. Drake is YCMB, Lebron is Miami Heat.

Secondly I dont like all these players hanging out with rappers.  At the top level you probably don't  have to worry. But  I'm not so sure  about the role players though. With all these Chris Anderson's and Nate Robinson's in the league. Somebody is going to take the bait eventually. You take your team to the playoffs making the minimum.  While all the guys with the big contracts sit on the sidelines\ and watch. Lebron isn't giving the slightest impression of impropriety. Always somewhere popping bottles with shady characters is not a good look. Lebron James is heir to the throne. Look what happened to Irv Gotti  You aren't bigger than the game. Get tied up with the wrong crowd. It  will all be gone.

Monday, June 24, 2013


This takes jock riding to a whole new level. Lebron James is now being idolized even by his  victims.  In addition to all the t.v.analyst except Charles Barkley, offering biased analysis  Now even the opposing players are using his play as an excuse for poor play. Regardless how many points Lebron scores.  You still need to hit your free throws. even though almost everybody has taken a drink from the Miami kool-aid cup.  Players don't get to be spectators. Even though Lebron and his teammates are spectacular.

Danny Green is a perfect place to start. He was in attendance at the Miami Heat victory celebration. I know all about  Green and James being former teammates. But that doesn't matter. They should have congratulated each other after the game. Turns out their strongest memory was, Lebron remembering Danny Green  can't shoot with a hand in his face. This is taking sportsmanship too far.  Danny Green is arguably the reason the San Antonio Spurs didn't win the  championship. After putting up an astonishing 25-3 pointers in the first five games. He went 2-19 in the last two. He ought to have a job with the Heat organization. It's almost like he switched teams.

Jackie Fargo (1928-2013 )

Bobby Blue Bland (1930-2013)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Is This All

Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee
This was a first rate ceremony recognizing what I hope will be the start of something good. The fact that this is an iniative started by Presi. nt Obama brings out the media. Even that "John Wright" Steve Cohen was in attendance. He never misses an oppurtunity to ride the president's jock But what happens after that? Just like the visit to "Booker T. Washington" hidh school This does not make up for the last six years. Is this all this city gets?

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I've been so upset about the firing of Lionel Hollins, the salary cap issue took a backseat. Probably because the coach's salary really has nothing  to do with the latter. The fact that they won't resign   the coach has more to do with the overall financial health of the team. Than anything else. If they work within the parameters, All teams in the league make money. Last year the Grizzlies had the most successful season in the franchise's history. Yet they only made $5M.  That's even after trading Rudy Gay.  If they had kept him and gave Coach Hollns a raise. They could have easily come out in the red. With Robert Pera being personally responsible for all debt. This FO doesn't intend to pay any excess taxes. Plus keep team operational costs at a minimum.

The days of all these huge contracts are over. The last player walkout took care of that. With the way the rules are set up now. The only one that can make the big dollars in the near future is Lebron James. A player like him comes along every twenty years. And we have about ten years left. With the new stipulations Marc Gasol will be one of highest paid players in the league. We have seen our last Gilbert Arenas or Rashard Lewis. Teams are no longer being held hostage by these high priced duds. If you aren't a first  round lottery pick or a proven free agent. You'll  end up playing for the minimum.

Each team has between 14 and 16  players on the roster. That averages out to  3.5 to  $4M for each player under the salary cap rules. I don't understand all the rules surrounding the exceptions. But you end up with thirteen active players and the average salary in the NBA being $5.3M. That means a high dollar player takes up 3 to 4 player slots.  In spite of being a small market team. Before the trade the Grizzlies had one of the highest payrolls in the league. Mike Conley takes up three slots and Marc Gasol four. That only leaves liike $12M to pay the rest of the team. Tayshaun Prince and Tony Allen take up ten. That only leaves a couple million dollars. Durrell Arthur gets all of that. All the other players are either making the minimum or on their rookie contract. Management already talked to Mike Conley and Marc Gasol. But they haven't spoken with Zach. That's  the only supply that hasn't been tapped yet. With the way things have been going. He might get traded. He is equity.

Friday, June 21, 2013


This baby knows she is loved by all the people around her. I've never seen an infant with a smile from ear to ear before. This baby's smile is so bright it looks like she has teeth.  Even though she is only a couple of months old. She already has a history. People are curious to see how a Reggie Bush baby looks.They have been waiting on this baby for years now. She doesn't know it, but she was supposed to have  had another mother. But that wasn't in  the cards.

