Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bass Pro Reeled In

I knew when it came down to it, Bass Pro would step up to the plate. The Ericson group was just a sham, and didn't stand up as serious competition. The same small town mentality that got us strapped with the Pyramid to begin with. If it had not been for calmer heads would've worked again. If Robert Lipscomb and council members had succumbed to public pressure. We might not have made it to this point. Some people were ready to turn it into an amusement park. Even though we had to close down Libertyland. In the city's haste to get rid of the building. Suitors were hoping they would have accepted the first deal that came along. Fortunately for some, unfortunately for others. That wasn't the case.

This city owes a gift of gratitude to Cummings Street church. I think they are the match that lit the proverbial flame under the Bass Pro organization. I honestly believe they still wouldn't have committed, if it hadn't been for them. It's not like Memphis was going to refuse them, whenever they decided to sign. They reportedly hung other cities out to dry. Who were vying for one of their franchises as well. Obviously they have a track record of success. Bass Pro doesn't need Memphis. Memphis needed Bass Pro. I'm glad we reeled them in.

One He Won't Be Getting

This is one of those instances of the media being biased, that the Mayor talked about during his campaign last year. His appointees are being called unqualified by the press. In spite of all of them having education out the ying-yang. Now one of the requirements is "you must also graduate at the top of your class." If they have that, they want to say they have no prior related work experience. Now I see WMC-TV is checking the background of the mayor's appointees. But why hasn't anyone checked and reported the background of the man running for one of the most important offices in this election? The County Trustees position.

I would like to know more about Paul Mattila than the fact that he has worked in the trustees office for twelve years, and he is supposedly a lifelong Democrat. His predecessor (Bob Patterson) was a Republican. Who surrounded himself with other Republicans. The citizens of Shelby county have been pleased with his handling of the office for five consecutive terms. Just because Mattila worked under his administration, doesn't mean he shares his style of politics. I have gone to his website and it didn't help either. This guy has one commercial for the black radio stations and another for the whites. His entry into the black community is suspect. I think he's an undercover Republican. That switched over just to get elected. Nothing wrong with being Conservative. I just don't like trickery. Even though I'm only one vote. That's one he won't be getting. .

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obamicans Are The Least Objective

I heard a local newspaper columnist ( Wendi Thomas) try and justify this over zealous behavior being exhibited by Barack Obama supporters. I always think back to the movie I saw called "Pimps up, Ho's down." The words of Pretty Tony ring true as if he said them yesterday. Jokingly he said as if it was something to anticipate. "When blacks get in the White house, they gone let things get wide open. Niggas gone be doing everything." Little did I know his words were somewhat prophetic. I'll be darned if he wasn't right to some degree. Barack Obama hasn't even won yet, and blacks are already pulling out the BBQ grills. "Forgive me, I couldn't resist that." But you get the picture though. The nose in the air syndrome has already started. Let's not place our future, and stake our past accomplishments on whether this candidate wins or not.

Some intellectual blacks have totally disregarded the rules and regulations that gave them equal access to the media in the first place. I am tired of hearing Roland Martin's one sided perspectives, and reading Wendi Thomas starry eyed columns. It turns my stomach to hear Michael Eric Dyson rhyming and philosophising, about the plight of blacks in America. He is a modern day Jesse Jackson who sounds like a lyricist posing as a lecturer. He gets a pass for his outburst, but not the writers. They don't even fall short of an outright endorsement. The meeting of black writers and journalist sponsored by "Unity." Was the epitome of this new found behavior being exhibited by Obama supporters. They've even been given a new name. They are called Obamicans. The writers and journalists are a large group of obviously educated blacks who are responsible for reporting the news. They have thrown the first rule of impartial reporting out the window. They had to be reminded by the organizer of the event (Karen Lincoln Michel), that this was nationally televised. Though most of them had already crossed the line. They didn't need the world to see. Of all those who might be considered, Obamicans are the least objective.

Sorry As Can Be

I've always been told to be careful what you ask for. You just might get it. The problem is you don't know what all that wish entails. We tend to see only the good not the bad. All the things blacks have used as a bargaining chip for the last forty years are quickly disappearing. We now have a serious black candidate running for president of the United States. In addition to being a member of the U.S. Senate. The first black Muslim has been elected to congress. So we have equal access to politics. The NAACP has given a funeral to the N-word, though it will live forever. There presence in the community hasn't decreased one bit. Some recipients of Affirmative Action already have, or are retiring now. Taking their generous retirements and pensions from the north and coming back to the south to live like kings. We're smack dab in the middle of this mortgage crisis, just like everybody else. In addition to an SUV being in every other driveway. Blacks pay $4 for a gallon of gas too. Now the congress has passed a resolution to apologize to blacks for slavery.

Steve Cohen a Jewish congressman from Memphis has spearheaded this ceremonial legislation apologizing to blacks for American slavery. The resolution passed on a voice vote with bipartisan support. Which means only Democrats voted for it, with no debate. No one is more excited about this than the Black Caucus. The victory has to be bitter/sweet to them. Considering the rookie has managed to do something they hadn't been able to do themselves. The timing on this is somewhat suspicious. It's ironic that he's running for reelection right now. Those watching closely should recognize two things. A white member is able to push legislation through the house that might not otherwise had survived. Had a black member sponsored this bill, it wouldn't have got off the ground. Secondly it only received half hearted support. So don't look for the check anytime soon. One hundred and twenty votes is not even half of the Democrats, and a little over a fourth of the entire congress.

