Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Move

Let me be presumptuous here and assume Myron Lowery had something to do with Jack Sammons deciding not to run in the special election for Mayor of Memphis. Political minds are always thinking of angles to improve their position. Whether he did or not it works to his advantage still. If this were a game of golf, I would call this a good shot. This would have been a birdy. This kills two birds with one stone. It gets you on the green with a shot to spare. Not only does he eliminate part of the competition but he gains an important ally that will prove to be invaluable after the interim period is over. If this scenario comes to past and Lowery indeed appoints Sammons CAO. The newly elected Mayor will probably keep them in place after they take office. So with all of these openings coming up as a result of Heenton's resignation. Myron Lowery is going to make some key appointments in a short time. Some of which I'm almost certain will outlast him.

Jack Sammons had a long career but he only served a certain segment of the community. Needless to say who that segment was. The affluent white business community for the most part. I don't know why the media is trying to give the impression that he has so much black support. During his sixteen years in office. He has just been able to advance his agenda without saying or doing anything to draw attention. All things considered this is a good move.


This p;icture taken two days before Michael Jackson's unexpected death goes a long way toward dispelling all the rumors that he was on his last leg prior to his death. I won't say a whole lot other than "they are making us wait eight weeks for something they could tell us right now." Remember the initials PDO.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's Avoid The P^##ing Contest

Something about this just doesn't sound right. Not the validity of the story, but that HOVA would have that little sense. Today I heard Chris Brown wasn't allowed to perform at the "BET Awards Show" last night after practicing all week because of a threatened boycott by Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce. You have to be careful what you say, it might come back to haunt you. Pride comes before destruction. The bed you shoddily make for someone else may end up being your own. I hope we don't look up a year from now and Jay-Z has put his hands on Beyonce. I'm not wishing them trouble in their new marriage, but "what goes around comes around." Jay-Z seems more upset with Chris Brown than Rhianna.

Has there ever been an incident where the Grammy or MTV officials have altered their guest list because one of the performers disapproved of one of the others? If you don't like the line-up don't grace us with your presence that night. Do like the honoree Michael Jackson usually did when he was alive. Let the presenters accept your award for you or receive it via-satellite. This is why black events like the "BET Awards Show" have no staying power. Twenty years from now the show will be a thing of the past. What happens next year when Jay-Z and Beyonce aren't so popular anymore? There is only so many clothes that Beyonce can take off. All they'll have left is people like Lil Wayne and Souljah Boy then. Singing a whole song with one unintelligible lyric. When you look at who received awards last night we're in trouble. We don't have groups like the OJays left.

BET missed a golden opportunity to make history last night. They could have passed the coveted dancing torch to the next best dancer alive. It's still going to happen, just somewhere else. I like Jay-Z and usually agree with him, but I'm not with him this time. If he really wants to flex his muscle and throw around his weight. Since his new song seemed to deal with the politics of rap. Why doesn't he tell the young artists to pull up there pants when they're on the stage? This was a power move by Jay-Z and it wasn't right. If Donald Trump didn't like interracial marriage he wouldn't keep Heidi Klum of the runway because he didn't like Seal. Let's avoid the p*##ing contest.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Our Time

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back In The Day

Friday, June 26, 2009

Not This Time

Timing is of the essence. And County Commissioner Michael Harvey's is off this time. I know he doesn't see an opening anytime soon but he's not ready yet. You don't won't to get used to defeat. Keep in mind you already hold office. Don't make the voters have second thoughts about putting you there.There might be an opening at a later date. Patience is a virtue. What he brings to the table is already there. He would serve himself better by focusing on the county Mayors race. Since he has expressed an interest in seeking that seat.As for the city spot, not this time.

