Thursday, August 31, 2006

Talk About Grateful

The first thing that came to my mind, was an incident with my younger brother. I think he was right about what he said. But I don't think he was right, the way he handled the situation. He refused to pay the bill, beyond what he had eaten. Thank goodness in this case. The manager in charge, just left it alone. We shouldn't do something we disagree with. Then want to change the rules already agreed to, after the fact. I agree with what he said, but not with what he did. If push came to shove, he could've been arrested. After 10pm a 15% gratuity, is automatically added to your bill. That's clearly printed on the menu. You can't say you didn't see it, it's posted clear as day. I have no problem with that to a point. But I give them a tip anyway. If they provide me with good service, it's only fair. My wife is the big tipper in our family. She usually gives them more than they deserve.

The problem that usually arises. Waiters and waitresses fall slack on their jobs. Since they get a tip automatically, they don't work for your approval. If someone is automatically going to receive a tip. You shouldn't have to look for them, when you need them. Like you often have to do. In restaurants who have this policy. On the other hand I've seen whole families, run a poor server ragged. Get up from the table, and not leave them a dime. I believe in fair compensation, based on level of service. If they do a good job, they should be rewarded accordingly. That's the way the tip system works. The story below blows all rules out the water. Read below, what happened to a bartender.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Don't Sit Down Yet, We're Still Dancing

The Tennessee Waltz is knocking down elected officials like dominoes. I know the suspense must be killing those who haven't been indicted yet. We have already been forewarned, of some indictments that lay ahead. We citizens don't know who it is yet. But the guilty parties know who they are. But I've learned from past experiences. "That birds of a feather, flock together". If you want to catch the other rats. Snoop around the den. The others will eventually show up, sooner or later. You are sometimes labeled as being guilty by association. That being the case. All of these people pictured, better be worried sick. I know some of them have taken money. They just haven't got caught, or at least been revealed yet. The FBI seems to have an awful lot of videotape. Everybody except Roscoe Dixon has pleaded guilty. There are some surprises in store for some of us, but not for those who are guilty. They already know who they are. It's just a matter of time.

I have pictured a couple of people, of which I have suspicions. That doesn't mean anything. Just a hunch I have. It will be interesting to see, if they are included in future indictments. I think there will be some more indictments, on the city school board also. We'll just have to wait and see. Pictured above are (Top left) Rep. Larry Miller D-88, (Top Right)Rep. Ulysees Jones D-98, (Bottom Left) Joe Towns Jr. D-84, (Bottom Right) Henri Brooks D-92. Just remember my predictions.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Things We Won't Do For Love

I can't say that I'm surprised, that Warren Steed Jeffs was caught. His reason for doing what he does, or his lifestyle. It could be misconstrued as being chauvinistic. The latest report accuses him of being a child molester, both boys and girls. I'm not sure I believe that. I don't think that many mothers would stand by quietly. While there children were being molested. There would be more complaints.That claim might be based on sour grapes. It was made by an ex-wife. A former polygamist herself. The newness of being the latest young wife, no doubt had worn off. Some would consider him a zealot of sorts. I have even heard him compared to Adolph Hitler. Though I wouldn't say that myself. I wouldn't disagree with anyone who did. He claims he does what he does. Based on his religious convictions. He has a reported forty wives, and about sixty children. That reason could be true to some degree, but not completely. I think it strokes his ego as well. When I first saw his picture. He looked just like I would expect him to look. A plain and simple little man. Except he doesn't wear glasses. At least not in this picture. In some cases it adds a bit of flair. Which might be a small improvement. I think it would be a totally different story. If he resembled someone like Brad Pitt, K-Fed or George Clooney. Men are envious of other men, especially with acquired power. This little man is a giant among men. In an arena of his creation. He is surrounded by unbiased, untouched young women (virgins). Based on his religious power. The only men they know of, are other men like him. Extremist Muslim young men are committing suicide, for the same priviledge. With the sudden rise in STDs and teenage pregnancy. Along with our school and welfare systems, running over with fatherless children. It makes a case for this kind of thinking. A man shouldn't bite off more than he can chew. He can only have as many wives as he can support. That would eliminate most promiscuous lifestyles, in itself. But no one is wealthy and wise as King Solomon was, and he had a weakness. I don't think there is any accusation of incest, or physical abuse. Just former members, who no longer want to participate. Who obviously don't like what they have to choose from. When found to have ulterior motives. New members have been kicked out. So it doesn't seem to be some sex slave organization. Concerned with building a following. I just think it is a way a group of average people, have come up with to bring about man-made equity. Unfortunately when given the freedom of making their own choice. Many people make the wrong one. That's the thing about man taking destiny in his hands. Someone is going to be slighted. But wait isn't that Gods way too? That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Matthew 5:45
That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

