Monday, August 31, 2009

The Green Game

I said when President Obama was elected all the radicals and malcontents would be coming out of the woodwork. On several occasions already I have been proven right. It seems that some of them have even gotten high paying jobs in the White House. Van Jones is a classic example of this. He has been appointed czar of green jobs. He is from the same cloth as Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. Using his victim mentality as grounds for his radical behaviour. He is a self admitted Communist with a Law degree from Yale. That is a major player in the green game.

All In North Memphis

This guy never left town. He was right here watching the news every time they showed his face three times a day. When the money he got from the robbery ran out. Suddenly the police got an anonymous tip. I bet he didn't have $50 left when they arrested him. He spent it all in North Memphis.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Intentions

If when ever the money comes up missing you're always around, people are going to eventually suspect you of stealing. Even if you didn't do it, it happened on your watch. So you still take the blame. This is about the third program Sara Lewis has headed that has fell under scrutiny concerning finances. She has loads of passion but little practicality. She wants to do a lot of things but doesn't know how. When it doesn't work. She either pulls the same heart strings or relies on the same emotion as the former mayor. Memphis loves a fighter and that's what she represents. Even though she isn't up for the challenge. You can never accuse her of not meaning well. The problem is the road of destruction is filled with good intentions.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Same Soup

This young lady has changed the game. Deja King moved to Memphis from the state of New Jersey. So much for Memphis being a brain drain and young talent not moving here. A lot of people in the entertainment field are quietly living here these days. I guess we'll be hearing from her now on a regular basis or maybe not. This won't be the first time some younger person has come in got the model and took it somewhere else. This young woman has written thirteen books about how women use their bodies to try and get what they want. As if any of that has changed since she wrote the first one. But I can't hold it against her if she can make new money selling the same old soup.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's going to be impossible to replace all the years Claude McMillan served in prison. I would feel sorry for him if I thought he was innocent. But I don't think he was innocent, just not guilty of that particular crime. Are we paying a criminal for getting away with a crime. You don't get accused of three different assaults out of the thin air. I am a strong believer of where there's smoke there's fire.

The plan has never been to get a job and become a productive citizen. He got out of prison and immediately tried to get on disability but was refused. I think unwittingly he married his downfall. I think they got married since he was released from jail but nobody has a job.
I'm sure they thought they had hit the lottery. Less than a million dollars for two sick people isn't a lot of money. You better think.

Style Over Substance

Interim mayors in Memphis don't have such a good track record. Wallace Madewelll tainted the pool with his handling of Beale Street. Is Lowery the victim of guilt by association or just a general dislike of him personally? I was about to take this post in another direction then I saw the evening news impromptu polls. No matter what Myron Lowery does the odds seem to be against him. It's like he's climbing stairs on an escalator. Each step he takes somehow seems to disappear. The people just want him to stand still and take the ride but he's not lying down.

This guy is cleaning house. But just like Willie Herenton he has done some things I don't agree with. I just hope the informed voters will look at the facts and turn out to the polls and support him. Memphis voters are a strange breed. I heard what I thought was one of the most Conservative people I know call him a coward for taking a stand and not appearing on Thaddeus Matthews' show. I applaud him for not caving in under pressure. Just to stop this clown from talking. After they talked to me, the Conservative took it back, but the damage was already done. If only briefly they got caught up in the snare.

This is like when John McCain ran against Barack Obama. It didn't matter that McCain has straddled the fence for the last thirty years and Obama was a newcomer. He was rolled over by the Obama persona alone. It's hard to get someone to buy a Ford when they've test driven a Lexus. Even though they live in a apartment building and have no where to park. They want to ride in style. They haven't considered the cost of insurance and that it only burns premium gas. Unfortunately for Lowery people go for style over substance.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Edward "Ted" Kennedy (1932 -2009)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Little Laughter Is Good

"Democracy is not two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner."

Dirty Politics

Something is fishy about this whole thing. I'm not sure who was behind this but it is politically motivated I bet. Two women show up at a mayoral candidates church claiming they just wanted to hear him speak. What were they doing to be asked to leave one of the most liberal congregations in the city? I'm not even sure they're a real couple. This may just be a way of outing the candidates son. Let's watch where it goes.