Too Off The Chain

There have long been rumors of Kenneth Whalum positioning himself to run for Mayor. I thought he would have been a good challenger in the 9th congressional district. But Steve Cohen squashed that when he renamed the post office after his father. So I guess it's to be expected that he would throw his name in the hat in this one. Some of these names are just being mentioned. They haven't officially declared that they are running yet. I hope Kenneth Whalum is one of those who doesn't run. He has the power to cause trouble but he can't win. In a few years he will be ready to take the reigns. Right now he's too off the chain.


Won't Run

Charles Carpenter is a succesful campaign organizer with a winning record so far. That doesn't mean he can do it for himself though. Much like people in the Mayor's inner circle like Reginald French. His connections with the Mayor have worked against him. Based on some of the other people running. I'm guessing he won't run.

Perennial Candidate

John Willingham is synonymous with Memphis mayoral contests. There hasn't been a race in recent history where his name wasn't on the ballot. He won't get enough votes to be a spoiler, but he will bring up some interesting questions. He never wins the race but he always finishes. I guess he would be called a perennial candidate.

Money Doesn't Buy Votes

If toll booths were placed at the voting polls George Fkinn would be our next city Mayor. He has probably spent about a million of his own dollars trying to get elected over the years. But fortunately that's not the case. Mr. Flinn is a pretty nice guy but that doesn't translate to votes. George Flinn is a prime example of the fact. Money doesn't buy votes.

No Way

Kemp Conrad is a sharp young man with good ideas. The problem is in Memphis he can't get them off the ground. Being a white, Republican he is finished before he starts. There is no way he can win a county wide race.

The Great White Hope

A lot of Memphians don't even know who Jim Strickland is, or what he stands for. He hasn't held office long enough for people to be familiar with him. You would have a problem convincing some people he isn't a closet Republican. I'm not so sure they don't have a point either. Considering the fact that people are crossing party lines to support this person. Leads me to believe he is the "Great White Hope."


She Could Win

This candidate scares me the most. All these people throwing their hat in the ring is probably to her advantage. She is like a rash that won't go away. She is and always has been the disgruntled citizens pick. Some think she represents "change." She lead the most formidable challenge against the Mayor last year, garnering 25% of the votes cast. If she can mobilize those same people again she could win.


Might Be The Best

It is now being said that A.C.Wharton is just an extension of Willie Herenton. In the last city election they were trying to get him to run.Just goes to show they didn't really want him to begin with. They just wanted Herenton out and they didn't have a replacement.I have never been that high on A.C. Wharton myself. I always thought he was an appeaser. He was an apology expert. In the past I didn't like that I'm not sure that was such a good thing. When I look at the new makeup of the city coucil and the alternative choices for Mayor. He might be the best man for the job.

Mayor Pro Tem

Councilman Myron Lowery owes a debt of gratitude to Mayor Herenton for his early Christmas gift. Without him stepping down, Lowery would have never had the chance to be Mayor of Memphis. I think at age 62 a super district council seat was the plateau of his local political career. The down side to this is now he feels compelled to rum in the special election. He won't win but he could affect who does. I agree with Mayor Herenton's earlier assesment that no one on the council was qualified to run this city. But a taste of power is a dangerous thing. Hopefully the interim Mayor will have the character to step aside if his spoiler role becomes evident in this race.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Gomg To Happen

A friend of mine asked me "what am I going to do now that my longtime mayor has announced his resignation ?" My reply was "the same thing I've been doing all the time." I agree with everything he said in his press conference. So I won't say a lot about Mayor Herenton stepping down. His political career is just changing it's parameters. If he is successful in his bid for congress. It would go from that of a local to national stage. The only thing I will say is "it's going to happen."

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Farrah Fawcett (1947-2009)

Ed McMahon (1923-2009)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't Have A Cow

Democrats get all excited every time a Republican gets mixed up in anything shady. As if that makes their indiscretions any less egregious. No wonder their political philosophy fits in so well in the black community. Not to mention a growing number of liberal whites too. They strongly believe in the they did it first" theory. All they want and need in their minds to make it right is someone else doing it first. I don't think liberals want to keep score. Below is a link to some past scandals.


