Friday, August 31, 2012

Small World

I didn't know Syl Johnson was Chad (Ocho Cinco) Johnson's father. I only knew about his daughter Syleena the R&B singer. I also didn't know he is probably making more money off his music now than ever before. The rappers are sampling his records and he is getting his cut. Unlike many of his counterparts. Wu Tang Clan, Public Enemy, M.C. Hammer and Getto Boys. He just got paid by Jay Z and Kanye West. This is what I was alluding to in my post about the mix tape. His music is being heard all over the globe. It's a small world after all.

People Love To Hate

Kim Kardashian and her momager Kris Jenner may have outsmarted themselves on this one. I can hear Kris now, telling Kim to sue Old Navy for capitalizing on her image. She isn't the only cute white girl with long dark hair. Actually the model named in the lawsuit is prettier than her. And younger to boot. This isn't the first time her likeness has been used. Is she going to sue those pornographic sites who use silhouettes performing oral sex to promote their products. She may have opened a can of worms. Are we witnessing insecurity on Kim's behalf.

I knew this would eventually happen. They were going to find a Kim that looks better than Kim. She  had no problem when they were comparing her to Myla Saninaj. I think I know  why. This isn't Kris Humphrie's ex-girlfriend though.  Not only is Melissa Molinari beautiful. She can sing and dance. Did I mention she was dating Reggie Bush? If these girls were Destiny's Child, Kim would be Kelly Rowland. Melissa would be Beyonce. That's like comparing a Bentley to a Chrysler 300. Both nice cars, but geared toward different markets.

Even though we see pictures of her everyday. In recent months her popularity has declined somewhat. The girl does have thick skin though. She has more  haters than President Obama.. This Kimye thing in my opinion is a double edged sword. I don't think it's real.  It's just for show. It also opens the door to a whole new crop of criticisms. All publicity must be good publicity, even if it's bad. She has to have a high opinion of herself. Because public opinion of her is at an all time low. I don't ever remember reading a post where all the comments were negative. She is the girl people love to hate.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Higher Ground

This time the residents of the Gulf Coast started leaving ahead of time. Hurricane Isaac has hit the coast with a vengeance. The weather was so bad it delayed the Republican Convention. Hotels in other parts of Mississippi and Florida are filling up already. This won't be a repeat of Katrina. People aren't depending on FEMA. They have boarded up the buildings and headed for higher ground.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I was surprised to learn who made the most money off rap. The leading earners in the industry have never recorded a beat. David Geffen could walk down the street in any city and wouldn't draw a crowd. I for one wouldn't recognize him. Jay Z and Kanye West couldn't go to West Memphis without a full security staff, and money wise they don't compare. There is no way a black man could have a fraction of his money and not everyone with a television or radio not know who he was. Puff Daddy is worth 500 million and he is arguably the most recognized black man in the world. Every white person with electricity has heard of him.

Could this be the reason Don Cornelius disliked rap so much? In spite of creating the longest running show in television history. When he died he was worth !5 million dollars. Not a smittance, but certainly not a fortune. Considering he was the provlng ground for R&B acts for thirty years. In the rap game he was irrelevant. These  guys were making in two albums, what it  took him thirty years to  acquire.  The  words of James Brown came back to haunt him. "  Who is backing you on this"? As it turns out there was.  Little did he know. He was changing the game completely.

He knew it would eventually come to this. Roger Troutman started selling samples for ten and fifteen thousand dollars.  And the record industry was transformed overnight.. Now no one can play an instrument, sing or dance.  If you buy a sample make a beat and put some words with it. You might get a hit. The rap game would be like fishing in a foot tub. You only catch the big fish and let the little ones grow. No matter how big they get. They will never be a whale.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Once A Couple

I'm not so sure the wheels of justice rolled evenly in this case. Usher was given primary custody of his two sons by an Atlanta judge yesterday. It's rare that children are taken away from their mother unless she is beating them.  I have seen crackheads given custody of their children before.  So what grounds did they use in this case? The fact that one parent had more money than the other shouldn't count. A dangerous precedent is being set here. A mother's love is unmatched unless she's black. It will be interesting to see how the Dieon Sanders divorce turns out.