When will we stop going for the kibbles and bits? Why are we so busy looking back, instead of forging ahead ? If we received reparations in the form of money. It would only benefit other races. Before the close of day Blacks would purchase everything that money would buy. Blacks in America are only two, three at the most generations behind the Caucasians. Steve Cohen is our elected representative, but he is not a part of our struggle. Unfortunately he can''t legislate morality. Why doesn't he just suggest blacks do the same thing as Jews. Stick together and take responsibility for your actions. I can't really do anything, but I'm sorry as can be.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Step By Step

The story of Bertie Bowman is truly a great American tale. The fifth of fourteen children of a poor farmer. To hear him talk about his rise from a thirteen year old runaway from South Carolina, to where he is right now. Is truly a breath of fresh air and should be heard by all, especially blacks. The story may not be so popular among blacks, due to some of it's key players. His story of hope, friendship, perseverance and living the American dream. Makes him sort of a modern day hero.

Bertie Bowman rose from farmer's son in the Jim Crow South to entrepreneur, with a stop in between as the longest serving African American on the U.S. Capitol Hill staff. Starting in what was essentially a janitorial position, he went on to work for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, first as clerk and retiring as hearing coordinator. Bowman is now president of his own company and a Senate Federal Credit Union board member. The South Carolina native writes about his journey in his autobiography, Step by Step.

Listen to the interview:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Raining Bullets

I originally had this concern during the 4th of July weekend. When I went outside the next day, you could see the aftermath of the night before. Suddenly an even more harrowing thought came to mind. What happens on New Years Eve at midnight? When they shoot countless rounds of ammunition into the air. It seemed like the few children in my immediate area. Spent a thousand dollars or more by themselves. It's scary when you think about it. What goes up must come down somewhere.

Most of us haven't had the opportunity to prove this theory yet. Yesterday a woman visiting the zoo. Came unexpectedly to that unpleasant realization. She was struck by a stray bullet. Can you imagine just walking around watching the Zebras, and suddenly you feel a sharp pain? You can no longer assume that you've got caught in a hail storm, or you've been stung by a bee. Now you have to make sure you haven't been shot.. This really gives gives weight to the quip by a local talk show host. "Glad you haven't been shot." A shower in Memphis no longer necessarily means with water. Depending where you are, it's raining bullets.

Read what happened:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fleecing The Flock

If indeed this is as it appears. Pastor Steven Young of Ardmore Terrace Baptist Church was a wolf disguised in sheep's clothing. I awaited eagerly as I rumbled through the paper to see who it was. The headlines only refer to him as a Frayser minister. Much to my surprise and dismay. It turned out to be him. I wasn't a member of that church, but he had me fooled. I'm hard to fool and I was impressed. Crook or not, he was an excellent preacher and teacher. He lead a flourishing and growing congregation who had just moved into a new church home. From an outsiders point of view. It looks like everything was fine. Apparently that wasn't the case. He was awaiting sentencing when they moved into their new church.

I don't know the whole story and I probably never will. I think in their desire to get bigger and go to the next level. They probably got caught up in the mix. People I know who have a more in depth knowledge of the situation are keeping tight lips. That in itself is an example of the arduous teaching going forth at that particular church. You haven't seen their business pasted all over the Internet and on the radio. The first time I heard about it. It was already over and done with. I know the makeup of the congregation and they will be fine. The body itself will take the hit for this. In the form of negative press. Though deep in my heart, I don't think that's the case. This will just be viewed and talked about as another slick talker fleecing the flock.

Brian Teigland (1955-2008)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Better Than Leaving It Vacant

Even though it was a bargain basement deal from it's inception. I remember when State Senator Steve Cohen suggested the deal in the first place. Surprisingly he doesn't take credit for that these days. I wonder why? I have been in support of "Bass Pro" buying the Pyramid all along. It's a futuristic move. People who own boats have expendable incomes. Unlike those youngsters who will go to an amusement park once maybe twice a year. One of those probably being to put in an application. I have visions in my mind of a downtown marina after visiting other cities. Probably like that of council members who took the tour of Bass Pro last year. A lot of other major cities have one already. This latest offer should light a fire under them though. Their bargaining chip has been removed. This isn't some bright idea put together by a group with credentials you can't verify. Cummings Street Baptist Church is bringing a serious offer to the table. They have offered 12 million dollars for the building with no strings attached. The city won't have to give them tax incentives or invest in their success. To get them to locate here.

I personally don't think this would be such a good thing for the city in terms of growth. Although it may end up being the only viable choice we have. It's not the best use of the building, I agree. All it would be is the latest showplace of black churches. Look at the long overdue undone development of the COGIC property. Let's not get Conservative all of a sudden. We haven't been picky in the past. The best thing hasn't been done since the building was originally constructed. Though it was supposed to be built to attract a pro basketball team, it never met NBA standards. The local pro basketball team has never played there. The #2 tigers moved to the FedEx forum too. They should have never let "University Of Memphis" out of their lease. It shoud still be the tomb of doom.

The only suggestion I would have to the city is swallow your losses and keep going. Don't go into the landlord business because you have a tenant. Sell the building to them outright. Don't sit by worrying if the property is going to have a sharp rise in value, and Cummings Street is going to be the benefactor. It brings to mind a passage in the bible: But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. All that means is, if God is behind this, it will come to past. He didn't tell them to rent, he told them to buy. Allow them to go forward boldly. It's better than leaving it vacant.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here We Go Again

Is requiring people to take responsibility for their statements, really challenging free speech ? Even if it is being challenged, it's because the right is being taken advantage of by some malicious bloggers. Free speech doesn't give you the right to yell fire in a crowded building. Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can hurt you also. Chief Godwin's filing of a lawsuit to reveal the identity of an anonymous blogger calling himself Dirk Diggler. Who commands a site called MPD Enforcer 2.0, which is critical of the local Memphis police force. For the past two days has been the topic of much conversation. I would imagine mostly by it's readers and those in the anti-crowd.

