Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Shot Short

I  probably would have waited until the season was over before I traded Rudy Gay. But when you look at where he went. I think that explains why the Grizzlies did what they did. He was  worth more now than he would be at the end of the season. Rudy was making a whopping $17 million annually. By trading him the team got four players and saved  $35 million over the next two years. Rudy wasn't this season and never has put up the kind of numbers that justified paying him that much money. He should be forever grateful to Michael Heisley. He hasn't even ever made the All-Star team. But he is making marquee money.

Rudy was a second tier player at best. He has lost at least five games this year alone. Games that he himself should have won. The game he won against Philadelphia last week, was too little too late.  The fans should have experienced that same type euphoria several times this year courtesy of him. I always thought Rudy was a good player, just unfortunately overrated. He was only worth about half of what he was making. So this is why the media tried to give him credit for every game the Grizzlies won. The people in Toronto don't really know. It would be hard to let a clutch performer leave. But Rudy Gay wasn't one. He was always a shot short of being great.

Forever Connected

I'm not surprised at all these two are reunited. I always thought their biggest problem was the paparazzi. I believe a rumor I heard  when the infamous fight first happened. I won't repeat it because I have no proof. Let's just say money doesn't buy everything. The thing they share is more prevalent than you think. I heard some statistics the other day that somewhat gave me confirmation.  I don't think Celebrities are exempt.

If you notice neither one of them has ever completely left the other. Unless of course you count Chris Brown and Carruche Tran.  Who may have really liked him or was just along for the ride. Unlike him and RiRi. They probably never had sex without a condom. The real woman in his life has always been Rhianna. Even though they aren't married and have no children yet. They are forever connected.

Fully Cooked

There is always pride before the fall. Instead of seeking forgiveness for his transgressions. Just last week Thaddeus Matthews was on the air bragging about he wasn't going to jail. He might not be in jail right now, but he isn't on the air either. The same thing that got him on the air in the first place, has eventually got him off. I predicted this six years ago. He has bought time at three different stations and a stint on the Internet since then. I think he has finally did it this time. The one who has been his lifeline for the last three or so years, has finally cut the purse strings. The big difference this time is his opposition has a microphone like him. By constantly talking about what happened. He is only helping MUTV1. They aren't paying for the commercials. For once we get to hear the other side. He can't hang up the phone.

I read Thaddeus' explanation of why his show was cancelled. I agree with what Ivory Taylor did. I just disagree with how he pulled it off. I just believe birds of a feather flock together. Ivory Taylor has been co-signing Thads' foolishness for years. All of a sudden they are going in different directions. It's not them, but the money that's going on a different path. No reputable,customer service based business, is going to advertise on his show. The bottom line is his show didn't generate any income for the station. The home-cooked food at "Shop-N-Save", or haircuts for half-price on Tuesday at "Trendsetters" aren't big accounts. Thaddeus' show was becoming one big commercial with as many $20 spots as he could get. You can bet he was trying to make as much as he was spending out. Even to the point of not paying all his bill. You can bet since he started with the station. He didn't want to pay the going rate. I bet the main issue revolved around the new contract.

I anticipate the flooding of the airwaves with camera phone commercials. He has plans to produce and air his own program on Comcast immediately after his former affiliate leaves the air everyday. I think that is a move of desperation. He has been as humble as I have ever seen him after being cancelled in the past. I think it might have finally sunk in that he doesn't have the power to really raise any real hell other than among his listeners. It didn't take a Clearchannel or a Ben Ferguson to shut him down. He was thumbing his nose at whites, and an unknown, inexperienced broadcaster shut him down. I'm not so sure it was Ivory Taylor but his partners that lowered the hatch. He was done a long time ago but he kept cooking. This time I think he is fully cooked.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost The Truth

I enjoy watching the Cadillac Kimberly vlogs on YouTube. I thought she might be a good source for Atlanta entertainment news behind the scenes. But her word just might not be bond as I originally thought. She seems to have an issue with everyone in Atlanta radio that has a job. After some reading and deeper investigation. I found out that she had worked at V.106 for over six years. And she didn't get along with any of her co-workers except Sophia. Who btw is a man with a female name. Probably the only one on staff who she didn't have to compete with. In Atlanta practically every station has a gay personality. So Sophia's competition was at another station.

I don't know if the same rules apply to reporting gossip as reporting the news. The first rule of reporting news is don't take sides. That's what CK has done here. Kandi Burrus is Madame Queen of the ATL right now. If she has been asked to appear on "Kandi Coated Nights" twice. Why has she refused to appear on that show? It is one of the most popular shows on the Internet these days. Everybody else in Atlanta who has any buzz has been on there. It's almost like a resume builder of sorts. It would give her credibility and expose her to a whole new fan base. She can't make a vlog without mentioning Kandi's name anyway. Why not prove you're not scared, or at least stand behind what you say?  Pick on somebody like Joseline Hernandez. She fights back.

You can't  expose others when you're trying to hide yourself. Cadillac Kimberly's biggest appeal is what she hides about herself. Yet she wants to spill the beans about everybody else. While hiding behind the Internet herself. She has no problem doing radio interviews where she has the upper hand. A private Twitter account doesn't tell you how many fans she doesn't have. Look at how many people are watching her vlogs She can claim she has a long line of people waiting to be her friend whether she does or not. She reminds me of Thaddeus Matthews with one big difference. She tells you from the start it's her opinion.  Now that's almost the truth.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner (1944-2013)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wishful Thinking

There is no way I could talk about the Atlanta  entertainment scene and not talk about the doll. I can talk about him/her because by their own admission they aren't gay. The more I see him/her,the more I wonder is this just an act. Though he is supposed to be a homosexual. I have never seen him do or say anything out of the way around a man. Nothing about him looks like a woman but his hair. All he does is play with his wigs and talk on his videos. You never see him walk or anything. So you can't tell from that. I couldn't swear to him being a girly-man. This might just be an act.

I had been planning to write a blog in  regards to his disagreement with Kenya Moore. Funky Dineva has a large following, and exhorts a lot of influence among reality television fans. I  think they are meddling here where they don't belong. Their allegiance to Kandi is causing trouble already. But as it turns out him and Kandi were dealing  with the same thing on another front.  A potty mouthed comedienne named "Cadillac Kimberly" is accusing them of stealing her act. I can see why Kandi, Phaedra and the whole RHOA cast  would want to keep her quiet. Except maybe Kenya Moore for now. They don't have a beef. Porsha Stewart better keep quiet, before they start talking about Cordell in the park. I just started listening to  this Cadillac Kimberly. She might be a bully that only tells the  truth  when it's convenient .

Whatever they are, I find them entertaining. I just don't particularly like the righteous indignation they exhibit. Since he never is seen out of character. Don't variate from the normal to provide social commentary. I'm not comfortable with a man with a full beard dressed as a woman determining right from wrong. We have already made Madea a national treasure. She is one of the richest black men
in  the country.In my opinion he is already being used to a degree. By signing with Kandi, they already have a conflict of interest. She has in essence bought his silence. A lot of the drama starts  with her. Kandi and her friends are like a buffet. How can you get the tea and don't use any water? That's just wishful thinking.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


When Nicki Minaj made the comment in a rap song, "lazy bit&*es were f ^* ^ing up the economy". She had to eat her words before people started to listen to what she said. Especially those buying her records. But she was saying how she really felt.  People with money are breaking camp. But it's a matter of numbers. Half of 100 is better than all of  25.  Nicki needs to be close to her money.

 That's not the case with Tina Turner though. She is moving her citizenship to Switzerland. Her money is already made. She hasn't recorded a record in three years and it wasn't a commercial success. The people she is paying all these taxes to support aren't supporting her. Young people these days have never heard of her. Though every video vixen who ever made it big should pay her homage. She made shaking your booty acceptable. It just doesn't pay royalties.

Dime On A Dollar

This is another multi-million dollar house in the city of Atlanta that will end up being sold for a steal on the auction block. At the rate this project is progressing. I predict the original owner "Sheree Whitfield" will only complete about half of  Chateau Sheree. When she will have to foreclose on this house as everyone expected. Then somebody with money like Kandi Burrus will buy it off  the courthouse steps for a dime on a dollar.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Naturally Sweet

If I were in a position of influence with the Atkins sisters. One in particular. I have an excellent idea for them. The one I would prefer to promote this idea is Goo Goo. She could do it tastefully. I'm sure Tina wouldn't want to be a spokesperson.  No one wants to admit to this type enhancement. Since Goo has taken the title of being the chubby one. Let her go solo on this one. But at least two of them I know are only a Triscuit away from blowing up themselves. When you go to Goo's website.You see the majority of her clients seem to be of the portly persuasion.  They also mostly have a gospel flavor. The sisters claim they don't want to be to suggestive in their dress. They don't show any flesh, but almost everything they wear is like a second skin. Even  when they wear jeans it's like they're wearing leggings.

Instead of going for that "busted can of biscuits" look. Since Goo's specialty is fashion. She should develop and promote a specialized undergarment line. Don't try and dupe the folks like Body Magic did. Give  the good sisters something  they can go  to their local Lane Bryant's and buy. A sexy panty girdle instead of a skimpy thong. Unless Goo and her sisters stop eating cheeseburgers. Her family will be her best customers.  All women don't want to spend six days a  week, sometimes twice a day in the gym.  Trying to look like Michelle Obama. She is naturally slim. She is enjoying  the benefits of her middle aged spread. Contrary to popular belief. That's not what all men want either. "Nobody wants a bone but a dog". Nothing is hotter  than a woman who can cook in the kitchen and the bedroom too.

I don't know whether they know it or not, but the older sisters are giving Goo some good advice. Don't  take your produce to the market. Then you have to compete with the other juicy fruits. If you know your fruit is the best. Make them come to you. Since Erica had her baby. She hasn't bounced back to her former splendor.There are those who think it's sexy as long as it's tight. As a general rule that's not right.Tina is pregnant now and I expect her to be as big or bigger than her sister. Then you have Goo, who hasn't even had a baby yet. In Atlanta it isn't about how many clothes you put on but how many you take off. Don't give them a choice between an orange and a peach. One is more work than the other. But they both are naturally sweet.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Talking Tom

Even though most blacks don't agree with his ideology. It's sad that we have basically relegated the one voice we have on the Supreme Court to virtual silence. Once it  was revealed that Clarence Thomas was a Conservative and had a white wife. He was labeled as a sell-out in his own community. While we're celebrating the first Black President being elected. No one is paying attention to the Supreme Court Judges he has appointed.  Sonia Sotomayer and Elana Kagin are not black women and neither one of them is married. What voice does the average minority male have in the mix?

When we have ten Supreme Court Justices and only one of them is a black Conservative man. Something is wrong with this equation. In all probability President Obama will appoint the next Justice to the bench. He has already appointed two. The only black person he has tried to appoint to anything was turned down. He tried  to ease Susan Rice on the back end with no success. This isn't a two term commitment. They hold this job until they retire. This will shape the future of this country for years to come. They initiate and interpret the law for us . Considering 1/3 of this court is likely to be either homosexual, liberal or female. We need an Talking Tom on the bench

Not Free

I was wondering what was the motive behind bringing up this dead horse issue again? Why would the Chief Administrative Officer George Little remove the 10 foot marker from the park. on his own, out of the blue? Then for Councilman Myron Lowery to follow up  with a suggestion to change the name of the park is fishy I'm not surprised that  Councilwoman  Janis Fullilove  would react the way she did.  This type foolishness ignites her base.  But not Councilman Lowery's supporters. He is usually expected to be the voice of reason. I don't remember him being particularly vocal on this issue before now. He wasn't even at the rally when Al Sharpton came to Memphis. Now that he has disturbed the bee hive again. He is conveniently out of town at a Democratic Convention.

I think this is just a smokescreen. We don't have term limits in Memphis  So I'm getting used to council members taking one for the team.  The one really talking about what we should be focused on is Council member Harold Collins. He said city officials are focusing too much time on the park instead of solving the city's chronic budget problems, crime rates and inner city deterioration.
"We've got bigger things to worry about in this city than a dead man's park," said Collins.

What about the proposal to raise the city sales tax?  That should be at the top of the agenda.  Watch how  the council comes together and supports this tax hike.  Where was the emotion for the poor city residents being double taxed? "If you don't pay for any thing,  you'll get nothing. If you want to see how serious they are. Explain to the people that it's not free.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Done

This is who Phaedra Parks needs to be worried about, not Kenya Moore. Since they already have a "Donkey" and a "Stallion". I guess Tahiry can be the "Unicorn". This is who is already getting famous for her backside. She could lock up the whole game if she was totally honest about herself. I think she is older than we think. If she let her real age be known. Fitness video sales and product endorsements would go through the roof. She hasn't lied about it, She just hasn't said one way or the other. I  think her and Joe Budden's mother know each other from back in the day. lol

I think we are witnessing a renaissance of sorts. Women like Tahiry Jose and Brooke Bailey are making a comeback. We have a lot of old Satin Dolls on the scene. Senior citizens still out there stripping and getting paid. They were fine before the Internet, and they still look good now . I don't think much of Cougars. But these aren't your run of the mill older women. They're up against women half their age and winning. These women are boo'd up with young NBA ballers and rappers too. There  are millions of reasons why they like them. When it's done it's done. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

There You Are

Kandi Burrus probably doesn't read this blog, but I have the answer to her question. It has nothing to do with her being a beautiful black woman. It's just that she will always be measured by her history with  Russell "Block" Spencer.  He already had a  wife and children at home.  Then she went and bought a man. When the biggest part of a man's livelihood depends on you. You are taking care of him. She has a cleaners and he makes hangers. Marlo Hampton was the only one who finally touched on her past on the last reunion show. That's why Kandi got so mad.  She didn't want to open that can of worms.

There is a reason Todd is taking his time. In a matter of months she has moved him in and bought a million dollar house. Even her daughter Riley thought she was moving too fast. I'll believe this marriage when it happens. If this guy is doing as well as she claims. He won't be around next year. I heard he left a woman and children behind. Kandi has come a long way, not to have moved very far Wherever you go, there you are.

Parting Gift

This is why men treat women any kind of way. Even after seeing the way he has treated women in the past. He still manages to get all the girls. This happened with Tahiry back in March of last year. But J.R. Smith has violated other women since then. I don't keep up with all the latest hip hop news. But you can't tell me K. Michelle didn't know about this. Now that I know this, I say no better for her. She will never say it publicly, but secretly this was an attempt to do the same thing to Tahiry. Supposedly Toya did to her. She couldn't wait to flaunt her relationship with J. R. Smith. It didn't work out that way though.

These women want to pull a Paris Hilton. Live like a baller until you decide to settle down. That doesn't work for the sisters. Obviously it doesn't work for the other races either once they cross the line. No affluent white men are checking for Kimoro Lee Simmons, and she is rich. These women are going all out for J.R.Smith and they don't even make honorable mention. The women better take a page from Beyonce. Everybody doesn't  even get to see the grand prize. Giving up the goods to quick. That makes it a parting gift.

The Old Block

Let's not forget Ayden has two parents. I think he got his brains from his father's side. Every time they feature him he acts like a spoiled brat. Since he couldn't walk down the runway like the other children. He should have been left out of the fashion show. Before he was born Phaedra and Apollo disagreed about parenting styles. Apollo had some silly ideas then. Based on Ayden's behavior, obviously he won the argument.

Even though I think Phaedra is a fake. I still feel sorry for her in a way. She has built this persona of  being the ultimate "Southern Belle". Then you discover how unorganized her own situation is at home. Phaedra has a full-time job covering for her convict husband. Ayden definitely looks like his dad. But for Phaedra's sake. Let's just hope he isn't a chip off the old block.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

President Obama Sworn In


By the time this season is over Rich Dollaz might actually be a drunk. He is the consummate employee but not a good boss. Erica needs a old Ike Turner in her life. Minus the physical part. She is too wild for the average guy. I  think Mona Scott-Young arranged this whole relationship thing. Mona is the only one who can make her act right, or at least be quiet. Erica is like the Joseline on LAHHA. Mona added  Erica Mena  to the mix for ratings. When she cried on  the reunion show. She locked up a spot on the show this season. Rich landed the job of watching over her.  Whenever she embarasses him with her over-the-top behavior. He hides behind being high.

To me this is like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Something about them isn't right. Where are the pictures of  Kim being with child? It could just be a hoax for the money like this Erica and Rich relationship. Since when did him and Olivia become such good friends? She was in the Chrissy camp. Until Chrissy kicked her out for taking sides with Yandy. Why would he listen to Olivia, when she has screwed everyone involved in her singing career but him?

I think I just figured out why the men and women hate Erica so much. The men hate her because they can't  control her. The women because they can't be her. For what she does, she has an impressive resume. Olivia should take another look. It's more extensive than hers'. Some of it is the same. Erica was on the hottest record of Olivia's career. She walked away from "Candy Shop" with her reputation in tact. That's more than we can say for Olivia. Instead of being coy. Rich should consider himself fortunate if he is hitting that. Charlamagne is just jealous. He doesn't count. You haven't heard about Erica sleeping around like you usually hear about. Obviously she is down for her dollaz.. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Charles "Chuck" Scruggs (1933-2012)


I didn't think their separation would last long, and it turns out I was right. This is the woman he always wanted with a shady past. I hope the media isn't going to tell us every time these two have a fight. Too bad they didn't cover his marriage this closely  when he was with Shaunie. She robbed him blind. Shaq wouldn't be so hard on Hoopz now.

Friday, January 18, 2013


The Miss USA pageant definitely has a type. They seem to acquire the darkest, prettiest women with the most exaggerated European features they can find.  I had to look twice because Erica Dunlap looks almost like Kenya Moore when she was crowned ten years earlier. The tall, slim build with the caramel colored skin with pretty white teeth.  They were and are the epitome of black beauty to whites. Not so much to blacks though. The only black beauty queen blacks remember is Vanessa Williams even though she isn't that fine. She is light, bright and almost white.

I think Ericka may have been under the illusion of inclusion. That was probably the same thing that happened to Kenya while she was young. They thought their best hand was with the other side.Pacquio would have won if Marquez didn't show. She noted that other black  winners don't come back.  There must be a reason. Just because they don't answer the door. Doesn't mean they're gone.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Business Is Business

I like Phaedra and Apollo, but sometimes Phaedra can be a bit much. She  thinks she can pull the  wool over any ones eyes as long as she starts it off with a compliment.  That's an old familiar trick used by hustlers. Make the mark think you're impressed with something they have. Giving you the upper hand on those who fall for the hustle. If you go for a  line you know isn't true. That says something about you. If you can sell everybody a glass house. You don't have to worry about anyone throwing stones. Phaedra is a glass house salesman surrounded by people looking for a home. If you tell anyone about her houses being no good. She'll sue you for defamation of character. By her being a lawyer she can afford to pursue her own cases.

It might not make good television, but I  think it would. Phaedra would make an excellent Funeral Director. But Apollo isn't up to the task. If he were a light bulb he would be a 40 watt. Every time he opens his mouth on camera, Phaedra holds her breath. I have only seen her out of character on the show twice  When she partially paraded around in a two piece bikini, and when she slobbed Apollo down at the dinner table in front of  the rest of the cast. Since she has been hanging out with Kandi. Having sex toy shows with guest appearances by Redicklous. I knew she wasn't the Southern Belle she pretended she was. She didn't get married and have two babies by a thug on a whim. He is the man because she loves him. But make no mistake about it. Phaedra wears pants as well.

I think Kenya Moore has exposed a dent in the Nida/Parks union. You haven't  heard much from Apollo before now. He was pretty much a mannequin in past seasons. He was making all his noise at the strip clubs in Atlanta. Not the one they went to on the show, but "Diamonds" and "Magic City". Obviously the donkey is not enough. Peter Thomas is slick hating though. He snitched on Apollo on a sly. Kenya makes all the marriied men want to talk. Peter and Gregg both would be flirting but Kenya isn't feeling them. Kenya and Phaedra are at an impasse right now. I think Phaedra's insecurity is causing her to make a bad business decision. If you're going to consult Todd and Kandi now . Why didn't she use them in the beginning? She was looking for the hook-up. She doesn't want to hire Kenya, but she wants to use her connections and ideas. She tried to go around Kenya and use Cynthia's modeling agency without discussing terms.Yet she wants an itemized budget down to the penny from Kenya. But last season she  held up filing important papers for Sheree Whitfield in her divorce until she got her money. What's the difference here? Business is business.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Kenya Moore is crazy like a fox. This woman is constantly on the television these days besides on RHOA. All of the cast members are doing other things, but none of them are working as much as Kenya. She has been a guest on The Wendy Williams Show, Andy Cohen in addition to numerous photo shoots and videos. She has even done a full length  movie. NeNe is working in L.A. in her recurring role on "The New Normal". I'm not hating but that doesn't put her on the level of a Loretta Divine. She should wait until the show lasts a couple of seasons before she packs her bags and moves to Beverly Hills. Just leaving Bryson behind doesn't free you from all your baggage. She should have left Gregg and Brentt at home at least until he finished school. With the high cost of living among the stars. She might just be making room and board.

Needless to say this song won't be blazing up the charts. But based on the initial reaction. The song is going to be a hit with the kids. I don't really care what they like myself. But they can make or break you. Andy Cohen, Ms. Lawrence and Derek J are humming it already. When you listen to the song the words are true. Most of the nasty things people say are based on maliciousness not truth.She isn't crazy and she isn't ugly. It's just her high standards and time restraints that cause her to be single. Well to do black men aren't to quick to get married. Especially if  they once had a wife. All the money the ex didn't get in the divorce. They want to spread it around to a host of females. As soon as they are legal they are game. In Atlanta Kenya is competing with women half her age. Every young black lady with a dream wants to be a peach.  She just comes with cream.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Tell It All

I know the new season of LAHH is going to be popular. Mainly because the franchise is so hot right now. But I don't care for some of the main characters though. I can't help but wonder why some of  these people are just coming out now? Joe Budden is like the Doug Christie of rap. His whole personal life has been an audition on the blogs and media sites. He used  Raqi to get his name out there. Then he sided with Tahiry when she showed up in the booty shorts. I know Raqi thought she was ahead, but she never had a chance. Raqi is a good looking girl but she doesn't have that bump they like.  Not the one like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have right now, but  the one they had at first. The one that lead to them getting the one they have presently. Like the one behind Tahiry Jose right now. 

Based on what I've seen so far. I also predict a guest appearance by Somaya Reece. The show can get a two for one special. She had problems with Joe Budden and Rich Dollaz both. Who btw suddenly is a major player thanks to Olivia supposedly finally getting a record deal. With a yet unnamed company I might add. Now this ghost writer named "Consequence" who has a child by a white woman"Jen The Pen" has suddenly come on the show wanting to put Erica Mena and Olivia in the studio together Considering Olivia didn't connect with the fans before. Why are they bringing her back this season? Since she is now managing K Michelle. Is Mona Scott-Young looking to build a stable of talented R&B female singers who got played by the men they trusted?  Olivia never thought she would go from being the "First Lady Of G-Unit" to not even having a record deal. Could it be the more relevant you are in the business, the less they have to work with on the show? Jim Jones really initially got hired due to his popularity. But since Mona Scott-Young got on board the focus of the show has changed. Nothing is off limits. That's why her and Chrissy don't get along. Chrissy has too many secrets.

This season is going to be more about who is sleeping with who, rather than who is trying to build a career. Chrissy squashed that with Somaya in the second or third episode in the first season. It was going on, but unlike this one the last cast just kept it on the low. Jim Jones rap career was of minor importance on the show last season. Joe Buddens' won't be the focus here either. I haven't seen him in the studio yet. It's been about his women and addictions so far. There has already been three women in two episodes. Him or the producers are playing them all against one another. He doesn't care how it is edited. He looks like a ladies man either way. But in Jim Jones I think they were looking for a Stevie J.and got a premature Rev Run, whose woman hadn't had his child. I was surprised too. I expeccted more drama. If Chrissy had a baby or just got pregnant. That would be a brand new story line in itself. Mama Jones would be a Grandmother and she could stop trying to be slick. Chrissy would have some business of her own and she could stop hiding behind Emily. Who could run the whole thing if she had any game. That would really be reality.

The artist who gained the most attention never said one line. If VH1 could pull it off by getting Fabolos on the show, it would send the ratings through the roof. I don't know any of these featured artists beyond this show. I don't follow King Magazine or XXL so I'm not familiar with the "urban models" with major roles. Which seems to be a prerequisite for making a guest appearance on the show these days. The women dictate the pace of the show. Unless it makes them look like they're up and coming or running things. Guys like Fabulos have no reason to go on the show. They want to know his tea so bad they're even hiring folks that know him. Even his assistant "Winter" captured a role on the show. His name is mentioned every episode anyway. On the other hand, guys like Jim Jones and Juelz Santana want to keep their relationships on the low. They might end up looking like a Buster. If everyone knew their ladys' history.That's what hurt Kimbella. She revealed too much of her past,  The producers won't have that problem this time though. These men and women tell it all. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alpharetta Or Atlanta

This is yet another real estate "diamond in the rough" in or around the city of Atlanta. Kim Zolchiak found this foreclosed house in the suburb of Alpharetta Georgia. She may have gotten the idea from Kandi Burrus, but looks like she might have made a better deal. Kandi has a beautiful house but Sweetie wasn't  totally off base in  the comments that she made. Kandi lives in a gated community, but she has to leave the house. Which house will be more marketable after it's completed? The one in Alpharetta or Atlanta?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Job

I don't blame Kriner Cash for getting out of Memphis before his contract is out. Since it's obvious the majority of vocal citizens don't appreciate what he brings to the table. I don't blame him for not staying around here long enough for something else bad to happen. They came close with the Irving Hamer incident. Don't let these jealous blacks and prejudice whites put a blemish on your impressive resume before you leave. In spite of all his accomplishments. You still have those that claim he hasn't made a difference.

Kriner Cash had two things working against him. He was black and light skinned with curly hair. White people had a problem with him because he was black. Black people don't like him because they're jealous of his fortune. He is looking rough since his wife died. A change of scenery would do him good. With all these eligible bachelorettes in Memphis.  The women should be trying  to convince him  to stay. Any time a black man in Memphis makes over $100,000 yr., he is a target. I didn't care for him myself, but when Joseph Lee was over MLGW. There was at least one protest per week. Since Jerry Collins took over the complaints have disappeared. The next time we see Kriner Cash he will have a new job and girlfriend.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friends Are Afraid

I've noticed a growing mentality among what we know today as gangster rappers. In most cases it won't escalate to someone actually getting killled. But like in the case of the Atlanta based rapper Yung Teddy. One senseless killing is too many. You would rather they just be snapped back into reality and live happily ever after. But don't underestimate the callousness of your haters. They're evening the score with guns. I first picked up on this listening to an interview with Waka Flocka  He seems to think because he's bigger than most guys, they won't try him.

By flashing his colors and signs on all his videos. He stirred up a Hornets nest with Crips and Gangster Disciples all over the country. To make matters worse he alerted all the smaller guys they better get their weight up because.he ain't no little guy. In essence extending a challenge to all those gang bangers under '6"5 and 250 lbs. who have a problem with him. Smaller guys have been crashing his video shoots and throwing bottles on stage at his shows every since. I think he has quieted down quite a bit though. Let's just hope it lasts. What happened to Slim Dunkin was too close to home for him.

The rappers "Gucci Mane"and "The Game"are just big bullies who haven't met their match yet.  They know most of the guys they're beefing with don't pose a threat. Gucci Mane challenged all the other people in the game to a bout in the boxing ring. The game danced around the issue, but he still didn't accept the invitation. I wonder why he didn't go in like he did with 40 Glock? It's more about what happened to Sticky Fingaz, than the lawsuit filed by 40 Glock. He comes from a family of bruisers. His father and brother in their day were touch hogs too. His mother had a thing for a thug. Gucci Mane's mother must have liked bad boys as well. I don't know anything about his father or what he was like. Maybe his mother was the source of his bad side. After all Gucci is Waka Flockas' first cousin.

From what I've gathered Yung Teddy was of this same ilk. His son's mother is charged with sending him threatening texts before he was killed. I think this was a Taylor Bradford type situation. I don't think she knew what was going to happen ultimately. She is just guilty of running her mouth too much. He had a reputation of being a bad boy in and around the city of Atlanta. Mainly because of his style of music. According to witnesses he was killed by two guys both under '5 9" with slim builds. Probably guys he had beef with earlier at some point. Somebody tweeted on his Twitter page they forgave him for taking a cigar from them one time. People have been killed for much less. The fight that killed Slim Dunkin started over a piece of candy. Both these men  were killed in front of witnesses but no one is telling. They fear their killers just like they did rhem.  How many of your so-called friends are afraid of you? 

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


All those people joining church at the funeral just got caught up in the moment.  Emotions were running high while they were in the building. Just look what happened in the parking lot. Pastor Shelton and I have had this discussion before. In my opinion he is campaigning. He said 65 to 70 people turned their life over to Christ on Saturday. The true numbers will come at the first of the month. How many of  them will follow through? Unless there is another highly publicized funeral at Promise Land. He might see five of them again.

Some people think this is a waste of time. But the final count isn't the issue. It's about extending the hand of fellowship to all who are willing to hear. It's a poor wind that won't change. When you see your way isn't working. Don't keep blowing the wrong way. Once you have witnessed to them about their salvation. You have given them the greatest gift you can give. It's up to them whether or not they accept.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Right Now

This picture answers a number of  questions. Kenya fell victim to her own idiosyncrasies. She wants a man who looks like the president. Several shades lighter than her. She hopes they can make a little Sasha. She wants a man to pass the paper sack test. They won't  discuss it on this show, but Kenya Moore is color struck.  Looking at his new girlfriend. I would  say Walter Jackson probably is too. He also wants a younger woman. He doesn't mind using his hard earned money to spoil her either. In a jungle crawling with predators.  Christon Ingram seems to have preserved herself for a time such as this.

Now we see why Walter was so short with Kenya on the last show. His head is starting to swell. He didn't really care how she felt about the situation. He had a fresh fish on the line. What a fish it was too. For a regular guy to break even or possibly even upgrade on Kenya Moore is no minor feat. Christon Ingram is just as pretty right now and younger than Kenya. I don't know how she'll look when she is forty. But will it even matter then?  Everyone is living for right now.


Get Worse

I guess  what  we need to do first is this country is redefine the meaning of youth. If  a person has children over eighteen yrs. old and possibly grandchildren. They aren't  this nation's youth anymore. But they have the most influence on the group in question. Like in the situation of  Randy Williams who was killed  outside Club Crave on Christmas Eve. His mother tried tough love with him, but another immature mother took him in.  Thus giving him sanctuary to continue living a destructive lifestyle. Going around behaving like he was the "Big Show". Had he been under his mothers' roof  he might still be alive. She refused to let him live like a hoodlum and reside at her address. 

I  talked to someone who attended the service.  They caught the cab but missed the plane. He didn't  get the gist of what is happening. The sheep and the Shepard are thinking alike these days. Gone are the days when grandma was a senior. The man in many cases has left.  The one filling in as grandfather might be the same age as the children. They recently caught a thirty something year old teacher sleeping with a seventeen year old boy. We don't even have the wisdom of  the rolling stone anymore. The only hope some of these people have is the church. When you have a whole generation that doesn't recognize the importance of church.  It's going to get worse.!/ced.seals?fref=ts

Sunday, January 06, 2013



I know this is not the most articulate or well versed description of the message that is circulating through the streets. For all those people who think those people committing crimes are misunderstood. They need to watch this video. People with this mindset are out there. This is what happens when keeping it real goes wrong.

Friday, January 04, 2013


I always thought it was a bad business move for a financial service to advertise with Thaddeus Matthews, but obviously it is a calculated risk. I guess it depends on the clientele you're after. If you're running a service geared toward exploiting the uninformed. This is where you want to hang your shingle. The people that listen to this show are likely to be your target audience. It doesn't matter what I think about his credibility. People like me won't use them anyway.

A friend of mine always says "it's not a matter of if they're going to fall out but when". Markee hasn't even opened yet. Him editing Thaddeus out of the commercial playing on was a business decision. When will him and his fans realize an endorsement from him is like the kiss of death. Every politician that has advertised with him has loss. Except Lee Harris after they parted ways. I wish they had stuck it out. As it turns out he was right about him. With friends like him. Who needs enemies?

One Less

Once again Kim Zolchiak has stole the limelight. She didn't just beat Phaedra to the punch with a workout tape. This idea was lifted from someone else who thought they were her friend long before now. The one who introduced her to her husband, came up with the idea first. The legendary Sheree Whitfield who no longer has a job at Bravo, got played again. She must be doing something wrong.

Phaedra is a phony trying to run away from her past. Lately everything she does is to uplift her younger, less accomplished husband Apollo Nida. His only job sent him to prison for five years. So he wasn't very good at that. He spent most of his twenties behind bars. Phaedra made him a resume by giving stealing cars a fancy name like racketeering. First she was full speed ahead with starting a funeral home. But he didn't fancy up to that idea. This is yet another attempt to make him relevant. And make her have to tell one less lie.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Moving On

It's becoming clear that Kim Zolchiak was obviously the clear winner in the battle for superiority on RHOA. Though NeNe may be the highest paid and even secured a role on another show. She has reached that invisible ceiling. Not the gender but the race. There is a horizon out there she sees that she can't reach. But Kim can though. That's why she is moving on.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Baby Bump

I can't believe Kim Kardashian is having a baby. I hope this isn't a publicity stunt. But I wouldn't put anything past her at this point. She is addicted to the fame. And I don't doubt Kanye would go along because he is too. What is Kris Jenner saying about this? Was it her idea to begin with. I said not long ago Kim was looking kind of rough. Could this be a ploy to buy more time for her in the spotlight? I think she is falling off her long held perch. She is getting beat at her own game these days. She has given rise to people like CoCo Austin and Blac Chyna to name a few. Other rappers girlfriends and wives who are even more curvaceous than her.

Kanye West is losing ground too. Evidently his relationship with Kim isn't registering well with his fans. He has experienced a slump in record sales lately. This whole thing is out of character for Kim anyway. Just last week she was finally being called a good girl. She has been married twice and had a long relationship. Why is she all of a sudden getting pregnant? As far as my opinion. The jury is still out on this. I'm waiting for the baby bump.


This presents the opportunity for me to talk about two things. The first one is the issue of  these tattoos. At first it was the athletes now it's the rappers. Wiz Khalifa and Waka Flocka have covered their whole upper bodies. They look like walking pages from a book. I thought Matt Barnes was bad enough, but at least he can cover his lapse of sanity up with a long sleeved, collared shirt. Chris Andersen was an eccentric white guy that went to the  extreme, but it's safe to say he wasn't starting a trend among white children. The trouble is Andersen won't be out here looking for a job with Coca Cola or selling cars.  I'm not sure but I think the NBA has addressed this. They didn't want the games to turn into ink contests.

People like Gucci Mane, Birdman and The Game have gone too far. They're putting these signs and symbols on their face. They do know these things don't wash off. It doesn't matter with them, they're already rich. But what about the young lady working at McDonalds who saved $75 to get her boyfriends name put on her neck? Don't even mention those with big money and thresholds for pain to match. Like Shawty Lo's ex E'cretia or Stevie J's new artist Che Mack. The women are as bad as the men. They just can't take their tops off. They've made it to the neck so far, luckily they haven't  reached the face. Most women don't want to be that different. They just want to be the best. With all these injections and piercings they're doing now. That might not be too far away.

Which brings up my last point. As a city I don't want to embrace this culture. People in Memphis are always longingly looking at Atlanta. This is the part they're getting they don't see. Welcome to the fruits of Bankhead. Gucci Mane is as big as T.I. in the city of Atlanta itself. He represents what's going on in the streets. "I got a Bentley mosullan it look just like Tips but I never went platinum do you´╗┐ catch my drift" -GUCCI. He attracts trouble just like Yo Gotti. Every time Yo Gotti performs somebody gets shot. Is this the element we want to attract? The young people that are going to run this city are already here. It's about raising their level of expectation. Don't let the trustees run the jail. They are inmates too.