Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Clinton And The COGIC, Please Explain

I will be watching Bishop G.E. Patterson very closely tommorow. To see how he acts, with the former President Bill Clinton. On his scheduled appearance, at a rally for Harold Ford. I am so impressed with his bibical teaching. I would hope he hasn't become a political whore. With these latest developements, I have began to wonder. Does his endorsement go to the highest bidder? Bishop Patterson stood with President Bush, on his last visit to Memphis. He gave the impression of being conservative. His ministry has benefited tremendously. From faith based initiatives, instituted by this Republican administration. With the influence he has on the religious community. I would hate to discover. He talks from both sides of his mouth. Here is the invitation being circulated to the event.

You are cordially invited to
A Celebration for a New Generation
Bill Clinton
Congressman Harold Ford, Jr.
at the
Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ
369 G.E. Patterson Avenue
Memphis, TN 38126
Wednesday, November 1
11:00 AM

This event is free and open to the public
The Celebration is first come first serve, so please arrive early
Please call 901-685-8885 with questions or to RSVP

Paid for by Harold Ford, Jr. for Tennessee 209 10th Avenue South, Suite 229 Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Contributions to this committee are not deductible as charitable contributions.

Check out news video of rally below :


Power From The Pulpit


Religious News (Gay)
Black Pentecostals vote values, but reject ‘religious right’ label
Friday, November 26, 2004

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Like other evangelical Christians, leaders of the Church of God in Christ want to limit abortion and bar same-sex marriage. But that doesn't mean the predominantly black Pentecostal denomination considers itself part of the “religious right” or supporters of the Republican Party. “I've seen the tone of the religious right,” said G.E. Patterson, the church's presiding bishop. “It seemingly was born out of the fact that African-Americans were making too many gains.” Patterson's church, often referred to simply as COGIC, reports having more than 6 million members across the United States and in 57 countries. While COGIC agrees with white evangelicals that the Bible is the primary source of spiritual authority, its ideas on government social programs and protecting the rights of minorities differ, Patterson said. Bush won the support of 78 percent of white evangelicals, who were stirred in part by issues such as abortion and gay marriage. But Patterson said those issues alone were not enough to bring COGIC into the Republican camp. “There's a lot more to morality than just those two points,” he said.

Pope says attempts to destroy family as institution deeply wounds society
VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope John Paul II warned against attempts to tamper with what he called “the irreplaceable” institution of marriage-based family, saying Saturday that such efforts would deeply wound society. John Paul has been an outspoken opponent of gay marriage. His speech to participants in a meeting of the Vatican's council on family matters did not mention any specific issues. But it appeared to refer to moves by some countries and cities to recognize marriage between gays and to grant social benefits deriving from marriage — such as inheritance or pensions — to cohabiting couples who are not married. “Family, based on marriage, is a natural, irreplaceable institution and fundamental element of the common good of every society,” the pope said. “Whoever destroys this fundamental fabric of human coexistence, by not respecting its identity and by distorting its tasks, delivers a deep wound to society and often provokes irreparable damage.”

Church of England leaders ignore same-sex weddings
LONDON — The Civil Partnerships Act, which recognizes same-sex unions, becomes law next year, and, under increasing pressure to conduct gay weddings, Church of England bishops are turning a blind eye to such ceremonies, the Times reported. In England alone, Anglican priests presided over 10 percent more ceremonies to bless lesbian and gay partnerships, according to the Times. The Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement, in response to the rise in gay unions, will increase its printing of same-sex liturgy as officials expect 1,000 blessings each year — compared to this year’s 300 — when the partnerships act becomes law, the newspaper reported.

Muslim parents encouraged to allow gay tolerance teachings
TORONTO — Premier Dalton McGuinty last week advised Muslim parents to allow their children to attend public school classes that include instruction on tolerance of gay men and lesbians, the London Free Press reported. Along with Education Minister Gerard Kennedy, McGuinty tried to reassure parents upset about “anti-homophobia education” approved by the Toronto District School Board at a downtown school, the newspaper reported. “I think it's important all our children have the opportunity to learn about those things that distinguish one of us from the other, and that they learn to respect those differences,” McGuinty told the Free Press. Students at Market Lane public school were shown videos that depicted the feelings of children who are taunted at school because their parents are gay, and the viewings sparked controversy, the newspaper reported. Muslim parents said their children should be excluded from such teachings on religious grounds, and alleged that their religious beliefs are being trampled upon, according to the Free Press.

Pastors organize to protest Ariz. same-sex union ban
PHOENIX — A group of Christian pastors will speak out against efforts to pass a state constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage because members believe it threatens religious liberty in the state and across the country, the Arizona Republic reported. No Longer Silent — Clergy for Justice, a group that includes about 150 members, contends that a constitutional amendment that bans same-sex marriage amounts to persecution of a minority religious group by a majority, the Republic reported.

Unpublicized Debate, Unfortunately

I had the opportunity yesterday morning, to hear an unpublicized 9th congressional debate. It took place on AM 1070 WDIA. Not necessarily the best place for information. Obviously all the candidates knew about it, because they all showed up. I think it was somewhat biased against my choice. That's not unusual for Republicans, at Black sponsored events. The atmosphere had a distinct Democratic lean. Thank God, they all had commercials, on that radio station. For the sake of station revenues. They had to be as fair as possible. All in all, I think the interviewer(James Davis) did a good job. In my opinion Mark White, is the best candidate, in the race. Not because he is the best politician, but he has the best platform. I hope the old saying doesn't ring true."Nice guys finish last". I think that's the hole in his armour. He comes across as being too nice. I think he needs to drive home the same-sex marriage issue. It's his ace in the hole. It's the one thing that may entice people to vote for him, that otherwise wouldn't.

I think Jake Ford has a future in Memphis politics. Just not as the next congressman. I appreciate his canidacy, it has improved chances for Mr. White. Otherwise it would have been a landslide victory for Steve Cohen. Even though he doesn't stand for anything. He has brought up pertinent questions. This race presents a test of sorts. On this one I find myself, sleeping with the enemy. Though I think Mr. Ford is out of his league, in terms of readiness. He has made this a very interstice race. He said he wanted to make people focus on the issues. Although not to his benefit, I think he has. He will be much better, once he has gone through something. This could be a start.