It appears the blogs that get the most attention are those of a slandering nature. If you drag peoples name through the mud, the readers will come. It allows people to get away with slander and saying things without backing them up. I have somewhat mixed emotions on bloggers rights. Though I consider myself someone with a personal stake. My blog doesn't get that much traffic, but some of them are like small newspapers in terms of readers. Like large publications when it comes to special interest stories. In many cases perception is reality. The site in question and those like it, have the ability to affect public perception. That's the danger here. Depending on who is doing the talking, and what they're saying. Maybe this is the reason nothing is being done. My opinion doesn't change from person to person. I had the same reservations earlier. . Until it's addressed properly, it will keep coming up. Here we go again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This Is The Straw That Broke The Camels Back

It's disturbing to witness what some people in this community are doing to one of their own. I have always thought and even said publicly. "Eddie Neal is a real trooper. Though I don't agree with his politics. I think he is sincere and is unfortunately committed to his sometimes warped causes." At some point, even that level of respect wears thin. You must be held responsible for poor judgement on your part. Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. In my reserved and long withheld opinion. This latest stunt is an example of being over the top.

Engaging in a boxing match won't prove anything. That hype job is old and played out already. An old bricklayer fighting a younger fancy Dan, doesn't generate much voter interest. Even though people might like to see G.A. Hardaway knocked out. That doesn't translate to being deserving of their vote. Eddie Neal might be an ex-Golden Gloves champion or something like that. So what exactly would that prove? It ends up looking like a move of desperation on his part. I would just say to Mr. Neal. "Don't let people around you, send you out. Your ideas may be ill conceived, but your money is still green." Joe Frazier and the mayor already played that angle for all it's worth. Mr. Eddie Neal is a nice fellow, but that's just not good enough. I must admit his approach is a bit antiquated and over used. Some of his past life experiences are too prevalent in his opinions and actions today. We can't move ahead with our focus being in the past.

Today is where I cut the rope. He is now being endorsed by Commissioner Henri Brooks and Pastor Bill Adkins. I would expect as much from the pastor though. After the Mayor Herenton debacle, constructed by him and LaSimba Gray. He is appreciative of still having a local voice in politics at all. To those that care what he has to say, his support of Eddie Neal is to be expected. He is a prime example of one of the many black men in Memphis that buy into Adkin's brand of theology. They put their race before their religion. But where was Henri Brooks when it really counted? Mr. Neal fails to realize that's why he was given the bill he championed in the first place. The other representatives knew he wouldn't be around to see it through. Had it not been for the very practice he complains about, Henri Brooks wouldn't be in office right now. For that matter, he would have never been appointed interim representative to begin with. In the past I chalked his mistakes up to blind support of the party. Based on his latest actions though,I'm no longer sure. I must refer to my original way of thinking "Birds of a feather, flock together." This is the straw that broke the camels back.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Glass House

I think this guy is what I call a "Burnout." His political career has reached a standstill of sorts. And he has to keep his name out there somehow. There is nothing else for him to run for except maybe congress. He managed to escape the Tennessee Waltz, probably because he wasn't well connected. He's just scrambling for one last hoo-rah. He is another official that has been in office forever, and hasn't done anything of note. He tries to hang Steve Cohen out to dry about his record of service. But I would suggest he take an equally critical look at his own. To have been in office for twenty years and have no one of good standing contribute money to your campaign. Regardless how he spins it, is not a good thing. This guys refusal to give a straight forward answer. Doesn't look good for him. He should have some citizens or family members if no one else. He claims it's because he won't take special interest money. It's probably because no one has offered him any anyway. For your one distinction to be in the news. Is having some of the highest credit card charges of any representative on the hill. Doesn't leave you much room to talk. He should stage a good debate. He's had years to practice. Don't throw no stones. When you're living in a glass house.

Steve Ladd (1944-2008)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is This What They Mean By Change

I suppose we would have to give credit to Barack Obama credit for coining the phrase "A vote for change." The term seemed to catch fire with his campaign. Now everyone without a record of service are using it as a All these candidates promising to change things if elected to office. Are a dime a dozen these days. Could it be that they just want to do something different, whether it's right or wrong? I'm not always in favor of doing away with the old way of things if they're working. All these New jacks are are coming on the scene trying to reinvent the wheel. Nikki Tinker seems to be content with dropping names and rubbing elbows with sorority sisters. That doesn't translate to being better qualified than any of the others. It just means more of the same with a different name.

The latest departure from tradition involves the Ohio congresswoman Tiffany Jones. She is the first incumbent to endorse someone against another incumbent, especially when that other person is doing such a good job. Could it have something to do with the fact that Steve Cohen's rise to power is quicker than perhaps Ms. Jone's? There are enough failures already in the party, not to pick on the successes. Is this what they mean by change?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Knew This Was Coming

When they took corporal punishment out of the schools. It had to be replaced with something else. Once they labeled as many children as they could as having "Attention Deficit Disorder." And got as many children as they could receiving monthly disability checks. What did you think they were going to replace it with? An in-school police department is just a natural progression of things. Let's sit back and see what happens. I'm not surprised, I knew this was coming.

