Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Can't Lead

This NBA player coming out as being gay is not an issue of equality, but one of his inflated ego. Jason Collins wanted to let the whole world know what he got away with. The man managed to last twelve years in the league in spite of putting up less than impressive numbers throughout his career. Usually once a person comes out it's usually not a surprise to people who already know them. Now that I notice Jason Collins, that notion still holds true. I bet all his former teammates already knew his secret. Collins hasn't  been undercover all that time. He hasn't been in this league for twelve years on six different teams and nobody knew about him  He hasn't even been overseas.

This guy was like a hot potato. The movement has been waiting for a sacrificial lamb like him to come along for quite some time. This players' career is over now. Twelve years is a long time. Nobody is willing to put their career on the line. None of the franchises wanted to get caught with him on their team. They didn't want to be accused of discrimination against gays . Everyone is coming forward congratulating him for his courage after the fact. It might have been courageous if he had confessed eleven years ago.

For one I don't appreciate the civil rights struggle being compared to that of homosexuals. According to his twin brother he just revealed his sexuality to him last year. And they supposedly talk a couple of times a day. I'm not sure I believe him either. How did Jason pull that off unless he was a down low brother? He should have listened to his old fashioned grandmother back in Louisiana.  She appears to be the wise one. You can;t lead from underneath or behind.

Too Much

Until a couple of years ago the Afro-American MPA didn't carry a lot of weight with the city of Memphis Administration. In 1973: the department witnessed the formation of two police unions—the Afro-American Police Association was formed and the Memphis Police Association, a bargaining unit representing patrolmen and sergeants, was formed  Since they're begging for money these days. Now the only representative you see is Mike Williams from guess what union? I don't recall Mayor Herenton  ever having to deal with the demands of Mike Williams when he was the mayor. They probably didn't trust their odds of scamming the voters with him in office. He already had them under his spell.

How quickly we forget. After Chief Godwin broke up their little Gentleman's Club. The white officers have taken a back seat in all of this. The attention span of the general public is about a month at most. You don't keep a promise, and the voters will soon forget. If you make good; it's what have you done for me lately? You can't satisfy some folks no matter what you do. I say give them the raises and lay-off accordingly. Mike Williams is saying Mayor Wharton raised his and his cronies pay. The truth is they took a cut in pay and gave city workers a bonus. While most tax paying citizens experienced some of the highest unemployment rates in history.

I know it's probably against the rules but all officers who support this should have it noted in their personnel folders. This signifies a breach of trust based on their own admission They have a no strike clause in their contract. But they indirectly refuse to do their job. First it was the reduction in writing traffic tickets. Either they are hustling the drivers now or they weren't doing their jobs then. They are writing more citations than ever. Integrity is what you do when no one is looking at you. Lately you can't trust them and you're looking right at them.  Will they be slow to respond to a robbery call in South Memphis? Will they go the other way if they hear shots fired? Does their pay affect their judgement? Based on their actions of late they already make too much.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

By Any Means Necessary

We spend so much time talking about the University of Memphis basketball coach that we seldom talk about    our professional team. It might have something to do with the fact that Coach Lionel Hollins is doing such a first rate job. There seems to be an element that wants to undermine how much of this teams success is due to the leadership skills exhibited by the coach. Hubie Brown is one who is jealous of the teams rise. Before now the team had only experienced limited success under him. Even with all of Michael Heisley's money. This team didn't turn around until Lionel Hollins took the helm. Coach Hollins should be a leading candidate for "Coach of the Year" Based on what he has done already.

I  think there have been forces behind the scene to cause dissension among the team. I was afraid certain developments as of late would affect the chemistry of the team. But obviously it didn't. The fact  that it hasn't is a testament to Hollins' coaching. Though little attention is paid to the pedigree of our coach. He is not leading with blind ambition. He is not trying to lead his players anywhere he hasn't been himself. He played point guard on a Portland Trailblazers team much like the one he is coaching now.

