Friday, August 30, 2013

It Always Twerks (Works)

Black  women have been twerking for years. The performance by Myley Cyrus was tame compared to some of the old videos by Adina Howard. and artists like Khia  They were put way up on the shelf.  Those women were rated xx. They diidn't get the spotlight on MTV. In Dallas they even have a  weekly contest for what they call the older Hens. This is the dance Councilwoman Fullilove was trying to do on the boat last year. In the past this dance was equivalent to a Peacock strutting his stuff. It was just a females way of showing her femininity.

Kenya Moore took twerking full circle. She was the most recent to take it to the forefront. She even had gay men looking silly. I saw Kenya do it first on the Andy Cohen show. The next thing you know Miley Cyrus is twerking all over the place. Her and Robin Thicke have been doing a lot of lifting lately. This whole "Blurred Lines" concept was inspired by somebody else. He already had thin white women in the video. But Miley used a proven tactic. She did what Elvis Presley did. Go see what the blacks are doing and bring it back to the mainstage.  It always twerks.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Change The Game

On these diva shows I always pull  for the underdog. The one who has had a few good records but didn't make the big time for whatever reason. Last season it was Syleena Johnson. The songstress  who married and had a baby by a baller at the wrong point in her career. The one this season is Lil Mo. The Pit Bull with no papers. She never got the full price. Lil Mo picked her poison. Syleena bet on a losing horse. But both of them have hit the ground running. They are doing everything. Syleena is doing shows with her father. She just wants to sing.

Lil Mo is just as hungry as anyone, but she has more mass appeal than the others. She has some hits on the Rap charts. None of the other women can make that claim. The closest one to her is Monifah and unless she does a collaboration with Frank Ocean. She has marked her territory. Lil Mo is endorsing hair weave, eyelashes and lip gloss. She even wrote the intro song for the television show. She could do a tune  with  "2 Chainz" or "Kendrick Lamar" like "Erykah Badu" did and change the game. .

Most Watched

Quiet as it's been kept. To some people this might have been the most shocking performance of the night at the VMA's. Lady GaGa is a lot better looking than she gets credit for. The fans have become so focused on her eccentric side. Her seductive qualities are often overlooked. Pulling off her wigs on stage doesn't help. You couldn't tell by the media. But this was the most watched body on the stage that night.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Androgynous Look

Miley Cyrus is out of the bottle and not likely soon to go back She has almost stripped naked and it feels good. The era of J-Lo and Kim Kardashian with the big butts is slowing down. When it comes to T & A Myley doesn't have either. But she has her share of fans. Older white men came to her defense. The bears have a significance too. Remember Brigitte Neilsen? Miley is the pint sized version.
She is bringing the androgynous look back.

Monday, August 26, 2013


I have mixed emotions about this marriage. Someone was dealt what appears to be a dirty hand in order for them to become a couple. Lamar Odom left poor Liza Morales behind with two children in an apartment after a ten year engagement. Then married Khloe Kardashian after only a four week fling and moved to California and bought a mansion. I don't know what it was that kept  them from  tying the knot. But Liza should've put on the brakes two children ago.

In all fairness to Khloe Kardashian. She had nothing to do with his past. She is only guilty of being to quick to fall in love. Her plan was to get married and have some tall babies. But there have been some road blocks. And I do think it was true love. Khloe saw this as an opportunity to out do her sisters. But she didn't check his background. He has a history The media is trying to say he is abusing recreational drugs. If he is it isn't cocaine or crystal meth. With his appetite for tall, dark-haired women he might be taking Ecstasy,

Sunday, August 25, 2013

North West

This is the long awaited photo of Kim and Kanye's new baby girl. What is this world coming to when we celebrate a sex tape star having a baby by a disrespectful rapper who has lost his juice and they aren't married? That doesn't bid well for the country's direction. Even our left leaning president felt the need to comment on this couple. Like he has room to talk  Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But his hipocrisy didn't go unchecked. Kriss Jenner the grandmother called him out.. Though  whites dislike her and her family.  They agree with her on that. Regardless what her parents done, you can't blame North West .