You  better believe this is a bit of shade on Reggie's part. He is known not to like the cameras. You  can count the times you see him in public. You didn't see Kim Kardashian half as much when they were together. So why all of a sudden is he taking pictures of his newborn baby? I think he was showing off. If this baby wasn't so cute.  We may have never seen her. Notice you don't see her mother though. .Pictures of her are scarce as hens' teeth. And you better take a long look at this child now. .This is rare.


The Miami Heat has won the NBA championship two consecutive years in a row. In a game 7 they beat the San Antonio Spurs 95-88 to win the 2013 title. When they won one of the games in San Antonio. I knew then the Heat was going to win.  It's hard to beat Miami in Miami. With the help of the referees. they capitalize on every mistake the other team makes. The Spurs and Pacers both should have beat them in their game 6's respectively.. Both times the Heat pulled a Houdini.

Next year I hope they don't let Ervin "Magic" Johnson do the color commentary. I got so tired of him this season. "I just could've throwed right up". He praised every move Lebron James made like he was a god or something. The fatherly advice he tried to impart on the players and viewers.  He should have tried to impress it on his own son. From the minute these playoffs started the fix was in for Miami to win. A nudge here and there makes a world of difference. The  proof is in the pudding. They did it again.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trust And Believe

The secrets to success in real estate are location,location, location. Secondly buy low and sell high.  This purchase was a combination of both. Vince and Tamar bought a home in Hidden Hills California, not College Park Georgia. Who lives down the street and round the corner makes a difference too. It's better to live close to  the Kardashian/Jenners and Justin Bieber. Instead of  looking out the window and seeing T.I. or Shawty Lo with their crew washing their cars. If you buy a house in or around L.A. You get to see Janet Jackson or Lamar and Chloe Odom out for a morning jog.

I knew this was too much house for Vince and Tamar the first time I saw it on the show. Did they buy this house before or after Vince got sick?  I notice they're calling it Tamars' house. Was this the source of their marriage woes? I bet they only lived in two rooms in this house. With the mom moving in to help with the baby, maybe three. After two years the house was probably still empty. This was a bad idea turned good. Initially this was Vince biting off more than he could chew. The mortgage on this house was $20,000 a month and then you have the utilities. It cost big money to keep Tamar looking good. She spends 500wk. on her hair. That doesn't include the nails and lashes. They aren't clocking those kind of dollars.  Trust and believe.


James Gandolfini (1051- 2013)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Statistic

I'm beginning  to get  to the bottom of what's behind the Wendi Williams mystique. I was starting to get a different opinion about her. Then I stopped to consider the source. Bobby Ojay hates on anybody doing better than him.  The reason he gave didn't make sense. How could he blame her for looking down on Memphis, when he does it all the time? At least she doesn't live here. If they ever worked together in the past. I'm sure Wendi doesn't have fond memories of  Bobby Ojay and how he treated her. . I bet she was about 30-40lbs. heavier, breasts were much smaller, she had big hair and wore a size 11 shoe.   I know he  wasn't very nice to her. That's the way he acts. She  was probably treated like a Denise Dean  But look at her now.

Wendi wasn't a Kim Osario or even an Angela Yee. She was like a Jersey Shore meets New York.  She puts you in  the mind of a black Joan Rivers. She relied on her funny where the face and body fail. But she worked  her way through the New York gossip game.  This  woman has kissed a lot of frogs in her day. From Eric Sermon to B.I.G. namely. Those are two of the guys she has a history with. Looking at her husband and the others I've mentioned. She seems to have a type. She was supposed to be in Salt--N-Pepa.  But  she  was beat out by a sexier Spin- Derella. Who was the finest one in the group. She has been  short changed her  whole career. But look at her now.

