Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Porsha Stewart has been on my mind since the last RHOA show aired last week. I wanted to write a blog about her and her beef with Kenya Moore.  But this divorce filing happened before I could write one. If there is anybody else on this show Porsha should get to know, it is Kenya Moore. If she wants to call herself a trophy wife. She wants to be like her more than any of the other ladies. Kenya just hadn't found her knight in shining armour yet. But they have the same ambitions, They both want a man who can  spoil them.  It takes more than hanging out with Cynthia Thomas and NeNe Leakes and spending Kordell Stewart's money. That sounds more like the much dreaded goldigger.

I think that's where she got it confused. You can't go around bragging about how your man paid for you. I don't care how he looks or his age. Any self respecting person wouldn't take kindly to that. Hugh Hefner's young wife never mentions his genorosity. Look at this tall head guy. He is not the best looking man by any stretch of the imagination. I can just imagine he has a huge ego to boot. Remember Eric Williams on BBWLA. That's why on the show he comes across as so controlling. He wants to require the highest standards in everything he can.  Because some things he just can't control.

This is only speculation, but I think it has to do with her not having children yet. I don' t think Kordell is gay, but bi-curious if you will. He got caught dipping and will never live it down. The first sign of trouble was the failed pregnancy test. Suddenly they needed marital counseling. I don't think Porsha is as eager as she pretends to have his children. I would love to see his son. She just knows the importance of having an heir. From the looks of  things Kordell planned for an easy escape from the beginning. He thought Porsha would make people forget about his past, but she had one of her own. Ironically Kenya gave her the best advice. "They can work it out". They just need to overlook each others past.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Is R.C. Johnson still around here somewhere? I have never seen a coach get a contract extension for not producing. Let Josh Pastner go if UCLA/USC wants him. I hope he doesn't have the same escape clause in his contract as John Calipari did. What exactly has he done? He has had one of the top recruiting classes four years in a row. Only to end up with a disappointing season and promises for next year. He is being paid too much already ($1.7M yr.). He is a nice guy and all. But if he had been a black coach, his job would have been in jeopardy two years ago. Let him leave.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I would love to hear what Bobby Ojay thinks about this latest industry firing. For some reason he doesn't like Michael Baisden. I think he is secretly jealous of the New York radio personality and his success. Michael Baisden took WDIA's station format and went national doing the same thing. Michael Baisden is younger and a little better looking and probably more ambitious than Bobby Ojay. This is why Bobby publicly thanks Clear Channel for his job on a daily basis. He is comfortable and secure in arguing with Allen and keeping Lady P and Ray listening  everyday. That's not a very hard job. The syndicated audience is harder to please. They don't care about what Sharon eats. But contrary to what Michael Baisden would have you think. He still works for a corporation just like Bobby. In other words he has a boss.

I didn't listen to his radio show but I watched him on television  quite frequently. One thing I do know is he was arrogant and full of himself. I can just imagine what contract negotiations were like with him. No doubt he was his own biggest fan. He was like a male Monique. He has a tendency to go overboard. You can't be to opinionated on your programs and still keep your sponsors. I bet he had some backlash from his involvement with the Jena Six incident. The days of a Petey Greene are over.  Black people needed a hero back then. Martin Luther King Jr. had just been killed. People have too many media sources now from which to choose.  They'll have him replaced in a week,

Michael Posted this in regards to the lock out:

Friday, March 22, 2013



As I listened to the radio today I heard my friend routinely beating what is now a dead horse. This isn't old testament and you're not Noah. Right or wrong the election of 2012 is over. President Barack Obama was elected for a second term. You can present all the facts you want to challenge his record and it won't make a difference. What happens is you end up being annoying and people start to ignore you. It reminds me of something a pastor told his member six years ago about this president. At the time I thought it was hypocritical of a man of the cloth  to say. But sad as it is it has turned out to be true. "You are not big enough or important enough to do anything about  what is happening".  It looks like he was right. The only thing to do is pray the serenity prayer.
 Serenity Courage Prayer

