Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Out Again

Initially I liked K. Michelle based on her talent alone. Now it's obvious who the problem is here. If you have issues with everybody, it's probably you. I don't know who this chicks manager is, but they need to muzzle her. This is why Jeff Robinson, Alicia Keyes former manager wouldn't deal with her. She is a loose Cannon with no ammunition and thinks she knows it all. She has gone from being a battered single mother, to a bisexual bitch with a big mouth. She can't make up her mind whether she wants to be like Adina Howard or Gladys Knight.

This person is blowing her thirty minutes of fame. She has already used fifteen on her last record deal. LAHHA is one of the hottest shows on television right now. It would be a big boost to her career. Instead of arguing with Karlie Redd and calling her names. Why not use her energy on herself ? If indeed the woman is fifty. She needs to learn to show some respect. The woman is turning more corners than you, and she can't really sing. She has ties to Cash Money Records, Stevie J, Benzino and Vincent Herbert.  She even has a big time manager. While K. Michelle is trying to live the glamorous life in Atlanta and wasting studio time. While she was writing a song for Mimi. She should have been writing one for herself. That "No F*^ks Given" mix tape wasn't all that. She has run out again and still doesn't have a hit.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Does the government "own" the church? Is it owned by any public entity? No, it is not. Therefore that church is owned either by the local community of believers or a church organization, and that means that the church is private property.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Saturday, July 28, 2012


I hope the Jackson family squabble will finally take a backseat in the media. Don't use the actions of some members, to paint a nasty picture of the whole family. All black entertainers don't end up on drugs and broke. I honestly believe the girls are concerned with the welfare of their mother. They are all doing okay on their own. This notion that Janet is broke is preposterous. She is the seventh richest woman in all of entertainment. Even though she is not as popular as she was in the past. She is still rolling in dough. And her and Rebbie roll together. What is the status of her estate? And everybody thinks Latoya is crazy, but she's doing her own thing. She'll get some interviews and television appearances out of this whole thing.

Jackie and Marlon must have smelled a rat. They didn't sign the letter asking for the immediate removal of the executors of the estate. Michael's wishes were clear who he wanted to have his money. Their manhood comes into play. They're already known as Michael's brothers.  Who  wants to dedicate his life to his brothers fortune? At least try to get your own. You don't have far to fall if you're already on the ground. They really want this reunion thing to take off. They both have memories of a successful act. Twenty-five or thirty dates a year puts them back on top. They were always just backup singers anyway. The best outcome for them would be. Long live the "Jackson Five"

Jermaine is responsible for all of this in my opinion. He is trying to mend fences that were broken thirty six years ago. He always felt like Michael stole his star. He was the original lead singer of the group. I don't think he is shy about begging either. Tito has managed to get some money or keep some one. He originally signed the lawsuit, but later removed his name. A short time later his son was awarded temporary guardianship. I bet that influenced his sudden change of heart. The only thing Randy has ever accomplished is being born a Jackson. He isn't even on the reunion tour. I think him and Jermaine are the main ones behind this. I think the others just sided with them to get them out of their hair. Randy is the only one that's bald, but T.J. wears a fade.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Leave It

As long as Katherine Jackson is alive, she will be well provided for by Michael Jackson's estate. That has nothing to do with the money set aside for the care of his three children though. She gets $840,000 a year in child support in addition to the money for her. Wherever the children go, that money follows. This latest ruling giving temporary custody of the kids to T.J. Jackson is all part of Michael's plan. As I understand it, he is every body's favorite son. Katherine,the children and even at least one of the siblings (Tito) are okay with this arrangement. Basically nothing changes. Katherine still stays in the house and the children are still provided for. If T.J. Jackson wants to take care of the siblings out of  the child support he gets, that's on him. I don't think that will happen though. 

When Michael was alive he wasn't a money faucet for his family then, even though he could have been. He sure blew it in other places. Thanks to Paris and her Twitter account they won't get it now. I do think some of them are motivated by the cash. But Janet's main concern is her mother. She would be fine on her own, but her mother being involved makes it her business. She can't sit idly by while Michael's children worry her mother to death. Looks like Prince Michael might be smoking cush and Blanket is too small to know what's happening. Prince Michael is just getting around to making a statement after it's all over. If it weren't for Paris no one outside the family would even know what's happening. Now the country is a witness.