His capture was front page news. Click on the link below. Read the whole story:

Kathryn Bowers Resigns

Ms. Kathryn Bowers did what I think she should have done, a long time ago. If you ask me, it's long overdue. She resigned from her state representative district 33 post yesterday, due to supposed health reasons. She stated high blood pressure, heart problems and a recent life threatening auto accident. As reasons for giving up her elected position. I think that's just an excuse myself. She was going to be found guilty anyway. She was indicted in the Tennessee Waltz scandal. For taking monetary bribes. I think she will still be able to receive a pension from the state. She has been in public service for over 12 years. She just won a bid for re-election hands down. She got more votes than all her opponents put together. I hope the public isn't saddled with the cost of another election. I think the person who received the second largest number of votes, should automatically win. We'll have to wait and see how this thing plays out. That will be after she's gone. She won't be around.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Let's Get Serious Before It's Too Late

I was listening to Mr. Pat Buchannon (former presidential candidate). In regards to the looming immigration issue. I agree with a lot of what he said. I don't agree with everything he says though. His positions tend to be a bit extreme. That may be just what we need. The desperate times we're experiencing now, require desperate measures. At the rate it's going now. We won't make it much longer. Not a chance of making it to 2050, as predicted by Mr. Buchannon. He says we will have totally lost the culture and language in the west by then. He could be on to something. We may not have needed Pat Buchannon in 2000, but we might need him now. There is a rising spirit of leniency in our community. We want to forgive and condone too much. Breaking the laws already in place. Shouldn't be a means of getting around the guidelines. Because you illegally cross the border and have a baby, shouldn't make that child a citizen. We should close them up, and send them back. This man isn't a Johnny come-lately, like many people are. His arguments are old and seasoned. From time spent in the trenches. I like his position on the borders. Go to the link below and learn more. They have articles dating back to October 2001.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's Katrina's One Year Anniversary

At the rate I'm writing this post. We will be recognizing the second anniversary before I finish. One year has passed since the hurricane Katrina reeked havoc in New Orleans. So much attention has been paid to the "Ninth Ward". The "Gulf Coast" often gets lost in the shuffle. Several cities on the Mississippi coast line were completely destroyed. Not to underscore the plight of the people of New Orleans. They were definitely devastated. Let's not forget the other victims though. Actually the storm hit them just as hard, if not harder. It left behind disaster unlike any storm before. There wasn't a blueprint to follow, and there won't be either. Man doesn't have a plan to circumvent God. This was a natural disaster. I'll try and give a overview, of what I've seen to this point.

Obviously the mentality of the leadership in New Orleans hasn't changed, in the last year. We are constantly reminded of the breakdown, in the lines of communication.Just the other day Mayor Ray Nagin made another unsubstantiated claim. Like the levees being purposely blown. Or this administration doesn't care for Blacks. He has made a habit of doing this. What happens every time he makes these type statements. One thing becomes painfully clear. He hasn't learned from his past mistakes. He continues to stick his foot in his mouth. His inappropriate comments only highlight his incompetent leadership. His comments about the Twin Towers being a hole in the ground. Were without merit, and in poor taste. I agree there is a lot of blame to go around. But it doesn't go beyond the Louisiana state line. The ball was initially dropped by Gov. Katherine Blanco. She took a gamble with people's lives, and she lost. Mayor Nagin didn't make it any better. He hesitated as well. This wasn't the first time this issue has arose. It just never came to past. Truthfully the "Big Easy" was built in a bowl. That's what eventually happens, when you build a city in a swamp. That sounds cold, but that's the truth. The "blame game" sounds better I suppose. The fact of the matter is. Federal government doesn't supersede the state and local governments. They play a supporting role. President Bush had visited the area and given his approval, two days ahead of time. Regardless of what the political pondents would have you think. The Bush administration isn't responsible for the mess.