I hope the new owners know what they have in Coach Hollins, and don't let history repeat  itself. I know money is tight but by all means don't cut corners in that area. Lionel .Hollins doesn't have a love affair with the camera. Like Memphis fans expect. But this is the NBA. Pay the coach enough so he doesn't have to worry with that. There isn't a weekly radio or t.v show. I don't know of a restaurant that bares his name either.  He is the glue that holds this unconventional team together. The Grizzlies don't have a Lebron James or a Kevin Durant.. But they do have arguably the best front court in  the NBA in Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Coupled with the most tenacious defense in the league. Coached by one of the best coaches in the league. Even if we don't win the championship. That's a combination that's hard to beat. We need to keep him by any means necessary..

Real Possibility

One of the better writers in the Commercial Appeal these days I think is Kyle Veazey. He writes about that Pink Elephant in the middle of the room.that no one else talks about. He won me over when he wrote about the meteoric rise in college coaches pay. Namely Larry Finch and Josh Pastner. A topic the CA has avoided like the plague since Finch was fired. I would like to think Veazey and myself have almost shut the "message board posse" down. Those who comment on the message boards with their own version of history. Especially when it comes to Memphis basketball. I know for sure my over 1000 comments were misplaced on purpose. But I have slowly started my comeback.

Memphis only supports winning teams in any sport .If Zach Randolph has a couple of more games like he did against the Clippers the other night. You won't be able to find a ticket around here anywhere. You have to be among the top tier to satisfy these Memphis fans. Unless you are the University of Memphis of course. The Tiger Boosters run that program over there. If they don't like you, it doesn't matter if you win or not.  You can still lose your job. Any other game in town has an uphill battle. The more games they win, the more tickets they will sell.

We can't forget about the inexperienced fans that want to be the General Manager and/or coach. They change as often as the wind does and complain twice as much. If the front office makes one decision they don't like or disagree with on any level. Like they did with Rudy Gay and Maurice Speights. They want to stop buying tickets and stay and watch the games at home. Instead of the Tiger Boosters. The Grizzlies have the Legends. They support their team religiously. Hopefully that spirit is contagious.  We have already beaten  every  team in  the playoffs during the regular season  There is a real possibility of the Grizzlies being NBA champs.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Take It Down

I'm glad I got a chance to see this. The Breakfast Club joked about removing the video. But they're really serious. I'm not expecting this "Donkey of the Day" video to last long before they take it down.

George Jones (1931-2013)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Maxine Smith (1930-2013)

Figured Out

I like K Michelle and she has a beautiful voice. But she needs to get away from all these strong, independent black women songs that she comes up with after some guy dumps her. She needs to remove the word "f*#k" from her vocabulary. She sounds like a nineteen year old trying to get even with the guy who had sex with her and ignores her now. This might become the anthem for lonely women. But once again it's underground. Now chicks who can't get a man or stay being the side chick are gonna be singing this to make themselves feel better. Whoring is never cute and NO ONE believes a woman who says she doesn't want love. She should read my blog. She would learn something that might help her. I have her figured out.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

2nd Degree Murder

I knew something was weird about this case the first time I saw Christopher Stephen Jones do a television interview. He was too anxious to get on the camera and cry, for my taste. I can imagine the pressure that was building up inside him when things didn't unfold the way he planned. He couldn't wait for the media to come to him. He jumped the gun and went to them. He had two strikes against him from the start. The friends and family of Heather Palumbo-Jones didn't believe him and neither did the public. Destroying all credibility and any chance of establishing an alibi along the way. He was hoping for a "Unsolved Mysteries" ending and he got "Law and Order" instead.

Christopher Jones definitely isn't a cool customer. He started putting his foot in his mouth the day after his wife was reported missing. When he went to the house and found his seven year old daughter in the house alone, and didn't call the police That just didn't sound right. He couldn't come back with a plausible excuse after that.  When he said him and his wife got into a fight the night before she disappeared.  That was almost like confessing to something in itself. We couldn't call it murder. The body hadn't been found yet. But the last person that saw her alive was him. That  wasn't a good look.