We take for granted that Micheal was a prince. When in real life he could have been something else.  I doubt he foresaw his death, but he planned this whole thing out. A child will father himself even when his biological father is not around. It was imposing of Michael to leave such a huge  responsibility on his elderly mother. The woman is eighty-two years old.  Her days of raising children are over. Leave it to the young folks.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Too Much

I hadn't heard about any homosexual orgies or little boys being forced to perform sex acts against their will. So why is everybody in the program since 1998 being punished for Jerry Sandusky's crimes? That's like vacating all of Phil Jackson's championships because we discovered Tex Winter was a pedophile. "That's my point exactly". You don't even know him. Forget about Michael Jordan, Shaquile O' Neal and Kobe Bryant. Their exemplary careers don't matter. They were just on the wrong team at the wrong time..

Joe Paterno reported the allegations to his boss. What else was he supposed to do?  If the police didn't arrest the assistant coach based on the claims. He couldn't ban the man away from the campus. How many people would have put their $100,000 annual salaries on the line.?  Joe Paterno  was making over  $1 million a year. The overwhelming majority of people I know would do the same thing. They  wouldn't jepordize $ 40,000 let alone a million. You have people looking  the other  way everyday for much less.

I'm not saying this crime should go unpunished, but this is overkill. Black people better stop being so quick to wave the red and green. First it was same sex marriage now it's this. When it was discovered some of the kids were black, it was a rap for them. Don't be so quick to celebrate when it looks  like whites are getting screwed. These same people thought it was an injustice when they wanted to fire Carol Johnson up in Boston. We're not talking about finding out the coach at Lincoln Jr. High was messing with little Antoine. They would have just moved him to Lanier and he would have found a Terry. No jobs or scholarships would have been lost. His poor mother would just have to accept her son is taking money from grown men. I'm calling it down the middle. The same thing goes for the boys that goes for the girls.

For all those that think justice has been served by the NCAA. Not  so fast. After handing down the biggest sanctions in college football history short of the death penalty. What has this done to stop pedophiles from preying on little boys. They  were fined  only $60 million, when they make more than that a year. The NCAA and the University threw Joe Paterno under the bus to hurry and close the investigation. I can understand the fine and future bowl suspensions against the school. But the firing of Joe Paterno, the removing of his statue, and the vacating  of 112 wins from the school's record. Is a bit too much.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diamond Side

Baby's Momma (Ode To Erica)

This is the break in LiL Scrappy's career that Erica has been waiting for. To bad she won't be around to reap the rewards. If this record is any indication of things yet to come. He is going to be getting some big checks real soon. If Erica doesn't act a fool and take him off child support trying to prove her love for him.. His daughter will get her part of this big payday regardless. Which might not be a consiste nt thing. Now that Erica was being paid for being on LHHA. He was never going to catch up with his back pay. Thank goodness her mother has her ear. He made his move too soon.

Instead of wasting money hiring a lawyer to avoid his responsibility. Now he can and should pay the money and go on about his business. That's what he wants to do anyway. He used Erica to try and save face. This song wasn't only aimed at Erica. Diamond's ears should have also been burning. That's where the jab at Kanye came from. He still hasn't mentioned Souljah Boy. Though it's killing him softly.  Diamond read between the lines I bet. Now him Momma Dee and Shay can keep it moving. After paying all that is owed to baby's momma (Ode To Erica).

Sherman Hemsley (1938-2012)


Since the King of pop died leaving his children in the care of his eighty-two year old mother. His daughter "Paris" has become somewhat of a live-wire. This genie is out of the bottle with no plans of going back. I'm not so sure she wasn't prepared for a time such as this. So the family can't run through the money. She is keeping it in court until she's eighteen. They're trying to have Katherine declared incompetent. Time is running out. She is already worth $300 million before she does one take. I'm afraid her aunt and uncles advice are falling on deaf ears. They came up children stars in a different time. In the day of the Internet and Twitter. She better strike while the iron is hot. Four years from now she'll be just like her Uncle Randy and Aunt Rebbie, except with more money. No one will even know who she is. Now you can be famous for being famous. Look at Paris Hilton.

Since she is Michael Jackson's daughter. The people might be expecting too much from her. He may have been the greatest entertainer of all time. She might just be his daughter. She doesn't have to be anything thanks to him. Just keep living and stay out of trouble. Her father paved the way for her to lead a life of excess and privilege. Look how he lived. The days of a family of eleven living in less than 1000 sq. ft. back in Gary Indiana is over. Is not even a distant memory for his children. They never lived there. In the past we've only seen Michael's eccentric ways. Now we're going to see how rich he really was. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. Paris said "I remember everything my father told me". Michael was a twisted genius. He wasn't a money tree for his family when he was alive. She has been groomed.