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Side

If Lebron James didn't have two sons by Savannah Brinson he wouldn't marry her. He might arguably be the best basketball player in the world. But he doesn't know anything about dealing with women. The first sign of trouble was his move on the white swimmer at the Summer Olympics. That probably was strange territory for him. This guy hasn't been with many women. That's why he was busted. He has only had a relationship with one. And she had his nose wide open. They have two children. He is making her his wife.

Lebron is looking at his team mates, but their situations are different than his. He won't get away with giving Savannah no money like Chris Bosh did his baby's mama. And Savannah won't waste any time chasing after him. Like Siovaughn did Dwayne Wade while he runs around on Gabrielle Union  with Lauren London. Time he leaves she will have another baller in his place. There were rumors of her and the highest paid player in the league fooling around. It worried him so much he couldn't play. Lebron James didn't play much better than Chris Bosh did this year. To put Lebron at ease, Miami put  Rashard Lewis on the team. 

Lebron James went into the league at seventeen years of age. Savannah was with him then and has never left.  He didn't go to the West Coast like Kobe Bryant, he didn't see the girls in the bikinis. Neither did he go through  an intense orientation period like Kevin Garnett. Lebron spent his first seven years in Cleveland, Ohio a few miles from his hometown  with Savannah and his sons. This young man has kept his nose clean for ten years. He hasn't been in any trouble since he was a junior in high school.  He has never had a  relationship with his father. But his mother has. She  expected something like this to happen. She is half of what makes him the Lebron we have come to know. This is the side we don't know.


We'll see how down RobinThicke is now. Is he going to do right by the Marvin Gaye estate, or are his true colors going to come out? I have blogged about his ripping off  the black culture before. But I  had no idea it was to this degree. But he has erased all suspicion of what he has been doing. He filed a preemptive lawsuit. Heading off what is sure to come. He has built a career around the subliminal. He knows he is on to something. This record is a multi-million seller.The fans bought it before.

Friday, August 23, 2013


I wouldn't have used some of the choice words they used in their assessment of the R&B Divas. But I pretty much agree with everything they said. Funky Dineva was pretty much spot on with this review.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not An Argo

I spent several hours trying to remember when I heard this storyline before. Not so much what happened, but who it was. But timing and connections are everything. I thought the story was as intriguing then as it is now. A book called "Step by Step" an autobiography by Bertie Bowman didn't get much attention. It didn't make the bestseller list. and it wasn't Oprah Winfrey's book club's book of the month. There was even a watch party here in Memphis for the movie. Blacks wanted to ignore this part of our history in the past. That was before we had a Black President and Oprah gave it her stamp of approval. Rumor of a sex scene between her and Terrence Howard is a blockbuster in itself.

I haven't seen this movie yet. But based on what I've heard so far it appears to be worth the price of a ticket.  But I have heard some not so favorable critiques as well.  For starters this movie is fiction. It's loosely based on the life of Eugene Allen. A real life Maitre d' ho^tel. Why can't we be proud of that by itself? Every time we as a people get excited about something. It isn't based on facts.  The last movie  we got this excited about was "Django".Before that it was "Precious". There has to be a murder, rape, theft or get any attention. I left out the comedy with a man wearing a dress. Forest Whitaker was more excited about his involvement with the documentary "Rising From The Ashes" or his role in "Fruitvale Station". Both more socially relevant than his latest work. But still not an Argo.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tracks Are Back

The fallout begins. I wrote about this in a earlier blog.The much heralded pixie cut didn't last two weeks. She ran back to Kim Kimble like Kenan Ivory Wayans did to activator. I think I heard one Sistah talking about get rid of the phony hair last week. Next time you see Beyonce,  her the hair will  be shoulder length. Looking ar this picture. .The tracks are back. 