I really hadn't been following this case that closely. But I talked to someone who has though. From the beginning an attempt was made to paint this woman as a goldigger after Usher's money.  She was his wife not his girlfriend. We shouldn't be so quick to call the mother of our children unfit to keep from paying them child ssupport. Usher had two babies back to back with Tomeka.  He had to be feeling her at some point.  Even though his fans and family didn't.  I think Usher folded under pressure. Like it or not, they were once a couple.

A Dollar Is A Dollar

One reason I got away from the service industry is because the general rule was "the customer is always right". Even when the customer was wrong. That was when most supervisors and the customers who were complaining were white. When the supervisors and customers turned black. Suddenly the general rule didn't apply anymore. Black managers became like Korean store owners with black customers. Good customer service went out the window. The only concern is the days receipts.

With this city being predominately black. Unfortunately in Memphis it has spilled over into the city and county employees. Through years of nepotism and sometimes even flat backing. We have rude and incompetent workers that we pay. From MATA, the Sanitation workers to the rude and obnoxious women working at Juvenile Court. These people are paid with tax dollars. Every city and county resident helps pay their salary.

The big shake-up at the County Court Clerk's office was an example of what needs to happen at some of these agencies. I don't wish hardship on anyone. But some of these people need a reminder. It even happens when you're sick. There's a world of difference in being admitted Downtown and going out East. Don't go after dinnertime. You might not get anything to eat until breakfast time.

People shouldn't automatically be treated as economy class before you see their ticket. A good waitress or waiter gives everyone good service. That way they never miss a tip. A dollar is a dollar, no matter where it comes from.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two Of A Kind

Last night was the season finale of LHHA. I think this season was more exciting than the last one was. I want to know what happens to the whole cast. From that big mouth  K Michelle to the over the top Momma Dee. Watch her give Lil Scrappy credit for Erica's new house. Just because he paid his back child support. Lil Scrappy got a hit and Erica got a house. Anything Momma Dee got  was more than she had to start with. In that order.

I even want to know what happens to that slore Carlie Redd. She can't sing but  she won't quit trying to get a hit. When the show went off. She had already hooked up with another rapper I never heard of before. Roscoe Dash, I forgot his name. According to Carlie he is hot. She is open like the post office. You have  to admire her tenacity. I almost felt sorry for Benzino until I heard him at the strip club.  He knew what he was dealing with. Put her drive and K.Michelle's talent together and you would have a star. Between being battered, a boss bitch and also a lesbian. K. Michelle lost the focus on her singing career. She tried to do everything but sing. This was her time to shine. Instead of trying to bring her ex-boyfriend down. Memphitz and Toya have kept it moving. If she just has to fight somebody. Her and Shay would make a good match. Since she felt some kind of way. When she saw her and Lil Scrappy at the club.

If nothing else, Rasheeda gained some hopeful fans.  If she gives them anything worthwhile they'll bite. Not because she is so hot, but because time is running out. I like the way she has been brutally honest with everybody else. Hopefully now that she has seen the show. She can start being for real with herself.  Don't listen to Debra  Antney. She is just going to pimp you out. You are too old to go on the road with "Waka Flocka Flame", or the "Brick Squad".  Take this money and pay your house off. If you have some left, buy Kirk a new ride and let him go to work. He read the writing on the wall at the beginning of the season. He  needs  to do something else.

Quite frankly watching women bullying other women has gotten old. They don't have enough Malaysia Pargos on these shows. She would be the even change for women like Chrissy, Evelyn, Tammi and K Michelle. That's what I liked about Joseline. She never started anything, but she never backed down. Mimi hated her guts, but she never passed a lick.  Erica tried that and didn't fare to well. Scrappy might have won his fight but she didn't. Stevie J. is a lover not a fighter but Joseline is a beast . She can whup him. I know Stevie J. is a dog, but  Mimi is a Frisbee. After fifteen years she keeps coming back. This isn't her first rodeo. She's been here before. Obviously with her trusted companion Arienne. What's up with those two?

