Wednesday, November 30, 2011

J. Blackfoot (1946-2011)

I hear this has been a particularly hard year for J Blacfoot and his family already. The wife, the son and now J. Blackfoot himself has died. The music world has loss a great one.

He was a trooper who loved to practice his craft. One would imagine he wouldn't have been feeling too good lately. Obviously that didn't stop him though. He did a show just this past weekend in West Memphis. I heard he sounded just as good as he always has.

Monday, November 28, 2011


I bet the media won't rush to destroy this woman's character and credibility, like they would if she were black. The other allegations were just harassment. Now they've actually found a white woman he has had sex with. Herman Cain doesn't want to deal with this woman in the public. Ginger White has been tricking him for thirteen years. She is owning up to what she did. So they can't shame her by calling her a prostitute. Her testimony could get real graphic if they want proof. Herman called this one back himself. I'm sure his wife knew he was a dog already. As long as he kept the bills paid she kept quiet. Everybody else just didn't know about him yet. His campaign is over if not his marriage too.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Homosexual Hunt

Everybody that wants to come out of the closet and tell who was among the first to indulge them in their curiosity, the time is now. All regard for statue of limitations and personal responsibility have gone out the window. Twelve and thirteen year old boys aren't sitting ducks when it comes to sex. They like girls and sometimes even grown women by then. Don't misunderstand my meaning. My intent is not to undermine serious charges by real victims. But are these charges really serious and are they really victims? When the alleged abuse continues until the alleged victims reach their late twenties. When did it become consensual? These accusations are beginning to sound more like rites of passage encounters, than sexual abuse.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


This could have been done several weeks ago if the players had thought this through. They followed the lead of union officials and ended up without a job. You can't negotiate when the opposition (owners) holds all the cards being played. I figured the players were going to have to strike a deal before long. That standing by each other wasn't going to last another month. Some of them have already signed binding deals in other leagues and they haven't missed  six months yet. They need the money already.

If you notice most of the players in the union are black. All of the players involved in the lockout aren't though. A significant factor in the big picture. There are more Tony Allens and Shannon Browns than Zach Randolphs and Kobe Bryants. After a career in basketball some of them will still have to get a job. They wanted to cry racism, but wiser minds thought  better. There was a sense of  loyalty to the union and it's leaders during negotiations. They wanted the  same thing for different reasons. Except for greed and selfishness.  They were going in different directions.. Derek Fisher wanted one thing, and Billy Hunter wanted something else. Which ultimately worked against them as a whole. In the end it was divide and conquer. The owners got what they wanted.

Bargain Bottox

Hard to believe someone would do this to themselves. It started out with the drag queens. Now gullible women are taking the bait. Thanks to the likes of  Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and the Beyonce video.. Buttocks  are like the new breasts in 2000. The bigger the better. Some people think you can never have too much. It's like the bodybuilders and steroids. They'll take them until they bust. If the pharmaceutical companies developed a medicine that was safe and easy to use. In sales it would rival viagra .

Friday, November 25, 2011

R.S. Lewis (1919-2011)


I personally think all this talk of illicit dog fighting rings in Memphis is overblown. I agree there might be some, but not nearly to the degree some people would have you think. Police find two treadmills in a backyard in North Memphis and they're off and running. Now we have a full fledged ring. It just makes future bust look bigger. Just like every meth head they catch with a lab in his car  The subject gets people excited and ready to take a stand. The public seems to be immune to crime except animal abuse and child molestation. Everything else goes pretty much unnoticed. This will get them talking.

The animal shelter is big business. From the medications to the food. The city spends millions of dollars annually. You best believe  there are those chomping at the bits for some of those contracts. Not surprisingly the Rotary Club's audit came out blaming many of the problems at the MAS on it's connections to this illegal sport. According to them we're running a publicly funded slaughterhouse in so many words. With those dreadful Second Chance employees being the brokers over the whole thing. They are all being used as scapegoats to acquire privatization of the shelter.

Along with the dogs being euthanized on a daily basis and the legitimate adoptions. This alleged activity would have to be practiced out in the open. The shelter has 120 volunteers plus paid employees. They didn't see anything? There was no need to be evaluated by an outside source. Those indictments to identify those involved will never happen. Just like the reappearance of Kapone. .

Thursday, November 24, 2011


This is what happens if a woman is running things. After two years of stringing the Fox network along for the long awaited announcement. Sarah Palin went on the Mark Levin Show and let the cat out of the bag. This is one reason why I wouldn't vote for a woman for president. They are fickled and change their mind without warning, even after taking the money. She feels like it's within her rights as a woman. Just to let you know she is in charge. She just might be feeling bitchy that day and want to throw her weight around. She can't help herself  Especially if she is good looking. It's in her nature..