Then we get to Steve Cohen. I think the longer this campaign goes on, the worse it is for him. If the results had been tallied last week. Steve Cohen would have won hands down. I think this same-sex marriage issue, is killing him softly. A lot of people don't really know his position. They don't know he supports same sex marriage.Everytime he speaks, more and more people find out.

What Could You Really Do, But Be Offended

This would be a nightmare, but could easily happen. In the days prior to civil rights. It was actually like this, just not in a joking manner. Considering the fact that Blacks only make up between 12 and 13 percent, of the entire U.S. population. This scenario could very well play out. There could be that equal percentage of the White population, that actually feel like these actors portray. In other words,"like many outspoken Blacks". What if this wasn't politically incorrect? And narrow minded Whites were allowed to behave this way? And for the most part go unchecked. It brings to mind an old addage." If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen".

Friday, October 27, 2006

First Black Senator

BRUCE, Blanche Kelso, (1841 - 1898)

Senate Years of Service: 1875-1881
Party: Republican

Library of Congress
BRUCE, Blanche Kelso, a Senator from Mississippi; born in slavery near Farmville, Prince Edward County, Va., March 1, 1841; was tutored by his master’s son; left his master at the beginning of the Civil War; taught school in Hannibal, Mo.; after the war became a planter in Mississippi; member of the Mississippi Levee Board; sheriff and tax collector of Bolivar County 1872-1875; elected as a Republican to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1875, to March 3, 1881; was the first African American to serve a full term in the United States Senate; appointed Register of the Treasury by President James Garfield 1881; recorder of deeds for the District of Columbia 1891-1893; again Register of the Treasury from 1897 until his death in Washington, D.C., on March 17, 1898; interment in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Click on the web-site below to get the full story on Blanch K. Bruce, the first Black senator.I found it very interesting, as well as informative.


I'm Not The Least Bit Surprised

Not to underscore the act of rape. It is a horrific crime, to say the least. It doesn't compare though, in my opinion. To the beheading of American war prisoners. Or some of the many other atrocities commited by extremist Muslims. The Australian Mufti, Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali. Apologized to the community, for comments he made earlier. He chastized women who don't wear head dress. Like Muslim women are required by faith. He compared them to uncovered meat, in front of hungry cats. Partially blaming them, for their own misfortune. Punishment for his statement, from the Islamic council. Is three months without delivering sermons. A small price to pay for such a serious infraction. Considering their past record, I'm not surprised at all.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Manatee Madness

What would you do, if you went to your favorite fishing spot? The one you visit on a regular basis. And reeled in something that looked like this? The other day this happened, to two local Memphis fisherman. They discovered a Manatee, in the Wolf river harbor. That's unusual to say the least. A Manatee has never been cited this far north before. Let's just be honest here. The day before yesterday, I didn't even know what a Manatee was. This thing was over 1000 lbs., and ugly to boot. Imagine casting your fishing line out, and reeling in something like this. Not only would I be shocked. I would be scared out of my socks.

A Manatee is a cross between a Walrus and a seal. They normally reside in waters between 60 and 65 degrees. The waters of the Mississippi river, is to cold for them. A Manatee rescue team, has been called in to save the animal. The mammal is okay to this point, but it's health is declining as we speak. A team from "Seaworld" in Florida, has been brought in to evacuate the mammal. I just hope everything works out.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Respect My Elders, But This Is Too Much

I was listening to a Democratic state representative (Barbara Cooper D-86) earlier today. She misrepresented a couple of facts, like Democrat politicians usually will. The first one dealt with same sex-marriage. She danced around the issue, like her fellow party members. Either you are for it, or you're not. She suggested the bible, and elected officials as antidotes. The bible was written two thousand years ago. And the elected officials were responsible, for the Tennessee Waltz last year. Obviously those two things don't make marriage clear. At least they haven't so far. Anyone that votes 'No' to 'amendment 1', is for same-sex marriage. Regardless what they tell you. Ms. Cooper doesn't want to change the constitution, to stipulate marriage as being between a man and woman. Yet she wants to write legislation, defining property taxes. Sounds like double talk to me.

Then there's the issue of the GED. If it was the same as a high school diploma. Why bother attending classes? The question isn't whether the two are equivalent. The question is whether the two are the same. They are not. Read the definition below:
What is the GED?

GED (General Educational Development) Tests measure the outcome of a high school education. The GED Tests consist of five tests, one in each of these subjects: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Writing Skills, and Interpreting Literature and the Arts. The GED Tests are available in English, Spanish, French, large-print, audiocassette, and Braille. Adaptations to testing conditions are permitted for adults with disabilities.

Did you know that...

Since 1949 an estimated 15.4 million adults worldwide have taken and passed the GED Tests and earned their credentials. Worldwide, more than 860,000 adults take the GED Tests every year.
Those who obtain scores high enough to earn a GED certificate outperform 40% of today's graduating high school seniors.
The General Educational Development Testing Service develops and distributes the GED Tests.
GED Graduates include: Delaware's Governor Ruth Ann Minner, Colorado's Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, comedian Bill Cosby, actor Christian Slater, and Wendy' founder Dave Thomas.
More than 95 percent of U.S. employers consider GED graduates the same as traditional high school graduates with regard to hiring, salary, and opportunities for advancement.

Ones perception, is ones reality. That's how most people feel. The fact that some GED recipients are so defensive. Is one indication, that they're not viewed as the same. It's wonderful that this opportunity exists. But it usually indicates a problem at some point. Whether it be beyond your control or self induced. If that's the case let's stop wasting money. Instead of sending our children to school for twelve years. Let's just give them the GED test.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Economics For The Uninformed

Despite what you see on television, or hear on the radio. These are some of the facts that are seldom, if ever mentioned.

Under the present administration. The deficit has been cut in half, to $8.6 trillion. Three years ahead of time. In spite of us only hearing. About record government spending.

The unemployment rate at 4.6%, is the lowest it's been since 2001. 6.6 million jobs have been created since 2003.

The stock market is performing at record levels. On September 19, the stock market closed over 12000. For the first time in history.

Gasoline prices have fallen .82 over the summer. How soon, people seem to forget. It wasn't very long ago. We were paying over $3 a gallon, for regular unleaded.

Two things I thought I'd mention in regards to the average citizen. It is said our elected officials are a representative, of the voters. Maybe that explains our dilemma.

The average household has a credit card debt of $9000. We have debt, but we have possessions. Like the American people, the American government has adapted the attitude. Get it now, pay for it later.