I'm not surprised Wendi would  advise women to stand by their man. She knows how men act when they have power and who they pick. Most men don't appreciate a woman like  her until they get older. She knows the odds aren't the same for her as they are for a Nicole Murphy. Nicole got a divorce from Eddie Murphy after 5 kids and 13 yrs. and still pulled a baller. Michael Strahan could arguably have his pick. If not prettier, definitely younger and with less children. She loss  $7M and still landed on her feet.  Wendy Williams Says when her husband Kevin cheated on her 12 years ago She didn't leave and she's glad she didn't. Because it made her marriage stronger. That's around the time her son  was born.  What's really out there for a  woman with another mans' baby. .She didn't want to just be another statistic.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Second Chance

Tracy Marrow and Nicole Austin have been mighty quiet lately.  They're going to try to play it off like Ice- T kept it pimpin when AP-9 came out with those pictures of him and CoCo.  Regardless how Ice- T acts now. Word is he called AP-9  and told hin "he knows that his wife didn't sleep  with a ni**a like him". He wouldn't have done that if the woman was black  The thought of her being toucherd by anonher brother other than him.The man was devastated. Don Magic Juan got hold of him and brought him up on game. Ice T didn't know what to do about the situation. We find out after all this time he was never really a player After he fooled a lot of people with all the photos and his  rap. I guess even he started to believe he was a  pimp.Ice was home shaking in his boots. Hoping this guy didn't produce a sex tape.

CoCo knew what she had in Ice T as a man. She knew his bark was worse than his bite. His nose is so wide open his brain is showing. He was going to suck it up no matter what.  He was so shaken by the thought of losing her. He surprised her with a new house. at a surprise birthday party. She was staying on the Las Vegas strip.That's just getting her out of the line of fire. Hustlers and players are all over the place. She didn't take a chance on losing the biggest trick she ever had. I remember him talking noise about black men dating any kind of black woman.Those words came back to haunt him.  Now I  know what was meant, when they said " don't get somebody that you love. Get somebody that loves you" If by chance you make a big mistake.. You'll get a second chance. 

Monday, June 17, 2013


In the past couple of weeks I've spent a lot of time reading articles written by columnists, listening to talk radio hosts and their spins, plus a lot of  replies in the local newspapers message board. All people trying to justify the actions of Jason Levien. If Lionel Hollins is telling the truth. It just confirms what I've been saying all the time. They were never going to hire  him  to begin with.  Now we hear it directly from  Coach Hollins' mouth.

AUDIO: Mike & Mike talk to Lionel Hollins after contract not renewed by the Grizzlies

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Same

I hope all these undercover bigots who spend so much time trying to explain something that doesn't make sense. Make sure they buy an average of 14,500 tickets to the Grizzlie games,so those citizens who don't support this move won't be forced to finance this cluster f**k through their property taxes. This hyped up claim of ""philosophical differences" was just a smokescreen. They're glad Lionel Hollins didn't win the NBA championship. How could they explain away that?

I appreciate the program Lionel Hollins has built. But the majority owner has fired him via Jason Levien. Coach Hollins will get his due somewhere . Unfortunately it will just be somewhere else other than Memphis. It's the good fans who'll be left behind with this cost cutter team. You have to be a loser to get lottery picks  Hopefully we won't be there soon. We no longer have the luxury of a billionaire owner with an ego who wants ti win. The new owners focus is how much it costs. Let's see if the new owners reinvest the money they're saving back into getting quality players. I"ll believe their story then. My guess is they are going to try  to build up the team with last leg players. Memphis will be like the WalMart of pro basketball.

This new organization has shown to have no loyalty when it comes to certain people. Most of those people just happen to be black. They're  high on Tony Allen because he won't cost them much money.After July 1st we'll find out.  Wait and see how much he gets. He is like a playing mascot. I like Tony, but that's the truth.  His options will be limited.  No matter where he gors./He won't get a huge contract. The fact that they would even consider hiring George Karl. If they really are. Was not the initial plan. So just come clean and tell the truth. Instead of lying on the coach. I still suspect it's money, in hopes of the alternative not being the case. Robert Pera was a billionaire on paper. Before Ubiquity stock prices fell. Since then he took on a host of limited partners which includes several members from the original group. One of the initial major players "Charles Ewing " is noticeably missing. Replaced by a new group who supposedly don't have a say

If we were going to take a risk on the ownership group. Why not the Brian Davis and Christian Laettner ownership group?  Maybe they would have kept the team in tact. The major difference was supposed to be  local participation. Why didn't the local ownership group join the Davis effort\?  They could have made the same requirements of him, that they did of Pera.. The reason was Brian Davis.. Just keep it real. He was the wrong color.They don't even call it the "Brian Davis" deal. Even though it was his idea. They attribute the offer to "Christian Laetttner". The brother just couldn't be in charge. It's just like when James Brown met Don Cornelius. No matter how much things change. Some things remain the same.