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Following Instructions

About Time

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not Winning

The show should be called "Basketball Jump offs" if you ask me. Now that Matt Barnes and Gloria  Govan have finally called it quits, the majority of the people on the show aren't even expecting to marry an NBA player. At best they're  collecting child support. Malaysia is still married to her husband Jannero Pargo, but he hasn't been on the show at all. She is already almost as popular as him  He appreciates the extra income coming in the house..Based on some of the careers and the lockout. If you need proof the show is failing. They brought Kimesha Artest back.

Little White Hen

There might be a new way for Kendra and her husband to make some money. Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian should take a marriage class from her and Hank Baskett. Kendra has stepped away from her sugar daddy (Hugh Hefner), got married and had a child. Talk about leaving your past behind. Just like the lesbian lovers, naked pictures and porn films never happened. Hank is as proud as he can be of her. You would think he found a virgin. He is either henpecked or a pimp. Bobby Rush wrote a song about men like him.  I think he is a little of both.



Monday, November 14, 2011

Let The Cat Out

To the hard fought winner of the district 7 race, the party is over now. Councilman Lee Harris can no longer hide behind the shortcomings of his opponent. I am eager to hear what he plans to do about the money shortfalls and city worker layoffs. I understand him being reluctant to reveal his plans for fear of  Kemba Ford stealing them before the election.  That's no longer a problem.  They seemed to agree on more things than they didn't. The race is finally over. Let the cat out of the bag.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


This is some of that ice I was talking about earlier. Before it's over we'll all have our hands over our mouths in disbelief. A well respected DA for twenty years with one year left before retirement. Suddenly after a questionable ruling involving Coach Sandusky, mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth. Which in itself raises questions to me. Did this man just go away or was foul play involved? I'm not so sure we have seen the last of  Ray Gricar. The payments he has been getting to stay out of sight are going to dry up soon. The hidden cost of doing business is no longer secret. The football  program had expenses of over $20M last year .  How much of that was him?           

Saturday, November 12, 2011

On The Rise

Too bad Newt Gingrich isn't at least six feet tall. He would be the next Republican nominee hands down. Have you noticed all the front runners look down on the rest of the field? No matter what Howard Huntsman and Ron Paul say it doesn't pass the test. Since Rick Perry hasn't lived up to earlier expectations. The crowd is just waiting to see what Mitt Romney and Herman Cain have to say.

There might be help for Newt Gingrich yet. Herman Cain is clearing the way dealing with his harassment troubles. They can't give Herman Cain a pass without letting Newt  through also. Even though his record with women voters is in the dumps. If he was tall the ladies would warm up to him eventually. Now they just look at him with disgust and think about his sick ex-wife. And the men are afraid to support him because of their women. They aren't ready for the cold shoulders yet. He comes across as being arrogant and cocky. At the debates he is clearly the smartest man/woman on the stage.
They're playing checkers, he's playing chess.

As for the other candidates. All Michelle Bachman does is oppose President Obama. But that won't win an election. She has to have a plan. Poor Rick Santorum is a non-factor. He is like watching paint dry. He is senator of such a boring state their interests don't resonate with the the rest of the country. He couldn't  even hit a home run against the 999 plan. When it clearly wouldn't work in his state. Newt is like the tortoise racing the hare. The race doesn't go to the swift, but the persistent.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Tip

The media coverage on this story is going to be interesting. There are going to be some important toes they'll be trying to avoid if possible. I predict Coach Joe Paterno and the retired Coach Jerry Sandusky will disappear into the abyss. Without a confesssion of guilt by the accused (Sandusky). You almost need a video tape for proof. The prosecution in this case  has neither. This is bigger than just the Penn St. football program. It's about where we draw the line. We are looking at a monster in our society rearing it's ugly head. What is more important to us; our values or a winning program? The most winning football coach in NCAA history was put between a rock and a hard place. He knew about what happened, but he didn't tell the police. He had to make that very decision. If your legacy and livelihood depended on it, would you tell? There is more to this story than meets the eye.

Heavy D (1967-2011)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

"Smokin" Joe Fraizer (1944-2011)

Monday, November 07, 2011

Here's Becky


Regardless what Bobby O'Jay tries to tell his listeners, it's all about them and their listening habits. Not about him and the various radio markets where he has held jobs. That long diatribe he usually gives about "he has done and seen it all" doesn't impress the people in San Antonio signing the checks. It doesn't even impress Devin Steele locally. He is the big man here in Memphis. A white  man really runs the oldest black radio station. The radio business is all about ratings and advertisers buying commercials. It's based on what have you done lately. In this case, since the last Arbitron ratings came out. This new lady Stormy from the "Tom Joiner Show" is Bobby's words coming back to haunt him. She has a bigger following than him. The ris e in the use of the Internet, Iphone and syndicated radio has taken a toll on Bobbyology.

That's where Bev Johnson comes into the picture. Somebody at Clearchannel is trying to regain the market share they recently lost. Hopefully they bring all the talkshows back. They also need to return Bev to the full two hours she had before the changes. I hope this thing works out. The problem is that it conflicts with Bev's teaching job.  It's going to take some getting used to hearing her in the evening, after twenty something years in the morning. I hope it works for her .

