Thursday, March 30, 2006

Term Limits Upheld, Good Or Bad

Yesterday the Tennessee courts upheld an earlier decision by the voters, to enforce term limits. In 1994 the citizens upheld it with 81% of the vote. I can't help but wonder, if this was what was in mind. When this plan was put together, by then political strategist. I'm not racist, but I do recognize it's presence. The demographics of Shelby county has changed tremendously, since that time. The same people that voted for term limits, are the ones behind this recall now. The White citizens of Memphis knew, eventually the Black population in the county would grow. Thus erasing their stronghold on county government. Many people don't know, but this is the only dual government system in the country. If they put the same issue on the ballot today, it would be defeated handily.

The same shortsightedness that allows an ineffective person to hold office for 20+ years. Is the same mentality that expects the government, to take responsibility for their personal lives. I've noticed this legislation has been attached to the three County commissioners who filed the lawsuit. Some people don't seem to give it a thought. This doesn't just apply to them. It applies to all elected officials in the county. Even Mayor A.C. Wharton, who many voters like. He has already announced he will only be running twice. Being that he is a practicing attorney, I'm sure he did the research. He probably already knew the ruling would stand. All this does is speeds up the process. Crooks will be crooks, they just have to work faster. For those that think this will open up the door to newcomers, that won't happen. What we will have is programmed politicians, since they'll be lame ducks. In essence this takes away the voters choice. At the end of two terms you leave, no matter how good you are. I think term limits are bad.

The NAACP Is At It Again

The St. Louis chapter of the NAACP, is again in the news regarding the Lenihan/Rice incident. Local chapter president Harold Crumpton, immediately called station KTRS requiring an apology. This is one more time the NAACP has weighed in on a subject. That doesn't advance what they call (Colored People). When people of position speak out on minuscle things like this. It only adds fuel to the fire. Situations like this wouldn't even make the news, if problem profiteers didn't keep bringing it up.

Why aren't they talking about this weeks past demonstration, in California. How successful it was, and how can they organize one with the same effect. I have always said the NAACP has outgrown it's purpose. Due to the fact they haven't changed with the times. Blacks today don't have the same issues as Blacks did in the fifties. The largest event they've had their name on lately. Is the 'Stanley Tookie Williams' defense fund, and the "Millions More Movement". Neither of which I would support. I agree they need to do something to salvage their image. They need to show they're a force to be reckoned with. This isn't the fight, to help rebuild their reputation.

Read my earlier comments:

No Respecter Of Parties

God is a GOP, Jesus a 'CRAT Taking sides in Heaven.
By Herndon L. Davis

-->JUNE 3, 2005. Insiders in the Kingdom of Heaven report a rift in the divine family which literally threatens to tear their earthly family apart.
The patriarch of life, the most High Father himself, God, has apparently aligned himself with staunch U.S. political conservatives and is now believed to be a card-carrying member of the GOP, the Grand Old (Republican) Party.
His son, Jesus, meanwhile, rumored to be a liberal, has wrapped himself tightly in a blue democratic cloth, standing for a kindler, gentler and more progressive approach towards earth. Their stark differences of political beliefs caused a rumbling in Heaven reflected in several severe weather patterns across the globe.
As this Father-Son feud continues to escalate, angels in Heaven are reportedly taking sides on issues like gay rights, abortion, contraception, the Iraq War, safe-sex education, social security, judicial appointments, affirmative action, and women in the clergy.
This growing rift in ideology and political affiliations between God and Jesus is rumored to have been fed by an elite and empowered group of earthly clergymen, businesspeople, career politicians, and higher income bracket individuals. They pray, worship, and aggressively hold on to literal beliefs of Old Testament teachings where God is described as being firm, decisive, strict, and black-and-white with no room for gray, while bathing themselves in the New Testament with Jesus’ blood of redemption and unconditional love for themselves.
Meanwhile, formerly oppressed groups such a blacks, women, gays and lesbians, and the financially and socially impoverished, often pray, worship and aggressively embrace the spiritual teachings of the New Testament Jesus, a figure who ostensibly encouraged liberation, social justice, compassion, and unconditional love for every person regardless of their race, gender, income, or sexual orientation.
Both groups have been lobbying and petitioning God and Jesus separately, not realizing that they're essentially indivisible. At the same time, both groups claim to have cornered the will of this heavenly Father-Son duo, resulting in a nation of blue and red states deeply divided on nearly every socioeconomic issue known to man.
Early next week, a series of peace talks between God and Jesus is being mediated by the Holy Spirit to determine how best to resolve their joint teachings in both Testaments so that individuals are able to seek and understand the spiritual meaning of their collective word.
Also on the agenda during the God-Jesus conference is a brainstorming session on how best to teach clergy and laity alike to interpret Scripture within its original 1st and 2nd century culture and language.
As yet another U.S. presidential election year draws closer, the angels are making celestial repairs to the damage done in the previous cycle by earthly family members determined to divide and conquer Heaven.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, one angel twanged, "If earthly people of faith don't get right soon, there'll be hell to pay!"

PS. Scripture teaches us that God is not concerned with race, only salvation.
1 Peter 1:17
And if ye call on the Father, who without respect of persons judgeth according to every man's work, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear:

The picture is only a symbol. No one has ever seen God and lived to tell. The color of Jesus, isn't discussed in the bible. It is all symbolic and based on assumption. No one really knows, and it doesn't matter.