A Better Team

I have been holding back on my support of the mid season trades.  We gave up some good players, but they didn't fit the chemistry of this team. Playing opposite of Zach  Randolph and Marc Gasol, Rudy Gay wasn't playing up to his potential. Coach Hollins said it best when he said "we traded someone who has to have the ball for someone who plays without the ball". Tonight Tayshawn Prince proved himself once again. He handled a hot Kevin Durant. He may be old but he has some good years left in him. Maurice Speights was good but he wanted to leave. He could never get past playing behind Zach Randolph. He would always be a backup. It's understandable he wanted to play somewhere he had a chance to start. When Zach was hurt he scored twenty- two points against New  Orleans. And came off the bench the very next game.

I am most excited about Marc Gasol. He has come into his own since the trade. He has finally started to go hard in the paint.  That 15-20 ft. jump shot is pretty, but it doesn't matter when your opponent is hitting threes and snagging all the offensive rebounds when they miss. Zach is an unexplained phenomenon. No one can figure out why he is able to do what he does. He is a  rebounding machine even though he doesn't jump.Marc Gasol is seven ft. tall though. He should be dominating the boards. Like he has been doing since the trade.  Everyone is playing better now  Some fans agree with me, others don't.  We  wouldn't be in the midst of this winning streak had  we kept  Gay and Speights. In my humble opinion. The Grizzlies are a better team. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This is how Alpha males act when their territory is threatened by another male. Nicci Gilbert and Latocha Scott's husbands came to blows at an R&B Divas screening last week.  Which resulted in somebody going to their car trunk. What do you think that meant?  It doesn't get any more real than that. Now we know a little about their husbands and what's up with them. We got a glimpse of Nicci's husband on last seasons show. But not enough to form an opinion about him one way or the other. Now we get a look at  LaTocha's man. There is drama already. A lot of times we see that these guys are hot heads. They are nothing more than glorified bodyguards or slick talking managers that pulled one of their clients.

Why are the husbands on the set anyway? Has KeKe's husband started a trend. I don't know how long LaTocha Scott and Rocky Bivins have been married. He was the manager of the group "Xscape" back in the day. This puts a totally different spin on things. We learn something new all the time. Could he have something to do with her absence from the music scene? It might be like it was with Mickey Howard. You couldn't  work with her because of her manager. She was blackballed because of her husband and his antics.  LaTocha hasn't been back in the public limelight two months and there is an issue already. All this time we thought it was Kandi Burrus behind the beef. When it might not have actually been LaTocha, but somebody in her camp.

Nicci Gilbert-Daniels may be getting a raw deal here. People just aren't willing to accept her as a boss and respect her hustle. Faith Evans is getting all the credit for bringing the ladies together to revive their careers. When this whole thing was a joint venture between Faith and Nicci from the start. Faith wanted to promote her music. Nicci wanted to promote her clothing line. The album has took off, and the  clothing line hasn't. There wasn't as many women willing  to wear moo moos with tassles as she thought. Look at the picture above. She actually thought she was sharp. Nicci calls herself helping others, but it's at their own expense. Being the star player on a losing team isn't the same as being Lebron James. That's why she claims she doesn't want to sing. That makes her a member of a struggling team. She didn't hesitate to sing at the "Essence Festival" though. That makes her just a member of the crew. You still don't get a ring.

Monday, March 18, 2013


I think Phaedra has started to smell the coffee. I think she realizes she was wrong about the stance she took with Kenya on  the exercise video. It backfired on her. You can't just listen to your friends. They are usually biased. I think she has come to realize hanging around with Kandi hosting "Ladies Night Out" parties is not a good look for her. While she is going around trying to convince everybody they too can have a big booty. She better step back and look at what is happening. Apollo is spending their money looking at other women. He frequents the strip clubs in Atlanta. She has gone from being the phony we all  thought we knew and loved. To this new fake hood rat with a conniving spirit. I like her better the old way. When she was prancing around in front of Willie Watkins trying to get into the funeral business and avoiding the drama. She should stay on that perch. Don't get in  the gutter trying to compete out of your element.