Read what the Herald said:

This Is Just The Beginning

There is only one question that I have. Why is this cartoon such a big deal anyway? You can look in any newspaper in America at any given time, and see the same thing or worse being said about President George Bush. I actually heard a local elected official say it was alright to talk about George Bush because he was a thug, but don't talk about Barack Obama because he is a educated black man. Like millions of others aren't as well. He is fair game now. He is running for the most recognizable job in the country. Some blacks have already lost their minds and he hasn't even won yet. There is nothing in the satire that hadn't already been discussed at length. His religion has always been in question, every since it's been revealed who his father was. And after her often referenced speech, his wife has been labeled as a militant. So what else is new? All I can say to him and his camp is,"put your big boy shoes on." It's going to get a whole lot worse. Between now and November. This is just the beginning.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pride Before Destruction

John Ford isn't looking like the cock on the block now. For someone whose known for talking smack. He is pretty quiet these days. I guess anything he could say at this point, would be incriminating. His brother Edmund Ford was the one who got the worm off the hook this time. John's braggadocio and ego finally got the best of him. Instead of pleading guilty and throwing himself on the mercy of the court. John Ford expected attorney Michael Scholl to work magic in his first trial, like he eventually did for Edmund. It wasn't in the cards though. The FBI outsmarted the jury. And put them in a no win situation. It almost worked. The attorney exhausted all his tricks. Then the FBI sent John to jail. At this point everything is just icing on the cake. Now they're just adding time.

I found it funny that they had John's older brother Harold Sr. on tape telling him to resign. That didn't leave much to the imagination. Harold knows the importance of loyalty. Had Jake Butcher not been loyal to him when they were on trial. He would have probably done a stint in prison himself. Even though John had gotten away with his antics for the last 31 yrs. unscathed. He didn't know when to stop. Even for the sake of his associates he refused to quit. He held on until the end. Taking everyone in his past along with him. I guess that gives credence to the old adage "there's no honor among thieves." All he had to do was read the writing on the wall. And he could have forseen what was going to happen. This is an example of pride before destruction.

Tony Snow (1955-2008)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Really Changes

I listened to some of the local activist and wanna-be movers and shakers, discuss the 9Th congressional district today. Instead of getting a pulse of how the people are feeling about the candidates. I ended up hearing supporters and former supporters take jabs at each other. I have personally taken the position, anything either of them say is too little too late. But that never seemed to stop them from talking in the past. One is crying over spilled milk, the other is kissing butt. For those who know them,with either of them this is nothing new.

I think it's pretty hard to unseat the incumbent, especially if he's liked at all. Even though Steve Cohen voted for same-sex marriage, he brought Tennessee the lottery. That gave him all he needed. He has sponsored legislation to rename a couple of buildings and attended a few high profile funerals. He hasn't done much else of note. Democrats are a forgiving people. Give them a photo or call them back. They're a supporter for life. They don't hold their politicians accountable. It's next to impossible to unseat an incumbent, unless he dies or is caught in bed with a dead little boy. Since there will be a televised debate this evening between the front running candidates. I wanted to see just what the people of that district are expecting their congressman or congresswoman to do once elected. According to what I heard today.They're not expecting much.

When you really give it some thought. What exactly can a congress person do, other than politic? There's no excuse for not getting high marks in constituent service. Harold Ford Jr. held this seat for eleven years, and his father twenty-two years before him.What exactly have either of them done? The congressional job is largely one of ceremony. Basically the things coming to the district are coming anyway. Whoever is in that seat will ultimately usher in whatever the district gets. It really doesn't matter who is elected. As long as the hierarchy stays the same. What really changes?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just Doing His Job

I applaud "Bartlett Mayor A. Keith McDonald" for taking a stand and not allowing the media and busy bodies of that community to put his #u*s in a vise. If left up to some of them, Bartlett would soon be like little Memphis. Take Cordova as an example. Look at their court battles with Christals Boutique. It was supposed to be a harmless novelty shop too. They looked up and had a full fledged sex shop. Before I finish writing this post, I'm sure I'll be labeled as all kinds of chauvinist zealots and any other stereotype. But I'm just like A. Keith McDonald here. I see the writing on the wall. Today it's a strip to fit studio, next year it's a S&M bar. The Adult Entertainment industry has finally made it's way to Bartlett. Disguising itself as a exercise class. The Mayor acted on a complaint by other citizens. Who obviously don't want this type of business in their town. Now it's up to the lawyers and judges. It's out of Mayor McDonald's hands. I'm sure all the naysayers would say he's overstepping his bounds. But kike it or not, that's his job. That's why the citizens of that city voted for him as Mayor. "If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything."

This is probably something driven by the GBLT community. They're always somewhere trying to force some community to do something new. Not saying that all the women who participate in this class are lesbians, but I bet the owners are. Women are unsuspecting, they think they have everything under control. A lot of women feel it's okay because Oprah endorsed it on her television show. Who is she stripping for, does she still have a man? She is the richest black woman in the world, but I still have my doubts about her. I take what she says with a grain of salt. I keep what I need, and throw the rest away. I wish everyone else would don the same. Read my earlier post:

The main thing that sets this strip club apart from others is,"they don't allow men." What can one woman tell another woman about what a man likes? Contrary to popular belief. A woman stripping at the house, won't keep a man away from the club. If he likes that kind of thing. Women don't need to consult other women on how to strip. What happens when the pole dancing is no longer exciting to the husband. Since he wasn't asked what he liked anyway.Are they going to start a class in Dominatrix? See if that sparks an interest. This is just another example of a group of women holding hands in darkness. Read it and see what you think:

Maybe He Works At Night

Have you noticed Chris Douglass Roberts always looks like he just woke up? I know that sounds like being nosy or meddling. But I heard he already signed a contract with the Nets. So it won't matter what we say about him. He was exciting to watch during his stretch here in Memphis. Fans will remember him for years. In spite of all that, I can't help but notice though. In what would seem to be some of the most exciting moments of his life, he just somehow always seems lackadaisical. I know some people are just laid back and unconcerned, but for a youngster he's just to cool. When he missed those clutch free throws in the championship game. He didn't even show much emotion then. Considering he just may have missed the two most important free throws in his career. He didn't act like he was fazed. That characteristic might be an asset on the court, in the right situation. But not at the expense of acting like you don't care one way or the other. I have my suspicions about why he acts that way. But that's just my opinion. Maybe he works at night.

