Friday, November 30, 2012

Garbage Can

An atmosphere of intimidation is rising in the NBA. What you have is all these 10 year or less talented players trying to even the playing field against the young and/or foreign up and coming players with fear and aggressive play. I first saw this tactic being used in the college ranks by John Thompson Jr. at Georgetown University when he was coach. He had a thug on the team named Andre Graham that he used to commit hard fouls and get into the psyche of the other teams. He was what is known as a garbage can player. Some of these franchises are quickly becoming garbage can teams.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This was one heck of a mortician. Hector Macho Camacho had an open casket funeral after being shot in the face three days earlier. Look like he's sleeping. 

In Effect

This guy is what you call a real pimp. He threatened to put his own daughter to work when she becomes of age. Now that's pretty tough. Someone should make a movie about this guy. A real life "Hustle and Flow". People call him a low-life and all other sorts of dirty names. But the truth of the matter is, he is really smart. Most men wouldn't have the slightest idea how to convince a woman to sell her body and give him all the money. I for one, don't know how to do that. I can't get pass the sharing concept. One person I know that would like to be a pimp is the trick. The one giving him and his women the money. They can't talk the women out of anything they don't pay for. Yet the women really do need them.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think a man like this is to be admired by no means. I just want everybody to be held accountable. But the women more times than not put themselves in this situation. Notice how most of them thought they were his girlfriends. They really just thought they were the bottom b&#ch. They had to know his background. But they still chose him. For every one out there getting used by a pimp. You can bet there's a square somewhere whose money they took. Guys like T-Rex Yarbrough walk and ride around like kings. With fancy cars and pockets full of cash. Even though everyone around him knows what he does for a living. I bet not one of these people calling for his head, would confront him face to face. He hasn't been hiding out working these women. This wasn't something new to him or them. He is on trial for exploiting eleven different women. That's just what they know about. Too Short was right when he said "Pimpin is in effect".  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Au Naturale

I saw this post about celebrities without their makeup. I must admit I was surprised how people like Tyra Banks and Madonna looked without their war paint. Imani is an older woman now. So is Kimoro Lee Simmons. They both have seen better days. Poor Fantasia is being used like the poster child for looking rough. They lead the article off talking about Kim Kardashian,and then make you look for her picture. Instead they give you a double dose of Fantasia right off the bat. Making her the focus. Eva Longoria and Ashanti looked as expected. They're good looking women anyway. Jennifer Hudson and Lady GaGa aren't known for their looks but how they sing. We are used to seeing Oprah Winfrey without makeup. She looks the same both ways. Beyonce looks fine. What we want to see is her without weave. Rhianna is a natural beauty. She comes from good stock. She can go naturale.

Not A Steal

This  was a case of both parties trying to take advantage of the other. Kim Zolciak moved in on a lease/purchase plan and then wanted to use guidelines set up for traditional loans to turn it into a bargain. That defeats the purpose for the investor in this case. Kendra Davis let them move into the house knowing they probably couldn't get a loan. But the house didn't appraise for what they were asking. Which would cancel all agreements up to that pont. When purchasing a home that's a deal breaker. That gave Kim a much needed way out.

With qualified buyers purchasing houses in the area comparable to this for $550,000.  That's $3 million that she really doesn't have. Kim Zolciak is not as dumb as people think. She picked up some trade secrets from her developer boyfriend Big Poppa. She always expected the appraisal to come back less than the owners were asking. In today's housing market there are some real bargains. This might be Kim's dream house. But this is not a steal.

Monday, November 26, 2012

In Charge

Somebody in the Harris house is pretty smart. In spite of doing some pretty dumb things from time to time. They named their reality show right, when  they named it"Family Hustle".You see everyone in the family every week. And at least one of the grandmothers if not both. From Deyjah to Domani they all earn their keep. Even little Major has lines every week and he can hardly talk. He still has a legion of fans though. The viewers think he's adorable. It's hard to hate on a baby. The other day I heard someone say "they live for him". Though him and his brother King didn't have the knack for acting. Tiny was taking them to auditions anyway. Trying to get them work.