Everybody Else Breathed A Sigh Of Relief

I know Steve Cohen was hoping that the former mayor was so caught up in the hype that he was actually going to get back in the mayor's race. He knew that was to good to be true though. Even Herenton supporters didn't support that move. That would make him easy pickings in the race for the 9th congressional seat. Some ciitizens would be so upset with him that they would show their disapproval at the polls. I bet when Willie Herenton said he wouldn't be running for mayor again. Steve Cohen's heart dropped to his feet immediately. If he drinks he took a double shot. Everybody else breathed a sigh of relief.

Both To Blame

When you read the Commercial Appeal you can't help but notice that some people just don't like or trust Willie Herenton. If you have the proof and documented evidence that's all there is to it. If the FBI had something solid they would have indicted him by now. In the "Tennessee Waltz" they have got almost everybody else that was corrupt. I just wish he would conduct himself and provide the answers to the questions he gave on the radio yesterday in other venues. That would've done wonders for his image. Dr. Willie Herentonn has done a very good and sometimes excellent job over the past eighteen years.

I like some of the things Willie Herenton said yesterday, but he made some over the top statements as well. I think he was chided into saying a little too much about Myron Lowery and Joe Birch. I figured he was going to do some damage control when it came to his friend Charles Carpenter. Much needed I might add. Since he played a major role in his success. In addition though not outright, he inadvertently endorsed A.C. Wharton to succeed him. I totally agree with Herenton's comments about Otis Sanford and Steve Cohen. I have already written pretty much the sane things about them.

I also like the way he held the host in check. He didn't engage in a lot of divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. In spite of himself, Thaddeus did a good show. Not one time did I hear him disrespect Doc. He was the perfect host. For once he listened and remained quiet while his guest was talking. It worked out for both of them. It raised the show's ratings and it gave Herenton more time than he would've gotten anywhere else. Even when Thaddeus disagreed with Herenton he didn't cuss or accuse the former mayor of political B.S. like he normally does. The fact that Herenton appeared on the Thaddeus Matthews show is an example of the reason he is misunderstood. He gives those against him plenty of ammunition. With that in mind I have to say. "They are both to blame."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are They All Talk

I had an idea after listening to Myron Lowery on Andrew Clarksenior's show for a forum featuring local talk show hosts who focus on politics. Thirty four people have pulled petitions and obviously all the candidates aren't going to talk to all of the hosts. But all the front runners will talk to at least one of them. I think the listeners need to know what these guys are working with. Can they back up what they say with facts or are they just monopolizing the microphone?

I don't mean to overlook anyone that's why I picked out local host with popular radio shows. There are a couple of more shows people don't know about or you can barely hear. There are people in national syndication and on the Internet whose opinions are just as important, though not so much for the special mayoral election. I figured a talk show host forum would condense all the information that the voters need to know. Since their opinions carry so much weight. Let's see are they all talk.

Times Have Changed

Proponents to consolidation want to keep bringing up the fact that this has been voted down twice by the voters. They fail to tell you that it was nearly forty years ago. And the first time it was voted on was ten years before that. A lot of things have changed since then. The only thing that hasn't changed is their arguments.

Today there was an article in the Commercial Appeal about what the small town mayors in Shelby county thought about consolidation. Since they are being allowed to keep their charters. With all due respect. Who cares what they think? This is and always has been the crust of their argument. Why do they want more to say about what happens outside their cities? Are they not happy with their county services now?

The six suburbs -- Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland and Millington -- would remain independent. But their elected leaders don't think that's enough. They anticipate their individual cities holding only a small voice in overall decisions by a larger metro commission.

Separate governments didn't make any sense then and they don't now. People are beginning to ask questions and it can no longer be swept under the carpet. Consolidation is an idea whose time has come. Times have changed.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Kissing Begins

I witnessed some major butt kissing this week. It started when Jerry Lawler blindsided Charles Carpenter with a question about his finances over the last seventeen years. Carpenter responded like a lawyer and danced around the question. He clearly underestimated the intelligence of the listeners. I think we can safely say Charles Carpenter failed the test. For anyone that was seriously evaluating the candidates, that interview did the trick. You better believe that was planned out and eveybody in the studio knew what was going on except Charles Carpenter. I could tell he was shocked by what seemed like a tag team attack by Thaddeus Matthews and Jerry Lawler. I bet Carpenter is paid up for his advertising through the election. He thought he had paid for stuff like this not to happen.Thaddeus is looking at the fact there is still money to be made with Jerry Lawler in the future. " If it don't make dollars it don't make sense."