Friday, July 11, 2008

At Least Get One

Let me address this before I forget. The N.J Ford Funeral Home has been fined a mere $2000 for pictures that were posted on the internet, of one of the bodies left in their care. What is this world coming too? I would think there would be more dignity in death, than having your naked pictures posted for the world to see.They were fined the maximum allowed by state regulations,but that wasn't enough. Heck, they were accused of overcharging one family $6000 for one funeral. So, that's just a slap on the hand. I hope this family has a lawyer that will take this case to court and get compensation for this family.

I'm sure even the $2000 fine is enough to make sure it doesn't happen again. The guilty party who took the photos, have already stated it's a dead issue to them. They figure "you can't get blood from a turnip",which they feel gets them off the hook. They feel like because they don't have anything of value on paper, they don't have anything to worry about. I think someone needs to attach the money he pays every month to the radio station. You shouldn't be able to brag about coming up with $6000 a month, and then not pay your other bills.If he can come up with that, he can pay off a judgement. But that's not the case with the "Ford Funeral Home." Now that they have been found guilty and fined the maximum by the state. The family needs to hang them out to dry. They should be used to send a message to the community. When you look the other way and uphold others in their wrongdoing. "I don't believe the one who took the pictures didn't have permission." You are somewhat responsible as well. If you can't get both of them, at least get one.

W.S. "Babe" Howard (1926-2008)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

He Might Be Too Late

Forgive me for being so late with my post, but my internet has been acting crazy. I like to write something everyday. I always have something to say. The biggest story of the day yesterday was Jesse Jackson being overheard threatening to castrate Barack Obama. Considering the fact that Barack was on the stage singing the praises of "faith based initiatives." I don't really blame Jackson for his statement. He is just being true to the game. Jesse Jackson is known for talking smack. He has made a career out of doing just that. Let's not be so quick to throw him under the bus. He's the one being consistent here. America was familiar with Jesse Jackson and his outbursts, long before we ever heard of Barack Obama. This isn't the first time Jackson has said something controversial or threatening. So let's not blow this whole thing out of proportion because he was talking about Barack.

Are Jesse Jackson and myself, the only two people in America who remember the past 3 1/2 years? Democrats claimed "faith based initiatives" were a trick used by Republicans to get elected in the last campaign. I have always said that was a bunch of crock. The way to the section of the community willing to do better. Is through the church. Now Obama confirms what I've always said. In recent weeks Barack has come closer and closer to the right. At this rate by November, Barack Obama will be more Conservative than John McCain. Jesse Jackson sees the writing on the wall. Barack Obama is looking for a new partner. He's not sticking with who brought him to the dance. As far as Jackson cutting Obama's "nuts" off. He might be too late.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cash Be Careful

I know it's customary for the new school superintendent to visit all the media sources once they settle down. He made his rounds to all the radio and television stations to introduce himself. Let's hope he doesn't become to regular with the media. Where you see his face every time you watch the evening news. Some people didn't even know who the county school superintendent (Bobby Webb) was, until he asked for a $56,000 raise. Mr. Cash should follow suit. Now that Kriner Cash has made his rounds. He should become incognito to a degree. He needs to make his public appearances few and far between. For the sake of credibility. I hope we have seen the end of his publicity tour. I watched him speak to a star gazed crowd at his welcome rally. People were scrambling to shake his hand or get a picture with him. The crowd was noticeably black and female. If that makes any difference. Let's see if we get the same participation at the PTA meetings.

In my opinion he started out on the wrong foot. You can't be all things for all people all the time. His first executive decision was made under pressure. Kenneth Whalum is playing politics at Kriner Cash's expense. I'm sure Cash knows that Whalum was one of the Mayor's most avid supporters to fill the superintendent job. The plan to open a school devoted solely to training fireman and police is a bad idea. We already have schools like that in place. They're called vocational schools. That idea is old. I've heard a lot of reinventing the wheel. If we had a lot of parent involvement and mentoring programs in the schools, they wouldn't be in trouble. We already know what's wrong. We've known that for years. I think the key to his success lies in his ability to control student behavior. That's where the true test begins. Will he be able to appease those people who are really causing the problem. They weren't at the meeting.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Caught On Tape


The latest episode surrounding the hiring practices of the MPD is proof positive that race relations will be remaining the same in Memphis, for at least the next four years anyway. One if not all four of these council members are going to inject race into any and everything no matter what. These four council members represent the most crime ridden areas in the city, yet they champion lowering the standards of those we hire to serve and protect. The alarming thing is, I'm not alarmed at all.

Janis Fullilove is leading the charge in this councils media assault. They'll say anything to get the spotlight off of them. Especially Janis Fullilove, considering her latest scrapes with the law. She of all people should be keeping a low profile. When you look at the numbers of the past three years, it doesn't add up to discrimination as they claim. I think Janis has been designated to be the unheralded spokesman of this group. She has a way of making rubbish have a rhythm. She likes to hear herself talk and so do others. That's where I like her best, on the radio. She's convinced that enough people to keep her in office, are content with her raising racial issues that have no factual basis.She appears to be right. I have supported Janis in the past, when I just voted for the person. Needless to say I don't do that anymore. I already know where she's coming from.

