Friday, July 31, 2009

It Will Never Be The Same

It has been a good run for Sidney Chism but it's coming to a close. He is known in Democratic circles in the black community as the "Godfather" of local politics. All the influence the Teamsters Union has bought him over the years is on the decline. Plus he no longer has the ear of the top man in the city. So it doesn't look like anyone that's running for mayor listens or cares what he has to say. The mayor kind of let the cat out of the bag yesterday during his resignation speech. When he said "Sidney Chism never wants me to retire." I know Chism had to be thinking to himself. "I sure hate to see Willie leave. It will never be the same."

Rev. Ike (1935-2009)

Myron Lowery Is The Man

This should show all those people that are against Myron Lowery that he is now the Mayor of Memphis. This man knows the charter at least as well as anyone else because he was one of the people who put it together. The other black council member who was involved in it's rewriting is Janis Fullilove and no one has mentioned her. Myron Lowery is a smart man who has undoubtedly done his homework before he makes a move. Just look at his past modus operandi. He has filed a lawsuit against two major employers and won. While his detractors were busy cracking jokes and sl5apping each other on the back. He was somewhere busy planning his method of attack.

You can catch more Bees with honey than you can vinegar. Myron Lowery is a Bee these days you would definitely like to catch. If I was an elected official I wouldn't get involved in these little citizen squabbles. You might be doing your causes more harm than good. The city council breakdown is six and six with Lowery being the deciding vote. Like Obama he has the numbers on his side. He also has sole contracting authority for the next three months. We don't have to worry about anything like the Beale Street debacle that's still tied up in court. The ones who have to worry is those who served at the mayor's pleasure. One thing is for certain and two things are for sure. Willie Herenton is no longer the mayor and Myron Lowery is the man.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Did It My Way

I know some folks would like to think they lit a fire of sorts underneath Mayor Herenton urging him to leave office early. I like the way he kept his word while doing it in his own time and on his own terms. It had nothing to do with a FBI investigation or some sinister backroom deal that he had worked out earlier. He had just grown weary of going up against that same brick wall. His suggestions to those that follow him was quite descriptive of what he has been doing for the last eighteen years. These were the mayor's parting words.

“You know what you need to be unified on? Getting our kids educated equally. ... Cleaning up the slum so people got decent places to live. You ought to be unified on making sure that there are no barriers to employment and promotions.”

Other priorities he said he hopes will continue to be in the forefront after his administration are fighting crime, single-source funding for schools, consolidated education and an improved convention center.

He acknowledged the fact that he was in the minority but he also expressed his support for city/county consolidation. Something that wasn't likely to be accomplished under his watch. That's a job for A.C. Wharton and younger people on the horizon.Having come to that realization of his limitations. There was nothing else he could really do as mayor. I'm reminded of a parody done by Paul Shankman about the mayor. Little did he know he was writing his epitaph. Like the parody said "I did it my way."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It Won't Happen

This picture is of Clayborn Temple in better days. Even though it was still unoccupied. It's about to fall down and it's going to take 5 million dollars to do the most basic of renovations.. Since it was the last place Martin Luther King Sr. spoke it has historic value. But if they can't raise eight million dollars to preserve his grave site. The sentiment and above all the contributions won't be that strong for somewhere he gave a speech. Unless the government steps in and takes this over. It won't happen.

She Wasn't Given A Fair Hearing

I have said over and over again the first mistake these candidates make is to go on the "Thaddeus Matthews Show" in the first place. They undermine their credibility with the serious voters, but they need the others as well. The majority of his listeners get their information from him and never read anything for themselves. So how the questions are answered really doesn't matter. If the candidates haven't purchased advertising from him it's an uphill battle to begin with. Ironically the only one that has gone on his show and got a fair hearing that didn't buy airtime was wrestler Jerry Lawler. Probably because he was afraid if he crossed the line he would get knocked out. I don't support Ms. Webb for mayor but I do respect her right to run.

Some black women are their own worst enemy. And some of the men aren't much better. Since the host constantly emphasizes it doesn't matter what anyone thinks about the shows content. Why would you blindly trust anything you heard them say? To show my disapproval. I wouldn't spend one thin dime with those businesses who advertise on the show. Why do people hang out in a place where they are shown no respect at all? Talk about having low self esteem. That's a perfect example. That goes for politicians too.