There is more to this story than meets the eye. The couple was in the midst of a custody battle over their children I heard . But he claimed they talked on a daily basis. I think he wanted more than just the children back. He didn't want her to leave either. But based on the way things looked, that wasn't going to happen. She had loss a lot of weight and was starting a new life without him. Something is strange about her friends too. The couple was married for nine years and had two children together Yet none of her friends liked him at all. Somewhere in the mix there is a dead cat on  the line. This is strictly conjecture on my part. But I think one of them was crossing over. I don't know which one it was though. But there was some things just looked suspicious. After he finally confessed to killing his wife. Why was he only charged with 2nd degree murder?

Three First Names

The media was in such a rush to blame the Boston bombings on a Tea Party extremist or someone who hated President Obama. That Paul Kevin Curtis was the ideal candidate for a patsy. He is a poor Caucasian who was in the right place at the wrong time. Even  though he didn't do any thing wrong. The F.B.I. had witnesses against him and everything. His neighbors sold him out. Does that sound familiar? Poor whites are just like poor blacks. If it hadn't been for the benevolence of Attorney Kristi  McCoy. He would still be in jail. The F.B.I. still didn't really admit their mistake. They released him with no prejudice. In other words "don't leave  town". How could you confuse someone with three first names?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spread The Load

It is so frustrating for me to listen to the Memphis residents attempt to have a  heart felt discussion concerning property taxes and the compensation of city and county employees. I think their intentions are well, but unknowingly many of them are voting against their own best interests. They are being mislead by officials with their own agendas. Any politician that promises to never raise taxes is probably a liar, or short sighted at best. The consciousness and civic involvement by the citizens is about six months too late. Councilman Shea Flinn offered this city the golden egg in my opinion. With his 1/2 cent sales tax increase proposal. All our social scholars and one trick ponies don't have a better solution. But they don't like Councilman Flinn's idea though. Yet anything they come up with now will be too little too late.

I always thought a better job of explaining the proposal to the  people should have been done anyway. A math class for voters would have done  wonders.  There is a huge difference between a .5 and 5% increase. I wouldn't vote for the latter myself. That would be a regressive tax. How can you be taxed  the same when one buys a hamburger and the other buys a steak?  Unfortunately the people that understood  were  outnumbered. County residents didn't hesitate to support a tax that benefited them. That's when I threw up my hands. I watched ten years of hopes and dreams go down the drain. We were on the brink of city/county consolidation. But you can't  want something for someone they don't want for themselves.  We had a chance to kill two birds with one stone. That chance may never cone again.

One thing you can expect when it comes to taxes. The politicians will never give them back. The mayor has nothing to do with property values. Mayor A.C. Wharton is doing a good job. He is working with what he has. Taxes are the lifeline of public safety. That includes firemen, police and sanitation workers. Then you have city hall Nobody wants a cut in pay. They even want a raise. The 4.63% raise they're expecting is a lot closer to 5 % than the proposed tax increase. The MPA is only thinking of themselves. Mike Williams is doing a good job as a union representative. But the majority of  the citizens don't work for the city. In a city with limited sources of  revenue. That would have spread the load out.              

Monday, April 22, 2013

Listening Now

I always say "there is at least a grain of truth in every rumor". It appears to be holding true once again in this case. Often it just depends on who is telling the story. And who is listening. I was questioning the credibility of Walid Shoebat, but that could have been by design. I'm still not sure he isn't putting a dollar on a dime. But I don't discount his ten cents. He is kind of like an Uncle Joe Hunter. He was at the game, but he didn't play. A true player knows the difference. But most people don't know the rules. So you can tell them almost anything.

The Liberally biased media may have been doing a hatchet job on this guy for a reason. He was and is a constant reminder to this administration and the public that terrorism is alive and well. I talked about him  last week after I heard him on the "Jesse Lee Peterson Show". I became more interested in what he had to say after his website was suddenly shut down.  He claimed to have a picture of a Saudi person of interest concerning the Boston bombings. Who was allowed to go home in violation of national security rules. Which turned out to be  a dead end.  Looking back at his history. That appears to have been his clarion call all along. Walid Shoebat may have stumbled on to something here. If you say the same thing over and over again. Eventually you'll be right.

