Friday, May 31, 2013

Marvin Junior (1936-2013)

Same Brick

Blacks find the worst things to celebrate. Especially the unmarried women. They don't understand what the Pew study really signifies for them. All this says for black women is things haven't gotten any better. For everyone else things are just worse. When America has a cold, blacks have the flu. What on the surface appears to be good for black women, is detrimental to the race as a whole. Women are earning more for their education, but at the expense of the success of their families. You might be the head of  your household, but your children are growing up like weeds.

There are more women than men to begin with. When you take into account the homosexuals, the men in jail and anything else that might make them ineligible. Plus the fact many females get pregnant before they become adults. The impact is even bigger in the black community.Of the American population males account for 149,346, 264 and females 154,478,412. -  Only 1 in 5 married women earn more than their spouses. This is nothing to call out the band about. It brings to mind the old cartoon "Krazy Kat".  Strange how a comic strip would be an example of real life. This just means more women have been hit with the same brick.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Women The President Dated

Why this story isn't getting more attention than it is, puzzles me somewhat. You can't even find a good picture. This is the only photo I could find that would post. Kind of like the CoCo sex tapes. His supporters are going to say it's much about nothing. But not so quick though. Here again we have another piece of a history we formerly knew nothing about. I  think there is a reason no black women have shown up from his past. There  weren't any before his wife. Barry Sotero passed for whatever was convenient until he met Michelle. A young female,black,attorney from Chicago. Who wanted to have some light-skinned babies. Before it became politically expedient. None of the women the president dated were women of color.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day



I'm no clairvoyant but I see through this sham. I watched an episode of "Kandi Coated Nights" where supposedly a Bobby V sex tape has leaked. Mind you no one has seen the tape yet. But the woman purported to be in the video was a guest on the show. It's not like the video was made without her permission. She is the one threatening to let it out. It's not like she is afraid of being nude in front of the camera. She didn't hesitate to show a video of her and another female engaging in simulated sexual acts. But she only talks about letting this one out to the highest bidder .It's not like she has a video with Big Sean or Miguel. The truth is nobody really cares.

The only thing I'm not sure about is the level of Kandi's involvement. Is she just a slave to her curiosity or did she orchestrate this whole thing? She might be a closet freak, but the woman is smart too. She's always thinking about sex, but money runs a close second. Kandi is looking to capitalize on all those other women who think like she does. I  don't know the extent of Kandi and Bobby's relationship. But she seemed to know an awful lot about Bobby V when the subject was mentioned. Kandi is always game for a good dic pic. Look at some of her shows. Nicci told off on her The size scores points with her. Kandi might be rich, but she'll still go for the right price.

Whether Kandi  was involved or not. Everybody on the show wasn't in on what was happening. DJ A-One and Nikki Nicole didn't blow the cover. They went along with the story line. But Funky Dineva was a different story. I always say "play with a puppy, they'll lick you in the mouth". I always thought Kandi was letting the doll get too close. He/She talks too much. When he/she almost bumped heads with a Bobby V ringer.  Who was mysteriously in the audience. That was the final straw. Kandi removed him from the panel. But the damage was already done..Bobby V was in the news a couple of weeks ago.  That time he was carjacked. I'm sure this was meant to change that image. Getting your car took in your own stomping ground is not a good look. This time Bobby was robbed by a queen.  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sell Tickets

I wasn't familiar with Skylar Diggins before I read this story. But after being flooded with stories about Britney Griner coming out last week. This is a breath of fresh air.Even though Jay Z is exploiting her. He'll get more miles out of that Mercedes Benz than her. It was still a nice gesture. The WNBA is growing in popularity, but it isn't mainstream yet. I don't think possible fans first impression should be that of a homosexual being league MVP . Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker aren't exactly household names. And they are both pioneers in their own  right. The league is banking on the fact that Britney Griner can dunk. But it might just be their future.

Britney may have gone first in the WNBA draft, but she isn't the brightest star overall. I would have been fine with her talking about her talents as opposed to her sexuality.. At 6'8" and feet like  Shaquille O'neal people aren't surprised that she can slam. People don' t want to see a female Dennis Rodman dominate the league. They just  want to see some good looking females who can play. A roster filled with players who look like Skylar Diggins will definitely sell  tickets. 