Friday, June 14, 2013


The little girl is cute. But I still don't like cheerios.

Hide The Key

The judge is right in this case. The family is in the courtroom on behalf of this callous killer. They might be bad seeds too. This reminds me of the Betty and Malcolm Shabazz case. . The boy did the same thing to his grandmother. They need to destroy this demon seed right now. Don't allow it to multiply. Even in the bible. God gave the order to Saul  to destroy the Amaleks completely. Even the newborn babies. So that makes the case for trying  this young man as an adult. Any ungrateful heathen that sets his mother on fire because he used his computer after he was restricted from using his cellphone. Doesn't deserve rehabilitation. They definitely don't need to reproduce. Lock him up and hide the key

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Win Or Lose

Today Jason Levien did an interview on the "Eric Hasseltine Show". I don't believe a word of what he said.  I wanted to tell him that personally. But I should have known he wouldn't be  taking any callers. He had been working on that sales pitch for weeks. I guess I threw a wrench in what was supposed to be a PR move. Management has been visibly absent up until now. They knew they weren't going to rehire Coach Hollins when they bought the team. This group can't afford him. He should have been allowed  to talk to the Brooklyn Nets. But that would be embarrassing if he landed the top job in the league. It would put an exclamation point on  their foolishness. They can go ahead and hire David Joerger now. Don't waste anyone Else's time

Eric Hasseltine is supposed to be like the local sports expert. But he disagrees with my theory. But when I called in  to make my point on his show.He hung up and dismissed it as baseless.  When I brought up facts that none of the other callers mentioned. The expert had nothing to say while I was on the phone. He saved his argument for his producer who wasn't even wearing a mic. I didn't know I was talking about his boss. We know the team is guaranteed to be here for the next fifteen years. In regards to the actions of the Grizzlies front office.  Like many of the fans who are at a loss. His bias clouds his reasoning.Eric Hassletine wants to continue to be the announcer win or lose.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013



I would probably support management if they only told the truth. That isn't likely to happen though. They have held this man back as long as they could. The truth is they want Lionel Hollins to stay, but they can't afford him. He is deserving of a raise and a contract extension. But they don't have the money to pay him. They would rather hide behind this "philosophical differences" crap. Than give the man his due.

The differences didn't start after the WCF. Why didn't they let Hollins talk to Brooklyn? They knew they couldn't or didn't want to pay him then. This group barely got the team to begin with. Maybe the league didn't check their finances adequately. These new owners have been liquidating key personnel every since they bought the team. This time it was Coach Hollins. Marc Gasol might be next on the list.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Yet To Come

This baby is going to look like Donda West. Ultrasound has determined that its going to be a girl. They've made jokes about the baby having a big booty like her mother. But what about the tall head and big her father?   When people see this baby, it will heighten suspicion that Kris Jenner had a baby with O.J. Simpson (Khloe).  Kim is carrying the key to Kanye's heart. The baby will have Kanye wrapped around her frnger, because she will be  the spitting image of his mother. I bet  there won't be a bidding war for the first photos of this child. Kim and her mother want to see the baby first. Just be patient. Pictures are yet to come.

Sunday, June 09, 2013


I know it will probably never happen, but I would love to meet Robert Pera and Jason Levien. I bet Pera is a gambler on a lucky streak. Who thinks he has found a way to stack the deck. He is letting some of his brainy buddies use his name and credit rating to pull it off. He who has the gold makes the rules, or determines who does. Jason Levien is one of those guys who never got picked when teams were chose on the playground.  But he was persistent  and smart. So he  hung around and watched the other more talented players. While he gained a law degree. The league is being run by visionaries. But when you have the ball they have to let you play. That's what is going on between management and Coach Hollins.