Rhyme Or Reason

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Take Advantage

I told my wife earlier in the show  "we will never hear any intimate details about Kelly Price"  I knew when she was going around gathering the ladies for the show. There was going to be trouble. I saw  the makings of another Nicci Gilbert.  Except this one still wants to sing. But she is still a blast from  the past. Which would be a bigger deal if she let others reminisce.Grammy nominations are for the year they're given. These ladies seem to think they're lifetime awards.

Kelly is always bragging about who she sang with in the past. Her biggest hit ever was with Ronald Isley and R. Kelly. If she didn't write the song. She really can't take a lot of credit for that.  She was just another featured artist. Chante Moore did a song with them too. Her list of collaborations is longer than Kelly's. The song Kelly did was  bigger than Chante's. But Chante was the one featured in the videos. That could be the underlying cause of their disagreements now.

Mariah Carey is doing American Idol these  days and making cameo appearances. Neither of which helps Kelly's low-key career one bit. All these R&B Divas\together couldn't sell out a major venue. That's the real holdup with these monologues and the tour. No promoter has taken the bait yet. That's why Faith Evans is always missing. She is still booking shows. Instead of wasting time being a diva. Not just Lil Mo and Syleena Johnson. They all better take advantage of this.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Racism In Reverse

For people that aren't familiar with Oprah Winfrey. I can see how they might not recognize her. She could easily be Octavia Spencer.  Who has money, but isn't buying a $40,000.00 purse. Maybe  $1500.00 for some shoes. But even that's a maybe. Her lifelong dream is to get a boob job. Which only cost a fraction of what this purse costs. I believe the clerk in Switzerland. Oprah overreacted once again.  Her ego took another blow. Outside of the U.S. she isn't that big of a deal. To them she might be like a Becky is in the states.  Even though she is popular in England. Most people in America don't know her.

Oprah is so rich .Sometimes I think even she forgets. that she is a black, pleasingly plump  woman. And  whies will always see her that way. The only other ones that forget is other blacks. She started to try and play the race card. Then she thought better. You don't want to take on that animal. It could take an ugly turn like it did for her friend Paula Deen.  That's why she apologized. She was trying to make a point. Trying to reinforce President Obama's statement. But whites don't believe her and neither do a lot of blacks. She was afraid she would encounter racism in reverse.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Out Of Order

When I first heard this statement by Iyanla Vamzant the first thing I thought. " Here is something else I've been saying all the time that is suddenly worthy of a ttelevision show or book". This woman has rose to fame by simply telling people the obvious truth. If you have fourteen people living in your house and you're drinking a fifth of vodka a day. I don't need a degree in mental health to point you in the right direction. I'm not really down with this black women's power movement.  But to each his or her own.

I said "women have to be women regardless how men act. The woman has to be a virtuous woman to avoid no good men If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready". The way to get blacks on your side is give them excuses. Tell them what they should already know.I used the analogy of animals have it right. The female never abandons her role in spite of what the male does. In the animal kingdom females do just fine. I never even saw a homeless rat. Have you ever heard of  female elephants in heat chasing bulls? This might be the hard part for modern women. They wait until they are pursued.

I went back and read what was said. I can see how some people didn't put this together. But in different words we said the same thing.  “We have such a rich culture and in that culture, there are roles and purposes and powers. And we live in a society now where women are commodities, where women are demeaned, diminished, demoralized in ways that we accommodate. And if we really understood who we are as feminine representations of the creator of the universe, some of the things that we experience in life — like crying when the unemployed boo boo leaves us — if we really understood who we are, we wouldn’t be so apt to let other people define us and confine us. We are out of order!”

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Perform Miracles

This is another example of liberals (blacks) being coddled by politicaally correct whites. You can carry around a concrete block for exercise. But why would you do that?  Why would you name your child Messiah? I don't lnow for sure, but you can bet the woman and child in question are black. IMO the judge has no right to order a parent to change a child's name. But this never should have reached this point anyway Someone close to the mother should have suggested to her to give her child a different name.

