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Evil Knievel (1938-2007)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Conscious Or Crafty

I have mixed opinions as to why this judge made this controversial ruling. I don't know the particulars surrounding his position, whether or not he is appointed or elected to his position. I do know this though, that factor could directly affect the direction his career takes from this point. If he is elected to his seat on the bench. After a move like this one,he can run for mayor now. He has suddenly become like the "underdogs" hero. But if he is appointed, his career will never extend beyond the Crittenden county line. Especially in the state of Arkansas. He can't be trusted by his counterparts. He could accomplish more as an insider than he can outside the loop. Which due to his latest actions, he is right now. Judges don't publicly disregard the rulings of other judges based on their personal feelings. Victor Hill obviously has an ax to grind. This judge wrote an eight page decision, making some pretty prejudice remarks. That could explain his actions though. He may have aspirations of bigger things outside Arkansas. There may never be another case in West Memphis with the potential for this much national exposure. One thing for sure,his ruling alone has temporarily kept this case alive.

At first I thought other blacks may have gotten to him and made him feel guilty. For not speaking out on behalf of the other victimized blacks who weren't as fortunate as him. "Forget about your education and hard work, don't be a puppet for the white man." I can hear the NOI Muslims now. They have taken a particular interest in this case. Then I read what he had to say in his eight page written decision. At that point I began to question his impartiality as a judge. This man isn't dumb by a long shot, he holds a law degree. At some point he passed the state bar. He had to know how his comments would sound. I would have to think that he doesn't really care. Any case he sits on, past or future that involves a white person is now in question.

It's ironic though, that the judge's comments are the same as people who don't deal with the facts. This situation is not an even swap, no swindle . You can't answer one miscarriage of justice by commiting another. In light of the present mindset that seems to be sweeping the country among blacks. Stand with those who look like you, whether they be right or wrong. I looked at the country's response to the Jena 6 incident. I was surprised at how some people I know, viewed the situation. Could Judge Hill be taking advantage of this unfortunate occurrence like everybody else that seems to be involved in this case? Are his motives conscious or crafty?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ambulance Chaser Esq.

If you looked in the dictionary under ambulance chaser you would see Javier Bailey's picture. He is a prime example of the fact that a lawyer's counsel truly is his trade. You have to pay him just to talk for you. Some of the things I hear this man say, anyone else they would throw them out of the building. Because he has went to law school and passed the bar, that allows him certain privileges. On probation or suspension, it still makes him part of a select group. It's what he does for a living, and a decent living it appears to be. I don't think he has a second job.

The statement was made the other day "he couldn't possibly have a high volume practice." Then I thought about it and maybe he does. He may not have an impressive win/loss column but he has a lot of clients. Many of the cases takes on, he's not expected to win. On second thought he may be crazy like a fox. Even though these people eventually end up being convicted. They still have to pay for his services successful or not. He takes on cases that no one else would touch, even managing to get them publicity. It's like what crazy cause has Bailey taken on now? From multi-million dollar lawsuits to petty criminals he defends them all. Javier Bailey is a "Ambulance Chaser Esq."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Something In This Soup Isn't Tomatoes

Everytime I hear about a home invasion, in my mind a question mark appears. I keep saying this, but it just keeps on happening. I started this blog and I remembered, I had addressed this issue locally. Look at what I said almost two years ago :

It seems to me that these are nothing more than preplanned robberies. I don't think burglars are randomly picking out houses and kicking in the doors. Criminals aren't usually such brave and bold people. They do their dirt hoping for the most part nobody can see. Nothing is as damaging to a criminal's defense as an eyewitness. Why would these intruders shoot Mr. Taylor and not go after the girlfriend? We never hear the outcome of these cases. Click on the link below and get the whole story :

Monday, November 26, 2007

This Is Over

I hate to be the one to rain on the Deaunta Farrow parade, but I have an umbrella. When the "Justice Department" and the "Arkansas State Police" both agreed that there wasn't a case against the West Memphis police. That pretty much took the wind out of the lawsuit sails. Considering what I think this has turned into. For all intents and purposes, this whole thing is over.

