Saturday, November 30, 2013

Paul Walker (1973-2013)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Do It Again

I don't even recognize the woman on this picture. At first I thought it was an old photo of LaToya Jackson but it wasn't. Though it was obviously someone who has had some cosmetic work of some sort done. This is Tami Roman the rachet chick from "Basketball Wives", trying to look ethnic. She would pass for Puerto Rican if she could. But right now she is just a shade too dark. Her relationship with Evelyn Lazado was largely based on jealousy. Secretly she wants to be like her.  Evelyn has that look all the big ballers want and Tammi doesn't. Even though Evelyn was never married or had a baby by a player. She was still getting $1500 purses and shoes as gifts.

Tami Roman is the kind of person who can't be trusted  If you catch her in a lie. She'll try to start a fight to avoid telling the truth. I wonder was that an issue in her divorce? She walked away with nothing but the clothes on her back and her children. Something is wrong with that picture. Was there some infidelity or paternity issues involved? She was married to and supposedly has two teenage daughters by former NBA player Kenny Anderson. He has since moved on and got his life together with someone else. But Tami hasn't rebounded yet.

Stakes are high at this level for want-to-be ballers' women. Even though she isn't that old, Tami Roman is from the old school.  She drinks beer from the bottle and smokes Virginia Slims cigarettes.  I bet you won't see her in a bathing suit. It would tell the truth. You would see the color lines and varicose veins. And she doesn't do the tanning thing. Hot women these days drink Moscato wine and smoke blended cigars. She had the liposuction procedure performed and it nearly killed her. So I don't believe for one minute she didn't bleach her skin.  It didn't work. So she just won't do it again.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Has A Pass

George Zimmerman would be slipping if he went anywhere without being totally prepared. What might seem extreme to the average person might be slacking for him. For those hotheads thinking about dispensing their own brand of justice better think twice. This guy has a small arsenal in his possession. Don't get it twisted. If you disagree with the way the trial ended. Just remember now he has a pass. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Latest Casualty

This latest scandal with Waka and Oprah Winfrey reeks of the infamous Gucci Mane. He is known for saying things he has to apologize for later. What an inconvenient time to be saddled with something like this for Waka who was just coming out of the paint. He told the same lie people tell all the time when asked this same question.  Wacka Flocka just got caught on tape. I have often said Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube are going to kill a lot of careers.  I hope Waka Flocka isn't the latest casualty.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Gucci Mane has finally gone too far. He has burned all his bridges in Atlanta, and now he has gone back to jail. He has made below the belt comments about all the top rappers in Atlanta, and talked under all their womens' clothes. Some of the things he has said, apologies won't erase. He has dissed Rocko, T.I., Wacka and Young Jeezy. He even went in on Yo Gotti. That just about covers the South. People on the East coast don't even know him. So damage there is minimal. Gucci is either a calculating genius or an out of control idiot. I haven't decided which one yet.

But now he's starting fires he can't extinguish. Something he steered clear of in past outbursts. He went their this time. He took shots at Debra Antney and Nicki Minaj. Debra is usually the one to cover his tracks, whether he's wrong or not. Don't create unnecessary enemies. She has millions of Barbz. Nicky did her groundwork with Mizay Entertainment. But she was always Cash Money bound, Even if he has no beef with Birdman and Drake he needs to stay cool with Nicky.He might get away with trashing Fantasia, but Nicky is a different story. She is too big for him.

I  would call this a  wrap if Debrah Antney wasn't involved.  She is like a chameleon. She always adapts to her surrudings.  Plus  she controls his right hand man.  He went against his good luck piece. Wacka Flocka was his muscle. Debra Antney is a cast member of the new season of LAHHA and this could be a storyline. Now she can be neutral in the upcoming drama that's bound to ensue.  Pride always comes before destruction.  And Rodric Davis is full of himself. If this whole thing wasn't planned. This has the makings of a disaster.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


One positive thing about the new show "Thicker than Water" is the dedication Ben Tankard shows his wife Jewel on the show . Listening to him you would think he was married to Kenya Moore or Nicole Murphy. He describes her as a smoking hot wife. She isn't bad looking, but she isn't anything to sound the alarms about either. I think Ben's position as a husband is safe. Ben and Jewel Tankard both are motivational speakers. So obviously neither of them suffer from a lack of self esteem. They are arrogant to a fault. They constantly brag about how much money they have. But their children still have pipe dreams and work regular jobs. That's the difference between being rich and wealthy.