The hurricanes other victim is the "Gulf Coast" cities in Mississippi. There is so much talk about New Orleans, and their hardships. The damage done to other places often goes unnoticed, by the general public. Some of them were leveled completely. There seemed to be more wind damage, as opposed to floods like in Louisiana. But they suffered from them both. Many of the newly built flourishing casino towns. The cities of Bay St. Louis, and Biloxi to name a few. Were left in virtual splinters. They have to be built over from the ground up. Just the opposite of the Governess of Louisiana. Governor Haley Barber has publicly praised the assistance provided by the federal government. The residents of Mississippi seem to have taken on a totally different attitude. I think the people of the "Gulf Coast" have become accustomed to rebuilding after devastating storms. For many of them this is old hat. It has all happened before. They have learned to turn lemons into lemonade. By making the best of a bad situation. The government is going to spend a proposed $30 billion in the rebuilding effort. Those areas affected will have a built in economy of sorts. Everybody that wasn't working. Will be able to find employment now. From the Accountants doing the bookkeeping. To the bands playing Zydeko music. This is a monetary windfall. The residents of Mississippi are more focused on their piece of the pie.

Though everything after the fact is hindsight. Some people seem to know exactly what should have been done. Michael Brown and FEMA, seems to have taken the biggest hit. If your complaint is they didn't safeguard our tax-dollars you have a legitimate case. The major complaint is they didn't show up soon enough. And didn't help much once they arrived. Since they have fraudulently dispersed $2 billion. Obviously for some they came too soon. To sum it all up. Some things weren't done correctly, and others were. If you are one of those directly affected. Of course they haven't done enough. If you are one of those who abused the system. They have done too much. Let's pray to the only one, that can really make a difference. And hope if it happens again, we'll be better prepared. To do whatever we can.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sunday School Gets Media Shot

As a Sunday School teacher myself, I have a particular interest in this story. It amazes me to no end. How people that have probably never even been, to a Sunday School class. Probably don't even go to church at all. Are weighing in, on this issue. Some people take any opportunity they can, to speak out against the church. This teacher who had been a member of this church, for sixty years and taught for fifty-four. Is probably throwing her weight around. With other older members like herself. Some of them were presiding members, before the pastor was even born. I would like to issue a challenge to everyone that had something to say, about this issue. Attend the class at your church this Sunday, see if you feel the same way. Some Sunday Schools are due for a major overhaul. Maybe that was the case here. This is not an issue of gender as it has been portrayed. From an outsiders point of view. I must assume it's about decency and order. Based on the information provided so far. That's the only logical conclusion. Read the story below to get a

He Took It Like A Man

I very seldom have anything positive to report about either Mr. Hooks, senior or junior. They both always seem to be involved, in something questionable. Fortunately this time it's different, I'm happy to report. Unfortunately not for Mr. Hooks though. I think he deserves to be commended, for his honesty in this case. It might be to little to late, according to some. He will still draw almost a $1500 a month pension. Even though he has pleaded guilty. I think it's better late than never. Mr. Hooks pleaded guilty to charges, in regards to the E-Cycle investigation. Better known as the "Tennessee Waltz". The first case with Roscoe Dixon, may have served as a wakeup call. Or at least it should have. Let's hope Kathryn Bowers and the rest of those indicted follow suit. If you know you are guilty. And they have said they have tapes. Save the taxpayers some money. And don't drag it out.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Are They Opening A Can Of Worms?

Four of the losers in the August 3rd election have filed a lawsuit challenging the election results. Sondra Becton (Probate Court Clerk), Otis Jackson (City Court Clerk), Vernon Johnson (Criminal Court Clerk) and Shep Wilbun (Juvenile Court Clerk). Have received an injunction, holding up the campaign results until a further ruling. If the truth is known. There is likely to be more voter fraud at the Democratic precints. Than it's Republican counterparts. Like I said earlier. The races would be decided in the early voting. They were the first results to be reported. The incumbents were soundly ahead at that point. Then the inner city precincts reported. That provided a temporary groundswell for the challengers. Obviously the loosers bought it, at least one of them did. Shep Wilbun had already gave his acceptance speech.

This is really getting to be ridiculous. Everytime somebody looses, are they going to challenge the results? I think the election commission did all they could to provide a fair election. How can only these four races be in question? What about the other seventy-four? These supposed illegal voters cast votes in those races too. Lately the county is spending an awful lot of time and money. Investigating alleged voter fraud. If this accusation is true. The last investigation didn't change anything, it was all for nothing. It has gotten presumably worse. We have gone from 13 votes in question, to over 200. That's not the way it's supposed to turn out. It's supposed to have the opposite effect. I wonder if there would be so much contesting of results if the plaintiffs had to foot the bill, if they loss the case? I bet we would reduce this this trend by 75 percent. If not all together. When this is all said and done. This will be a can of worms that shouldn't have been opened.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