I am most critical of black women though. Since that seems to be the biggest share of his callers and listeners. There was less than thirty minutes left in the show when someone finally called in and called it like it was. And he was a white man. I'm sure on second thought Ms.Webb wishes she had declined the invitation. This woman was ripped apart by other women of the same race . The only two people that called in and made any sense were rushed off the phone as usual. What took place doesn't really qualify as an interview. Though I doubt she had much else to say. She wasn't given a fair hearing.

Next In Line

Miracles And Blessings

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just In Time

I am one of the few people who have sided with Chris Brown since this whole thing began. In no way shape or form am I condoning a man hitting a woman but I'm not automatically giving a woman a free pass in domestic situations either. Let me explain my position here. A man should never put his hands on a woman, but a woman should never behave or put herself in a position where a man would want to hit her anyway. Now that doesn't cover fools from either side. I'm just not so sure here the fool or at least the guilty party isn't Rhianna. Just look at her behaviour since the supposed breakup of her and Chris.

Before now Chris Brown was clearly getting the short end of the stick. Not being allowed to perform at the BET Awards show dedicated to Michael Jackson was a once in a lifetime opportunity missed by both. If nothing else this has been a humbling experience for him. So much so, last week he aired a public apology. Then out of the blue came this wedding march. It was corny and won't be tearing up the clubs, but it exposed his music to a whole new audience. People who didn't even know who he was are now listeners. Chris Brown may have just gone from Hip-Hop to Pop. Just in time.

E. Lynn Harris (1955-2009)

He didn't die as he lived. They kept it on the down low.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Calm Down

I predicted stuff like this would become commonplace once we had a black president. Militant blacks in high places want to make up for organized racism for the last 200 years. Professor Gates felt because he was a highly credentialed black man who knew Barack Obama, he didn't have to respect the lowly police. All over the country less connected black, young men are losing their lives with this same behaviour and mentality. It really doesn't matter once you get beat down or even shot. What good is a multi-million dollar settlement to a corpse or vegetable?

In my opinion two things happened here that set blacks back forty years. In the days of cap and trade and the stimulus package we're still talking about police brutality. The president should have saved his comments for more important issues, and the Cambridge district attorney shouldn't have dropped the charges. It's time to let the likes of Robert Gates, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farakahn fade away. This just gave them some new ammunition to fleece their followers with.

I have some suspicions about this professor but they can't be confirmed. This guy has made a living documenting and discussing the black experience. This incident gives him credibility among a certain crowd.,_Jr. What he says was true once upon a time but not in 2009. Our institutions of higher learning are a hotbed for this type of radical thinking. Professor Gates is a college professor at Harvard University teaching "Black Studies"standing on his soapbox on a daily basis. He has access to a host of young impressionable minds who believe and repeat his rhetoric. It affects their G.P.A. I bet a book deal is in the near future. He is part of that infamous black intelligentsia whose main claim to fame is being a victim. Before you decide who was right or wrong. Read the link to the police report.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Guess It Does

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Does It Really Matter

It must be a slow news day. A major media source has been reduced to covering the first lady's visit to the beauty shop. I am not her huband, but if I were I wouldn't be to happy. In my humble opinion I think she looked better before.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Remember the little tattle tale that was like a bad refrigerator unless you put in a quarter. She must have saved up quite a few of them and paid for an education. Now at age 44 she is all grown up and a veternarian. I can still hear her like it was yesterday. Ooooooooh

What You Do At Night

Everyone that knows Roy Hughes kept saying this was going to happen sooner or later. Too much illegal activity was going on at his club with his knowledge. I always pull for the underdog so I was hoping they were wrong, but obviously they weren't. He was trying to do some good things in the community for the children and the elderly. He gave away fans last summer and provided music for a couple of youth rallies recently. He was investing in North Memphis and improving his facilities. After the bust he said he was retiring from the club business anyway in August. I don't believe that for a minute. From the looks of things around the club that wasn't the plan just a week ago. Bill Gibbons and Larry Godwin didn't leave him much choice.