If they can't talk they can walk. So everybody has a job. He gave a free concert in Memphis last week and the whole family was there. Each of  them making sure that they were seen. Messiah and Deyjah don't say much, but they get their camera time. They know the routine. The show wasn't free, they just didn't sell tickets. He used the fans for the television show. Just like he did in Atlanta and Chicago. For his children who lack flair. There is still a slot. All his children are models for his clothing line. The children are with him so much it seems like he has custody. Any child support the mothers get. The children have proba.bly already earned.

Which brings me to their latest endeavor. Now Tiny of all people is hosting a talk show with other women from Atlanta. Suddenly Tiny is carrying a lot of weight with the women in the industry. Since she gave Kandi her start on RHOA. When she passed the role on to Kandi after Tip made her turn it down. Just like she did with Toya in "Tiny and Toya". Once again she has surrounded herself with people she can feed off their situations. I don't know much about what Trina has been doing lately, and even less about Claudia Jordin. But I am surprised at Tamar Braxton getting involved with the Atlanta scene. She has avoided it for years. She was on the road with her sister. I smell ratings for all three shows she's involved with. Tamar and Vince, Braxton Family Values and Tiny Tonight.

The cast was supposed to include Nikki 008 but she didn't make the final cut. I don't see why not. She is both pretty and entertaining. But what should be an advantage could be working against her though. She could steal the show. Like she often does on Kandi Koated Nights. But that's not going to happen here though. That's probably why she's gone.  The main thing I like about them as a couple. Tameka is ride or die chick. She treats T.I like a king. And he treats her like a queen. She is a boss until she makes it home.  Then the two of  them are down together. Whatever happens on this show. The Harris family will be in charge.

Rapper TI gives back with free concert

She Got It

What's done in the dark will eventually come to light. Kandi Burrus is probably experiencing that right now. Things she did twenty years ago are coming back to haunt her now. I don't think she is a bad person, but she may have done some bad things. Does the end always justify the means? No matter where you go and how successful you are. You can't escape the things you've done in your past. At the height of your success. Here comes a reminder of what you would  like to forget. No matter where you go, there you are.

In spite of her financial success and down to earth demeanor. She seems to have a lot of haters. Her frankness about her sexuality is a double-edged sword in my opinion. Now everybody wants to talk about every bad relationship she ever had. If someone hadn't posted this disparaging story on a website. I would have never known about her sorted past. They even threw shade on her mother of all people. Last I heard Mama Joyce was looking for a man friend with the help of her daughter. That doesn't sound very promiscuous to me. As far as the gambling addiction goes. That may or may not be true.  Lots of  women her age with expendable cash can't stay away from the casino.  They don't really do anything else. It's sort of a comfort for them.

One thing I know about Kandi is, she does like men. These days that's a plus. Because it's not necessarily a given with women you think are straight.  I've been watching her on Kandi Koated Nights lately.  Her and her guest discuss everything. At least she isn't kissing other women. At least not in public. She might be what I call a try-sexual. She'll try anything once. If she likes to buy her men presents, that's okay. She is not doing without. Everything she touches these days turns to gold. Kandi can buy whatever she likes She got it like that.            

Sunday, November 25, 2012

She Picked

All I have to say is Kimoro Lee Smmons has a lot of game. She went off and had a baby by Djimon Honsou. But she never really left her ex-husband's money behind. They just spent some time apart from each other. Very few men are going to be able to provide her with the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.  When I saw them all hanging out  together. I knew there was going to be a problem. Now that the legitimacy of the marriage to Honsou has come into question.  I bet her and Russell Simmons are going to get back together before it's over with .She won't be any good to anyone else as long as Russell is around.

They both try to deny that it's about money. But that's exactly what it was. He could never be the head of the house another man built.  It brings to mind a joke the comedian Earthquake told. About the new daddy not being able to pay for any of the bills. When the other daddy is rich. Russell got tired of  footing the bill and pulled the plug. When it came to Kimoro's relationship with Djimon. It was either tone it down or send him packing. What do you think she picked?