There Was Motive

According to recent polls. I am part of a minority who agree with the government in the Terri Shiavo case. Due to the fact that Michael Schiavo has moved on with his life. I think Michael no longer reserves the right to make life or death decisions in regards to Terri. If she had been able to let the public know. I don't think she would have wanted someone like her ex-husband. Who had started another relationship, that produced two children. Having that kind of power over her. He wasn't free to marry his now wife, until his old one died. I would have had no problem had she died naturally. But I think it was inhumane for them to starve her to death. If you eat nothing for thirteen days, you would probably die too. Though it was probably never planned. In my opinion this is just farther proof,  there was motive for his decision.

Don't Argue With Your Wife, It Might Be Fatal

Recently it has become standard practice, that wives kill their husbands when they get upset with them. This is the third time this week. I have heard of something similar to this. One of them has already gone to trial. With a questionable verdict, to say the least. She only received four years maximum. For a crime that she could have received life for, or even been sentenced to death. The other killer just got caught. After dousing her husband with hot grease, in his sleep. I'm sure Mary Winkler's attorney's are watching the first case, and the latter attorney's are watching them. Mary Winkler who killed her pastor husband Matthew Winkler, in cold blood. Was released from jail yesterday, on $750,000 bond. After being held in detention for nearly six months, in a Selmer Tenn jail. Her lawyers finally found her a suitable bond company yesterday. One that the judge allowed to write a bond for her. The first one wasn't accepted. Something came up about the first one, not being licensed in the state. I found that very strange. I can't see any Bond company turning down that commission. As well as not being aware of their status. The trial is scheduled for November.

Go to the link below to read more:

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Muslim Male Extremist Between The Ages Of 17 And 40


Please pause a moment, reflect back, and take the following multiple choice test. The events are actual cuts from past history. They actually happened!!!
Do you remember?

-1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by
a. Superman
b. Jay Lenno
c. Harry Potter
d. Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40

1. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by
a. Olga Corbett
b. Sitting Bull
c. Arnold Schwarzenegger
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

2. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by:
a. Lost Norwegians
b. Elvis
c. A tour bus full of 80-year-old women
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

3.During the 1980's a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by:
a. John Dillinger
b. The King of Sweden
c. The Boy Scouts
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

4. In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by:
a. A pizza delivery boy
b. Pee Wee Herman
c. Geraldo Rivera
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

5. In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by:
a. The Smurfs
b. Davy Jones
c. The Little Mermaid
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

6.In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by:
a. Captain Kidd
b. Charles Lindberg
c. Mother Teresa
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

7.In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by:
a. Scooby Doo
b. The Tooth Fairy
c. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

8. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by:
a. Richard Simmons
b. Grandma Moses
c. Michael Jordan
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

9.In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by:
a. Mr. Rogers
b. Hillary Clinton, to distract attention from Wild Bill' s women problems
c. The World Wrestling Federation
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

10.On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to take out the World Trade Centers and of the remaining two, one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers.Thousands of people were killed by:
a. Bugs Bunny, Wiley E. Coyote, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd
b. The Supreme Court of Florida
c. Mr. Bean
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

11.In 2002 the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against:
a. Enron
b. The Lutheran Church
c. The NFL
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

12. In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by:
a. Bonnie and Clyde
b. Captain Kangaroo
c. Billy Graham
d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

13. 2004 - Spain Railwayy bombings.
Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40


14. 2005 London Railway bombings
Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

Nope, I really don't see a pattern here to justify profiling, do you? So, to ensure we Americans never offend anyone, particularly fanatics intent on killing us, airport security screeners will no longer be allowed to profile certain people. They must conduct random searches of 80-year-old women, little kids, airline pilots with proper identification, secret agents of the President's security detail, 85-year old Congressmen with metal hips, and Medal of Honor winning and former Governor Joe Foss, but leave Muslim Males between the ages 17 and 40 alone because of profiling. Let's send this to as many people as we can so that the Gloria Aldreds and other dunder-headed attorneys along with Federal Justices that want to thwart common sense, feel doubly ashamed of themselves - if they have any such sense. As the writer of the award winning story "Forrest Gump" so aptly put it, "Stupid is as stupid does." Come on people wake up!!! Keep this going. Pass it on to everyone in your address book. Our Country and our troops need our support and prayers.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

There Is Only So Much Pie

Even though I think this would be stretching it a bit, anything is possible. I think the best candidate in the Democratic primary (Julian Bolton) didn't win. He didn't even finish in the top three. After eliminating twenty something other candidates. The votes have been tallied. Now we have what I think is simply jumping from the frying pan, to the skillet. The race for the 9th congressional seat has boiled down to Steve Cohen (Dem), Jake Ford (Indp)and Mark White (Rep). Unfortunately my choice probably won't win, but stranger things have happened. I don't even strongly support my candidate. I don't know enough about who he is and what he's about.