Let me first say I don't believe American officials knowingly participate in acts of terrorism. But I do think there might be some guilt by association. Washington went out of their way to dispel all accusations of terrorist activity. But it turns out that it was. Now Glenn Beck is joining the fray. Walid Shoebat has found new life. This is a lesson in staying prepared. Whether he is a fraud or not.  People are listening now.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Radical Muslim Men

We need to have a serious discussion in this country about racial profiling or just profiling period. A television reporter referred to the suspects in the Boston bombing as "dark skinned". And Al Sharpton immediately did an expose on the dangers of irresponsible use of language. That's hypocrisy at it's height. Who uses words any more irresponsibly than Al himself ? Blacks need to stay out of stuff  that doesn't apply to  them. Al Sharpton needs to take a seat. He was the mouthpiece from the "Tawanna Brawley Incident" to " The Jenna Six". As he was busy trying to create controversy. The accused reporter as it turns out was on to something. The bombers turned out to be Muslims from Russia. But still the same mentality as their brothers from the Middle East.

I never thought they were looking for a black or white suspect. I knew exactly what the reporter was talking about with the "dark skinned" comment . The pictures proved his point. When I first saw the suspects they didn't appear to be Americans to me. If they gained citizenship for all intents and purposes they would be classified as white. But when it comes to terrorism there is definitely a type. If law enforcement profiled a certain group we would reduce acts of  terrorism by 98%  at least.

Blacks aren't willing to die to prove a point. That's how they became slaves. You don't have to  worry about them being bombers. Which usually means suicide. All they are killing is each other. Just the opposite are the Native Americans. Indians are so laid back they have all but been forgotten. The government gave them a few casinos a few years back and they are satisfied. Hispanics have no reason to want to destroy this country. They are taking over anyway. Outside of selling drugs and gang activity, they pretty much stay to themselves. They don't bother you, if you don't bother them. Chuck Bates said it years ago. The only people we need to watch are radical, Muslim  men between the ages of 18 and 35.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Light Is On

What you do in the dark will come to the light. Martoiya Lang was living foul when she was killed serving a drug warrant. Upon further investigation, I'm not so sure she should've even had that job in the first place. Her father is a convicted drug dealer with strong ties in Memphis. I always say you can't preach a person's funeral after they die. Officer Lang didn't have her affairs in order while she was living. Now all her skeletons are coming out of the closet after her death. Unfortunately she wasn't convicted to do better because her mother was shady before her.

In the event of one parents death. By law the other has control of his children. estranged or not. A divorce didn't take that long if Ms. Lang really wanted one. She could have filed the paperwork in another county  If Darius Lang didn't respond, the divorce would've been granted with no contest. I'm sure she knew that being an officer of the law. I don't know what the issue was, other than her thinking he would die before her. It is the excuse some women use for hanging on to these no good men. A lot of times it works. I hadn't followed the trial, but I bet she had a paid up insurance policy on him. To her he was worth more dead than alive. But she died first.

I knew there was something fishy with the grandmother when she took her story to Thaddeus Matthews.  To me that was the first red flag. The next was when she took thousands of dollars before the funeral and spent it at the casino.  After Judge  Benham made his unexpected  ruling. awarding custody of the children to their grandfather. Suddenly a man claiming to be Martoiya's true father has emerged after thirty-two years. In my opinion I think this man was duped with his alleged daughter's help.  She was in on the scheme with her mother.  Now the light is on.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Take Him Serious

After listening to his show today. I have come to this conclusion.  Jesse Lee Peterson is spending all his time and effort defending someone who doesn't need or want his help. Whites don't need him to argue their case. I don't think they would choose him, even if they did. They hold the majority of the cards anyway. The only groups I've ever seen march are blacks and homosexuals. They are the only ones that want to be part of something that doesn't want them. Militant blacks don't deter the course of white America one bit. To the contrary it's the other way around. Blacks are being controlled by whites.