Stevie J. and Joseline are clearly the winners on  this show. Joseline went from being a stripper, to having a net worth. Every  woman with two pair of lips wants to find out what's going on with Stebby. Joseline isn't losing any sleep, she already knows the deal. She has already been in love and he played her off.  He doesn't  want  to settle down like his buddy Benzino. Now she is just like him. They're having threesomes together.I was right about her going after a different audience. She is now known as the "Puerto Rican Princess". She actually negotiated herself a pretty good deal. Part of something is better than all of nothing. In order to make money they need each other. They are two of a kind..

Monday, August 20, 2012

Phyliss Diller (1917-2012)

Friday, August 17, 2012


This is one of those pictures you better post right away. If you don't, you probably won't see it again. The Republicans won't take credit for this type politics. Democrats don't want to draw attention to him. So you won't see this picture on the blogs. Remember the picture of  President Obama at the beach? He got a lot of female support for that. Both black and white. This time he'll have competition. He has to split them with Paul Ryan.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Posing

Since Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got a divorce last year. I have seen hundreds of pictures of her and many of them with Kanye West. In the many that I've seen. I have yet to see her mooning over Kanye like she did Kris, Reggie or Ray J. Until I see her doing the same with Kanye. I think they're just posing for the camera.

Elvis Aaron Presley (1935-1977) (1977-2012)

Bad Time

I have been hesitant to make my feelings about the Chavis Carter shooting  known. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it's awfully hard. Someone posted the wrong photo to begin with. That's probably why some lawyer hasn't taken the case. I mentioned this same thing  about  Trayvon Martin. What would happen if he looked like Lil Wayne instead of Drake..This is exactly what I was talking about. Looks like justice has eyes.

Once you get past the emotion of a young black man losing his life. Honestly,you could go either way. I have too many questions that haven't been answered yet. I know how these things can play out. The only thing we know for sure is Chavis  is dead. I think he shot himself alright, but it wasn't suicide. I think he shot himself by mistake. While he was trying to get rid of the gun.What we have here is a case of police apathy and not abuse. Those officers are just glad he shot himself and not them.

I would love to know how much weed was found and what kind of gun was he killed with. It would give me some idea what charges he was facing and how much time was at stake. Was he looking at doing time or just paying a fine? A stint at "Cummins State Prison" compared to a night in lockup in downtown Jonesboro requires desperate measures. Why was he in Jonesboro Ark. anyway? I know this is a free country and you can go anywhere you want. But people usually have a reason for being where they are. Jonesboro is no Atlanta or L.A. If you live in Southaven why would you bypass Memphis to hang out over there? They don't even have a mall.

Sometimes you have a girlfriend living somewhere else. But that's not usually the case. Whether you know it or not. City dwellers and dealers with connections are leaving the city going to these smaller towns selling drugs. I don't know if  he's in a gang, but he has that hairstyle. The only other young men I saw with their hair like that in Memphis, were convicted cop killers. If there was a female. Why was he in the car with these two guys?  Does he have family or a job over there? Who were the guys he was with, and where are they now? Where was his car?  Because he was a passenger in the car that was initially stopped by police. According to reports there were also witnesses.

Here is the hitch. Blacks set themselves back forty years with what happened in West Memphis.  Dr. Issac Richmond isn't going to be able to get the exposure this thing needs to make it national. He had a march that drew less than fifty people. I couldn't hardly find stories about this on the Internet. I guess covering two unexplained cases at once, is too much. Now that Al and Jesse are working together. This happened at a bad time.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is what a loud mouth will get you. You might get by for a long time. But sooner or later, someone is going to come after you. You better be able to go from the hip or have top notch security. Don't  take for granted you're the only fool out there. You better take all threats serious. You might get dropped.