Don't get caught up with Kandi and her sex toy mess. She has her own shoes to fill. She is off and running with her clothes already. She looks like she's just been laying around eating chocolates and playing with herself  She has gone from selling sex toys, to singing gospel. And she still hadn't got married yet. She obviously isn't using Phaedra's Phine Body workout video. She is getting as big as a house. Phaedra ain't far behind either. Kenya pointed that out. There is a rumor that a spin-off is in the making. Something in the vein of a mediator. That would be a nice change for Phaedra. She is a lawyer by trade. Kim and NeNe sprouted their wings on the show. Why not her? Strike while the iron is hot. While she can maintain an air of secrecy. Before she ends up getting exposed.

The Wind


All those people siding with Walter because they don't like Kenya Moore better beware. In the end she might get the last laugh after all. This guy is moving around to fast to be for real. No middle aged tow truck owner is ballin that hard in Atlanta. He is acting like Chris Brown and Drake, men half his age. According to Kandi and Phaedra he has been around. He might be a player. But where is his main girlfriend? Something in this soup isn't tomatoes. He claims he wasn't paid to appear on the show, and he was never interested in Kenya romantically. If that's the truth, why is he spending so much time in front of the camera ?  Since him and Kenya are no longer a couple and he has supposedly moved on to younger women.  Just don't come around. Why is he hanging around these old folks anyway? Why would you continue to put yourself out there for free? The other men are being paid to be on the show. Him offering his face for free is dumb.

Peter Thomas and the other housewives are jealous of Kenya anyway. Peter was the cock on the block before Kenya came on the show and ignored him. She was always partial to light skinned men. Cynthia better be careful since her husband is leading the pack of haters. If you notice in spite of their video troubles, Apollo didn't have much to say. He let Walter and the others dig themselves a ditch with their mouths. He wasn't going out like no punk. Truth be told. If given the chance he would still hit that. Any uncommitted, able bodied man alone in a room with Kenya would be aroused. That line about Walter only liking his women 22, 24 or 26 yrs. old is nothing but a croc. For all those cast mates in his Amen corner. What does that say about them? Porsha is the youngest one and she is in her thirties.  According to him he wouldn't want that. All the women should be offended. This man could have children as old as the women he's dating.

I don't think this guy is gay. He is just trying to save face in front of the public . He has come off looking somewhat like a chump. He better leave well enough alone though. Before his business really gets out. The relationship was moving too fast for him to let her know what was really happening. He wanted to cut Kenya but he just couldn't. I bet he is eating up where he is going. These young girls will go for that for a while and take his money. But that won't last forever. They end up with a boyfriend who can still perform. Kenya wants to have a baby and that isn't happening. Not with this man She has the booty to get it done. She just has to find a stallion that can help.           

Sunday, March 17, 2013


If this picture had been submitted  to Jet magazine for the cover and they didn't use it over the old one. She has reason to be upset. But this is a picture taken after the fact. Either her or her manager realized her Twitter post was ill conceived. She couldn't take it  back because it was already out there. After it went public she figured out who was really at fault. The other photos didn't strengthen her argument. This one does her justice.


I don't wish bad fortune on anyone, but almost everything Lil Wayne represents should be stamped out in the black community. From the sagging pants and tattoos on his face, to kissing other men in the mouth. Where do they do that ? I am in disagreement with him on just about everything but his beef with Chris Bosch. Even then he  went about that the wrong way. Being down  with him on that is imperfection on my behalf I must admit. But that's not his only offence. I hope him and his fans don't look at this as him cheating death. Instead view it as a second chance at life in order for him to redeem himself.

A legion of jock riders and wannabes were almost scared to death themselves.  What were they going to do without his gravy train, or how they were going to capitalize on his death? I knew Birdman and Mack Maine would have a lot to say. Wayne is their bread and butter. They depend on him in every way. But these mousepad mobsters and Twitter thugs out there need to be exposed.  The comments T.I. made  were unnecessary. If they were so cool they would have more than one collaboration.  That daughter he is claiming, is the one who no longer sings with the OMG Girlz. Somebody in Reginae's camp figured out  that was game.