The last time I saw him he was wearing a starter jersey and a pair of $200 Air Nikes. He was wearing some Ed Hardy jeans and had diamond studs in both his ears. I knew how much the shoes cost because a young man was wearing the same thing at the barbershop. Needless to say he was more than happy to tell us how much they cost.That might be appropriate for a nineteen year old with a lot of money like "Souljah Boy," But not a 50 plus year old business owner who is being watched by the police. That gives some indication of his mindset. He was still playing a young mans game. This is the major league not the minors. He didn't believe fat meat is greasy. You can fool some of the people all the time, but you can't fool all the people none of the time. It comes to light what you do at night.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Did Something Change

Jimmy Carter has to be one of the most indecisive men to ever occupy the White House. Now he has split with his church after sixty years. Regarding this issue their message hasn't changed since 1845. The issue of women and their ordination came up in the early eighties while he was in the oval office. Why didn't he take a stand then? They only apologized for slavery in 1995. Maybe I don't see it, but other than Jimmy Carter did something change?

Positions of the church:

Priesthood of all believers—Laypersons have the same right as ordained ministers to communicate with God, interpret Scripture, and minister in Christ's name

Soul competency—the accountability of each person before God.
Creeds and confessions—Statements of belief are revisable in light of Scripture. The Bible is the final word.
Women in ministry—Women participate equally with men in the priesthood of all believers. Their role is crucial, their wisdom, grace and commitment exemplary. Women are an integral part of Southern Baptist boards, faculties, mission teams, writer pools, and professional staffs. The role of pastor, however, is specifically reserved for men.
Church and state—a free church in a free state. Neither one should control the affairs of the other.
Missions—W honor the indigenous principle in missions. We cannot, however, compromise doctrine or give up who we are to win the favor of those we try to reach or those with whom we desire to work.
Autonomy of local church—We affirm the autonomy of the local church.
Cooperation—The Cooperative Program of missions is integral to the Southern Baptist genius.
Sexuality—We affirm God's plan for marriage and sexual intimacy—one man and one woman, for life. Homosexuality is not a valid alternative lifestyle.
Sanctity of life—At the moment of conception, a new being enters the universe, a human being, a being created in God's image.

Tell Me What You Say

I like Jamie Foxx but he has a tendency to go overboard in my opinion. He is one of those people who walk a fine line between confident and cocky. He has a problem dealing with other people, especially other celebrities. He has had squabbles from L.L. Cool J to Kanye West. Both who have colossal egos themselves.The only people I haven't heard of him having a problem with is the Wayans brothers. That was before he made it big though. If you get into it with someone everywhere you go it's probably you.

This is what someone else had to say:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Barack Addresses Blacks One Year Later

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Walter Cronkite (1917-2009)

"That's the way it is."

Friday, July 17, 2009

How You Doin

I like Wendi Williams but I don't like her new television show. I liked her Howard Stern setup in the studio. Now that was entertaining. I hope her "around the way girl" appeal doesn't get lost in the network crossover. We don't need any more of those "cry on my shoulder" shows. Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks have cornered that market. My advice would be to just continue to be the one who will ask the tough questions without crossing the line. Hopefully "How You Doin" is something we won't be asking her off the air.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Barack Addresses Blacks

First Time Footage

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Sale

I heard Charles Carpenter today with his Obama brand of politics. He sounds like he decided to run for office after attending a leadership seminar at some hotel. He must have used the word leadership 300 times today while still not telling us what he meant. With his education and long list of credentials there wasn't a shortage of people suggesting he should run.We already know that leadership is a needed in city hall, but what is his plan? He also promised "change." We all know how that goes. The whole country is experiencing that right now under this new administration. These days that's getting to be nothing more than a catchy campaign phrase. After helping Willie Herenton get elected five times he should be pretty good with them.

Though I wouldn't vote for him. I still think Carpenter is a pretty good guy. I don't think he was paid to run. It's just that none of the other candidates represent his interest. He is what I call an"Elite Black Democrat." He's from the mold of a Herman Morris. A lot of his proposals seem to rely on him being able to sale his ideas to people who don't know him. Having been one of Willie Herenton's campaign staff doesn't give him a pass. He is against Consolidation and he has no definite plan to address crime. Based on what I heard today. No sale.

