Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bottom Line

Don't let the white man and the skinny black women convince you it's a black thing. Because it's not. Black  women were a little jealous and white men felt betrayed. For years black women and white men claimed black men could only get fat white women that white men didn't want. That widespread belief provided a level of comfort to both of them. Then Monique made it part of introductory conversation. Before then they just took for granted a fat woman was no competition. There are more white women who look like Adele than Kim Kardashian. Not that anything is wrong with Adele. That's my point exactly.  When it's all said and done. You like what you like .That's the bottom line

It's Good

I could have found a more flattering picture of Wendy Williams, but I didn't for a reason. Mainly to demonstrate the miracle of cosmetics and reconstructive surgery. Everything Wendy wanted that she wasn't born with she bought. What I was waiting to see was what she was going to say about Chaka Kahn and Fantasia and their catsuits on American Idol. I'm happy to say she Kept it real though. That's what makes her better than Oprah. Having interviewed both of them on earlier occasions. She didn't get with the blogs and media and talk about them on her show. Though she's on a popularity wave now. The public can be real finicky. She knows what it's like on the bad side. As good as she sometimes looks. To be mean people say she looks like a man. That couldn't be farther from the truth. She looks like a black super hero and it's good.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This case will disappear in a couple of months if not weeks. Now that it has become part of the case that the pastor's licence was suspended. I smell a dead cat on the line. The part about the robbers taking Marvin Winan's trousers was shaky. He was already in a compromising position being at a gas station. That would only draw attention to the crime. Then they changed it to his pants being ripped. That made it believable. Maybe  they just wanted to make sure they didn't miss anything. But the part about no weapon being involved wasn't though. Who commits a robbery worth over $100,000 without something other than a look? I guess this is what is meant by mugging.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Be Happy

I always liked Kathy Najimmy's acting and comedy stylings, plus she was pretty. Now I know she was the voice of  Peggy on "King of the Hill".  I like her even more. Her personality came through in that character. Peggy had no problem  with self esteem.When asked about her drastic weight loss. She didn't gloat or recommend a diet. When she clearly could have . Because the truth of  the matter is everybody won't get the same results. Don' t stay on a diet all your life. Just be happy.

What A Difference

Monday, May 28, 2012


Can David  "Aki"  Collins recruit a big man or two? That will determine how well he does in this town. Maybe he has an Anthony Davis hidden away somewhere. If he can bring some "Twin Towers" to the bluff city. He might change the game in Memphis. Otherwise he'll just be another suit on the bench.

Her Best

Jennifer Holiday sung this song like it was her last performance. She has a history of taking it there. This one could have been her best yet though.

PS: Jessica Sanchez wasn't shortstopping either. She has more to come.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pleasingly Plump

Somewhere along the line Fantasia got off track with the American public and she just can't get back. The girl can't read and her house went into foreclosure. The two kind of go hand in hand. She also had a baby by a married man. So did Alicia Keys. But you never hear about that. She can't win for losing. Everything she does works against her. When she's just a runaway child running wild. She just needs the right man. One who can handle and will treat her right. She wears her heart on her backside. Where it can easily be kicked. Most of the negative comments about her catsuit have come from white men and black women. Personally, I don't think she looked that bad. Maybe she overdid the fake hair and eyelashes, otherwise she looked okay. White men are intimidated by her type, they don't like Serena Williams either. Except Simon Cowell, he paid her house off. Some black women are secretly jealous. They're watching their men watching her booty. Wondering if he'll go behind their backs and pursue someone like her.

For all those entertainers who've been planning on losing weight and making a comeback, or gaining a new look to attract a larger fan base. Just losing weight won't work anymore. Chaka Kahn just changed the game. You have to be fly too. Somebody said her Spanx was.super tight, but the silhoette was still there. You can't create those curves or everyone would have them. The woman is still fine at age sixty. Give her credit where credit is due. Her and Kirstie Alley are cut from the same cloth. Aretha Franklin and Jennifer Hudson, you look good since you lost the weight. But no one is comparing you to Nicki Minaj. If Chaka Kahn was twenty-five years younger. The haters would be all over her by now. These two ladies ( Chaka,  Fantasia) by current standards are considered too fat. But they aren't being overlooked by any means. I put them in the category of Erica and Tina Campbell (Mary Mary). Depending on who you ask. They might not qualify for being called thick,especially Goo-Goo because "she is juicy but she ain't juicy". Those sisters are what I call "pleasingly plump".