Say Yes to Education

Jermaine Ollivierre’s Story:
Today, Jarmaine Ollivierre is an aerospace engineer at NASA, and a cum laude graduate from Tuskegee University with a dual bachelor’s degree in physics and aeronautical engineering. He also has a master’s degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida.

When he was in the fifth grade, however, Jarmaine was a special education student living in a West Philadelphia neighborhood where the high school graduation rate for the class prior to his was only 26 percent. Jarmaine’s mother, Patricia, the bedrock of his life, and, in his own words, the source of his motivation, was a single parent who worked two jobs to support her three children (Jarmaine, his older sister, Marian, and an older brother, Michael, who was born with hydrocephalus and needed round-the-clock care).

So how did Jarmaine defy the odds to become one of Say Yes’ exceptional success stories? He credits his accomplishments to the decision by George Weiss to say “YES” to his education.

Patricia A. Ollivierre had no idea that by successfully advocating for Jarmaine to stay at the Belmont Elementary school after 5thgrade (Belmont had a stronger specialized curriculum than his neighborhood school) that she was inadvertently putting her son into what would soon become the first Say Yes group: 112 students who were promised a free college education if they graduated from high school. Upon learning of the Say Yes promise, Ms. Ollivierre was stunned at the enormity of the gift. Eventually she saw the offer as a gift from God. 

Say Yes, recognizing Jarmaine’s talent, quickly arranged a wide range of supports for him. First, they recommended Jarmaine for a prestigious summer program at the 
University of Pennsylvania, where he worked with a physics professor on robots and programming. The organization also arranged for him to receive SAT tutoring, stressed the importance of maintaining a strong GPA, and connected him to a series of important mentors, including Kevin Mahoner, Robert Bright, a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, and Mike Clemens, who worked for Boeing and gave him insight into the working life of an engineer. 

Thanks to Say Yes, his mother’s unwavering belief in him, and his own determination, Jarmaine graduated from high school and then applied and was accepted to Tuskegee University in Alabama, where he earned a double degree in aerospace engineering and physics on a Say Yes scholarship, carrying an impressive eighteen credit course load every semester. After college, Jarmaine spent two years working in Salt Lake City 
before landing his current position at NASA in Houston, Texas. He also earned his master’s degree.

Jarmaine says that the contribution Say Yes has made to his life has been “immeasurable.” “Without their support, the road would have been a lot harder, definitely,” he adds. And the road he’s been launched on is still opening up before him.

Jarmaine’s mother has urged him to get an M.B.A. or Ph.D. in aerospace engineering. “By the time he’s 35, I’d like him to be able to write his own ticket,” she says. “I always tell my children: I’ve given you the best I have. You give yourself more.”

Jarmaine recently demonstrated the depth of his commitment to his family and the values his mother instilled in them by volunteering to donate a kidney to his older sister, Marian, who was struggling on dialysis. Since the surgeries, both Marian and Jarmaine have made a full recovery and are doing well. Jarmaine remains in close contact with his mother and siblings, as well as with Mr. Weiss, to whom he is forever grateful.

The graduation rate for Jarmaine’s class in Say Yes’ Belmont group was 62 percent, compared to 26 and 28 percent graduation rates, respectively, for non-Say Yes students the year before and the year after (1992 and 1994).

Say Yes to Education:
Say Yes to Education, Inc. (Say Yes) is a national, non-profit education foundation committed to dramatically increasing high school and college graduation rates for our nation's inner-city youth.

Say Yes begins when a child enters kindergarten and continues through high school and beyond. The range of services Say Yes offers across its Chapters include everything from after-school and summer programming, mentoring, tutoring, and school-day academic support to family outreach, scholarships, and social work/ psychological services.

Additionally, Say Yes partners provide high-quality health care and legal assistance. These services help to create a positive, sustaining framework for each student's academic experience, one that encourages and rewards continued effort.