Its predicted that 26%, of all home loans closed this year. Will be interest only loans. A quarter of the mortgages extended. Will be for houses, the buyers can't even afford. We won't hold our politicians acountable. Citizens aren't good stewards themselves.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Welfare At A Glance

I don't know exactly what year these figures were compiled. I believe they are taken from the 2000 census. Since we don't know the exact date used. We'll just look at the numbers provided. We know we now have considerably more Hispanics, than we did then. In 2006 they have surpassed Blacks as the majority minority. In the coming year. They're expected to lose the spending crown as well. Blacks accounted for 37 percent of the nation's welfare caseload, though they are just 13 percent of the general population. Hispanic families accounted for 22 percent of the welfare rolls, though they are 11 percent of the general population.

Whites, by contrast, accounted for just 35 percent of the rolls, though they are 73 percent of the population. That is the smallest white percentage since the Government began compiling figures in 1973. The vast majority receiving Federal aid are single mothers and their children.

In the past, advocates and scholars have taken pains to note there were more white families on welfare than black. But that is no longer the case.

Blacks now outnumber whites. The Hispanic share of the rolls is growing fastest. And black and Hispanic recipients combined outnumber whites by about 2 to 1. In addition, the remaining caseload is increasingly concentrated in large cities.

Some analysts warn that the growing racial and urban imbalance could erode political support for welfare, especially when times turn tight. More immediately, the changing demographics suggest that states may need new strategies as they serve those left behind, like recipients who do not speak English.

Consider the changing nature of the New York City caseload, which is larger than that of every state but California. Since the city's rolls peaked in March 1995, the number of whites on welfare has fallen 57 percent. That is nearly twice the 30 percent rate of decline for blacks. And it is nearly eight times the decline for Hispanic recipients, which is just 7 percent, lagging the declines for blacks and whites as it has nationwide. The city's welfare rolls are now 5 percent white, 33 percent black and 59 percent Hispanic.

America Is A Great Nation, But It's Not Ready Yet

In my opinion the Democrats are just trying, to feel the pulse of the voters. To find out what appeals to them. Now the Democrats are pushing another candidate, for the upcoming presidential race. George Soros the liberal billonaire activist. Who detests George W. Bush. As well as other influential Democratic leaders. Think Barack Obama can deliver the needed votes. They hope this presidents unpopularity in regards to the war, can translate to a win for them. He appeals to both Black and White voters alike. At first the buzz was over Hillary Clinton, now it's Barack Obama. I like Barack Obama myself, but let's be realistic. He's the fastest rising Black Democrat, on the political horizon. But he can't be elected President. Neither can Hillary Clinton. Let's just face the facts. The male White power base won't allow this to happen. Not in the near future.

I don't envy the next person that gets the job. It's a no win situation. The next person that gets the job, may be the fallguy. If a Republican is elected, we're going to get more of the same. If a Democrat gets the job, they will be a big disappointment. Once it's discovered they can't do a better job. They will be thought of as a failure. Barack can take a page out of Jesse Jackson's book. He was the first Black to run for President. He came in a close second for the Democratic nomination, in his last bid in 1988. One thing of note. During that time, Blacks were the majority minority. Since then that statistic has changed. At first glance that can be deceiving for Blacks. Hispanics aren't necessarily our counterparts, in the so-called struggle. Many legal aliens are conservative. If Barack Obama appeals to all the groups. Somebody is going to be left out. You can't be everything, for everybody. Which is what a Black candidate would have to be. America is a great nation, but it's not ready yet.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bad Move

Friday, October 20, 2006

When Your Eyes Exceed Your Stomach

I couldn't get this image out of my mind. It has haunted me for the last week.I was feeling kind of mischievous. So I posted it for others to see. Maybe it will stick in someones mind. Like it did mine. This is what happens when you're greedy. You end up biting off, more than you can chew. In the picture above a Python snake, has eaten a full-grown pregnant Ewe. Afterwards the snake couldn't move. The authorities had to be called in, to remove it from the street. The snake couldn't even digest the oversized meal. Eventually the Ewe was regurgitated. Was it all just a waste of time? Of course a snake doesn't have a conscious. They just do what comes naturally. We as humans can learn a lesson here. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

While looking for the picture above. I ran across the one below. This is what happens, when it becomes fatal. The snake below got his meal down. Which didn't turn out to be a good thing. This snake was a bad motor scooter. To swallow a live, or even a dead alligator. I guess it was meant to come out. One way or the other. Look at the end result.

To get the full accounts, click on the link below:


If His Father Isn't Sure, Should We Be

This question has come up over and over again. Is Harold Ford Sr., supporting his son Jake? Who is running as an Independent Democrat. In the 9th congressional district race. I have heard him on at least one commercial endorsing Jake. Which I didn't find very convincing. As a father, of course he isn't going to denounce his son.He isn't raising a fuss either.He hasn't launched an all out campaign. Like he did for Harold Jr., who is now running for the senate. I haven't seen him pounding the pavement, for any of his other sons.He has another son Isaac. What does this really mean? I feel me and the senior Harold, know the same thing. I don't think he has the juice in the city, he once had. The Memphis voters are more Independent these days. Largely due to politicians like his son. It's not about what you say, but how you vote.

As far as his community influence goes. He still has some, but not as much as we think. Legally it's not even supposed to be a vote. He doesn't live in Memphis anymore. I think what influence he has, he saves it for winning causes. I don't think he expects his son to win. So he isn't attaching his name to a sinking ship. If he hasn't gained the support of his father. What has he done to warrant yours?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Marriage Is In The Minority

For the first time in history. People who are not married, outnumber couples who are. With the institution of marriage being under constant attack. With live-in lovers, and promiscuous sex. Then we have same-sex marriage, with the endless assaults.It appears the insurgents have won a battle. With this latest statistic. What I feel has sustained this country for many centuries. All of a sudden, it isn't good enough anymore. I think this is an indication of this country's rapid moral decline. Let's just add marriage to the long list of things. We don't find important anymore. At the rate we are going now. In a couple a hundred years. We won't bother to get married at all.