I Don't Know

Monday, June 22, 2009

Keep The Faith

I'm no expert but I do have a pretty good idea of what makes a winning team. The players first need to want to be here. Some blue chip player has to make this team his own. Like Kobe has with Los Angeles and Lebron is with Cleveland. I'm not so sure Thabeet is the one for Memphis. Not showing up for a tryout is not a good sign. Hakeem Thabeet missed a scheduled audition to show Memphis scouts his skills. One of the biggest issues the Grizzlies face is their image problem.For some reason the players don't want to come to Memphis even for millions of dollars. Everybody that comes here to play blossoms after they leave. Our latest visions of "what could have been" is Pau Gasol after he went to the Los Angeles Lakers. We have been disappointed on several occasions. Making it hard to count our chickens before they hatch.

I found myself being a fan of Hakeem Thabeet during this years NCAA tournament. Not because he was the best, but because he was so new to the game itself. He is loaded with natural ability and a competitive spirit. He played like a man among boys. I was hoping and thought him and Connecticut was going to win the whole thing. But they didn't. I say he because he was the focal point of the team. Much like he would be if things worked out with the Grizzlies. The jury is still out as to whether he will be a good decision. We'll just have to wait and see. Keep the faith.


A First From The First Lady

Saturday, June 20, 2009

In For A Fight

As much as his name recognition and long record of public service. Mayor Willie Herenton has something else working for him too. He has a large number of what we'll call disgruntled Negros on his side. Those are votes he doesn't even have to earn. They are his by default. Every person that was looking for special favors from Steve Cohen and didn't get them. Are bitter and suddenly critical of what they have ignored in the past. His votes in support of same-sex marriage will matter this time. Some of his most committed campaign workers are now campaigning against him.

Like I have said since Willie Herenton first mentioned he planned to run for congress. Steve Cohen is going to experience the same thing Hillary Clinton did. He can continue telling himself and those who will listen that race doesn't matter. That may have been true in the past, but not this time. Blacks will follow a white politician to the end until a viable black candidate enters the race. This won't be anything like running against Nikki Tinker. Her backers discovered you can't buy enough votes and influence to win this district. Only a popular candidate can win. Cohen's opponent this time won't be "sitting on the porch." He will be in the ring throwing bruising punches like he was Saturday. Steve Cohen better strap his gloves on tight. He's in for a fight.

Read about the annual picnic:


Connect The Dots

I figured Wanda Halbert's game out long ago, so I'm not surprised at what she does that makes the news. Her latest incident with the MPD just goes to prove what I was thinking all the time. Those doe eyes and the clueless look on her face don't give her a pass with me. She may very well be one of the most divisive members on the city council. She represents a segment of our community that is a direct result of our city's decline. We have gang members on the police force and their baby's mamas in powerful positions making decisions. Black women want a BMW (black man working) so they can at least pay child support. Many of them were much less successful in their personal lives than their professional. Hence the political atmosphere we have now. http://indepcons.blogspot.com/2008/08/more-of-same.html

It's been said voters have a short memory. Based on the way Memphians treat Ms. Halbert and others that's true. They never hold them accountable for what they say. How quickly we forget. It wasn't long ago she was leading the residency requirement to only hire Memphis residents to be police. http://indepcons.blogspot.com/2008/11/preparing-for-next-election.html Now we have something happen like this. This is more than just a coincidence. Connect the dots

Thursday, June 18, 2009

They Are Too Relaxed

Joe Biden said America would be tested on their solvency within the first six months of electing Barack Obama to office. I'm not one of those people waiting for something catastrophic to happen, just to prove my point. But I personally think for once he was right. Kim Jong Illl and North Korea have given this country no respect this year. Two missiles have been launched and a third possibly aimed in this direction is in the plans. North Korea repeatedly launching nuclear missiles despite agreeing not to do so, is open disregard for U.N. sanctions Doesn't that sound familiar. They have decided they would rather have nuclear weapons than to get along with everyone else.

