Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Indianapolis Colts Are Looking Unbeatable

I wrote this post a couple of days ago, somehow it didn't get posted. Here it is again. I watched the monday night game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Colts won the contest 26 - 7. It wasn't even as close as the score indicated. I'm an old Steelers fan from the Franco Harris, and Terry Bradshaw days. So I tried to to reserve my judgement until after the game. The verdict is in, Indianapolis Colts look unstoppable.

I just hope Tony Dungy gets his just due. I'm not worried that Peyton Manning will get his. The quarterbacks always do. Except of course "Doug Williams". In the case of Tony Dungy let's hope history doesn't repeat itself. Look what happened at Tampa Bay. He put together a Super Bowl championship team, only to have it taken away. The year before it came to fruition. Let's just hope that is restitution. I'm sure Peyton wouldn't mind a repeat of what happened at Tennessee. His number was retired and he didn't even win the SEC. He is doing a great job, but he has an allstar cast. Edgerrin James is having an excellent year too. He's had gains of over 100 yds. in 8 out of 11 games. At his present rate we could see a 2000 yard season.

At the rate they're going, we'll get a chance to see something I personally don't remember. An undefeated team in the NFL I know that's a bold statement, considering they still have some tough teams to play. If there is a team that can do it. I think the Colts can. I just have a feeling about this team.

Are We Being Spanked Another Way ?

The statistics came in on violence in the Memphis city schools the other day. Since the removal of corporal punishment. The results don't look good at all. Everything is up from last year. Even with the skewering of the numbers. We still can't find the silver lining. Now the school board members (Sarah Lewis) are coming out saying the reports are not credible. I think this is nothing more than a ploy to be re-elected, on her part. This should have been expected. We were having trouble with our children already. Any board member worth his or her dirt, are aware of the discipline situation. Any member that didn't openly protest this policy. Should be voted out of office, in the next election.

I like Wanda Halbert, but's she's not a leader. She needs to be backing someone up. I think she is too impressionable, and that's okay to a degree. That balances the scales out. Her mentor (Sarah Lewis) needs to be replaced. Ms. Halbert is enough of that type of persuasion, on the school board. In that area, I think we're top heavy. Unfortunately Ms. Gatewood is overkill. We have enough single mothers represented. What is missing is the Authoritarian figure. For the sake of progress, Hubon Sandridge needed to go. Only if we had someone too take his place though. Our community needs to be careful of that, it's counterproductive. Removing something we aren't prepared to replace. The passing of Dr. Lee Brown created a void. There was chaos, in the absence of the voice of reason. Too bad Mr. Brooks didn't have that persona, it was sorely needed. Though I think he was a pretty good man. He didn't have the impact we needed.

Superintindent Johnson has already made her position clear. If you don't like the job she's doing. Let her know, she'll pack her bags and go. Really her mission here is complete. In my opinion we're in worse shape, than we were in the beginning. Not only do we have academic problems. Which we hadn't solved. We now have new discipline problems, that we must address. Instead of moving forward, we're going backward. There may not be any paddling in the schools. As a concerned citizen of Memphis, I feel a lick.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Eccentrically Ethnic

I have been following this issue with seven yr. old Destini Berry. The young ballerina who has a problem with her teacher Karen Zissoff regarding her ethnic hairstyle. I guess it's unfair to say the child has a problem. She probably could care less. She just wants to dance like the other girls. Really it's her mother Takeisha Berry.Who in all fairness speaks for her daughter. I have yet to hear what the father has to say, if anything. The mother claims discrimination based on the fact. Destinini isn't being allowed to perform in a Dec. 12th dance recital. She claims had she known about the hair policy. She would have taken her somewhere else. My question is where?Whether we like it or not, braids aren't the mainstream. When many young Black men turn their lives around. The first thing they do, is cut their braids off. In many cases braids are seen as a form of rebellion. Consider the personalities of most people who sport them. We don't see it in Destini but we see it in her mother. Now Black women complain about not being able to wear natural hairstyles. What if they were not given the option of straightening their hair? Which would they choose?