What would make this race interesting is if the vote was split equally like in the pie chart. Then the winner of the race would be whoever won the undecided voter. Many people are going to support Steve Cohen, for three different reasons. He has been in public service for almost thirty years, for one. He is a familiar face both here, and in the house. He knows his way around the legislature. He has been effective at getting his causes recognized. Secondly he delivered the state lottery. Which required changing the law. Gambling in any form was illegal. Anyone singing his praises for that feat. Can't be critical of him now. Thirdly he is a Democrat.

Then we have the wild card candidate. In the form of candidate Jake Ford. The younger brother of Harold Ford Jr. The biggest thing about his canidacy, is the element of surprise. He doesn't have a platform. He just agrees with the Democrats. Considering the race he's running in, that's a safe position. He doesn't have a record of service. He has never held public office. But neither had his older brother. Who has held the job for the last 11 years. Anything having to do with local politics. If Blacks and Whites are both involved, it's going to have the race card played. For all those people who wouldn't vote for a White person, under any circumstance. And believe you me, they have some. Now they can vote for Jake Ford. And keep a clean conscious. Last but certainly not least. He is a member of the Ford family. In Memphis that carries a considerable amount of weight. Someone won the Democratic nomination in another race, solely on mistaken identity. It's going to be a factor. Just how much remains to be seen.

Then we have Mark White, of whom I've never heard of before. At least he has the right platform. He talks a good game if nothing else. He offers a welcome alternative, to the other two candidates. If you're against same-sex marriage and partial birth abortion. I won't add gambling. I don't know his position on that. I agree with all his positions, that he's stated so far. I don't think issues will be very big, in this congressional race. This thing is going to be driven by emotion and prejudice. One good thing about him receiving the Republican nomination. He doesn't have to share the vote. He will get all of the conservative vote, all by himself. I've done the numbers ,and even all the Republicans votes added together. Don't add up to the votes Mr. Cohen received earlier. Since Mr. Ford didn't participate in the primary races. We don't know how he will factor, in this whole thing. He will be the deciding factor though. I'm not so happy with the recent crop of people, calling themselves Independents. I don't want it to become a haven, for agitators and loosers. They are the ones who will decide the winner, of this race. It will largely depend on why they're claiming to be Independent. It will be interesting to see, who gets the biggest slice of pie.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Babies Need To Be Like Fish

I was thinking about what animal is born, being able to care for themselves. All of the animals I thought of required some nurturing. Some more than others, but all to some degree. All except the fish. From the moment they hatch, they must know how to swim. The birds have to learn how to fly. The primates have to learn to climb. Beast of the open field, have to learn to run. After learning the basics. In the wild, if they want to eat. Then they must learn to hunt. All free animals must learn to do this at some point. In order to survive.

In light of what we've been experiencing lately. Mothers can no longer be expected to have motherly instinct. You better provide enough for them both. If you don't, the child will possibly do without. Unfortunately human babies aren't born like baby fish. They are totally dependent on others just to live. We have to feed, cloth and shelter them. By law for at least eighteen years. With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees. Twice babies have been left in locked cars. I'm a full grown man, even I can't stand this heat. How could a mother possibly think, her five month old babies would be alright. In a car locked up with the windows cracked. Another thing is, how could you carry a baby, for nine long months? And not know you were pregnant? What about missed cycles and morning sickness? You have to gain a little weight. If by chance you didn't know. When you discharged something with arm, legs and feet. I would say that's an indication. Thank goodness our great-great grandmothers, didn't think that way. On second thought, didn't think at all. We would be in an awful fix.