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Help Him

I'm not endorsing this type behavior, but I am giving it a hats off. I would rather see a man with a weakness for women spending my tax dollar, than one who has one for other men. Society is fortunate he hasn't focused his motives on more sinister things. What if  Mr. Hatchett were a murderer or a pimp?  Using women to break the law or harming them. Would you rather have him preying on underage girls? He hasn't cost the taxpayers as much money as Mayor Greg Davis in Southaven. Men naturally love the company of women. It's the natural order of things.

If making babies and sweeping women off their feet is what you do best. More power to you. Muslims in other countries are killing themselves for seven virgins when they die. Some man somewhere every minute is going all out for the favor of a woman. So don't act like we don't understand how he got here. At least 11 women chose to create 30 children with Desmond Hatchett. Unless raped or molested, women choose their babies father.

This guy has no molestation or rape charges pending against him . All of these children know who their father is, because their mom took him to court . He probablly sees them all on a regular basis.  I bet he has a son just like him. Three weeks ago I might have looked at this differently. Considering that we now live in a country that endorses men marrying men and at the rate young black women are getting abortions. Why should the mother get all the perks? Since he is equally responsible for the children and their welfare. I say help him.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Ray J is one of those guys who you wonder where he came from in the first place. He brings nothing to the table. Yet he always leaves the party with a plate. No one is more excited about him being there than he is himself. He has an older famous sister (Brandy ) and one or two moderately successful records to his credit. And of course the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape that he is most known for. All of which lead to a successful reality show on VH1 last year. Since he was rumored to be Whitney Houston';s lover. As you would expect. Ray J. not being one to pass up a chance to make a dollar. Is now capitalizing on speculation about their relationship after Whitney Houston's untimely death.

This is a prime example of what I alluded to in a earlier post. In spite of being the Cad that he is, lots of women still shower him with undeserved attention. Starting with his own sister. She shouldn't let him pull her down to his level. He has a bad reputation. That she has to defend. Ironic he would drive himself to the point of exhaustion to be at the "Billboard Awards" with her. Knowing she would be in the spotlight. Being part of the tribute  to Whitney. He wouldn't pass up  the chance to be seen.  H e must have got a  recent dose of reality. Last I heard, he was claiming she was jealous of him.

Every since he leaked the XXX Kim Kardashian tape on the Internet.  he has used that as his business card. Too bad he locked himself out of that.  Brandy apologized for him. Had he played his cards  right. She could have been his wife. The girl has shook him off and made a fortune. Though successful in his own right. All he has done consistently is cause in trouble..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Too Hoochie

Either this young lady is telling the truth, or she is suffering from a serious case of delusional thinking. I'm not so sure it isn't the latter. She actually thinks she is hott. Even her lawyer Gloria Alred isn't that good. Lauren Odes isn't that pretty. And from the looks of this video, doesn't have a banging body either. She had to know she would be under America's microscope. She wore black so she wouldn't look fat. I thought something about her reminded me of Snooki. Turns out she's from New Jersey too. Where big hair and too much makeup is the rave. To cover up the bad skin and dingy complexions from all the late  nights of smoking and drinking. Did she mistake her boss saying she was too hot instead of  telling her she was too hoochie?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Read The Memo

The reporter must have thought he was kissing the president. He thinks it's okay for men  to kiss men in  the mouth. The reporter thought Will Smith would follow suit. He hadn' t  read the memo.  

Hands And Feet

In writing my earlier story on big booty females and their adverse affect on men. I stumbled on what I think might be the reason for a disturbing trend among young men. It has been right under our noses all the time. It was like looking for your keys and they were in your pocket all the time. Just like women are objectified for their big behinds and breasts. Men are judged for the size of the print in their pants. Think back to how some men resorted to putting a sock in their shorts. No one will openly say it,  but baggy pants eliminates crotch watching. Unlike women with ample posteriors, unless they have implants or silicone injections. Until men take their clothes off and actually engage . Every man is equal up front.

I came to this conclusion after hearing a male radio personality long for the days of tight fitting clothes. What man wants to wear body shirts and have his pants hugging his butt  Males with feminine traits are excluded. The only men wishing for those days are the ones who had nice physiques or skinny men wanting to show their packages. With bell bottom pants and platform shoes. Height and size could be disguised or compensated for. To give you an idea of  what th e wom en liked. Teddy Pendergrass was playing to women-only sold out shows. These days even the athletes are opting for the loose fitting clothes. Why do you think the NBA players started wearing baggy shorts?  They couldn't have a Delonte West getting more attention on the bench, than a Lebron James in the game. All the players weren't lady killers like Wilt Chamberlain said he was. Women might have to kiss some frogs these days before they get a prince. They can't tell what the boxers hold by the size of the hands and feet.