Boss Of Everything

I have a feeling Floyd Mayweather is going to suffer his biggest defeat outside of the boxing ring. A ring may be involved though. A $16M one to be exact.  Shantal Jackson, his fiancee of several years. Is going  to be the one to score the knockout punch on him. Based on his history. Floyd Mayweathers' ego is going to kick in at some point. He is going to get tired of being the highest bidder. He is spending all  this money and buying all this stuff. And somebody else is getting the goodies for free. Shantal Jackson is just sticking around for all the money she can get. No one who wants her is bigger than him. He bought a new roof for her mothers' house the first time they met. He has had her on the installment plan every since. Josie Harris the mother of two of his children may be right. She might end up with him after all. But it will be by default.

This couple makes me think of the movie "The Cotton Club". With Shantal Jackson as "Vera Cicero" and Floyd Mayweather as "Dutch Shultz":. She always looks as though she smells something. But she is always right there just the same. Shantal has a roving eye and Floyd knows it. But Floyd can't pay off or beat up everyone that she gives some play. Some men would love to shag his woman. Just for bragging rights. Where there's smoke there's fire. This time Slim is said to be her Dixie Dwyer. Last time it was Curtis Jackson. It was said that she hooked up with 50 Cent when Floyd was in jail.  That's why Floyd and Fifty no longer hang out.

Pound for pound Floyd Mayweather is the worlds best boxer. And he has lots of money for his accomplishments. But he can' t handle his women. That's his weakness. With a mindset like his, he shouldn't either.  Josie Harris is probably the closest thing he is going to get to the devotion he seeks. Nobody is going to pay the price to take her off his hands. That's how he got in trouble  Trying to keep C.J.  Watson out of his house. No matter how big your pockets  You can't be the boss of  everything. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Heads Up

I commented on this video before I actually saw it myself. I based my response on what I knew about things Pat Robertson has said in the past. You can do that when a person has a reputation. Whether you like his position or not. At least you know where he stands. Pat Robertson has a history of making controversial statements. As usual people have taken his comments and turned them around. People that never listen to anything he says, all of a sudden are taking this and totally missing the point.

Pat Robertson isn't telling the woman to be glad she has a husband. She asked him how to forget about her husband's infidelity. He is saying if she really wants to save her marriage. Focus on what drew her to her husband in the first place. Is he a good father? Is he a good provider? Has he been a good husband other than that one time you know about? If he is fit and handsome and has good hygiene. Consider how he looks. You could be married to a bad breath, unemployed, troll who isn't good with the children.

It would be naive to think a man isn't surrounded by women who could possibly tempt him. Most women don't look like Beyonce or Kim K, and  there are women out there who look just as good or better than them. Put your best foot forward. If you get back on the market. You'll be doing it then. Be a pleasure to come home to, instead of nagging loud speaker. The truth is most men are weak for women. Unless they are a pimp. You better beware of the man that isn't. He is dangerous. Back in the day this woman would have plenty of help. Older women should be schooling her on this. But since they aren't or she isn't listening. Pat  Robertson is just giving a heads up to women. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy is one of the more balanced analysts covering the 2013 playoffs.  He said something I totally agreed with last night.  "The team has to be of the mindset that it's all about the next play. You have to learn to play through the bad calls and keep it moving". Having said that, This bad officiating is getting out of hand. The Memphis Grizzlies have loss at least two games in the playoffs  Don't mention the regular season. Van Gundy also suggested that coaches be given two challenges each game for bad calls committed by the referees. After daring players and coaches to speak out of fear of being fined. That would be fair for all involved at  the least.

But I doubt that will ever happen. If the league wasn't involved. David Stern would address this. Charges of cheating would have come up at some point. When the ref makes a bad call that changes the outcome of the game and you see it plain as day on instant replay. The thing is the large market teams have no complaints. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant and Blake Griffin aren't complaining. They get most of the calls anyway. Durant doesn't foul too much, he is too busy shooting jumpers. But the others hang out in the paint on the regular  How can  the most aggressive player in the league never commit a foul? Lebron James played 254 consecutive minutes without a foul during  regular season. When you average over twenty--five  points a helps when at least ten of them are at the free throw line.

