Tuesday, August 30, 2011

He Was Hiding

It pays to have friends in high places. Better yet a nephew.  Oyango Obama tried to name drop when he got arrested for DUI. I bet this guy is an old player like his brother was. This guy is driving around drunk and undocumented in a SUV. Doesn't look like he was hiding.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Schoolboy Crush

Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Money, More Problems

I hope Zach Randolph is somewhere reading this story and reflecting on his own situation. He hasn't been charged with anything nearly this serious yet, but he is taking baby steps. Memphis seems to have an affinity for the type players who have a penchant for getting in trouble. Looks like we escaped a bullet being that Javarius Crittenton was once a Grizzly himself. Put him Zach Randolph, O.J. Mayo, Tony Allen, and Hamed Haddadi on the same team. Throw in Antonio Burks if he had made it before he got shot and we would need a parole officer  to go on the road with the team. In the case of these guys. Just like Puff Daddy said "more money, more problems."


The American people have been so preoccupied with the economy. They aren't paying attention to things like this. Pro-homosexual legislation is being passed all over this country with President Obama's blessings. Me for one am not surprised. He has been an undercover advocate all the time.  This is one of the few instances where he has kept  his promise. Go back and listen to his campaign speeches. The one group that should be happy with his term in office is the LGBT community. Contrary to the rest of the country they're on a roll. Just  one of those things that make you go, HMMM. 


Friday, August 26, 2011

Swipe That EBT

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They Got Away

What kind of grades if any did Zach Randolph make in school? I bet he seldom if ever went to class. He was that big menacing kid that the coach always kept out of trouble.  We like him due to his prowness on the court, but this guy obviously isn't too smart. He is surrounded by the same type people as Michael Vick was. He is the only one in the group with anything to lose. He is jeopardizing a $66M  contract over $200. Even if he wasn't involved, his friends should have been better friends than that. Something tells me instead of being remorseful for their stupidity. They're high fiving each other thinking they got away.

The Horizon

I don't want to prematurely jump the gun and predict doom, but I think the rumors are true. I think the power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are going to separate. In my opinion Will got in over his head with Jada from the start. Everyone just took for granted that he was her pick. She was down with Tupac and Thug life back in the day. A total opposite of the clean cut rapper/actor Will Smith from Fresh Prince fame . I fondly remember the words of the dearly departed Ms. Alice regarding their relationship. "She don't really want him, she just knows he is naive." His nose was open so wide. You could drive in a Mack truck and park it there. Now here we are thirteen years later. Don't underestimate the power of words. Never say anything you don't really mean. When they came out publicly stating they had an open marriage. We should have known their was trouble on the horizon.

Nick Ashford (1941-2011)

                            Songwriter              Singer                Soulmate

Monday, August 22, 2011

God Has Smiled On Me

Sunday, August 21, 2011

They Win

I'm not so sure we haven't been swept over by a Lori Davis media blitz. Would we be here if Jesse Misskelley was the one on death row? I don't think we would. The three were smart to take the deal. They were already in jail. With the current society's mindset, Arkansas couldn't take a chance on them getting a sympathetic jury. The state was in a no win situation. "Never gamble with anyone who doesn't have anything to lose." Whatever they get that they didn't have at first, they win.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Three Go Free

This is the underside of plea bargaining. They used what was called the "Alford plea" to get these guys out of prison. That's where you can plead guilty and still claim to be innocent. In this case I think the law got it 3/4 right. The other 1/4 is what's causing the problem. They are using a technology that wasn't around when they were convicted, to get them out now. I find it interesting that Jason Baldwin didn't want to accept the deal. He took it to save his padre Damien Echols. Who had more to lose than the other two did. Jesse Misskelley whose confession got this whole thing started. Has been the quietest of the three. I don't  think they're all guilty, but I don't believe they're innocent either. Maybe not first degree murder, but something happened here. Whatever it was. Three go free. 