They ought  to be glad the media didn't play this up for what it was. This idiot almost died from the infamous cup. In spite of  being one of the hottest rappers in the game. He almost died like a common junkie. Last week he called himself the new Pac. He must not know to be careful what you ask for. It might come true. The old Pac wasted his life  too.     

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bobby Smith (1936-2013)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Being Played

I read an article that was written about what Rich Dollaz had to say about comments made by Fifty Cent concerning how much money he spent on Olivia Longott's career. I'm sure he didn't want to continue to spend big money on Lloyd Banks' woman.  Having a first lady of anything is expensive. All the former first ladies are gone. It costs much more to promote a female artist than a male. A man can spend $25 for a haircut and a line and buy a new outfit and he'll be straight. When weave costs $1000 a bundle and they have to have their hair and nails done all the time. It doesn't take long for female entertainers like Olivia to spend a fortune just for appearances sake.

Now I have a different perspective on female singers.  This is where the R&B Divas came from. They can all sing but they had no sponsors. This is why Rasheeda has lasted so long without a hit record. She isn't high K. Michelle or Olivia. She bought an outfit for her video at Marshalls that she went and bought herself. All she has to buy for her hair is gel for the edges. She is built up like a pretty white girl with a few bumps. The male rappers liked her, but her booty wasn't big enough to be a video vixen. They call her part of  the "p**sy  patting crew". She is cute but not a Nicki Minaj. She is so slim she doesn't have to wear spanxx. That's not thick enough.

Olivia once told Rich Dollaz she "was riding around the city looking pretty". How much did that cost? You have to be more than somebody's girl to make it big. That's not enough  these days. Look at Lore'l and Diamond. They are a thing of  the past.  They were being used, but not to their advantage. Now they're all Independent. K. Michelle is doing shows off a mixtape. Olivia has resorted to stealing other people's songs. There are only so many slots. She needs a song of her own that's being played on the radio.


Baby Weight

Congratulations to Vince and Tamar on the announcement of expecting their new baby, especially to big Vince.who was having some issues. They couldn't stand the separation of a tour, and he couldn't follow her around from town to town. We don't need another Ice T and CoCo situation here. The timing of this baby was perfect for Vince. That was a player move on his part whether he knew it or not. He forced his woman to make a choice between her husband and her ego . Him or this hit it took her twenty something years to get? She got pregnant at the best time for him, and the worst time for her. After the baby is born later this year. Tamar won't get to go on tour and drop it like it's hot . But under the guidance of  her husbanager Vince, she'll still make lots of money.

 Now we know why Tamar hasn't been prancing around in front of the cameras lately. Doesn't look like pregnancy agrees with her. If you ask me she looks kind of rough. Her face is big and her nose looks swollen. She really looks like a muppet now.Though they're all good looking women in their own right. She isn't built like her older sister Toni, who was recently asked to pose for Playboy,. But Tamar is built like her other sister Tracee who looks like she drinks beer. I don't think we'll see pictures of her plastered all over the web like we did with Beyonce. With Tamar being so vain, she tried to hide her baby bump as long as she could. This is the first time we've seen her since she put out her new record  The next time we see her she'll be trying to lose that baby weight.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I was watching "To kill a Mockingbird" a classic movie, and it gave me a sense of resolution. Not that I had a horse in the race one way or the other, but it put me at ease with my thinking. My position wasn't heartless after all. I was captured by the scene when the wild dog was coming up the road. Atticus Finch took a shotgun and killed the animal  on sight. I hated to see the sick dog get shot, but it was rabid. It was probably bitten by a possum or racoon  He didn't have time to call the dogcatcher or the dog's owner. He had to protect his family and the other residents.