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wasn't White

 To  the average person this man may have no significance at all. My concern was, I just couldn't place the name with a face. I've been hearing about Big Poppa for years now, but I wouldn't have known him if he stepped on my foot. Now I know where he got his money from and what he looks like. He is a Puerto Rican real estate developer worth $50 million. Who has acquired everything but a Becky who isn't a gold digger. But this just further confirms something I heard about Kim Zolciak. And some of my earlier suspicions about her.  If she had talent like Teena Marie did, soul music would never be the same again. Based on what I know about her. I should have known he wasn't white. 

The Best

I was waiting before  I said this because this victory over the L.A. Lakers made it official. Even though the Lakers are not in the top echelon this season. They are still giant killers. Any team with Kobe Bryant on the roster is capable of being a spoiler. The team that worries me most. Is the other team in the city of angels. Even though I think overall the Grizzlies are a better team. The Clippers seem to have the Grizzlies number.

As long as the Grizzlies stay healthy.  That's the key to the whole thing. Darrell Arthur is back and the newcomers are consistently hitting threes. Mike Conley is getting better every game. They're going to be real hard to beat. As it stands today the Grizzlies are the best team in the league.

Larry Hagman (1931-2012)

Too Much

This is the first time I have had the chance to see my earlier predictions proven. The Tigers lost their first game in the Bahamas to the Rams 78-65 on Thanksgiving Day. The first time the highly rated team faced some real competition they loss. We hired Josh Pastner at the University of Memphis, about the same time VCU hired Shaka Smart. They both got extensions to  their cont racts last year. Shaka Smart for eight and Josh Pastner for five. Who got the best deal?  Even after his impressive start, he still is being paid less money. Time has proven me right. They paid Josh Pastner too much too soon.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Had A Vote

I was starting to feel sorry for Jesse Jackson  Jr. and then I  was reminded he did this to himself. He should have kept on as the Congressman of the 7th district in  the Illinois house of representatives. He won that seat without even campaigning. He only made one-robo call before the last election. And he won by a landslide. Just like Harold Ford Jr., he is an also ran.  Jackson was too black, and Ford wasn't black enough. President Obama came right up the middle. If not the last, he will be the last black president for a very long time. Which leaves the rest of  his other class men hanging with no where to go. What's between the ceiling and the floor?

In a way Jesse Jr. is a disappointment to the keepers of the struggle. He was sort of the last of the Mohican's so to speak. He is the last child to build a career off the legacy of their father. Even though Jesse Jackson is still shaking companies down himself. His son benefited from the name his father built. The King children have come short of the dream. Some of them have issues, and none of them have children. The Martin Luther King Jr. legacy ended with his wife. Coretta Scott King was taken care of until she died. That was his responsibility and take care of the children until they were grown. The children have litigated themselves into irrelevance. Then the late Hosea Williams' granddaughter is using his name to hold fundraisers. Which is what I think is the latest hustle. Raising money and giving the children donated toys and coats. With all the organizations for children in Atlanta. There shouldn't be a child in need of anything in that city.

Jesse Jackson  Jr. was really the first to  take the momentum of the movement of the sixties to the  next level. The NAACP and the SCLC are not government organizations. Regardless of their influence among blacks.  Today we don't have the advantage of eyewitnesses. Not including Civil Rights Icon Georgia Rep. John Lewis. Who has the distinction of being the only freedom fighter left who actually got his head busted for the struggle. Jesse Jackson Jr. is an elected official. Not  just a glorified preacher with charisma. Unlike his father and those of his ilk.. He actually had a vote.      