Click on the link below to get the full story:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Straight In From Zambodia

This guy has a penchant for showing up offsetting election results. There is never even the remote chance of him winning. But he always affects the outcome. At least one other of his runs for office, have been monumental. It resulted in Memphis having it's first elected Black Mayor. Some voters credit him with getting Mayor Herenton elected the first time. Initially he only won by one-hundred, thirty-eight votes. The latest victim of Prince Mongo Hodges, is district 29. In the last state congressional race. Between Ophelia Ford and Terry Roland. The race was decided, by much less than the number of votes he acquired. Ophelia Ford won the election by only thirteen votes. Ten of those were thrown out. I wonder what impact he will have this time?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An Outsider Comes To The Rescue

This is becoming a trend, in the Black community. Somebody else is always taking up our slack. This subject has come up far too often lately. Remember the center for social change in Atlanta, and locally Lemoyen Owen college? Those things we consider important. We won't give to on a regular basis. Except maybe our churches. We just don't support causes, with our dollars. Considering that Blacks are like 88% Democratic, in their politics. I'm not surprised at all. Liberals want to do the right thing, only with someone else's money. Locally when Republican White candidate 'Mark White', visited Westwood High school. It literally brought him to tears. The football team needed uniforms so badly. It drove him to action. He contributed $2400, of his own money. To a school that doesn't even know him, and he never attended. Unlike many of those alumni and parents, who played and go to the games.The entire contribution by the alumni association was $600. In a class with some graduates, who could have written a check themselves. Notably Joseph Lee, head of MLGW. He earns over $200,000 yr., with a Westwood education. I know he can spend his money how he likes. Instead of bragging about your accomplishments. Be a blessing to someone else. Why not give something back? As opposed to always taking something out? Once again an outsider has come to the rescue.

Read an earlier blog, about a similar situation. Notice the similarities?


Monday, October 16, 2006

What Goes Around, Comes Around

So far locally we haven't been plagued with the unsavory elements, of the Hispanic population. We're still trying to deal with those that are Black. I'm not being prejudice, but I know it exist. The Hispanics tend to live in groups. In their own little sections of town. With their own stores, and their own newspaper. They even have their own radio station. Depending on what side of the fence you're on. You're not even aware of their presence. That largely shapes your opinion, of the Hispanic population. If you're one of those people who have been displaced. Needless to say, you're not to happy. From what I have seen. We are just feeling the effects of those people,wanting to work. The construction industry is probably the hardest hit. So the average construction worker has a gripe. Whether legitimate or not, depends on the individual. Some people complain no matter what.

Regardless whether you approve of their presence or not. It doesn't give anyone the right, or priviledge . To target them for criminal acts. I've noticed more than a coincidental occurrence, of Black on Hispanic crime. Due to the fact that many of them can't speak english. Not to mention those, that aren't supposed to be here. It makes those cases hard to prosecute. The crooks have the upper hand now. I'm not sure how long that will last. It's only a matter of time, before the Hispanics strike back. Righteous people know, you can't fight fire with fire. Unrighteous people don't though. They think that's the only solution. I just hope this doesn't come back tenfold. The same thing working in their favor right now. Could work against them later.

If we keep on bringing this subject up, eventually it will change. I'm not so sure, it will be for the better. Click on the link below. See my earlier blog.

We Shall Rise

I appreciate the Commercial Appeal writing this story. It seems they publish more and more fluff lately. This is a story about a man, who went against the grain. He was a Black Republican, surrounded by Black Democrats. I didn't know him personally. I heard about his many ventures though. This is what the newspaper said.

Dobbins was a 'trailblazer'

By Alex Doniach
October 15, 2006
Memphis businessman and activist George Dobbins wasn't afraid to take risks.
Though he watched three of his businesses soar and sink, Mr. Dobbins never hesitated to pick himself up and move forward.

Mr. Dobbins died of heart failure Friday at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis. He was 66.
"He was a trailblazer in the African-American community," said daughter Alandas Dobbins.

"He became an entrepreneur at a time when many blacks didn't think they could do it," Dobbins said.

He was also one of the first black men to run as a Republican for state Senate in recent history and had served as treasurer of the Shelby County Republican Party.

Mr. Dobbins was a networker, from his early years as a successful football coach in Hernando, Miss., to his later years as a Memphis businessman and chairman of the regional chapter of the National Association of Minority Contractors.

"He was very articulate and had the flavor of a football coach," said Nesby Blanchard III, Mr. Dobbins' son-in-law and former business partner. "When you met George, you remembered him."

Mr. Dobbins, who moved to Memphis in 1960, started a cleaning service in 1981, a business that eventually folded. He then developed his own line of cleaning products called "New Rise" that sold in every Mid-South Kroger. His latest venture was a communications company, Southern Communications Inc., that went bankrupt in 2004.

Mr. Dobbins inspired black youth with his proactive and tireless spirit.

"He had a big presence in the business world during a time when you didn't see a lot of black folks out there doing what he was doing," Blanchard said.

His message was one of empowerment.

"George was the eternal optimist," Blanchard said. "His message was, 'let's not just cut hair and wash cars, but let's sell telephone systems and diamonds. Let's build our own houses and do what it takes to be independent.' He had big aspirations for the black community."

Mr. Dobbins was well known among Memphis politicians and businessmen for his "shrewd" and "calculated" business sense, according to Memphis City Councilman Rickey Peete.

"He was a pioneer at a time when it was not popular to be a pioneer," Peete said. "And as a result of his commitment to economic growth for African-American businesses, we have made significant progress in that area."

Mr. Dobbins graduated from Mississippi Industrial College.

Mr. Dobbins, the husband of Jean Dobbins, also leaves a son, Gordon Ashley Dobbins of Arlington; two sisters, Fannie Dobbins Ward of Memphis and Retha Dobbins Partee of Hernando; six brothers, John Dobbins, Mike Dobbins, Debloyce Dobbins, Jerry Dobbins, Jimmie Dobbins and Earthie Dobbins, all of Memphis; and two grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held at 5 p.m. Tuesday at M.J. Edwards' Funeral Home. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Metropolitan Baptist Church, 767 Walker, where he was a member.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Frightening Prospect, But Possible

We pretty much can predetermine the future, of some children at birth. Look at the lifestyle and mindset, of their parents. Our society often incubates these situations. To the optimist and bleeding heart liberal, that might sound judgemental. Like it or not, it's the painful truth. In order for us to make some changes. We must first get past, being offended by the truth. With the control the government already has, on the American family. This isn't impossible to imagine. Look at the power of the CPS and DHS now. If crime continues to spiral like it is now. In order for decent law abiding citizens to maintain. In communities where this is obviously evident. We're going to have to do something quick.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Fruit Stands Against Crime