This couple is good at putting one hundred on ten. He is quick to say he is the top selling gospel/jazz  recording artist of all time. But he fails to mention he is the first and only one. What he is doing is straddling the fence between the two genres. Then you have his wife. She talks about how she has been an entrepreneur since she graduated from college. But she made her millions with Ardyss International. A corporate name for distributors of Body Magic. A ponzi scheme with a product. She exploited the church community with promises of riches. But she didn't beat anybody out of their life savings. She just sold her clients a dream. This woman thinks you can do anything as long as you say "Thank you Jesus" first. I used to think she was the mouthpiece of  this duo. But they both are a lot to digest. Just listening at them talk about themselves. The pieces are too big to swallow.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

You Already Know

Today I talked to Dr. Warren Harper for the first time after listening to him for years. Mainly  because he said something that I've been saying all the time. Just in simpler less complicated terms than him. But that's just part of his overall pitch. People tend to think they're being educated when they're exposed to terms they don't recognize or understand. Often those terms are created just for that purpose. To keep the average person out of the know.That's why people like Bev, David, Rico and Dr Dorothy Jeffrey. Who by the way is a psychologist too. Make such a big deal out of each other. They think they know something others don't.

Surprisingly for me he also said something that explains why mental health professionals downplay the merits of common sense. It would eliminate the need for them, especially the psychologist. It lies in the difference in a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist. Actually one of them, his opinion is his trade.It's a matter of opinion. The fact that they are called "doctor" gives their opinion more weight. I have always said this meteoric rise in the need for counseling is a result of insurance payments. Dr Harper stated he no longer maintains a practice. But the question arises. Did he really ever have one to begin with? This is almost like pimping for those weak enough to listen. You pay him to tell you what you already know.

Friday, November 15, 2013


What is the allure of these tattoos? I know it's not a man thing because women are getting them too. It's not a black or white thing either. There's an abundance of both black and white tattoo shops everywhere. No part of the body seems to be exempt.  I saw a man on "Black Ink" get a tattoo done on his penis of all places Women get them on their groin area all the time. Imagine getting a zipper in the front of your neck. I guess it signifies a tolerance for pain.

I'm not surprised when I see rappers and athletes with ink all over them. But when it makes it to the pulpit.  I think it requires deeper discussion. It has been long understood that the Bible clearly forbids tattoos. Lev 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord. But new age say that's old testament. They use  Rev. 1916 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, King Of Kings, And Lord Of Lords  As Justification for what they're doing.  It just shows you're not following Instructions.or you're Non-Compliant.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Time Being

This is what K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton were both actually looking for. But they haven't fared as well. Especially K. Michelle.Soulja Boy is the tatted up brother with the swag and connections to help Diamond get on the map. When her and Lil Scrappy were a couple. Toward the end she had started to look restless. She had gone as far as he could take her. That's really what it was. According to Momma Dee and Lil Scrappy she took part of his assets with her. But if it's true, it was money well spent. The woman looks like a million dollars. More than he had to begin with. She is taking photos with Eve, Nicky Minaj and Trinna to name a few  That's pretty good company in the female rap game. She hasn't looked back since she left..

Though it is seldom pointed out.  Tamar went after Vince, not the other way around. He  was Toni Braxton's manager. He was a rich young brother with no real woman and no children. I think Toni sicked her sister on him.  This story about them starting out as friends is just a means  to an end. Any inkling that his former lady wasn' t acting right. Tamar was up cooking full course meals in the middle of the nghtTamar has had five record deals including this one. None of them have worked out so far far No other producer would spend  the time, effort and his own money to get her on the charts as Vincent Herbert.

Fifty Cent let the cat out of the bag with his comments about Olivia. Without the backing of a label. It costs a fortune to finance a female act. In Olivia's case she screwed the wrong guy. Lloyd Banks was not the boss. He was on the payroll too. K. Michelle and Tamar  aren't beauty queens by any means. Just take a look at some of their pictures. Weave costs lots of money. It  takes thousands of dollars to keep them up to par. K. Michelle may have signed a  deal. But I hope she makes some money. Because she is about to work her tongue out. Tamar jokes about being married to Ike Turner. But I know sometimes it really does feel that way. Vince is calling in every favor he can. From L.A. to Atlanta. So they have debts to pay. Diamond doesn't have to worry about money these days. All she has to do is dress and rest for the time being.

That's Not Hot

This is the pop,pop,pop I was talking about earlier. Tamar just couldn't wait to drop it like it's hot. She hasn't even lost the baby weight yet.  She wasn't a Toni Braxton to start with. I bet she is going to get an earfull from her sisters. Remember how they treated Tracee? This is just more ammunution for K. Michelle. Only Vince and Tamar themselves would've approved this outfiit. In her own words,"that's not hot."