I'll Be Back

This is something else for black women to notice. In all the photos of the president over the last four years. You won't find one where he has been this flirtatious on camera with any black woman including his wife. I think I finally know what it is. Which is a relief as far as I'm concerned. I'm just glad he is looking at women and not another man. At least he wasn't in Bangkok like in the movie  "The Hangover". The president's father was a rolling stone. But in his son he left a pebble.
It is a rumor that Michelle Obama is the first lady in more ways than one.I tend to believe it because if not, it's the worlds best kept secret. I can't imagine a black woman sleeping with the POTUS and keeping it a secret. Paul Ryan dated Deneeta Pope back in college. We know all about her. Once it was discovered she really liked him. The media moved on to something else. How could they find out so much about Ms.Pope in such a short time? Yet not have found anything about the president or his wife. I guess you say we don't know anything about the other presidents. But none of them were single until they were thirty years old. Most presidents were married in their twenties.  There isn't a stretch of ten years where you don't know where they were. 
This might explain the missing chapters. It's not being hidden. It just isn't there. In the days of camera phones and  the Internet. If they can't catch you. You must not be doing anything. Before he became powerful, the president was what you call a square. When he went to Myanmar he had visions of his childhood. He thought he had died and gone to heaven. He was surrounded by the equivalent of seven virgins.  Women unspoiled by the trappings of western civilization. Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama looked around and said "I like it over here, I'll be back" !!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Yet

I've been looking for information on this house since I first heard about Kandi Burrus and her beau bought it for cash. Just because it's in a gated community, doesn't necessarily make it a jewel. Kandi keeps calling it a fixer upper. Sounds like more than that. Spending $200,000 off the bat for  renovations. That's a whole lot of money. You can't listen to Phaedra, she is fake. She wouldn't tell her if she got beat.  Though it looks like they are hating. Kim and Sweetie could be right. With all the money Kandi has. It's nothing to write home about. It might just be a big shell. We haven't seen anything but  the kitchen and an indoor pool. This picture doesn't show you a lot either. I don't think this house has ever been finished. Keep your eyes open. It might not be a steal just yet.  

T I .Gives Back

Monday, November 19, 2012


The Hostess company closing highlights a couple of problems in this city. One, we don't miss the water until the well runs dry. And you can't get blood from a Turnip. I'm not sure how much they were making at Wonder Bread, but they were by no means the working poor. It's the kind of job hustlers keep. Easy work and decent pay. Many families have been supported and homes and autos have been bought with paychecks from that plant. People lie about how much money they make. But very few people in Memphis are earning more than they were.

The $12/20 are the mainstay of this local economy. These 250  hourly jobs are more far reaching than the proposed 100 at International Paper, which might pay more individually. But Wonder Bread is a Memphis staple. When all the other good paying  jobs were closing down and laying off.  The people wearing all white and the blue hair bonnets  were working at full capacity. You could smell the bread all over downtown. This is a big loss for the city.

We have lost two major employers in Memphis in the last year. This closing is as bad or worse than losing Cleo Wrap. I know Hostess has locations in more than just Memphis. But I don't know if other cities will be so adversely affected as we will be here. This city needs those jobs just like the others. But the overall impact may be somewhat different though. Cleo Wrap hired a lot of temporary and seasonal workers. Yearly unemployment checks was part of the job. The employees at Hostess were working overtime. Not just forty hour weeks. I bet some of those workers were making $1000 a wk. before taxes. This is not like losing six locations at Backyard Burgers or closing the Dowmtown Butcher Shop . Which is also bad. But we're looking at losing over 500 head of household jobs between the two companies. The days of working on one job until you retire are over. Just like the workers, the attitude of the owners have changed.

I heard one worker say "if his job caught on fire. He would be right there with the firemen grabbing the hose". Now I don't know what this persons compensation package was, but he did say he wasn't in a Union. He clearly understood the importance of his job. He wasn't trusting  his future to a shop steward and some out of town lawyers. A contract doesn't take the place of a paycheck. Semi-skilled workers are going to have to do some serious reevaluating of their positions. In most cases it's just a matter of time. Companies are closing down. Consumers aren't going to pay $6 for a loaf of bread and $3 for some Twinkies. So the workers can make $20 hr.and pay no insurance premiums. It seems like the workers are losing now because they had it so good before. All good things eventually come to and end.  Even the Teamsters advised them to return to work. That should have been a sign in itself. The Union can't force companies to provide you a job. They're going to have to make some concessions now.