This is the situation Horace Whiting put the Memphis police in on Sunday morning. I remember him from back in the day. His family has a history in the Lemoyen Gardens projects. When they tore the projects down he became a  stray. He was out of place. Not to compare a man to a dog. But in this case the comparison is in order. I am more familiar with the background of the man killed than most. I personally never had a problem with him, but I'm sure others did. I bet this isn't the first time he did something like this. This was meant to be another story for the homies. But it didn't turn out right. Instead of just being a fool, he is  also a fatality. 

Pope Francis 1

Monday, March 11, 2013

Not Together

This is one beef  that I hope is soon squashed. These are two of my favorite women in the NYC Hip Hop scene, for totally different reasons though.. One appears to be serene in nature, and quiet and reserved. The other one is loyal to a fault, but turnt up to the max. I didn't hear the comments that got this fight started, but something tells me it's overkill on Erica's part.  Erica should do like Joseline and Stevie J. did last season with LHHA and let the Breakfast Club make her name bigger. Most people never heard of her.

I think Erica is taking the path of least resistance here. If she really wanted to start a beef. She should have already been upset with Charlamagne before this whole thing with Angela Yee got started. From the first episode of LHHNY he.started in on her, I just think he is jealous because she wouldn't give him the time of day. That's what first put me off with Rich Dollaz. He didn't stand up for his woman againt the Breakfast Club crew. I can imagine it's hard being in the same city as one of the most popular morning  radio shows in the country, and be the brunt of their jokes. Whatever they say spreads like wildfire. But use it to your advantage. A MANager would tell her that.

I think Angela has gotten caught in the crossfire of another persons' battle. As it  turns out Erica has issues with Angela's cast mate DJ Envy. One that started even before Erica had a reoccurring  role on LHHNY. I hope he isn't using Angela to gain points with his wife. I've been watching her for quite a while now,  I assure you she is not the weakest link on the show. Her business is in order. She conducted two interviews that won me over. I hope all these rappers and producers were out there listening   Her stock should have shot through the roof. Because unlike those looking for retribution or a quick payday. Her weakness is buying shoes. She isn't messy like the other women.

For me this is like the Western Conference in the NBA. The best teams are playing against each other before the finals. While a team like Miami dominates the East with no real competition. In Hip Hop everything is about collaborations. I think both of these women are on their way to bigger things. Just not together. 

Saturday, March 09, 2013


This is the kind of relationship I've been talking about. Ice T and Rich Dollaz need to take some lessons from Stevie J. on how to handle their women. Joseline gets as loud as Erica, and naked as CoCo. But when she's finished doing whatever, she still go gets that money. Haters can talk all  they want about these two, but Stevie J. has this woman on lock. Contrary to popular opinion. He isn't using her, they're down together. He is Joselines' MANager as well as her lover and sometimes friend. Everybody can't handle being the boyfriend/husband of a woman like this. Especially the average guy.Their feelings always get in the way.

Since I started writing this blog their relationship status has changed. Joseline is now claiming Stevie J. is broke and a down low brother. But every time she makes a dollar, he gets a quarter. She says she is making more money than ever before. And you can bet they're still having sex every chance he gets. Do you actually think he has no where to stay? He doesn't have to have a crib of his own because he doesn't need one.. He lives with his ladies or in his partners mansion. Benzino probably has an in-law quarters. I think him not having a car is a health concern. Why does he need a car when Joseline drives a Mercedes Benz and MiMi drives an Escalade? He doesn't need a car he has a bus.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Coincidence Or Consequence

I see what Rich Dollaz is about now. I think he uses his musical connections and name drops to get women to sleep with him. That's why Olivia has no sense of loyalty to him. That's the long and short of Rich's game.  It seems like he has been up to this for quite a while too. Chaundrea Nicole is thirty-four yrs. old and still looks good to this day. Imagine how she was looking thirteen yrs. ago when she allegedly had Rich Dollaz' baby? I say "allegedly" because she has waited all this time to have him served with papers. The child is a teenager now. Why did she wait so long? Looks like he is up to his old tricks though. He definitely has a type. This picture says it all. His alleged baby's momma and Erica Mena look and act alike. Beautiful but not too bright.