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Lisa Tucker

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This Is Just In Los Angeles

I said in a earlier post, just last week. Esa (Hispanics) ruled in California, when it came to the gangs. I knew if the outlaws were large in number. The count on their family members, had to be startling. These are not the gangs, and criminal element here. These people came together for the benefit of the workers. These are the people working, in the factories and service jobs. I guess you will believe me now. They organized the largest march in Californa history. Right under everybody's nose. They did it on short notice, without a whole lot of hype. They didn't do any commercials. The news got around by word of mouth. The majority of Americans wouldn't know what was being said. Even if they heard the conversation. That's quite a feat, if you ask my opinion. Here are some shots of the crowd that gathered :

My Picks For Best Performances (Wk. 6)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Crime Is Crime, Regardless Of The Culprit

I don't know exactly what took place between Rev. Matthew Winkler, and his wife Mary Winkler. I only know ultimately he was murdered by his wife. Initially Mrs. Winkler confessed to the crime. Now that she is being represented by certain lawyers, all that since has changed. The pastor of the "Fourth St. Church of Christ" in Selmer TN., didn't show up for a scheduled Wednesday evening service. The church members finally entered the parsonage with a key, later that Wednesday evening. They found him dead from a gunshot. His wife and their three daughters, were no where to be found. It sounded fishy to me, but I'm just an observer. The officials preceded as though this was just a regular homicide. No homicide is regular, but this one had a built-in prime suspect. Finding Mrs. Winkler was 75% of the case.

The wife and children were found Thursday night, in Orange Beach, ALA. unharmed. It was soon evident, that she hadn't been removed against her will. She confessed to the shooting at first, but she later recanted her statement. I'm no detective, or even a great mystery writer. To strike out on a journey at a time like this, even looks suspicious to me. You don't have to pack up the children and drive 300 miles, to clear your head. This kind of misapplication of the law, is what I always complain about. The scales of justice, again aren't balanced here. The law is playing favorites, due to who it is. The average citizen wouldn't be treated with such kid gloves, after even being suspected of a crime. Not to mention if they were to confess. I wanted to wait until the funeral services, until I made up my mind. We must protect the innocent children, in any case. The possibility of child abuse loomed over my decision. If that was the case, the children wouldn't have been there. So whatever the situation was, it was between the preacher and his wife.

This is going to be interesting, if they let us watch. That's the plan by her attorneys I bet. Her best defense will be public sentiment. Unless the Winkler family takes a proactive stance, in keeping it fresh on the minds of the public. Something else will come up, and we will forget all about this. It was hidden way down in the Commercial Appeal on page B-9 today. The lead story in todays newspaper, was concerning Graceland being declared a national landmark.For me the flags flew up, when I saw her counsel. She has retained Leslie Ballin and Steve Farese, a tag team duo with a track record of getting people out of sticky situations. They represented actor Anthony Anderson, policewoman Yolonda Mcfadden and basketball player Jeremy Hunt. All with favorable outcomes for their clients.There are others, I just can't recall the defendants names. They're taking this case pro-bono, wonder why? Though the publicity in itself is pay. Especially if they get her a light sentence. If they get her anything short of the electric chair, their stock will go through the roof.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Helping Hand

"The best place to find a helping hand, is at the end of your arm".


The Controversy Hasn't Died

This Friday will be the one year anniversary of Terri Shiavo's death. This time a year ago, the country was divided on this issue. Unfortunately we didn't have the benefit of hearing what she had to say. I think she was a victim of a urinating contest, between her husband and her parents. She was a pawn in their chess game. Anybody would die after a period of time, if you stopped feeding them. Ms. Shiavo didn't eat for thirteen days. That's a long time for anyone. Most of us wouldn't last a whole day, we would be barely alive. It's not like they removed her from life support. She was only being fed through a feeding tube. They just removed it all of a sudden. I felt that was cruel. That was her means of nourishment. Many would argue about her quality of life, but is it our call? If all we had to do was feed her. I think it was an injustice, to starve her to death.

Both her husband and parents, have written a book coming out this week. They have conflicting stories of what happened in Terri's last days. I'm not sure either side is completely genuine in their motivations. They both seem more than willing to capitalize off her death. It's not like Michael was sitting around twiddling his thumbs. He has remarried and has two children, by his new wife. Needless to say this relationship didn't just start. Her parents have lived their lives already. If by chance they've fallen short somewhere. They can't live vicariously through her. The only thing this question has done, was raise more questions. Anything that we don't know by now, we probably never will. The only one who knows is Terri Shiavo. She can't tell us anything, she is no longer in our company.

All Publicity, Is Not Good Publicity

People are quick to say this when their mouth has written a check that their behind can't cash. If you don't believe me, ask radio talk show host Jennings Bernard. I have heard him say it several times in casual conversation. He customarily voted out of his district. He didn't actually say it in those exact words. He wouldn't be that stupid I hope. But anyone with average intelligence could figure it out. I for one know where he lives though. It really wouldn't be that hard to find out, for anyone with internet access. I didn't think he was aware of what he was doing though. I knew it would eventually blow up in his face. He underestimated the power of the Election Commission and he has to pay. As a result of his own admission, he now faces felony charges.

He should have learned his lesson by now. He should avoid anything Thaddeus Matthews is involved with. He has lost two radio spots, and a organization he helped form. All at the hands of his troubles with this individual. He has taken on the Ophelia Ford voter fraud trial and the proposed recall of Mayor W.W. Herenton. Any success this action if any it obtains, will be a feather in Mr. Matthews hat not Jennings. When I heard Mr. Matthews calling his show. I knew it was just a matter of time before trouble would follow. It looks like if nothing else. Mr. Bernard will get some legal expenses out of this. If he had it to do over. I'm sure he would keep his comments to himself. Because he now knows all publicity, is not good publicity.