Saturday, November 17, 2012


The Shelby County Commission made an odd request. They asked the CA to see the identities of all the responders to a set of articles about the school merger. I totally agree with the ruling by Judge Samuel Hardy Mays. It was a no brainer based on the First Amendment of the Constitution. But the request wasn't without merit. You can't argue it in court, but it would be naive to think politicians aren't reading those comments. Based on some of the comments. If the names had been released. I would bet a dollar to a donut hole most of them don't live in Memphis or even Shelby County.

I know for sure there's a clique on the message boards now. I accidentally ran across it in another post. One of the members blew his cover and had to come clean before he got a visit from the police. Now I know what the CACRFC stands for. I thought it was some fantasy league football team. I didn't know who Gary Robinson was either, but they all did. He must monitor the content on the message boards. Suddenly I can figure how over 1000 of my post mysteriously disappeared. I had words with one of their team captains. I have been black balled. If you keep your eyes and ears open. All things will be revealed in time.    

Friday, November 16, 2012

Already Snitching On His Friends

I think this time Thaddeus Matthews has finally crossed the line. He can trick his listeners but it won't matter. White investigators are going to send him to jail. It doesn't matter what people like Ms. Ruby think. Her $50 donations every other month won't pay his legal fees. This guy is going to do some time or spend a whole lot of money. Maybe both. The FBI doesn't care how many voters they upset. Unlike the D.A. and the police director. Who could have let it go but didn't. They're not co-signing his vigilante justice. They were already after him. Why throw him a life preserver, when they finally have him where you want him?

I don't think he should be sentenced to a long sentence for being stupid. But I don't think he should be made a martyr either. In this community that's a danger. I used to think this guy was just stupid, but he's also dangerous. He says nobody reads my blogs. I know he hopes nobody reads this. Give him some time plus some strict probation. I hope they catch the one that sent it to him too. If you give him a slap on the hand. This guy might take it as fuel to push it to the limit again. Give him a year and he'll get out bragging. Especially if he makes it through with no trouble. He'll think he's John Ford or a local Nelson Mandela.

I've been listening to Thaddeus on Ustream for a few years now. So not only have I heard him talk, but I read the chat in the chat room as well. Which often has discussions that never reach the air. Thaddeus has some dedicated haters out here. This wasn't done by your average listener. The person who did this is experienced. Thaddeus might be right about two things. This was the work of a white man and it's personal. I have no proof but this looks like the work of Thorn Peters. Thaddeus only posted this picture for an hour. That tells me he knew he was wrong or was alerted that he was. Thus the rush to take it down. Anybody involved with him undercover better be worried. We might hear about his sources.  He already tried to implicate the woman that sent him the picture. He is already snitching on his friends.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I've been trying to post the video of the factory worker who was asked to remove his OBama T-Shirt or go home and be charged with insubordination. But just like the example I planned to make. It has been put on the back shelf. Like I stated in an earlier post. Blacks head the list when it comes to being pushed to the side. I'll be watching to see what happens with this story. I think I already know what's going to happen though. Just like the black couple who was denied the chance to have a wedding in a white church. Those who react solely based on their emotions are likely to learn. He who has the gold makes the rules.

The Huffington Post in recent months has been like Obama Central. They have tried to shape the opinion of their millions of readers with their biased news coverage. I must admit they have done a pretty good job. The didn't cover the Siemens incident, but they did the young lady calling the president the n-word. That's more important than some disgruntled blacks having problems on the job. Public opinion is "be glad you have a job and quit complaining". The Democratic party is two parties in one. We have a black president in 2012, but we're still addressing a mentality from 1950.  Blacks better recognize nothing has changed.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Driving Him Away

I started to write this blog a couple of weeks ago, but didn't listening to Wendy Williams. She claimed she was going to air an episode with Vince and Tamar clearing up the rumors about them splitting up. That show hasn't aired yet. I'm not sure that's  going to happen.  I still think Vince is having second thoughts about his marriage. Wendy might just be cheer leading for another sister on this one. That might not be enough. Vince is getting tired of feeling like a trick. He reads  the same blogs and  web sites as  everybody else. He didn't know he was getting a girl who got g'ed out by some guy from Bankhead.