As coach of a team who seldom gets those calls. Lionel Hollins let the cat out of the bag. In Rudy Gay he coached a marquee player who didn't always necessarily get those calls.The Grizzlies unlike the Clippers the Heat.and the Lakers couldn't always depend on those extra points. According to Hollins and I agree. "The league is into hyping certain players". The fans don't want those players sitting on the bench no matter what. In the Chicago series Lebron James started a fight with the guy that was guarding him and got the short  end of the stick. In a strange turn of events. The referee ejected  Najr Muhammed from the game  Lebron James scored twenty points after that. He should have been ejected too. That's not calling it down the middle.  The referees are providing security.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Might As Well

After all these years I've discovered this is a twisted justice in some ways. Kim Kardashian might have had me fooled. She might not be a victim after all. It's just that Ray J is so obnoxious, it isn't hard to dislike him. I never got to the bottom of what really took place between these two. But after all that has come  out after the fact. I'm not so sure Kris Jenner wasn't in on the leaking of  the infamous sex  tape. It has been a turn-on to some,and a turn-off to others. It didn't stop Reggie Bush or Kris Humphrey. One was engaged to and the other one married her. Now with Kanye she has layed the golden egg. He is going to have to pay her a fortune.That's a pretty impressive string. Look at all the women who have been rode hard and put away wet. And don't get anything.

One thing I know I won't have to change. She will never rise above Ray J. As long as Kim Kardashian lives. People like Wendi Williams will never let it die. Kim's great-grandchildren will see this tape. Along with the whispers. It's throwing shade on a sly. Wendi had Eve on her show the other day and brought up Stevie J. People wouldn't even know who he was if it wasn't for LHHA. Eve has long since moved on and gotten engaged to a billionaire. Why bring up her tulmultuouss past anyway?  Even though Wendi is living large now. In the past she was one of those women coming up short . How would she feel answering questions about Eric Sermon or Biggie Smalls?

In  this case all publicity might be good. This is branding at it's finest. Kim has taken a leave from the cameras since she got pregnant . But this is going to put her back out there. It's not like this is a new recipe.  This has worked for her before. Believe it or not this keeps her relevant. I know Kanye wouldn't do it. He isn't that vain. But I  think they should make another sex-tape. If she can make another  $30M, why not? In any event being down for a dollar has made her and her whole family very rich. Since you went and got knocked up out  of wedlock, while you were still married. You might as well.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Gambling is a dirty business, even under legal guidelines. The general consensus is "even swap, no swindle". Anything you win is more than you had at first. If it weren't for the police monitoring their activity . They would probably kill you before they paid you off.  The hustle was so good even the government has got involved. Every state has it's own gambling commission. Making sure the path  to losing your money is clear and unobstructed . When you win and the government takes 25% off  the top.  Plus you're going against  the house.The odds are already stacked against you.

I have never heard of someone being asked to leave the casino no matter how much they lose. But you can win  too much and experience just the opposite. Once a guy took a  $ 20 bill and ran it up to  $60,000. They'll  escort you out, refuse  to pay you and accuse you of cheating.. This happened  to Paul Ivey last week after he won $ 12M. .Once I read what happened I have a theory. Their defense doesn't prove he cheated. It just shows how he could. This scenario was set up for an occasion such as this. The whole thing is fixed.

Still In Them

This is the most realistic show on the Bravo network to date. In Quad's words "a real mutha* #%ka " gave  them the idea. These women aren't ratchet just for ratings. They are like this in real life. When you read about their backgrounds and how they came to be married to medicine. The whole thing comes together. It has taken about four behind the scenes episodes for the claws to come out. If these women spent half their time minding their own business, and the other half leaving others' alone. There wouldn't be a show.

These women form these relationships for the purpose of this show. It's not like they were anything more than aquaintences before the show was created. Someone had the idea and sold it to the network. Once the idea is sold. The network takes over from there. Mariah might be one of the executive producers of the show. That's just in case it doesn't catch on. If the network producers cross an interesting story that steps on her toes. She doesn't have the power or creative control to scratch it from the script Nicci Gilbert from R&B Divas is a prime example of this. Being there in the beginning stages doesn't guarantee you a job

The only two on the show  who  really have an actual involvement in medicine are Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone..They both are black female doctors who live in Atlanta, that have their own private medical practices. Both  these women are somewhat successful. But they clearly earn less than the male doctors on the show. Between  the two of them  Dr. Jackie is more professional in her demeanor. Dr. Simone has  that homegirl spirit.that some women like. But she sometimes borders on being ghetto. That's her main connection to this show. She was in the office with Dr. Jackie, and she couldn't get along  with  the other doctor. So she had to relocate.