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He Understands


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What Do They Really Have In Common

Somebody saved me a lot of time in writing this blog about crime. I read part of my research in an e-mail about the safest cities in America. The subject came up when the city where I live was listed as one of the most dangerous. I would argue with that overall, but it does have some validity. This information gave credence to one of my earlier suspicions. There is a direct correlation with cities with majority Black populations and crime. Take a look at what cities are considered the safest:

America’s Safest Cities: Less Diversity, More Safety14 out the 15 of America's most dangerous cities are minority majority cities with Detroit, the most dangerous, having a black population making up over 80% of the population. To be certain the city fathers of Detroit were unhappy with this distinction and sent out their black female chief of police to berate the media for reporting a fact we have all known. Is diversity truly a strength as we are told?Let’s have the empirical evidence speak for itself once again using population figures from the US Census from the year 2000.

Safest Cities:
15. Lake Forest, California-Whites:76.02 %, Blacks: 1.83%, Hispanics: 4.24%

14. Dover, New Jersey-Whites: 93.57%, Blacks: 1.75%, Hispanics: 4.5%

13. Round Rock, Texas-Whites: 76%, Blacks: 7.7%, Hispanics: 22.1%

12. Orem, Utah-Whites: 90.8%, Blacks: 0.3%. Hispanics: 8.56%

11. Thousand Oaks, California- Whites: 85.09%, Blacks:0.54%, Hispanics: 13.1%

10. Coral Springs, Florida- Whites: 81.5%, Blacks: 9.16%, Hispanics: 15.1%

9. Greece, New York- Whites: 93.37%, Blacks: 2%, Hispanics: 2.5%

8. Cary, North Carolina- Whites: 82.17%, Blacks: 6.15%, Hispanics: 4.28%

7. Irvine, California- Whites: 61.06%, Blacks: 1.45%, Hispanics: 7.37%

6. Colonie, New York- Whites: 90.5%, Blacks: 3.96%, Hispanics: 1.86%

5. Troy, Michigan- Whites: 82.3%, Blacks: 2.09%, Hispanics: 1.46%

4. Newton, Massachusetts-Whites: 88.07%, Blacks: 1.97%, Hispanics: 2.52%

3. Mission Viejo, California-Whites: 83%, Blacks: 1.15%, Hispanics: 12.10%

2. Amherst, New York- Whites: 89.28%, Blacks: 3.9%, Hispanics: 1.36%

1. Brick, New Jersey- Whites: 95.81%, Blacks: 0.9%, Hispanics: 3.85%

All of the mayors are white, the majority of each city council is white (Round Rock Texas has 1 Hispanic council member and Lake Forest, California has 1 black council member). Only in 6 of these cities do blacks and Hispanics add up to double digit percentages of the total population. The diversity mongers may not like these numbers but they are hard/impossible to argue with.

Then we flip the script and look at the other side. The most dangerous cities in America are made up somewhat the opposite. Let's take a look at them and compare. To be fair in my comparison , even though it sparked the discussion. My city didn't rank high enough for this comparison.
Most dangerous cities:

15. New Orleans Whites 36%, Blacks 55%, Hispanics 4% *

14. Miami Dade Fl. Whites 71%, Blacks 20%, Hispanics 61%
13. Kansas City Mo. Whites 61%, Blacks 30%, Hispanics 9%

12. Newark, New Jersey White 22%, Blacks 54%, Hispanics 31%

11. Jackson, Miss. Whites 23%, Blacks 76%, Hispanics 1% *

10. Washington, D.C. Whites 35%, Blacks 55%, Hispanics 8% *

9. Tampa Fl. Whites 66%, Blacks 25%, Hispanics 24%

8. Compton Ca. Whites 13%, Blacks 37%, Hispanics 60%

7. West Palm Beach Fl. Whites 60%, Blacks 27%, Hispanics 18%

6. Gary Ind. Whites 10%, Blacks 84%, Hispanics N/A

5. Camden N.J. Whites 13%, Blacks 37%,Hispanics 41%

4. Flint Mich. Whites 27%, Blacks 56, Hispanics 3%

3. St. Louis Whites 45%, Blacks 50%, Hispanics 3%

2. Atlanta Ga. Whites 37%, Blacks 56%, Hispanics 6% *

1. Detroit Mich. Whites 10%, Blacks 83%, Hispanics 6% *

* denotes cities with Black Mayors

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Is This The Big Surprise

All of a sudden the cousin (Unseld Nance Jr.) has reappeared as the eyewitness testimony that wasn't revealed. In case everyone handling the family's defense has forgot,he was interviewed on the news the very next day. I suppose that was the strategy here,"keep him hid in hopes that everyone will forget." My question has always been "where is the cousin." He has remained out of the limelight from then until now. Now that both rulings have come down, this young man has appeared again. Based on the interview I saw earlier today. The young man's testimony seemed scripted.

I wouldn't allow my child to be used as a catalyst for this cause. Having this child repeatedly relive that traumatic incident could only make things worse for him. Supposedly that's why we hadn't seen him, because he was having such a hard time with Deaunta's death. Now it's like they're saying "Enough of this grieving over Deaunta. It's time to get this money." Javier Bailey's charge that no one asked him for any evidence he possessed, won't hold water. Is he even licensed to practice law in Arkansas? His position as their attorney wasn't determined until the justice department ruled in favor of the officers. I would have to say this is much about nothing, if this is the big surprise.

Bad Children Growup To Become Bad Adults

Some 10 yr. olds in Fayette county were criminally charged for devising what they called a " assasination list " of bully classmates. They hadn't done anything damaging or even bought any weapons. They had just written the names down on a piece of paper. There are some people who seem to think that was harmless enough, me not being included. I was somewhat surprised at the diverse opinions concerning what should be done to these children. Some say it was just a childish prank. In light of incidents like Columbine and Virginia Tech. We can't take for granted any threat or strange behavior. Read the full story below :

Yesterday I heard about an 8 yr. old and two 9 yr. old boys, who kidnapped and raped an 11 yr. old girl. I don't know all the specifics of the case, so I would have to sustain from judgement until then. I can say this without a doubt though. In any event all three of those boys should have received a good ole fashioned whipping. Whether it was consensual or not, really doesn't matter. When people are doing things you don't agree with, you should leave. How many people have died or gone to jail, for being at the wrong place at the wrong time? The cemetary and jailhouse are full of them. Age wise everyone involved are nothing more than babies. Does it qualify as rape when you don't ejaculate? At that point their sexual drive and maliciousness shouldn't be that intense. Depending on the circumstances, charging them as adults could be excessive. I would have to know the role the little girl played in all of this. Read the detailed account below:

Look at the adults around you that can't seem to coexist. At one time they were children too. Probably that same guy that was always picking fights with everybody, in the second grade. Or that girl that would always get another group to go along with her. She's now that obnoxious neighbor, except now she has eight kids. You can't just write these kids off, because bad children become bad adults.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

Ricky Peete was sentenced to the maximum time allowed this morning for his crimes. I guess the two years he already spent in jail weren't enough to encourage him not to go back. He received 51 months in jail and 3 yrs. of supervised probation. The only concession he received was the judge asked that "he be placed close to home." Is that really such a good thing though? None of those country club prisons are within hundreds of miles of here. The FBI doesn't seem to be cutting any deals with corrupt politicians. Coming clean and saving the taxpayers time and money, didn't influence this judge at all. He still threw the book at him. I know Bruce Thompson can possibly get 80 yrs. but he won't get that much. He has hired Leslie Ballin as his counsel.