Say Yes recognizes the daunting challenges faced by children living in poverty, and believes children can overcome these challenges when given significant, holistic support. Say Yes is committed to providing this support to at-risk children and their families, enabling them to graduate from high school, accomplish post-secondary educational success, and achieve meaningful life goals, including giving back to their communities.


Aretha Franklin must have made this comparison. They say everyone has a twin somewhere. But Gabriel Union doesn't look like Gabby Douglass though. It was suggested that Gabriel play her in a movie. I'd like to see them pull that off. It's like Halle Berry playing Aretha Franklin. When you see one, the last thing you  think of  is the other. Like the story of Gabby herself. Don't give the role to someone we  expect to see. Give it  to a newcomer.Make some young girl's dream come true.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Not Sold In Stores

Lately I've been spending a lot of time reading the websites and watching the latest reality shows. I have a whole new understanding of how money is being made these days. Everyone is going Independent  and underground. Especially those who can't get record deals or book advances. What I've discovered is that most blacks especially in music came through Atlanta. I didn't know that was where Nicki Minaj got her start. She gives all the credit to "Lil Wayne." and "Cash Money."  Now with the success of Tyler Perry and the "Madea" movies,that includes the big screen as well. With all the movie and music stars living there. I bet they have a disproportionate number of starving artists, former pro athletes and opportunists living there as well. With Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long and Jasper Williams having congregations there. How could I forget the church?

The  mix tape is a sign of  the changes taking place in the music industry. The rappers are selling 20,000 units for $10 after the shows and keeping all the money themselves. Instead of doing a video and having a million seller being sold on shelves everywhere. They buy some studio time and blank discs and mass produce and sell their own. That might be alright now, but what about later? Waka Flocka Flame is getting $25, 000 for a show these days. What about next year or the year after that? Don't even think about ten years from now. The people won't even know him. Where is Slick Rick and D.J. Quick these days? If the Independent artists hasn't invested and spent the money wisely, it will all be gone. How do you collect royalties on underground music or a mix tape? 

Even the multi-millionaire beat maker Lex Luger, who thanks to the likes of Kanye West, Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa is rich. He knows he got a lucky break. Otherwise he would still be hustling beats for the Brick Squad with "Southside."  Though he has made a fortune at his young age. Even he knows in the midst of his intoxicated state. When all you do is write beats, smoke weed and drink all day. If you don't set a whole lot aside. You can never stop working.

There aren't enough actors and actresses to talk about.  Denzel Washington and Halle Berry are the exception to the rule. Samuel Jackson doesn't count himself as a minority anymore. He is an old actor finally getting his money. He ain't no Lincoln Perry. Taranji P. Henson and Kevin Hart are the only ones with various projects that haven't gone completely Hollywood yet.. The rest of them don't go any farther than South Beach.

Now for the next Toni Morrison. They're out there too. You might not think a writer could go Independent. Let me assure you. That's no longer true. Now there are tutorials and how-to clinics on self publishing.  With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you buy your books directly from the writer. I don't know whether she got the idea from television or they got it from writers like her.  Deja King was selling her book at beauty shops and out the trunk of her car. With the Atlanta Hawks, Falcons and the Braves. That explains the former pro players. That's where the money left them. And any where there's food there will always be flies. Unless it's too cold or steps are taken to get rid of them. Some times they still get through.

Is all money good money? I don't know. That's what all these people in question in this blog are faced with daily. Everybody needs to eat. I get hungry everyday. Do you pound the pavement and market your talents the old way? Then the buzz about you spread by word of mouth or a catchy song you sang. Winning some contests always helps too. Like Jay Z and the Beyonce of the past. Instead of going on Facebook or Twitter and getting your name out there like that. Plus doing mix tapes in the place of videos. Only the people who happen to hear you will know who you are. You have to be bigger than the city where you live. Like Gucci Mane and K. Michelle. That's why Gucci Mane left Mizay Entertainment. And K Michelle is no longer with Vibe. Your name needs to be ringing in a number of places. If you don't have a deal. You can't afford a manager.