Then Silky O' Sullivan called in to let it be known he didn't have a problem with the former mayor. Notice he didn't join in on the ribbing of Mayor Lowery either. He doesn't want to upset the deliberations now taking place with the Beale Street case against Performa Inc. and John Elkington. They don't hold wrestling matches down on Beale Street anyway, so he isn't indebted to Jerry Lawler. The only one that didn't know which way to go was Thaddeus. You can bet he was doing all he could to diffuse that situation. I think Silky Sullivan is dba Miss Pollys. In the beginning that was the shows biggest sponsor. That explains the relationship between him and Thaddeus. Silky said if he was wrong he was sorry, but if he wasn't he demanded an apology. Before he got off the phone good . Who but Jerry Lawler was calling in apologizing and backpeddling on what he said. That day everybody left with their lips firmly planted.

Just when you thought it was over Dr. W.W. Herenton called the show. After the cold shoulder he received on WDIA his ego needed some stroking. Plus the fact that Myron Lowery and Otis Sanford described this show as being smut. He is going on just to spite them. The butt kissing went to a whole new level, at which I wasn't really surprised. Though Herenton basically set the parameters for the interview. It was a step down for Willie Herenton but one up for Thaddeus Matthews. I already know how this interview will go. Dr. Herenton is going to tell us something we already know and Thaddeus is going to be so astonished he will be at a loss for words. Like he always does with Edmund Ford Sr. and Jr. and Wanda Halbert. They never answer any tough questions because he doesn't get around to asking them.

I don't hate the player. I hate the game. Thaddeus has taken his butchering of the English language and his misinterpretation of the facts and parlayed them into a somewhat lucrative hustle. It amazes me how many people gravitate toward his lies and foolishness on a daily basis. My mistake is taking him too serious. I don't agree with the majority of the things he says but he has a lot of listeners that don't know any better.. He is the worst kind of srll-out. He talks a mean game when everyone is listening. When no one is looking the kissing begins.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What's Love Got To Do With It

Representative Barbara Robinson of Maryland is even more intriguing than I initially thought. She is a author,business owner,politician and dedicated wife. Not necessarily in that order. I hope she inspired someone today to be a good wife and not just write a book or run for elected office. More women that were listening today can attain the first much more likely than the last two.

When I first heard her on the radio. I wasn't so much enamored with the fact that she had written several books or had run for public office in her sixties. Even though those things are quite impressive in their own right. I was most impressed with how she described her relationship with her deceased husband of forty-seven years. These days not much emphasis is placed on the benefits of being as one. In light of her many accomplishments that was one of her biggest.

Though she was on a show where the majority of the listeners are single women on power trips. I don't know exactly why she was booked other than to talk about her books and her public office. Most of the listeners don't want to hear a successful black woman telling them to stand by their man. They want to hear the part about how to sell a lot of books and how everyone has at least one book in them. I have a suspicion this story paralells the "Ike and Tina Turner story." Being submissive to your husband and being the biggest earner to most women is an oxymoron. Unless of course they consider a little thing like"what's love got to do with it?"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Knew

I have been writing about the fleecing of Memphis by John Calipari every since I started this blog. There are fifteen blogs all stating my criticism of him. I often felt like Noah did when he was talking about rain to people who had never got wet before. There's not a lot else I can say about John Calipari that I haven't said before. The University Of Memphis having their whole 2007-2008 championship season forfeited kind of says it all.

A Softer Savage

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

These Guys Should Run For City Council

These two candidates proved one thing today during their one one as far as I'm concerned. They both got caught up on the same question. Jerry Lawler isn't going to give up $4500.00 a week for three hours work with WWE. And Charles Carpenter isn't going to close a successful practice whose income he can't even remember that he's been building for thirty plus years And I don't think they should. Neither one of them should be rhe next mayor of Memphis. Don't get me wrong they both have some good ideas. Just not what we should be solely focused on in this city.