Last week about 61 Klu Klux Klan members came to Memphis for a rally. The city spent $175,000 on security and other city services for their safety. The city didn't spend that much when 12,000 blacks were going to the Mid-South Coliseum for concerts.  They would have three policemen directing traffic coming out on Central and three for traffic on Southern. Police presence isn't much better for the "Heritage Classic". And I think they pay for police anyway. There are officers all over the place at the "Liberty Bowl". They both are annual large scale sports events

Why hasn't Jesse's career progressed beyond an occasional guest appearance on the "Sean Hannity Show"? That and playing guard dog against liberals.  He is making a good living of course. But not the millions being made by others in the Conservative political pundit game. Glen Beck made $100 million talking about President Obama. While Jesse Lee Peterson made enemies of most blacks who know him. His program is like the rest home for right wing burn-outs.  Whenever the mainstream gets tired of an issue they pass it on to Jesse Lee. Look at Dr.Orly Taitz and Walid Shoebat. One is considered obsessed and the other one is called a fake. Just like them. Jesse has taken a back seat to the mainstage. Most Conservatives don't really take him serious. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Can't Do Anything

Instead of bringing light to the issue, this picture leads to a whole different discussion. With a subject as touchy as this one.  Keep it as basic and simple as possible. Introduce men to the concept of help before you divide them with deception. Sexual prowess is viewed differently in the respective communities. A black man who can't perform in bed has a tougher road ahead of him than others. He is considered less of a man. Contrary to what the photo implies.  Black women aren't leading the charge in understanding either.That's the one area in life where the black man is rumored to have an advantage. White men don't challenge black men there. They let us have that. That's the one area where they feel inferior.

You will never see this picture in reverse. A white woman consoling an impotent brother. That just isn't happening. Sex is usually the connection between them in the first place. Usually when a black woman crosses over. She has already released some long accepted stereotypes anyway. In  either case it's frustrating for all involved  All men want to be virile. No matter how old they get.  They never get  too old  to want to have sex. Some would rather die than quit.

All that said, they still won't go to the doctor. Up until the actual act itself, they continue like nothing is wrong. I  think  that is the source of a lot of domestic violence.  Who wants to fight when they can make love? It's been said " the only man that won't give a woman any money is a broke one or a dead one". The other is one who can't do anything.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wouldn't Pay

This is another amazing example of ingenuity in creating an underground economy. Every since the days of prohibition. People have been making a good living making Moonshine. This is a little different than selling drugs. You can't just get a package and start dealing. You have to learn the craft. Being good takes more than just luck. Even though they are both illegal. They attract different clients and dealers.  No one is robbing, stealing and killing to get a drink. There aren't any turf wars. Wherever you can hide you can set up shop. Your biggest worry is the ATF Agent, and not Omar.

This is as much about brotherhood as it is anything else. It's almost like the mafia in a way  Even with liquor being accessible in most places. Moonshine is still big business. That's why it's passed on for generations. If you want to go legal all you have to do is pay taxes. But that defeats the purpose. That's how this  whole thing flourished even after prohibition. The government taxed whiskey so in  the sixties. Moonshine was in demand because it was cheaper.  One major reason was. They wouldn't pay Uncle Sam.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pass The Hustle

Reality television has taught me one thing. Without making this an issue of race, let me make an observation. What is a way of life for one race is unheard of for another. As much as blacks like seafood, they don't fish for anything bigger than a catfish. The favorite target is Crappie and Brim. It's almost like some races are simply here for the benefit of others. I never seen a Caucasian wearing a pair of Gators, but they're making a fortune hunting them. These guys and gals are making PhD. money in just a few months a year

The first show that caught my attention was "Deadliest Catch". These men earn a living catching crabs. I started eating crab legs about twenty-five years ago and hadn't stopped since. I didn't know anything about crab until I was grown. I only knew about the fish they sold at the fish markets in South Memphis. Like Big Bone Buffalo or Channel Cat. Life as a commercial fisherman didn't entice me or any of my friends in the least. Fishing was just always viewed as an expensive hobby enjoyed by whites. The only person I saw making money was Bill Dance. Needless to say that didn't inspire the average young person in my neighborhood seeking a career. Had I known crab fishing paid that much money. I might have tried to get a job on the Cornelia Marie.