I was thinking about the old saying "all good things come to an end." I've been watching "American Gangster" and I've come to somewhat of a conclusion. Not all good things come to an end, but all things ill gotten will. Until Blacks abandon the shortcut theory, they will always come up short.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This Is Just The Beginning

Today former County Commissioner Bruce Thompson was indicted for mail fraud and extortion in accordance with MCS building contracts. Oh, don't worry Mr. Thompson will get his just due, but so will some other unlikely elected officials. It may come to light how much school board members are receiving in addition to their annual $5,000 salaries. I bet Wanda Halbert and Sara Lewis hated the announcement almost as much as Bruce Thompson himself. Wanda Halbert will have to revisit that $2000 mysterious campaign story, which she didn't do such a good job with the first time. Sarah Lewis may be unbossed, but is she unbought? Former school board member "Pastor Hubon Dutch Sandridge", has already shown us he'll take a bribe. Remember the bus he took from that transportation company? I think he calls them charitable donations he accepts thru his church. Some of those people are no longer on the school board, but don't overlook the new ones. Maybe not in this particular incident, but this isn't the last one by a long shot. I think sooner than later we'll see, board member Tomeka Hart's hands are dirty too. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the next city school board meeting. There's going to be so much shaking in that room, it's going to feel like a tremor. I figured this indictment would be soon to come when Thompson hired Attorney Leslie Ballin. That isn't an automatic admission of guilt, but it's not a good sign either. He Maintains his innocence, but what do you expect? Some other indictments are on the horizon. This is just the beginning.

This Is How It Was Supposed To Look


This Is How It Looked

Monday, November 12, 2007

Why Are Blacks So Hard On Blacks

The other day I listened to some Black women call in on the radio, and downgrade some other Black sisters based on how they looked. The sad thing is one of the most critical voices in the crowd, was someone who looked just like them herself. It made me wonder is it ingrained in us, to secretly not really like ourselves. I read a study which showed that everyone except adolescent children view teenage White girls as the standard of beauty. We shouldn't find comfort in seeing others who look like us put down, but we do. Can some of us have an inferiority complex hidden in our innermost thoughts? I'm sure everyone has seen or heard about Ms. New York and her mother Ms. Patterson on the hit show "I Love New York." They don't look like Beyonce Knowles or Halle Berry, but they don't look like "Alice The Goon" either.

I assure you none of these women in question would have a problem finding a man. Miss New York had hundreds of men apply for the job, and twenty eventually showed up as contestants on her show. She had men both Black and White to spare. Even her mother Ms. Patterson left the show with one of her daughters rejects on her arm. I don't know if anything actually came of it, but she had him at least for that night. Before you say she was his second choice, he seemed to like her better anyway. That's the main reason New York let him go, he was to concerned with her mother. I think he had his eye's on the cougar from the start. Just to show she didn't look that bad. And for those talking about Fantasia having big lips. Since when has that worked against a "sistah" with an ample set of hips? In fact it raises her stock. I think the biggest drawback for all these women is their lack of virtuosity. On a grand stage compared to all the other women in the world. Of course there will be areas where they might not compare. But every woman isn't for every man, and vice-versa. They all would be a lot better off trying to please just one man. I like Aisha Raison for the above reasons, she's not a beauty queen by universal standards. She does have the ability to be so much more than how she looks. I have heard her talk and I like her conversation. I would have thought she would relate to this personally, but obviously she doesn't. Why are Blacks so hard on other Blacks?

Don't Hate, Just Don't Participate

All of a sudden the whole country seems to be preoccupied with the proceeds of the pastor. This is going to sound like one of those "brainwashed statements" to the non-believer, but that's the difference in our places in life. " I think God in his crown and glory is just blessing those who uplift his holy name. All power in place is allowed by God." The thing we must remember is all of God's word is true, not just the part that's convenient. If these people remember anything, I bet they remember this:
Matthew 5:18
For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

I think all of the bigger names have been faced with their own personal trials themselves. Even though it may have seemed at one time or another they have been so successful in their endeavors. It may have seemed they were in charge of their own destiny, but life experiences have taught them differently. Their experiences have ranged from the death of children to being homeless drug addicts. I'm sure T.D. Jakes never imagined he would reach the heights of his present evangelical standing. To watch a ministry grow to having tens of thousands of people listening to you weekly is a miracle in itself. It's quite a feat to pack a stadium with people wanting to hear the word of God. No one is complaining about the millions of dollars they pay Lebron James for shooting a basketball. Or the fact that Will Ferrell makes $40 million for movies that may or may not be funny, doesn't seem to bother anyone. But people should show their disapproval the same way they do in those cases. Don't go to the games, or go watch the movie. Don't hate, just don't participate.