First That We Know About

It's ironic that I was just talking about women playing both sides. of the fence  I think sometimes it's mainly out of convenience that they switch. Powerful men are entertained by them. Then we get our first admitted former lesbian as first lady of New York. Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray are the "Big Apple's" new first couple. They've been married twenty-one years and have two children to their union. By all indications this is for real.. It's not a marriage of convenience.

Would we vote for a mayor who says he used to be gay? I don't think we would. But it's fashionable to have a bisexual wife. New York is like a country in itself. So Mayor Bill de Plasio is a very powerful man. Chirlane McCray isn't the first black first lady and based on her associations. She isn't the first lesbian in a positron of power either. Just the first  that we know about.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

No Time To Beef

These two women have had an ongoing beef for years now. I would say it was K. Michelle's fault but Tamar is a character too. I think it's rooted in jealousy on both their parts. K. Michelle is jealous of Tamar because she has Vincent in her corner, even though she wouldn't have him herself. And Tamar is hating on K. Michelle because she is doing it on her own. She didn't have to marry her manager and have his baby to get a record deal. Not that she would change places at this point. "She already tried that."

Both ladies are talented in their own respect. But  neither of them have room to hate on the other. Some of the things they both say about the other is true. But that's what makes them unique. They should at least be civil to each other, so they can get that money.Vince doesn't have as much as they like to pretend he does. He has spared no expense on his wife. He just has good credit. Plus they have a new baby. Tamar is never going to get to "pop,pop,pop" like she would like .K. Michelle is buying wigs and getting Brazilian butt lifts. So both of them are going to need to make a lot of money. So they don't have time to beef.

Rebellious Soul

Love and Hate

Saturday, November 09, 2013

She Is A Boss

Now I know why this woman stuck out in my mind when I saw her on LAHHNY the other day. I thought Nya Lee was a little cocky for someone trying to get a record deal. She talked so bad to Rich Dollaz it was embarrassing to me. Reality television hasn't enhanced his image at all. Nya Lee called him a "cornball" and kicked him off her set. Even the newccomer K. Michelle talked bad about him to his partner. He gets no respect..

As it turns out Nya Lee has connections already..She is doing a video with Jada Kiss now. He is one of  the old players in the game. But that doesn't necessarily mean record sales for her.Looking like she does, you can bet he's in her ear. Ms. Lee is another popular stripper already known around New York. She is already getting  these rappers' money. Plus she was featured in a Fabolouus video and even dated him for a while. On the show she told the truth to a degree.  The combination of  her boldness and booty qualifies her. In her on way she is a boss.

Nobody Died

I detect a cover-up here. I haven't heard Jonathan Martin admit to being gay yet, but where there's  smoke there's fire. Why don't his black teammates support him, if it's just an issue of race? The focus has suddenly changed from gay bashing to racist intimidation. From a public relations standpoint one is easier to deal with. When blacks encounter a white person that isn't intimidated by them they want to call them a racist. No that's not always the case, they just aren't afraid of you. If you want to see some tough white guys. You need only look as far as the UFC. Just look at what happened to the infamous Kimbo Slice. Once he left the Blac-n-Mild circuit. He didn't last a year.

Richie Incognito is one of those guys like a Roy "Big Country" Nelson. His aggression doesn't discriminate. He is an equal opportunity bruiser. Him calling Warren Sapp an n-word just shows he doesn't pick and choose. I bet Warren called him a honky too. But Warren Sapp didn't miss one coin on his account and neither did Incognito. Jonathan Martin's lawyer has released a statement to the press after he disappeared.The focus has suddenly changed from just Incognito to the other teammates as well. The Dolphins front office and the NFLPA have rushed  to cover themselves for what might be forthcoming. They would rather deal with race than sex.

I saw this same scenario unfold on an episode of "The Game"last season. It didn't end well even in the script. After it aired Oscar got busted. It isn't even safe to talk about,.This is bigger than just Martin and Incognito. The Dolphin locker room is representative of the whole league. That's why I think Martin checked into the hospital.  The situation got out of hand. I'm sure this isn't going the way he planned.  Even though these young men are rich. Doesn't mean they have good people skills. I don't know what he done, but his hands aren't clean. At least nobody died.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Couple Of Forevers

I don't know exactly why Chrissette Michele hasn't blown up yet? She is opening for Keysha Cole, but in terms of talent it could be the other way around. I think she may be battling the same thing as Jill Scott. They're Sunday morning on a Saturday night.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Football Isn't Funny

This might be taking the bullying thing too far. But part of being an adult is finding where you fit.. Unlike as a child you are tied to your parents.  But all that changes once you grow up and take a mate.  If you're prepared to be an openly gay player in the NFL you better have thick skin. This is two grown men who don't get along. And Jonathan Martin didn't handle it right. Something in this soup isn't tomatoes. As a black, 6 ' 5", 312 lbs. homosexual football player, this isn't the first time he encountered ridicule or racism for that matter..Unless he is just coming out.