They are the poster couple for sexual incompatibility. It's evident in their behavior. Tamar never sits down. Vince can hardly get off the couch. Lord help poor  Lashawn and April. They weren't believable as real friends. Lashawn was on his hustle, and April was just along for the ride. She had absolutely no influence on Tamar. Vince knows he hasn't been hitting that like he should. He just took a hot girl off the market. Tamar has been sexing him crazy instead of the other way around..I bet 90% of their sex is with her on  top. It's widespread opinion that the reason she is so obnoxious, is she is sexually frustrated.

This whole thing started when Vince was in the hospital. Tamar disappeared for a while and no one knew where she went. Since then Vince hasn't been the same. Every time Tamar mentions him being sick and not being able to do what he used to do . It starts all over again. His whole mood changes instantly. You don't hear everything on the show. The same thing that hooked him in the first place, is driving him away.                                  

Game Changer

Gen. William Petraeus resigning as C.I.A. Director is just the tip of  the iceberg. I  think before it's over, some of our mouths will drop to the floor. This is a cover up of epic proportions. Something tells me this guy is hiding something  else. Democrats don't  resign because of  affairs with  women. His resignation letter was very vague. I hope it doesn't  turn out  that he was laid up with his secret lover somewhere while Americans were losing their lives begging for help. Because he was preoccupied with a younger woman.

I thought it was disingenuous when the Obama administration took sole credit for catching Osama Bin Laden. When it was just a continuation of a operation initiated by former President George W. Bush This might just open a can of worms for this administration. If the country knew no one was minding the store. Could this have been a game changer last week?      

Friday, November 09, 2012

Attitude Adjustment

Mike Brown was on borrowed time from the start.  Every coach that takes this job will live in the shadow of Phil Jackson until he dies. After the first loss of the season. The fans were calling for him to return. Phil Jackson had Shaquille Oneal and a young Kobe Bryant, which was half of  the job to begin with. The same thing is going to happen to Erik Spoelstra. James, Wade and Bosch are building his legacy. Future Miami Heat coaches will be measured by him. A damaged Dwight Howard and aging Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, aren't the makings of a championship team.

They should have kept Andrew Bynum on the team . And worked with what they had already. Kobe needs to be realistic. He is not a one ball wrecking crew anymore. By the  time they hire a new coach  the team will have started to jel. I heard Majic Johnson say he was never right for the job. How would he know?  There are too many cooks in the kitchen. The Lakers need an attitude adjustment.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Here To Stay

Robert Pera always wanted to be part of a winning Basketball team. So much so that he spent a large part of his fortune to buy a team. I hope this young man is successful for Memphis sake. A whole lot of people are counting on him. .Monday night  this guy was scared to death. He was feeling like he made a mistake. When the Grizzlies went 2 for 19 in the first quarter of the home opener. He can't wait around to win like Michael Heisley. This team needs to win. 

Whether we know it or not, we just lost a major player. Robert Pera is rich, but Michael Heisley is wealthy. His stock fell by almost $400 million. Mr.Pera couldn't buy the team alone. Thus the ownership group. Unless someone comes along and buys the team for a profit. The Grizzlies are here to stay.  

President Obama Wins

I feel like I did when O.J. Simpson got acquitted of  the Nicole Simpson murder. I really felt like he was guilty, or at least was an accomplice to the crime. I was happy that a black man had utilized the court system to his advantage. But was this the best use of our combined influence as a race?  We showed up to support him in record numbers. Just like we did for President Barack Obama. As it turns out it wasn't repaid. Soon as O.J. was released from jail he ran to the other side seeking forgiveness. I feel the same way now. It  started with the acceptance speech. Blacks are still at the front of the list when it comes to broken promises.

This time I voted for the president. For one reason, and one reason only. He is the same color as me. I think he was used last time by both parties to do their dirty work. I found myself with nowhere to turn. Both parties took a hands off approach to issues I felt were important. There are a lot more "Log Cabin Republicans" than you think. And who do you think Consuela the housekeeper and Pedro the groundskeeper work for? Certainly not blacks or other Hispanics. They are the new "Help" in this country. And the boyfriends don't come and rob the house when you go on vacation. If anything they tear off and replace your roof and clean it up over the weekend. When you return all you do is pay them for what they did. And thank Consuelo or Pedro for referring them.

