Sunday, August 31, 2008

It Didn't Have Much Impact

I wouldn't go as far as to say Barack Obama had anything to do with this, but I bet his campaign staff did. Which makes him take the blame nonetheless. If it works or not, it will be for or against him. Four unorganized, unprepared white men were ensnared in an assassination attempt against Barack Obama. Which more resembled some yahoos running off at the mouth. Who happened to have more guns than they should have. They just happened to be in Denver with illegal drugs and weapons making empty threats. Did they plan on downing some beers and going to the Invesco Center with a high powered rifle hid in their pants? Though the authorities launched a full fledged investigation with nothing more than a racial slur. This whole thing was based on a hunch by somebody. The answer to this puzzle is in who. If indeed this was a publicity stunt. It has gone pretty much unnoticed.

Gustav Getting Respect

In New Orleans they have ordered mandatory evacuations of all residents. Those that stay behind will be on their own. Also anyone caught looting will go straight to Angola prison. In my opinion, all good moves. Mayor Ray Nagin is doing what he should've done last time.
This won't be unfamiliar territory, but neither was Katrina. The only difference is the respect the storm is getting. This country has had plenty of practice. Just not in the city of New Orleans. We know all about Hurricanes and the havoc they wreak. Why would we expect anything different than in the past? That's what happens when you gamble. Sooner or later you're going to lose. Whether this storm is as devastating as expected. Remains to be seen. Based on their lackadaisical response in the past. Are they overreacting now? Due to the damage done by it's predecessor. Gustav is getting respect.

Wonder Who Is Crying Now

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has never been in the hot water he is now. So far he has managed to sweep everything under the carpet, or get it dismissed on a technicality. That doesn't appear to be the case this time. Considering the proposed penalty, you could say it's to the boiling point. He seems to have had a charmed life up until this point. He comes from a politically connected family, with established roots in the Detroit community. That paved the way for him to be where he is right now. After six years of serving as a State Representative and ranking as the minority leader of the house in Michigan. He was elected as a representative after his mother vacated that seat to run for congress. He is 38 years old on his second term as Mayor of one of the largest cities in America. He has been in office or around politics practically all of his life. This man was two if not one generation away from a political dynasty.

This is a lifetime of work gone down the drain. This guy is willing to plea bargain all his past accomplishments away, to keep from going to jail. In light of the way things have been going for him lately. I cam''t say that I blame him. He could end up at county in general population. Not only fighting for his survival, but his manhood as well. If this were fantasy and not true to life. He could turn this into a street credit bonanza.

Since he is supposedly the first Hip-Hop Mayor in America. He shouldn't mind doing a little time incarcerated to build his rep with the homies. Be like those clowns T.I. and Michael Vick doing time for something stupid, when they could be out making millions. Call me a stickler, but I've always had a problem with a Mayor having an earring in his ear. He's claiming thug life until he has to really walk the walk. Then he comes back to the middle real quick. As you can see he has even hired a white attorney. For the sake of his wife and children. I hope this man is left with something for them. Not enough to make them think they were cheated, but enough to let them know what might have been. I listened to his father, and I see where he got his mentality from. Somehow I don't think he rebuked his son, as he should have. Instead of calling his son's behavior reprehensable. He blamed his outing on Nazi tactics. It's time for this way of thinking come to a halt. In light of everything that's happened. I wonder who is crying now?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

This I Disagree With

This is one of the few times I totally disagree with one of the Mayor's decisions. When the naysayers take their shots at him for what he's done this time. This is one that I can't help him with. This is clearly a case of favoritism or political patronage. Unlike those who dislike the Mayor and anything he does. I think Joseph Lee should have never quit his job as President of MLGW. He hadn't done anything that hadn't been done all the time. As long as he followed the script. He would've been safe. He quit a $200,000 a yr. job because the media was sweating him. I wrote a blog about it then: I wouldn't say this in a public forum, but since this is my blog I will. The Mayor likes to surround himself with those who are about his business. Being his boy can be quite profitable. Ask people like Reginald French and Michael Freeman. Joseph Lee is heavy in the head, but light in the testicles. Let's just say "he lacks testicular fortitude."

The Mayor has invested in this man because he is smart. He has the type of mind that he could do any task he was assigned. Some say at every job he has held, he has failed. I contend he has always been placed in the troubled spots. His decisions have never been unproductive, just unpopular. The Mayor gets his plans rolling and Joseph Lee takes the heat. That might explain why he is still in the picture. Now Joseph Lee has been appointed to a cushy job. You can't say he isn't qualified, if anything he's over qualified. No one is walking around with specialized experience for this position. How do you get the experience unless you have the job?

I'm not against the job per say. I just don't think he should give it to Joseph Lee. In a city this size. There is going to be jobs like this. As long as the Mayor has been in office. That inner circle should expand. I think loyalty is a good thing,but there's a limit. There's enough going on that we should see some new faces. When they agreed to pay his legal fees, I was in agreement. Appointing Joseph Lee Deputy Director over the parks, even though it's well within Mayor Herenton's rights. Is a bit in your face. This I disagree with.

Friday, August 29, 2008

A Hammer For The 18 Million Cracks

I'm not so sure about this pick for vice president. Only because of personal reasons though. Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, has been pegged as John McCain's running mate. I wouldn't have picked a woman, but I'm just one vote. I am a hard-core Conservative to the bone. I don't fancy the idea of a woman being second in command. I'm one of the few who still support George Bush. If you looked at the DNC this past week,you could see that the biggest voting bloc in attendance was that of Hillary Clinton supporters. It wasn't my choice, but it was smart. This move wasn't designed to secure the Republican base. He already has them on lock. He won the nomination hands down. Nobody was even close. I think this choice was aimed at the undecided, Independents and the Hillary Clinton supporters. This is definitely an unexpected move by John McCain.

The Evangelical movement was a turn off. The American public is resistant to the rebuking they were administering. The citizens know right from wrong, but they don't want to hear a sermon. The majority of voters don't want same sex marriage, but they don't consider it a deal breaker either. The same with the issue of abortion. Now they can just sit quietly by and hopefully let it take care of itself. Like it has done for the last seven years. With this ticket, marriage is safe, and there will no appointing of judges who will legalize abortion. Any law abiding citizens will still be able to legally buy their guns. She supports the military and doing away with government waste. What's not to like? This lady is more Conservative than John McCain. Plus she looks like Erin Brocavich. Republicans got all their concerns resolved plus a bonus to boot. They locked up a large part of the feminist vote. Sarah Palin is a hammer for the 18 million cracks.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Giving Out Good Vibrations

Let me first say I was honored to witness the historical event of a black man for the first time accepting the nomination for president, by a major political party. It was planned I think that this speech would be delivered on the eve of the anniversary of the famous march on Washington. The date is the only thing between the two speeches that resembled each other. Even though I don't support his views. I am still excited about a black man making it to this point in the political process. This amounted to basically a feel good speech for the Democrats though. Finally after fifteen minutes of salutations and giving shout outs. He laid out a vague plan giving an overview of his vision for this country. When you just do simple math. It sounds real good, but it's not practical.

In his speech he had something for everybody to anticipate. For another ten minutes he blamed everything bad on George Bush and Republicans. That seems to be a catch-all phrase at this convention. Then he said " let me tell you what change looks like." Still not quite explaining what he plans to do to turn things around. He laid out what was supposed to be a ten point plan. From the unemployed auto worker to the family members of a soldier killed in Iraq. He promised to offer every example of hardship he could think of, some kind of relief. Even I was caught up in some of the promises that he made. I like the part about lowering taxes and saving on insurance rates. That's just the good part though. I guess if I had selective hearing like some people. I wouldn't pay attention to the part about tapping the oil reserves and giving immigrants amnesty. Or the fact that he hasn't said what middle class is yet. I would get caught up in the hysteria too.

The people at this convention all seem to understand what's happening. After listening for the last few days, now I think I have it too. Everything revolves around oil and it's production. When we become independent of foreign oil sources. We no longer have to involve ourselves in the diplomatic affairs of others. Supposedly we will be free from all military obligations. And we can bring our troops home to stay. But it's naive to think that if we mind our business, no one will bother us. Complacency indicates weakness to the enemy. In order to make all this work on behalf of America. Then we're going to give everybody jobs making alternative fuels and the cars that burn them. That's where these 5 million new jobs are coming from. Thus killing two birds with one stone.

He ended his speech with a series of compromises and untruths. If you were right about your positions at first. You shouldn't be so willing to meet the other side half way. That means you were wrong all along. I know when life begins; it's at conception. And conception starts with the fertilizing of the seed. I know the difference between a man and a woman; so I'm not confused about the definition of marriage. Gun control won't stop the criminals from getting guns. That's just going to create another underground market. So I know how I feel about gun control. I wasn't sold, but I'm a hard sale. The rest of the country isn't that tough though. If he can keep the party going, he'll be the next president. This guy can move the crowd. He's giving out good vibrations.

Were They Wrong

They Cut A Deal

The Clintons have done a `180 turn in regards to Barack Obama and his qualifications. He has gone from not being experienced enough, and weak on foreign affairs. To being the answer to all of America's ills. And the best man for the job. A sentiment shared by even his running mate. He hasn't gained any experience during this election. Him and Hillary both have been absent from their jobs trying to get another one. So what could have changed? I know both Clintons have an ego, and can't be taking this defeat to well. Bill Clinton was attacking Obama just last week. Then they turn around and deliver two of the best speeches of the convention. Are they lying now, or were they lying then?

Bill was laying it on thick, while Hillary was more reserved in her speech. He called Barack's name and praised him at least twenty times. Hillary focused more on forwarding her agendas and party umity. I think Hillary is laying the groundwork for a 2012 bid. Then it dawned on me what was happening. The one thing that has changed considerably while they battled each other. Hillary has accumulated quite a debt. Last I heard she had spent $18 million, 5 of them her own. Like him or not, Barack is the man with the bag. With all the money he has raised, he can easily pay that off. Even though Hillary didn't win. The Clintons are still the first family in the Democratic party. They sold their influence to Barack Obama for a $1 a vote. They cut a deal.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tonight Will Tell

If the elections were held tomorrow Barack Obama would lose by a landslide. The festivities of the DNC last night were totally uninspiring. Tonight's focus was supposed to be geared toward the party's transition. But it sounded like more of the same in my opinion. They only wanted to talk about what Republicans have done and not what the Democrats are going to do. I'm not a veteran of these type affairs, but I've watched a few in my life. For all intents and purposes this one isn't very exciting. In the Pepsi Center with all those people there. It seems like it would be hard to keep it so quiet. Even if the people were just talking to each other. There should be a certain amount of noise in the air. There were times you could hear a single shout.

I guess all the speakers must have got a printout, with all the talking points listed. Some of them got so little response from the crowd. I felt sorry for them. Every body's speech sounded the same. They all knew about the 5 million jobs, that if elected Obama is going to create. Much to me and my wife's surprise. We learned we had to buy a new car. They also knew about the electric hybrid cars we're all going to be driving. I heard about how many houses John McCain had just as many times. And they all mentioned the fact that John McCain would just be a continuation of George W. Bush. They also blamed him for every job that was lost in the last eight years. There were memorable moments here and there. Like Gov. Deval Patrick, Sen. Robert Casey and the tribute for Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. Other than that it was largely dead air.

Finally the most anticipated speaker of the night, probably the whole convention came to the podium. We all sat with itching ears to see what Hillary Clinton was going to say. Though hurt was evident in her eyes she endorsed Obama. Now that it's over, I can't help but think to myself. What did we expect her to say? She was put in an awkward position. For the sake of the party and future aspirations. She put up a brave front. It sounded a lot like she was still campaigning.

A Lady To Late

On last evening Michelle Obama did a real fine job in her keynote speech. The only bad thing about it, was the timing was wrong. Her mouth has got her in trouble already. She should have made the same speech when she talked to the Wisconsin caucus. Every since she made the comment about
‘For the First Time in My Adult Lifetime, I Am Really Proud of My Country.’ Her name and face have been to her husband's campaign like cryptonite is to "Superman." They tried to keep her out of the public eye, until hopefully Americans forgot. Based on the comments I've heard today. The people haven't forgotten it yet. People on the Obama bandwagon are already convinced. They don't have to say or do anything to win them over. As eloquent as she spoke on last evening. I don't think she did much to win over those on the other side. She sounded like the first lady last night. But was she a lady too late?

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Party Is Split

Tonight every seat in this Denver auditorium is going to be filled. I can only hope some of those seats are filled with some open ears and minds. I for one am going to be watching to see if I've been missing something all this time. I don't think I have. But I'll be watching anyway. We already know Barack Obama's supporters are not concerned with details . They just want to see their candidate win. They are caught up in their emotions. And that only goes so far. I know Obama won the nomination, but I heard just as many or more cheers for Hillary Clinton. The Democrats are a divided group right now. Instead of taking this time to sell Barack Obama to the rest of America. They have to spend this time trying to unify the party.

From majority leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi to Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson. I didn't find anything memorable among the majority of the speakers. I think we can safely say no one delivered a speech the magnitude of Barack's keynote at the last Democratic convention. They're still blaming George Bush for the war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina, That much was expected. A rousing tribute was given to Sen. Edward Kennedy for his lifelong fight for socialized health care. Which really has nothing to do with Obama himself. They just threw that in to get the crowd excited. I found it interesting that they referred to Maya Sotoro-NG as Barack Obama's half sister, in spite of the fact that they grew up in the same house. Technically they were right. Therefore he is in denial concerning his brother in Kenya. I understand his dilemma myself, but that's yet another example of baggage he's carrying around. The minute he starts trying to take the high road. The Republicans dig up something to bring him back down.

Then we reach the evening highlight. Which I think met party expectations. Michelle Obama the candidate's wife took the stage. All in all she did a good job. I was impressed with her speech, and that's not easy. If I was going to change anything. It would be the timing. This is the speech Michelle should have given in the first place. This left a much better taste in the mouth of Americans than her first speech did. The problem now is, which one do you believe? The only thing that's for sure. The party is split.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lipscomb Has The Last Laugh

I am so glad that Bass Pro came through on their end of the bargain. Had they not, those who are critical of this latest development. Would have a field day talking about the city's ineptness at handling these type situations. Judging by the comments in today's Commercial Appeal. They don't have much to say now. Some Mid-Southerners would rather hear a well dressed lie, than the naked truth. And that's exactly what they've been hearing. For the most part, these are intelligent people with an agenda. Ben Ferguson is smart as a whip. He just thinks everybody that listens to him, is inferior in knowledge to him. Like another popular radio host always says "they believe the lie because they want to."

Ben Ferguson is pushing the Ericson plan to open an amusement park in the Pyramid. That was part of the strategy to begin with. To get Ben Ferguson and his band of supporters to undermine anything this administration comes up with. What does Ericson care if people call him a swindler if his plan doesn't pan out ? He'll just take his millions and move away. Downtown is no place for an establishment like that or a casino. Not that a casino is even an option. But that continues to be mentioned as a possible use. Even if we could. There isn't adequate parking down there. Every piece of paper that is signed. Puts another nail into the Ericson coffin.

Robert Lipscomb has a history of success. Instead of being critical of his plans. We shoul have been expecting positive results. This man has a proven track record. Robert Lipscomb has an impressive list of credentials certifying his handling of issues of finance. Why do you think he is always picked to head these reuse committees? The man is good. It's kind of like Bass Pro supposedly leading all these cities along. No one would take the time if people didn't want them in their area. They have something that's in demand. If everything goes as planned. This man brokered a deal that relieves the city of the debt, and still leaves the city as an owner. After allowing the University of Memphis out of their lease. This is a dream come true. All the naysayers need to give credit where credit is due. Robert Lipscomb has the last laugh. He turned a pink elephant into a cash cow.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lock Up The Lukewarm Vote

Choosing Senator Biden is supposed to counter the experience factor that John McCain has over Barack Obama. In my humble opinion, I don't think it's going to work. Joe Biden initially supported the war in Iraq, but later changed his mind. He is a Catholic that supports abortion. I'm sure that doesn't go over with the other Catholics to well. One thing that we should remember is this. The people don't choose the Vice President, they choose his running mate. Joe Biden souight the Democratic nomination himself. When the smoke cleared he wasn't even in the top three. If the people had wanted him in the White House. They would have gave him the nomination. I bet this wasn't Obama 's first or even second choice. Joe Biden probably didn't expect to end up here either.

This move was designed to attract a certain type of voter on the sly. None of which Barack's people will admit he needs in order to win. It's going to take more than young impressionable college students, and those who teach them to win this race. It's going to take the support of those Blue Collar workers "who rely on God and guns." If I recall correctly what Mr. Obama said. Not to mention that group of outspoken women who supported Hillary Clinton. Who incidentally in large numbers have vowed not to support him anyway. Both of which make up considerable voting blocs. This is designed to pull those straddle of the fence Catholics who believe in divorce. And those who think Joe Biden will really be running the show. The results of this race will be hot or cold. He only helps lock up the lukewarm vote.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Going To Get At You

I don't want to be an instigator, so I won't tell Six/Nine directly what I think. I know he won't read this blog, so I'm not encouraging him. But I do agree with him whole heartedly on everything he said. I don't want him to get in any trouble with the law. Which undoubtedly is where this whole thing will end up. I know Thaddeus wasn't expecting him to call the show. The minute Thaddeus heard his voice on the other end of the phone. His heart dropped to his socks. This is the second time in as many weeks, that someone has called him out. Both times he has wiggled around a direct confrontation. While still trying to appear in control. Last week he was more apathetic, when talking to the landscaper. This week he was visibly shaken though.

Just as I've always said. He only bothers people who have something to lose, or those who won't fight back. Most people have come to the conclusion that it's cheaper to ignore his rants, than get into an argument with him. He is especially good at intimidating women and driving other men away. Six/Nine has something to lose, but he sometimes forgets. Toni Green is a troublemaker. She's playing both sides of the fence. She called pretending to be so tickled at the show. While still trying to change the subject. She is the reason for this mess. Six/Nine wouldn't be making claims of her and Thaddeus not getting along if she wasn't telling him that. On the other hand Rennie is going to let her associations get her in trouble. I bet she is getting reamed out right now. Jerome didn't tell Thaddeus anything. Like he claimed. They're probably not even friends. Rennie got that from Godiva. Who is Jerome's girlfriend.

I bet Thaddeus is looking over his shoulders now. He kept trying to get Six/Nine to threaten him on the radio, but it ended up the other way around. He ended up saying what he was going to do to him. Six/Nine suggested they arrange a boxing match.Where he promised he would knock Thaddeus out. Of course Thaddeus wanted no part of that. After he threatened to call the TDOT and make a false report. He ended up promising to shoot him. In spite of all the threats that were directed at him. The only thing I heard him say was "I'm going to get at you."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

All It Takes Is One

A situation like this is not the norm anywhere. In any city in America, this would get national attention. It would probably be an isolated incident also. I don't expect any copycat killings. Someone please tell me the last time a student was shot and killed in the MCS. The people who blame Willie Herenton for everything that happens in this city and obviously across the state, are a big part of the problems we face. It's embarrassing when I read the local coverage of a story that might be read all over the world. And posters are taking potshots at the mayor and blaming him for something he has nothing to do with.

If you've moved away from Memphis, "good for you." But don't act like you've moved to a Utopia though. All it takes is one incident and it's never the same. I wonder how happy you'll be when they put in toll-booths, and you have to pay to come to work? People in Desoto County are now looking to go even farther. In the next ten years you'll be in Panola County.

All the off color comments don't help the crime, schools or the taxes in Memphis. For anyone that listens to this negative conversation. It only feeds into an attitude of defeat and helplessness. Constantly posting on the Commercial Appeal website isn't equal to one citizens vote. There are those of us in Memphis, who would rather fight than switch. This has nothing to do with who is in City Hall, but who is in your house.

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (1950-2008)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Everything Must Change

Just because their fathers and husbands were men of vision, doesn't mean their dream is still alive. At some point you have to have to move to the next level. Leave the past behind. When they took their last breath, their work was over. Both of these men of God did their part. Mrs. King died with the name Mrs. King, and Mrs. Patterson can do the same. Both women will always be first ladies. Martin Luther King and G.E. Patterson provided a healthy inheritance for their families. Based on the families recent court actions it just wasn't good enough. Martin Luther King died forty years ago. His wife nor either of his four children have done anything but manage his legacy or peddle his name every since. King's most famous speech was "a check for insufficient funds." That doesn't give the King family a lifetime pass to the pockets of blacks. There is only so many times, we can send that check through. If it hasn't been cashed yet. Eventually we have to write it off as a bad debt.

Today I read the newspaper and Sister Louise Patterson is suing her nephew Milton Hawkins the newly elected pastor and his church the Temple Of Deliverance. It seems there is a discrepancy in how the money is being divided. Mrs. Patterson still owns the tapes being played on television every week and the land on which the church is built. I have always thought she was too involved in the affairs of the church. She wants the same input or more than she had when her husband was alive. In my heart I believe Bishop Patterson was an anointed leader and he knew his wife. His intent was not to upset the order of the church. I believe he left his wife what he wanted her to have. I don't blame her for trying to keep getting what she can get. The people love her and want to see her treated like the Bishop's wife. Having said that, I don't blame Pastor Hawkins for doing what he did either. It's like having a phantom Bishop that gets part of the collections. Anything with two heads is unnatural. Taking it to court only delays it temporarily. Everything must change.

Talk To Your Daughters

Two young women already have been victimized by these four men that we already know about. I would be willing to bet, there are many more that we haven't heard their plights yet. At least one of these incidents is going to have far reaching effects. Probably both of them will. Timothy Payne the HIV infected pool attendant has had sex with a number of underage girls. I hope that's not the case with the Frayser rape and beating. The other three defendants probably have never been tested. This happens far more than we think. Every able bodied man that you see is a possible perpetrator, and every able bodied girl is a possible victim. What is missing is a clear line dividing the two. Just because you're a female or underage, doesn't automatically make you innocent.

Young girls need to stay away from grown older men. What do you think is going to happen? The girls are fast and the men are horny. I'm going to ask two questions. Honestly answer them for yourself. One to women,and the other to men. To women: In most cases do you not wish you had the same body you had as a teenage girl? In case there are readers beyond menopause. Don't consider getting pregnant or monthly cycles. To men: What do most of you have now, that you didn't have as a youngster? Unless you have done absolutely nothing with your life. You have some money. Even grown men who have never worked, draw a social security check. You got women checking for that. It doesn't cost as much for a young girl as it does for a woman. Since both older men and younger girls are going to be here. The two have to coexist.

Where is kidnap and rape commonplace? To give the impression that average women can't walk up and down the streets of Memphis in the open, without being attacked. Is a stretch even for this town. The fact that someone seen what was happening, and felt comfortable participating. Says something the news doesn't say. They had no fear of getting in trouble for the rape. But one of them had since enough to know they couldn't get away with murder. When the young lady threatened to tell police. That's when they got worried. What gave them the idea they could do what they did? Since men might do anything. Talk to your daughters.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Proof Is In The Picture

I listened to Pastor Andre Guy voice his opposition to the pastor at Hope Presbyterian making the decision to allow a memorial service to be held at his church for Isaac Hayes. Pastor Guy's premise was correct, but his position was hypocritical. Especially coming from him of all people. How can you protest a memorial service for a Scientologist in a Christian church, when you've had a confessed Atheist speaking in your pulpit before? Especially one who is sharper and more articulate than you. He has always hid behind the claim that he was converting him with the love of God. "Light and darkness don't mix." Personally, I already knew this little bit of information about the Pastor. But Perry Steele busted him on the air, and sent me the picture to prove what he said. I only wish some of those listening could see this for themselves. The proof is in the picture.

Tavis Smiley's Wish List

I finally saw the 9th annual "State Of The Black Union" with Tavis Smiley and supposedly the voices of the conscious of black America. The most anticipated attendee at this years event was visibly absent. The guest of honor Barack Obama didn't show. Instead of representatives of a wide spread group of ideas. It was just the usual speakers who best articulate the same battle cry blacks have been complaining about for the last forty years. With a New-Jack sprinkled here and there. We don't have the same issues today we had back then. I must say I wasn't missing anything. It was just another stage for problem profiteers to showcase their speaking skills. I found it interesting they had Daron Boyce a youth from Memphis's Kirby High school who proved that the misdirection of the black race is alive and well. He was drilled and prepped by a much older aunt, who chaperoned him. I guess he represented the new generation. It was amusing to hear a young man talk about things that happened long before he was even born. The speaker in the first half of the program that I felt had the most to say, got to talk the least. Rev. Melvin Love of New Orleans only had the microphone twice. I wish I could say the same for Michael Eric Dyson and Jesse Jackson. We were exposed to at least one of their spins on every question.

The second half of the forum was a little more balanced than the first. The only Republican on the panel offered some much needed balance. Former Lt. Governor Michael Steele of Maryland was a breath of fresh air. He was the one black person in the house that had the nerve to disagree with not just the Democrats but Obama as well. The way he explained how he could be happy that a black man could be elected to the highest office in the land. But not support him based on his views. Was the best description of how other true black Conservatives feel. At every large gathering there's always going to be the comedian in the house. This forum didn't dissappoint. Keeping Tavis Smiley and the politically correct members of the audience on the edge of their seats. Dick Gregory did an excellent job. It was largely an Obama crowd, but there were some Hillary Clinton supporters there too. Who by the way, she didn't abandon.

Since Hillary Clinton was invited, and made an appearance. Obviously it wasn't reserved for blacks only. Why didn't they invite John McCain too? Since he has a chance of being elected as well. As it turns out better than Hillary, if not Obama. I'm sure McCain had some supporters there even though few, and he would have been on hand. I was excited the first couple of times I watched the black covenant, but the newness has worn off. The same concerns they were voicing then, they're still voicing now. If it wasn't just a chance to try and one up the other. With all those people in positions of power. Something should have changed by now. The covenant with black America, has become nothing more than Tavis Smiley's wish list.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Dismantling Of Obama

I wouldn't go as far as calling him a robot, but he is an empty suit. I have been saying this for quite some time. "You can't be all things to everybody." Barack is trying to cater to everyone. The more he talks in front of the public, the more is revealed about him to those that listen. I started off calling it the "unwrapping of Obama." But my friend gave it a new name that sounds even better. It can be used for anything that happens to Barack Obama, between now and election day. Saturday nights political forum at Saddleback Christian church moderaterated by Pastor Rick Warren was just the beginning of the end for Obama. This was the first time we ever saw him without a prepared speech. He stuttered a lot, and didn't give any definitive answers. What I'm going to call it from now on is" the dismantling of Obama."

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Time It Will Be Fire

I can't help but get spiritual in these type situations. I'm just keeping it real. Thank goodness I have a blog. I can say what's on my mind. In every situation, hard as it may be, there is a lesson to be learned. There were ten people living in less than 600 sq. ft. of space. Pardon me, but that's against the law. Since we spend a lot of time talking about unwed pregnancy, and the effects it has on our community. Why hasn't it come up concerning this tradgedy? Could it be that the most vocal proponents want to exploit it for all it's worth? That's why no one has said anything yet. Seven people have died, and all were uninsured. Sadly this is a prime example of the effects of a wayward life. Six children have died and I have yet to see one father.

A whole family lost their life that night. And one of the family members has since moved back in the front apartment of the triplex. I wonder how long they have lived at that address? Killed in the house fire at 862 Baltimore St. were Melissa Poole, 38; her children, Deon Poole, 18, Diamond Poole, 9, Dajanique Poole, 7, and D'Shun Poole, 5; niece, Arianna Poole, 4, and nephew Rodney Poole, 1.
"We need all the help we can get," said an exhausted Deon Shields, brother of Melissa Poole.
Darius Poole, 16, and DeAndra Poole, 11, suffered second-degree burns to their faces and hands.

The family has shown up and suddenly went to work. They are manning the post around the clock with buckets collecting money. The media is trying to portray this family as devout Christians who attended church services regularly. The truth of the matter is the children only went to bible study to eat. The mother probably didn't even go at all. She even missed little D'Shun's baptism. The church served pizza on Thursday nights. This isn't the end for all who are reading this, but it is for some of them. Thank goodness God watches over fools and babies. Just remember " this time it will be fire."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unfortunately Album Sales Don't Count

Regardless of how many copies the album that garnered him the moniker "Black Moses" sold, that won't give Isaac Hayes salvation. If he didn't accept, believe and confess Jesus died for his sins at some point. We have seen and heard the last of old Ike. To make sure we didn't and his photo wouldn't be posted on the Internet. His body was taken to a white establishment. We can probably thank Thaddeus Matthews for that. After the Shindra Robinson incident. Any funeral home that he has connections to, is going to be carefully considered. Isaac won't be recording in the so called "Soul Heaven" either. With a lot of those other artists we hope will be there also. All we can do is pray God has mercy on his soul. That or he repented and asked for forgiveness before he died. Instead of Christians worrying about what funeral home got his body, they should be more concerned with who got his soul.

I wish my community especially, would stop trying to preach people into heaven at the funeral. After a person has took their last breath. That's it for them. Once you're deceased, the only thing that matters is what you've done during your life. You preach your funeral while you live. We can have two or three services, and have an attendants list that looks like a who's who. That won't make a bit of difference to God. When it comes to deliverance from sin. Unfortunately album sales don't count.

Racist Or Prejudiced

Have you ever seen the movie "Glory", with Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick? Andre Braughter also plays a pivotal role that best exemplifies my point. This is a whole movie plotted around my premise of Ben Ferguson's character. He delights in the mishaps of blacks in power. He isn't a drag the blacks behind the truck, like those who attacked James Byrd. But he does have a superiority complex when it comes to blacks. I have a friend who argues with me that Ben is not racist. I think he is though. He finally revealed why he thinks that he isn't. Which makes it easier to prove what I think. Just because he had a college room mate and friend that was black, doesn't let him off the hook.

In the movie. Andre Braughter played a enlisted man and Matthew Broderick played an officer. Even though they grew up together as friends. When they got out in society, they were still in different stations. Matthew made his other playmate an officer like him. Why didn't he do the same with his black friend? Was Matthew racist or prejudiced? He didn't dislike blacks, but he was born a part of the system that oppressed them. If he excels in that arena, it will be because he followed there rules to some degree.

Read the definitions below and see what you think:

a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.
[Origin: 1865–70; <>


an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.
any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.
unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, esp. of a hostile nature, regarding a racial, religious, or national group.

This latest idea is only another brick on the building in my opinion. Him and his listeners are tearing down the city's idea, yet they don't have anything of substance to offer in it's place. Now they have dismissed Cummings Street's offer as a give away. Since I pointed out to him , that offer was still on the table. Why put it up for sale; when we already have a buyer. To try and get back all the money that the city has invested over the years is ludicrous. Another example of him being condescending to the citizens. When we released the University of Memphis from it's lease. The possibility of turning a profit disappeared. The main priority then becoming ridding the city of this good looking money pit.

This is a link to the site:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's Going On Here

I have always maintained that the election of either of these Democratic nominees would result in another Republican in the White House. Barack must feel like all the cards are against him right now. He thought he had already faced the wrath of the Clinton machine. Not so fast though. It seems that some of the dirt and strategy she planned to use against Barack Obama herself. Have inadvertently reached the hands of John McCain. Stuff that he can use too. He doesn't have to hold anything back. Party unity is not his concern.

I think we are witnessing a major turn-around in this Presidential campaign. The Russian attack on American ally Georgia. Has highlighted the difference experience in foreign affairs makes. That's just like the fickle American. They want it both ways. Last week they wanted to bring the troops home regardless. Now they're talking about a detour and the possibility of a draft. They just want to be protected. This could have been just the boost John McCain needed. He has exhibited a maturity that even the President hasn't shown. Both camps have to be asking. What's going on here?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good Things Ahead

No. 10 White Station Spartans
The Commercial Appeal
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Three Questions with ...

Fred Harvey junior linebacker

Q: Your favorite pizza topping?

A: Sausage

Q: If you're the lead actor, who's your leading lady?

A: Gabrielle Union

Q: Most comfortable pair of shoes you own?

A: My Air Force 1's


2007 record: 12-1 overall (7-0 in Region 8-5A), lost in quarterfinals of playoffs to Millington, 45-16.

Points scored: 491 (37.8 ppg)

Points allowed: 205 (15.8 ppg)

This is not the last time you will see this young man's face. I know him and his family personally, and his success in athletics couldn't happen to a better group of people. Being that they all play such an active role. Not just because I know them. But I expect nothing but good things in his future.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Dreaded Joke

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who Stands To Gain

As someone who listens to talk radio regularly. It has become quite evident that if Barack Obama wins the Presidency. He is going to be the daily fare of some radio talk show hosts. We will experience a domino like effect. Rush Limbaugh won't be the only one signing multi-million dollar radio deals. If Howard Stern is successful with XM/Cirrus we might have to pay to hear what they have to say. Even if Obama doesn't win. He has already given them a spotlight. They all have new listeners.

I never heard of Bill Cunningham before late last year. Now I look forward to his syndicated talk show on the weekend. Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly were already recognized for their political views, but not like they are now. Hannity and Coulmes comes on three times a day. With Hannity clearly being the driving force behind their popularity. Sean Hannity is like daily listening for the Obama camp these days. He is fuel for any fire that's lit beneath the Democratic nominee. Barack might put some people out of work though. I'm sure Bill O'Reilly and his writers and staff members appreciate the gift. He gives them fifteen minutes of material on a daily basis. They won't have to search for material for a while.

He'll probably even make some new powerhouses in media. Young Ben Ferguson is a rising star in is own right. He has a syndicated talk show on the weekend, and appears regularly on television. There's only so far he can go with Willie Herenton. So he has to find a new whupping board. He has got his training from the best. His mentor "Mike Flemming" is getting old, and doesn't have the fire anymore. He has trained young Ben to follow in his footsteps. This will give him a chance to face the nation.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but all these guys are Conservatives. They practically disagree with everything he says. It would seem like some Liberal hosts would be in the honorable mention. Where is the likes of Roland Martin and Keith Olbermann. More than not have hit the bricks. Air America is a prime example of failed Liberalism. Liberals have a lot to say, but they don't want to pay. As soon as this election is over. They won't be able to get their calls answered. When it's all said and done. Who stands to gain?

Isaac Hayes (1942-2008)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Flash From The Past

Bernard McCullough "Bernie Mac" (1957-2008)

Friday, August 08, 2008

He Just Got Caught Up In The Mix

At the rate we're going the only person that's going to be qualified to hold office is Jesus Christ himself. I know as a world of unrepentant sinners, we aren't ready for him to come back and take the reigns yet. I don't think there is a man or woman alive with the smarts to be a politician, that hasn't done something they shouldn't have. Having said that. The basic instinct required to hold office; competitiveness. Is against the Christian nature in itself. In order for you to win, your opponent has to lose. You can't concern yourself with who needs the win the most. It's all about you.

Now we can understand the half hearted effort put on by John Edwards in his bid for the Democratic nomination. He endorsed Barack Obama, but I think it was only because he was the projected winner anyway. He didn't want to be more of a distraction to the party, than he knew he would undoubtedly become at some point. So he tried to quietly disappear with no fanfare, unlike the other opponent Hillary Clinton. Or did he really? Now Barack Obama has to take a position, even though it wasn't him. This story was brewing all the time. Bringing it up now only gives a stage to other candidates ethical indiscretions. From what I've seen already, that would be to McCain's advantage.

Whether he is the biological father or not doesn't really matter. The damage to his credibility, and political career are already done. Reilly Hunter appears to be just some jump off to him. She was also sleeping with his campaign finance director during that time. There isn't even a father listed on the child's birth certificate. Last I heard she has refused to take a paternity test. I think she was making her rounds among the higher echelon campaign workers. She will find out who the father is when we find out. John Edwards just got caught up in the mix.

Janis Is Drinking Again

Every time this woman gets behind the wheel, the media finds out. What was WMC-TV 5 doing at Fitzgerald's casino that late at night? Somebody had to tell them she was there. They went there specifically to get this story. With friends like hers, who needs enemies? Even though she was elected to the city council by a comfortable margin. There are a lot of voters who don't want her to hold that seat.I would venture to say that number has grown. There is no way she could win a city wide election now. She might even have a hard time being reelected to that district. People who she supposedly confides in, are sticking her in her back.

That pain pill excuse is wearing thin. She used that when she was in the auto accident last month. One of reasonable intelligence might ask. "If you're in so much pain, what are you doing in down in Tunica?" The place for you is at home. I have often said, "anyone that frequents the casino bears watching." Janis and several others are in that number. When you're down there. You're either gambling, drinking, or courting. In some cases all three. Depending on your situation you shouldn't be doing either one. Beyond her being back on the bottle. In Janis case little else matters. From that point on everything is downhill. I think we can safely assume. Janis is drinking again.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Few More Bricks On The Building

People aren't looking at the big picture here. They're like a herd of sheep headed for a cliff. If someone doesn't stop them. They'll follow each other right over the edge. African-Americans are migrating to Desoto county with the quickness. The African-American population has grown by 147% in seven years. It's all neat and pretty now. Just give it ten more years. It will look just like Hickory Hill.

Believe it or not. There are some ghettos in Mississippi. If not in Desoto county, right on the edge. I know they have them in Horn Lake. Right past the Desoto Civic center. When I saw them I couldn't believe my eyes. The main advantage to living across the state line is paying less taxes. You don't have any taxes, because you don't have any services. For all those people you are going to need to hire more police. Also in many communities there is a stench in the air, because they don't have an adequate sewage system. The MPD needs to catch some of these Mississippians coming to Memphis and dumping their garbage. We could fatten the city's coiffures by fining them $500 or whatever the fine is for illegal dumping these days.

What they don't tell you is, property values aren't growing as fast as the population. They're constantly building new houses. So that new house you bought in that new subdivision five years ago, is no longer a hot property. You can't get much more than you paid for it then. So when you sell it and pay a realtors commission. You're going to end up in the hole. Therefore you can't sell your house. You just have to bite the bullet.

Here is where the masonry begins. Taxes are slowly but surely going to rise. In order to replace all the amenities you get in the city. Those things come with a cost. The education system is going to change. Where you go, your cousins will eventually follow. Not saying that's always bad, but you get my drift. The country schools will soon become like those in the city. Not saying that's always bad, but you get my drift. Everywhere you go, there you are. When all these things happen, and they will. What will be the next move? What will you do when your job and your residence are in two different states, and there's a toll booth in between? We will finally have what I have been talking about for years. Every year that passes gets us closer.It's a few more bricks on the building.

Read the numbers:

I'm Not Surprised

This is yet another one of my predictions. "I'm pretty good", if I must say so myself. The first time I saw John Thune speak at the 2004 Republican convention. I told the person I was talking to, this Senator was a rising star in the Republican party. Needless to say they disagreed with what I said. Mainly because he wasn't a Democrat. Just to see his name mentioned as a possible vice president is confirmation as far as I'm concerned. Whether John McCain chooses him as his running mate or not. This is just the beginning of his ascension.

John Thune isn't a Johnny-come-lately. He hasn't just been sitting back on his laurels since being elected. This guy has been busy building a resume since I last saw him. He has been in support of President Bush 84% of the time. Much like myself. I don't agree with everything he does, but I agree with him most of the time. I applaud John Thune on his strong stance on Social Security. People want the benefits, but they don't want the risks. The entitlement mentality is what has this country in the shape it's in now. The more voters that are tired of the country going in this direction. The more this candidates popularity is going to rise.

On top of that, he will satisfy something that seems to be very important to some voters these days. The voters in America are very superficial. He has the ability to have that rock star appeal. The same wave that Barack Obama is presently riding. John Thune can catch a ride on the same tide. Only this time on the Republican side. He has the same thing in his corner as former candidate John Edwards. But he has an even greater advantage. He is also over six feet tall. I'll be watching to see how this story unfolds. If he ends up on the ticket in November, I'm not surprised.

The Undriven Snow

I have always said this woman can get her act together, and it will be like she was never out there. I have seen this woman's private parts, and I have never even met her. Unfortunately that same rule doesn't apply to all those young ladies who were in her company. Her and Nicole Ritchie were thick as thieves during their stint on "The simple life." Then they had a cat fight and Nicole's life has been on a downward spiral every since. They supposedly made up, but Nicole has disappeared into a humdrum life of single motherhood. Speaking of young mothers, look at poor Britney spears. After hanging out with Paris and her crew. She lost custody of her children and got admitted to a rehab. The former darling to the pop culture. If not careful will have to stage a comeback. Now they're using Paris to appeal to the conscious of young America for the most important election in recent history.

The inquiring mind can't help but wonder, why is Paris Hilton still on top? Along with having lots of money. She hasn't comitted the ultimate sins according to white males. It's still just a phase she's going through. She hasn't publicly acknowledged being intimate with a black man. She also hasn't had any babies black or white. There is something to that Mandingo theory. The dominant white male majority in this country relegates a white women to a certain status after she does certain things. If she doesn't have an interracial baby. She can go somewhere else, and be clean as the undriven snow.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lock Her Up

I hope she didn't think she would get a break by doing her dirt down in Memphis. She might be right though, since she was charged with aggravated assault and not attempted murder. Nashville is in Tennessee, but it's a red county. Shelby is a blue county in a red state. Thus the difference. Women seem to get away with shooting their men in this area. All they have to do is claim physical abuse. Monique Williams shot her man and hid him in a trunk. Her son helped her hide the body and they both got off. Even though the murder victim had restraining orders on her. Mary Winkler shot her husband in the back of the head, while he was asleep. They caught up with her later in another state. Much to my surprise the other day, she got custody of her children. Those are not the only examples, just some of the more noted ones.

The one thing all of these domestic situations seem to have in common, is the shooters ability to walk away. If someone is beating you and forcing you to do things against your will. If you possess the means and opportunity to leave. Why would you stay? I just don't buy that excuse about them not being able to walk away. I watched a movie the other night and it best described what I think is par the course. These people are gambling. Betting the beatings won't outweigh the benefits. For one reason or another, the supposed victims don't want to leave. All that being said. That's the price that you pay. Lock her up.

Read the story:

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

More Of The Same

Forgive me for beating a dead horse, but isn't this the same lady that misplaced a $2000 bribe she claims she knew nothing about? I know that case is off the books now. Councilwoman Wanda Halbert better thank God for double jeopardy. Because of it she doesn't have that outcome to worry about any more. The citizens never got the complete story on that situation, because Bruce Thompson plea bargained it out. There was also something about a transportation contract being awarded by the MCS, while she was President of the board. To someone who didn't meet the required qualifications. It was rumored that the person in question happened to be her boyfriend. Let's not forget about the favoritism that was given her son in the form of scholarships. When more deserving students were overlooked. Because she was a member of the Memphis City School board. This woman's career in politics has been mired with questionable associations. "Where there's smoke there's fire."

Wanda Halbert is a very likable person. Her inviting personality is sort of contagious. You can't help but want to see her do well. You get the feeling she's had to struggle. That doesn't qualify her though to be a city council woman. She did enough damage while she was on the school board. Sarah Lewis, Gerry House, Carol Johnson and her. Sat this school system back twenty years. We needed a Kriner Cash a $100,000 dollars ago. We took corporal punishment out of the school. Now we have to put a school police force in place. This is just an example of her using her office to try and get the hook-up. Until the citizens of Memphis require yo be more than a "around the way girl." We'll continue to get more of the same.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Wishing For A Speedy Recovery

Early this morning or late last night Morgan Freeman was seriously injured in a single car accident. He had a female passenger in the car. The 97 Nissan Maxima also belonged to her. They doors of the car had to be pryed open by paramedics with the jaws of life. Which indicates it was a pretty serious wreck. He was airlifted to the Med, where he is listed in serious condition. Last I heard the only injuries she received were minor cuts and scrapes.

My main concern would be for him and his passengers speedy recovery. Little did I know my Sunday school lesson would come into play. " Be quick to listen and slow to speak." For obvious reasons . One has to use restraints not to ask certain questions. For now we're just wishing them a speedy recovery.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Grain Of Truth

No Argument Here

I made a statement today on Andrew Clarksenior's show, about Steve Cohen not being endorsed by his own kind. If his competition is going to play the race card. I think they're playing the wrong one. Jewish people stick together. Why aren't they sticking with him? I bet Andrew didn't receive any emails from the usual Nancy boys disputing what I said. All the ill informed voters of the 9th district, in addition to those people with their own agendas. Who take advantage of every opportunity to brag about what he's done. Get awfully quiet when faced with facts. He is good with the public relations, but his record is never scrutinized. Nikki Tinker was right about him, though she won't be any better. The real debate just isn't there. Not because I haven't tried to start one. I just haven't had any takers. I just can't get no argunent here.


The Commercial Appeal
Shelby County Deputy Sheriffs' Association
Memphis Police Association
Memphis Education Association
Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association
J Street
Communications Workers of America
Memphis MoveOn
Maxine Smith
Yvonne Acey
Sierra Club
Planned Parenthood
Congressman John Conyers (MI-14)

: provided by his website

Escape From Memphis

The shootout that took place yesterday in North Memphis is yet another wake up call for Memphians. We can no longer ignore the fact that we have a major gang problem in this city. Just like all the other major cities with large minority populations across the United States. Unfortunately it's not in it's infant stages anymore. It is full grown and flourishing. No longer can we point the finger at L.A. and Chicago. Our fair city has now joined the ranks. Since obviously the hearts of the people aren't likely to change. We are much in need of a law enforcement infusion like New York had under Rudolph Giuliani. The gangs are literally taking over.

Instead of glorifying the lifestyle of these hoods with news coverage. We should be making public examples of them. So, every child with a television set in their home. Can see where this type of behavior leads them. You can't leave it up to the juvenile mind to correct itself. " Foolishness abounds in the heart of a child." The day before gangs were a special interest story on the news. Some of the members were talking about their increasing numbers, and what they contribute to their neighborhoods. The television exposure must have made them feel like gangsters. The next day they were riding up and down the street shooting at each other. Options are getting slimmer everyday it seems for the law abiding citizens. About the only thing left to do is, escape from Memphis.