Friday, November 09, 2007

I Was Satisfied With The Overall Results

All in all, I was satisfied with the election results last evening. The one candidate I had strong feelings about won, and I wasn't particularly put off by the others. It appears Conservatives will have their fair share of seats on the council. They gained two if not three seats last night, in addition to the two that they already have. You might be thinking "that still leaves eight or nine slots for Democrats." If Republicans didn't get three new seats instead of two last night. Five of those remaining people are Independents. Click on the link below:

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I hope He Wins

I was trying to find a picture of Harold Collins opponent Ike Griffin, but I have been unable find one. I made this endorsement blindly, because I haven't been able to find any information on Ike Griffin so far. I'm waiting on the election results to see how it turns out. The reason some people are against Mr. Collins, is the very reason I support him. His connections with DA Bill Gibbons, adds diversity to the Black community. I think it would be good to have a Conservative influence on the City Council. Let's just see what happens.

Is His Bark Worse Than His Bite

Bulldog: The Making of Mike Fleming

The following is an excerpt from our November issue. Subscribe now.

By: Richard Thompson

An hour had passed. The Mike Fleming Radio Program starts promptly at 4 p.m. on Newsradio 600WREC, and its conservative host was prepping himself and his audience with breathless monologue in anticipation of the late arrival of Mike Fleming’s prized and elusive guest, “King Willie,” a respectful (or discourteous?) moniker for Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton.

It’s a Thursday, one week after Herenton, 67, won his fifth consecutive term in office as historically, as easily and as contentiously as Fleming had predicted all along much to the chagrin of his listeners—mostly male, older, conservative and likely white who depend upon the 65-year-old, veteran journalist to be one of Herenton’s chief critics.

Fleming is like his core audience, he is their voice—arguably their conscience, having nagged them with the inevitable about the city’s first, and only, African American mayor. Herenton’s challengers had no chance, Fleming argued more than once. Whatever. It didn’t matter now with Herenton en-route to 2560 Thousand Oak Drive, where Clear Channel Radio Memphis houses WREC and its six other radio stations.

In Memphis, WREC is the dominant news/talk station; though its lineup boasts nationally syndicated talking heads like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, Mike Fleming clearly mans the station’s top locally-produced program, airing from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and one of the longest running in the city.

During the election, however, Herenton had declined to appear with Fleming though his top three challengers came to the studio; the mayor’s special assistant, Pete Aviotti, did a phone interview. After the election, though, Fleming and Herenton—who are more longtime acquaintances than strangers or adversaries—intended to set the record straight, face to face, on Fleming’s turf.

To be sure, there was plenty to talk about. Most notably, Herenton’s victory speech—cathartic for him and divisive to others, especially the part in which Herenton distanced himself as the source of Memphis’s racial strife. “I didn’t separate us,” Herenton said Oct. 4, and now, a week later, Fleming told his listeners that he intended to query King Willie about that statement among other things. However, his first interview with Herenton in more than a year didn’t go quite as Fleming planned. He couldn’t stop laughing when Herenton arrived.

A meticulous preparer, a journalist who relies more on fact than spewing un-vetted opinion like most talking heads, Fleming was well-versed on the issues but he did not anticipate Herenton, an imposing figure at 6’6, to enter the booth smiling and wearing a crown. It was a good and stunning joke, one hard to recover from though Fleming tried.

“He stunned me a little bit when he came into the studio wearing a crown,” Fleming told his audience before the first break.

“I call him King Willie. I’ve done it all through his [16-year] tenure here [Herenton is chuckling] and it’s not in any demeaning way. It’s just that you are the King of Memphis once again, right?”