Just Another Bill

The memorial service for Michael Jackson that was watched all over the world last week wasn't put on for free. Not only was it memorable, it was costly too. The estimated $1.4 million tab is just the cost of staging such a high profile event. One of this magnitude and scope isn't put on everyday or even annually. This might even be considered a once in a lifetime occurrence. Since the city of Los Angeles is broke, skirting their responsibility is sounding pretty good.
Think about the residual effects. How would the city have felt if the event was taken somewhere else?

The mayor of L.A. is the voice of reason here. He is looking at the bigger picture in this whole thing. Whereas the Jackson haters aren't. Whether you like M.J. or not you have to do the right thing in regards to him. Will the police refuse to investigate a crime just because the victim is poor? So they can't deny him police service because he was rich. Even if the city did try to charge the family. Good luck getting their money. Michael died like he lived; in debt. This is just another bill.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Need

In my opinion Wendi Thomas is gay. I have no documented proof, but revealing that will explain what I'm about to say. She acts like an obnoxious smart mouthed little butch. Who has no respect for her elders especially men. So I'm not surprised she would write a one sided story trying to affirm her own behaviour. Not only do I think she's gay but also a problem profiteer.
I have watched her play the race card and play both sides of the fence every since she first got hired by the Commercial Appeal. It would have been a good story if it had actually dealt with what the title promised. It was supposed to deal with the disparity of how gays are treated in the black and white church but ironically the only thing she discussed were the blacks .

She managed to find the one openly black lesbian preacher in the city of Memphis for this interview. An admitted gay preacher black or white, male or female is going to have a problem anywhere they are. Not just in Memphis and certainly not just in the black church. Why would they be trying to put this bone of contention squarely at the steps of the black church? LaPaula Turner, associate pastor at Holy Trinity Church, laments that black gay men and women find no love in their own churches that reject them. If faith doesn't depend on the color of a person's skin. Why does it even matter which church embraces them? Her and her "to each his own" crowd doesn't constitute a majority. They just make the most noise.

I'm tired of gay people trying to force this to be an issue in the church. If preachers talk about it on their own they're considered gay bashing or being homophobic. Now we see if they don't talk about it they're said to be condoning the lifestyle. They haven't changed their minds they just don't want to beat a dead horse. People who are homosexual have already decided to choose their sexual preference over their salvation. Preachers aren't going to spend all their time trying to change just that one thing. There is no need.

Monday, July 13, 2009

True Colors Shining Through

The future of Memphis politics is going to be an exciting ride. The county commission made a surprisingly principled move today. Three blacks kept their word instead of going with the program. They did the right thing and elected Joyce Avery as chairman. Dedrie Malone tried to stage a coup of sorts, but it didn't work. I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear who defected. She didn't go out there without encouragement. They just didn't show up when it was time to vote. I have a good idea of who it was. More and more decisions fall along racial lines in this city.That even seems to supersede party affiliations. Joyce Avery won the votes of Commissioners James Harvey, Sidney Chism, Wyatt Bunker, Steve Mulroy, Mike Carpenter, Mike Ritz, J.W. Gibson and George Flinn. The other commissioners "passed" when asked their vote.

I hope those progressive minded black members of the commission are paying close attention to what is developing. Two things should have been learned today at Deidre Malone's expense. One is that whites won't double cross each other for the benefit of blacks. There is some validity to the assumption that whites cross party lines to support each other. Take for example,week before last Wyatt Bunker and Steve Mulroy were at each others throat. They put their differences aside to stick together on this though. The second thing is blacks won't stand with you no matter what they told you if it doesn't benefit them. Deidrie Malone put herself out there thus destroying any alliances she may have had with the whites. When it comes time to vote against her they won't forget. Sydney Chism as usual was playing both sides of the fence. In the end he sold the sister out. All he gained he probably lost. He hadn't expressed an interest in being county mayor but he does. Some bonds were made and broken here. If anybody improved their standing here, it was possibly James Harvey. He can do what has to be done to win. He can get votes from both sides. Since if A.C. Wharton steps down, the commission will pick the next mayor. We will see true colors shining through.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Four Fatal Bullets