I may have come up with a solution for the rising Memphis crime. It is unconventional, but effective nonetheless. At least it will make the criminals think before they act. Never know who has a gun. Let's put little old men with fruit stands. In hotspots all over town. Earlier today a robbery was thwarted by a seventy-nine yr. old fruit salesman. While he was attending to his fruit stand. He took a bite out of crime. Outside a local credit union. Where he has had his stand for years. The vendor known as " Mr. Roscoe", saw two young men. Both put on ski mask, and enter the bank. He entered behind them and shot one, in the chest. The robbers were caught a short time later. At a house down the street.Details at this point are sketchy. "Mr. Roscoe" and one of the robbers, were questioned for hours. Initially it was said the elderly man, posessed a gun owners permit. As the evening went on, that became unclear. The police aren't yet decided what charges will be filed. Which I think is a travesty in itself. This is why I support community policing. I would support 650 new officers, if it produced results like this.

5 Years For Roscoe Dixon

Today 'Roscoe Dixon' former state representative. Was sentenced for the crime of bribery, conspiracy, and extortion. He was convicted earlier this year. With sentencing held off until today. Out of a possible ninety years, he received only five and three months. A drop in the bucket, if you ask my opinion. Which is the reason for my lack of sympathy. In a newsconference held after the sentencing today. Him and his attorney 'Coleman Garrett', warned of filing an appeal. Due to the fact that he is on video taking cash payoffs. If the appeal is unsuccessful. I think he should pay a price in terms of time. They should throw the book at him. I think due to the fact he only got five years. If he doesn't own up to his actions. He should receive a stiff penalty, if he causes the taxpayer to spend any more money. In the form of trials. I think an example should be made of those people. Not taking responsibility for their actions.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mark White On "News And Views"

I was informed that Mark White, the Republican candidate for district 9. Will be on the radio tomorrow. He will be fielding questions, from the listening audience. Tune in from 12-2 p.m. tomorrow, on "News And Views". With Larry and Chuck Bates (AM 1380). This is one of my favorite talkshows. I find it very interesting and informative. The candidate will be asked the real questions. Tune in and listen to what he has to say. If they overlook something you want to know, call the show. You'll be given adequate airtime.

Corker Vs. Ford Round 2

The 2nd debate took place in Chattanooga TN. tonight. As I stated after the last debate. Home field advantage plays a pivotal roll. Your own backyard should be where you shine most. You at least need to have the backing of the hometown crowd. They make the best cheerleaders in the world. In all honesty though, that hasn't been the case for Mr. Ford. He really didn't have a lot to hold up as past accomplishments. His whole political career is that of a congressman. In a job he really didn't earn to begin with. It was passed down to him by his father. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It only highlighted the reverberation of what many voters are already saying. He really doesn't have a resume. Compared to his opponent. The family issue didn't help matters either. That's extra baggage Mr. Ford doesn't need. If there was anything positive about his performance.it was the fact that he was taller and came across as being very personable. That may work with the young women voters. But it won't have the impact expected. To the contrary Mr. Corker seemed to be like a fish in water in his hometown of Chattanooga. Where in 2001-2005, he served as Mayor. One little thing I noticed that may or may not make a difference. Mr. Corker kept placing his right hand in his pocket. I consider that a sign of confidence. He seemed prepared and relaxed. The residents seemed at ease with him. With only one debate left. In my opinion the margin is growing wider.

Look at WREG 3 news coverage of the event.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Those Who Cry Wolf

Once again we have another unexplained home invasion. I can remember several of these unsolved cases. That have taken place in this year alone. This one ended in the death, of one the intruders. The lady in question, won the scuffle this time. She killed the only other witness involved. You can't get a statement from a dead person. So she isn't worried about conflicting testimony. Everybody is patting the woman on the back. Like she is some kind of hero. I'm glad none of her children were hurt. I guess if anyone should have been killed. It should have been the robber.That still doesn't erase the past events. That led up to the home invasion, to begin with.

I wrote about this same subject, late last year. Nothing much has changed since then. Read my earlier blog.http://indepcons.blogspot.com/2005/12/home-invasions.html
I haven't heard about either, of these cases being solved. I think the same thing about this one. That I thought about the others. To further fuel my suspicions. This woman's past has come into question. It seems that this has happened before. It seems that twenty minutes passed, before she called the police. That doesn't sound like your run of the mill victim. I think there's more to this story, than meets the eye. Read the link below to get the full story.


Foley Isn't The First

Let me first say, "I'm not condoning the actions of Mark Foley". When presented with the facts. Then the accusations start. People want to know why are you defending him. So let's get where I stand, out of the way first. This story should kill two birds with one stone. First it should make you aware that Mark Foley. In spite of what Democrats would have you think. Wasn't the first representative accused of sex with a minor. Notice I didn't say charged. Which brings me to my other point. Secondly it should bring attention to a law, only I seem to know about. And obviously the perpetuators. Surely it's expulsion has never came up for a vote. Who would possibly vote against taking it off the books? Just remember this little tidbit. It is not against the law for a grown man, to have sex with a 12 yr. old consenting boy. The keyword is consenting. Mark Foley hasn't been charged or arrested, and he probably won't. It has nothing to do with the Republican party. He just hasn't broken the law. Except maybe in public opinion. To make sure you see it. I've posted the encyclopedias account below. Read it for yourself.

1983 Congressional page sex scandal
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The 1983 Congressional page sex scandal was a political scandal in the United States involving members of the United States House of Representatives.

On July 14, 1983 the House Ethics Committee concluded that Rep. Dan Crane (R-Ill.) and Rep. Gerry Studds (D-Mass.) had engaged in sexual relationships with minors, specifically 17-year-old congressional pages. In Crane's case, it was a 1980 relationship with a female page and in Studds's case, it was a 1973 relationship with a male page. Both representatives immediately pleaded guilty to the charges and the committee decided to simply reprimand the two.

However, Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) demanded their expulsion. On July 20, 1983, the House voted for censure, the first time that censure had been imposed for sexual misconduct. Crane, who subsequently apologized for his transgression, lost his bid for reelection in 1984.