They say this is one of the fastest growing names according to Social Security Administration. Probably because before a couple of years ago. The rapper T.I.'s son was one in a couple of million. I bet I know where you can find most of these little boys. Not likely in two parent homes. Ten years from now ask this child what Messiah means. He won't know what you're talking about. His mother doesn't even know now. King, Queem and Princess are titles. And don't start with the various cars and alcoholic beverages. Alize,Cristal, Mercedes and Lexus etc. Names not usually associated with success. The Hispanic use of Jesus is not a valid argument. I can't imagine a lot of little Messiahs running around in the white community. Dr. Messiah McCullough would be expected to perform miracles.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not Happening

Blacks are going to have to stop biting off their noses to spite their face. You can't keep trying  to fight the white man when it's other blacks  who are hurting you.  We have people who have made a career of making excuses for their out of control cousins. Not ever expecting them to be their neighbors or in their neighborhood. Minister Carson might talk crazy on the radio, but he has a good job He doesn't live in the hood. He makes enough money to move to the suburb. But  where ever you go, eventually they'll be there.

I was talking to a friend who was telling me about someone we know who had been burglarized. This family had lived in this house for forty years and never had a problem  They got some new neighbors two months ago and last week their house was ransacked. He was all fired up and ready to lead the posse. Until I pointed out that was the purpose of Mississippians passing the "Castle Law". Then he wanted to pump his brakes. The same frustrations blacks feel, whites feel too. Instead of living  in a state of siege. They just changed the law.

Attorney General  Eric Holder is just blowing smoke. His latest statement is too little too late. The jails and prisons are already overcrowded. If sentences aren't going to be commuted. That won' t do much to ease the prison population. What was the last you heard about Trayvon Martin? I think this was meant to take attention from that.The DOJ is backing down. They don't want to start that fight. White citizens aren't going to repeal the laws they passed. To appease the people they were created for in the first place. It's not happening.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Too Late

Maxwell doesn't  care whether black  women approve of  who he dates. Remember he came along in the days of  Taye Diggs, Tyrese and Terell Owens. A brother had to look like he just got off the slave ship to get some play. Not including the pretty boys like El Debarge, Christopher Williams and Eric Benet. Ladies were always willing to buck the trends to get with guys like them. But guys like Maxwell, Cuba Gooding and John Legend suffered a drought especially with black women. Had it not been for Terrence Howard and Shemar Moore. Light skinned brothers would have been like a mini truck.

Then President Obama came on the scene. Now all of a sudden the beige brother is popular again. But they've moved on to more solid ground. At one time people were calling Maxwell gay. I don't . member a loud outcry or even a buzz in his defense. Even I wondered at one time what was up with him. His latest response to black women about who he dates. If they pay close attention. Has an underlying message. I have some theories, but I have no proof. But I believe I'm on  to something.

Black women need to learn. "If you stay ready, you don''t have to get  ready". Concentrate on being a good catch instead of trying to catch a man. A man doesn't want a woman more experienced than him. Too many chances for leaks or dents in the armour.  When it comes to figuring out what black women desire. These men no longer care. "At first you didn't want me. Now I'm rich you all up on me".They don't want to look up and hear about their ex with Stevie J or J.R. Smith, or find out they came first. Now that you have long hair and you don't care. Just take your medicine. These men are no longer interested. It's too late.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Most people and weight loss companies aren't paying much attention to Mama June.  But this might be the weight loss story of  the year. But at  this rate, she might be the next big success story. I can see the beginning of the transformation. What if she actually puts forth an  effort. I just think her weight never got in her way. In some ways it worked to her advantage. She isn't in competition with anybody else. June is the quern in her world. In the past when saw her I always thought about Rickey Smiley's joke. "She looked like a thumb with  eyes, a nose and a mouth". If she loses another 100 lbs. she might turn out to be working with  something. She might be a pinky.