I don't mean to sound hypocritical here but let's be realistic. The main story in this whole thing is the circumstances surrounding Steve McNair's death. Some fans want you to overlook that part as if that's going to ultimately make any difference in how he is remembered. Twenty years from now he'll be that quarterback who got shot by his mistress. You can't preach a person into heaven after they're already dead. I don't care how much he gave to charity and how many football camps he sponsored. That doesn't erase the foul way that he spent his last minutes on earth. He supposedly was shot by his girlfriend in his sleep. We know for sure he was killed in an apartment he rented in the company of a woman other than his wife.

Somebody said this should do wonders for fidelity among sports fans across the country. Based on what I heard at the barbershop yesterday. I don't think some of them are convinced yet. Not only do you have to worry about your spouse catching you, but retaliation from the outside as well. McNair was a star quarterback in Mount Olive breaking records in high school when Sahel Kazemi was born.
He has been married to his wife Michelle for twelve years. She gave him four fine children. Sahel gave him four fatal bullets.

Look at the link:

Baby Got Barack

A picture is worth a thousand words. That doesn't mean those words are right. Now that we have video it's sometimes a totally different story. The media has used this photo however they see fit to advance their own agendas. The president has been called everything from a pedophile to a philanderer. And if he did look so what? At least it wasn't a boy.Look at the link below and see what words you use for yourself.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Political Discussion

The media is indeed a powerful thing. This was nothing more than a practice run only because it made the news. There were only three of the actual declared candidates participating in yesterday's forum put on by the West Tennessee chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors. So how did they have a serious debate? I hope I don't sound like I'm playing the race card here, but this is what I think. This forum was created to put out some feelers in the community for the white candidate Carol Chumney. Charles Carpenter and Kenneth T. Whalum were the only other two official candidates in attendance. They just happen to be black.

Most of the people in attendance didn't even live in Memphis proper. I bet if you had taken a impromptu poll. You would have gotten more than a few Collierville and Germantown addresses. So ultimately they don't have a vote. As if this meeting wasn't already having a credibility issue. Kenneth T. Whalum didn't make it any better. His comment about the mayor pro tem qualified as the morning's entertainment. In my opinion it was in poor taste. Even when you make people laugh a joke isn't always in order. They may be laughing at you not with you.

I don't know how Charles Carpenter announced his intent to run and participated in a debate within hours of each other. I know he didn't just decide to run; but how did the forum organizers know? Carpenter has the connections but does he have the clout? All the people in high places know him but that alone is not enough. Sharon Webb and Jerry Lawler obviously weren't invited and A.C. Wharton turned down the invitation. I'm not going to call this a debate. This was more of a political discussion.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Much Is Required

Since Janis Fullilove is a personal friend of mine. I can't help but hope she comes out alright. She has been their for me in the past though we disagree politically. So I can't have my usual no nonsense attitude for that very reason. I could think of many reasons to nail her to the cross if it was somebody else. But the people of Memphis seem to forgive her no matter what she does. In a sense that only makes it worse. When it comes to her and her shortcomings, equality seems to fall on deaf ears. I know she sometimes reads this site and hopefully she'll read this. I won't say much but I'll say this. "To whom much is given,much is required."

Low Brows On The High Road

I know how hard it is taking the high road when everyone around you is down below. What makes it even worse is when these immoral agitators with no sign of character start thinking they're respectable. To add insult to injury they have a crowd that agrees with them. Together they have a resonant voice. I have heard the term "common sense" thrown around to loosely lately. Unfortunately just because someone doesn't have specialized training doesn't automatically mean they have what is known as "mother wit." Now all of a sudden everyone that doesn't have a clue what's going on, wants to make that claim. Anyone has the right to change but that requires some sacrifice on their part. You can't one day declare yourself righteous and keep doing the same thing you've done all the time.