Where is Jonathan Martin's father, big brother or concerned uncle? Someone who would teach him or at least remind him of the male code. I bet this guy comes from a single parent family or one like that of Jason Collins.  With the openly gay uncle and a father who I think is on the down-low. That or a single mother and a house full of females.  I think it's safe to say he grew up in what would be considered a liberal household. .

We live in the day of a "Big Freedia" selling out shows twerking like a female. So unless you're rolling your eyes and rubbing your stomach. Straight men and women aren't watching you that close. So to draw attention ta yourself just for being gay is highly unlikely if you ask my opinion. The fact that Joseph Martin  walked away from a multi-million dollar contract . Makes me think there was more involved than just Richie Incognito. I just think he is taking one for the team. The front office and the players union has gotten involved.mainly for the media. Not to mention avoiding a lawsuit. In spite of what the analysts and officials say in public. Football isn't funny.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Both Sides

I could be wrong, but I think some of this lesbian behavior is a reaction to being dogged out by men. The  root of their attraction for other women, is the fact that it excites men with money and power. They know these men are walking collection plates.  If Chris Brown had treated Draya Michele right, would she still be kissing girls? Erica Mena doesn't even sound or look right hitting on other women. Obviously these women liked men at some point. They both have small children. But neither of them have their children's fathers in their lives. Now that they are sleeping with women.

Draya and Erica are as different as night and day. One is aggressive the other is submissive., Neither one of them is extreme enough  to make men leave them alone. Kevin Hart was chasing Draya just last week.. Rich Dollaz wanted to hang out with Erica and her girlfriend. It wasn't his party. He was just a guest. Both these women are top notch models. They have been in magazine spreads and videos too. So they know guys and gals are looking. When you  look like these two.  You're in demand on both sides.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Better Check

Omarosa Manigault is what you call a double threat. I tried to find a full length photo that did her justice, but I couldn't. I saw her on television the other day. Believe me it's there. She isn't quite Kenya Moore, but the woman looks good. She has the headlights to blind the "Donald" and enough junk in the trunk to trick a "Michael Clarke Duncan".  She took a guest appearance on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" and parlayed it into her own fortune.  Then she topped it off with her  live-in- boyfriend dying and leaving her in charge of his estate.

I can't help but think Omarosa inspired a NeNe Leakes. Even though you can't tell by their bottom lines. One is more of a force in television  than the other. Guess which one? Omarosa takes no prisoners. Don't invite her on your show to kiss up to anybody. She won't follow the script.  You don't corner her with questions and make her make her spill her guts . She tells you what she wants you to know and nothing more. This woman handled Oprah Winfrey. That's a feat in itself. She bypassed Iyanla Van Zant. She didn't need to fix her life. Wendy Williams wasn't much of a match and Bethenny was even less. She goes hard like a man. I believe she's all  woman. But to make sure somebody better check.                                

Saturday, November 02, 2013

His Queen

The moment it was public knowledge that Naya Rivera and Big Sean were a couple, her stock in certain circles started to rise.  But unfortunately it went down in others. She is very likely to make a guest appearance on Wendy William's and Bethenny Frankel's show. Especially now that her and Big Sean are engaged  They want to meet the woman who captured him. But she won't be on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show". She isn't into that kind of stuff. As for her new found fame. Unfortunately it's not like that of a Catherine Zeta-Jones., but a Kendra Wilkinson instead. The biggest paycheck on the table these days is for posing in the nude. As long as Naya was passing and dating young white actors. She pretty much remained in the background. But all that has changed with her new love interest.

Once you go black, you can't go back.  Naya Rivera will soon learn that life lesson..If she hasn't already. That lesson is soon to come. The aim has  always been to crossover every since the forties. Josephine Baker wanted to switch sides so bad. She ended up leaving the country. But in all this time not much has changed. Except these days both sides are rich. It's better to have a whole slice of a smaller pie, than just a bite of a bigger one. Naya is sporting a huge rock also. And it didn't take her long to get it either. Even when your man is just one of the players. It's good to be his queen.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Shady Past

Now I know the real low down on why Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin haven't gotten married yet. This is what happens when a black woman does what Kim Kardashian did or worse. They don't get a proposal and a 15 carat diamond engagement ring. She isn't exactly the kind of girl you take home to mother. She is arm candy for the club. That or the gangsta chick that's out here getting money. Whether it be boosting clothes or writing checks, setting marks up to get robbed or transporting packages. Chrissy is a ride or die, but not a  wife. She has a shady past.