This woman is only thirty-three years old.  She had a baby when she was only fourteen. Every time she had a baby she found  50 lbs. and never lost  them. The last fifty came along  with  Sugar Bear. Alana's hen pecked father. Mama June never planned to marry him.. He was just a major part of her hustle. She has raised three girls on government assistance. Sugar Bear pays big time child support. He works six or seven days a  week. But it's not as much as the realty check from TLC.

How Much Hair

This is Beyonce Au natural. Women who wear or don't wear weave themselves, always knew she looked like this without her tracks. She was wearing 28 inch natural Malaysian the first time I ever saw her. I guarantee Beyonce would have never reached her heights with a hairstyle like this. She might even suffer a backlash now.  Men are too preoccupied with her attributes below the neck to pay attention to her hair. But black women and her white fan base will.
The whole thing started last year with her sister Solange. Her going short made people wonder about her sister.She didn't start sporting a #1 Ceasar for nothing. She got tired of hiding out at the beauty shop. Look at the Knowles sisters mother and father. These ladies aren't Halle Berrys or Nicole Murphys. These women are 100% black. So their hair doesn't grow back in a matter of months. Like a young and dumb Myley Cyrus. That hairstyle doesn't do for most women what it does for Amber Rose  Which leads me to my next point.
Beyonce did this for her daughter Blue Ivy. This little girl's parents are Beyonce and Jay Z  Looking at both her grandmothers and her grandfather. She has no genes that suggest her hair will be down her back or even shoulder length.Kim Kimble the "stylist to the stars" is more upset than anyone else. If Mary Mary, Jennifer Hudson and Oprah Wiinfrey join the trend.  And a host of others we don't know about.  The rest of us will know their secret. Just how much hair they really have.   

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Green In Garbage

This is a lesson in cash flow and commitment. I always say people would rather make  $ 30,000 in a suit than  $ 50,000 in overhauls. All these felons who can't find a job who have a truck could do something of this nature. What I like most about this venture is his willingness to share his new found source of rrevenue with others.

Every house in the county is a possible customer. So this business has unlimited potential.  But one  thing I don't understand. With all his satisfied customers. Why aren't there more testimonials? I think I know why. Blacks don't support other blacks like they should. This is how the Jews get rich. They support each other in whatever they attempt. With the right mentality. There is even green in garbage.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


This  is justice indirectly. After almost three decades her youthful misgivings have caught up with her as an adult. This victory is at best bittersweet though. Tawana Brawley didn't benefit from her accusations against those she accused.. But Al Sharpton sure did. Her and her family went into hiding. While he has built a profitable career in activism every since.  This is like an episode of the "Boondocks"  with Rolo P. Goodlove. Her mother's attitude is indicative of the black mentality for the last fifty years.  They feel the  white man owes them.  Whether he is found guilty or not.

Here is the one advantage to not being a lawyer. You can't be held responsibly for what you say. Al Sharpton falls just short of inciting a riot. Then he just up and  walks away. He discounts his mistakes by not discussing them. Look at how he handled the Duke Lacrosse Case. After getting three innocent young  white men accused of  rape. He didn't even apologize. Unlike an attorney who doesn't get paid if you don't win. The person he was representing has  to pay. While the representative still gets paid.


Monday, August 05, 2013


I have been watching this debate over smart meters for quite some time.  But Councilman Joe Brown took the cake when he suggested that MLGW could monitor your television viewing. I wonder does this guy actually believe the things he says? Then I listened to Janis Fullilove and her rant. But I'm not buying her argument either. She might have an agenda. She would sound more credible if her bill was current. She is paying just enough to keep her lights from being turned off.

But President Jerry Collins finally said  what I've been waiting to hear. Collins gave a long list of benefits for automated meters including cracking down on utility theft and knowing exactly who does and does not have power in a power outage. I would love to see the numbers on just how much utility is being stolen. I think we all just might be surprised. This is going to happen just like it did with Comcast. Theft of Cable now is zero.