I keep saying braids because the general public is still at that point. Most people don't know the difference between a braid, a dread, and a lock (loc). Braid is like a general description. They're all different you know. Whether they be Asian, Black or White. For someone who is not into natural hairstyles. It simply is braided hair. One of the defenses is , they didn't say you couldn't wear locks. I think that's merely a play on words. When the dress code was written. No one was even wearing what they now call locks. The teacher has instructed many other black girls, without having a problem. Does that mean it's time to challenge it now? Because it's never been challenged before. You can't forge your way into traditions and customs, demanding that they change for you. To be Miss Black America you have to be Black.

Contrary to what many would have you think. This is not a racial issue. It's also not a matter of one persons opinion. It's simply a matter of protocall and tradition. A female Muslim couldn't be a cheerleader. She has to wear too many clothes. In our haste to have our way. We're not looking at the big picture. What happens when the shoe is on the other foot ? The young lady is not being asked to do anything unreasonable. It's not a question of beauty or conformity either. This is not an issue to go to war about. Unfortunately it won't just go away. Even if you do win. Do you really win anything?

Monday, November 28, 2005

Who Is Bill Dunn ?

I didn't want to just leave the question hanging. I asked this after I was told it wasn't the columist Jackson Baker. I think at some point this name will come back up. This whole recall thing reeks of Republican influence. If not Bill Dunn himself, for sure it's someone with Republican ties. This is an article telling who Bill Dunn is :

Bill Dunn, House Republican Leader

Tennessee House Republicans selected Bill Dunn of Knoxville as their new leader. (More from Rep. Stacey Campfield and Adam Groves). This is a very good development for the GOP in general and conservatives in particular. In these times of sorely deficient ethics, Republicans will have a man of sterling character speaking for them on these critical issues. Dunn is one of the most principled and honest people walking the face of the earth. He speaks with authority and even those who vehemently disagree with his political views appreciate his candor and sincerity. Tre' Hargett left some big shoes to fill but Dunn will do it well.
A few things to watch for under Leader Dunn:
Caucus leaders have traditionally been appointed to the Finance, Ways and Means Committee and Bill Dunn is uniquely qualified to serve there. When I worked in the legislature, I would often wander up to Rep. Dunn's office in the midst of a late night's work. He would be there munching on peanut butter sandwiches with a Comptroller's audit of some obscure government agency in hand. He knows where every wasted dollar in state government is and watching him grill administration officials during budget hearings will be a sight to behold.
Many of the RINO's in the caucus have to see the handwriting on the wall with the election of one of the original conservatives as their leader. They'll be forced to change their ways or opt for their state pension. A good thing for sure.
Will Dunn be a leader around whom conservative activists can coalesce and swing key elections? I think so. And if they win enough of those elections we'll have Speaker Dunn. Talk about a sight to behold.
Leader Dunn has never had to raise much money and that will be a primary task in his new capacity. Will he be able to raise the vast sums of cash necessary to win the aforementioned elections? I think that's a skill he can pick up but it remains to be seen.
How will Jimmy Naifeh respond to Leader Dunn? My impression has been that Naifeh had a good deal of respect for Dunn despite their vast political differences. But remember that for many years the only person in the House that refused to vote for Naifeh as the Speaker was Bill Dunn. Naifeh's preferred mode of operation in the face of opposition is to cut a deal or to strong arm. Bill Dunn doesn't make deals and he won't be strong armed. This relationship will be fun to watch and a primer in politics.
Another interesting relationship will be Dunn's with Caucus Chairman Charles Sargent of Williamson County. They have remarkably different styles but they share one common trait -- strong wills. There will doubtless be some friction but they are united in their goal of a Republican majority and any headbutting will be behind closed doors. A unified front is all the public will see.
As the Republican Leader, Dunn will now have a weekly breakfast meeting with Gov. Bredesen and other legislative leaders. I'd love to be a fly on that wall.
Whatever unfolds in the coming session, this much we know -- dull moments are done, er, Dunn. What are your thoughts on the new Republican Leader? The comments section eagerly awaits your opinion.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Something I Ran Across, Worth Sharing

