Monday, May 28, 2007

Is My Girl There

Check This Out!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

This Is A New One

This story has taken wings and soared to higher proportions. With family members like Joe Ford. Who needs the media and naysayers. He's giving the news reporters something to feed on once again. He doesn't even know what's wrong with her. He probably doesn't know any more about what's happening than we do. He has already labeled her a drunk or a drug addict. Though she maintains that she is neither. That's not standing behind her, that's put ting her down.

In the heightened news coverage, I heard something I never heard before. It appears back in 1975 her ex-husband shot at Bishop Patterson 14 times. Supposedly it was due to a sermon he preached on domestic violence. Being that he later ended up chopping his mother up with an axe. I'm not surprised at anything he does. He obviously wasn't working with a full deck. It would seem this would have been major news when it happened. For some reason it wasn't.

Nearly 100% Participation

This is an issue that knowingly or not, every U.S. citizen will be in some way be affected. Anybody that buys anything is affected through the taxes they pay. This proposed bill won't get the support it needs to actually come to past. Opposition for the bill is growing on both sides. Neither party really wants to give away the kitchen sink. The Republican party wants the cheap labor. But so do the Democrats. Just ask Nancy Pelosi, who works in her hotels. The Democrats want the expected increased voter base. But along with the added votes comes the added strain. They aren't adding much to pot from which they feed. After further consideration, they've both decided it's not worth the investment. The costs in the long run doesn't justify the initial benefits. Now we have a standoff. Both waiting on the other to do the dirty work.

Conservatives are calling this president inept, with his handling of this issue. They want him to put the hammer down on all 12 million people. Anything short of kicking them out is considered amnesty. I think what he has done is politically brilliant. He has taken the ball out of his own hands and placed it squarely in the hands of others, namely the Democrats. They can't accomplish anything else legislatively. They won't be able to finish this either. I have been saying for quite some time. "Immigration will be the deciding factor in the upcoming presidential election". This proposed bill amounts to a poll to see where American voters stand.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blake Is A Long Shot

Blake is a long shot but he might win. I've been wrong so far, so what if I am this time? On last evening honestly I think he gave the best performance. He does a great job with the "Maroon Five" songs. He just might pull it off.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another Unbelievable Act Of Violence

The last time it was a robber attacking a 101 yr. old woman. This time it was a 91yr. old army veteran. Read the story and look at the video by clicking on the link below :

Friday, May 18, 2007

"I Know Exactly What I'm Talking About"

I have been following this story, and watched the video a couple of times. I'm not one of those die hard Ford fans, but I think I see Ophelia's point here. I might be wrong but I don't think I am. People are just ready to write her off because of her brothers, Edmund and John. There is truth to the old adage "Birds of a feather flock together". That's not necessarily true in this case. Could there only connection be the fact that they're siblings? It's strange how just last week people wanted to claim John Ford was being railroaded by the F.B.I., when he was clearly guilty. Yet they turn around this week and are ready to throw Ophelia under the bus. Based on a snippet of a video. They saw on the already proven biased news media. Most of us don't have the expertise to understand the content of that meeting. It's unfair to make a decision without the full understanding of what's happening. Which I think many of us have done.

Ms. Ford maintains that she was fully aware of what was going on. After watching the whole meeting on the legislative website. I think she's telling the truth. It's unfair to judge Ms. Ford on what's considered a three minute outburst, in a whole two hour session. After listening to some of the others she just might have just been temporarily out of her mind. Delirious from the babble. We want say she was inebriated or having a nervous breakdown. Instead of just listening to what she has to say. Whether she was drunk or not she asked a very valid question. "How can they be closing out cases without a death certificate"? Just claiming not to be responsible for that. Doesn't answer the question she asked.

"What You're Talkin About Ain't Hittin On Nothin"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Toll Booths Can Be Done

As expected Rep. Ulysses Jones has been quiet as a church mouse concerning this proposed legislation. As I have always said this can be done, it's just a matter of putting it to a vote. This proposal has been kept pretty quiet so far. Locally I haven't heard one political analyst make this observation. But I think I get the picture now. Had this came up sooner, there wouldn't have been a need for a state lottery. At least the idea wouldn't have been as attractive as it seemed. We Tennesseans love the kids. I attribute this backdoor deal to Rep. Jones, but of course he isn't solely responsible. He is just the only elected official that looked me in the eye and lied. In regards to whether we could or couldn't do this.

Meet the people who brought this to fruition. Former TDOT chief of staff "Velma Jones" a now toll-booth lobbyist. And state Representative " Phillip Pinion" D-Tenn., who sponsored the "Tennessee Tollway Act". I have yet to hear anyone tell them they couldn't do this, or present any kind of opposition. Even Governor Bredesen has expressed his approval. It has become advantageous for someone to put it on the table. Now all of a sudden we have all these factors that make it feasible. That were there all the time. Nothing has changed except for the fact that someone has secured $4.1 million in contracts to lobby on it's behalf. Read more on the subject, click the link below:

Final Respects For Jerry Falwell

Founder of the "Moral Majority" and conservative political activist "Jerry Falwell" died at 73. Some might breath a sigh of relief being that he was so vocal in his attacks against gays. To get the full story clink on the link below:

Home Grown Hatred

It seems as though every week we hear about someone who has children that really shouldn't have them. It's no wonder our young people behave like animals. They have no where to get better behavior skills from. Last week I heard where a woman took her six yr. old daughter on a school bus to fight another child. She asked the child who hit her little girl to identify themselves. When they did she instructed her daughter to go "handle her business". The jury to me is still out about that though. Considering the fact that they were 6yr. old girls. I thought about when I was a child. How mothers handled those type situations. But times have changed a lot since then. Somebody might end up getting shot now.

There are other instances that don't require any second thought. Like when the man took his two yr. old in the gun shop and was teaching him how to load and shoot the guns. You might say that the little boy couldn't shoot the gun anyway. But let's consider the intent of the adults. Are they encouraging violence among children. It won't be long, the killers are getting younger and younger. They're showing up at kindergarten with guns and drugs. To get a closer perspective of what I'm talking about. Click on the link below:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jordin Might Be Going Home

Based on last nights performances. I think young Jordin may be going home. Melinda blowed them out of the water last night. She handled some what I thought were difficult songs. In spite of that she still sang wonderfully.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Raiford's Disco Is A Done Deal

A Memphis landmark will soon become a memory. "Raiford's Hollywood Disco" is going to soon be closing down. This past Saturday night the owner of the popular nightspot said "the spirit told him it was time to close". In the very next sentence. He said he had tried to find someone to take over the business, but there weren't any takers. Leading me to believe this had been in the plans before that night. I also find that hard to believe considering family members are always there now. Seems they would have been bursting at the seams to take over the helm of a flourishing business. Based on his children and workers I've seen. Unless looks are deceiving, I doubt they have prepared for a life after the club.

I wish it was just an epiphany that came over the entire family. Making them decide to turn over this new leaf. I don't think it was though. Something we don't know about, is the cause of this. I can remember in the early days when he was catching hell trying to survive on Mulberry St. and Vance. It was the center for the prostitution trade. Not to mention the heavy homosexual presence, both in and out of the club. I have heard conflicting stories as to the reason for the sudden announcement. Now that the club is closing. We will probably never know the full story.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Where Does It End

I have been somewhat critical of Lemoyen Owen fundraisers in the past. One reason being there are so many of them. The solvency only lasts until the next audit comes. At some point or another this institution and others like it, have to become self supporting. As much as their tuition cost. They shouldn't be having financial woes. If only the city employees here in Memphis would give something back. Since so many of them claim Lemoyen Owen as their alma mater. The main discussion on campus wouldn't always be the threat of school closure. Black colleges suffer from a lack of Alumni support. The graduates don't feel obligated to reach back and help. This is yet another well articulated plea for help.

We need volunteers and participants. Please let me know ASAP! The Mayors and city are supporting this city-wide fundraiser in efforts to save the college before June 30 th. We will have a variety of live performing groups, face painting, moon bounce, vendors, step teams, drum lines, fraternities/sororities, aerobics classes, etc. Some of the TV stations and radio stations have committed to make appearances and live remotes, companies and churches have begun to make donations on food, t-shirts, the stage, and monetary gifts, and professional performing groups are beginning to confirm their participation. We are asking everybody in the city to make a donation to the college either at the event or at various businesses across the city through the New Olivet Baptist Church Bust-A-Move Monday (BAMM) campaign. Everything is free to the public and the New Olivet Church is paying for any of the expenses.

Please plan to show up and support as a college in numbers if you are going to be in town on June 2nd between 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. on the lawn. I am assisting with the entertainment line-up and some of the volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering, participating or recommending a choir, performer, comedian, step team, etc. please let me know ASAP! We need as many students and alums as possible to be visible.

New Olivet has begun to run the commercials. This information should be up on our website and New Olivet's shortly.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

You Tell Me

I happened to run across this article pertaining to one of my associates. He usually can't wait to tell me if he was mentioned in the newspaper, or anywhere for that matter . Somehow he forgot to mention this. We disagree on most things politically, but I enjoy the spirited conversation. This is what "Blake Fontenay", local columnist and blogger. Had to say about this person. I removed their name so as not to influence anyone. One way or the other. Based on what has been written. See if you agree.

"I hate you so much that I want to be like you"

You've got to hand it to ***** *******, a local gadfly who's running for one of the seats on the Memphis Charter Commission. In an appearance before the Memphis City Council this week, he lectured council members about being hypocritical before coming across as something of a hypocrite himself.

****** made an appearance at Tuesday's meeting to support a resolution calling for a public referendum on term limits. Steele noted that council members' salaries are the same as those paid to Shelby County commissioners. (A tidy arrangement which ensures that whenever commissioners raise their pay, council members get a raise without enduring the political heat.)

But ****** pointed out that commissioners have term limits, so the same rules that apply to salaries should apply to how long elected officials in city and county government can remain in an office.

"If you're paid under the same rules, you should abide by the same rules," ******* said.

That was a great point, if only he had stopped talking then. But****** went on a tangent about how elected officials just don't listen to what ordinary citizens have to say. Then he concluded his diatribe against elected officials by asking them to vote for him as the representative to the charter commission's District 6 seat.

If you don't agree with that assessment of his character. Then you probably understand this. Maybe me and Blake are the only ones that feel this way. Read what the accused had to say.


Blake,what is a gadfly?Were you at the meeting or did you hear it on 88.5.You
called me a hypocrite,partner,while
writing this crap about me,you fail to
inform,what few readers you have that I
am not an elected official.Also,after I
said vote for me everyone,burst out
laughing,because they knew I was joking.
You,also fail to mention that there were
council members who remarked about my comments,and agreed with my statements.
Also,you fail to mention that the vote was 6 to 6,with Tom Marshall absent.Also,
you fail to mention,that as I was leaving
Jack Sammons came up to me and thanked me for what I did,and wished me good luck.
And did you mention that I was for term
limits.Oh,and did you know I have a working relationship with the council
both black and white,male and female.And
did you mention my statements about Myron
running which I consider a conflict of interest.Also,Ricky Peete,using the democrate name on an unoffical ballot.
And charging $1,000.00 a head to be on that ballot.Also,did you mention that I worked in Myron Lowery pass campaign and
Ricky Peete and Joe Brown and supported
Carol Chuney,who recently adopted a ideal of mine about leaving children in hot cars.Sir,I am no Gadfly.The council knew
I was joking,and my statements were directed to them not you.Also,look into the Memphis city charter at article 5
section 32,and tell me if this is not
a conflict of interest,when it concerns
Myron Lowery,a sitting city council man.
Think I am lying,check with John Lunt

For those who read this story. You tell me.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not Very Efficient In The Office

I don't want to put all secretaries in the same category. I have met some that, I'm sure were invaluable to their bosses. Some have proven to be an asset to me in my dealings. This may not even represent a small percentage of them. At least I sure hope they don't. But here in Memphis, especially in local government. It is much,much to prevalent. In some cases it is painfully obvious that some people probably got their jobs due to who they screwed. If not themselves, because they know somebody who did. These people seem to be tucked away where the majority of the public doesn't see them. It doesn't take but once to make you want to lead the charge for accountability. When you run into one of these neck popping, head jerking, finger pointing sistahs. And they stand between you and getting results. It's more than enough to make you sick. As a law abiding, taxpaying productive citizen. I don't appreciate the incompetence or the indifference either. I don't think I'm overreacting when I say. These people need to do their job.

Possible But Not Probable

When asked what were the chances of Willie Herenton not being reelected for a fifth term in office. Former Memphis "Mayor Dick Hackett" said "it's possible but not probable". I would say that's a pretty fair assessment of the situation. As someone who has been on the other side of the eight ball. He has seen the Herenton political machine at work. It was the one that rolled over him. His opinion carries more weight than most.

He gave the present mayor the only real competition he has had since taking office. He pointed out the fact that politics in Memphis like it or not. Have more than subtle racial undertones. It remains to be seen if any of the thirteen other candidates can build a serious base. From all indications, it won't happen.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

There Will Only Be Ladies Left

I watched "American Idol" last night. I was most impressed with Melinda. Let me post this before the results come in. Based on last nights performances. I am convinced. There will only be ladies left. Jordin was real good too.

Doesn't Look To Good

I could be wrong, but judging by his hat,
this guy ain't gonna make it!!!!

Black And White

It's befitting that I would only find a black and white picture of "Rick Masson", the interim president of MLGW. Those are the two most important colors of how this scenario will play out. I think this was a very smart political move on the mayor's part. This appointment will silence many of the his critics. His White detractors won't go against one of their own. The constant charges of the director being one of Herenton's cronies will die down now. They won't reduce him to being a boy. Blacks won't say anything either because he is White. Believe it or not that old adage "the White man's ice is colder", holds true with some people. Those that were used or driven by their jealousy will be less vocal. Those who were fueling the foolishness won't be egging them on like they have in the past. I'll be watching to see if the Black community is as critical and outspoken as they have been. It will be interesting to see what the complaints will be now.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Al Sharpton Sings "Barack The Magic Negro"

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Men All Pause

Mrs. Louise Patterson widow of the former COGIC presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson. Gave her first interview since his funeral. If I remember correctly. I think the first public interview since his death was with former radio host Don Imus. Or maybe that was the bishop's last interview. I might be wrong but I don't think so. It probably just got swept under the carpet, in the midst of the Rutgers fiasco.

The part of the interview that I remember most is when she said. "When I walked into a room my husband would stand. And all the men in the room stood up too". I'm sure him being the bishop played a big part in that. Nonetheless I found that very heartwarming. When she said that she sounded as someone who had been pampered. If nothing else he was someone special to her. For those of us who are blessed to have a queen. We should do all we can to be that woman's king. When she walks into a room at least her man should pause.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Joseph Lee was just a casualty of war. His job was an appointed position by the mayor. People who really wanted to get Mayor Herenton. Got Joseph Lee instead. It started with the Edmund Ford's $16,000 overdue bill. He was part of a special list that extended to him and others, special priviledges not afforded the average customer. That's a problem that he encountered when he took the job. He didn't start the infamous VIP list. As a city councilman of a major city, to have that kind of influence wasn't out of order. Mr. Ford just misused his authority. What should have been a benefit for his constituents, instead he used for his own enrichment.

Before the public got over that bad taste. He added another sour flavor to the mix. Him and attorneys Odell Horton Jr. and Robert Spence worked out a deal that ultimately led to his demise. They constructed an agreement that netted outside legal counsel over $61,000. Since Mr. Lee was facing criminal charges connected to his job. It was determined he needed specialized representation. Which Mr. Horton, the lead counsel for MLGW couldn't provide. I don't disagree with that assumption. Neither did the mayor and anyone who is honest and fair. The way they did it may have been underhanded though. Fixing it so approval wouldn't be required by either the MLGW board or the city council. They didn't break any laws though. The biggest violation here was a breach of the public trust.

I think this put the final nail in the coffin. Joseph Lee tried to intimidate MLGW board member "Nick Clark". If you ask me, that's a move he made on his own. The mayor didn't advise him to do that. Mr. Clark was told if he didn't back away from the investigation concerning the huge payout. A shady part of his past would be revealed. Obviously they didn't have what they thought they had. The threat didn't scare him off. Instead of succumbing to the pressure. He took the information straight to the authorities.That's where the mayor's protection ends.

This thing has taken on the shape of the loose thread theory. You see a loose thread and you take a chance on pulling it. It may just be a little piece that's not attached to the rest of the garment. Then again it may be the length of the entire piece. When it starts to unravel you don't know where it ends. Have you ever pulled a loose thread on the cuff and the entire sleeve came off? The events that lead to Mr. Lee's eventual firing. Were just a series of unfortunate events.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

He's On His Own, With This One

I should have wrote this blog earlier in the week, being that there's a new development in the case. I have never thought this was the right thing to do ethically. It was obviously a case of backscratching and doing favors. Like in most cases concerning city officials. Once again the law hasn't been broken here. They are smart enough to cover their tracks. The President of MLGW "Joseph Lee" is on his own this time. The mayor refused his resignation the last time he tried to quit. I just think the mayor refuses to let him be intimidated. Sticking to his in-your-face demeanor. "If you haven't done anything wrong. Let them cry all they want". That gameplan has worked for him all these years.

I think the CEO may have stepped outside the mayor's protection this time. I don't think he had the mayor's approval on this one. This is something him and Robert Spence worked out on the side. With the help of the in-house council Odell Horton Jr.'s approval. He was the one who gave Lee the letter of engagement. Stating criminal law wasn't his specialty. Since Mr. Lee was facing criminal charges. He was entitled to a criminal attorney. Obligating MLGW for Mr. Lee's attorney fees. Which I have no problem with. It's the manner in which it was done. They structured it so no one would have to give approval. Neither the city coucil or the MLGW board. Allowing attorney Spence to bill unchecked. That bill could have gotten really big. I can tell by Mr. Lee's look on this picture. He knows he has crossed the line this time. He's on his own with this one.

They Want The Same Rights As The "Nappy Headed Hos"

A push is on for passing legislation to make preaching against homosexuality a hate crime. Homosexual activist feel they should strike while the iron is hot. In the shadows of the Don Imus debacle. The public has started a modern day witch hunt. Everyone that is offended should speak up now. You can have somebodies job just because they had a slip of the tongue. The Don Imus slip may be worth $13.3 million a word to him. While we're denying free speech let's extend it to the churches. How are ministers suppose to teach homosexuals that their lifestyle is an abomination. If ministers have to disregard the bibles teaching.

The move was on prior to the Don Imus incident. It just hadn't built up the steam that it has now. The "Civil Rights Movement" has been used once again. I just learned the NAACP is supporting the bill. Which I think is utterly ridiculous. Every Christian card carrying member should revoke their membership. How can they possibly compare the civil rights and homosexual struggle. They have abandoned their principles for the sake of donations. Young Black people aren't interested in joining. Maybe that's why former CEO and president Bruce S. Gordon recently resigned. He gave a difference of opinion with other board members as a reason for him stepping down. Obviously Julian Bolton agrees with this. He has been very active in homosexual matters as of late. Read story :

The bill also known as the 1526 Hate Crimes Bill. Has passed the house 235-180. It has a lot of fluff covering crust of the matter. The vote went largely along party lines. It now awaits approval by the senate. Thank God, just like in case of the war. Again the White House has promised to veto the bill.