Studds, although admitting "an error in judgment," refused to apologize for his behavior, and even turned his back and ignored the censure being read to him. He called a press conference with the former page, in which both stated that the young man, who was 17, consented. Studds claimed he did not break any U.S. laws in what he called a "private relationship. He continued to be reelected until his retirement in 1996.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Should She Really

I understand that at the congressional debate, held this past Sunday. Mr. Roland extended a challenge to Ms. Ford, for a debate. Let's just be honest here. What do they have to debate about? The same old answers, to the same old questions. That's all they're going to give. If you don't have connections. You can't get anything done. Let's just face it. Being a State Senator, is a very boring job. To say the least. That's why all of them are getting indicted. They've gone unnoticed for years. Stealing money from the taxpayers. In the name of the state. Along comes E-Cycle. A little bribery here, a little bribery there. That's what it's really all about. They start falling like dominoes.Now we see why people have held these seats for twenty or more years. Ophelia doesn't want to rock the boat. And I can't really blame her. In the short time she was there. She collected more money than any other state senator. She stepped right in and went to work. John Ford may not be in office, but he still has friends. Since they can't deal with him. They'll accept his sister? I guess she's thinking to herself. Let's not start something here. We aren't going to keep up with. The position is more of a people person job. Than anything else. Who would the people of district 29, feel more comfortable with? Ophelia Ford or Terry Roland?

The Longest Journey Has A Beginning

It's ironic that this would be in the news after my last post. If this guy was a co
uple of shades darker nnd considered more of a threat. I bet a dollar to a donut. We wouldn't even be having this discussion. Keith Ellison a defense attorney from Minnesota who is seeking a congressional seat in Minnesota's 5th district. In an area predominately occupied by Somali refugees. People who fled persecution in their own land. Why would they want to bring it here? Some people have no problem with this latest developement. Personally, I do though. This guy is trying to become the first Muslim elected, to a congressional seat. Unless he is a five percenter, he will undoubtedly be trouble. If he wins the election as expected. He has proposed at the swearing in ceremony, to take the oath with the Koran instead of the Bible. That would be a first. Once the ball starts to roll. We have no control, where it goes.

Read the link below and get the full story:


Click on the campaign add below:


I am not the only person who has a problem with this. Below is a link to a blog, with a lot more information.


Have Minds Really Changed

I was surprised when a local journalist (Wendi Thomas), touched on this subject. We see it's effects on a daily basis. We just don't talk about certain things. It's taboo and uncomfortable, but it's very real. Even as we speak, in the year 2006. Each and every one of us, can point out an incidence. Where this exact practice is taking place.

I have a different twist, on why things are as they are. My opinion is spiritually based. Even though Blacks won't admit. Our station in life was preordained. Whenever we're on the wrong side of God. We are subject to all the shortcomings of sin. One of them being jealousy. That would be another post in itself. So as not to change the subject. To get my views read: http://indepcons2.blogspot.com/2006/07/ham-progenitor-of-black-race.html . I think this has very little to do with the effects of slavery. It has more to do, with just the way we are. It's our nature to be jealous of others, for simple things like skin tone.

That reference to the city of Memphis, being exactly the opposite of national trends. Is not necessarily something to brag about. The fact that only dark men are in leadership positions. Is also a result of backward thinking in itself. Often people just don't want to hear. What a person of a different skin tone has to say. Whether they're right or not. If we're guilty of this among ourselves. How can we question others? I don't think we honestly can. Have minds really changed? I don't think they have.

Read the Wendi Thomas article:


Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Second Of Three

In the heated race for the ninth congressional district. A televised debate took place tonight. It more resembled a sparring match between Steve Cohen (Democrat) and Jake Ford (Independent Democrat). Than a debate concerning the issues. Mark White (Republican)seems to have gotten lost , somewhere in the muddle. I saw several opportunities missed, for Mr. White especially. To capitalize on twisted facts. The candidates didn't do it though. I can see why Mr. Cohen would steer clear of these subjects. The truth would bury him. He has positioned himself in a defensive mode. Allowing Jake to initiate the attacks. I can't understand why Mr. White would hold back though. That's the only chance he has. Even with Jake Ford siphoning votes. It's a long shot at best. You have to stick with what got you, to the dance. The Republican platform is his lifeline. He doesn't have the charisma. To stand on his own appeal. He's not a Bill Clinton. Jake Ford is just going with the flow. Anything he gets will be more than he had at first. He doesn't have a platform. If you don't stand for something. You'll fall for anything.

I don't think these debates, have made much of a difference. I don't think there were many undecided voters anyway. Each candidate has enough, for or against him. To help you make up your mind. Steve Cohen has a good line, but a rusty hook. Mark White has a shiny hook, but a tattered line. Jake Ford just has a pole, stirring up the water. The sad thing is, it doesn't make a difference. What either of these men say. Most voters have their minds already made.

Harold Ford Jr. Becomes Defensive

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Corker Came Out Ahead

Tonight we witnessed the long awaited debate between the two Senatorial candidates. This has turned out to be one of the most hotly contested races countrywide. Gaining media attention all over the United States. With the Democrats hoping for the majority in the house. Every seat could be just the one needed. In this race a lot is at stake. The direction of the debates depends on what happens tonight. Up until this point Harold Ford Jr. has tried to claim. Mr. Corker is playing dirty politics. After listening to the debate tonight. It appears to be Mr. Ford throwing all the rocks. I think what this debate showed is personal attacks and insults won't suffice. Both candidates have to focus on what they're about. The voters won't be impressed with the gunslinger act. It's not about how much dirt you can uncover on your opponent. It's about how you've cleaned up behind yourself. All things considered I think Bob Corker won.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Don't Hate

I am somewhat perturbed, with all these narrow minded people. That have nothing against the Fords, other than their last name. What is wrong with a father and brother, supporting a member of their family? I would look at them funny if they did otherwise. What about the Kennedy family? What has Edward ever done, but ride the coat-tails of John and Robert? We just assume because he's their brother. He is torn from the same cloth. Based on some of his positions. I don't subscribe to that theory. Their influence is so strong, it stretches to the brother-in-laws. The Kennedy name has clout. No doubt about that. They're still talking about the possibilities of John F. Kennedy's deceased son. The patriach " Joe Kennedy" was a whiskey runner. He made his fortune breaking the law. His son's have carried on the name, making the law. Talk about rags to riches. From the outhouse to the White house.