This past week their was an editorial written in the Commercial Appeal that contained a lot of truth. Ironically no one signed their name to this piece. I am curious as to why. People around here are good for throwing a rock and hiding their hands. Could it be because they are partly responsible for many of the things they are complaining about? Like I always say "play with a puppy he'll lick you in the mouth." In the past they have shamelessly led their readers to this very blog they're talking about when it suits their purpose. They periodically use this outlet to leak stories they aren't sure about or want to distance themselves from. I'm sure the host doesn't recognize he's being used to dumb down his listeners. They give him license until he goes against the script. He showed his behind with A.C. Wharton and they dropped him like a bad habit. Contrary to what he thinks. All publicity is not good publicity. The other day I talked about finding myself in agreement with strange company. It's getting unusually crowded around here with all these low brows on the high road.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Root

Today I heard Mr. Reginald Williams the principal of Kirby High school and he gave me hope for the future of our city schools. I didn't hear the whole interview, but I like what I heard. Instead of always going out and trying to recruit some superintendent with a five star resume. We need some front line soldiers with time already served in the trenches. These are the kind of people we need in positions of responsibility and influence in this city. He didn't sound like Barack Obama or Jamal Bryant in his delivery but he definitely got his point across. He seems to truly understand and operate under the premise that there is no I in the word team.
He was acknowledging to his staff almost to a fault. A spirit of humility isn't something most leaders have to overcome.

Enough about his style of administration and character. He has accumulated some impressive numbers rating his effectiveness as well. He has to a degree turned Kirby High School around. He has went from a 30% to 70% graduation rate with real high school diplomas. They were passing out what are called "Tennis Diplomas " at an alarming rate. I blogged about this some time ago. It was obviously bigger on a local level than I though. ttp:// I like the way he has gone back to the basics while keeping up with the pace.All the while stressing discipline and accountability. We'll get to the branches later, let's first get to the root.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

This is what happens when you side with Democrats. I find myself in agreement with some of the most unlikely of people these days. I take issue with most of the stances this group of ministers take. Anything Lasimba Gray and Dwight Montgomery put their hands on is usually race based. And Rev. Jackson is quickly building a reputation of doing the same thing. I am less critical of Rev. Montgomery than I am Rev.Gray. He at least lives and pastors a church in the city limits. Neither of which is true when it comes to Gray. Montgomery tries to be a voice for those who otherwise might be overlooked. So often Montgomery is fighting on behalf of what he believes his congregation needs.
That's not the case with Gray. His main objective is the press conference. is track record supports my assessment. This time they even enlisted the help of State Rep. G.A. Hardaway another publicity seeker himself. But I agree with one of their positions this time. I just as vehemently disagree with the other two though. If there is a way that we can save the taxpayers the cost of an election, I'm definitely on board. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Just Another Straw

If the field of candidates stays the same Sharon Webb probably will have maintained the same standing she had in the last race. She finished fifth last time and if no one else declares their candidacy she will probably do it again. I understand she comes from a large family and is the pastor of a small church. Neither has had a tremendous growth spurt in the last couple of years. They probably made up for 90% of the 510 votes she received and this time they'll make up over half. Though she may actually be serious. Like Jerry Lawler she's just another straw.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Free Advertisement

At first I was wondering why in the world would Jerry Lawler be entering in the Mayor's race? He is like the protest candidate who is in every race. He really has no chance of winning but he'll draw attention. This might be the straw that broke the camel's back though. The Mayor announced he was delaying his resignation until the end of the month. Everybody with any name recognition at all is getting in this race. Lawler's main business is Wrestling and fireworks. We have a couple of months before our next holiday and Wrestling isn't real popular these days. Jerry Lawler is like the local P.T. Barnum. He is just getting free advertisement for both his businesses

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Steve McNair (1973-2009)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Then And Now

Beauty has always been a matter of personal preference. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In The Other Direction

I had the opportunity to hear the author, political analyst and activist Angela McGlowan the other day and I was somewhat impressed. She was co-host on a weekly talk show and she handled it like a seasoned pro. In spite of her being a former Beauty Queen and a Fox News contributor now. She has a down to earth quality and a instantaneous command of the facts as it pertains to politics. Like most Conservatives do when engaging in a debate with Liberals, she went through them like a hot knife through butter.. I didn't hear her say anything I hadn't heard before. It was just odd hearing it come from a black female outside my house. My wife is the most Conservative black woman I know. But like the majority of people who share our views hasn't written a book.

