Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Linimum

 Coming up to the All-star games  things are looking a little different. Early on I predicted this years game changers  would be the scufflers.(Players who weren't even guaranteed to make the team.) At  the time I was hoping Memphis would be the one with the most luck. The walkout didn' t  help the players but it did help some of the teams.We got Jeremy Pargo and Mareese Speights as a result. Speights is putting up Zach Randolph numbers. All in all we haven't  done too bad. Just not as good as the New York Knicks. They got Jeremy Lin for a steal. The hottest player since the seventies. He was signed for the linimum. 

02New York Knicks           Date    # of      total
Player                   signed   years     salary     misc          FA
Mike Bibby ............ 12/11/11    1      minimum                  '12
Baron Davis ........... 12/19/11    1      minimum                  '12
Landry Fields .........  8/26/10    2      minimum                  '12
Josh Harrellson ....... 12/11/11    1      minimum                  '12
Jared Jeffries ........ 12/11/11    1      minimum                  '12
Jerome Jordan ......... 12/15/11    1      minimum                  '12
Jeremy Lin ............ 12/27/11    1      minimum                  '12
Steve Novak ........... 12/21/11    1      minimum                  '12
J.R. Smith ............  2/17/12    1      minimum                  '12
Bill Walker ...........  8/22/08    4      minimum                  '12
Toney Douglas .........  7/10/09    4     $5,280,760    rc          '13
Carmelo Anthony ....... 7/17/03,7/12/06,2/22/11 4+5+3
                                       $15,108,241+$80mill+$35mill  '14
Tyson Chandler ........ 12/10/11    4    $58 million                '15
Iman Shumpert ......... 12/11/11    4     $7,415,553    rc    t-opt '14+15
Amare Stoudemire ......   7/8/10    5    $99.7 million              '15

Friday, February 24, 2012

She Rests

I think it is only fitting that anyone who watched the Whitney Houston funeral service be allowed to view the body. After being subjected to over two hours of songs written for the occasion, and a not so inspiring eulogy. Aretha Franklin didn't even show up. Personally, I don't think she ever planned on singing in the first place. That would have made it an even bigger show. At times I didn't know if it was an "Evening with the Winans" or a homegoing for Whitney. That's the least the organizers can do for her fans. Since we have seen her on camera at her worst. Why deny the public a chance to see her while she rests.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Teeth

According to him "he was the baddest man on the radio". That's why he's off the air as we speak. Bobby Ojay and Ben Ferguson still have their jobs and aren't in court trying to keep them. It's all over at WPLX 1180 for Thaddeus Matthews but the shouting. As it turns out he was leasing airtime and not really buying the radio station as he claimed. William Pollack says he owes him $85,000 already. The upcoming arbitration he keeps talking about as his day of reckoning. Is simply going to be another judgement against him. He has a history of not paying his bills.. His mouth finally wrote a check his a## can't cash.

You can't stand up in the seats, just because you bought a ticket. He thought he had covered his tracks. Thaddeus is a bully in real life if he can pull it off. He surrounds himself with people who submit to him. Like Harry O and Brother Shaheed. They can come up with a couple of hundred dollars. He found out that doesn't work in business. Those people take you to court. Thaddeus operates on  the premise part of something is better than all of nothing. He thought his debt was his security. Five thousand dollars don't impress me when you owe me forty.Paying for one month when you owe for three won't work. That's not adding up to a full payment. That makes the contract  void and st rips it of it's teeth..

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Run It

I have to take back part of a comment I made earlier about this unconfirmed power couple. They claim they aren' t seeing each other, but everyone keeps spotting them in the same place. Chris Brown and Rhianna are both young and dumb with money and talent. I thought she was five or six years older than him instead of just one. Thus I thought blowing his young mind with the wild,crazy sex. As it turns out they are basically the same age. Both of them are babies in a grownup world looking for an identity.. Chris sticking his foot in his mouth, Rhianna literally with her a## out. When it's all said and done they'll still be together.

Chris Brown is a young egghead trying  to be a bad boy. He  could learn a lesson from Chris Webber on keeping his mouth shut. Once it's out you can't take it back.  If he really wants to make ammends with his critics, he has a chance. It's not trading tweets with Miranda Lambert. He was challenged to a boxing match by wrestler C.M.  Punk. I bet he won't accept it though. C.M. Punk probably knows that. That's why he issued the challenge to begin with. Where is a gentleman when you need one? Nobody came to the defense of  Karrine Steffans when she got choked out. Too bad the offer wasn't extended to Ray J for his treatment of women. He could use a good beat down.