After four years thus far. The country is crying about unemployment being almost 8 percent. For blacks it's in double digits. How do people survive without doing something? Black on black crime is at its highest. A cottage industry depends on aborting our babies, or providing them with daycare. Those blessed to be born, are more than 70 % likely to be born out of  wedlock. Blacks don't see the problem with that. Good thing you can keep your children on your insurance until they get 26 yrs. old. Since the outlook for them getting a good job with benefits are so poor. With lower interest rates on college loans. Are we encouraging professional students? Keep going to school since you can't find a job. At least the one you want. With benefits being extended to same-sex couples. Traditional marriages are likely to decline.

In spite of being at the bottom of every list. Blacks are celebrating the most. I know this administration prides itself on diversity. But does that still include blacks? It's like once a year Michelle has her country cousins over to the Whiehouse. None of the toss up states were in the South. They didn't even matter. It appears just like his efforts they were geared toward the East. The North is ran by the unions. As long as he doesn't tackle immigration. The West takes care of itself. Once again off the backs of the blacks. President Obama wins.   

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Different Group

Did I just hear a loud swallow? Lisa Raye and Vivica Fox must be eating crow right now. Lisa Raye for being ignored and Vivica Fox for sticking her foot in her mouth. Lisa obviously invested a lot of  time and thought into her endorsement. I know the All the Italian model Claudia  Romani did was put on a skimpy bathing suit with the president's name on her butt. The opposite of the "onion" Lisa Raye always brags about. That must not be a requirement.

This picture is even more revealing than the one of Stacy Dash on Twitter. The picture  they are using  to disparage her character wasn't even intended for that purpose. It was just the one all the ladies wish they had of themselves.  If Vivica Fox looked like Stacy Dash. She would pose for "Player". She came off  looking like she might be a little jealous. After being nearly naked at the BET Awards. She really doesn't have room to talk.

The only black  women  who have been pictured with the president are Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce. They are the two of the wealthiest black women in the country. Too bad the president isn't dedicated to them like they are him. I guess this answers my earlier question. Looks like they're after a different group.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Should Have Ran

When Gov. Chris Christie was the fastest rising star in the  Republican party. I thought it was strange he didn't run for the presidency then. Why not strike while the iron is hot? He may never get that chance again. After this latest performance he probably won't. Now I'm almost sure I was on to something. He was afraid to run against President Obama. I know that might sound far fetched. But I think I'm right. Have you noticed how quiet he has been since Gov. Romney picked his running mate? I know he has to be respectful of the president, but he is taking it a little too far. Gov.Christie is leery of Paul Ryan. President Obama is leery of Mitt Romney. As far as seeking higher office. If Romney wins its over for Gov.Christie. Also if Mitt Romney wins.  He better worry about Mayor Cory Booker running against him.

I watched the way Gov.Christie handled the Atlantic City situation with Mayor Lorenzo Langford. He threw the mayor under the bus with the president's help. The Gov. Katherine Blanco and Mayor Ray Nagin situation came to mind. He took the opportunity to politicize the situation. Instead of placing the blame where it really belongs. This time the mayor is the scapegoat. Just like the residents of New Orleans.  Those residents in Atlantic City, when instructed to do so. Just like Gov.Christie should have ran when they had the chance.  

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Less Is More

To keep from looking foolish. Vivica Fox should have kept her comments to herself. I used to think Vivica was picked on unfairly by the media. Then I started paying closer attention to what she said and did. Vivica Fox doesn't know Stacy Dash period. I doubt they even ever worked together. The two of them don't even hang in the same circles to begin with. She is a BMW, Vivica is a Buick. Both are good cars. One is just more expensive than the other.