She Faces The Same Drawbacks

I made my opinions known at the first indication of Ms. Halbert running for the office of "Juvenile Court Clerk." I had the opportunity to speak with her yesterday, about her upcoming campaign. As always, I enjoyed our conversation. But nothing has changed from my earlier opinion . Read the link below, to see what I said :

Sunday, March 26, 2006

She Is Bigger Than That

I don't support Condoleeza Rice for president. I do think she is quite a woman though. I wouldn't support any female for the oval office, but if I did it would be her. The latest smear on her public image, is not even her doing. It is due to a conversation, of which she wasn't even a part. She was the subject of a discussion, in which a racial epithet was used. In all fairness she is open to the same criticisms as other politicians. She is a political figure, subjet to the same scrutiny as everyone else. But let's be honest here, in the year 2006. The term coon is over the edge. In mixed company you know you can't get away with that. But before we nail someone to the cross, for what actions they should or shouldn't take. We should first make sure we're placing the blame, in the right place. In this case the blame doesn't belong on Ms. Rice.

Radio talk show host David Lenihan was fired from KTRS in St. Louis. Because of a statement he made on air, that some consider racist. He apologized immediately, but that didn't seem to help matters much. He was immediately fired from the radio station. He later learned he has been suspended from his teaching job too. At first I thought, this was much about nothing. Then the more I thought about it, I'm not so sure. Let's look at exactly what he said. Then we can form a clearer picture. This is what he said :

"She's been chancellor of Stanford. She's got the patent resume of somebody that has serious skill. She loves football. She's African-American, which would kind of be a big coon. A big coon. Oh my God. I am totally, totally, totally, totally, totally sorry for that.
"I didn't mean that. It was just a slip of the tongue. She's definitely got all the attributes to be commissioner. I'm really sorry about that."

You form your own opinion about that. It has gained attention, from several people with media clout. Howard Stern and Larry Elder just to name a few. To each his own, as far as opinions are concerned.

The problem I have is, this isn't Ms. Rice's issue. Because someone made a irresponsible remark, is it her fault? She doesn't have to say anything. She isn't the one who stuck their foot in their mouth. I don't want to see something so trivial attached to her biography. This doesn't reflect her personal behavior or character. Let's not belittle her position by entertaining ignorance. If you're going to hold something against her, let it be something of substance. Don't raise a question of such small significance. She is bigger than that.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Black And White, The Television Show

I watched the show on FX that deals with two families, that go through a cosmetic transformation. It is supposed to take the form, of a real life experience. Allowing the two families, to put themselves in each others place. In my opinion it is not a pure inside look, at the mindset of racism. If you look for something, you're bound to find a reason to be upset. We must first admit to ourselves, everyone is prejudice to some degree. Unless you have had a negative experience with others like yourself, how could you not? What this show fails to show. Is the middle of the road opinion. Any individual of reasonable intelligence, knows that racism is alive and well. We just don't let it dictate our every move. How can you be one or the other, and not be aware that it exists? Just like everything else, you do what you must.

As in most questions of racism, the Black family feels victimized. The Whites don't see it that way, because they're usually in a position of the majority. This complaint is not totally without merit, it does happen. It shouldn't be the focus of the Black existence though. If you walk into a department store, their main objective is to get your money. If you aren't buying anything, they might assume that you're stealing. It has nothing to do with you personally. On a individual level it's hard not to racial profile. White people especially the men, know it's about the money. He tends to minimalize the effects of racism, because it doesn't generally affect him. Most things that bother the Black man, just roll of his back. On the show they both seem to spend an inordinate amount of time, trying to prove their respective points. The Black mans point being that racism does exist, the White man that it doesn't.

I find the contrasting roles of the women very interesting. The Black Woman is more outspoken and proactive in the home. Than her White counterparts generally are. She has to validate her mate, as well as herself. The Black man's ego is usually in need of stroking. His desire to be in a position of authority, usually manifests itself in the home. The White woman is more accommodating of the position of other races. She wants to understand why Blacks feel the way they do about Whites. It's funny how she is viewed by Blacks, especially other women. If she is in the company of a Black man. She is considered a traitor by her own people, an intruder by others. I must say these relationships usually fall in one extreme, or the other. Either the man has more than usual, or he doesn't have much of nothing. I can't make an assumption about White men and Black women.There are not enough examples to make a fair assessment of that arrangement. I can say this, it's usually a equally beneficial union. White men don't usually marry Black women, of a lower ring on the economic ladder. They usually marry women that are educated, and self sufficient. The kind of women that are a credit to their own race. A prime example for others to follow.