This would make a good example. Toni Braxton vs. Rasheeda Frost. Both of their careers are in the same place, but they're in different situations. One is barely making it, and the other is broke. Toni Braxton still walks around like she is on top of the world. That's why she won't do projects with her sisters. Even though she has filed bankruptcy and doesn't have a hit. She still has a budget for background singers. To the contrary Rasheeda is doing collaborations with Lil Scrappy and shopping at "Burlington Coat Factory." She carries the title  "Queen Of Crunk." According to her husband  Kirk she is selling more records than ever before. But according to Debra Antney she's considered dirty. She has to fire her manager/husband of sixteen years to try to make some serious paper. They both have been in the business twenty years or more. Now to get some Social Security. People like Kirk and Rasheeda need a job. Success in this town is like a mix tape. It's not sold in stores.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Might doesn't always make right, depending on what you want. Good intentions and success unfortunately don't always meet. I guess I can't blame someone for not wanting to take a backseat in their own ride. But that's what they should do, if they don't know how to drive.  I'm not going to ride with you just because it's your car. But I can't take your keys away from you either, if you insist on driving. It's also an uphill battle trying to convince those other pedestrians "it's not safe to ride with you." When the one trying to do the persuading is on their heels just like them. People want instant gratification or a quick solution. You might hear the argument. "It might be for a short time, but that's better than nothing. It's better to have had it and lost, than never to have had it at all."

I have been keeping this blog for over six years now. Writing something on here at least every two weeks. Never if ever missing more than a month. In that time a lot of changes have taken place in my life and in my surroundings. Many days I sat here and my computer was the only companion I had. Since there was no one to debate with, I wrote my opinions on this blog. When I said something and was proven right. People around me conveniently forgot or at least they claimed. This blog is my personal record. It has proved invaluable to me as a database. I have watched the number of readers on this blog rise and fall. But they don't follow a particular pattern. Since I don't get a lot of comments.  I just assume that's because they agree  So I just keep writing about what ever catches my attention. For those who read this blog. Hopefully I provide some good reads.

A person once told me "the truth will eventually come out." Right now that person is successfully living an outright lie.  They don't want to talk to me about it because they know I know the truth. When I look back over the things that I've talked about. I wish I had gotten paid for the times I was right. But if you aren't there to beat the drum for yourself, you won't get any credit for your ideas and input. How does someone build credibility in spite of never being right about anything?  One thing I learned about blogs and radio. When  they don't agree with you. People stop reading and listening. Even when they are faced with proof. If it proves them wrong or contradicts their personal opinion.  They circumvent the truth.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Wake Up

Let it be said that I gave equal time to equal issues. I didn't hear Ryan Lochte fans crying foul when his blinged out grill was the subject of criticism and ridicule. He won five metals in all, two of them Gold,. So you can win a medal and not be beyond reproach. Some people didn't like the way he looked, so they did what people do these days. They took to Twitter and the blogs and made their opinions known. It has nothing to do with his breaststroke, but instead his image. For years to come that's the photo we'll see. Bruce Jenner is still on the Wheaties box almost four decades later.

Considering his popularity among the young people. I heard even less about the Olympic committee refusing to give him his medal if he wore his custom made grill on the podium. Than I did about Gabby Douglass's hair. The officials weren't about  to let him set the stage for his gimmicks outside the games itself. The award ceremony is a tradition in itself. After you leave the podium, how you look is up to you.  They know he is going to get lots of endorsement deals like all high profile medalist. When little white boys and girls  wake up every morning and eat  a bowl of cereal. Daydreaming about being the next Olympic sensation. They don't want them  see a white man with jewelry in his mouth. 