Wanda Halbert is up to her old tricks again. She's throwing rocks and hiding her hands.I hadn't heard from her since Bruce Thompson plea bargained on the case surrounding the school construction contracts. They only investigated one school, when there were four in question. She of course shouldn't go to jail for $1500, when Thompson got $800,000 on the same deal. But that should be an indication of her character and integrity or the lack thereof. She'll sell the citizens out for a price. And it isn't much. She is only as honest as the offer. Birds of a feather flock together. All of these unidentified sources are probably people who went to school with her, or their now grown children.They grew up and went astray, now they can't pass the background checks. Not to mention those who are too old and out of shape to apply for the job anyway.

Joe Brown hasn't said anything publicly to my knowledge. At least not to the reporters. He has already been on the city council for a while. So he may already have connections on the police force. Whose feet he doesn't want to step on. I would bet a dollar to a donut though, I know what he's going to say if confronted with this. Joe Brown is the consumate team player. He doesn't really go out on his own. If he has something different to say, he'll keep it to himself. But if he speaks out, he's going to agree with the others. Better yet, if the chance arises just watch how he votes. He'll go with the flow.

Barbara Swearengen Holt started this whole thing under the guise of resident requirements. I say if we can't find qualified individuals within the city, let's look elsewhere. Maybe they can clean up Douglass, Hyde Park and Smoky City for starters. All neighborhoods in Swearengen's district. Instead of dedicating a new high school in an area where teenagers aren't going to school. Find out why young ladies are dropping out of school and getting pregnant. With aspirations of getting an apartment in the "Goodwill Village." They should be openng a clinic for unwed mothers to focus on the infant mortality rate in that area. I think her main objective was to get the ball rolling. She has taken a backseat on the issue since getting it started. Especially since they opened the new high school in her district. She now has to start paying back favors that were done for her in the past. She owes everybody on the council that turned a blind eye to that public fleecing. Her indebtness renders her ineffective.

Thank God, for the other nine members on the council. They balance out the scales. Otherwise we would be on a downward spiral. Not that I agree with everything the others say.I just already know these four members position.The aforementioned members are predictable.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bear Down On Crime

I was watching a " Yellow Pages.Com " commercial that I know derived from this same trend of thought. Plus what happened last week in Horn Lake Miss. with the renegade bear wreaking havoc on the residents. Both of which make me think I'm not the only one who has had this idea. I would love to know what the crime statistics were in Horn Lake while there was a black bear on the loose. I haven't researched the question myself, but I bet some of my readers know. I'm sure there isn't a crime wave going on in Horn Lake anyway, but for sure there wasn't one the past couple of weeks. I bet residents were hanging around their houses like gutters the past couple of weeks. The original sighting was eleven days ago, but nobody believed it then. After the first confirmed sighting, it made the news. People were calling in everyday. With claims of sightings that caused the residents to be alarmed. Luckily it turned out to weigh 160 to 170 lbs., instead of the 400 to 800 lbs. that was claimed in earlier reports. I was expecting something like a Grizzly bear.

I know it won't happen , but I've been toying with the idea a couple of years now. When I visited Gatlinburgh, Tennessee a few years back, they warned residents not to feed the bears because they would become unruly. It appears the bears were coming into the neighborhoods at night looking for food.What if they let bears roam the city and make hunting or shooting them without provocation, a crime. We have to say without provocation. That last part would cause people to avoid them. Otherwise you would have people shooting them on sight. Even the lowest of criminals wouldn't want to be running back and forth to court for assaulting a bear. Black bears tend to avoid people and dogs, unless you bother them. Which include littering the streets wih remnants of fast food. What if you threw some litter out the window of your car somewhere else, only to lookup and find that a bear had followed you home? It could put an end to loitering and hanging out on the corners. A bear showing up would make the spot hot. It was just a passing thought. What would happen if we were to bear down on crime?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sounds Like Bribery

This guy is trying to put up a brave front for his listeners and readers of his blog. He can't let his followers see him sweat. That would ruin this tough as nails persona he has acquired in the eyes of some. I know the towel we don't see is soaking wet by now. But if he has any sense at all. I know he has to be worried about what's going to happen in court. KWAM is neutral in this case. Having their support really doesn't matter anyway .The station wasn't named in the suit. They hold the position of a broker. All they want is payment for the airtime. Thaddeus talks about Mr. Williams on his show constantly, but he has stopped playing the commercial. I read his latest blog. His last assertion shows a sign of desperation.

As much as I hate to give this guy any attention. I must admit he is news. He has been mentioned, if not the main subject. In twenty-two articles in the Commercial Appeal. One as recent as yesterday. Detailing a lawsuit being filed by County Trustee candidate M. Latroy Williams. I have come to think the mainstream media feeds off this stuff. When they want to leak things that they can't legally say for fear of legal retribution. They lead their readers to these sites. So they can get the smut from someone who fears no consequences for their statements. They say things without having to provide proof. Only to walk away Scott free after creating havoc. You can't get blood from a turnip, and he doesn't have anything of monetary value. I'm not a lawyer, but I think they have a criminal case here. I like others just keep waiting for him to overstep his bounds like he always does. His latest episode may just be his undoing. Brings to mind the old adage. "Give them enough rope. They'll hang themselves."