What has long been known as the NAACP is turning over a new leaf. I guess they'll soon be changing their name to the NAACGP (National association for the advancment of  Colored and Gay people). . Since their latest membership drive is obviously reaching out to the Gay community. After all these years of fighting to keep the two issues seperate. The minute the NAACP  heard the president had collected $15M for his change of heart. They had to have an emergency meeting. Suddenly they had a change of heart too.

Robin Gibb (1949- 2012)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Really Want To Know

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one says it all. What some call fat, others call fine. I see some sexy sistas in this picture. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally like a woman who can cook and eat a good meal. If it gives her a nice booty in the process, all the better. Blacks in general have been questioned in the last two weeks by as many black female journalist about their own hidden insecurities. Every black woman who doesn't have big legs and hips herself has asked this questions. . " As dedicated, educated and successful as I am, you still want that. What is it"? Knowing all the time what it really stems from.

Disguise it as a health concern as you did last  week, or blame it for young men's lack of  gentleness in the way they handle women during sex.  Both these observations are coming from women who don't have these issues. The question then becomes. How do they know? These ladies in question are in the malls every weekend buying form fitting clothes. Keeping appointments at  the nail and beauty shops and  buying weave and not prescriptions. The only medicine they're taking is Petrone. I also doubt they're calling women with ironing board backs and bird legs for tips on controlling men. They're trying to be like the girls in the videos.

To completely understand what these  women really want to know would require a honest conversation  with men. One you aren't likely going to  get from men. Why do they feel pressured  to act and perform a certain way for certain kind of women? It is not the nature of men to discuss their insecurities concerning other men. Especially in the area of their sexual prowess. When you have women like the rapper "Trina" placing such high expectations on men (11 in.).  If  enough men are willing to be measured by that standard. We have the same type pressures placed on us too. Since some things are beyond their control. Do  they really want to know?

Friday, May 18, 2012


I am amazed at how black people are still not straight about what the president said about same-sex marriage. I haven't heard this discussion in the white community so far. They don't feel like he betrayed them with his position. He said he supports marriage between a man and a man. Not just between a man and a woman. That sounds pretty clear to me. This "to each his own" mentality will be our nations downfall. I personally don't want to live in San Francisco or on Bourbon Street. "If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything". What happens when the government says a wife who doesn't have dependent children is no longer entitled to her husband's social security or vice-versa? No leader before now has ever took this stand.  Would Martin Luther King approve of this? 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Donna Summer (1949-2012)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chuck Brown (1937-2012)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Donald "Duck" Dunn (1941-2012)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Remain Silent

The latest admission by the president could go either way as far as gaining him support. It depends on how many undecided voters there still are out there. He had the endorsement of people like George Clooney and Ellen Degeneres (who was visibly moved)anyway. People like myself who have been paying attention all along, aren't the least bit surprised by this controversial position. I don't think it was his intention to come out of the closet at this time though. He was prepared to ride the wave of uncertainty a little while longer. If Vice President Joe Biden hadn't thrown him in front of a speeding truck. He probably preferred not to tackle this issue before the election, if ever for that matter. He was cruising along at a comfortable speed not bringing it up.

What kind of relationship does President Obama and V.P. Biden really have? Do they even talk to each other one on one? How could Joe Biden go on a show like "Meet The Press" and drop a bomb like that without discussing it with his boss first? It's like when someone takes the liberty of telling your business before  you can. Thus taking away the option to change your mind. Until the question is asked. Some things are better left to the imagination.  Remain silent for fear of self incrimination.                 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

George Lindsey (1928-2012)

Get Your Money First

Since her looks is what she obviously markets. She might be pretty, but nothing spectacular. Not worth $800.00 when her counterparts are probably getting $100.00 or less. I know at least here in Memphis. You see women at least this pretty everyday. I think they are making too much of this Secret Service thing. I don't think she is owed anything. The prostitute just got tricked by the trick. A friend told me this: "Credit p^$$y never gets paid for, Credit c*^k is just good c*^k loss. By all means necessary, get your money up front at all cost".

Where Has She Been

If all of President Obama's father's children write a book about their lives never really knowing their brother. It could  take a very long time. The president has five siblings that we already know about, and at least two where paternty isn't certain. My wife doesn't agree with me. But I think the president and his sister look alike.  Why is she in the news all of a sudden? Where has she been all this time?


Some people, more than you might think are openly prejudiced. They don't support the president no matter what. Simply because he is black. If there was ever a doubt. This is how they really feel.

Friday, May 04, 2012


In the past I have been a supporter of former Mayor Willie Herenton, even sometimes when he went too far. I won't be in that group this time. After long contemplation and consideration, he really hurt this city and it is starting to show. The personal favors and the labor unions are robbing us blind. With a twelve year retirement plan with no restrictions on what age it starts. Will prove to be devastating. Herenton and a few of his buddies made some money, that the taxpaying citizens will be paying back for years to come. Since he already took his money in a lump sum. He should retire.