My latest guilty pleasure is "Swamp People". These particular jobs have nothing to do with locale. This show is proof. People in the city of New Orleans were beng eaten by the Gators while people in the bayou were loading up their boats and getting out their treble hooks. They even had people coming  from as far away as Texas. Some residents  were displaced due to Hurricane Katrina while others turned it into a cash flow. With Gators bringing from  $100 to over $300 each. With hunters sometimes tagging twenty or more a day. It doesn't take long to get a knot. You never see their wives and girlfriends. Unless they happen to be hunters  too. Now I know why. They are busy having and raising babies for the next generation to follow. So they can pass the hustle on to them. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Johnathan Winters ( 1926-2013)

Take a Seat

In my opinion Judge Joe Brown has used the city of Memphis to get where he is now, and never looked back until recently. Now that CBS has refused to renew his contract. Suddenly he is talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and getting involved with local politics. I don't begrudge or blame him his success. I just recognize his game. He made some controversial rulings, and happened to get the right case at the right time. He got hold of the James Earl Ray case and parlayed it into a career in Hollywood. He traded his activism for his T.V. show.

He is playing the role to the end. In Henri Brooks he is endorsing the most  color blind politician in this city. I have never heard her make an argument that didn't involve race.  Why would he align himself with a known rebel? When for the last twenty years he has been anything but that. Once he got on the tube he went from being a Huey P.Newton to a Fred Hammond. Claiming he was "protecting womanhood while promoting manhood", A catch phrase for being a sugar daddy But they have a new kid on the block. Steve Harvey has more fans in the daytime than Tyra Banks. The ride is over. It's time to take a seat.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

One Is Dead

I hadn't been following this story up until now, but I think I have this figured out. The truth was told about what happened, just not everything. I'm sure D.A. Amy Weirich came to the same conclusion I did.  This is playing out like an episode of "America Undercover". I keep waiting for Chris Hanson to come out and end the skit. That's why charges for murder weren't  pursued in this case. If I were a betting man, I would bet there was an inappropriate sexual relationship between these two.

What kind of mentoring was a boyish looking 28 yr.old unidentified, policeman  providing to a grown, homeless, high school senior? He was mentoring him  alright. It was probably more like manipulation. This picture doesn't do the victim justice, unless they have an agenda. It's like the Trayvon Martin photo. It was  taken years ago. But this isn't the same young man that  was texting Officer Shaw and borrowing money so he could get something to eat.

When Officer Shaw said they met at a vacant house. His credibility was gone. Whether I'm right or wrong. He was up to no good. The fact that he was a Memphis police brought about visions of a lawsuit. But by all accounts no one even knew he was a police. That I do believe. But why would you try and rob someone who has been giving you money and texting you? That would cut the money off and you could easily be traced. Only two people know what happened that day One is dead.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Mark Walden (1975- 2013)

Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)

Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Money

Since when did Justin Timberlake become part of the Memphis music scene? Has he ever even performed in this city? This guy is what I call the ultimate jock rider. When the Memphis musicians were trying to band together to form a union, because they were getting ill and dying without insurance. Justin Tinberlake didn't take part in that coming together. He reminds me of the guy who took all the cash out of the purse, after the younger naive man snatched it. If the police come and make an arrest. Who do you think is going to jail? It won't be Justin Timberlake. His hands will be clean.

I haven't liked this guy since the Janet Jackson incident. I really hadn't paid him much attention before then. I blame Janet for agreeing to that crap in the first place though. Jackson said it was an accident and  refused to give CBS a public apology. While Timberlake claimed it was a wardrobe malfunction. Only to later recant and publicly apologize as asked. I just think it was an ill conceived idea by them both. She sat her career back twenty years. Before that she was like music royalty, especially in the black community. I guess that wasn't enough though. She wanted that Rhianna appeal. She ruined two careers, hers' and Jermaine Dupri's.  While Justin Timberlake apologized and threw her under bus. He didn't burn any bridges and walked away with his hands clean.