Mariah can't believe all these women are turning on her in support of each other. She brought them all together in the first place  But there is no honor among  thieves.  The other gold diggers are aiming for her spot. Just like Kim Zolchiak on RHOA.  Kari is the token white chick in the  mix. So don''t worry about her. She'll profit from this venture as much as anyone else. If not on  the show itself, her husband's practice will benefit.  And don't get too comfortable with Quad following in your tracks. She likes the same attention as you. Next season if the show lasts. She'll be looking to have her own sidekick too..

A jealous person is more dangerous than one being ratchett.  People don't plan to be stupid. They just are. I was wondering why this woman was so venomous  toward some of the other women ? Then I read her background.  Toya hustled hard to get her man. She was working two jobs and going to school when her and her husband met. She is particularly jealous of  Quad and Mariah.   But she kisses up to Kari. This just shows you can  take.the woman out of  the hood, but it's still in them.


I don't see why this would be considered disturbing news. This in my opinion is another argument for "Don't ask, Don't tell". Forgive my expression. But the first time I saw Britney, I  thought she  was "Butch". Any woman who wears a man size 18 shoe is going to draw attention. After Britney Griner has reaped the benefits of her exposure at Baylor University. A private Baptist college with a first rate basketball program. She has bit the hand that fed her. Mind you she didn't do it while she was still eating. Winning NCAA championships and numerous player awards. She certainly didn't say anything prior to the WNBA  draft. Why blow up the spot after you've left? Now they're looking sideways at the coach. Should they do an ad campaign or a commercial expressing their acceptance of homosexuals?  Their position hasn't changed. The school is straight.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Reaches The Heart

This is the performance by Candace Glover that stood out in my mind. This song shows the depth and vulnerability of her vocals. For me she captured something here that you can't create in the studio. You better believe her stroking of this song has something to do with her girl like crush on the rapper/singer Drake. Her version of the song was better than the original.  I presume this young lady hasn't had a real significant relationship yet. I'm not saying she's a virgin, but let's just say "her and K. Michelle are nothing alike". I have no proof, but I bet this is the song that caught Miss Franklin's attention too. She felt her passion. What's from the heart reaches the heart.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The New Queen

Candace Glover was the winner of the 12th season of  "American Idol". She is the first female winner since Jordin Sparks won five years ago. I have no doubt the best overall voice won the contest this time. But I'm not sure this wasn't an attempt to recapture some loss ratings. They were the only show of it's kind in the beginning. Now they have "The Voice" and the "X-Factor" to compete with who are growing in popularity  And they don't have $ 12M judges who can't sing.There at the end there were a couple of strange twists that left me scratching my head. I might be wrong but these are some of my observations.

It was obvious early on the females were the more talented group. But there were one or two men who should have lasted longer.This season they got rid of the girly men right off the bat. They put the flames out early. Curtis Finch Jr.was the first one who went home. America wasn't ready for the holy dance yet. They didn't have a Clay Aikin or an Adam Lambert to make it hard. Notice I didn't say Jacob Lusk. Because even if America does select a homosexual, he won't be black. But even among them I detected something strange. After Burnell Taylor wasn't the last man standing. That was it for the fellas. Lazro was clearly one of the least talented males in the final five, but he was the last one to be eliminated. He lasted four shows after he cried. At that point I started to worry whether emotions would have an unfair influence on this contest.

I really don't remember a lot after season three. That was the year they had three people who could have easily won in other years. The prize eventually went to Fantasia Barrino. Who needless to say has turned out to be a disappointment. In my humble opinion Jordin Sparks was a compromise for that mistake . The show was turning into a country music showcase before her. Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks didn't represent the audience they were seeking. Hence we have Jordin Sparks. She was just talented and pretty enough to pull it off. After the tabloids and Fantasia. She  did  wonders for the image of the show.

My favorite this season was really Amber Holcomb. But the fix was in for Candace from the start. This is the first  time they supposedly didn't use the one time save. Indirectly they did with the no elimination week though. That was Ambers' week to go home. No matter how she sang, along with Nicky Minaj throwing shade. She just couldn't get over the hump. That show saved Kree. Otherwise she would have went the following week. Her identity was blurred from the start. She couldn't decide on whether she was Contemporary or Country. I detected a little snobbishness that she couldn't quite hide, or maybe that was on purpose It showed up when she lost. She just knew she had it won when Angie Miller got sent home.  But her fans didn't vote for Kree. Last week Angies' fans took a break and she got sent home. She still might end up with the best deal in the end  though. Angie signed before she left the show.