“No, I’m just a servant,” Herenton replied, after stifling his own laughter though Fleming’s erupted again.

“Well, you’re out here with the peasants now…”


For several days after that interview, Fleming got an earful from his listeners, the majority of whom (according to an informal poll on his blog) felt that he went too easy on Herenton. Fleming, himself, thought he had set a strong tone in the interview, pointedly asking Herenton why he seemingly made it easy for people to hate him and whether he thought about that victory speech and the haters who disappointed him.

Yet, judging from the listener reaction, they perhaps wanted Fleming to interrupt Herenton, be more contentious with him, as Herenton freely explained that Memphis is much more cosmopolitan than the “backwater, riverboat, Southern town that the New York Times described” and how some white citizens who may not be educated or well-traveled enough immediately put the term “haters” in an oversimplified black-and-white context when the reality—according to the mayor who has a doctorate—is that many more African-Americans, business people and even ministers “hate” him than people care to realize or admit.

“I’m doing this for you,” Herenton told Fleming. “You know me Mike. Most of the times I don’t give a damn. I’m just responding to you because you’re giving me the opportunity, because I can’t deal with ignorance. I can’t deal with ignorance and prejudice. I’m much too enlightened to deal with that.”

Fleming, though, had to deal with listeners who didn’t like the fact he seemingly acquiesced the microphone to Herenton, even at times clarifying the mayor’s position, instead of raking him over the proverbial coals.

“I’m just not built that way,” he would tell his listeners later, though he admitted that he should have followed-up his questions and vowed to do things differently the next time.

“I believe in fairness as much as I do anything else,” said Fleming.

In essence, that typifies how the East Tennessee native is built. Fleming is a journalist, willing to give both sides their say even if what said reflects less than positively on him. That’s just the way he’s been trained after more than three decades in journalism, work that “absolutely” separates him from most talk show hosts, said Tim Davies, vice president and market manager for Clear Channel Radio Memphis.

“Some talk show hosts’ backgrounds can be limited,” said Davies, adding that Fleming’s journalistic training enables him to facilitate on important issues facing the Mid South.

To be sure, there is more to Fleming than his criticism of Mayor Herenton. He is a bulldog of a journalist who honed his skills at newspapers in Nashville and Jacksonville, Fla. before being hired as a sport/investigative reporter at the Commercial Appeal in 1974.

He has covered a variety of topics: Memphis’s NFL Drive, the Southeastern Conference, Super Bowls and more. He, along with the Commercial Appeal and Sports Illustrated, was sued for libel by former Memphis State Basketball coach Dana Kirk; that $11 million suit was eventually dropped. Toward the end of his tenure at the “morning paper,” Fleming transitioned to cop reporting, which he had also done before coming to Memphis. “He was one helluva cop reporter,” said one former colleague.

One of his biggest stories on that beat came after he left the Commercial Appeal and went to WMC Channel 5 in search of “another challenge” in 1991. His second week on the job as the station’s sports director, Fleming ended back up at the Criminal Justice Center in downtown Memphis, where his strong sources on the cop beat garnered him the inside scoop on a prison riot at the county jail. The prisoners involved in the riot, he said, wanted him to mediate on their behalf. He had written about them before.

“We talked roughly eight to nine hours,” Flemings recalled about the back-and-forth negotiations between the prisoners and the city. Ultimately, when it was over, Fleming and WMC, then owned by Scripps Howard, scored a major scoop—one that garnered Fleming an award of merit from then-Mayor Dick Hackett.

Fleming said he became “burned out” on sports and he wanted to do politically-driven reporting; he eventually headed WMC’s investigative reporting team. His radio program started in 1993 on WMC-AM790, though he had been dabbling in radio before. (In 1993, Scripps sold WMC, the TV and radio to Ellis Communications, which later merged with Raycom Media in 1996.)

At one point, Fleming and Mayor Herenton used to do a monthly call-in show together. “I don’t think anyone today could have imagined that taking place,” said Ken Jobe, WHBQ Fox13’s news director and former co-worker with Fleming at WMC. Fleming parted ways with WMC in 1998 and eventually signed on with WREC, where his radio program has been ever since.