I don't buy that whole thing about Chris Brown seeing his stepdad hitting his mother. To the contrary Chris probably ran the house when he was young. He came up with that story about domestic violence for the courts and the media. His mother doesn't impress me as the type of woman being in that type situation.  Once she discovered he could make a lot of money dancing and singing.  She kicked her other men to the curb. He was running the show.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Down Together

I hope this is rumor and not fact. I heard Bobby Brown was asked not to attend Whitney's funeral. That's taking this "Blame Bobby Brown" thing a little too far. He is the father of her only child. Whitney Houston had problems before she met Bobby. I think it's a shame to misrepresent her actions while she was alive to try to rewrite the ending. She may have sounded like an angel, but her behavior didn't match. There were incidents as late as last week to the contrary. An argument could be made that she was his downfall. When Bobby met Whitney he was ballin on another level in his own right. They came down together.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Tribute

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I don't always agree with his methods, but Rep. Antonio Parkinson's heart is in the right place. He also is trying to keep his seat.  I questioned his motives when he has held his annual "Block Party For Peace" carnivals. But that brought the people out unlike anything else. Then he tried to pass legislation to bring businesses to a ghost town with taxpayer support. Needless to say, I didn't agree with that The only thriving stores in what used to be a mecca is Walmart and Kroger and they're looking neglected. Raleigh just isn't the same.

I do agree with this initiative though. He is trying to reach those he is trying to help on their own level. At the bottom where they don't have a clue.The people he is trying to help don't know they need help yet. Ignorance is bliss. It's like when Charlie Rangel tried to reinstate the draft. Just like they're handicapping themselves with these unsightly tattoos like the athletes and pop stars. Carmelo Anthony and Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) are already rich. Unsuspecting young gullible blacks are missing out on a better life by default. They're finished before they're started. They haven't been taught.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

Watch Your Steps

What is the deal  with Justin Ford? I don't see why he would vote the way he did regarding the transfer of school properties. Has he bothered to explain to his constituents why he seems to be supporting the suburbs? Better yet, has anyone even asked him? You better keep an eye on this guy, he might be on the take..He might be the youngest, but that doesn't make him the most untainted. His father had the same seat before he did. His father didn't have a stellar record then. Like father like  son.

Not to be overly critical of this young man but he is making full grown decisions. I have in the past found him not to have a full understanding of the issues. He  has a very limited knowledge of national matters and politics in general. His platform is his family name.He introduced himself to the voters by buying them gas.  Unlike his cousin Ed Ford Jr, whom I don't always agree with,. he isn't very sharp. I am not in his district, but I have been watching him. This isn't the first time he has voted questionably.
Young man watch your steps. Other people are. 

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Say What You Think

The truth of the matter is Stacy Campfield (R-Tn) has just as much evidence to back up what he said as anybody else does. No one knows where the AIDS virus came from. One guess is good as the other. His explanation is gross but very possible. If the mind can conceive it, the body can achieve it. People are doing and have always done everything that crossed their minds. Some things are still just taboo to talk about.

Not that I am an expert on the subject, but this is the first I've ever heard of this being how AIDS got started. I have found politifact to be heavily opinionated in what they report as facts. Call me crazy but Campfield's explanation is more commonly known than the bushmeat theory. To further cloud the issue we are now trying to pinpoint whether it was a monkey or an ape. This is obviously a issue of importance to Campfield seeing as how he has introduced a bundle of legislation aimed at homosexuals. Not as many might disagree as you think. We'll see at reelection time. Even so you can't always say what you think.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

No Mo Money

Anybody with an ounce of money management skills wouldn't deal with this company in the first place. Locally they have an F rating with the BBB and those low brow commercials don't give you a sense of  confidentiality either. It's like getting your taxes done at the barbershop. Why would you pay hundreds of dollars for something you can get done for free? But obviously thousands of filers in this country don't know that. Until this happened Mo Money Taxes had locations in seventeen states and growing. The customers go and pay huge fees to have their taxes processed even before they get their W-2 forms. Then pay $100's to cash the check at these check cashing joints or a designated bank. With whom you can bet there were some prior arrangements made. Mo Money was getting over like  the mob.