Since the way babies are born isn't likely to change. We have to alter our thinking. There should be no excuse, for someone who misuses a baby. By that I mean someone who doesn't care to be responsible. You can give a baby away with no questions asked. Why would you choose to abuse them? Some things you do because you don't know any better. Others because you just don't care. For those of us who do. We know the difference. When the latter is determined. You should be dealt with accordingly.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

In A Nutshell

I would like to say this Republican administration, has done nothing specifically for Blacks. I don't think they have introduced any legislation, designed just for Black citizens. As well they shouldn't have anyway. But they have done a lot, that Blacks can benefit from. Just like anyone else that chooses to take advantage, of the various programs available. Home ownership is a good thing, in it's proper perspective. Liberals try to play down the importance of this achievement. Mostly because it has taken place , under this administAnything that helps people own property. Is a good thing in itself. The entitlement mentality many people have, reinforces renting. Once you've worn something out. Just move to the next designated place in line. It leaves it up to the government to provide adequate housing. In my opinion, the other part that's equally as important. Is with ownership comes responsibility. If you own it, you're responsible for it's maintenance. Since the government doesn't provide the upkeep. To some it's a hard sale.

Another subject sure to come up is the "No child left behind" program. It is a favorite target of Liberals. They are quick to to say the program was underfunded. They somehow always overlook the fact. It's working for those new to the system. First through third graders are responding positively. They scored higher in achievement tests, than ever in history. In my opinion that's a major feat. As far as those children who aren't learning the basics. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. People that have gone through twelve years of school, and haven't learned anything. Has more to do with that individual. Than it does the system in place. We cannot come up with a solution, that's going to take care of everyone. We just have to do what's best, for the majority.

The fight against terrorism doesn't pick favorites. It affects all of us equally. When a bomb explodes, it doesn't check identifications. If you're in the area, you're going to get blown to pieces. No one is in Iraq, that didn't volunteer. I think it's your duty, to follow through on a contract. If you're in the armed services you agreed to fight, in case of war. We shouldn't encourage not keeping your word. If there's a way out. That seems to be an accepted practice these days. When the going gets rough, get going yourself. If we as Blacks feel we shouldn't fight, if this country goes to war. What claim do we have, when the fightings over? To the victors go the spoils. You have to participate to be a victor.

There are two sides to every story. Those who disagree with me, have just as many arguments as I do. Unfortunately it's true what they say about opinions. Just like noses, everybody has one. I think my positions make more sense than theirs. But again that's my opinion. Thank God we live in a Democracy, or some say Represenative Republic. If you can convince the most people to see thiI heard yesterday what I thought summarized the differences quite well. This is what was said:

Liberals fight for rights, Conservatives fight for values.

Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm Pleased With The Election

The accusations have started to fly. I guess that's to be expected, after an election ends. Especially now that some of the Black candidates have lost. The ever present race card has reared it's ugly head. I was happy with most of the election results myself. I don't support a candidate because they are a certain race, or a particular party. I base my support on their qualifications. Or that person's character and integrity. A person may be well qualified to do something well. That doesn't mean they're going to do right. We have a lot of specialized immoral people in office. They put their pockets before their voters.That's why we have the Tennessee Waltz. That's why I see nothing wrong with paying politicians. Just let the public know what you're paying them for. They're going to get paid anyway.

There were a couple of nailbiters in there. But the incumbents pulled it off. I was particularly happy that Chris Thomas won, they tried to defeat him with smear tactics. I don't go along with winning at any cost. If you win fair and square. It won't come back to haunt you. I don't think any sitting Judges were unseated. I figured all the major races would go the way they did. Probably the most heated race in this election. Went the way I expected. Steve Cohen was the winner, of the Democratic nomination. I'm not happy with the outcome, but I expected that to happen. I don't expect victory in the general election either. I'm still going to support my prior selection. Though I don't expect him to win. I am happy about the selection of the Sheriff, D.A. and county mayor. I voted for all the winners. I was also glad Shep Wilbun didn't win. In my opinion, he got a break when he didn't go to jail. All in all, I am happy with the election.

Hopefully, New Navigation For The NAACP

Bruce S. Gordon
President and Chief Executive Officer

Effective August 1, 2005, Bruce S. Gordon, assumed the position of President & CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), after a 35 year career in the telecommunications industry.

Before retiring in December 2003, Bruce was president - Retail Markets Group for Verizon Communications, responsible for the company's consumer and small business customers. He also directed corporate advertising and brand management. Gordon managed a 35,000 person work force and was accountable for $23B in revenue.

Bruce began his career 1968 as a management trainee with a company that began as Bell of Pennsylvania, became Bell Atlantic and is now Verizon Communications. He advanced through assignments in personnel, operations, and sales and marketing. In 1985, he was appointed vice president – sales and subsequently served as group president – consumer and small business services and group president – enterprise business.