Robert Pera is the most unconcerned majority owner I've ever seen. This guy has the personality of a can of paint. Too bad Michael Heisley didn't hang on just a while longer. He could have attracted a better buyer. One with enough money to maintain the team. These owners needed to buy a team like the New Orleans  Hornets. Who just need an owner period. They don't have a program to interrupt.  But  that  program doesn't have any equity. Hotshots like this aren't interested in that. They would have to start from scratch.  With Memphis they got a break. A small market team with a big time coach

How can you invest every thing you have in a team and never go to  the games?  I never saw Robert Pera during the playoffs. Since the new ownership took over all we ever see or hear from is Jason Levien. He is the one who really runs the team. It just doesn't seem right that someone  would put  their entire fortune in someone elses hands. The Grizzlies have one of the poorest ownership groups in the league. There are so many minority owners I lost count. When Prokhorov bought N e  w  Jersey he bought those typr investors out. The Grizzlie ownership group only got the team by the skin of their teeth. Most teams are owned by billionaires. Not people who can barely buy the team. I'm no expert but I'm not stupid. The league is supposed to protect us from things like this. This talk about analytics is just a smokescreen. These people can't afford the team.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Now She's Vested

Tamar talks all the time but she obviously listens too. It's too late for Porsha Stewart, but Quad Webb Lunceford better pay attention to what's happening to wives like her. This crap about "long hair and we don't care" is going to her head. All these women are in their mid thirties.  The thing is these women are married to men they wouldn' t  normally date. There is more to being married  than spending their rich husbands money. Don't get too comfortable in your third person role. Read the writing on the wall.  Your men can afford newer dolls. Don't fool around and get replaced by a younger model. Congratulations Vince and Tamar. She finally sealed the deal. Now she's vested.


Real men appreciate color and accessories. It started when the pilgrims came over on the Mayflower. The Indian chief was wearing a colorful head dress and jewelry at the first Thanksgiving dinner. Even in Africa the kings look like color wheels. That's one thing I liked about the gangsters. In the movies "Al Capone" and "Frank Nitty", those guys were always sharp. In Harlem in the thirties it was an adventure to get dressed. I had a coral colored suit and a paisley tie that was inspired by "West Indian Archie" in the movie "Malcolm X".  Men were even dressing in "The Color Purple". Remember Shug Avery's husband Grady and Mister's father. Those guys were fully dressed even in the scorching heat. Hats,ties the whole nine. A big white monogrammed handkerchief was the finishing touch.

I hope it doesn't sound chauvinistic, but women were an accessory as well. You never saw a homely looking woman with a sharp dressed man. Women kept their hair fixed and a fresh pair of stockings.  Then came the depression. Then the focus became the next meal. Then the country started dressing down. Instead of a three piece suit and a shined pair of  Stacy Adams. A pair of hard starched jeans and dessert boots was the style. Now it's baggy pants a polo shirt and some expensive sneakers. You can invest  $500 on an outfit and only have three pieces. It does my heart good to see men dressing again. I'm tired of Lil  Wayne dictating fashion.  The popularity of " The Great Gatsby" is stirring up a movement of sorts. Pocket squares over sagging. Bring on the Haberdashery. 


Friday, June 07, 2013

Pay Or Play

The new Grizzlies front office is trying to run this team with as little payroll as possible. If they did hire George Karl it would just be for long term savings. He probably wouldn't be here long. Alvin Gentry isn't really even being considered for the job. They just added him to the list to cover their true intentions. They really want to hire their unproven assistant David Joerger That  would give management  control they might not otherwise have with an established coach. In addition to getting a head coach for a high paid assistants cost.

This looks like an old R.C. Johnson move. Like when they hired Tic Price before they went all out for John Calipari. They played the role for a couple of years. Before their true motive was revealed. Isn't George Karl in remission? That's probably why Denver didn't extend his contract. If the Grizzlies did hire him it would just be a precursor to hiring David Joerger. A year from now Karl steps down due to health reasons. Then they give the job to you know who.

I think the Grizzlies are just using Karl and the rest of them as a bargaining tool. They want to keep Coach Hollins in negotiations until the top jobs are gone. Lionel Hollins is among  the top four or five professional coaches in the league.  But he is still among the lowest paid. Michael Heisley wasted all that time and money before finally giving Coach Hollins a chance. Heisley got a bargain by signing  Hollins before he proved himself.  Now the the balance is due. But  Heisley is not the owner anymore. The new owners don't want to pay him, but they are afraid to play him.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Do The Right Thing

Memphis has a history of not treating successful black coaches fairly. In the college ranks the winningest coach to date in Memphis was also the lowest paid. Even taking inflation into consideration. He should have been paid seven times more back then. Coach Hollins is facing some of those same demons in 2013. That Coach Finch did back then Coach Pastner has never beat a ranked team in the four years he has been head coach. In spite of a top notch recruiting class every year. Yet he is among the highest paid college coaches in the nation. Every time he wins 20 games. The university gives him a raise and a contract extension. We finally have a winning, top tier, professional team in this city and the management won't secure the coach..