The American Idol judge for season 12 has finally been announced. The long awaited decision was songstress Mariah Carey. Her husband Nick Cannon was bluffing with his outlandish demands. At 42 years of age this is probably her last chance for a sweet deal like this. Her rumored deal is worth between 12 and 17 million dollars, but I think she would have done it for 10 or less. The hits aren't rolling in these days. Plus she couldn't pass up the chance to hold a seat once held by J Lo and Paula Abdul. That puts her in a special class. Few female performers demand the money these women get for appearances . She better get in now. Next year she might have to compete with Beyonce or Chaka Kahn. With Steven Tyler leaving also. She might find herself sitting on the panel with a much younger Myley Cyrus.

When the names of Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle came up, I knew they were looking for a diva type. Someone well respected in the trade and a leader among their peers. But I knew they wouldn't hire either of them. Their fans don't call in and vote. Had it not been for her untimely death. This would have been the perfect job for Whitney Houston. She may have been the one person who could have given this show new life. She had a nurturing personality that seemed to go over well with other talented singers. She was so secure in her own talent. If a man wasn't involved, she could have judged them fairly. I'm not sure Mariah can do that. What will she do when we have another Jennifer Hudson? It's hard to judge who is best, when you want to be the best.

Monday, July 23, 2012


This is getting to be like the Jackson family version of  "The  Will".  It should be an open  and shut case. Considering Michael has three children and didn't have a wife.  The money goes to  Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket. And Katherine Jackson has custody of them. That gives her control of the money. Now she is supposedly missing. But she was travelling with her daughter.. One clue as to her whereabouts would be finding Rebbie. Last I heard she hadn't even been reported missing yet. But  they can't find her mother. Where is she?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Still Out There

One mistake is all it takes to bring about a lifetime of regret. Most women have some baggage or skeletons in their closets. Most of them have a closet though. How many women got screwed in a public place, or got with a guy who never called them back?  This was Kim Kardashian's  cedar chest  She just was stupid enough to put it on tape. I knew it was just a matter of time before this infamous part of her past would raise it's ugly head.  For her and Kanye or anyone else for that matter. To move forward in their life as a couple, they're going to have to deal with Ray J. She is going to have to have a modern day Fillmore Slim to deal with him. Someone who can break it down that you had her then, and I have her now. Before you and I have beef.  "Leave me and my woman alone". And be able to say it with confidence. Not only address him man to man. But put a look in her eyes like the one in the photo above. So the other man will know.

It would be best squashed by Kim herself, but obviously she can't handle the task.  With all the trouble it has caused her in the past. Otherwise she would have already did it by now. Then Kanye could just play it cool like Wiz Khalifa. He really doesn't have to say anything.  Amber Rose handles that department herself. She gives Kanye props for his generosity. Then makes it clear to all who want to know. Wiz is the man in her life now..Check out the interview with Amber Rose and Wendy Williams compared to Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey. Even with Oprah's softball questions. Amber was the more convincing of the two. "It was cool then, but now I don't even think about that. Next question". What a way to put that chapter of her life to an end. Instead of constantly talking about it and apologizing. Kim should do the same thing.

This is another defining moment for Kanye West. But being an a**hole doesn't slow another one down. He wants to outdo you. Can he get gangster like his partner Jay Z? Or will he come up short like LiL Scrappy? The longer this scenario plays out  The better it is for Ray J.   I wonder how long it will be before Kanye puts out a diss record about him? That's how he usually handles his disputes. He takes his battles to the studio where he has the advantage. I don't think it  will work this time though. He doesn't want to draw attention to this.

Kanye is lying if he claims not to have seen the tape. If that is so,  why is he cutting ties with everyone who brings it up? Everybody  with  a computer and access to the Internet is a possible viewer.  He can't disassociate himself from everyone  who has seen that tape. If he is going to keep her.  He is just going to have to grow some thick skin and develop a sense of humor. Sam and Dave gave up $10,000 a wk. in the 60's over a woman. Which was the  equivalent of the top entertainers today. Unless Kanye  changes he'll be doing a lot of firing and fighting.  And it's still out  there.                                                      .    .

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramona Parker "Ms. Melodie" (1963-2012)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who Elevates

An even swap is no swindle. I guess it's alright if everyone is happy in the end. All things considered. Who really got the best deal? After watching how this whole thing turned out. I think Kris Humphries was used, but he'll be compensated for his heartbreak. Kim had a two month romp in the hay and called it marriage. She got her freak on with regularity. While E footed the bill. I'm sure Kris had a ball. She chose him. Other than Ray J, Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries. Contrary to popular belief. Kim hasn't been sleeping around. Many have seen but few have actually sampled the goodies.

Kanye doesn't seem to mind taking on the challenge of having a woman with a star equal to, and in some cases exceeding his.  Without the infamous sex tape would we even know William Ray Norwood ?  I'm not so sure we would if we even do know. When Reggie Bush won the Superbowl, after the  game she  took more pictures than him. His promise  to marry her after he won, was as big a story as winning the game itself. Where Kris is concerned.  Attendance numbers  were up for the New Jersey Nets at home. It was like having Blake Griffin or Kevin Durant on the team. Some fans come just to see  them play. She did a lot more for New Jersey than her sister Khloe did for Dallas. David Stern probably has her on speed dial.

The newness of this relationship has started to wear off.  I saw a picture of Kim the other day and she looked kind of haggard to me. She looked like she was rode hard and put away wet. I have a theory for why she looks that way. In hundreds of pictures that I've seen of her. I never seen her look that way before. It just shows Kanye is working hard to go the distance. When I see them I can't help but think of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri. I never expected it to last. Until Kim has a baby. That's how i look at her and Kanye. He doesn't care what anyone thinks about their relationship. Earlier I talked about Ice T and Coco. Well this is just the opposite. It's more like Kendra and Hank Baskett. She has the past and the money. Even though she was for lack of a better term a "whore". You could never tell by listening to Hank. He makes her respectable, at least to him. Kris didn't elevate Kim, Kanye does.

Monday, July 16, 2012


I believe Aretha Franklin has a distorted view of how the industry views her. Her persona is not that of a Dianna Ross or even Gladys Knight. She is recognized as the "Queen of Soul" by her fans. But with the majority of music fans that doesn't carry much weight. You have a whole generation that doesn't even know her. I know she does want to land that multi-million dollar gig. In spite of her past success. This would be her biggest job to date. The young people view her as a blast from the past. Plus she has a reputation of being a b^*ch. If they're going to deal with this. They might as well have Mariah Cannon. Aretha can't even make all the auditions. She doesn't like flying.

Patti Labelle has even thrown her hat in the ring. They both should probably try being a mentor first. A guest appearance is enough I think. Every week is too much. To hire Aretha would signal the end is near. Simon left first, then it was Paula. She still gets appearances on various shows. The only one left is Randy. He'll never quit the show. He knows if he leaves the show you'll never see him again. If she wants to know what the future holds, she can ask Randy. He has been there the longest, and gets paid the least. Even the fans don' t value his opinion. They'll bring in a youngster like Miley Cyrus and put her up front. They won't give you any RESPECT. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Somebody Really Listened

When you watch this interview, and the premiere party for the cast and crew of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta". One character stands out.  At the premiere Momma Dee talked more than the MC. They had to take the microphone from her. Now you see why LiL Scrappy acts the way he does. He has no place to get any direction from. His mother is crazy as a loon. She buys into this "Prince of the South" nonsense, more than him. I think she was one of the major problems with him and Diamond. She doesn't help him and Erica either. Not as far as staying together. She encourages her son to be a player. But don't abandon your baby's mother. You might  want to go back on e day.

I think she has an unhealthy obsession with her son. Have you noticed  how she looks at him? I understand a mother's love, but she takes it to an extreme. In one episode even Scrappy had to tell her the affection he seeks from his woman has nothing to do with her. This is not just for the cameras. This is really her. Unlike Joseline Hernandez, I don't think her character is a result of editing. If you talk to her more than five minutes, she tries to run a game on you. She sounds like an old pimp. You notice when she whispered in the interviewers ear, she didn't say anything else. In a different time and place. Somebody really listened.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Like It Is Now

We have yet another chapter from the Atlanta diaries. Courtesy of the housewives. Singer/songwriter Kandi Burrus is like a deer caught in the headlights waiting to hear a thump. She knows someone is going to get hit one way or the other, but she still hangs out on the highway. She is just hoping it won't be her. Why would you even put yourself in position to get hit if you have a choice? Just stay in the woods where there are no cars. Her and Phaedra Parks are some closet freaks. When you and a self-professed goldigger are going on trips and partying together. You need to make some different friends and associates. With you being rich and having trouble in the romance department. Not being a true friend, she either has advice or some slick talking dude lined up herself to prey on you. Don 't be the only duck on the yard with the chickens. They like chicken, but you're good too. Especially if it comes with dressing.

I'm starting to smell some silicone when it comes to Ms. Parks. But she has some pretty legs and you  can't buy those. Since I saw Diamond and K. Michelle and the drama behind them. I know they're buying butts in the ATL. Representing Bobby Brown in family court doesn't promote you to the status of a Gloria Alred. Where was she before the reality show took off? You went on the road with a little known rapper (Drumma Boy). Now six years later you posting pictures of your booty on the Internet. Were you just a jump-off with a law degree back then? Don't ever think Kandi posted this picture without her approval. She would have already filed the lawsuit papers if she hadn't. The fishnets are no coincidence. They hide all the cellulite,dimples and scars. I don't know why kandi is so impressed. Her booty is bigger than Phadrae's. They just wanted to get the public pulse. I think I know what the deal is with her ex-con husband Apollo Nida now. He did some time for her, or at least took  the blame. We're just looking at the last two years that we seen on the screen . They've known each other since the early nineties. He remembers when she was plain. Before implants and weave got popular like it is now. All a donkey booty was, is a big one that don't twerk.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Can't Make It

I think Joseline Hernandez is probably going to be at the center of most of the drama on this reality show. All the women hate her because she is so feminine, sexy and in your face. She don't back down from a scuffle either. All her adversaries have to side with the other women against her. Who are just glad it's not them. They have to watch their own men, because they'll be watching Joseline. If this woman plays her cards right she can parlay this into something bigger. Heaven forbid she can rap. She'll blow up like a grenade.

I feel sorry for Erica, but she brought this upon herself. I might be pointing fingers at the wrong one. It might be her and not Lil Scrappy. He seems to want a quiet more reserved woman. Unlike his overprotective mother "Momma Dee". Who is TTG (trained to go)as he would say. What does she do other than the show? Her and his baby's momma encouraged him,even demanded he confront Stevie J. Instead of acting like a neighborhood family trying to establish dominance. Those are the two who should've been talking him down. This ain't the sixties,and this ain't Florida and Kansas. This is 2012 and they live in a small town striving to be a big city. This type behavior will get you killed.

I'm gong to have to keep watching to see, but I think this might be the beginning of a new Lil Scrappy. It really hurt him when he lost Diamond. He was trying to be a family man and settle down. Come to find out. He had even written a book. He isn't out of touch as you might think. After hearing them both do interviews. Contrary to what Momma Dee would have you think. It wasn't a nasty split. I think he knows what caused the break-up. There might have been a touch of jealousy there. The "Prince of the South" has fallen on hard times these days. The Crunk crowd isn't worth the trouble anymore.

With Diamond hooking up with Soulja Boy soon after the split. Makes her look like a goldigger, or a cheater. According to Momma Dee she was both.  She took it harder than Scrappy. She acts like a pimp who lost one of  their hoes to another pimp. That doesn't apply in this case. They both are entertainers. But Diamond is bigger than Scrappy. It's not like he was ever a "Game" or anything.  He never had the income, just the ignorance. In terms of her career she has moved on to bigger and better things. She was nominated for a BET Award. He wasn't even there.

Earlier I mentioned six degrees of separation to anyone in the world. Notice how all these people are connected to each other. A local radio listener L.A. Rose said she was moving to Atlanta to pursue a new career, even though she is a senior citizen. Coming from her it sounds foolish, but she might be on to something.  Seems like every black person who has made it big in entertainment in the last few years. Either lives or has been through there. With all the networking going on there. If you can't make it in Atlanta. You can't make it anywhere.

Money Game B^*ch

This man's name comes up too often around trouble. He should be sued and/or prosecuted for this latest incident. Forget that "don't snitch" mentality. What about the code of respect and common decency? I'm sure 40 Glocc isn't going to kill himself over this. But this is going to take a long time if ever for him  to live it down. This is where the children got it from. This was an example of one adult bullying another. The words "money game b*#^h" should come back to haunt him.


At first I must say I wasn't feeling this, it sounded like a stripper song.  Then I listened again and read some of the other listeners comments. It still sounds like background music at the "Players Club". But I can see where they're going with this. Stevie J. is hanging out with a different set of people these days. Here he is fusing Hip Hop with the Latin sound.  Joseline is the ideal artist to put this kind of music out. If you don't like it. It's not meant for you. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On Record

This woman has extremely large breast, probably among the two largest I've ever seen. But I'm not so sure they're the biggest. I saw a woman one time that looked like a walking boob. This is just the biggest on record.

Monday, July 09, 2012


The wealthy are no longer trying to compromise with the poor. They're simply packing up moving out of the country renouncing their citizenship. When the top 10% control 70% of the wealth in the country. What happens when the top 10% start to leave and go elsewhere? While people are complaining about PILOT programs and offering perks. This is the alternative. Having some big fish leave the pond.

I wonder if President Obama's supporters are paying attention to this trend. It's kind of like when the people in Hickory Hill were trying to sell their homes before being annexed. By the time he raises taxes on the rich. They'll all be gone. Socialite Denice Rich is the latest example of this.  Eduardo Saverin co-founder of Facebook is a more  noted  example. Would we even know about  her if it weren't for him? I wonder does Forbes keep a list on this?  When you push  the wealthy against  the  wall. That's the risk that you run.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ernest Borgnine (1917 2012)

Speak For Itself

Jay Z was cheezy and jovial, he appeared to be having a ball. For some reason Kanye appeared tight though. It was like a relief when Jay showed up. I bet Beyonce was responsible for him being late . Since Kanye is bringing Kim. You know they'll be lost without us. "Let's make them sweat". To make matters worse. Could it have had something to do with the fact that Ray J was there? I bet he made his presence known.

These pictures and the video say it all. Let's be honest. Look at Kim and look at Beyonce. Which one do you think looks the best? Before now no one ever compared one of them to anyone. I won't say, I'll just say the girl is stunning. She was one of the best looking women in the "Shrine Auditorium" that night. I won't bother repeating what I said. I'll let it speak for itself.

Saturday, July 07, 2012


I don't think this guy killed his child. Where has the woman he lives with been all this time? She had to know what was happening. That doesn't let him off the hook, but it might clear up some things. I just can't believe a father who went through the trouble of getting custody would purposely kill his child. All the arrows point to him, but I don't think he did it. He is an accessory.

Real Bargain

Look what you can buy 33 miles outside of Atlanta for $550,000. Even in a distressed housing market that's pretty good. Especially for someone like Ne-yo who has plenty more money where that came from. The house is old and outdated and has too many windows. Even though it has outstanding curb appeal.. The amenities are lacking. I don't even think it has a swimming pool. He has the money to bring it up to par, and still make it a real bargain.


Friday, July 06, 2012

Monica Is Drama

I saw Monica behind the cameras for the first time since her reality show. She didn't seem very happy to me. The bubbly personality and quick wit were missing. She has recently gotten married, but she also suffered a nasty breakup. I believe Monica is another tortured soul. Though her songbird voice has always kept her a household name. She hasn't enjoyed the commercial success of many of her contemporaries of lesser talent. I see some of the same shortcomings in her as I did in Whitney. She comes across as one who justifies her stupid decisions with her right to do as she pleases. Hopefully her whirlwind romance and marriage to Shannon Brown will last. How can you wear a white dress down the isle, when you have two little children one of them still a toddler, and the groom isn't even their father?

What do  Aretha, Whitney, Brandy and Monica all have in common? They don't live the life they sing about in their songs. Even though they sing like voices from heaven. Their personal lives are  shot to hell. Her taste in men has always been poor, dating back to her first publicized love interest "C Murder". After him she dated a known drug dealer that killed himself in her presence. What's the odds of that? Why would a successful millionaire entertainer be involved with a guy like that anyway? It's a known fact. that Monica likes the bad boys.

Which brings us to her children's father. You hardly ever seen Rocko during the reality show "I'm still standing". Even though he and Monica were practically married and building a house. Now I know why. He didn't want to be seen by his female fans. He has built a small empire underground. Monica made him legit. This guy never had any intentions of settling down. It was mostly Ms. Arnold being the diva that she is, and thinking she was exempt. She should have known he was promiscuous.  Look at his videos and you can see for yourself. Monica could have too, if she had paid attention. This might be a sign. Not one woman in his videos look anything like her. This man likes big boned Mamacitas with long hair. Totally the opposite of her. She is a slim, tall sister with a cute face and short hair. With the girls at his disposal. Do you think he leaves that appetite on the set? I don't think so.

I don't know what finally made Monica open her eyes.. Was this a story for "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta"? With Monica and Rocko both in the business. There is no way their paths hadn't crossed some of these people on the show. She was perfectly content having his babies without him marrying her. Then all of a sudden she leaves him because she thinks he's cheating on her. That doesn't add up to me. After hanging out in Atlanta for the last ten years playing house. In a matter of months she was married and had moved to California . I hope this isn't yet another move she'll regret later. Monica can move away from the drama, but she can't get away from herself. Monica is drama. It follows her wherever she goes.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Up And Down Town

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is real television. They have the baby's mommas and the jump-offs face to face. Stevie J had three of his women at the table together. I say three because MiMi better watch Karlie. Beware of the dog that brings you a bone. They're probably trying to keep you occupied while they get the steak. The plan is to keep MiMi so busy watching all the other women she won't be watching her. The jury is still out on Joseline. She sounds a little slow. I think she is in over her head. I don't know what Stevie J has on these women, but it's working. Joseline said he was the best she ever had. Coming from a woman who has probably had a few, that's not a bad reference.

Erica is holding on to Lil Scrappy hoping he'll blow up again. He isn't doing very good these days. I don't see that changing soon. Notice you haven't seen him in the studio on the show. What is he doing? Erica better listen to her mother. She used to be on drugs, but not anymore. Erica has outgrown Scrappy, if they ever were equals. Don't stay just because you have a baby. I don't think the love is there. She's on some totally different stuff than Joseline and MiMi. She better capitalize on this show. She is making as much or more than him. She gets child support from him and I think she has a job. With a matriach like Momma Dee, she might be better off without him. Between her and Erica, Lil Scrappy will probably end up doing time. That crunk mentality is a sure ticket to jail or unemployment. Lil Scrappy has had his fifteen minutes of fame. If he hasn't shown his true intent yet. There isn't much left.

Is everybody in Atlanta an aspiring artist? Independent usually just means, you can't get a deal. Is finding the right producer the key to getting a hit? I haven't heard anything beyond a verse from Joseline or Karlie. Just Stevie J's promise of good things to come. Karlie doesn't even have that. Where does she get her money from? That's the holdup for K. Michelle and Rasheeda. I'm starting to wonder about K. Michelle and her claims. Not really starting. Just getting confirmation. I thought she was suspect from the start. Now bit by bit we hear the whole story.

Rasheeda has this Independent thing backwards. Her husband/manager Kirk Frost has it right. They don't have the money to promote "Boss Bitch" like she wants. Demand isn't too high for thirty-six year old female rappers. Especially a grandmother with legs like baseball bats. She should be producing and grooming talent by now. She should be more like the Godmother than the Queen. You been in the game fourteen years and still haven't made it big. This television show bought them some time. If this record doesn't take off. We might need to reevaluate. They need to sell one million copies underground. Otherwise he needs to get a job or something. Maybe so should she.

All these people are perpetuating a fraud. They would have you think they've got it going on, when they're really not doing too good. Atlanta is a big little town. Everybody knows about everybody's struggles. It's like a big neighborhood. With folks coming from miles around to look like they have things they don't. Fortunes are gained and lost in these 132 square miles called Atlanta. Based on the careers of the residents. It should be known as the up and down town.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Chin Check

Chris Brown  was noticeably quiet at the BET Awards show. Hopefully he has started to get his mind right. Unlike last year when he dominated the show. I think we owe this attitude adjustment to his recent encounter with Drake. Chris  got carried away and tried to pull a Puffy and Ray J move. Unfortunately for him  without the same outcome. He wasn't dealing with Ben Affleck or Kris Humphries. Drake is light, but he isn't white. He spent a lot of time in Memphis with his father. That's where he got his swag.

Chris may be all  tatted up and putting in time in  the gym. That doesn't equate to boxing skills though. Chris Brown can't really fight.  He is a pretty boy. Some guys don't care about him taking off his shirt and  poppng bottles of $500 champagne. They're big ballers too. Drake has more money than Chris. Don't go by Rhianna either, she'll get you hurt. You're not her only boyfriend these days. She has more money  than both of them put together.The white men are after her. She has kept it moving just like him. Not long ago he was beefin with Brian McKnight. A veteran in the game. I knew then he was headed for trouble. He doesn't have any  respect. I had no idea it would come in the form of a chin check.  That's better than the alternatives,  a bullet or some time in jail.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Take A Rest

Last night I saw a piece of history, as well as the end of an era. Frankie Beverly and Maze made their first television appearance in over forty years, and it will probably be their last. Though Frankie was never a Eddie LeVert he could hold his own. He can't do that anymore. It would be a disservice to his fans to charge them $70 for a ticket to hear him butcher those old Maze tunes. Without Frankie Beverly singing lead vocals, there is no Maze. He did all the vocals on every song. He has been a mainstay, enjoying a long and  lucrative  career. I never heard anyone complain about a Maze show. But don't go to the well to often. Now it's time for him to take a rest.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Cash Should Be King

The last time we had a drama free superintendent in Memphis was probably John P. Freeman. He also was the last white one as well. First black we had was Willie Herenton. He was a hometown boy who made good. Early in his career, blacks  weren't comfortable complaining  yet. The Ford family controlled the black vote during that time. As soon as he got elected, he distanced himself from them. They had their share of haters. Herenton was a charter member. He left the superintendents job in the midst of a scandal. He had a problem  with  the ladies and lawsuits. Even though he was highly educated.