In May 2006, Ebony magazine named Bruce to its “100 Most Influential Black Americans and Organization Leaders” list. In July 2002, he was ranked #6 on Fortune magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Black Executives” list. Black Enterprise magazine named him "1998 Executive of the Year." He is a member of the boards of CBS and Tyco International, Ltd., a trustee of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Foundation, and a member of the Executive Leadership Council. Previously, Bruce served on the boards of Southern Company, Office Depot, Best Foods, Infinity Broadcasting and Bartech Group. He was also a trustee of Gettysburg College and Lincoln Center.

Born in Camden, New Jersey on February 15, 1946 he received a B.A. from Gettysburg College, a M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, and an honorary doctorate from Gettysburg College. Bruce is married to Tawana Tibbs, a Washington, D.C. native. He has one son, Taurin, who resides in Philadelphia, PA.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some Fancy The Front Porch

The front porch theme seems to be being used, whether free or paid for. Steven Haley seems to have made at least a showing, against Ophelia Ford for state senate district 29. Before tonight I never heard of him. I think he at least earned an honorable mention. Nikki Tinker has used the theme also. Obviously it didn't work for her either. He is running as a Democrat. I can't vote in his district, so I didn't do the research on him. I found it interesting, what he had to say. Even though he didn't win. So I posted this letter.

From Steve Haley
Dear friends:

I was pleased and honored when I read the following editorial endorsement of my District 29 State Senate candidacy in The Commercial Appeal:

State Senate District 29: Ophelia Ford's lone opponent for the nomination this time is Southwest Tennessee Community College professor Stephen Haley, 63, a public campaign financing advocate who is neither accepting contributions nor spending money on his campaign. Because of Haley's involvement in community activities, his progressive approach toward important state and local issues and his strong intellect, The Commercial Appeal strongly recommends STEPHEN HALEY.

Many of you have observed that, in sharp contrast with my candidacy for the this same position in the special election held last summer, my campaign thus far has been largely invisible: no yard signs, no bumper stickers, no newspaper inserts, and no direct-mail pieces in your mail-boxes. Several of you have, in fact, commented that I do not appear "serious" about winning this election.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I am deadly serious not only about winning this campaign, but about providing a viable, qualified candidacy for the residents of District 29. My campaign this year is also dedicated to making a statement about the rottenness that is at the core of American politics.

That rot can be described in one word: money. I need not bore you with the details; in America today, elections are not won and lost so much as they are bought and sold. As The Commercial Appeal correctly noted, I am indeed "a public campaign financing advocate"; I believe that both major political parties have been compromised because of their financial dependence upon special interests. And in this particular campaign, I am putting my money (or lack thereof) where my mouth is.

As I have stated clearly in the past, I plan if elected to donate my salary to scholarships for students in my district. And I have pledged in this campaign to spend not a single dollar in my run for office. Campaign-finance reform is a nice idea, but we need more, much more than that to restore real democracy to America. Our political system is broken, and it's time to fix it. We need to close the door to special interests; we need to get the lobbyists out of the Senate chamber and back out into the lobby.

So instead of spending money to get elected, I plan this year to spend time meeting constituents on home turf, so to speak. One hundred and ten years ago, William B. McKinley conducted one of the most unusual Presidential campaigns in American history. Recently retired as Governor of Ohio when he won the Republican nomination, he refused to travel the country seeking votes. Instead, he stayed home in Ohio, giving daily speeches from his front porch. His famous "Front Porch Campaign" was a huge success, as McKinley swept to victory in November, becoming the country's 25th President.

In light of my views on public campaign financing, I'd like you all to become part of my own 2006 "Front Porch Campaign." It won't cost you a dime, but it will give me the opportunity to meet each and every one of you, to tell you more about my views and opinions, and, more importantly, get your input on what issues you think are most critical to us all as Memphians and as residents of the 29th District.

This Sunday the 30th at 5:00 I invite you to attend an old fashioned political rally in my front yard at 1278 Sledge in the Annesdale-Snowden neighborhood just south of Lamar and Bellevue. Lemonade will be served. The theme will be “clean money, clean elections.”

Among those attending and speaking will be Representative John DeBerry, Jr. and Brad Watkins of Democracy for Memphis

This is a very important election, not just for District 29, but for Memphis and Shelby County as a whole. Over the past year, my opponent has spent far too much time in the news, mostly for all the wrong reasons. In light of this, I felt obliged to run again this year, so as to give Democrats in District 29 an alternative to casting ballots for Ophelia Ford.