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Essentially what this series does is blows up the spot. This company took a group of everyday, inexperienced people with charisma and made them rich. But it didn't give them a background to match their new wealth.  At the rate they're spending money and buying new cars. Some of them will be in financial trouble before we know who they are. Ardyssy International in my humble opinion is one of the most cleverly devised pyramid scams since Mary Kay. The compensation package assures the company's success. But only a few people will get rich at the expense of many chasing the dream.

That would be okay, but these distributors won't have repeat customers. So the new ones don't really have a chance to make any big money. After signing a couple of distibuors themselves and getting excited.  The story is generally the same.  They start out on fire and end up with barely a flame. Nobody but the original members make any real money. The unsold products usually end up in their closets. I don't foresee the long term future the cosmetic company has experienced, but I don't have millions either.

In network marketing timing is everything. You can bet the top earners are appearing on this reality show. All of them got in on the ground floor. And that's the key to making the big money. How many people you can sign as distributors. Dorothy Cook "The Godmother" was the first. She sponsored everyone on this show. Helen DelaHoussaye and Stormy Willington don't seem to understand they can never surpass her. Stormy lacks the understanding and Helen lacks the common sense. Dorothy has over 500 thousand distributors worldwide under her belt . In the limited market they're working with. There aren't that many prospects left. With clothing stores getting involved and the introduction of Spanxx and other body shaping garments.  The market has drastically changed.

Except for Kenny Lloyd the men on the show are basically just players.  In a way he is too. but he is a valuable mouthpiece as well. Unlike the other men he is actively involved in recruiting new members. The other men on the show, their primary involvement in the business is their women. What if Robert and Nicola  Jackson get a divorce?  Would he be able to continue his business without her help? She can go back to doing what she was doing all the time. Fixing hair, doing hair shows and selling garments out of her shop. Not so simple for Robert though. Going around looking good and bragging about how much money you're making is going to get old.  You won't  keep drawing $100,000 checks like you are now.   There aren't many prospects on construction sites.

The youngest member of the group is proof that buyers need beware. The Body Magic hasn't shaped anything on her but her pockets, and they've gotten bigger. The girl is already fine. I saw her acting as a model in a Las Vegas showcase. She was made for an opportunity such as this. Chyna is supporting a music studio and she can't sing. That's like putting water in a bucket with a hole in the bottom. But I heard some of her comments about making mix tapes. The young lady is pretty smart. But she killing them with the country grammar. That's a hustle too.

I hope the title of this show changes from "Amateur Millionaires" to "New Millionaires"before it's over. But I don't think it will though. I still don't know how the Nashville church fits into this whole thing. They aren't selling garments like the others. So what kind of deals are they making? Unless it's the second phase of the plan. I found out a little about Ben Tankard. He seems like a nice guy, but might be a little weak. I hope they're not mixed up in anything. This non-profit status everyone is claiming these days, is going to get some folks in trouble According to the show trailers they were recruited by some of the other amateurs who might be shady. Ambitious to say the least. I think they are needed to take this "business" to the next level. That's where the "mouthpiece " Kenny Lloyd comes into play  He sounds like a preacher. He'll fit right in the church crowd with this new 40+ program he is pushing.  This is for those that didn't get the "Business" last time.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Fix Her Hair

Let me first congratulate Gabby Douglass on her Gold Medal performance during the 2012 Summer Olympics. She made history in an event never before won by a black. Her accomplishment took hard work and sacrifice as evidenced by her hair. Obviously she hasn't been around any other black people or they would surely have suggested to her that she at least wear a cornrow.  Based on her recent comments she seems oblivious still. Obviously she doesn't have the same hairdresser as her mother. I see she proudly wears a head full of  store bought human hair.