Maybe Stacy isn't working because she doesn't have the need. One thing for sure. They don't have the same business manager. Vivica has worked at least twice as much as Stacy, but doesn't have as much money. Stacy's last big movie may have been "Clueless", but Vivica's was "Set it off". It's not like she is a youngster. She shouldn't have to work so much at this  point. It takes a lot of those low budget films to make up for one major production. In this case, less is more.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Do Your Research

I don't think this story  will hurt Stacy Dash with her with fans. The Internet is already being flooded with tapes of her appearances on  the Jamie Foxx and Wendy Williams  shows. They have her admitting a tendency to sleep with potential husbands on the first date.  What they fail to mention is she married every man she slept with. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if she didn't tie the knot. That would make it normal. As if being promiscuous is suddenly a crime.

An attempt is being made to downplay her endorsement because it might make a difference.  According to polls the woman vote is almost even. I think the movement has began. She took a lot of heat for her position, but she got a lot of support too. The sisters can't, and the brothers won't deny her. She is a nightmare for the Democrats. This will make some undecideds think. She made the most simplistic plea."Do your research". 

Friday, November 02, 2012

Not Sorry

I read  this comment and it summarized my thoughts minus one word. In certain places it was even more descriptive than I would have been, due to a lack of personal knowledge. I enjoyed the insight.

"I’m a little tired with the skewed way we seem to view things within ‘our’ community. I don’t co-sign on anybody catching a beatdown like that: male or female. Though some definitely ask for it. Some of you watch the video and all you see is a man beating a woman. Similar to the bus driver incident. I look at it and see a man beating someone that to him was another man (challenger). She may have ‘looked’ like a female, much like many drag queens do today. But her actions and mannerisms were absolutely masculine to the core…hence why he had no problem stomping a mudhole in her. This is a street dude. This ain’t Webster or Carlton we’re talking about here. Rocking the red outfit he had on in Chicago tells me he’s most likely a Gangster Disciple. And the chick who chose to tussle with him knew this. This is a different mindset from the shielded lives many of you come from. Do you think a male lion cares if the other lion who’s ass he’s shredding is a female one? She challenges his masculinity and she’ll bear the brunt of that offense. For those who say he has no respect for women; bullsh!t. I bet he has all the respect in the world for his mom and grandmother. Though you can imagine the kind of environment they raised him in. Again: I don’t cosign on this. But coming from that world and just having common basic sense, I understand why it went down the way it did. And for the love of God man, this was NOT domestic violence! We have to stop calling every case where a female jumps up in a guy’s face and catches a beatdown domestic violence. Saying that does a great disservice to the thousands of women (and men)throughout America that suffer under REAL forms of domestic violence".

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Didn't Do It

The Grizzlies suffered another disapppointing season opener last night. They lost to the up and coming L.A. Clippers 101-92.  The team just hasn't jelled yet. They're going to get better. Hopefully real soon. Zach is not all the way back yet. The L.A. Clippers are no longer a patsy either. Now that Oklahoma has lost James Harden. The Clippers might be the dominant team in the West this year.

The Clippers have what the Grizzlies have been unable to find so far. A Jamal Crawford. Someone who can shoot the three consistently. A player who can break a game open or put the nail in the coffin coming off the bench. Looks like Oklahoma might even have another pistol in Kevin Martin. Bayless and Ellington tried for the Grizzlies. They just didn't do it last night.

Who Helped

What did I  tell you? President Obama won't get all  the female vote like he did last time. You would be surprised at the women who are going to pull the lever for Romney/Ryan  this time. Stacy Dash has made it fashionable for minority women to vote for Republicans. She looks awfully comfortable in  this picture. I wonder how many voters this will sway? Republicans can show this photo anywhere . The "Girls gone wild" or the "Oprah Winfrey" crowds. We have no way of knowing who voted for who. But times are changing.

Not to be outdone Lisa Raye posed for a picture in support of President Obama. I know his supporters won't find anything wrong with this. But this is in poor taste I think.What does the first lady think about this I wonder? She probably is sweating the president right now. He better never show this picture anywhere.

This isn't out of character for Ms. Raye though. She thinks everybody wants her anyway. Whether she knows it or not. Some people prefer her rival over her. Instead of creating drama like she always does. Why didn't she just attend one of his fundraisers and take a picture there?

Who helped their candidate the most?