I believe I am a most viable option. I ask you to consider my qualifications and views on the issues, and compare those to hers. If you feel she is the better-qualified candidate to represent District 29, by all means give her your support on August 3rd. If on the other hand, her continued presence in this race causes you concern, please give serious consideration to my very serious candidacy. .

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What Is This?

Today it was revealed that one of the major race baiters, in our city is a fraud. He is afrocentric, as long as it doesn't cost him anything. Fight the power, as long as they don't see you. If you speak out against all White Republicans, especially those running for office. How did this one slide by without notice? This candidate suffers from selective morals and positions. This isn't the first thing to come up, about his character. He voted out of his district, in the district 29 race. If found guilty, that qualifies as a felony. If convicted he won't even be able to vote. Not only is he voting, he's running for office.

Candidates For:
Tennessee Senate
District 33
n Jennings Bernard (Democrat)
n Kathryn I. Bowers (Democrat)
n John A. Brown (Democrat)
n Steve Webster (Democrat)
n Michael G. Floyd (Republican)

It's obvious how he is hoping this race will turn out. He is hoping the overspill from Kathryn Bowers, will add to his numbers column. He shouldn't count his chickens, before they hatch. He may be going to court himself. I predict he won't even win the Democratic nomination. Let alone the whole thing. I'm not giving this race any serious thought myself. I can't cast a vote in that particular district. The race in question as far as I'm concerned, is the one below. Why isn't he endorsing Vernon Johnson Sr., a Black liberal Democrat. Is it because his wife (Mrs. Bernard), is an administrator in Bill Key's office? Which I strongly believe, is the reason for him being in the probation business. He has an inside track, so to speak. I guess Mr. Key is one of the good ole boys. According to Jennings Bernard. He always says, "I like those who like me". In other words his allegiance is for sale. With his track record, of telling the truth. Nothing against Mr. Keys, because I don't know him. But I'm sure I don't believe Jennings Bernard.

Candidates for:
Criminal Court Clerk
n Vernon Johnson, Sr. (Democrat Nominee)
n Bill Key (Republican Nominee)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

He Came, He Spoke, Now What ?

I was just able to see the President's speech to the NAACP, in it's entirety. I didn't want to make a comment, before I seen it for myself. Strangely this long standing complaint, by the Black community. Hasn't received much media attention. With all the finger pointing finally over. You would expect at least a decent news story to put the matter to rest. The usual trouble starters, have been awfully quiet about this. I haven't heard one single speech so far. I guess they're busy frying bigger fish. Like the hairdryer incident, with Mo'nique and Northwest Airlines. Today I've seen a unimpressive local campaign, from the NAACP and some local Black Lawyers. Announcing this Thursday, they will be at the voting polls. Making the claim "to have the voters back". Having the voters back for what? No one's voting rights have been violated in Memphis. Everytime I hear Ms. Johnnie Turner, the local NAACP chapter President. I can't help but wince. She may mean well, but that's not enough. I can't believe the members sit by, and let these things happen. She is not equipped to represent the organization under fire. She always ends up sounding befuddled. That would prove to be a momentous task, for even a skilled debater. Which Ms. Turner definitely isn't.

As for the President's speech. That's exactly what it was. I think it was simply a prepared speech. For a predisposed, unreceptive audience. Most people went with their opinions already formed. What he said that rang true in my spirit. "It's easier to change a law, than it is to change a person's heart". I think that says an awful lot. As a Christian first and foremost. God has provided me, with knowledge of things to come. Many things we struggle with. There is nothing Man can do to alter. They have already been prophesied. Our continuous rebellion, only puts us farther behind. If a person doesn't believe that. I guess that's why they have such distaste for this administration.

Click on the link below to view the speech :

Where Is Mrs. Cohen ?

In the spirit of fairness. I would be remiss not to bring up Mr. Steve Cohen as well. I know some are going to say this doesn't matter anyway. I guess depending on your reason for asking, maybe it doesn't. He has been in office for nearly thirty years. It's a little late now. In my opinion it does. I think your personal life influences your political decisions. Just like in the case of Ms. Tinker. I don't think you can separate the two. I know I'm not the first one who has wondered about this. I find it interesting that, this was never mentioned. Could it be because some of the other candidates, share this somewhat odd distinction as well. It has been said the winner of this race. Will boil down to whoever campaigns the most aggressively this week. He is rumored to be second in the running. He in my opinion is the winner in the categories, of experience and constituent service. He does what his supporters ask, right or wrong. Hence the lottery. Can you get going with Cohen?