Justin Timberlake is like a modern day Leonard Chess at Cadillac Records. There were a long line of record execs like him back in the day. They took advantage of uneducated, gullible black entertainers. He just sweetened the pot somewhat. He bought Muddy Waters and Little Walter all the Cadillacs they could wreck. He even bought Etta James a house along with all the dope she could shoot.. They did most of the work. But he got most of the money.

His Fault

Once again one of University Of Memphis' blue chip recruits has left the program with neither party living up to expectations.  In spite of  both of them not living up to the hype. It just seems unfair that one would be leaving the program without even a guaranteed chance to compete at the next level. While the other one gets a big raise and a contract extension. For that reason more than any other I wish Adonis Thomas success in the NBA draft. Not only the draft but also  the camp. Getting drafted doesn't matter if you don't make a team.

This program has a history of using people and discarding them. Last time I saw Keith Lee he  was a security  guard at a church If Adonis Thomas doesn't get drafted he won't even get an education out of  the deal. I don't know how smart this young man was. He may not have  been able to learn the plays. Whenever he did an interview that I saw. He always had that blank stare. Like nobody was really home. All some of  these young men can do is play basketball. Since they can't enter the draft until they're nineteen. It might be to their advantage to do like Brandon Jennings did. Go away for a year and come back.  To a league still interested in you.

I'm not surprised Josh Pastner would support Thomas' decision  to leave. He never planned for him to stay anyway. Once he got him to sign his job was done. The longer AT stayed and didn't produce.  The more questions arise about his coaching ability. At some point these fans are going to realize a group of players with visions of the NBA does not a winning team make. The highlight of this players' career was the anticipation of his signing. That was  what Pastner needed for his resume. If he goes hardship and doesn't make a team. It  will be his fault.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Roger Ebert (1942- 2013)

Thursday, April 04, 2013


Forty-Five years ago today Martin Luther King Jr.was assassinated in Memphis TN. Has anything changed since then?

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Father Instead

I have always kind of wondered about Magic and Cookie Johnson.  Now I'm sure something was wrong with their relationship. Either Cookie was gay or she knew Magic was or both. Since Magic announced he.had HIV we haven't heard anything about his sex life since. For such a promiscuous professional basketball player. Him being positive didn't cause alarm. I know those guys mess with the same women. The only woman we've ever heard about is Cookie. This video is maybe the second or third time I've ever seen Magic's son. How did arguably the best basketball player of his time and a former homecoming queen raise a flaming homosexual son? This isn't even funny. This boy is too much like his mother.

I never felt like Magic came clean about his HIV infection. In my opinion he was the original Down-Low brother.  But he never really came clean. He just told the world he was infected and continued the masquerade. There are a lot of people flaunting their sexual preference these days. Because that's what it's all about. Antennas flew up when Ervin Johnson kissed Isiah Thomas in the mouth. After Magic was diagnosed.  Isiah threw him under the bus. He They just reconciled after all this time. Ironically after Isiah and his son wants it to be legal for a man to get married to another man. Earlier I said E.J. lll is too much like his mother, but maybe he is just like his father instead. 

Monday, April 01, 2013


The clock is ticking with seconds left, and the score is tied in the game for the title. Point Guard Chris Wright  hits the buzzer beating shot. And the crowd goes wild. Unfortunately if the young basketball player hadn't  heard that play by play yet, he probably won't. He was diagnosed with having MS. Now that the word is out about his disease. It's highly unlikely he will be paid to play basketball again.

The young man is trying to keep a positive attitude, in addition to the positive spin the media is trying  to put on this disaster. But there is no upside to this for Chris Wright. The Dallas Mavericks are happy though, they dodged a bullet. He won't get the benefit of their medical staff and first rate doctors. If there is such a thing. No one has come forward with a cure. To be the first player known to have this disease is no honor. If anything it's a curse. He may be more like the first one to be discovered.  It's not amazing it's unfortunate.