“Mike has a good sense of what his listeners want to hear,” said Jobe. “And I think that he is very savvy when it comes to that. He knows how to do good radio and how to keep a radio broadcast interesting lively and informative.”


To Fleming, good talk radio is more than just a “bunch of buffoons” who simply want to hear themselves talk. It’s like an honest conversation at a coffee table with friends and foes alike.

“I just don’t want to say anything that just comes in my head. I do have a journalistic approach to what I do. That’s who I am and what I believe in,” said Fleming, who recently started a video “counterpoint commentary” with Jeff Lee, a talk show host on WDIA 1070AM, another Clear Channel station. It’s called “In Black & White;” Lee is African American.

Though Fleming is supposed to represent the white perspective, those who have known him for a long time suggest that his radio persona is not an accurate reflection of him.

“The Mike that I know personally is not the one that sometimes spews a conservative line. For the most part, that’s just Mike being on the radio,” said Otis Sanford, the Commercial Appeal’s Editor of Opinion and Editorials who has known Fleming 30 years and considers him a good friend. “I take that for what it is.”

Jobe concurs: “I don’t think people know Mike as well as they think they know him. Some of that is being a figure himself. Some of what he does is perpetuated by him. If you simply listen to his radio program, you can’t walk away knowing the entire Mike Fleming. He’s a good man and good person.”

To be sure, Fleming bristles at the notion that he’s not the same person in and out of the studio. Though he doesn’t have a microphone at his dinner table, there are issues, like abortion, about which he feels strongly, and he doesn’t change himself for the ratings. “I don’t care about them,” he said.

“I want it to suit me,” said Fleming about his radio program. “If I can’t live with it, I don’t basically do it. I think you have to please yourself first.”

Fleming said: “I would go on as long as I believe that I am doing something that some people think is important—and I put myself at the top of that list.”

He remembers what his father told him, and it keeps him focused to this day: “At the moment you take your last breath, I hope you are still learning.”

And to that end, Fleming doesn’t expect to stop anytime soon. So much more to learn. So many people depend on him for information—a somewhat disturbing prospect for Fleming, who wishes that there were more radio talk shows, more TV stations and newspapers.

“More voices, not fewer.” he said. “I wanted Air America to survive (in Memphis).”

No matter, there are still some issues that Fleming wants to tackle like reinstituting the runoff provision in the mayoral election since African Americans are no longer disenfranchised as they were in 1991. African Americans comprise 65 percent of the city’s population now; it’s whites who are disenfranchised, he said.

And lest one tries to pigeonhole him, Fleming said he knows that some issues are defined by one’s culture and race, especially in Memphis.

“The biggest problem in the race issue is the black politician,” he said, adding that they tend to fan the flames of division to get elected and then to stay put.

“They do great harm to race relations,” said Fleming. “. . . they should be held accountable for it.”

Sounds like something a King would say.

This Is Clearly A Joke

I have heard over and over again about Rudy Giuliani being a cross dresser, this is obviously one of the videos that was the basis of that rumor. I noticed they never bring up the other video with Donald Trump, it would totally discount their assertions and prove this was just a spoof.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Talk About A Long Vacation

The long awaited ruling about the Deauntee Farrow shooting has finally been made public. Much to the surprise of some people, myself not included. Officer Erik Sammis was found innocent of all of the charges against him. The chief of police (Robert Paudert) pointed out that even though the FBI had concluded their investigation, that wasn't the close of the state's case. If you ask me though, that's just for the purpose of "letting the public settle down." I think it was clear right after it happened, exactly what took place that night. First of all a twelve year old boy out at 10 o'clock at night, in a dangerous area without adult supervision. I know some grown-ups who wouldn't be caught in that area at night. Secondly he had a authentic looking play gun hidden in his belt. His cousin (Unseld Nance) said so himself on the news, right after the shooting took place. So those who say it wasn't there, don't know what they're talking about. He is one of the four people most likely to really know what happened. Thirdly the family as well as their advisers wanted the public to rush to judgement. They weren't willing to wait on the final results. That's always a telltale sign somethings wrong. They usually are privy to information that everybody else isn't.