At this point I'm not sure Lionel Hollins should even stay in Memphis. Especially if they don't give him a standard contract. Don't sign a short term deal for less than four years, with them handling the trades and signings. Take it if you get a four year offer at Brooklyn or the Clippers. Go to LA and let a young Chris Paul and Blake Griffin or go to the East and let JoJo Johnson and Brook Lopez win you a championship. Lionel Hollins shouldn't have to bow and scrape to keep his job. Has Greg Popovich' job at San Antonio ever been in jeopardy because he didn't smile or give a good interview? We're hiring a head coach not a doorman.

We've been down this road before. And Memphis made the wrong choice back then. Sports wise and millions of dollars and several disappointments later. We haven't rebounded fron that mistake yet. Some Memphians still don't go to the games. That stain is still on the program to this day. Lionel Hollins has earned a new contract. Don't let history repeat itself. Do the right thing this time.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Varying Degrees

Yesterday morning Lionel Hollins came on WDIA and did an interview with Bobby Ojay. I know he thought he was in friendly territory,being that he was at the city's oldest black radio station. But nothing could have been farther from the truth. He must not listen to the "Fun Morning Show" on a regular basis. Makes you wonder who arranged this interview.Though he is such a small man in stature. Bobby Ojay is one of the biggest haters in  this town. Lionel Hollins had barely left the station good. Before Bobby was stabbing him in the back Saying "maybe the Grizzlies needed a change". Bobby undermines every black man with more power,influence and money than him. He hated Kriner Cash with a passion.

Coach Hollins was at a disadvantage with Bobby Ojay from the start. He was tall and had light skin and was arguably handsome. Once he dispelled Bobby's fascination with Los Angeles and Las Vegas. And Bobby figured out  how little they had in common other than their age. It was downhill from there. Bobby is a boot strap ni**a.  Walking around looking down his nose at less fortunate blacks. He likes talking about things he thinks his listeners aren't familiar with. From him to Bev Johnson to Stormy.They all have their little quirks. Bobby is a hermit. He only goes out to shop. Bev exploits her listeners. From the Limelight nightclub to the annual "All White Soiree". Stormy is a snob. She only talks at the listeners. Other than when someone goes on vacation. She only gives advice.

I don't listen to these people for guidance myself, but some people do. In the past I thought that held them to a higher standard. Obviously it doesn't. Why wouldn't they welcome the truth?  Then it made perfect sense. Their concern is your infatuation with them. They don't want to share their thunder with anyone else. Then you could take their place. I guess jealousy is a common trait among radio personalities. Some might consider that self preservation. It just has varying degrees.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

In The Plans

I already made my feelings known about the rehiring of Lionel Hollins. But after further independent investigation I'm not sure about that anymore. Coach Hollins and the new Grizzlies management might not be such a good fit after all. A team like the Brooklyn Nets might be a better fit for him. They might be the only team willing and able to provide Hollins with the proper team structure that he needs. Mikhail Prokhorov the Brooklyn Nets owner is ready to pay for a winner. That includes the coach. I can imagine these new Yuppie owners don't want to give Coach Hollins his due. The front office is going all in on this analytical model. They think they have reinvented the game.

The ultimate goal for the new owners is to have a winning team with as little overhead as possible. I went along with them when they traded Rudy Gay and Mareese Speights. Because I thought I understood the reason. In my opinion that trade helped the team. Rudy Gay was good but overrated and overpaid. Mareese Speights didn't want to be here at all. He wanted to be on a team where he could start. We went farther in the playoffs after those players left. They may have the numbers down, but numbers don't measure the intangibles. You can't measure the ability it took to control a Tony Allen or tutor Mike Conley to the point where he is now. Both players who under Hollins have blossomed.

I would love to know what stalled the contract negotiations. I hope this isn't another Larry Finch situation Because of who he is they don't want to pay him what he's worth. Now that he has built up the team.  Management thinks they can handle it without him. Who are they expecting to replace him with? Obviously they aren't expecting to hire an experienced coach. They think his assistant David Joeger has picked up enough pointers from Coach Hollins to take over Now I see why they are so slow about renewing Coach Hollins' contract. They were waiting to see how far this team would advance. This has been in the plans all along.

Sunday, June 02, 2013


I don't always agree with his delivery, but most of the time I like what he says. Roy Hibbert has pretty much been overlooked until now. So he isn't concerned with being politically correct or maintaining his image now. Even during the "Grit and Grind" madness. I never felt like Marc Gasol deserved "Defensive Player  Of The Year" even though he played for the Memphis Grizzlies. He may have played on the best defensive team in the league. But he wasn't the leader. His dominance showed against San Antonio. It was basically none existent. Not that I was surprised.

I hope Roy Hibbert hasn't talked too soon. He hasn't beat the Miami Heat yet. Three wins is ome short of not going home. If Lebron James can pull off game 7 in Miami. Hibbert will go right back to being the seldom seen seven footer he was. All these press conferences giving him the chance to make a bad impression. Will once again be few and far between. But if he does get the chance. He can put a candle in the cake by shutting down Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

I wish the media  had ignored the Grizzlies until the end. Hibbert might be facing them in the NBA finals instead of San Antonio. Roy Hibbert is not overflowing with charisma. We won't likely see him on NBA game time with Shaq,Charles and Kenny. I saw his fiancee. Later he might need the money if he doesn't act right. You have a chance to improve your standing in the league.. Don't get to cocky.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Made It Hot

This is the second time in the playoffs the Heat has won with an assist from the referees. They tried to save the Clippers with the double technicals. But that wasn't enough. The Miami Heat has taken advantage of the gimmes so far though. I hope the Indiana Pacers can change that.  The first time was when they ejected Najr Mohammed and left the instigator in the game. Lebron James pushed him first. But Muhummad pushed him down.  They should have ejected them both to call it even. James scored twenty points after that. The Miami Heat won by ten.

In game 5 Chris Andersen (Birdman) pushed Tyler Hansborough and was only charged with a foul. With him out of the game Miami would have likely loss. David Stern finally had to open his mouth. It was becoming to obvious. Without the bad officiating. The outcome of the playoffs might be different. Suspending Birdman for game six was too little too late. The Heat was probably going to lose that game anyway. Birdman hasn't been with the team all year. He didn't know the drill. Don't get carried away. He blew up the spot. Made it hot.

Get Away

People act like this hookup is bigger than the three point shots hit by Q-Pon during the playoffs. After the national exposure he gained playing against the San Antonio Spurs. He won't have a problem finding female companionship. But she showed initiative. If anything it's just as big a deal for Chandler Lawson as it is him. Much to her credit. She isn't hanging out with 100 other blonds wearing bikinis trying to attract a Ryan Lochtie. No doubt he would love to have that notch on his belt. But why just take a piece of the pie, when you can have the whole thing?  Quincy Poindexter isn't the average guy out here on the prowl. He is a young, educated, millionaire with a future in the NBA.

Somebody must have got hold of Chandler and pulled her coat tail. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Unless you're already where you aspire to be and independently wealthy. If you go black, you can't go back. Ask Jennifer Lopez how that works. Once you get attached to a black man as a couple. You can forget about getting a Ben Affleck or a Jimmer Fredette.  I was watching Paris Hilton the other day on the "Wendy Williams Show".. Recently she signed a deal with YCMB. And everybody wondered why. She has finally burnt herself out. She has joined the ranks of Madonna and Carmen Electra. That's why she isn't married yet. Her promiscuous past didn't even matter at first. The country was too busy hating her friend Kim. But her relationship with "Fifty Cent" changed all that.

I'm not anti-interracial relationships. But I am pro-black. I want the best for those women who look like me. In this post I'm just pointing out two things that will probably go unsaid. In a city like Memphis with all these single, black females in this city. Why was an NBA player surfing Twiiter for a date? The sisters are to busy chasing guys like JR Smith. They pay more attention to tattoos than character. I call it the Kimmoro Lee and Russell Simmons syndrome. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure. Ten years from now when this guy has  made  $50M. The question will be asked when it's too late by black women. How did he get away?