That might just be what we are witnessing here. Right now they are suing for money, but this thing could go in another direction. Mr. Williams claims to have a tape that reveals a plot by Thaddeus to extort him. I believe him, this is the modus operandi of this individual. He once tried to extort money from someone he claimed tried to hire him to kill their wife. So he has been convicted of something similar to this in the past. This leopard hasn't changed his spots. They've only changed colors. He seems to make a habit of claiming to have incriminating evidence on all his old employees. And trying to shake them down. To a degree he has been somewhat successful. In spite of altercations with Jake and Issac Ford, and some unflattering comments about the family. The Fords let him hang around the funeral homes. His very competent counsel "Javier Bailey", has told him he has nothing to worry about. I guess he believes him. Maybe he expects the same miracle Edmund got. In spite of having a tape as evidence. They'll find twelve jurors or one judge to believe what he's saying. He better hope his lawyer is right. Because this sounds like bribery.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Larry Hanson "Bozo" (1925-2008)

Don't Bring It Over Here

For one solution to the city's problem with crime, Director Larry Godwin need only look across the Hernando/Desoto bridge. Chief Bob Paudert over in West Memphis is doing something with his police force, that Larry Godwin needs to do as well in Memphis. He isn't second guessing the actions of his officers in front of the cameras. If you don't trust each other, who else will? Lately Chief Godwin has seemed to make decisions influenced by public pressure instead of facts. As recent as last week, he jumped the gun in my opinion. Before he bothers getting a legal opinion from a judge, or having the courts make a decision. What you feel and what you can prove in court, are two different things. If anyone does, as a director he should know that. He doesn't hold an elected position; so stop acting like a politician.

A long awaited video was shown that brings to light exactly what happened in a police shooting that happened four years ago. The car chase started in West Memphis and crossed the bridge finally ending in Memphis. To me the tape clearly exonerates all the officers involved. Even though they weren't all given the same sentence. Officers Tony Galtelli and John Gardner were denied diversion. Though they all did the same thing. I think seventeen shots fired in a moving car driven by someone determined to escape is not excessive. This is just like the Sean Bell shooting in New York. In which all charges have been dismissed.the department Unfortunately they didn't have a dashboard camera to catch that incident on tape. The parasites had a feast on that. But not on this one. Chief Paudert said all the authorities have reviewed the tapes and found the officers innocent of all charges. The officers have returned to duty and the department is supporting them.

I think the word is getting out among the crooks. West Memphis is not some one horse town where the sophisticated city crooks can go and have their way. Director Godwin once said "as long as crime leaves Memphis. He doesn't care where it goes." Since they passed the "Castle Law" in Mississippi. I guess that drove them the other way. Much to their dismay Chief Paudert and his boys are waiting. Saying"Unless you want to be dealt with, don't bring it over here."

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Makes Good Use Of Time

Not to let this slip through the cracks, like the media is obviously trying to let happen. This story was buried in the newspaper, and I haven't heard it mentioned on any of the newscasts. I'm sure there was. I just didn't see it, which means there wasn't much coverage. I think there is waste in the county schools,just like there is in the city. While city residents are still reeling from the conditions agreed to by the school board Tuesday night. Dr. Bobby Webb and the administrators in the county strike, before the iron cools off. I have no doubt both these men are qualified. We just don't need both of them.

I bet if you look at Bobby Webb's old report cards. In the column marked "makes good use of time." You would probably find E's marked all the way across his record. He and his supporters planned this perfectly. I never trusted that sneaky looking David Pickler. I bet he had a hand in this. Had it not been for certain members on the County Commission. This would have slid under the public microscope. How can you possibly deny Dr. Webb his raise now? Considering the package we have just given his counterpart in the same city. His salary is now based on the new contract signed by Kriner Cash. Even though they manage two totally different systems. I think this further establishes my call for consolidation. We can start with the schools. Instead of hiring two superintendents. One for 113,000, the other for 45,000 students. We should be hiring only one for all of them.

His proposed increase makes sure his salary is commensurate with other systems in the state. Based on that criteria Kriner Cash isn't being paid enough. If they based the pay on the size of the job. His system has twice the students of his counterparts. He would be paid in excess of a half million dollars a year. You can bet there won't be an argument to raise his salary to reflect that fact. Just like when they screamed about paying Mayor Herenton $171,500, until it was revealed that the Southaven Mayor was making almost as much. In spite of having a fraction of the citizens living there. Bobby Webb was hired in another time under different circumstances. Now he's trying to cash in on a new trend in education. There is a wave moving across the country, where superintendents are receiving extremely handsome compensation packages. There seems to be no regard for the demographics or economics of the particular systems. People in Tennessee are paid the same as people in California. In Memphis Tennessee $200,000 is a very good salary. Even for something that may be getting $225,000 in New York. Taking a $25,000 cut in pay, you might still come out ahead. The reporters play it's generous nature down by calling it a modest salary. Yet you can count on both hands those public officials who earn that much. Dr. Webb claims he only took the job because they promised to drastically raise his pay in the future. I'm not so sure about that. Below are the are the four salaries taken into consideration.

Hamilton County: $201,000
Knox County: $240,000
Davidson County: $226,000
Memphis City: $260,000
Shelby County Schools tentative raise
Supt. Bobby Webb, $175,284 to $231,750

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Playground Politics

Today I was reading another blog, and I read where someone knew Thaddeus Matthews as a youngster in school. This blog isn't about him per say, but it is in a way. He has gotten himself entangled in the above candidate's campaigns. In spite of bringing nothing of real value to the table other than his bluff. The schoolmate described him as being a bully back in school. Since he has managed to escape death or incarceration. He still feels like he is back in school. He's like the kid that needed a male influence in his life, but he didn't have a father in the house.When you think about it, the word "bully" best describes him now. He has carried that same mentality into his old age he had as a child. He's smart enough not to hang around others with the same mindset as him. That's why he has lasted so long, and not ended up like his brother. They like him, have nothing to lose. Fools don't bother other fools.