The shooting took place earlier in June of this year. Erik Sammis and his partner Jimmy Evans have been on administrative leave with pay since then. That undoubtedly has cost the West Memphis taxpayers at least $16,000 in pay alone. Not to mention the manhours used for the investigation. Now that the FBI has already ruled on this case. As far as lawsuits go, it's pretty much over. Any civil suit will only be what you can get from Officer Sammis himself. I have often said "the mother will be lucky if she gets out of this without owing a bill." Try getting a million dollars from a civil servant. It's like pulling eyeteeth from a crocodile. Attorney Javier Bailey who filed a $228 million lawsuit against West Memphis, claims to have evidence that hasn't been revealed yet. If he's going to bring it up, he better do it in a hurry. They're about to let the officers come back to work. I bet Officer Sammis's bosses told him, " just take a break and don't worry." What this has amounted to for the officers involved, is paid time off. Talk about a long vacation.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Could This Be Media Bias

This could be what Mayor Herenton is talking about when he says the local media is biased. Could the reason it was such a slow week in the news, be due to the fact that none of the primary targets were Black? The focus of all the present investigations going on, are powerful White males. The news outlets have downplayed the magnitude of each of these guy's predicaments, by not reminding the citizens about them three times a day. All of these people face some pretty serious charges if found guilty. I guess you get more attention for stealing thousands than you do millions.

Bruce Thompson hasn't been seen, and hasn't even made a comment. I haven't seen any of the local reporters following him around sticking mics in his face either. It seems his plight has gotten less attention than Wanda Halbert, though he is the focus of the investigation. She was only implicated because of her involvement with him. It will be interesting to see what he has to say when the public finally hears it from him. They won't have any instances of him on tape sticking his foot in his mouth, you'll have to wait and see. He has hired Leslie Ballin, whether he's guilty or not he's preparing for a fight.

I don't think we're getting the full story when it comes to James Jordan and the MCS. I don't believe the loss was due to general waste as they have said, I think someone has been outright stealing. Mr. Jordan has resigned from his cushy job all of a sudden, with no backlash and a severance package. He won't miss the job or the people he left behind. He just got hired last year. I don't think the "waste" started with him being appointed. This is just the first time the public found out. The CNC has a 56.3 million dollar annual budget. In a year Mr. Jordan has cost the taxpayers 4 million dollars. It would be easy to do with a budget that size. Being incompetent is not against the law.

Regardless whether you agree with him or not, his plight still qualifies as front page news. I think the public should be privy to all the information concerning the city's financial dealings though. Had that been the case thirty-three years ago, hence we wouldn't be having this discussion? John Elkington oversees the biggest tourist attraction in the state, and it happens to be in the city of Memphis. At one point the city was in his debt, but that has probably since changed. I don't think he owes the city that much money now, but citizens are owed an accounting of whatever the amount. He is scheduled for court this Tuesday with his attorney J. Richard Rossi, who is already under indictment himself. Both cases have somehow remained out of the mainstream media.

Though this in my opinion, was more gossip than news. The media jumped on this like a duck in water. They revealed the homes and addresses, of several successful Black pastors in Memphis. Even providing links to the websites stating the values of their homes. Yet I noticed they didn't show any White pastor's houses. To make sure that everyone can see it, it's coming back on tonight. They might not need it, because thanks to Wendi Thomas and her story about COGIC. The controlled media have something else to talk about. Why don't they tell the public where some of these other millionaires like Nick Clark or Ira Lipman live? I'm sure they live good also, if not better. What is the big deal among especially Black people, about the "Man Of God" being blessed? Nobody asks or tells where Mark Goodfellow lives.

With nothing else happening, I wonder how they overlooked this? A kingpin in the topless bar industry in Memphis was sentenced today so obviously he had been on trial. Read about Ralph Lunati: