Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's Personal

This is tragic by any means, but to happen in the church makes it worse. Not only was  a pastor killed while preaching a sermon, but it was done by one of his own former deacons. This crime won't be solved without there being a black eye on the church. The Deacon Woodrow Karey is only 53 yrs. old. So I can't imagine him being that zealous in regards to how the pastor runs the church. There hasn't been much information given on Pastor Ronald Harris Sr. That doesn't sound right. Investigators have said this is church related. But I don't think this has anything to do with the church. This looks like it/s personal.

Friday, September 27, 2013


For theoretical cosmologist Steven Hawking the thought of life after death on a computer is very real. He admits it is beyond present capabilities. But the concept is conceivable. He already has adapted to a life that most people can only imagine. As one who is considered one of the smartest people in the world. He can't knock a fly from his face. He has been confined to a wheelchair and unable to legibly speak for half his life.

It must be nice to have everything you say given serious thought. When I read some of his famous quotes. In essence what they amount to are questions. The difference here being when he asks a question. People get busy trying to figure out why they don''t have the answer. His accomplishments are his dreams. Like a  lawyer's advice is his trade. Steven Hawking's trade is his imagination.

Thirteen Minutes

This story reminds me of a storyline that I can't remember whether I saw in a movie or on an episode of SNL. But this brings the parody to life. Regardless what the black guy did the others gave him a pass. The same thing that would cause eyebrows to raise if whites were the culprits. For the sake of laughter it  was exaggerated. But I got the point. Even black mass murderers are held to a different standard.

The big difference here is  Aaron Alexis is real  The media coverage was minimal. He hasn't been romanticized like the Boston bomber. All we know about him is he got fired and he got killed. No story about his childhood or family members.,There was a brief statement by his mother and that's all we heard. They didn't even interview his girlfriend.  All he got was thirteen minutes..

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ask Her To Dance

With a little tweeking, this record is ready for the radio. I hope someone with connections was watching. This could be the new big girl anthem. I know this isn't what Simon is looking for, but she has that X factor. Maybe this act was better suited for "America's Got Talent". I don't see an album in the making, but all it takes is one hit. Some smart producer should ask her to dance.

At It's Best

This is what you won't see in the Juicy J scholarship contest. The rules leave this kind of video out of the running. Too bad the masses won't get to see her. We don't even know her name. This should be used as an instructional video.This is twerking at it's best.

Skinny Money

This is yet another example of a Skinnygirl stealing the show.  Bethenny Frankel probably has kissed a lot of frogs over the last twenty years before she found a prince. She likely took a backseat to blonds with big boobs and recently big bootys. The curves you see above are due to middle aged spread and having a baby. I have been watching her on her television show, and something tells me this lady has skills. She acts like she wants to swirl too. She said Jason Toppy liked it so much "he put a ring on it". But you can't tell her anything now. She calls the shots. She has that skinny money.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Money And Recognition

I hope Juicy J profits from his concept on a major level and isn't confined to the underground audience. He is somewhat successful already. But this is main stream he is dealing with. The contest has more white entrants than black. Miley Cyrus  twerking at his show started this twerking craze. He is treading lightly so as not to be considered as one who objectifies  women. But that  weight shouldn't be put on his shoulders. He is no more responsible than any other rapper or singer.  He is just giving them the music to get wild and loose.

This isn't the same dance moves that Floyd Mayweather, Rick Ross and YCMB make it rain for. This is that little stripper in all females in front of their bedroom mirrors.. Don't think for one minute nobody is looking. All those guys talking about her lack of assets. They're just putting up a front. Juicy J said it best when he asked Charlamagne. " Would you hit that"? He couldn't deny that he would if he had the chance. Every time Juicy talks about her he mentions she is worth $ 200 million. Miley always talks about him winning a Grammy. That's like a politician being elected to congress. You will always be able to draw a check. Since this is a relationship of mutual benefit. He is giving away a little, but stands to gain a lot. If he plays this right. He stands to gain a bunch  of money and recognition


Monday, September 23, 2013

Might Just Work

I wonder will her husband's new popularity help her new movie "Baggage Claim"? Somebody is working hard to make Paula Patton top shelf again. But it might be too little too late. Kerry Washington has filled that spot already. Paula's last movie "Jumping The Broom" was not the blockbuster they were hoping for. So they're going all out on this one. Hiring all the big names. Every black actor and actress not working for Tyler Perry or doing reality television is in this movie.

Maybe she should twerk. It definitely wouldn't hurt. It might attract a male audience. Taye Diggs, Boris Kudjoe, Damon Honssou and Trey Songz won't help in that area. They are strictly for the women. Men won't even take their women to see this movie. They won't watch it until it comes out on video. The only one not in the cast is Shemar Moore. Maybe they couldn't afford him or that would cause a clash. Since Paula is so good looking. It might just work. 

Miss Anything

First and foremost scripture teaches us that we shouldn't mutilate our bodies with tattoos. Leviticus 19:28 New King James Version (NKJV)28 You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord. So this prayer doesn't rise above her ankles. It's like when someone curses you and then tells you to "have a blessed day".But Theresa Vail has gained notoriety from disregarding the statues of not only one but two institutions at the same time.

She is the first Miss America contestant to publicly display her ink. This pageant was loaded with firsts. Nina Davaluri  was the first Miss America of Indian descent as well. Both these ladies are indications that the rules have changed.  The next thing you know they'll have a transgender contestant. They'll have to change the name of the pageant to "Miss Anything".

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crime Scene

I liked Whitney Houston, and will always be a fan of her music. But I wish they would let her rest in peace. You can't preach a person into heaven after they've already died. Everyone is trying to squeeze Whitney's memory for all it's worth. Her home won't be a tourist attraction. And doesn't seem like there is anyone in the family to carry the legacy forward. The well where they all drank is dry.

I don't believe this latest accusation made by the police officer. Any comment that was made, wasn't the cause of any harm. The story is being collaborated by a Houston family member. Didn't one of them sell her picture to the tabloids? As it turns out the family member was  Ray J. Now I know it's overblown. Where was he when she was doing the dope? He was probably behind this whole thing. "I hit it first" must not be selling to well. Whitney Houston didn't die in the privacy of her own home or a hospital. It was crawling with paramedics and police. It was a crime scene.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bypassing The Dream

I was watching the MTV Awards the night the Smith family sat with their mouths wide open watching the Miley Cyrus performance. As the rest of the family looked on in disbelief. I'm sure at least one of them was soaking it all in like a sponger. What she saw was her mentor. I bet she has been at home in the mirror every since the show trying to twerk. Having the least compelling combination of her parents characteristics. She has the height and big ears and nose of her father, While having the thin wind frame of her mother. When Miley  was twisting across the stage. Lights  were flashing in Willow's head.. 

I had forgotten about this until last week.Then her older brother stuck his foot in his mouth. Jaden suggested all children drop out of school. Hopefully he doesn't have much influence. Few children will be born with a silver spoon in their mouth like him and his sister. He needs to be put in check. He is on the starter Kardashian plan. But that's like when Bow Wow was dating  Ciara. She  was always looking to the "Future".  Will and Jada have done a poor job of parenting in my opinion. I understand they want their children to know they are privileged  And I know they have a lot of money. But not enough to change the game. They have just bypassed the dream.


Ken Norton (1943-2013)

Monday, September 16, 2013

First In Line

I've tried to give Faith Evans the benefit of the doubt every since the Biggie/Tupac battle. But if you/re always in the vicinity of trouble, something is up with you too Faith brought about Biggies' demise indirectly. Tupac did it to himself.. Being sorry doesn't change the end result. For months we've looked sideways at Faith thinking she was the boss on the " R&B Divas" television show.. As it turns out she is on the payroll just like the other women on the show. Once again she was used as bait.

The real boss is executive producer Phil Thornton  He really calls the shots. I learned this on an episode of  "National Geographic".  The female coyote in heat draws the horny male dogs out into the  wilderness to their death.  Fame and fortune was the lure this time. And the victims were females. The other women just want to rub elbows with someone working. In spite of the talent between these thirteen women. Faith is the only one with a record on the  radio. She isn't the boss but she is first in line.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Average Asian

Let's just keep it real here. Julie Chen had  plastic surgery to improve her looks. She looks like a totally different person after the surgery. This is like turning Margaret Cho into Michelle Wie. Both are successful in their chosen fields. But only one has a fan club with young girls trying to look like her The other one doesn't have a contract with Nike either. One is clearly better looking. This picture looks like the woman who was sued for having the unattractive baby. The outlook is the same for the average Asian. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

No Loyalty

I always felt there was something not quite Gucci about Chante' Moore. Part 2 of the Reunion special confirmed my suspicions. I started to call her a snake, but that's a little harsh. She didn't start out to screw anybody, but eventually she did. She got a fight started and let somebody else take the heat. But it wasn't all her doing. She just didn't have her girls' back. She is what is known as a Barracuda. She has no loyalty.

Mood Changes

This woman is fine and pretty enough to hold her spot. Savannah Brinson looks better than the jump-offs her man can get. She can hold her own with Gabrielle Union and Adrienne Bosh. His teammates significant others. Lebron held out as long as he could.  He had to do the honorable thing by her. He couldn't afford to have this loose end lying around.Somebody will be there to catch her before she hits the ground. There are jokers like Lil Wayne and Fifty Cent who have the money.

Whether this woman gets married or not she is set. For the next twelve years all she has to do is dress and rest and keep looking good. Physically the last ten years have been kinder to her than him.Lebron James looks like a forty year old man. As far as looks are concerned. His best years are behind him. After two children shr is still hot. He better snatch her up while he can. She can still pull a baller. Some young cat in the league would love to sit at his old table. He better make her smile. Before her mood changes.


What goes around comes around. For the past twelve years President Obama has been one of the most vocal critics of former President George W.Bush. He was public enemy #1 after 9/11. Now as fate would have it, wouldn't you know we're in the same position again. Here we ate twelve years later n a very similar situation. America writes policy around the world.  "To whom much is given, much is required".An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.

Once again President Obama is straddling the fence. He needs to go against the polls. He has reached a moment of truth. This whole thing has been reduced to politics.  Republicans won't support him because of his party. Democrats won't support him because of their constituents. Those people who put the president in office, for once they're holding him to one of his campaign promises. You can''t be right now, if they were wrong then.  The pompous Democrats laughed at President Bush when he called himself the "Decider". That's what this country needs right now. A Decider.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Twelve Years Ago

This is what happened twelve years ago today.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Drivers Seat

I've been in a hurry to write this blog, but I still finished before the council made a decision. One thing for sure is we won't be having  this discussion forty years from now. Not because this administration will have straightened this whole thing out. But because there won't be any city sanitation services left. It will be privatized. Any plan that Councilman Kemp Conrad agrees with doesn't bode well for the sanitation workers. The same greed that got the workers in this position in the first place. Greed and grandstanding will bring this long fought battle to and end. Five years from now there won't be any union members left.

Mayor Wharton, Council people  Janis Fullilove, Joe Brown and Myron Lowery are trying to leave a legacy behind. Not to mention getting reelected. Janis has built her career around fighting for the underdog. Though she has a losing record. People still believe in her. Joe Brown is probably the most predictable elected official in the council's history. He votes against the whites 90% of the time. And the other 10% of the time he votes with the blacks. And poor Myron Lowery just  wants to be able to attend black events that don't have security and not fear being jumped. He is probably the most hated, if not disrespected member on the council right now. He doesn't have a base. This would give him an identity.

This is going to turn out like the Beale Street lawsuit.  The city will eventually win at the taxpayers expense. They have both been bones of contention for a long time. The Beale Street battle finally ended last year.  It lasted almost as long, and was an indirect result of this very same fight.  After the assassination of MLK in Memphis. They had to do something to try and repair the city's image. Giving the city and "Beale Street Development Corp." a grant was supposed to make that happen. Unfortunately it didn't have the desired effect. BSDC finagled themselves out of the deal while John  Elkington and Performa Inc. got rich. How things have changed, but somehow remain the same. Just like then, lack of understanding is in the drivers seat today.

Sunday, September 08, 2013


This is old news, but I felt the need to address what has become a disturbing pattern. It  wouldn't matter if not for her position of influence.  But Janis Fullilove is quickly becoming as unreliable as Thaddeus Matthews when it comes to credibility. Anything she brings to her listeners bares watching in the least. She has a tendency to be on the underside of the issue. More times than not people are in the shape they are in due to their own actions. She leads the pack in people looking for a break (excuse).

Victoria "Prune the Goon" Wallace  is her latest undertaking. Janis had her brother and  sister on her radio program Thursday and Friday. Listening to them didn't help her case. They both sounded suspect. One of them was Janis' friend Kenny. A man who wears ring curls. I didn't see the sister but sounded like she was wearing a fade. Contrary to what her family is saying,her attorney used her troubled childhood as part of her defense. All things point to a dysfunctional family.

 I don't think Veronica is at the peak of the pyramid. She still lived at home with her mother. Unfortunately she had a van. She probably bought at "It's All Good" with her income tax. Eighteen years is a lot of time for a novice. She  probably tried to sell her body but the money was slow. If she could find some girls that she could bully. She would make more extorting money from them. Being in a gang only made it worse. It made her a gangstress. 

Monday, September 02, 2013


Sunday, September 01, 2013

Prove His Point

I like Jamie Foxx as an actor and comedian. But I don't care for him as a spokesman for blacks. Too often he is on the wrong side of the issue. He is always black and just that. For those who think his word is bond. Just look at his daughter. While he's leading blacks down the primrose path. He is sleeping with his supposed enemy. As he continues to star in movies that only they watch.

We don't need fifty more years of blacks riding around  in Mercedes Benz crying  racism. Why didn't he call out Lil Wayne? All the  entertainers Foxx mentioned are multi-millionaires.  All the men have more money than him. And one of the women. In a  way this is slick hating. If I can do it, so can you. Use your time and money. I'm using mine.These people have no idea what the civil rights struggle was about . We don't need people like Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover passing their perspective on to the next generation.

 This goes back to the days of Lincoln Perry. He got caught up too.  His brother man convinced him he owed his people a debt. Had he been given half the opportunities of entertainers today. He wouldn't have said a thing. Was he thinking about blacks while he was passing?  Jamie Foxx better be careful. He might end up like Arsenio Hall. Wishing he had the chance again. Did he prove his point?         

New Money

This is where this whole Miley Cyrus twerking craze got started. Her team played the VMA performance up to play this one down. The truth probably is Juicy J got her started. She gets along with all the older rappers. They have nothing but good things to say about her. No behind and all. Hip-Hop meets Pop. It's a new money stream.