I think this is directly a result of them challenging the United States national defense. They must be thinking, "if they don't do anything nobody will." Just as important as what we do here at home. Our responsibility stretches beyond our borders. Once again we are the only one who possibly will that can do something about their actions. In the pass they haven't been so quick to write America off. We don't need to get ready, we need to stay ready. If they have success it's too late. Looking at their latest infractions. They are too relaxed.

Only In America

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Is Reality

It wouldn't be real if a woman with eight little children didn't spank one of them at one time or another. I'm sure this isn't the first time and it won't be the last. America has been so preoccupied with who Kate and Jon are sleeping with, we haven't paid any attention to what brouht them to notoriety in the first place. How do you cope with raising eight small children, six being sextuplets, from day to day? This wasn't meant for the camera. This is reality.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Only In Spots

I was in a discussion earlier today where I made a statement that was right, but I didn't back it up with specifics. So I went back and did some research and here are my findings. For some reason Liberals always want to engage in debating issues above their pay grade. Since the people I was talking to aren't gay and looking to get married. I know they don't know this information. So to totally put this issue to rest. I found evidence to prove what I said. I said "more states have legalized same-sex marriage in the last six months than it did in the last eight years." According to the sources I found, I was right.

4/7/09: The state legislature overrode Gov. Jim Douglas’s veto of a bill allowing same-sex couples to marry, making Vermont the first state to allow gay marriage through legislative action.

4/3/09: The Iowa Supreme Court made history on April 3, 2009 with a unanimous ruling, making Iowa the 3rd state to allow same-sex marriages. The state county attorney has stated that he will not seek a rehearing.

5/6/09: Gov. John Baldacci signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Maine, making the state the fifth in the U.S. to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. The bill authorizes marriage between any two people rather than between one man and one woman. Gov. Bladdacci previously opposed gay marriage, but switched his position citing fairness and equal protection for all citizens in Maine.

6/03/09: New Hampshire became the sixth U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage. The legislation includes a provision that allows churches, their employees and religious groups to decline to officiate at same-sex marriages. The law takes effect January 1, 2010.

Notice there are some skips in the sequence of what states followed the first. Below we see that some earlier dates are recorded than what is listed as the first legalization of same-sex marriage.. The reason being those earlier decisions were just a result of activist judges legislating from the bench. They didn't actually become valid until after the above bill was passed.

7/15/08: With the repeal of Bill 1913, which prohibited out of state residents from marrying in Massachusetts, both same-sex couples that reside in Massachusetts and out-of-state couples can legally marry in the State of Massachusetts.

10/10/08: In a 4 to 3 decision, the Connecticut Supreme Court overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriage, making it the third state to allow legal gay marriage.
"The state has failed to provide sufficient justification for excluding same sex couples from the institution of marriage," the court's opinion stated.

4/7/09: The 13-member D.C. Council moved to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples legally wed outside of the District. The decision in our nation's capital came on the same day as Vermont legislators voted in favor of same-sex marriage.

Does this mean gay marriage is legal in D.C.?No. The legislation only applies to couples legally wed or in domestic partnerships outside of the District. However, couples can travel to Iowa, Massachusetts or Connecticut marry and then return to D.C. to take advantage of the full benefits of marriage.

10/25/06: New Jersey lawmakers were given 180 days to draft a bill that would give same-sex couples equal rights of marriage. The mandate from the State Supreme Court was clear, but lawmakers were challenged with what to actually call the new gay unions- marriage or an equivalent term with the same rights. Less than 60 days after the landmark ruling, the New Jersey legislature approved a bill that will create civil unions for same-sex couples. Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine singed the bill, making New Jersey the third state to offer civil unions behind Vermont and Connecticut. The law took effect February 19, 2007.

5/29/08: Gov. David Paterson mandated state agencies (including insurance and health care departments) to immediately recognize same-sex marriages legally performed elsewhere. Legally wed gay couples that are now New Yorkers can take advantage of the same benefits as heterosexual married couples in the state, including state tax breaks, inheritance rights, etc.