What happened is these country boys to ok their show on the road and got too big to be overlooked. Something had to be done to slow that money train down. The I.R.S. changed the program they had been using for seventeen years without telling them. They were beating H.R. Block and Jackson Hewett at their own game and paying no dues. Those companies have tax attorneys and lobbyist in Washington D.C. paying politicians and helping make the tax laws. Not thirty second comedy skits on local T.V. stations and advertising on underground radio stations. These young black men were making millions of dollars legally for something that should probably be against the law. As long as they stayed in Memphis and the surrounding area they had no problems. When they tried to stretch out and expand up North. That's when the problems started. The other week they were on the radio kicking the bobo with Thaddeus Matthews. I predicted the downfall then. They had no idea the sky was falling, or at least it would . seem. This will soon pass over, but the damage will already be done. Pride always comes before destruction   There  will be no mo money for a while.

Monday, February 06, 2012

I Agree

The next president is going to be the recipient of a rebounding and vigorous economy. Newt Gingrich is fully aware of that. Jobs are being created and the housing market is coming back. Mitt Romney wants to waltz in with his business experience and claim he turned things around. The truth is 75% of the previous administrations policies are still in place. The other 25% that has been changed hasn't taken effect yet.

I didn't support the president last time he ran. I opposed him mostly on moral grounds. For those things I thought most important, Republicans didn't even fight. It goes without saying I feel a little betrayed. Even the things that he has proposed that were good for the people have been voted down. They still managed to keep all the pork. Clint Eastwood said it best in a commercial."This is halftime." The president says he deserves a second term. All things considered, I agree.

Get Better

When I hear Pastor Guy-Reed talking I immediately have reservations. I can't help but remember the comedienne Lunell telling the joke about the dealer always reupping and never turning a profit. If the only fruit you bare is rotten, something is probably wrong with the tree. That's the impression I get with Pastor Andre Guy-Reed and the Revelation Christian Center. I never heard of anything positive that I believe. Can anything good come from there? I guess that's why I give him the benefit of the doubt. Though it looks like a hustle. It might just be that bad and isn't going to get better.,0,2443280.story

Super Bowl 2012

New York 21                New England 17                                                                

Sunday, February 05, 2012

All Of That

It couldn't have happened to a better person, but in a way it's kinda sad. They finally found a way to close Thaddeus Matthew's big mouth. As long as this charlatan was going around trashing blacks and ruining their careers and families. No one could seem to shut him up. No matter what he did he was always there the next day with more of the same. He kept enough funeral parlors and eating establishments advertising to keep him on the air. The minute white people got wind of his brand of  entertainment and it offended them. They took steps to take him off the air. He has disrespected,duped and swindled black men and women, five days a week for almost two years now.

Thaddeus had no idea what he was getting into when he interviewed Ms. Bergmann. He thought this would be another Sharon Webb episode he could brag about. That interview was one which I thought should have had a backlash of  equal proportions or even greater than this. He totally disrespected that woman for no apparent reason. Instead he gained a reputation of being a hardcore and tenacious interviewer when he was really just a bully.. He was exposed this time for his true talents. Selling wolf tickets, telling lies and being rude. As it turns out he is renting everything except the microphones,the earphones and the board in the WPLX studio. After telling all his listeners to get their own business and quit working for the man.. You end up asking those working stiffs for money to help you buy the station. Needing glasses and a visit to the dentist. Being the boss ain't all of that.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Thursday, February 02, 2012

David Peaston (1957-2012)

Angelo Dundee (1921-2012)


It's surprising how many supposedly "people of average intelligence" fall for this brand of idiocy on a daily basis. I met an engaging and beautiful young lady recently who heard this show the other day for the first time. She immediately became a fan. It's like the deer in the headlights syndrome. It has the appeal of a local reality show. You have people who listen to this blowhard and put stock in what he says even without any proof. Some will even argue the issue based solely on his limited and one sided investigations.  Some of his self serving outreaches are even perceived as doing good in the  community. This is proof positive that Charlotte Bergman doesn't have her finger on the pace of the 9th district.  Steve Cohen the white Democrat would never have granted that interview. Even though Thaddeus would probably kiss his butt.

All publicity is not good publicity no matter what some people say. Thaddeus says it doesn't matter to him, but it really does. He would really like to be considered as a credible news source. Not some racist jerk who should be ignored. To have Ben Ferguson call you an extornonist and blow your cover on live television has to be embarassing. When people won't call your name in order not to give you any undue publicity. That's pretty bad.

This is what started the firestorm:
Memphis radio host Thaddeus Matthews insulted black Republican Charlotte Bergmann on the air, telling her to "get your stupid, ignorant ass out of my studio." He also refused to shake her hand because he doesn't want her "whiteness" to rub off on him.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Don Cornelius (1937-2012)