I am sure the more enlightened would simply dismiss this as too simplistic. However, there are things in this that should cause you to think a little. I have no idea who came up with these.Some say President Bush should not have led us into War in Iraq and Afghanistan.1- FDR led us into WWII2- Germany never attacked us. 450,000 lives were lost.3- Truman led us into the Korean War - North Korea never attacked us. 55,000 lives were lost4- John Kennedy led us into Vietnam. North Vietnam never attacked us. 58,000 lives were lost5- Clinton led us into Bosnia. Bosnia never attacked us. He was offered Bin Laden's head three times by the Sudanese. Clinton did nothing.Osama has attacked us on various occasions.6- In the years since terrorists attacked us, the USA under President Bush has liberated two countries, crushed the Taliban, crippled Al-Qaida, put nuclear inspectors in Libya, Iran, North Korea without firing a shot and captured a terrorist who murdered 300,000 of his own people.All the Democrats do is complain how long the war is taking.HOWEVER…It took less time to take Iraq than it took Janet Reno to take the Branch Dividian compoundIt took less time than it took Hillary Clinton to find the Rose Law Firm billing recordsIt took less time for the 3rd Infantry to destroy the Medina Republican Guard than it took Ted Kennedy to call police after his car sank in Chappaquiddick.It took less time to take Iraq than it took to count all the votes in Florida.The biased liberal media and wacko Liberal Democrats hope we are too ignorant to realize the facts.

I Wonder Why ?

Why would a Republican candidate for congressional district 9, be endorsing Thaddeus Matthews for county commisioner district 3? Could this have something to do with Mr. Matthews association, with Terry Roland? The Republican candidate who almost beat Ophelia Ford, for the state senate seat vacated by her brother ( John Ford). I don't necessarily support Ms. Fords election to the seat. But I don't know about Terry Roland either. In my estimation it's six in one hand, a half dozen in the other. This is a prime example of divide and conquer. We have so many candidates in the race. No one can build a significant base.

You would think that people would get behind the person that beat their candidate. That's not the case though. Voters seem to loose their interest once their candidate is out of the race. It's kind of like when the best teams play in the semi-finals. One exciting team cancels the other one out. The championship ends up being like a consolation game. Look at the last race for the state senate seat. You had two if not three candidates that would have given Mr. Roland a credible challenge. Yet the winner of the democratic nomination only ended up beating him by a mere seven votes. Once peoples chosen candidate didn't win. They just didn't bother to vote.

I agree with the issue Mr. Roland brought up regarding unregistered voters. I don't want elections being decided by dead or illegal voters. This cuts on both sides of the fence. Though I think their motives are one sided. The ends justify the means. Honesty and integrity don't have a color or gender. Neither does ambition. Take a look at the possible candidates. See if you get my drift.

Declared and Potential Candidates for District 9
Declared:Nikki Tinker - corporate attorney Declared
Potential:Calvin Anderson - Blue Cross/Blue Shield executiveD’Army Bailey - Shelby County Circuit Court JudgeStephen I. “Steve” Cohen - State Senator (D-30)Harold Ford, Jr. - Incumbent Declared candidate for U.S. SenateIsaac FordJake FordJoe Ford - Shelby County CommissionerMyron Lowery - Memphis City Councilman (District 8, Position 3)Herman MorrisRon Redwing - former aide to Memphis mayor Willie HerentonEd Stanton - AttorneyMark Yates - former Chief of Staff to Congressman Ford and former Shelby County Democratic Party chair
per Chattanooga-Hamilton Civic Forum

I see several combinations here that could really pose a problem. Especially for the person who wins the democratic nomination. The people that need to read this blog probably won't see it. I think that's what certain people are banking on. The gullibility of the Memphis voter.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Is Gang, The Correct Name For Them ?