L.A.. Lakers Win # 5

Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't Open The Door

If David Letterman had made some equally offensive comments toward the Obama girls the public would be crying out asking for his head now. But since he said it about Sarah Palin's daughters. Liberals feel like it's just in good fun and an acceptable part of his nightly monologue. I was not even going to mention this but they're trying to sweep the Letterman comment under the carpet. By looking to find a comment made about one of the Obamas to cancel out what David Letterman said. As if one thing has anything to do with the other.

Over the weekend a gorilla temporarily escaped from his cage. Another blogger like myself. Who just happens to be a GOP political activist. Made a comment on his facebook page about it being one of Michelle Obama's descendants. Please give me a break. It was just a tasteless joke. Are the newspapers really hanging out on blogs for their leads these days? The two venues don't even compare. The Letterman show is probably one of the most watched shows in the country. The other we would have never even heard of if the Liberals hadn't make such big deal. If you don't want to be held to the same standard. Don't open the door.

Breaking The Monotony

This congressional race is going to be very interesting to say the least. Some political partnerships and relationships are going to be made and broken as a result of these two seasoned candidates. They both have long standing ties in the Memphis community. It's going to be like a rat in the middle with cheese on both sides. If he goes after one, he's going to lose the other. There are traps on both sides waiting to close. Some of the voters don't know which way to turn now. They have been kissing up to Steve Cohen for the last three years. Its quite a stretch to have your lips on two different behinds at once.

Even if he doesn't win I'm glad Willie Herenton has entered the race for the 9th congressional district. If for no other reason than to shake up the incumbent Steve Cohen. He was beginning to take for granted that anyone could beat him for that seat. I'm sure he's having second thoughts about that now. After locking up the favor of those who support the lottery and renaming a few buildings. He was likely to stay there until he retired. The Mayor may be the only one with the political clout and backing in this city to unseat him. Herenton has proven over and over that he can receive a majority of the black vote. Which is what is needed to win that seat.

I'm predicting Steve Cohen will experience the same thing the Clintons did with Barack Obama. When given a viable choice that happens to be of the same race, blacks have no loyalty. Those same people who were shouting his praises before, will now change that tune to "what have you done for me lately." Black ministers are going to play a major role in this one. Like they should have before. His support of same-sex marriage and most recently HR 1592 will count against him this time. Local black ministers will stand on the word of God since it doesn't land on the wrong people's feet. We can't forget "100 Black Women" either. A consistent block of votes for the Mayor. They automatically bring at least 10,000 votes or more to the table. Up until now regarding Steve Cohen most Memphians have just been following suit. He hired Randy Wade to be his local assistant and sends his constituents group emails on a weekly basis.Which most of them did not even read.Then came Willie Herenton and broke the monotony.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Poisoning The Well

I'm not trying to give the County Court Clerk an excuse. I think I mentioned earlier "she was probably aware something underhanded was going on." But I sincerely doubt she would jeopardize a $100,000 a yr. job as County Court Clerk. After working in the clerks office for twenty something years, for a $100 bribe much less for free. That's why she already has a lawyer on the case. Just like the other eight women that lost their county jobs last week. If Debbie Stamson is found guilty she should be punished accordingly. One thing we must keep in mind though. The penalty is not the same for doing a friend a favor as selling registrations for a profit or favors.

Not that it matters that Debbie Stamson is retiring at the end of this term anyway. I just have a sneaking suspicion that has something to do with all this coming to light. This is beginning to look more and more like it could be her doing. She is the only person involved here with nothing to lose. I want to address where I think these allegations are coming from. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at the clerk's office in the past. I have no proof but I am guessing somebody has been extorting Stamson's silence all these years.. Now she doesn't need them and she's poisoning the well.

In The Wings

I heard a local deejay (Bobby OJay) say something this morning that I somewhat agree with. That's the problem with his comments. He never tells quite the whole truth. He said "as long as Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin are considered the head spokespeople for the Republicans. The party will have an image problem with people who are now voting Democratic. They'll be considered the party of old,southern,racist white men." I know nothing could be farther from the truth, but to some degree perception is reality. If he feels that way. For his vote that's all that matters. What will it take to make him see what I see?

I don't think either of these men are racist and they're not from the South. Newt and Rush have the line but don't have the look.That description certainly doesn't fit Sarah Palin either, they're just hating on her because she's pretty. Why would you classify her with these two? To the contrary she provides the party with a much needed spark. I think Liberals just hate the fact that she's one that got away. Imagine how popular she would be on the other side? Then we have Michael Steele who can't finish the deal. He doesn't have that killer instinct needed to be the party's leader. And anyway who says that leader has to be a minority? Which brings me to my point. Like it or not this country is materialistic and superficial. Republicans have to choose somebody that people like Bobby OJay can vote for. For that reason this name keeps popping up in my mind. For some reason I think Senator John Thune is somewhere in the wings.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Official

If anyone was thinking or even hoping that Willie Herenton wouldn't run for congress. They can put their minds to rest. Today with their blessings or disapproval of his plans. The fifth term Mayor announced his candidacy for the 9Th congressional district. It's official.

It's Just A Joke

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Too Bad The Wrong Person Had To Die

There is a big difference between those who commit hate crimes and terrorist; or is it really? One just lives next door and the other is from another country. In both cases an innocent person dies. The killers that have been committing these heinous crimes lately, are just murderous bigots. One was a misguided Muslim who killed a white man,, and the latest killer is a convicted "White Supremest" who killed a black. Both had exhibited strange behavior to people around them, but no one paid any attention. I'm not so sure we should put these men on a platform and elevate them above anything more than the low-life killers they are. Let's charge these killers with first degree murder and put them on trial. Let's spare ourselves the media coverage and newspaper articles and get it over with.

I was able to find a picture of the latest shooter on the Internet. In this picture James Von Brunn doesn't look 88 years old. I guess he had been a loose cannon so long, he must have thought he was invincible.. He has been on a mission of hate for quite some time now. One way or the other his reign of terror will end, either in death or prison. He is in the hospital in critical condition after being shot by other officers on the scene. Usually when something senseless like this happens. It could have been avoided. Why do we always find out these people should have already been in jail? Too bad the wrong person had to die.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Little By Little

I usually agree with Mayor W.W. Herenton but he left me behind on this one. From what I can see his refusal to hand over the reigns of the MSARC revolves around one thing, or should I say one person. I just found out that one of the deputy directors of the rape crisis center is the infamous Yolanda McFadgon. This pretty, high yellow woman is going to be an Achilles heel for the mayor. Her name keeps coming up over and over with these highly paid appointed positions she keeps getting. I never knew the employment outlook for convicted felons with no prior experience was so bright. Since being released from prison she has held at least two jobs as director of different programs courtesy of the mayor. Considering all the heat surrounding her last position. One which was created just for her. I'm surprised she left her comfort zone. Her latest post obviously paid more money.

Just when any possibility of saving face for Herenton is lost, in steps County Mayor A.C. Wharton offering him a way out. I'm glad Herenton didn't let pride prevent him from changing his mind. Wharton allowed Herenton to concede his faulty position without looking like he gave in to white council members who were at the forefront of calling for the switch. I know where the mayor was coming from, the main issue is him. The problem is regardless why they made the claim. This time the council is right. I don't know how these council members feel about consolidation, but this is yet another merging of services. I don't know if everyone can see the big picture, but for those who do. It's happening little by little.


Monday, June 08, 2009

She's A Class Act

If we were to grade the presidents on their wives, George W. Bush would get an above average mark. Laura Bush has been one of the more memorable first ladies in my lifetime. As I watched her conduct an interview on GMA, she brought a smile of agreement to my face. I won't say a lot about her. Her graceful demeanor speaks for itself. She's a class act.

Read the interview:

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Best Example For A Man Is Another Man

This is an example of what I feel happens when you grow up without a male influence in your life. Those men tend to do things that boys that grew up around their fathers don't. Lebron James was fined $25,000.00 for snubbing the winning team and media commentators after losing the semi-final series against the Orlando Magic. With millions of fans watching to see what he had to say after top flight performances by himself. At the end of the game he took the opportunity to do a 180 and exhibit the epitome of unsportsman like conduct. That fine might seem like a drop in the bucket when he's making millions. They pay these fines and still remain just as out of control as before. Last year he was the highest paid person in America under the age twenty-five. So you can't punish him through his pocket.

This isn't the first time he has acted like his mother's son. Gloria James has a history of being a firecracker that even Lebron has publicly put in check. This video shows that even as a child Lebron was probably always the man of that house. Had there been a father in the house he wouldn't have talked to his mother like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGLDZj0hu-Y&NR=1 Even though he has done some things that aren't so smart in the past. You would never see Michael Jordan do something like this. This must be what's meant by man child. He is big enough to do whatever he wants, but doesn't have the mental maturity yet. It reminds me of a episode I once saw on "National Geographic." To control the young bull elephants they had to bring in the older bull elephants. The best example for a man is another man.

Let's Keep It Real

Now we get part of the real story about the fairytale first couple. This is the first mention ever of trouble in paradise. I say part because this isn't all there is to the story. As time goes on I think we will get more and more admissions about their past. They both had lives prior to them getting together. You would never know listening to the media. All this does is confirm some of my suspicions about them. At one point I think this was a marriage of convenience for them both. One used the other for what they needed at that time. Her for her two daughters, and him for her to support him while he ran for political office. In the end they both got what they wanted. Not saying they aren't happy with the fringe benefits.

The fact that she was once his boss seems to get overshadowed. She was a successful lawyer, he was an intern. They talk about him being persistent in his pursuit of her,but now we know why. We aloso can see why she was playing so hard to get. Barack Obama married up when he got Michelle Robinson to be his wife. People refuse to talk about what's obvious or at least what they're thinking. Barack Obama comes across as being cocky and conceited. So I can't see him not having some piece of eye candy on his arm. How did this half white boy who was supposedly a hotshot lawyer end up with this plain Jane, nappy haired, black girl with funny looking teeth? Don't get me wrong I think the first lady is fine, but she's just average. So we won't be surprised when we find out they're just like everybody else. Let's keep it real.


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Keep Your Friends Close And Enemies Closer

All I can say is "game recognizes game." That's why Barack Obama appointed Hillary Clinton to his cabinet as Secretary of State. He was killing two birds with one stone. He wanted to make sure Hillary was not running loose unchecked to be a thorn in his side. In addition to almost beating him for the Democratic nomination. She was one of the most powerful Senators in Washington D.C. also. She had the power to build alliances within the party against him. While her husband Bill Clinton watches from the sidelines like a big cat waiting to strike. Even though it wasn''t enough to take her over the top His popularity is still pretty high. Her appointment somewhat neutralizes them both. He keeps her out of the country and him restrained for his wife's sake.

We finally get the truth about how the two men really feel about each other. President Obama has called former President Clinton a bold faced liar. So obviously his comments weren't complimentary of him. The president has surrounded himself with a lot of loose cannons including his running mate. With friends like these. Who needs enemies? Keep your friends close and enemies closer.

Read what he said:


Friday, June 05, 2009

David Carradine (1936-2009)

You Die As You Live

What started out to be an autopsy to put to rest some suspicions surrounding Frank Alexander's death. Have turned into something totally different after his body was exhumed.There may have been some funny business here but it wasn't a murder cover up. If anything they might find some insurance fraud or padding of the funeral bill. But his girlfriend didn't kill him for his money as his family has suggested. When someone dies and money is involved, their survivor's behavior will surprise you. People that were cooking out and drinking together just days before will be at each others throat minutes after someone dies. I don't know anything about the deceased other than what I've heard on the news. But his family is doing some things that don't reflect positively on his memory. They make him look like a bit of a cad.