It's ironic Candice and Jennifer Hudson would sing a duet. The Grammy winner was put in a sticky situation. The Idol winner did a better job. That's why Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey sung by themselves. Poor Nicky Minaj didn't sing at all. Mariah did a medley of some of her hits where she could do some runs. Prove she not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Aretha sang via satellite from the studio. She wasn't going to go on the stage with those younger women and be exposed. The pipes are not the same.  Aretha caught that shade they threw on Candace. She scared the AI producers to death. Since they stole some of the show with Angie's big announcement. She gave away the results ahead of Ryan Seacrest. A true diva move.on her part. Aretha gave Candace the biggest compliment I have ever heard her give anyone. She might be passing the torch. I think Candace represents the chance to recapture the one that got away.I like  her better now  that the show is over. Candace Glover might be the new Queen.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Not For Him

I think this situation might stem from something I said in a earlier post  . Wherever she is, I hope K.Michelle is following this story. I bet J.R. Smith won't be racing to Twitter to clear up any rumors about him and Rhianna.  You can bet she isn't playing the friends with benefits role either. She ain't no MiMi Faust and he ain't no Rashard Lewis. He doesn't make the big, big money like the men she usually dates. He didn't even make the final cut. This is just a picture with him sitting at a table in the background. He could just be rolling a blunt. Unlike the one where him and K. Michelle were practically having sex in public. Yet he couldn't wait to get back on Twitter and dispel any rumors of them being a couple. But he is just going to let this one take it's course. He hasn't responded yet. I wonder why?

I started out to write this blog about how K. Michelle was playing herself.  She  was on LHHA talking about  her relationship with  Then I ran across this photo. With K. Michelle being from Memphis. I follow her storyline a little closer than the others.  She doesn't represent the city too well. She shouldn't try to give the impression that she was anything more than a booty call. Look at how they met. He dumped her pretty much the same way. She didn't  even provide him with a serious challenge. This guy is like a hunter, going around bedding all these gullible urban models. The stunt he pulled with Tahiry Rose was despicable. It's indicative of his character on and off the court. The league fined him $25,000  for being a Cad. Too bad Joe Budden couldn't cut his head.

This is the kind of guy that comes around just to create drama.  He is a Ray J kind of dude. Any woman that gets tied up with him and isn't in it for her own advantages is going to come up short. If you have tattoos all over your body. You obviously want the attention. So that explains the willingness of some. Contrary to what some people believe all women don't think alike. Just because you had her once. Doesn't mean you''ll have her all the time. When you hook up with a guy like this, you limit your options. Guys don't want to come behind him. J.R. Smith didn't have to go on Twitter to get the story straight. .Rhianna took care of it herself. His poor performance in the playoffs has nothing to  do with her. She wanted everyone to know. He isn't hanging out with her. He is just partying and drinking too much. She might be crazy, but not for him.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I hope our team can stay grounded for just a while longer. Outside forces are doing all they can to upset the team chemistry. Recognition is good,but not at the wrong time. Players need to be focused on winning games. Not the next interview or photo shoot. Picks are in order not poses. The media has been overlooking this team and it's accomplishments all year long. Now everyone wants to investigate the psyche of this team at the most inopportune time. But I'll keep a positive outlook and look at the upside. Better late than never as long as they keep winning.

Monday, May 13, 2013

First Team

Tony Allen is named to the first defensive team. Now the playing field has been leveled.


Lil Wayne is going to be trouble before it's over. All these players hanging out with him and his crew don't look too good. He lied about being banned from all NBA events. He was only kicked out  of one game. When he got out of hand. I predict allegations of gambling are in the near future. Birdman loss $3M on the championships last year.. Now his protege has become a regular fixture at the big games.  After partying with Lil Wayne the night before. Chicago went and got their worst beating in their play-off history. After they took this picture, Chicago hasn't played a decent game since. Lil Wayne was at the Grizzlies game yesterday shaking hands with Zach Randolph. I hope bad play isn't contagious.