A poster in the Commercial Appeal almost made a valid point. He went a bit to far. "Only hillbillies, snake handlers and Glen Beck listeners are opposed to the smart meter technology.
A hillbilly, a snake handler and a Glen Beck listener walk into a bar.... and they are all the same guy".He left out the squatters. Those people who don't own or want to pay for anything. The non-investors.


Ian Clark from Belmont College by way of Germantown High School has made it to the NBA. He went to Las Vegas Summer League and walked away with a two year contract. This is the best news I've heard from the NBA in a while. Since the Grizzlies didn't  rehire Lionel Hollins as coach. My enthusiasm for the league has wained somewhat. But I think at some point that decision will bite the Grizzlies in the rear.But this story isn't about them.

This young man came across as a three point specialist in the Summer league. Just exactly what the Grizzlies need. He was certainly in their price range. But they're busy playing "chicken" with players like Mo Williams. What if Ian goes to the Utah Jazz and exceeds all  expectations? Since the Grizzlies plan is to find a diamond in the rough. Wouldn't it be ironic if he was the one they overlooked? 

George Duke (1946- 2013)

Saturday, August 03, 2013


To me this young man always has a distant look in his eyes. He has been accused of being immature and lacking discipline. But now more than ever, I think I know where that blank stare comes from. Adonis Thomas doesn't have a clue. Though he is not that good. All he knows is basketball. After a less than mediocre college career and a poor showing in NBA Summer league. Plus the fact he wasn't drafted in two rounds of the 2013 NBA draft. He still expects to make somebody's team. But they don't have a spot on the roster for wishful thinking.

The first indication of him not thinking was his choice of Summer league teams. Why would he go somewhere like Atlanta? They are a destination team. Who is this kids' agent? Why didn't he steer AT to Utah or Minnesota or some place like that? He might have a better chance with less competition. After Adonis Thomas didn't turn out to be a one and done. Everybody kind of threw in the towel on him. Remaining at the university and not having his game really progress. Doesn't look good for Josh Pastners' coaching skills and he isn't making a real impact. The university would rather have the scholarship.

 This won't be the first time I thought a player wasn't ready for the next level, but I was wrong. I didn't think Will Barton was ready. But he is on his second year in the league. In hindsight Will knew what he was doing.Not just because he  was drafted. He can always go back to school. He  wouldn't have improved his standing if he had stayed .around. .He just would just have missed a year of pay. That's almost a million dollars. His agent spoke about a partially guaranteed contract. Unless even more money is offered by another team. If he doesn't make it in the NBA. He can go overseas. They  even have a team in the Philippines.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Corey Maclin (1970-2013)


I couldn't remember this guys' name but wouldn't you know Janis Fullilove called it the other day. David Upton has made his rounds among high profile blacks in Memphis politics. He has gained more these last six years than probably the average local black elected official. He went to the Democratic National Convention as a delegate. Out of all the blacks who loaded up on buses and rented hotels miles away from the inaugural ceremonies.. How many of them had  this privilege?

I met David Upton several years ago. I didn't know who he was then. But now I understand his fascination with my political perspective. He is a decent guy for all intents and purposes. I don't hate the player. I just don't like his game. He was the campaign manager for Kemba Ford. We haven't seen the last of them. If we had a modern day "Tennessee Waltz". He would be the Joe Cooper of the group. He is the kind of man everybody knew, but nobody talks about. He is like an associate in the mafia. Kind of like a rash. He is always there.

I'm not sure what his business is or how he makes his living. But he is running interference for Congressman Cohen these days. Whenever the question comes up about him and women. Steve Cohen has nothing to say. From time to time he needs someone to vouch for him. In comes a man with the ladies. Who might even be down with the swirl. Randy Wade was rhe go to man in his office.  I bet David Upton is the short-cut to him outside.