The first indication of Rich being a Buster was his blow-up with Somaya Reece at last years LHH reunion show. She called him a vagina on television in front of a national audience. That's total disrespect, meant to leave a mark. But none of the women on the panel had his back. Though he was going in on Somaya for them. Then we first saw evidence of his weakness when it comes to women with his dealings with Erica Mena. Under the guise of being her manager. He has given her a song, paid for her to record it in the studio. Not to mention shopping for her a video deal. For what could be the biggest hit of all the artists he represents. All without her ever signing a contract. Then she  talks crazy to him.

The same thing goes for the men that goes for the women. No matter where you go there you are. Richard Trower aka Rich Dollaz has been giving this lady the runaround all this time with what I'm sure are kibbles and bits with attachments. But maybe not, he might have been breaking her off. She has kept in contact with him all along. When she got in trouble locally with a high school basketball player for submitting a false transcript. Rich is the first one she called for help. That scenario sounds real familiar. This guy is a glutton for punishment.  Now a nude picture of him has mysteriously leaked on the web. Could all of this new found fame be coincidence or consequence?

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Necessity is the mother of invention. Winston Boswell did a bad thing by all accounts. But he really isn't such a bad guy. I have met him on numerous occasions. I have even patronized his place of business. He works harder than the average person and he is the boss. He makes a pretty good living, but I wouldn't want his job. The used tire situation in Memphis is just like weeds and grass. Just like cars and tires. As long as you have one, you'll have the other. We need to come up with a more permanent solution for disposing of used tires.

I'm not suggesting criminal charges not be pursued in this case. But let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. Boswell put together six households and loaded and transported 1200 tires across town, and waited in line for 12 hours. Can you imagine the delegation and organizational skills required to pull this off and make a profit? Once he pays restitution for his crime. Instead of deeming him and his crew undesirables.  The city could use his ingenuity.


How do you put a spin on a photo like this? This picture is so highly defined you can see CoCo's tan lines. Unlike the first couple of photos that were submitted. This picture wasn't posed for or set up by a photographer. I stopped thinking this was the work of photoshop when I saw AP9 with both of his hands full of her booty. I knew he had been in bed with her then at least once. But he has pictures in several different settings. She was so busy getting busy that time. She got caught with her panties down.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Now we know why Rashidah Ali is in the new season of LHNY. She doesn't sing or rap, and she doesn't date anyone in the industry right now. Writing bad checks and a lawsuit that was ultimately dismissed. Isn't a very exciting story line. I didn't think they were paying her just to hang out with Tahiry. Aside from being Shaunie Oneal's friend. We suddenly find that she dated someone who dated someone who is big in the business.  She is the first one on the show who doesn't have to kiss up to Yandy. Until now looks like she was running the show. Let's see how the mini mogul handles this. Mona Scott-Young put a Marlow Hampton in the mix. Rah Ali has uncovered a weakness.  

Monday, March 04, 2013


I didn't know time was so short when I talked about K. Michelle making better use of hers. She had already burned bridges in Atlanta. Now she seems to have done the same thing in New York. She wasn't as important on LHHA as she thought. Her fight with MiMi took her over the top. She kind of got to be like Sheree Whitfield. Now that you've beat everybody down. Nobody wants you around. She's like a loaded pistol with a hair trigger. Ask Evelyn Lazoda and Tammi Rollin. What happens when the same behavior that made you popular makes you a liability?

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Going To Air

This sudden willingness to let by gones be by gones by Kandi Burrus is self serving to say the least. LaTocha Scott hasn't got a buzz in twenty years. Because Kandi would participate in nothing that had anything to do with the girl group. After years of vowing there would never be another Xscape reunion. After the Scott sisters performed last week at the SoSo Def reunion without Kandi and Tiny and got good reviews. Plus Jay Z and Mariah Carey got involved. Arguably two of the biggest stars in the game right now.The only thing missing was Jay Z's wife. Now Kandi is having second thoughts. She wants to reconsider what she said just last week. Do you think that it has something to do with LaTocha being on the next season of R&B Divas? Now we get to hear the other side of the story.