This sudden all out assault on M. Latroy Williams is the handiwork of Paul Mattila. He's paying Thaddeus to do his dirty work, in the form of malicious advertising. A lot of people don't follow his lead, but they listen all the time. Smart people take information anywhere they can find it, discarding that they don't need. Matilla is the incumbent County Trustee who resides in Millington. It seems white politicians in Millington think Thaddeus can sway black voters in Memphis. ( Remember Terry Roland ) I said sway and not deliver. There's a big difference there. They're using him to try and slip in the back door of the black community. Not by having people to vote for them, but not vote for their opponents. Mr. Matilla might have unknowingly brandished a double edged sword. I probably wasn't going to vote for M. Latroy Williams anyway, but I definitely won't be voting for Paul Matilla now. His associations and tactics come into question. He's throwing rocks and hiding his hands. At first he had the advantage of being the incumbent. Now for people like me, even that has been erased. What he has done is put the spotlight on himself.

I think G.A. Hardaway and Eddie Neal are unknowingly at the root of this outcry by Thaddeus Matthews against Mr. Williams. Unless they've figured it out. For those that know the recent history of this saga. The shallow threats of Thaddeus started against G.A. Hardaway. He promised to lead the charge to get him removed from office. And put his full support behind Eddie Neal. When Hardaway didn't acknowledge him as being any more than any other constituent. That was all he needed to start his rant. Thaddeus likes to give the impression that he has pull with elected officials. Because with some,, unfortunately he does. Not with anyone that can help him with Hardaway. Obviously the other Democrats didn't get the memo. Apparently he convinced Eddie Neal though. Being that he has started advertising with him. On the other hand I suspect Thaddeus discovered he wasn't making much headway with the voters. So he's anticipating having to eat his words again. His attacks seem to have had the opposite effect as planned. G.A. Hardaway's appearances on WDIA, and good standing with Bev Johnson. Seem to do far more to help his reputation. Than Thaddeus and his band of followers can do to hurt him. At first glance G.A. Hardaway seemed to be an easy target. But is he really?

This is where this whole thing gets interesting. Remember how the bully was in control until one of two things happened. They met their match or the teacher got involved. Both exposing them for what they really were. Cowards who pick on people who can't or won't fight back. They can slip and make threats, but they can't really do anything else. In essence that's what Mr. Williams and Mr. Hardaway have done. In Mr. Williams the bully found someone to tell the teacher. In this case the teacher being represented by the courts. In spite of what he would have you think. The station isn't going to jeopardize their broadcasting license in support of his antics. On the other hand the bully has found his match in Mr. Hardaway. He is not intimidated in the least, and he makes it known. This isn't good for the bully's business either. Others might start to question how tough they are. Since Hardaway was threatened with the fate of former school board member Willie Brooks. It would be ironic if G.A. Hardaway turned out to be just the opposite. For lack of a better term or description. This is a prime example of playground politics.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What Does That Have To Do With Anything

I have a wealth of information, that I'll probably never have a foreseeable reason to use. Other than to use in general conversation or on this site. Periodically I have these blog police that show up and try to challenge me on my writing skills or a seldom printed mistake. They must read on a regular basis, being that they seem to catch every mistake I make. For a change I would like a debate dealing solely with the facts of the issue, or at least something specific. Rather than the occasional misspelled word or misplaced punctuation. And spending inordinate amounts of time talking about things that really don't change the facts. They drop by and make these accusatory statements and never show up again to defend them. It appears that they are more concerned with being insulting than being informative. Technical writing has never been my trademark, but being factual has. I'm never challenged on those things that can be proven or checked. Only those things that are subjective or picky in nature.

I'm pretty sure it's the same person, if not a very small group. I think I would be surprised if I really knew who they were. Their opinions would probably matter even less then, than they do now. Only because of what I suspect is their intent. I am pretty proud of my accuracy record so far. Even when I'm wrong, I don't have a problem admitting my mistake. I am at least 95% right, and that's being generous to those who disagree. In my humble opinion, I'm right more than that. That is probably the reason I don't get any more responses than I get. An associate once told me, "I don't leave anything else to say. I cover all the bases. " Since some people disagree with everything I say. Why don't they make their opinions known? I know they're reading regularly. I hear what I said from people not in my circle. Even though the door is always open for debate. People always want to discuss what I said with someone else. Needless to say, someone who doesn't have a clue why I feel that way. Why would you ask a pig how to make pork sausage? The main ingredient is him.

My people have a tendency to miss the point. The entitlement mentality causes them to always miss the big picture. Why would people steer you wrong, when they have nothing to gain ? When a white man tells them the truth he's racist. When a black man does it he's an Uncle Tom. It's not important why whites are smoking crystal meth, when blacks are dying in record numbers from A.I.D.S. We can't blame slavery for 70% of black children being born out of wedlock. We have to look at our value system today. One has nothing to do with the other. Regardless who said it or why. The truth is the truth. Even though we're only 12% of the population, we make up 41% of the people in jail. There may be discrimination in the system, but not to that degree. We're doing time because we're doing the crimes. Not because of something that happened 200 years ago, or for that matter happening now.

When I hear these liberals and kitchen sink Christians, I just shake my head. Rather than admit they're wrong, or just leaving it alone. They go on and on about nothing. Eventually ending up saying something that makes me say. "What does that have to do with anything?"

Cash Lives Up To His Name

If you get what you pay for, Memphis should have a winner this time. The new superintendent of schools earns more than the Vice President of the United States. Past superintendents have been accused of using Memphis as a stepping stone for higher positions. I think Kriner Cash hit the jackpot. I don't think we'll have that problem with him anytime soon. Gerry House and Carol Johnson had already primed the pump. As a result of their actions. Cash lives up to his name.