Charles Carpenter wants to turn this city into a southern center for blue bloods and Jerry Lawler wants to run Memphis like Babe Howard ran Millington. Both styles of which alienate a large part of the city's citizens. I would like to see these two contribute their services to the city in a supporting role. They both represent some much needed ingredients but they can't pull it all together.If these men love the city like they say. These guys should run for city council.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If Not Now When

I don't necessarily support Mayor Lowery's request that the mayoral candidates for the special election take a drug test. This could be opening up a can of worms that would better remain closed. Next you'll have to take a physical exam before you run for office. The majority of people holding office now wouldn't be able to run again.Anybody with high blood pressure and a history of cancer in their family need not apply. Myron Lowery himself would not be allowed to run simply because he's overweight. I understand he's using what he has in his arsenal to do battle with Willie Herenton, There have long been rumors of Mayor Herenton's drug use. Keep your eyes on the prize and don't get caught up in the mix.

Now that I've said what I don't agree with, let me tell you what I like. I like his ideas about consolidation of city and county services and the fact that he tried to eliminate some things that were considered as problems before he became mayor. There have long been complaints of excessive spending in the city's law department and it's handling of lawsuits. So why all of a sudden this new found love for Elbert Jefferson? Everybody is chewing out Lowery for moving too fast. Those same people say Myron Lowery won't get elected to finish the remainder of the term. Since he only has a short time to do anything different. If not now when?


The proposal to put consolidation on an upcoming ballot and letting the people vote on it are in the works. I think the voters have become more educated in recent years and are ready to bring this issue to past. I don't care who initiated this as long as they did. The atmosphere is ripe for something like this to happen. I say strike while the iron is hot. A large part of this measures success depends on who is trying to make it happen. People feel comfortable with the leaders we have in office right now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Yang And Tiger Show

Let me start by saying Y.E. Yang won the PGA Championship tournament yesterday beating the heavily favored Tiger Woods. It wasn't necessarily that Yang played so good, but Tiger just played average. Unlike those before him the first Asian champion capitalized on every mistake Woods made. . Yang only scored a 70 but Tiger scored a 75. I started off by saying he beat Tiger Woods because that seems to be more important than him winning the tournament itself. I knew it was just a matter of time before someone didn't choke on the opportunity when they had the chance to beat him. He slid through his opponents grasp last week, but it was a different story this time. The intimidation factor didn't work on Yang. The fact that he was playing a golf legend didn't throw him off his game.

It's not like someone doesn't lose every time. That person is just never Tiger Woods. This marks the end of an era. This win contained a lot of firsts. Tiger Woods was to golf what Mike Tyson was to boxing. I was watching a match the other day and the gallery was following Tiger and he wasn't in the lead. Let's see if Y.E.Yang will be his Buster Douglass. This just goes to show you don't count your chickens before they hatch. They had all but given Tiger the trophy and the check. It wasn't Padraig Harrijgton, V.J. Singh or any of the other regular contenders. It was a virtual new kid on the block who was in PGA training school last year.. You win some you lose some. Even Tiger.


Mini Concert

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Bigger Fish

Let's make an analogy here.This is like the bag your wife brings in after a day of shopping at the mall. Later you find out she had three more bags you didn't know about hidden in the trunk of the car. You're wondering where the money is coming from to pay for one and all of a sudden you find out there's three more. Elbert Jefferson was the bag she brought in the door. Alan Wade is one of the three she left out in the trunk. I'm sure he was listening intently to hear the fate of his troubled contemporary. \ His firm got almost a fourth of that 8 million dollars the city has spent on outside contractors in the last three years. Now Myron Lowery's hands are tied because he went for the tip of the iceberg first. Now he has to reflect on what direction he should take. Speaking of a conflict of interest. I wonder is Alan Wade the one advising the council on whether or not Mayor Lowery was within his rights to fire Elbert Jefferson?

The answers the guilty party gives are sometimes insulting to say the least. If you disagree with them they want to compare your level of education to theirs If by chance they have more than you that disqualifies anything you say. The mayor kind of let the cat out of the bag in the past few days. First when he called Bobby Ojay and later did a surprise interview with news anchor Joe Birch. This is the day of the intellectual. These people don't think the public is smart enough to disagree with them or anything they say. Just them saying it should be good enough. There are going to be some big catches before this is over. That's why they are trying to put a hole in the net. Alan Wade is a big fish.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Still On The Radio

I was all prepared to give Bobby Ojay daps for standing up for himslf against the mayor. Then my wife reminded me he only got what he had coming to him. Bobby is usually a rude and obnoxious little man who disrespects and does his big talk behind the microphone. Like the mayor said he does say some outlandish things. With nothing other than Bobbyology to prove his point.

Two egos took a beating here this morning. Willie Herenton is at the top of his game but in a sense Bobby Ojay is too. Much like the mayor he has been the people's choice almost twenty years. Even though the mayor put Bobby Ojay in check . Bobby got in a few blows too. The mayor came on the show popping his collar like he always does and got a few things off his chest in the process. He called Bobby ignorant and said he had a short man complex. Difference is this time Bobby didn't tuck his tail like he has for the last seventeen years. Even though he is going on vacation next week. Bobby let him know it was his show and he was still on the radio.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Needs To Take A Rest

I am a supporter of the former mayor and plan to support him in his bid for congress. But I'm not with him if indeed he enters the special election to regain his former job. Why didn't he just wait until later to resign? This is just proof that Myron Lowery is making an impact since taking office and he may actually get something done that Willie Herenton didn't. Mayor Herenton did a good job in his seventeen years, but Lowery is doing a good job now.

I have always said and strongly believe. In every rumor there is at least a grain of truth. I have heard about a connection between the proposed firing of Elbert Jefferson and the handling of the Beale Street court case. The city just picked up this fight a couple of years ago. The fleecing of Memphis has been going on for twenty-five years. Newsflash!!! As I wrote this blog the mayor did a live interview on the news that pretty much summed up what I was about to say. I also heard him on Bobby Ojay stick his foot in his mouth.

The mayor literally is not looking to good right now. He has gone to the well once too often. And even his faithful supporters are turning against him on this one. The mayor is cocky and arrogant and it's showing. He is a elderly, tall, ex "Golden Gloves" champion who tries to intimidate his opponents with his towering presence. That no longer works. No matter what shape he is in he looks like a combat weary old man who needs to take a rest.

Go to the link:

Not As Much

I was watching one of Sean Hannity's three nightly broadcasts and this came to mind. A newcomer by the name of Michelle Malkin has a best selling book on the shelves in opposition of this administration. Since we now have a black president in office. Why is every other ethnic group capitalizing on being critical of this president and his policies except other blacks? People like Malkin and Dick Mooe who once worked for Bill Clinton as a publicist, are making a kiling. When black soldiers who have been on the front line for years are being left to sell bumper stickers and broadcast their shows over the Internet. While the other Conservatives make millions.That isn't fair.

Alan Keyes name was on the ballot for president. He isn't getting a fraction of the press Sarah Palin is getting. In spite of being all the things they say Sarah Palin isn't. Why isn't he being heralded as new life in the Conservative movement? Instead he's being called part of the "birther movement" a term used to undermine their protest. Hardly becoming of a proven trooper.

It's ironic that I got the idea while watching the Sean Hannity show. He is like the Oprah Winfrey of politics these days. He can make you or break you with his tongue. It would seem since he gave Jesse Lee Peterson his stamp of approval it would give him credibility at least among Hannity followers. A talk show host could do quite well just off Hannity's leftovers. He has tried over and over to give Jesse Lee Peterson a boost without a great deal of success. He has pushed his causes and had him as guest on his show several times. He has even given his vocal and financial support to his organization. Even though Peterson is often right he has only reached the status of being considered a sell-out by other blacks and a good black by some whites.

All I know about Pastor James Manning is what I see on Youtube. In the most densely populated city in the country he doesn't have as many parishioners as you would think. But I have never heard anyone come forward and dispute anything he said. That tells me for the most part it has to be true. If it wasn't he would have been exposed long before now. He is highly credentialed and can hold his own with the best of them. Might doesn't make right but it certainly helps. Why doesn't he have a 10,000 member congregation and a flourishing television ministry like Pastor John Hagee? Instead he has a storefront church in New York city with his videos only being played on the Internet..

Next we have my friend the Black Conservative. Though not Obama's, sometimes I think he has drank some body's kool-aid. I understand where he is coming from but he needs to take another route. He is faithfully yelling fire everyday trying to wake up his people. I don't think he realizes who his fans really are. If Hillary Clinton had won and was pushing the same programs, some of these same people wouldn't be talking about her no matter what . Especially not with him.

These are just a few of the examples of the inequities in politics. An associate once told me Republicans won't get behind Conservative black males because they fold. Is this what happens when they don't? Why are they forced to be confrontational and ready for a fight? Why can't we just be allowed to discuss the issues like everyone else? Black men are just going to have to do it because it's the right thing to do. Certain things they just don't want to pay to hear a black man talk about.At least not as much.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Flip Side

This side of the debate didn't receive much media attention here in Memphis. The Commercial Appeal secretly did this live stream where the Senator candidly discussed his views of the proposed health care reform. I may be reading more into it than there really is, but I don't think I am though. Otis Sanford who I discussed just last week did the interview. Notice the questions he asked and the sarcasm in his voice. He is obviously on the side of Democrats.

Really Bob Corker's vote is more important than Steve Cohen's. One is a Congressman the other one is a Senator. Even if the bill passes one which it will, it has to pass the other. Based on local coverage and attention you would think Cohen is the latter. I hope the citizens notice how Cohen's tone has changed. In three days he went from proofreading to praise. I guess it's evident how I feel. But I always want what I feel is best for all concerned. I never have hidden agendas. I always want to hear the flip side.

This is the link

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is This In The Stimulus

To any Obama supporter that might be reading this post. Is it true that the stimulus plan is paying for homeowners to get their roof replaced? The bill is over 1300 pages long so it may be hidden in there somewhere. Now that health care is the talk of the day nobody is talking about the Porkylus plan. This might just be a case of liberals liyng to be lying. I'm going to be listening real close to see if this claim can be verified. You know there is going to be some abuse and fraud that's normal. So I'm not talking about that. I wouldn't put it past this person to lie to take advantage of a government handout. I didn't get the memo, but I don't want to miss out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Having A Beer

Too bad Clifton Williams didn't know the president or someone else in a high place. Look what happened to Professor Gates the other week when he cursed and threatened the police.
\ If you don't respect the man with the gun and a badge in the beginning you probably won't honor the man in the robe in the end.
If what happened to Professor Gates hadn't been the exception. Williams could have dropped a name and possibly got off with a light sentence or possibly even just a warning. I would bet a dollar to a donut he was listening to that whole ordeal with Gates with his ears wide open. That's why he is know behind bars for six months instead of having a beer.,0,3679452.story

First Day Of School

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Heat Off Of Him

I am in total support of affordable and accessible health care to all legal American citizens. But that's not the same as health care being free for everyone in this country. I'm concerned about those people who work sixty hours a week and can't afford to get sick. Or our elderly citizens who have paid into Social Security forty years or more and now they're worried about their benefits.. They shouldn't have to decide between buying their medicine and paying their other bills. I think President Obama's heart is in the right place but his plan won't work. Taking care of the poor is an honorable and Godly thing. The devil is in the details here.

Congressman Steve Cohen held a town hall meeting that didn't go as planned. Thank God the minority in his district came out for the meeting. The majority of his constituents are black but they weren't there. Otherwise he would have had his usual walk in the park talking loud and saying nothing. If he talks about slavery or renames a building, half of his supporters are satisfied. Believe me, Steve Cohen showed up ready to talk about something else. He was going to answer questions about Social Security and Veteran benefits, though in his district unemployment is soaring and they haven't went to the military since Viet Nam. He claimed he would have to look closely at the health care bill before making his decision. If he doesn't vote for it, I for one will be surprised. He rubber stamps everything the Democrats propose. I bet he didn't prepare for such an informed, hostile crowd. No one was happier than him that it got out of hand. It took some of the heat off of him.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Where Are They Now

Mayor Myron Lowery has made himself available for all questions and comments from all the citizens of Memphis. I emphasize all because different groups have different concerns. For the past two days he has been making his rounds on the airwaves clearing up some of this misinformation that's circulating. Some of us like the chance to talk to our elected officials directly. For us he couldn't have made a better move. He went on the "Dre and Zeke Show" to address the white voters. Then he went on the "Bev Johnson Show" to address the blacks. Today he spent a hour and a half on the "Andrew Clarksenior Show" to talk to everybody that can or cannot vote. Yesterday he held an unprecedented town hall meeting down at City Hall.

I must admit initially I wasn't a Myron Lowery supporter, but since he took office on an interim basis that has changed. His first official action though controversial was an indication of things to come. I like the bold and decisive choices he has made in the past week. There is little if any doubt about what he is doing. His radio appearances are just icing on the cake. I appreciate him telling the black community where he draws the line and telling the whites Willie Herenton is no longer the mayor. Since he did a fine job of answering everybody and their unscripted questions.Why didn't he get any of the complaints and criticisms we hear and see on the radio and in the news paper? These people have what are known as stubborn facts. Those things they believe because they reject the truth. Andrew's producer Ms. Hardiman asked the million dollar question. "Where are they now"?