Well-Dressed Gang Terrorizes Oakland Liquor StoresPOSTED: 7:55 am PST November 24, 2005UPDATED: 9:08 am PST November 24, 2005OAKLAND -- Clad in dark suits and bow ties, a gang of vandals strolled into two Oakland corner liquor stores late Wednesday night and then unleashed a violent attack, terrorizing the clerks, smashing displays and coolers with iron pipes.The brazen attacks were captured on videotape and thieves seemed not to care that their pictures were being recorded as they looked right into the cameras.Oakland police have begun a search for the gang of 8-12 young men. But for one clerk, those terrifying moments will not soon be forgotten."They just jumped on me -- started punching me," the clerk told KTVU not wanting to give his identity."But when you come with baseball bats, and I don't know if you got guns because you have your hands in your pockets… breaking our store apart… it took hard work, we are here 18 hours a day… working here to establish a business to feed our families, and they do this to us, it's not fair."The clerk said his family was in the back room, waiting for him to close down the store so they could travel to a relative's home for Thanksgiving. He said the violent attack has traumatized his children.The attacks began around 11:30 a.m. with two stores targeted -- one at 34th and Market and the other -- San Pablo Liquor Market on 23rd and San Pablo Ave.The men strolled into the stores, walked around a while and then turned on the clerks telling them to -- "stop poisoning our neighborhoods." Then the violence turned to the liquor bottles and cans stocked both on shelves and in the coolers.There was no immediate estimate on damages and no serious injuries were reported.Copyright 2005 by All rights reserved.

The Davis-Bacon Act

I was watching a documentary on PBS. It was documenting the rebuilding of New Orleans, after hurricane Katrina. President Bush suspended the Davis-Bacon act indefinitely, strictly for the purpose of rebuilding the city. It was a means of speeding up the wheels of progress. Desperate times, call for desperate measures. There has never been a storm of this magnitude before. At least one like this, because their was hurricane Andrew of course. Both of which the act was suspended for. As always there are exploiters of every misfortune. In less severe storms, the scam artist go for the kill. We should expect them to jump on this catastrophe, like they always do. This was more than just fixing a roof, or repairing a broken pipe. This was such a major undertaking, it brought out the big boys. The major contractors rushed in and brokered out the labor. Undercutting those workers, working for the local union wage.

I expected the focus to be on the wrong thing as usual. While the country was up in arms, over the relief efforts. The oppurtunist were already taking advantage of the situation. The problem profiteers of the community didn't even bring this up. While we were focused on the poor, and what we consider the underpriviledged. The honest working man was getting screwed. Liberals would take this, and use it as a talking point against George W. Bush. Talking about how he cheated the working man, out of a fair days wage. When he signed a bill suspending the act indefinitely, immediately after the storm. The legislators at the lower level dropped the ball. They didn't protect their constituents initially. I would bet upon further investigation. There will be some palms, that have been greased. I bet the politicians, protected themselves like the police. When the going got rough, the rough got going. Money or the lack of, makes you do strange things. When this was brought to the attention of the President. He reversed his decision. That's really all he can do.

The current administration has done little to protect our borders. I feel this is a hotbed issue, that will determine the next President of the United States. The labor issues surrounding the rebuilding of those areas affected by Katrina. Have focused the spotlight, on the immigration issue. This story gave me a whole new insight on the illegal immigrants. If they can displace professional workers, such as electricians. They are now embarking on occupations that have traditionally been protected. One of the electricians directly affected by the situation said it best. He said"of course he was unhappy about loosing his job". He also said that he "understood the plight, of these undocumented workers". They want to take part in the American dream"just like us".

Friday, November 25, 2005

Motion Of No Confidence

A prime example of fluff. What does this have to do with the recall of Mayor Herenton? This was used as one of the main reasons, we should exercise our right to recall. The only thing they have in common is their intent. Supporters of the recall won't point this out. It uncovers their motive. The most this recall will do, is cause the present administration embarassment.

Motion of no confidence

A Motion of No Confidence, also called a Motion of Non Confidence, is a parliamentary motion traditionally put before a parliament by the opposition in the hope of defeating or embarrassing a government. On rare occasions, it may also be put on the parliamentary order paper by an erstwhile supporter who has lost confidence in the government. The motion is passed or rejected by means of a parliamentary vote (a Vote of No Confidence).
Governments often respond to a Motion of No Confidence by proposing a Motion of Confidence which according to Anglo-Saxon parliamentary procedure takes precedence and so replaces the Motion of No Confidence.
In presidential systems, the legislature may occasionally pass motions of no confidence as was done against United States Secretary of State Dean Acheson in the 1950s, but these motions are of symbolic effect only.
The tradition began in March 1782 when following the defeat of the British army at Yorktown in the American Revolutionary War, the Parliament of the Kingdom of Great Britain voted that they "can no longer repose confidence in the present ministers." The then Prime Minister, Lord North, responded by asking King George III to accept his resignation. This did not immediately create a constitutional convention; however, during the early 19th century, attempts by Prime Ministers to govern in the absence of a parliamentary majority proved unsuccessful, and by the mid 19th century, the ability of a motion of no confidence to break a government was firmly established in the UK.
Typically, when parliament votes No Confidence, or where it fails to vote confidence, a government must either
resign, or
seek a parliamentary dissolution and request a General Election.
This procedure is either formalized through constitutional convention as is the case with the United Kingdom or explicitly stated in the constitutional law as is the case with Germany and Spain.
Where a government has lost the confidence of the responsible house (i.e., the directly elected lower chamber which can select and dismiss it, as in Spain; though in some states both houses of parliament are responsible) a head of state may have the constitutional right to refuse a request for a parliamentary dissolution, so forcing an immediate resignation.

There are a number of variations in this procedure.
For example, in Germany and Spain, a vote of No Confidence requires that the opposition, on the same ballot, propose a candidate of their own whom they want to be appointed Chancellor by the Federal President; thus the Motion of No Confidence is required to be at the same time a Motion of Confidence for a new candidate . The idea was to prevent crises of the state by always having a Chancellor in office. Unlike the British system, the Chancellor does not resign in response to the failure of a vote of Confidence but rather the Federal President has the right to call General Elections (this variation is called a Constructive Vote of No Confidence).
A Motion of No Confidence can be proposed in the government collectively or by any individual member, including the Prime Minister. In Spain is presented by the Prime Minister after consultation. Sometimes Motions of No Confidence are proposed, even though they have no likelihood of passage, simply to pressure a government or to embarrass its own critics who nevertheless for political reasons dare not vote against it. In many parliamentary democracies, strict time limits exist as to the proposing of a No Confidence motion, with a vote only allowed once every three, four or six months. Thus knowing when to use a Motion of No Confidence is a matter of political judgement; using a Motion of No Confidence on a relatively trivial matter may prove counterproductive to its proposer if a more important issue suddenly arises which warrants a Motion of No Confidence, because a motion cannot be proposed if one had been voted on recently and cannot be proposed again for a number of months.
In modern times, passage of a Motion of No Confidence is a relatively rare event in two party democracies. In almost all cases, party discipline is sufficient to allow a majority party to defeat a Motion of No Confidence, and if faced with likely defections in the government party, the government is likely to change its policies rather than lose a vote of No Confidence. The cases in which a Motion of No Confidence have passed are generally those in which the government party has a slim majority which is eliminated by either by-elections or defections.
Often, important bills serve as Motions of No Confidence, when so declared by the government. This may be used to prevent dissident members of parliament from voting against it. Sometimes a government may lose a vote because the opposition ends debate prematurely when too many of its members are away on business, pleasure or lunch; in this case, however, the prime minister rarely resigns or calls an election.
In the Westminster System, the defeat of a supply bill (one that concerns the spending of money) automatically requires the resignation of the government or dissolution of Parliament, much like a no-confidence vote, since a government that cannot spend money is hamstrung. This is called loss of supply.
Motions of No Confidence are far more common in multi-party systems in which a minority party must form coalition government. This can result in the situation in which there are many short-lived governments because the party structure allows small parties to break a government without means to create a government. This has widely been regarded as the cause of instability for the French Fourth Republic and the German Weimar Republic. More recent examples of this phenomenon have been in Italy between the 1950s and 1990s, Israel, and Japan.
To deal with this situation, the French placed large amount of executive power in the office of President of France, which is immune from Motions of No Confidence. Post-War Germany has prevented the passage of multiple Motions of No Confidence by using electoral rules which discourage small parties and by having a constitutional provision known as a Constructive Vote of No Confidence in which a Motion of No Confidence does not dissolve a government unless the proposers of the motion have named an alternative prime minister.