Hold up, wait a minute, and stop the press t's the same thing in the other diecton.. Let's not celebrate breaking down any barriers just yet. I see something wrong with this picture that most people don't see. She was well received by people that are usually anti-Conservative so I should be happy you would think. But I'm not so sure her converts represent a true conversion. She made two other little publicized appearances in places that were moderate at best. She was at World Overcomes and KWAM incognito. Makes me give some thought to one of the criticisms I had earlier dismissed. Is she just the latest trophy mouthpiece saying what she's told.or implementing the latest plan to get a man with a six figure income? If indeed this is true we're just jumping from the skillet to the frying pan. It's the same thing in the other direction.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Courtesy Of Cohen

Hopefully Edmund Ford couldn't possibly win any seat other than the one presently held by his son. But stranger things have happened. You would think he would get somewhere keep a low profile and be quiet. Since it was by the grace of God that he wasn't found guilty in his last trial. It was like payback for the Rodney King verdict. He got off in spite of them having him taking money on tape.This is exactly what I was afraid would happen when he got off. Instead of being humbled by the experience and cleaning up their act. He would feel vindicated and show up somewhere else in politics. Now we see another one of those backroom deals that got him in trouble when he was in office. Coming out and rearing it's ugly head at the worst possible time.

Why would Edmund Ford enter into the special election? He has to know he has about as much chance of winning as a ice cube lasting in an oven. I bet he won't spend over a hundred dollars on this campaign. He can do whatever damage he is going to do for free. Any votes he is going to get he already has. Just the mention of his name brought out the television cameras and news reporters. Now hemust be considered as a serious candidate. Even though he has the credibility of a can of kraut. At first I thought Carol Chumney may have been behind all these people getting in the race. After further thought I eliminated her as a possibility. Willie Herenton deciding not to resign wouldn't be to her benefit. It would only prolong her agony. Then it came to me who it would benefit and why. The more time and energy Willie Herenton spends on being the Mayor of Memphis. The less time he has to focus on running for Congress and beating him. Him being none other than the infamous Steve Cohen. Just last week Harold Ford Sr. held a fundraiser for him. But we know money doesn't necessarily mean votes. Even though Edmund and his family don't get along. Blood is still thicker than water. I bet big brother Harold had a word with him. Ed Ford joining the race is courtesy of Cohen.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

He Needs To Be Muzzled

This commissioners main claim to fame is his close friendship with Mayor Willie Herenton and his ties to the Teamsters Union. In the past my respect of his position was based on what I thought were his religious convictions. I thought there were certain things he just wouldn't do or say publicly as a matter of principle. Obviously I was wrong Today I found out different. My level of respect for him just went down a couple of rungs. I can't vote for him anyway though, because I don't live in his district. If I did he surely wouldn't get my support now. As long as we have people like him in office, the race issue won't improve in Memphis. Today I heard him make some of the most divisive comments I have ever heard one elected official make about another one. Now I see where Willie Herenton's militant side is coming from. He is simply reflectimg the racists, one sided conversations he engages in with his close friends.

Hopefully we're approaching a new day in how political power is gained in Memphis. This just goes to show how influence has been acquired in the past. All the black voters in Memphis can't be bought with a smoke sausage sandwich some baked beans and a Big K drink. It takes more than a annual picnic to make up for a whole year of polarized votes. This guy is nothing more than a undercover Henri Brooks. Who unfortunately is joined by the media at the hip to the mayor. Everything he says makes the news these days. I have always stood with Mayor Herenton on his positions concerning race because I knew where he was coming from. Though he don't always have the best choice of words. I knew it was always about fairness with him. Commissioner Chism wants to stack the deck though. To imply that hiring a qualified white to a position would set this city back forty years is ridiculous. Blacks have been in charge now for at least eighteen of those. They should be able to compete on merit alone. I hope the Mayor doesn't let the commissioner dig him a trench with his mouth. He needs to be muzzled.