This may be one of the reasons we have so few black girls in this sport to begin with, and even fewer in swimming. There is not one black female on the whole Olympic swim team. Black countries like Nigeria and Jamaica don't even compete. I watched the Nigerian sprinter Blessing Okagbare blow her competition away. Only to come back and finish last in the big race.  I wonder how much faster she could have been if she hadn't been worried about her hair?  And they still talked about her. The black gymnast from the Dominican Republic didn't win a Gold, but her hair was neat. I don't know if this is yet another tradition like they have in ballet.  But this young lady needs to fix her hair. She looks like she just got out of the bed.  This is a job for Lisa Akbari.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Another Cohen Casualty

The John Wright of Memphis Politics has struck again. Steve Cohen has this city fooled. They haven't learned to watch how he votes. He won his race hands down, but those he vouched for lost. I don't know when these locals are going to realize he plays both sides of the fence. Why would he avoid the hotbed issue of school consolidation until now? The majority of the the 9th district is in the city not the county.  Especially when he is going to go against his constituents and side with the suburbs. He knew the blacks would vote for him regardless and the suburbanites wouldn't .

The latest victims are Kenneth Whalum and Freida Williams. Both of them lost  their seats last night. They started campaigning for the new school board too soon. By voting not to surrender the charter. They bit the hand  that feeds them. The plan was never for them to keep their jobs. They were a  bit naive.  After they saw that the county was never playing fair. Then they both tried to back peddle and change their positions, but it was too late . When Randy Wade ran for sheriff against Bill Oldham. Steve Cohen was quiet as a whisper. In spite of Randy Wade manning the front line for him. I don't  even remember him doing a commercial.  From top cop to a secretary is quite a jump.  These people  are instrumental in getting him reelected. But when it comes to their own race.  They are just another Cohen casualty.   

Friday, August 03, 2012


You would think anybody with a brain could figure out Lebron James was trying to creep on Savannah Brinson while she was away in New York City. Especially if they've read the  whole story. But obviously there are those who disagree.  In a nutshell Lauren Purdue rejected Lebron's invitation  to dinner. One that shouldn't have been  extended anyway. You see LaLa was on the scene in London with Carmelo Anthony and his son. She knows those NBA ballers can't resist those young white chicks. They're going to be all over them. Lebron wants to be a bachelor but he's afraid to be by himself. The fact that he hasn't married his children's mother doesn't give him a pass. If he sleeps with her and gets his mail in the same place. He might as well make her his wife. Now she has him between a rock and a hard place. I know he hopes his fiancee will understand like his fans.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Before The Show

This confirms  what I suspected all the time. Momma Dee claims to have  been a pimp, but I think that's an exaggeration. I don't doubt she turned some young girl out. She was bait. But she was only emulating the game that was ran on her. Who is there to say any different? The other whores and pimps?  I think she was what you call a "Bottom B**ch". They say LiL Scrappy's father is a preacher. I wonder who he is, and what's his story? That might tell us who Momma Dee really was before the show .


Matt Barnes has been hanging on by a thread for nine years and is a free agent now. He makes more headlines for his run-ins with the law than he does his play on the court. As much as him and Gloria Govan have been in the news for domestic violence. He should be trying to keep his nose clean. When you manage to bring baggage to a stress free situation you're pretty damaged. He had a chance to hitch a ride on the popularity of a superstar in the  league. People would pay to see the one sleeping with Tony Parker's wife. It's up to him at that point. He couldn't even pull that off. He should have taken notes from Jalante West and the Lebron James saga. He is a distraction for Miami on the Boston bench. Barnes could've done the same in the West.

I think he has gotten caught up in the hype like the rappers Chris Brown and Drake. Just because you get a lot of tattoos and go to jail a few times doesn't make you a roughneck. You're going to end up in jail for real. Don't fool around and get a felony on your record. You'll be a card carrying member. He went to college and got a degree. A college graduate making a couple of million dollars a year isn't too bad. But what are you going to do three years from now? Nothing is wrong with being a second round draft pick who has made it because of his hustle. You are not the worst looking guy in the league. The one team that took a chance on him, he walked out on them. I've noticed  a trend among guys with an excessive  amount of body art. They're not very smart.  Does the ink affect the way you think