I haven't done a background check on this man to see his history. I just know it seems he was a bit of a player in his day. Every time a hustler dies the family claims him and his live-in girlfriend weren't that serious. They want to come in and take charge like an estranged wife. But in this case he didn't have one. Now they only have a will submitted by his girlfriend leaving everything to her. This man came to the South and met a younger woman and bought his first house after retiring from the auto plants up North. Unfortunately he was the victim of an untimely death and didn't have his business in order. Leaving whatever he had tied up in probate court. I know it seems unfair for his girlfriend to get his assets after such a short time, but that's just how it goes. She has the paperwork on her side. It has been said he only had some clothes a truck and a monthly retirement check when they met. He was a loose plug in search of a socket. If you don't make a solid connection in your life. You die as you live.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

KoKo Taylor (1928-2009)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This Is Not A Game

There are many things that come to my mind when you look at this shooting but to me two things stand out. Since such a big deal was made of Abdulahakim Muhammad's conversion to Islam. Do we call this young man a terrorist or just a murderer? Secondly when you look at the actions of some of these young people you wonder what are they thinking about? The reason this young man gave for shooting two young unsuspecting servicemen as they stood outside a recruitment center. Is both a sad and disturbing commentary of where our young people are mentally. Some of them have no respect for life. When he wakes up tomorrow morning this won't be just a dream. He will still be in jail and that young man will still be dead. This is not a game.


Nobody Is Perfect

Over the last eight years, especially in the past couple of weeks. This man has made many noteworthy statements that should have been remembered by the public, but unfortunately he'll only be quoted for his support of same-sex marriage. I partially agree with what he said but that part of the speech will be overshadowed. This should be a state's issue with each state having it's own laws.. Let the people vote it up or down. Let the law take it's course. He tried to clean it up by calling them arrangements instead of marriages, but it's still the same thing. This is the dent in Cheney's armour. He has a lesbian daughter who has been in a arrangement for nearly twenty years. As a father he loves his child like anyone else. Dick Cheney has been throwing strikes for the last two weeks, now he has thrown something Liberals can hit. Everybody and his brother is taking a swing.

This is why I think my community is so far behind the times. We always major in the minor. They spend all their time looking for a flaw in someone else's character to justify their own shortcomings. Just because someone jumps off the roof would you do the same? Former Vice-President Dick Cheney is no longer in office. Why is what he says all of a sudden so important? Him supporting same-sex marriage doesn't make it right. He doesn't make policy and he has never voted against the party platform, Now that he is out of office he is an independent contractor just like Colin Powell.. He can say whatever he wants to say. Nobody is perfect.

County In Check

With the three page ordinance being reduced to a one paragraph resolution, you might be saying what are the supporters celebrating? This was just a temporary setback for the movement. They are already planning their next move.What it boils down to is Sydney Chism did a masterful job of skirting the issue for now. What he did was bought some time. He gave nine members of the commission a way to straddle the fence. Partisan politics is the order of the day on the county commission. Democrats are going to find a way to stick together no matter what. Another tidbit of information is all the Democratic members of the commission except the sponsor of the legislation Steve Mulroy are black. Unfortunately that played a part as well.

I still think Wyatt Bunker is right when he calls this the tip of the iceberg. Supporters of the legislation view anything except total dismissal as being in their favor. Somewhere along the line the only way to prove this is more than just ceremonial is to rule in a homosexual's behalf. Believe me it will be tested. This in a sense was a no win situation for commissioners. By saying anything one way or the other acknowledged there was a possibility of discrimination. Being on the offence is the only way you can score. Now the county is clearly playing defense. The GLBT community has the county in check.