I said that to make a point. If it's good enough for the Kennedy family. It's good enough for the Fords. As long as you don't hurt anyone. I say "take your best shot". Let me say I'm not particularly a fan of the Ford Family. At least not politically. But I don't dislike them either. I respect them as entrepreneurs. I think they do a exemplary job, in their chosen profession. Whether you like them or not. They have the Midas touch. The family has run a very successful funeral business, for over 70 years. But that's not the job they're seeking. They want to be your elected leaders. If the people seem to think they do a good job. That falls squarely on the people. Don't have the crabs in a barrel mentality. Don't hate, congratulate.

Tamara Dobson Dead At 59

I remember when this lady was every young adolescent boy's dream. The 6'2" bombshell was a larger than life image to some. All of us had a secret hope, of someday getting a woman like her. She was the thing, dreams are made from. Tamara Dobson better known as "Cleopatra Jones". Died this past week from complications from pneumonia and Multiple Sclerosis. Maybe that's why we hadn't seen her lately. Just goes to show. We know where we've been , but not where we're going. Click on the link below.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Are We Responsible For Their Actions

At one point or another, all of these people have been accused of being homosexual. I don't know for sure, if they are or not. For the purpose of this post. Let's just assume they are. Since people are trying to hold an entire party responsible, for the actions of one person. Let's look at all these unmarried Democrats. Who presently hold an elected office. Should we just launch an investigation based on suspicion? One thing I've learned in past experiences. If people don't know for sure, they'll just make up something. If you follow my blogs. You know my opinions are varied, when it comes to these individuals. Some of them I support, others I don't. I wouldn't vote for them anyway. But if I found out either of these people were homosexual. Whether I support them or not. I would put them in the same category, as Mark Foley. Some of these people are running for office as we speak. Have you done the research to find out their sexuality? To find out whether it's true or not. I won't follow you around, trying to smoke you out. I won't walk around with my eyes closed either. If it was discovered that the rumors were true, what exactly would you do? Are you convicted, in regards to your vote?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why Should He

There have been repeated calls for the resignation of Dennis Hastert, the Republican leader of the house. Amid claims he was aware, of the indiscretions of Mark Foley. A former RINO congressman from Florida. Who is charged with improper advances, toward an underage congressional page. That Exhibited homosexual undertones. Mark Foley is a full grown man. Completely in charge and responsible, for his own actions. Mr. Hastert doesn't walk around with every Republican in office, in his hip pocket. Can we hold Nancy Pelosi responsible for the "Tennessee Waltz"? That simply doesn't make sense. The Republican party doesn't endorse immoral behavior, and it wasn't him.

According to published reports the Democrats knew first. There were reports of his behavior dating back to 1995. He has already had his sexuality come up before. It was probably the reason, for him backing out of the 2003 Senate race. For a seat later won by Republican Mel Martinez. Initially he was a registered Democrat, before being elected to higher office. It appears he has been hiding from the backlash for quite some time. I'm sure Dennis Hastert wasn't privy to first hand information. Instead I believe it was kept a secret. The DNC kept it under wraps, until they considered it an oppurtune time. Whether it works or not. It's no reflection on Dennis Hastert. He shouldn't resign, why should he?

Click on the link below to read the Q+A session. Concerning the Foley scandal, conducted with Rep. Hastert:

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Double Minded Man

Former congressman Mark Foley R-Fl, resigned his post last week. After allegations of inappropriate conduct. With one of the underage house pages. Several other pages have come forward, since the story broke. He has held his office in congress, for over eleven years. After a short stint as an appointed Democratic city councilman, in Lake Worth FL. He switched parties and was elected to higher office. Immediately the RNC washed their hands of him. He is clearly, on his own now. If Democrats have their way, the damage is already done. The whole Republican party can't be held responsible, for one member being a freak. Just like all Christians can't be held responsible, for the actions of just one. Read the link below and get the full story.


The New Low Road

The I-69 corridor, eventually planned to stretch from Canada to Mexico. Just opened a twenty mile stretch, between Hernando and Tunica Mississippi. Connecting I-55 to Hwy. 61 in Mississippi. Reducing the travel time from Memphis to the casinos. By about ten minutes. The state borrowed about $56.6 million, to speed up the project. Mississippi officials considered this cause for celebration. They are expecting big returns for the northern part of the state. They have just completed a new quicker route, from Memphis to Tunica. As if we weren't getting there fast enough.

I'm not to excited about the prospect of the corridor itself. I think it's conception is short sighted. It will come back to be a headache to us later. Why would we want to make a connection, to our economy's demise? We're already having troubles with our borders. Why would we want to stretch them out? If the immediate effects of this road, are a sign to come. I think this will be the low road.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Grizzlies Sold !!!

The naysayers are having a field day with this one. I don't know if a celebration is in order though. At least not for the reason they're using. But let them have their moment of glory. That's all it might turn out to be, when it's all over. It would seem that the Pro-Black residents would be about to explode. A young Black man " Brian Davis", a former Duke standout. Is leading the group (Grizzlies acquisition Holdings), proposing the purchase. They have agreed to pay $360 million, in a deal 10 months in the making. Blacks have come a long way in America. Let's just be honest. It wasn't that long ago. A purchase of this magnitude wasn't possible. This is the National Basketball Association. The cream of the crop.

The citizens of Memphis are a winner either way it goes. For those that don't think the team will survive. This might be a way out. We might get the forum for free. If the team is successful. The owners have no reason to leave. A protection clause was written in the original contract. Whether they leave or stay. All of this worry could be for nothing. According to Brian Davis. They don't plan on moving anyway. He even offered Jerry West a lifetime contract. Look below and click on link. Read the entire story, and watch the video.


Weigh It For Yourself

I have gotten a little rusty, when it comes to addressing these issues. I haven't had a calculated debate lately. This required some research on my part. I had to do some homework, like the writer did. To even come up with some of these things. They had to go through the past six years with a fine tooth comb. This person went a little farther than most liberals. They would have started with the name calling by now. If this was the truth, I'd have a problem. I would have been wrong all this time. I would have to start calling myself a Liberal Democrat. Look at the letter below, and see my responses.

Top Ten Ways We Got Jacked by Conservatives
This is a great list to give to all the conservative friends on your Christmas card list.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By: Nomi Prins
http://alternet.org/story/41921/Had enough of 'conservative' rip-off artists in Washington? Here's a list of the worst offenses we've seen since 2001.