This city has overlooked one of it's single most successful and innovative educators in the country right here under their noses. Instead of paying Michelle Rhee $50,000.00 for a thirty minute speech. We have the benefit of a trailblazer for a fraction of the cost  During this transition  period of city and county schools. Not one time have I heard her name mentioned or has she been consulted for her advice. She already runs the most successful school system in town.  Under her leadership she has attained the parent involvement, test scores and graduation rates beyond expectations. Talk about an oversight.  This might qualify.

Thursday, May 03, 2012


Time is of the essence here, seeing that they've already taken this story off AOL.  I doubt anyone at the White house is reading my blog; or even cares what I think for that matter. Democrats seem to have this upcoming election on lock. Mitt Romney isn't the "Great White Hope" they were looking for. But who knows?  Stranger things have happened. It's not beyond possibility that we could be thrown for a loop. Inquiring minds want to know. Look what's happened to all the Republican candidates so far.  Before he dropped out of the race, there were even rumors of pictures of Rick Santorum and Lindsay Lohan floating around. Another explanation could be the phenomenon of  "six degrees of  separation". Someone mentioned to someone who mentioned to someone etc. Next thing you know  you have a story. I would like to think my blog sparked a conversation somewhere. Allow me licence to say "great minds think alike". A handsome, healthy, heterosexual young man with political aspirations is going to have a girlfriend somewhere. We don't want to fool around and elect an undercover Harvey Milk.

Even this latest revelation  of a love interest looks suspicious. I'll go along for the time being. They've suddenly created this all-in-one woman who looks more like an old pot smoking partner than an old girlfriend. She is supposed to represent all his girlfriends prior to his wife. Where has Genevieve Cook been all this time? Doesn't look like she was entering any beauty contests. She would have been quite helpful dispelling the Larry Sinclair rumors. On second thought, maybe not. She could pass for Larry Sinclair's sister.  Why hasn't she written a book herself? It' almost sure to sell a million copies and make it to the bestseller list. She could keep most of the money. Rather than let a journalist interview her and reduce her to a character. I still smell smoke.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Somebody Else

I have come to the conclusion that we have at least two if not three members on the City Council who are throwbacks from yesteryear. One member has become more and more straddle of the fence in recent years though. After allegations of campaign fraud and personal family issues. Councilwoman Wanda Halbert is quickly becoming the next Tijuann Stout-Mitchell on the board. Going along to get along and preparing for her retirement. But you can always count on Janis Fullilove and Joe Brown to bring up something that is no longer relevant or against the grain. Memphis isn't the city it was forty years ago. We need to move beyond the days of the Lemoyen Gardens and the Scutterfield projects. Spend some time on something that's actually going to make a difference.

I don't have to say anything about Janis Fulliove and her episodes while on the council. Everyone who reads the Commercial Appeal knows about her and her history with the law. She has to speak up for the so-called underdogs and outcasts of the city. No one else with votes will listen. That is a guaranteed base of support for her. But Joe Brown is a horse of a different color. He doesn't really represent anyone that I can see. He typically plays the law of averages. Keep throwing stuff against the wall and something will eventually stick. He is ole skool and he knows, even a broken clock is right twice a day. I met him about twelve years ago, and thought him to be condescending then. Not to me of course , but just in general. His main concern seemed to be Tunica at that time. He was taking the easy way out and playing the race card. Some people think all you have to do is blame it on the white man.

That's what this outburst was, exactly that. Periodically Joe Brown has to do something to get his name in the paper and on the news. He couldn't have been thinking about what he was saying. When he said this. He had to know the political pondents would pick him apart for that comment. Unless he takes the approach that all publicity is good. Which has also worked to his advantage in the past. You would be surprised how many people think he is the popular t.v. judge. He'll do like he usually does and disappear for a while.  He is a Peter kind of guy. If you didn't get something to prove he was there. It was somebody else.  

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


It's incidents like this that won't allow this couple to last very long. This brings to mind the Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez episode back in 2000. That gave Jennifer's career and love life a sudden boost. That introduced the world to J.Lo as we know her today. She never looked back at Puffy. The rest is history. Though Kim has the reputation of a high priced jump-off now. Stunts like this by Kanye will not be accepted without repercussions. She is still very much concerned with her public image. Kim Kardashian is seriously contemplating a career in politics. Her every move is planned ahead of time. I can see her and her mother/manager Kris Jenner discussing the pictures now. "This type of immature behavior by Kanye is unacceptable. This is a bad look for the brand".