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Cute Counts

I have been having this same discussion all week long with my friend who is a dedicated worker in the Lee Harris campaign. You can argue back and forth with people all you want. Some of them are still going to vote for Kemba Ford just because she is good looking. It must be on the mind of more than just me. Wendi Thomas made it the topic of her weekend column. I have to look back and see how proactive Wendi has been in previous elections or is this personal. The article has undertones of jealousy even though it was pretty accurate overall.

Talk about stirring the pot just in time for the upcoming special election this Thursday. I was all prepared to agree with Wendi's assesment then I thought again. This package is simply too neat. Why is Wendi Thomas being so critical of Ms. Ford anyway?  This is one of those situations where she should have remained neutral. Makes you have second thoughts about Lee Harris.  There goes that question mark again. Kemba is the epitome of what Wendi usually advocates for in her articles. Why is she suddenly changing teams?  It's obvious Lee Harris is being supported by those who Ms. Thomas usually disagree with.

This could be a case of reverse psychology. Three card molly if you must. Where Wendi wins no matter who loses. An endorsement from Wendi Thomas could work either way. This might lose as many votes as it gains depending on who you're talking to. In a race that might be decided by a few votes. This article might make the difference in the outcome. Kemba Ford could very well win. Even though she hasn't spent any money. But based on this article Wendi  isn't concerned about future lines of communication. Unless of course this was part of the plan.


Saturday, November 05, 2011

Short And Expensive

After watching a couple of episodes of "Keeping up with the Kardashians." I ended up with a different outlook on the quick dissolution of the marriage. I don't think it was fake. The whole thing just happened too fast. Kim was trying to start anew with a white bread, star struck, young athlete. One who didn't know about or wasn't deterred by her relationship with Ray J or her ex-husband.  Kris didn't know she had even been married. At first he thought an angel had fallen from the sky. Reggie Bush is and was always the best fit for her.  His career and level of success compliments her lifestyle perfectly. He just refuses to put her in the front seat and ask her to be his wife. The infamous video with her and Ray J stands in the way of his and her happiness.

It's going to take a real secure, opportunist with a degree of success in his own right, to feel comfortable in Kim Kardashian's shadow. For the time being, the whole world wants to look at her and everything she does. He can't hide her away at the house.. Right now Kris Humphrey doesn't even  have a contract. She needs a husband like Ice T or Hank Baskett. Both men relish in their woman's exhibitionism. Kris Humphries couldn't carry it out beyond being a player in the NBA. Not even a proven one at that. Luckily for her he played in a slow market. I'm not so sure he has ever really had a real girlfriend. At least not like Draya or Evelyn on Basketball Wives. Kim gave him some and blew his mind. He was mesmerized by the sex. Obviously she was too, and thought that was enough. He did the honorable thing and proposed after six months. Foolishly she accepted without thinking it through. Now they have one of the shortest most expensive marriages ever. The marriage was shorter than the engagement.

Andy Rooney (1919-2011)

Thursday, November 03, 2011


I am not at all surprised that Mayor Greg Davis got caught with his hand in the cookie jar to the tune of $170,000. What's more he isn't stepping down after getting caught. Why be accountable to a system that allowed you to get away with this type oversight to begin with? Just stay where you are and devise another way to steal the money. Better check out the Board of Alderman as well. They signed off on these bills in question. His job as mayor has been a ripoff to Southhaven citizens for quite some time. They were so busy looking back and pointing their fingers at Memphis. They didn't realize they were getting taken in the fastest growing area in the country.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Old Black Man

This is the handiwork of the RNC not the Democrats. In spite of him being the front runner for the Republicans at this point. The kingmaker Karl Rove didn't give their prize fighter a break. He helped throw him  under the bus. The party bigwigs have invested too much money in Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. To a lesser extent even Michelle Bachman. They had to find a reason not to give Herman Cain any money. The candidate leading in the polls coming in last in campaign contributions was not a good look.  There has always been this underlying group of  Republicans that want anybody in the White house  but President Obama and Herman Cain.

I better hurry up and say this before it's old news. Herman Cain had his biggest fundraising day to date yesterday. But they haven't dropped the biggest bomb yet. Have you noticed the identity of neither of the women has been revealed? I suppose the non-disclosure provision in the settlement covered that at first. After comments made by Cain himself, that may no longer be the case. If the claims of sexual harassment alone don't derail Cain's campaign. The fact that the victims are precious white females will. If the victims turned out to be jazzy black women it won't have the same effect. It would be like a modern day Anita Hill scandal. Supporters would claim he didn't do it and he was falsely accused. Let's see what the Tea party members say when they find out it was Becky. The thought of the flirty old black man salivating over  little white women won't go over to well.  

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

District 7 Candidates