I like Kandi but she has to pay the piper. LaTocha Scott shouldn't turn back now. She should stick to her guns. It's time for her to get her money. Like Kandi and Tiny have been doing for a while now. Fans are starting to wonder which half of the quartet was better in the first place?  Kandi and Tiny couldn't put on a show by themselves. Yet they walked away from the group with the money. Was there some truth to what was being said? I don't think Kandi slept with Michael Mauldin, but there was definitely some flatbacking involved.  I heard Jermaine Dupri do an interview and he denied there ever being a relationship between Kandi and him. I thought that was strange. Since it was public knowledge. He knew something that we didn't know then.

They didn't have to worry about Bravo or VH1 producing a show that would damage the two Atlanta natives brands. Kandi had Bravo covered and Tiny VH1. RHOA is #1 in the ratings and "TI and Tiny:Family Hustle" is also a ratings bonanza for that network. You can bet Kandi, Tiny and TI both are shaking in their boots. Thus far they have all done a good job of burying their pasts. It's not like this is a project by LOGO or TLC that won't last a full season.  I wonder is this network going to give rise to people like Cadillac Kimberly? She has been awfully quiet lately considering all that's been happening in the A . This might explain the William Morris signing. This latest developement was already in the making.This is going to air.  

Friday, March 01, 2013

True Test

Ice T has finally filed for separation from his wife CoCo. I keep asking where was Maximus and Spartucus the dogs, but that doesn't seem to strike a chord with anyone. What better security guards than two trained, loyal bulldogs?  The breed is small enough to go anywhere, but large enough to pack a mean bite. Dogs can't be paid to look the other way like human body guards. They won't let any man touch CoCo but Ice T and maybe Soulji. But he doesn't really count. Ice and CoCo haven't been separated overnight for the last eleven years. Nothing ever had a chance to go wrong. They may never admit it publicly. But they have those dogs for a reason. They keep the other dogs away when Ice is not around.

Now that this whole thing has come to a head. There is still one thing I hadn't considered.  CoCo might have been trying to get pregnant. Her and Ice T have been trying to no avail for quite a while. She tried to find a John Redcorn, and ended up with a Bernie Bernbaum. She can't get rid of this guy. He is a different kind of pimp. I have always thought CoCo wasn't that bright. Ice T micro-managed her. Could this have been her feeble minded attempt to handle the situation herself? It just didn't turn out right.  I think that's where those incriminating photos come from. She thought she had him whopped.

I think Ice T might have known this was happening before it went public. But not to the extent it was. It finally just got out of hand and it was cheaper to let it out. Maybe Ice wasn't a pimp but he wasn't going to keep being a trick. No way CoCo could have bought all these expensive gifts like an Aston Martin, without him knowing about it. That car cost over $200,000 depending on the model. She doesn't even drive a car like that herself. After all these years of frontin. Ice T has been uncovered. AP9 is a hero in his own right. Every small time hustler in America is looking for that one big score. Ironically the same vehicle he used to get her name out there is the same one that ran over him. He was behind "Superhead" spilling the.beans on everybody but him. He never took responsibility for his part in that. Since he took a pimp role and marketed that situation. How he markets this is the true test for him.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Too Late

This is the other game in town.  We have one of the hottest teams in the NBA in the blazing Memphis Gizzlies. We are in the midst of a record win streak with a revamped roster. Coach Lionel Hollins is doing an excellent job.  Even with the unpopular midseason trades. According to some his job is in jeopardy. How could that be possible.? When the Tigers can't win a major game outside the C-USA. The two teams have totally different fans. Based on the track record of the two coaches and the reactions from their fans. They are held to a different standard. If Hollins was in Pastners place. He would be looking over his shoulder.

I think they are better than people give them credit for. You would think the FedEx Forum would be sold out every game. But that isn't the case. They made one unpopular trade and some fair weather fans are hesitating on renewing their season tickets. I like the direction the team is taking. I listened to all the former players and analyst. I've only heard one have the nerve to go against the group. Non-believers better get with the program before it's too late.