Whites Have Become Black

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Coffee Club

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time To Pay

One of the secret society has broken ranks. Warren Buffet let us in on a little secret only the privileged few are privy to. In spite of what Republicans and the misinformed Tea Partiers. Who are biting off their nose to spite their face. The proposed tax increases won't affect 99.9% of them. Mr. Buffet is probably worth more than all of them put together. This Anti-Obama platform has gone far enough. Don't blow up the spot trying to prove a point. The uber wealthy are not paying their fair share.  Notice I didn't say equal. "To whom much is given, much is required" Only 400 people control the majority of  the country's wealth.  I agree with Mr. Buffet. Time to pay.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thin Skin

We finally see who Matthew Pepper is as he is leaving for another job. If he left because of pressure. He wasn't the right man for the job anyway. He  had thin skin.

Send Him Packin

Is this "National Gay Day" or something? I'm not homophobic, but it seems like we're being flooded with the gay agenda. Earlier today they wanted Bert and Ernie to get married. Now we want to keep gay illegal immigrants from being deported. He is listred as a caregiver and spouse of a man who has AIDS. When he gets sick, as I presume he will. We will be responsible for his healthcare too. For that reason I say,"send him packin."


Let Men Be Men

Why are we concerned with the sexuality of two puppets? For forty years Bert and Ernie have been friends as far as I know. If two men remain close friends for most of their lives; does that make them gay? Next stop Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello. Instead of always making one of them effeminate. Let men be men.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

This Is Game

For several years Thomas Burrell has been the face of the "Black Farmers Association" and their pending lawsuit. He went back to the days of Jennings Bernard and his radio station. He never said he was a minister. I wonder why? I have talked to him before and he always seemed elusive for someone who was straight. He always had a condescending attitude about him. He called it "Civics 101." Now that the whole story is being told. I can see why. He doesn't respond well to questions. They present an unnecessary inconvenience. Usually people are so excited at the prospect of getting free money they don't ask any. Anyone that has a basic understanding of the law is going to see this is game.

Excerpts from an  undercover taping of his  message or coaching on how to get paid.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

A** Can't Cash

I don't really care for Meeka Claxton but I like Tammi Roman even less. I don't like this new crop of bullies popping up imposing their will on others through intimidation. It started with "Atlanta Housewife" NeNe Leakes. I am aware people have to take advantage of their strengths, but that doesn't include violating other people's space. Demanding others show you respect while you show none yourself. At first they were just running their mouth. Tami is taking it to a whole different level. She put her hands on someone. Her mouth wrote a check, her a** can't cash.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

At The Helm

Out And Over
This is the problem in Memphis. No new faces are on the horizon that I see. The former mayor didn't groom anyone to take his place. The only young person he mentored over the years was Reginald French, and we see how that ended. He has no marketable skill and can't get elected to a high profile public office. That makes it real hard to earn a six figure salary. The last I heard he was being sued by somebody. From the looks of things, leadership under Mayor Wharton won't be that much different. He has too many favors to repay.

This latest idea's time might have come, but Willie Herenton's time has passed. I supported Mayor Herenton during his eighteen years in office. But not so much since he stepped down. In his bid for congress last year. I was more against Steve Cohen than I was for him. The man has been the boss of something for the last thirty years. He is having withdrawal symptoms. This latest proposed endeavor is a bit too much. This would be a reasonable expectation had he remained in education for the last twenty years. But he chose a career in politics. Willie Herenton is 71 yrs. old and already rich. Don't overstay your welcome. We are in the midst of straightening out some  of your messes. Let someone else have a chance at the helm.

Foreclosure In A Nutshell

I had an opportunity to read what I thought was the equivalent of a seminar. I thought I would post it here:
Foreclosure is where you stop making the payments, the bank forecloses, evicts you, and puts it up for sale.
A short sale is where you are still in the house, trying to protect your credit, still making the note, but the house has gone down in value so much that you owe more than it is worth.
You go to the bank and ask if they will take less than you owe? The bank will agree to this short sale if possible. The problem is the bank may just be a "servicing agent", that is collecting the payment, keeping a fee and sending it on to the holder of the mortgage. The mortgage may be in a bundle of homes owned by another lender or Fannie Mae. For the holder of this mortgage or Fannie Mae to dig into that bundle of homes (could be a thousand) and try to dig out that one loan on that one home and determine what they want to do is almost impossible. They are wrecking their bundle to do this and why short sales dont work unless the servicing agent and mortgage holder are both one and the same lender.
I am trying to keep this insanity simple but when TARP was passed they also implemented rules where the govt guarantees the holder of the mortgage a "guaranteed profit" and larger profit by foreclosing than helping the owner of a home short sale it or stay in it.
With rules written by their Goldman Sachs cronies that guarantee them profits from our tax dollars.