Friday, August 07, 2009

The Party Is Over

Pete Aviotti is the new administrations latest casualty at first glance. But not really though. He has been making $60,000.00 plus a year to be the mayor's sidekick. His title is the mayor's "special assistant." What exactly is his job description? All he does is attend meetings and host an annual Christmas gala fundraiser for the mayor. He is the flipside of county commisioner Sidney Chism just on the city's payroll.

Inadvertantly Mayor Herenton touched on this in his resignation speech. "We need to get unified about some blacks making some(easy)money." A black man wouldn't be allowed to hold a job like this in Memphis without a public outcry. The whites wouldn't have it and the blacks wouldn't either. He would end up losing his job and doing time like Calvin Williams. I bet you won't see Aviotti raising a fuss.He knows the party is over.

Sonia Sotomayor Confirmed

In a show of solidarity the Democratic Senators unanimously confirmed Justice Sonia Sotomayor as the first Hisspanic and the third female to sit on the Supreme Court. The more than 2/1 vote was done with the help of seven Republicans and two Independent in a 68-31 vote.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Enough Is Enough

Before seeing her on the news today. I was willing to overlook her seat on the city council as collateral damage. I know she thinks she's right because it has worked for her politically in this city. To go from being a receptionist at the "Black Merchants Association" to a seat on the city council is pretty impressive. But she still thinks like a large percentage of others in the city who are misdirected to put it kindly. She is a voice on the council for those voters who really need to be quiet. I'm never surprised by her one sided votes but fortunately she was only one out of thirteen.

I personally just don't believe she has the comprehension necessary to handle certain matters she ultimately decides. This goes back to her days on the school board. I think the constant need for clarification and explanations is sincere. I know the only dumb question is one you don't ask, but some things you should just know without asking. Her incompetence usually affects those most that support and vote for her. Just take for example her stance on hiring police officers. Orange Mound and the area she represents need the added police as much as anywhere in Memphis. You deserve the leadership you vote for. But now her antics have become disruptive and started to stand in the way of progress for everyone. I wasn't even going to comment on her running for mayor, but now she's openly using taxpayer money for her personal vendettas. Enough is enough.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Seriously Undermined

This is definitely a slap in the face to the President Obama administration and the country as a whole. American citizens in other countries are no longer free and safe to roam. We haven't seen anything like this since Jesse Jackson brought back the hostages from Iran while we were lead by President George Bush Sr. You would be hard pressed to find anything even on the Internet chronicling that incident. Probably because that's a time when we would really like to forget. Private citizens going abroad to retrieve imprisoned Americans is not a good sign. Remember "we don't negotiate with terrorist." Our national security has been seriously undermined.

Monday, August 03, 2009

He Has Nothing To Lose

I don't understand this sudden love affair with city attorney Elbert Jefferson. Why would he now be fighting for a job that he already tried to resign from a couple of months ago? This guy is just buying time because he is going to have to go in the end anyway. Like it or not, Myron Lowery is the mayor of Memphis for the next three months. He has the power to roll some heads and he's come out smoking.

At first I was stomped by this whole thing. Why would the mayor refuse Jefferson's resignation when he submitted it earlier? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Any severance package he would have offered would have been construed as favoritism. He served at the pleasure of the mayor. Now that Lowery holds that job his service no longer pleasures the mayor. Everyone that had enough time with the city to get a pension has already left.. Elbert Jefferson stayed because he had nothing to lose.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


When I see and hear Otis Sanford or read his columns. I think of the race between the tortoise and the hare and what happened. He isn't dangerous by himself, but coupled with others who think like him is a different story. In the race the tortoise eventually won. That's what has happened in this new day of politics all over the country. Otis Sanford is just like Professor Gates and Barack Obama. He is part of the local black intelligentsia that keeps the racial fires burning here in Memphis. Him and Wendi Thomas do their part on a weekly if not daily basis. He labels less educated blacks and whites as low brow while still using them to advance his leftist agenda. Don't worry about what he meant, listen to what he said. This guy is smooth.