If there is a glimmer of hope in this experiment, it is the children. The offspring prove that racism is a learned behavior. It's more of a mindset than anything else. Young men think about young women, and vise versa. Little girls like to copy off their mothers. Little boys like to imitate their fathers. It doesn't matter what color you are. The young people seem to be indifferent. I'm undecided whether or not that's good or bad. They aren't the least bit concerned with history, as if it doesn't exist. They focus on the right now. In some cases that's good, in others not so much. In order to prevent going back. You have to know where you've been and why. This whole thing is fueled by ignorance or lack of understanding. Let's not continue to perpetuate this cancer in our society, by remaining close minded. If we continue to make this the center of our disagreements. We will never find a solution. I'm not accepting racism, as if I could change it anyway. I'm just not being defined by it's effects. It's not about whether it's black or white, but wrong or right.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Wendi Thomas, Is Leaving Memphis

I don't really know what my feelings are regarding her departure. It kind of caught me by surprise. It's not that I don't like her, it's just what she represents. She is an excellent writer. Often thought provoking and well read, when she's on her game. The problem is when she's not, sometimes she can be hard to stomach. She has been offered a job in Baltimore MD., which is a larger market. Her offbeat candor in my opinion, obviously generates discussion. Some of her articles in the last three years at the Commercial Appeal. Have definitely been the talk around the water coolers at work. Which I presume translates to readers, and improves circulation.

When I said what she represents, that's what others seem to like about her. There seems to be this growing sentiment of being brash, and disrespectful to authority. It's not always what you say, but sometimes how you say it. I just have this thing about decency and order. Ms. Thomas from what I've seen, doesn't seem to be concerned with that. See we have to be careful what we co-sign today. We open the door for trouble down the road tomorrow. How can we teach our younger people how they should behave. When the older people don't know how to act. Contrary to what society would have you think. The education and position you obtain. Doesn't erase the lines you should cross. In her new position, I wish her well.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Don't Add Fuel To The Fire

I figured I better talk about this, before it becomes history. If it isn't already too late. For what it's worth in my opinion, it could already be classified as such. Ray Nagin has dug a deep enough hole all by himself. If the truth be known, the blame falls much more on a local level. Than on the federal government as many would have you think. The FEMA organization did a poor job, that's true. The system failed long before it reached that point. There have been accusations from the levees being blown up purposely. To the Blacks being left in New Orleans to die. If I'm not mistaken, didn't hurricane Katrina hit more than the Ninth ward?

As I have always said when the city of New Orleans is rebuilt. It won't be the city of old. We know and love so dearly. At least the part we don't talk about. The city will be washed out in more ways than one. The former residents have moved, in some cases clean across the country. If they don't have the money, a lot of them are never going back. Which brings me to my question. Why should these people be allowed to vote? The uninformed voters that put Mayor Nagin in office are no longer living there. Their civil rights are not being violated, as Jesse Jackson is charging. If they no longer reside in the Big Easy, Mayor Nagin is no longer their Mayor. One thing Black people need to get beyond. Never wanting to change their district or polling place. No matter where they live. They never want to change their voter registration. If you don't live at the same address anymore. You are no longer supposed to vote there. It doesn't matter that you've voted there all your life. That's not your place of residence anymore. If Mayor Nagin wants to have any splinter of credibility left, he better separate himself from the vultures flying around. They won't offer any refuge for the the weary. Any help they claim to offer, is too little too late. They're only circling around, to feed off the remnants. Jesse Jackson is milking this unfortunate chain of events, for all that it's worth.

Husband And Wife, Personally And Politically

It's kind of hard to talk about one Clinton, without mentioning the other. You can't really completely separate the two. They are undeniably intertwined, they can't even testify against each other in court. It amazes me how the same people that called Hillary Clinton stupid, for remaining with her husband through his bouts of infidelity. Are now supporting her, simply because of her last name. In my opinion, this country is not ready to elect a female President. Let alone one who is a divorcee. To divorce the former President, who still enjoys immense popularity. That would amount to what I think, would be political suicide. If this is all the Democrats have to offer for the 2008 presidential nomination. They need to go back to the drawing board, this strategy won't work. I can't help but wonder how much one partner is constrained for the sake of the other. Is this marriage one of convenience?

The latest example of what I'm talking about is the Dubai issue. Mr. Clinton was busy being a consultant for the deal. While Mrs. Clinton was busy protesting, on the hill. Is this the type of wire crossing that we would experience in the oval office, if Mrs. Clinton were elected? As though she already doesn't have enough working against her, she added to the pile. How the next candidate deals with the protection of our borders. Will determine who is our next President. President Bush is staying clear of this subject. The Republicans are going to use it for the next election. I think she is on the wrong side, of this immigration issue. From what I gather she wants to grandfather in, the illegal aliens into citizenship. Just like a lady she isn't willing to take the hard line. The same things her husband left undone in his tenure. In my opinion, her leadership would only provide more of the same.

Disqualified Contestant (Wk. 5)

Kevin Covais

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In Case We Forgot

When I hear people speak out against the war in Iraq, I understand their discontent. What I don't understand, is their refusal to accept what is real. I know no one could have seen what I saw, and not feel a little sense of urgency at least. America needed to do something, even though some feel like it was wrong. Personally I agree with the position we took, though it's unpopular. Some would have you think, this whole thing was planned by someone. Like we have some villanous superpower running the country. The only thing I would have done differently, is not be so accomodating to the enemy. Hindsight is 20/20, we all have suggestions after the fact. In all our infinite wisdom, no one has come up with a better suggestion yet. Take a look at the link below in case you need a reminder:

If You Think Prison Is A Nice Place

You my friends, are in for a rude awakening. If you have any idea, other than what you're about to see here. Many people have this glamorized view, of prison life. Especially our impressionable, needy and misguided children. They think it's just hanging out with the homies, playing dominoes. Lifting weights and getting buffed. It's merely a cheap imitation of the freedom, they already have. If it was such a nice place to be, why is there the constant battle for control? Even if you run your block, you still reside in a '6x10'. You have a designated time to bath, a time to eat. You have a time to turn the lights out, and a time to go to sleep.