That brought in the hunt for credentials. Twenty-five years in the system and a Masters degree from Memphis State wasn't enough anymore. You had to have a PHD from Dartmouth College and be turning down a job somewhere else. Unless of course you're white. They also had to have someone who could deal with the women on the board, which proved to be of major importance later. Willie Herenton got in trouble with the ladies and lawsuits. That introduced Memphis to the national search. Which brought us Gerry House. She was a female with more education than everyone else, plus she got along with the mayor. She stayed here longer than anyone else to date. Then she suddenly left.

In a move to reward years of service and familiarity. We hired from within and that brought us Johnnie B. Watson.  He couldn't handle the women on the school board. They did more press conferences than he did. For three years Sara Lewis ran the schools, or at least the superintendent. He didn't have enough bass in his voice. Taking charge was not his strong suit. You can't lead from behind. Fortunately he retired and took a less high profile position. He is president of local HBCU (habitually broke colleges and universities) Lemoyne Owen University. A private school  without an endowment. Which essentially makes him a fundraiser  with a title. They wanted someone to maintain  the status-quo.  He is ideal for the job.

Then came Dr. Carol Johnson with NCLB. That was a pipe dream from the start. There is no way every child is college bound. That was just a waste of time. She set us back thirty years in three. She removed the paddle and replaced it with Ritalin. Now we have a group of zombies dropping out of school or receiving certificates instead of diplomas. All the children who didn't excel in school or had discipline problems, were put on drugs to calm them down. They also got a monthly check. When often all  they needed was extra instruction or a spanking. She double crossed the board with her politics and conciliatory demeanor. All the while building her resume for a better job somewhere  else. She went to Boston. The same money, with half the students. Looks like she got a better job.

By now people had tired of  Sara Lewis and her antics, and Wanda Halbert has moved on to the city council. Kriner Cash didn't have to deal with them. But he has to deal with this merger and the public they left behind   He got the job based on his ability. Not his curly hair.He didn't get fired from his last job. He was chosen over several other candidates. Like he should be in this case. I'm sure John Aitken is a good guy But he isn't the man for the job. Kriner Cash is directly responsible for MCS receiving over $120 million. From a business prospective. Cash should be King.

Andy Griffith ( 1926-2012)

She Shares

I was wondering what the status of Beyonce and her family was. Better yet, what's going on with her husband Jay Z? You never hear about him doing anything for anyone except himself. I watched an encounter between him and T-Pain, and he came across as being an a^^hole. Even after T-Pain all but kissed his butt, he left him hanging. Just because you're the biggest in the game right now. You shouldn't spit down on those beneath you. Why make unnecessary enemies? Truth be known, were it not for the untimely death of "Biggie" and "Tupac". It might have been a "hard knock life". I remember the old days.

Back to the free hearted half of the pair. It's no secret how close she is to her mother. Unlike young female celebrities like  Rhianna.  She desperately needs a voice of reason in her life. It appears Beyonce has some guidance.and influence from an older,wiser woman.  I was impressed when I read this caption about her:
Aunt Bey's been there for Daniel Julez, little sister Solange's son, literally from the get-go: She was in the delivery room for his birth! Since then, she's taken the tot shopping before she's performed, brought him to the Grammys, and confessed she often postpones his bedtime when she babysits. It’s not surprising that Solange has admitted that her big sister wants to watch Daniel more than she's willing to let her! But now that Beyoncé’s a mommy, too, Solange plans to indulge Blue Ivy just as her sister has spoiled her son.

Why don't we hear more stories like this? Kim Kardashian made her whole family rich, or buys her boyfriend a new expensive car. Always giving someone something. She is spreading the wealth. Instead we have Baby going on "106 and Park" bragging about wearing a million dollars worth of jewelry. Kim's net worth is supposedly less than  half that of his. Yet many people gain from her fortune. Only he gains from his.