Expressing Herself

First let me say that I don't think Caitlyn Tiller should be able to put her and her baby's picture in her school yearbook. But considering all that we are condoning these days. I can see where she is coming from with this  request. I would rather see her and her baby, than two boys or two girls kissing each other. Her actions may be ill advised. But at least they are natural. Not to mention I see a bigger question here. Who and where is the baby's father? Is this child the responsibility of the state? She might be a teenage homemaker. That might not be such a bad thing.

The question was asked "will we stand up for anything"? Some of us don't have to stand up because we never layed down. Most of the people I hear taking issue with her about the picture. Really don't have room to talk. Caitlyn is being used as a scapegoat. She is an easy target. Looking down their noses at the chubby little white girl makes them feel better about themselves. What she has done, is uncover the hypocrisy of any heterosexual that supported same-sex marriage. What if Michelle Obama called her and congratulated her on her accomplishment? They should be applauding her.  The young woman was only expressing herself. 

The Rain

It always rains cats and dogs the first week in May. So why don't  the organizers move the annual event to one week later and avoid the disappointment. For the last twenty something festivals I know have been plagued with bad weather. Why don't the organizers just change the dates? Then it dawned on me. When I look at the entertainment line-up and the pictures of the crowd. I suspect this might be by design.
If I were planning a festival for all of Memphis. I would aim for decent weather. But maybe this isn't designed  with all Memphians in mind. In spite of that they still enjoy record numbers every year. They highlight all types of music except those this city is most popular for. A very small percentage of the acts can be classified as Blues, Soul or R&B. That includes the nostalgia circuit Rap acts. They'll book "Big Boi" but not "Outkast". It's mostly Rock and Pop with some Country sprinkled throughout. This is as big as the "Essence Music Festival" in Atlanta. And the overwhelming majority of black concert goers in Memphis don't even attend. Why do you think that is the case?
By planning this event at this time every year. They enjoy built in crowd control and security.  What's the odds of drawing a crowd like this in a city that has a 65% black population?  They're pretty high with showers in the forecast. It's a known fact that blacks don't like the water. Blacks are the only ones who have a swim party and no one gets in  the pool. To answer a question once asked by "Boyz to Men". They can't stand the rain.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

In Your Face

This is an example of undermining exactly what it is I try to get across. In a conversation with these two, they would consider my approach the simplistic route. This is the problem I see with all these charter schools. "He who has the gold makes the rules". How can you decide how others are going to use their power? These type people are legends in their own mind. They would have a lot to say about what I say to each other, but very little to say in a one on one debate. If I have a solution for all your problems. Then who is right? 

Watching this video led me to look at some personal interactions I have experienced. This brings to mind people like Bruce, David, Rico and Terrell. Some avoid me like the plague. While the smart ones have become somewhat followers. I don't discount their point of view. They shouldn't discount mine either. This is what happens when you go to school for twenty years or more. You can never get too much education. But you can be too smart for your own good. You have to be careful to not hold your nose to high in the air. You might miss what's right in your face.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Malcolm Shabazz Killed


For God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Trust Me

Paid Distraction


If I had the chance to talk to Mike Williams, The first thing I would ask him. "Which union are you representing"? You do know there are two. The department as a whole seems to be moving ahead without either one of them. The council just approved the police budget with everything they were asking for. The union's demands weren't even part of the negotiations. According to Mike Williams their raises would cost around $2M for the whole force. This campaign has cost the city more than that already. That's a mere fraction of the $241.5M allotted for year 2014.

This little tidbit slid under the rug. Black citizens haven't noticed that the Memphis police have only took their fight to the street in the white community. I don't have the statistics to prove my point. But I bet East Memphis has some of the lowest crime numbers in the city. Except maybe  car thefts and speeding tickets. Most adult residents have a car. They held up signs at Poplar and Highland. Why didn't they take their fight to Airways and Lamar or Brooks and Elvis Presley? If  they really want to get to the heart of the matter. They would stage their protest at Third and Crump.  That's where all the crime is happening. But they won't go there. Six to eight blocks away drunks can walk the streets after a night out on Beale. But in the poor neighborhoods you can't sit on your front porch.