I noticed the young men nowadays, like to wear their hair in braids. I don't wear mine like that, but to each his own. I do have this observation though. I don't think these young men, I see around here. Are sitting between some other guys knees, to get their hair braided. Who do you think the prisoners use? They use other guys. They use other guys for everything, they normally rely on women for. Just use your imagination. To get an idea of the violence. Which I can't begin to describe. Click on the link below:

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Picks For Best Performances (Wk.5)

Esa Rules!!!

It seems that a war is brewing for dominance of the gang world. The problem with this is, it's taking place amidst the civilized citizens. We have become virtual captives, in our own homes. Elderly and honest hardworking people, are having their lives disrupted by these criminals. Not to mention the assault that's taking place on our children. They can't even go to school, without being aggressively recruited. Why would anyone strive to be at the top of this heap anyway? Even if you are the top dog, you're still just a fugitive. This lifestyle leads to one of three different places. Either you get killed and go to an early grave. The other alternative is you end up in jail, or get crippled. Lastly you make it through, only to realize the time and effort you've spent. Is all just been a waste of time. I can't think of an old gangmember. That's still out there gangbanging.

Last year the prisons in California, had a major riot between the Blacks and Hispanics. People were killed and maimed, for the sake of turf. Who cares about turf in prison? That's probably the only real estate in the world, not worth possessing the deed. Unless of course you have stock, in a private prison facility. The focus should be to get out, and stay from behind bars. The two most oppressed races in America, are fighting for the most oppressive spot. Top dog in our nations prisons. Isn't a position of envy.

The Blacks could very well be missing the boat again. The fact that they are no longer the majority minority, isn't catching hold. Just as the demographics are changing in the community, they're changing in the prisons too.The days of Black inmates dominating the prison system, could be at it's end. I heard a Hispanic gangmember say something that stuck in my mind. As this discussion progresses it becomes more relevant. He said the Black gangs of L.A.county, didn't want to stir up the Hispanics. If it came down to a race war between the gangs,"Esa rules". As I look around I'm not so sure he's not telling the truth. I just think that it's unfortunate for society, that this would even be a question.

Monday, March 20, 2006

A Solution For Gangs

Gangs have become a menacing problem, all over the country. The days are gone when it's just a big inner-city problem. The Meth epidemic, has taken it to rural America. Now they have gangs in the Ozarks, who would've ever imagined? The city of Memphis has long been considered a big country town. If this is the price of progress, keep it to yourself. I would rather do without. Taking a wild guess. I would venture to say 50% of this city's crime, is Gang related. If we don't do something soon, they're going to take the city over. Fortunately it hasn't grown to the proportions, of places like Little Rock Arkansas. That city has become a modern day, wild west of sorts. Gang activity and gunfire, are an everyday occurrence. The county coroner, and the local mortician are the busiest people in the city. I can't help but wonder, everytime I see these youngsters. What creates the mindset of someone, who doesn't mind dying. Not to mention taking someone else's life. When life is reduced to a color, we are in trouble.

Desperate times, require desperate measures. It's time out for respecting civil rights. We are way beyond a balanced approach here. I was at a funeral this past Saturday, for a gangmember that was killed. The young hoodlums were throwing up hand signs, inside the church. They're getting younger and younger, youth is an asset. They're recruiting them now, at seven and eight years old. A teenager can be tried as an adult. So their usefulness is shortlived. By the time they reach the age of thirteen, they're a seasoned criminal. Familiar with the system, aware of the ins and outs. The judicial system has to get on the Gangs level. We have a form of terrorism taking place right here on our soil. The best way to remove a cancer, is to cut it out. Which brings me to my proposed solution.

What I suggest is a no tolerance policy. Any sign of gang involvement, should be dealt with aggressively. A tattoo that indicates your affiliation. Wearing colors and apparel, that have hints of association. That should be reason for arrest and questioning. A Gangmembers life should be uncomfortable, even if he's only suspected. Discourage this ignorance, before it gets started.

Boondocks, The First Season

I watched the final episode, of the first season of Boondocks last night. I have been thoroughly entertained every weekend, that I haven't been busy or forgot.My favorite episode is the one where Martin Luther King, was brought back to life. When he looked around at the way his people were behaving. He asked the question "is this what I fought for"? In my opinion that was the highlight of the season. It has provided some insight on touchy subjects, from both sides of the issue. Much like we try to do here on this blog. It has a character for all the different personalities. From Huey B. Freeman the diplomat, to the Uncle Ruckus the degrader. Between the two, you are likely to find someone you agree with.

I look forward to the next season. The writer has taken great pains, not to burn the audience out. We are only given one episode per week. The show is so popular, people were requesting more. Since the writer didn't agree to provide more shows, they started showing reruns. I wish this show was more accessible. More people need to watch. I think it illustrates the diversity of our thinking as a race. Some people may sound stupid, though they have valid points. This show allows you to hear how you really sound. There seems to be a shortage of objective conversation. I consider this show to be one of the few remaining outlets. I hope the second season, will be as entertaining as the first.