1) The Bush administration has created the biggest budget deficit, debt, and trade imbalance ever while cutting funding for domestic needs like education, Medicare, and Medicaid.

The reason for the deficit is we are at war. We are presently fighting a war in Iraq, not to mention the recession. The recession left behind by the Clinton administration. When Bush was elected. All of this taking place. With the American public, basically going about business as usual. Except maybe an increase in gas prices.There is a difference in cutting funds and not increasing them. I think it would be fair, to make that distinction. The trade imbalance comes about as a result of free trade. Why would someone buy your product, when they can get it elsewhere cheaper? Walmart is not the # 1 retailer in America for nothing. It brings to mind the Denny's commercial. We want to make a lot. But we don't want to spend a lot.

2) The administration’s tax cuts favor the rich, no matter how you look at it. About 87 percent of tax benefits go to the 14 percent of households with incomes above $100,000. Households with incomes below $75,000 -- three-quarters of all households -- get just 5 percent of those benefits.

Tax cuts go to those who drive the economy. If you give the money to those that don't spend anything. What do you think will happen? The money will soon run out. Did you know only half the people pay anything, into Federal Income Tax? Half the people get more than they contribute. Where do you think that money comes from? If they are not given incentives, what will encourage them to spend?

3) Bush signed the largest corporate tax break package in two decades, $136 billion. After World War II, corporations paid half the cost of running the federal government. Today, they pay 7%.

This is really a continuation of question #2. It's just been put , in different words. The same thing I said before, it applies here. To try and compare todays economy, to that of after World War II. Is a stretch to say the least. The war ended in 1945, that's sixty-one years ago. That's quite a time span, I would say. Social Security didn't start until 1935. The country has changed quite a bit since then.

4) The price of gas doubled under Bush. The top oil companies earned $25 billion during the quarter that Hurricane Katrina struck compared to $50 billion for all of 2004. Former Exxon-Mobil, CEO, Lee Raymond got a $400 million exit package.

The conservative administration has nothing to do with the price of gasoline. People in other countries are already paying $5 a gallon. It has more to do with supply and demand. Than it does with the Republican administration. Lee Raymond's lucrative retirement package, was a result of free enterprise. He got what his contract called for. I bet the stockholders collected handsome dividends too.

5) The Republican Congress has voted against every minimum wage increase, except the one linked to getting rid of the estate tax for the rich. The real income of the average American household has fallen five years in a row.

What would raising the minimum wage help? It just might have the opposite effect. The problem with the minimum wage. The only people concerned with it, are those who earn that wage. It's really for students and children. If you had a budget of $24,000 a year, to pay your staff. Which allowed you to employ two popcorn vendors full time. If they raised the minimum wage by two whole dollars, to 7.15 hr. What do you think would happen? You would have to lay somebody off. You couldn't raise the price of the popcorn to make up the difference. Since the fast food industry will be most affected. I like to ask the question. Are you prepared to pay $5 for a Big Mac? Nobody makes enough money in their opinion. So you can prepare to earn more, through educating yourself.

6) House Republicans chopped education programs by $14.3 billion -- the highest cuts ever. College tuition has increased 34 percent since Bush took office.

That's simply not true. I had to go back and do some research. I've heard that argument before. I just had to find the exact numbers. Before I replied to the statement. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was just an oversight. It's not fourteen but four billion. A huge difference in my opinion. Upon closer examination. You will see many of those cuts. Seemed to affect upwardly mobil teachers, instead of students. Why do liberals always want to put everything in the pile together. The price of tuition has rose largely due to salaries. Paid to teachers and administrators. Who criticize this administration. After using government sponsored programs, to further their education. A lot of fat was cut from the budget, and used in places where it helped. I challenge you to show me anywhere in the United States. Where less money is being spent, on the individual student. I haven't seen it yet, and neither has anyone else. In spite of all this money being spent. Where I live the children are still failing. As bad as it is here. It's even worse elsewhere.

7) Since 2001, average monthly health care premiums have risen from $342 to $603. Annual deductibles have doubled. Today 46 million Americans (including 8.4 million children) have no health insurance, an increase of 6 million since Bush took office.

Liberals questions often touch a number of issues. But they don't cover all the bases. Because to answer one, would often cancel out the other. It would create a double play of sorts. In both instances, proving liberals wrong. I'm sure those numbers used, are based on private insurance quotes. I don't know anyone part of a group health plan, paying nearly that much. As much as we would like it to be. Health insurance is not free. We always use children and elderly people. To make it sound more dramatic, or worse than it is. All children everywhere are receiving healthcare. If they aren't it's the guardians fault. Not that of the government. That's part of the problem. A parent is always attached. We take care of them as well. We must look at the illegal immigration issue too. To get a broader perspective.

8) The Senate approved the biggest bankruptcy law in a quarter of a century. Republicans voted AGAINST protecting senior citizens, the seriously ill, military members, veterans, and employees.

This is another one of those situations, that leaves me torn. It sounds cold and callous, but it's the truth. The main people affected by this, are people who don't pay their bills. When one person looses their life savings, that's too many. That's usually not the case though. You are much more likely to encounter someone, that's a victim of bad spending habits. Than someone who faces situations beyond their control. As someone who has been on the other side. And who believes you should pay your debts. I agree with the revised bankruptcy bill.

9) In 1983, the Greenspan Commission put Social Security measures in place that created a $1.7 trillion surplus in the system. This administration borrowed against and cut that to $153 billion while blaming citizens for not dying young enough.

Social Security is just like anything else. You can't continue to withdraw, and never make a deposit. When Social Security was created in 1935. There were two full time workers for everyone drawing a check. Within the next few years, that formula will have completely reversed. Your grandparents worked, for their great grandchildren. If we don't do something quick. Your children will work. For their own children.

10) In 2005, Americans paid $4.3 billion in withdrawal fees at ATM’s and $16 billion to credit card companies in late fees alone. Republicans have suggested no remedies.Nomi Prins is a senior fellow at the public policy center Demos and author of Other People's Money and Jacked: How "Conservatives" are Picking your Pocket (Whether you voted for them or not).

This is typical of the liberal mindset. Always blame someone else for your mistakes. What do Conservatives have to do, with how you spend your money? The remedy is right in your wallet. Just don't take it out. Leave the ATM card in your pocket. You won't have this conservative created problem. LOL