This whole thing reminds me of an episode of  "The Boondocks".  With Mike Williams being our local version of Rev. Rollo Goodlove.. He talks a good game in front of  the  t.v. cameras and on WDIA. But it's a different story behind closed doors or when talking to people who really know the deal.. The Commercial Appeal doesn't even acknowledge him as the leader. He is about as effective as Janis Fullilove on the city council. She is only one vote out of  thirteen. She can talk the whole meeting but that doesn't mean a thing if the other members don't agree. It excites her base while the people who make the decisions focus on other things. Since they both are employed by the city. Whether they accomplish anything or not their salary stays the same. They're nothing but a paid distraction.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


 An Atlanta Hawks usher claims Kordell Stewart made a pass at him. With the way Kordell has kept his nose clean all this time in Atlanta. He didn't blow his cover for someone as obvious as this guy. I always heard homosexuals recognize each other. With all the like minded people in Atlanta. Why would he go after someone who might tell?

For Real

A second hand automobile is new to the person that buys it from the dealer. Unfortunately we live in a time where that applies to men and women as well. Big Sean is parading Naya Rivera around like he has struck oil And maybe he has. But wildcat drillers have explored that patch of land before he got there. I was kind of wondering why would an up and coming, working, white actress get involved with a up and coming rapper? That's usually a career step in the wrong direction. But she is not white and she ain't Kim Kardashian. She is interracial and part black at that. The only rappers women that have been successful in recent history is Beyonce Knowles and Tiny Harris. The only female that has made major money in the rap game is Queen Latifah. She has retired now and never even had a man.

Naya Rivera says Big Sean has kindness, looks and talent.  I'm sure she really feels that way about the man in her new relationship. He is playing "Big Poppa". Even though her net worth is almost as much as his. Not to mention he is surrounded by other women who look as good or better than her. Big Sean did a video with Nicki Minaj. He must be a ladies man or a close friend at least. .Because that's no shabby feat. She doesn't even collaborate with label mates. This new relationship is like a new beginning for Naya Rivera. She got tired of playing second string for the other team..She was just on the roster, not the star . With her credentials she should be a starter on somebody's team. Since she got with Big Sean. She is probably getting more attention and special treatment than she ever has before. For her "The Imitation of Life" was more than just a movie. It was for real.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Stronger Than Hate

I'm sure DJ Envy is somewhere wondering what just happened here. He made some off hand comments after an interview with sports analyst Chris Broussard. That have caught fire and taken off on it's own. Charlamagne is the one who made the "Donkey of the day" comments to begin with. Chris Broussard called in to the radio show and did an excellent job of defending his position. Angela Yee saw the writing on the wall and kept her comments to herself. If DJ Envy could do it over again. I'm sure he would do the same. Instead of everyone being disgusted with Charlamagne for making such a dumb video and listening to what Chris Broussard is saying. They choose to focus on the stupid comments made by DJ Envy.

For those reading this, I would only say this on my blog. I wouldn't introduce this topic to a forum with a lot of readers. This is one of those discussions you have with friends behind closed doors. But DJ Envy is getting just what he deserves. He should have been more critical of Charlamagne and why he was going in so hard against Chris Broussard.  It has more to do with jealousy than anything else on both their parts. Charlamagne seems to take issue with all what he calls "Beige Brothers" about everything. He has made a career of hating on Drake for no other reason than his complexion. He looks like an eggplant, so people overlook his pettiness and write it off as a joke. But truth be told to a lesser degree. He feels the same way about his co-host DJ Envy. That's why he threw him under the bus.

That's why DJ Envy should have kept his mouth shut just on the strength. On the strength that Chris Broussard  is going to encounter much of the same prejudices as him. There are people of his own race who didn't care to hear what he had to say the moment they saw his face. I'm sure Envy wouldn't have to think back very far to remember when he was in the same situation. But since Chris Broussard was on point. Those same people directed their feelings at the next closest target. Which was him. It's ironic that DJ Envy was hating on someone for reinforcing a position he held earlier. He didn't show much tolerance in an interview he did with Sydney Starr.  To avoid the encounter Charlamagne left the studio completely.  But they try to talk about this brother making a comment. In this case jealousy is stronger than hate.

Saturday, May 04, 2013


I don' t agree with the way David Sterrn  is handling  the LaLa Anthony controversy. I don't think it's right to put a gag order on all the Boston players because Melo's wife is a lockeroom joke.  Carmelo might be the scoring leader, but that doesn't exempt him from the truth.  This whole thing got started with Chris Bosch and Lil Wayne. They banned Lil Wayne away from all NBA events. As we discovered then. These guys might be telling the truth.  But this is different. You can't silence everyone.              

Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Game

Joseline is on top of her game right now. She is pulling down twenty stacks a week hosting shows. It looks like Stevie J. is using her, but she is a willing victim. Their relationship is a prime example of the hunter being captured by the game.


Is this worth all the trouble Tabitha Gentry is experiencing? Even though she doesn't recognize U.S. Law.  The U.S. courts recognize her. She has posted $50,000 bond which has recently been revoked. As well as spending a couple months in jail. Where she is right now.

But, what she and the other "Moorish Americans" or other "Sovereign Citizens" believe is that the laws of the United States or the separate cities, counties and states within the United States do not apply to them. There is a much simpler term for someone who believes that the laws of the country they live in do not apply to them: Outlaw.

It's Gucci

Sometimes you say things that you should have kept to yourself. DJ Envy should have followed the lead of Angela Yee on this one. Charlamagne was doing a good job of looking stupid all by himself. The comments DJ Envy made after Chris Broussard hung up were weak. Since he doesn't know when to be quiet. Just pretend it's Gucci.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Not Noble

Just Naive

I hope this backfires on everyone that is involved in what I think is a cover up. Since Jason Collins so-called girlfriend of seven years has suddenly been revealed. She claims she didn't know he was gay either. I think this woman is a front. They just added her to make the story more believable. This reminds me of the woman they produced to quell the rumors of the president being undercover. They go get some plain looking white girl who doesn't appeal to members of her own race, and give her some money to keep quiet. Then give a black man with no traceable history,cool points and a pass. It's not like he dated Jessica Simpson or Gwyneth Paltrow. That wouldn't be acceptable.

I could be wrong but usually I'm not. I think these two provided cover for each other over the years. She showed up when he needed a woman. He showed up when she needed a man. They had been a couple since college. She hadn't noticed anything all this time? That's hard to believe. The only way she wouldn't know is she was gay too. What did he say when he suddenly broke off their engagement? She could sue him for breach of promise.  She would have a good case. But I think she is a fake. One thing that might convince me otherwise. Does she have a new man in her life? If not a fake she was just naive.

Open Your Mouth

I agree with Chris Broussard on his position about Jason Collins coming out. I hope ESPN doesn't cave in to 1000 extreme viewers who were offended by his comments and take some type of disciplinary action against him. I give Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaq a pass on their comments. Being analysts for the NBA playoffs. They were put on the spot and were trying to keep their job. I like the way Charles Barkley stated his case though. "I think the one thing I want to be come out of this conversation though, to be honest with you, is ... some people is not going to like this," Barkley said. "I think they should have the right to express that. We should not crucify them. I disagree with them and it's alright to disagree. But we live in this thing right now where anybody who comes out against this is going to be crucified. And I think that's unfair."

I experienced a sort of censure first hand. Jason Collins played for the Grizzlies six years ago and nobody even remembers him. The Commercial Appeal wrote an article about him. I commented  that "It was good he no longer played for the Grizzlies. At this point in our franchises' history. We don't need that kind of press", My comment was quickly removed from the message board. Like I said something wrong. I only told the truth. I didn' t use any profanity or degrading language. This is beginning to feel like playing in the Staples Center against the Lakers. You aren't going to get any calls. You can't get your point across not saying anything. Bad things happen while good people sit idly by and SAY NOTHING. Those who are for good open your mouth.



The people who supported President Obama should be scratching their heads right now. Especially the blacks who turned out for him in record numbers.  He won here in Shelby county by an overwhelming percentage .In return we got a twenty minute speech at Booker T. Washington High school . All  the things  that have happened worthy of his praise during his tenure .Why does he feel the need to show gratitude for a NBA player coming out of the closet? Who cares about what people like Kobe Bryant has to say. If he isn't in the play-offs his input is not needed right now. That goes double for the White House.

The Black Ministers Association have been trying to meet with the president for three years now. That meeting has yet to be arranged. During  that time same-sex marriage has been passed in as many states and is now being heard by the Supreme Court. The White House hosted a party to celebrate new legislation passed on  homosexuals behalf. While he refused to attend the Black Ministers convention being held  right down the street. They are going about it wrong. If  they called themselves "Gay Black Ministers".That would   get a rise out of him.