IndyMac Bank went broke and was siezed by the FDIC (same FDIC that guarantees your money deposited in the bank) and was sold to One West Bank. The Sec of the Treasury at that time was Paulson, an ex-Goldman Sach employee. One West Bank was a BRAND NEW BANK LESS THAN ONE MONTH OLD started by George Soros and another ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs, Steve Mnuchin..
The FDIC sold the home loans that IndyMac had to this BRAND NEW BANK for 70% of par value. So if IndyMac had a loan of $100k on a house then they sold it to One West for $70k. To top it off they told One West Bank they would cover 90% of any loss they took reselling those homes or mortgages. Now lets say the homeowner wants to sell this $100k house for $80k since the price of homes dropped and OneWest Bank agrees to this.
OneWest has bought the house for $70K (70% of original loan) sells it for $80k which makes them $10k, plus they get to bill the govt (FDIC)
another $18K for their bogus paper loss on the house. Here is the formula: $100k house that Bank West sold for $80k equals $20k loss. Govt covers 90% of loss of the $20K equals $18k plus the $10k Bank West actually made leaving them a profit of $28k on this house. It doesnt matter that Bank West only paid $70k, according to the agreement with our govt they take the loss based on the orginal loan of $100k.
Now take a $500k house and that $28k becomes $140k. It doesnt matter what price the house is, what they sell it for, or when they sell it, as long as it is below the original mortgage they are guaranteed a profit. Now do you think they are going to reduce a mortgage, short sale it, do anything to help the homeowner when they get these profits from our tax dollars. This is just the simple version of the derails of this crime and basically the bigger the loss the more profit that BankWest (and others banks involved in thsi scam) make wtiht the profits coming from our tax dollars. To add insult to injury they now tell us FDIC, which guarantees these loans is short on funds and needs more money from the Feds to continue this theft.
This is the very short version of what our wonderful, incompetent, corrupt govt, of both parties is doing with your paycheck taxes. This program applies to Equity lines of credit also with a similar formula. And to think a BRAND NEW BANK, OneWest, was just started at the EXACT same time as this formula was devised, and the players in this game Soros, Democrat, and Goldman Sachs employees, Republicans, are partners in this theft.
Meanwhile us right and left wingers argue with each other daily over which crook is better for us.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bubba Smith (1945-2011)


Monday, August 01, 2011

Giving The Fight A Face

I don't think Kapone's owners really expect to get him back. If indeed the dog was ever missing in the first place. I have my suspicions about that also but that's another story. If the dog didn't show for eleven thousand dollars. What is the motivation for three thousand dollars less ? Hanging a banner at Poplar and Goodlett obviously is a move to gain support for privatization. It's highly unlikely the dog is in that area. But the movers and shakers and those in control of the MAS's future are. I bet the majority of the members of the Rotary Club travel that route everyday. It's no longer about the return of the dog. It's about giving the fight a face

Just Get Ready

Black voters in this city need to stop majoring in the minor. This law isn't racist it affects everyone. They have a year an a half to get their pictures taken. Any able bodied, productive citizen needs a photo ID anyway. Follow the rules and stop complaining already. This is the same thing happening in congress with the budget in reverse. Everything proposed by the president isn't bad, neither is everything proposed by the Republicans. This provision balances things out:

Those exempt from photo ID requirements are absentee voters, residents in a licensed nursing home or assisted living center who vote at the facility, voters with a religious objection to being photographed, voters who are indigent and unable to obtain a photo ID without paying a fee.

Just get ready.