Friday, March 17, 2006

All Is Fair In Love, War And Reelection

Our esteemed President George W. Bush,is enduring some of the lowest satisfaction ratings in history. From the war in Iraq, to hurricane Katrina. There has just been one thing after another. Murphy's law has been in full effect. I have taken several hits, for my support of this present administration. I don't agree with everything, that would be unrealistic. But I agree with a lot, of what is being done. I am objective even when I disagree with what he is doing. A lot of of his actions have been reactive. They have mostly been in response, to what someone else has done already. The only thing this administration has really initiated, is Social Security reform. That move hasn't been successful to this point. I can't say much that President has done, in his tenure on his own. I can say this, he has repeatedly rose to the occasion. His party has remained in his corner throughout, it has always been the best and safest place to hang out.

The latest pariah is the "Dubai" incident, surrounding the operation of the ports. This wasn't even brought to the publics attention, until the last stages of the deal. All of a sudden, everyone is coming to the rescue of the nations security. Even the die-hard Republicans, are galvanizing against the President. He didn't commit himself, one way or the other. He just said it's not that big of a deal. If this was of such major importance to our defense, they should have been on the trail before now. Sen. Hillary Clinton was on the hill protesting, while her husband (Bill Clinton) was one of the major players. Interesting how the issue was settled, to the satisfaction of all parties involved. It's not like "Dubai" needed the money. They decided it wasn't worth the trouble. They're one of the wealthiest zip codes in the whole world. The politicians got to play the rebel, for their voters back home. Any time you buck the system, some people are impressed. President Bush hasn't lost any skin off his nose. He didn't really care, it wasn't his fight. It's not like he was such a popular President anyway. So what he looses a couple of more points in the polls. I think the president is sacrificing himself, for the sake of the party. He has taken unpopular stances on some issues, while seeming to totally ignore others. One indeliable affect of this presidency will be, his supreme court appointments. The law of this land will reflect his influence long after his departure.

I don't want to look at this President, as being a lame duck. He can only put it out there as an idea. It's up to Congress and the people, whether or not it comes to past. In our Represenative Republic, power doesn't go unchecked. Anything this President does, he does it with help. Since his party has stood by him, on major issues in the past. I think he will spend the rest of his term, getting his fellow Republicans talking points. Short of bringing the troops back, and giving every household a $5000 check. He will leave behind a bitter memory to some. Some people aren't going to give this man a break, no matter what he does. This presidency will be defined by terrorism, and the war in Iraq. Both of them are touchy subjects. Six in one hand, a half dozen in the other. I think the voters are seeing the effects of politicians looking ahead. They're out to get our vote.

Go Tigers!!!

I am not a University of Memphis fan, maybe I should specify the administration. The athletic department to be exact. I do hope they win in the NCAA tournament though. It's a positive for the city. Only because I don't want to see the players held responsible, for what the school has done in the past. I'll reserve my comments for later. My family loves them, even my mother. I'm always happy when she's happy, as long as it's good. They understand my point, it's just not that serious to them. They are excited for the University anyway. I suppose in this case. I am too, Good Luck!!!

Six Hundred(6) Threescore(6) And Six(6)

I know I'm not the first to discover this, though no one has discussed it around me. There has been plenty of opportunities. I once had a auto license plate that had those numbers, it created much discussion. First it was a very eyecatching car, it was really sharp. Now that I look back, it never got a positive response. Whether it was for lack of understanding, or sinister reasons. It never evoked the proper interpretation. This is a prime opportunity to expound on how the powerful word of God, can be manipulated and twisted. The three sixes are totally taken out of context, by the average individual. Since the Three 6 Mafia won the Oscar, the symbol has gained an added notoriety. Once again I think Christians are missing a valuable opportunity.

In every rumor there is at least a grain of truth. Since we cannot call this scripture, it must be rumor. I can see where the grain came from. People base these assumptions, on revelations given by the bible. It doesn't say anything about it being the mark of the beast. As many proclaim vehemently. The number six itself, is the symbol of man. The verse in question, for one to understand. You must have an overall knowledge of the word of God. Some things are revealed to us in the beginning. Some things in the middle, some in the end. I think the three sixes are significant to illustrate the intercession of God, on man's behalf. This is the scripture the fable came from:

Revelation 13:18
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

On the sixth day man was created, to have dominion over the earth. In the midst of paradise, and even after a total flood. Man still wouldn't do right. We had to have a man come among men, in the form of Jesus Christ. To save us from our sins. In other words ourselves. When you look around at today's society. We're quickly approaching the point of intercession again. As man replaces the wisdom of God with his own. The creator of all has to intervene. The group "Three Six Mafia", is no more satanic than the "Blackeyed Peas". They both promote something contrary to what is good. What is devilish is that we accept one, and speak out against the other. They both represent the same thing, in different ways. What we should do is put on the whole armour of God, as to protect us from the enemy. Which will be needed in the end of times.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Disqualified Contestant (Wk. 4)

Melissa McGhee

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Crabs In A Bucket

I don't fall victim to this way of thinking myself. I encounter many people that do though. I have been blessed not to be led by the emotion of jealousy. I saw a prime example of this mindset earlier today. Unfortunately alot of my fellow Memphians, aren't primarily concerned with what's best for the community. They are only concerned with themselves. Which in most cases doesn't usually help the majority. We seem to be split among racial and religious lines mainly. The two tend to merge around here, in all the wrong ways. I understand everyone wanting what they want, but let's be realistic. The entire process is built around give and take. Notice I said give, and not just take. Don't expect the people that have, to always give unselfishly. And expect not to get something in return for what they give. Simply because that would appease those that have less. You can't make demands, and you don't offer anything in exchange. Anything you get is due to the generosity of others. Instead of expecting others to always come to our rescue. Let's level the playing field. Be prepared to get what we pay for. You can't really complain, if you don't pay for anything.

In order for us to be successful in our political endeavors. We have to embrace good ideas, regardless of where they come from. We have to be united about something, in order to be victorious at anything. Otherwise we're just spinning our wheels to no avail. In the city of Memphis, we should all agree on two things. We need to lower our taxes. And get a handle on crime. We really wouldn't be worried about the deficit afterall, if we as taxpayers didn't have to pay the bill. Crime affects all victims the same, regardless where you live. These are things we can all agree with. Let's get the major issues out of the way, then work on the lesser ones. The latest thing is this recall petition. The last thing was the renaming of the parks. We're from one thing to another. Neither one of them doing anything to make a difference or turn this thing around. We're putting band-aids on bullet wounds. We're not even slowing the bleeding down.
I heard someone say the Willie Lynch letter was made up. They said it was an invention of the internet. I don't dispute that claim, but I won't attest to it either. Even if it isn't true, it's pretty evident in some people. Many who don't even use the computer. In a city where 65% of the citizens are Black, and some believe this is true. You have to consider its affect on their way of thinking. They are resistant to new ideas, unless it benefits them directly. Not so much that they disagree based on logical reasons. They just don't want to be part of something they didn't initiate. If they mobilize their own concerns. They'll fall victim to the same way of thinking. Does that make you think of crabs in a bucket?

My Picks For Best Performances (Wk.4)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Straight From Dewey's Mouth


Today the radio talkshow "Realtalk" stumbled on something that was actually newsworthy. The show "Realtalk" is a local broadcast, that mainly deals with the mindset of some of our backwards thinking citizens. Fortunately they just make up a small number of Memphians. In my opinion there are still too many out there. I think most of them call or listen to this show. Jennings Bernard had a guest that had something relevant to say, for a change. Usually it's just an hour of his one-sided views, and those that agree with him. Except for the occasional unbiased caller like Otis and myself. Dewey Clark the former executive assistant to the former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell, agreed to do a interview. Opponents of Mayor Willie Herenton have built a federal case(no pun intended), around the exchange of $9000. Willie Herenton besides being the Mayor of Memphis, is a millionaire. Why would he put all this on the line for a mere $9000? Only someone with limited knowledge of finance would come to this shortsighted conclusion.

Mr. Clark stated that he has repeatedly tried to give the local media the true story. Since it didn't indict the mayor, they didn't want to hear what he had to say. Much to my dismay he repeatedly mentioned my favorite local newsource, WREC Channel 3 News. After thinking about it, I guess that's a good thing though. They didn't lie just to make a story, as obviously they could have done. After hearing what Mr. Clark had to say about the mayor. I can see why no one televised his statement. Jennings Bernard claimed he changed his story. In their original conversation he understood him to say, that money changed hands. His point of argument seemed to change, after Mr. Clark gave his interview. I'm not surprised he didn't understand what Mr. Clark said. He usually gets the cow by the tail. I listened to what he had to say, and I perfectly understood everything he said. He plainly stated Mayor Willie Herenton never received a bribe from him. The reason Mayor Herenton was implicated to begin with, was due to Mayor Campbell and his attorneys trying to divert attention. Mr. Clark testified that he accepted bribes for Mayor Bill Campbell who was the one on trial anyway. He repeated several times that he didn't think Mayor Willie Herenton was that kind of man. Mr. Clark has never changed his statements. He gave as a site on the internet, everyone can go to and find the documentation. You can also retrieve the transcripts of the actual trial. You can't be more accurate than that.

In all fairness, you must admit the money did change hands. If the IRS doesn't file charges, the mayor must be clean. If someone just gave you $9000, wouldn't you take the cash? I think the money was given in exchange for favors. That doesn't mean the favors were granted. Had the mayor been crooked, that would just have been a drop in the bucket. Mayor Herenton has always maintained, at the first sign of impropriety in the relationship he backed out. When you discover someone isn't going to go along with the game, do you ask for your money back? That would be like an admission of guilt, by the one who gave the money.Dewey Clark is just being a standup guy, not being a snitch so to speak. They went after Mayor Willie Herenton, he just didn't take the bait.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Is America Ready For A Female President ? *

I am not anti-female or anything like that, but I am all man. I think the female was Gods ultimate gift to male. I know mine is to me. I can imagine how Adam must have felt. When God gave him Eve. Just like woman took the lead then, they want to take it now. Look what happened way back then. The latest buzz in political circles, is due to Sen. Hillary Clinton. On the minds of many voters, is whether or not she could be elected President of the United States. There is speculation that she might receive the Democratic nomination. Right now she is the frontrunner. That momentum isn't likely to change anytime soon. She is predicted to win re-election to her Senate seat in New York. Without much of a problem, or opposition. Liberal voters were so smitten with her husband President Bill Clinton. They can't seem to get enough. His popularity has transcended over to his wife.The legacy he has left behind, to those not so impressed with him. Is due largely to his own inappropriate actions. Some people hold that against her, as his wife. We have seen all of Hillary Clinton in the White House, that we need to see. As the wife of President Bill Clinton, we've had enough. That should be the extent of the Clinton influence in the White House. They are still married, they should be as one. If we have removed her husband, she shouldn't take his place. As the wife of a former President, she definitely has a place. I know this sounds chauvinistic, but it's true. According to her own words. If she remains Mrs. Clinton, she should be standing by her man.

It has nothing to do with a person being qualified. Condoleeza Rice has one of the most impressive resumes, of any possible candidate. When it comes to understanding worldly affairs and government. She has a knowledge rivaled by few if any. Ms. Rice is one of the smartest people on earth, male or female. She speaks several different languages fluently. There are people who have tried to draft her for the position. Though she has repeatedly turned it down. She is so immanently qualified. They would like for her to seek the Republican party nomination. I wouldn't support Ms. Rice for President either, as much as I like her. I would support her ahead of Sen. Hillary Clinton though. Unfortunately Ms. Rice has two things working against her. She is a female and a minority as well. If America was ready to elect a woman. They still wouldn't elect a Black.

We are a open society, but not as much as some may think. The same America that wouldn't sit idly by, and allow gay marriage. Won't allow a female in the oval office either. The Islamic population in the Middle East are watering at the mouth. They wish we would elect a female President. You think we have trouble with terrorism now, then it would really be something. When polled New Yorkers said even though they would almost unanimously support Hillary Clinton for Senator. Only less than one third would vote for her for President. I think that would pretty much resemble the mindset of the whole country. As the best country in the world, why are we so anxious to do what others are doing. Just because other countries have done it, do we need to follow suit? On a personal note, my mother used to say. "If someone jumped of the side of a building, would you jump too"? Is America ready for a female President? I don't think we are.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

All Things Work Together, For The Good Of Who ?

When I first heard Ms. Fords statement, to Mike Matthews (investigative reporter). In regards to her being chosen, by her lord to serve as state senator. I grated my teeth, and wished she had remained silent. To me it seems, public interviews aren't her strong point hauntingly reminded me of a statement made two years ago. By Mayor Herenton, at his annual New Years day speech. I think the statement was taken vastly out of context, by some of the citizens. Though like many things the mayor says, it could have been less direct. He has a tendacy to offend some people with his comments. Especially those who are critical of the mayor. Though he may seem arrogant, often he is correct. He is much better at handling the press, than Ms. Ford. He has plenty of practice. Though they are not political allies, they found common ground on this. You never know where the power of God is going to manifest. In this particular case politics.

The mayor made a statement, that most people wouldn't make. They wouldn't have the presence of mind, in front of the newscamera. To be that brutally honest, and sharp on their feet. Only if a person knows they'll get the opportunity, to speak their mind again publicly. Will they take the chance to make such a controversial statement. He said the media had an Atheistic spirit, that didn't understand things of a divine nature. I must say that I certainly agree. If you claim you are a Christian, it's supposed to be the foundation of your being. Everything you do should be guided by your faith. It should be evident in your actions. From the President of the United States, to the local Alderman. All power put in place, is allowed by God. True Christians understand that, in spite of our personal wishes. Whether or not they received their revelation from God, only they know. That's between God and them, not them and you. I'm sure those that are up against them, wonder where they find their strength. Could it be the lord they serve?

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Friday, March 10, 2006

"The Lord I Serve, Chose Me For The Seat"

When you look at what has taken place, that may very well be the case. A lesser opponent may have been overwhelmed by now. Ophelia Ford probably has deeper pockets, and more political connections. Than the average rookie politician. I think the Roland Camp bit off more than they can chew. Judge Bernice Donald's ruling was instrumental, in the direction of this case. If not for the legal prowness of Ms. Fords lawyer and the judges ruling, this investigation would have been history. The Republicans would have long ago just taken the seat, and given it to Terry Roland. Any action taken on this election, has to apply to all elections in Tennessee. The Republicans aren't ready to set a precedent, just to win this seat.

Considering the present atmosphere of Memphis politics. I wish she had used a different choice of words. Only because it will cause a feeding frenzy for the media sharks. It appears that all the local politicians are chosen by God. Let's make no mistake about it. All power in place, is allowed by God. That doesn't mean all politicians are led by God, or even acknowledge him. The believers know all things work together. For the good of those, who love the lord.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Disqualified Contestants ( Wk. 3)

Kinnik Sky

Becky O'Donohue

Will Makar

Gedeon McKinney

Hooray For " Operation Blue Crush"

There has been a recent initiative in Memphis law enforcement called "Operation Blue Crush". This has long been what is needed to thwart crime, in our community. This mornings raid netted the capture of 28 suspects, out of the 51 they were after. The confiscation of four cars and closing of three properties. To close the books on a six week investigation. It's a move by police to stamp out drugs,gangs, and guns. If Chief Godwin doesn't do anything else in the city of Memphis, he can list this as an accomplishment. In an effort to fight rising crime, this is a good thing. In my opinion a ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure. Get to the heart of the matter, get the ones committing the crimes. Instead of focusing so much on the vendor, let's eradicate the market. There should be no such thing as being on paper. A predator shouldn't be able to pay for his freedom. A comfort zone many career criminals have discovered. You really can't combat some idiot killing someone, over a video game. All you can do is remove them from the civilized population. You can combat an atmosphere of crime though. Gang activity, breaking in houses and drug ridden communities. That's what "Operation Blue Crush" does.

I know it's just a matter of time, before the public outcry begins. The same thing happened during the crack epidemic, with what the Sheriffs dept. called the infamous "Jump and Grab" . You can't have your cake, and ice cream too. This is beyond the stages of playing around. It's time to get serious. Just a tip, if you have a grown man living in your house, and he has money. If you didn't give it to him, how did he get it? If he doesn't work or get a check, or have a guardian angel. He more than likely is doing something illegal. Don't be surprised,"Operation Blue Crush" may be visiting you.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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