Prime Ministers defeated by votes of no confidence
Arthur Fadden (1941)
Malcolm Fraser (1975)
Sir John A. Macdonald (1873)
Arthur Meighen (1926)
John George Diefenbaker (1963)
Pierre Trudeau (1974)
Joe Clark (1979)
Georges Pompidou
Helmut Schmidt (1982)
Atal Bihari Vajpayee (1996)
Yitzhak Shamir
Amintore Fanfani
Romano Prodi
Shigeru Yoshida
Masayoshi Ohira
Kiichi Miyazawa
Viktor Yushchenko
Viktor Yanukovych
United Kingdom
Lord North
Stanley Baldwin
James Callaghan
Serge Vohor
Retrieved from ""

Chicken Little

I'm a little late posting this, but I felt it was worth mentioning. I asked my son the other week what he wanted to do ? He chose to go see "Chicken Little" the movie. I shouldn't have been surprised at all. Children seem to be mesmerized with cartoons, and their characters these days. They can memorize an episode from start to finish. Upon arrival I got two surprises. The first one was the fact that the theatre was full. It was a packed house not an empty seat left. Some people couldn't get in. The fact that it was a bargain matinee may have helped. I haven't experienced that since the premeir of "Purple Rain". Of course the lines weren't there, but just the same. I hadn't been in a full theatre, in quite a while.The second surprise was that I really enjoyed myself. Not just the joy you get, from watching a smile come across your childs face. I enjoyed it as though, I chose to see it myself. I was on the edge of my seat. Waiting in anticipation like the children and other adults were. I won't give the movie away, by talking about it. I'll just say for a fun way to spend the afternoon with your small children. I highly recommend it.If I had a rating system with stars. One * being poor save your time and money. Five ***** being excellent, go and see it quick. I would have given it five stars. I didn't leave feeling like I could have waited for cable or video. It was worth the money.

Something To Look At

I keep asking the question, if the recall is successfull. Who do we replace "Mayor Herenton" with? I haven't got an answer to my inquiry yet. I think I know why that is. They don't even pretend to know the answer to that question. They haven't looked that far ahead. I must say at least I respect that. They don't say anything they'll have to take back later. This whole recall effort is opening a can of worms.

Once we recall the mayor in office, then we must elect another. Unless we want the president of the city council to take his duties over. What good would that do? No city council president is going to rock the boat. It would require three votes at one time. To make this whole thing worthwhile and timely. To have control of this process from beginning to end. I don't know if I trust the Memphis voters to handle all of that. If they can't be trusted to do it right the first time. Why give them three more chances, to make the wrong decision. Where can we afford to loose the reins? In my opinion nowhere.

Dallas Fans Are Diehard

I don't like the Dallas Cowboys myself. I'm an old Steelers fan. Whatever these fans are on, I wish we could bottle it up and sell it. Use it to hype people up, about more serious things. Most people that are true Dallas fans, act like they've signed a contract. They pull for them as hard as they can. Regardless of the games outcome. I talked to some fans about Thanksgivings game. They acted like they won.

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Plan

I must admit my interest is peaked, as to how this signature drive is going to be pulled off. I understand them being secretive, about the way it's going to happen. When the powers that be, get wind of these plans. They have a way of squashing them. Everything up until this point, has ran into a brickwall. Like the park issue, and the charter commision. They didn't have the expected results.

I have come up with two ideas as to how this might be done. I have been picking my brain, to figure this riddle out. We have to be focusing on a large event, if an event is what it is. At first I thought about the super bowl and all the parties. Then I figured that's a festive atmosphere, not serious enough. Fifty thousand people is a lot of signatures. They specified they needed 400 volunteers. That's 125 signatures apiece. In my opinion that is where this plan unravels. I don't think they'll get the volunteers. That gave me a starting point. Where will these volunteers encounter this many people? If they are required to gather the signatures themselves. Then I thought about it. The place you will surely be able to find 50,000 disgruntled, possibly misinformed voters. Is at MLGW payment centers, after they pay their light bills. Chances are the 400 volunteers will be there too. Even if they don't take time to vote. They have to go there. I thought this might be a wash, but then I thought about that also. Some of these stipulations may not be definite. That could be just to throw everyone off.

The next idea requires financing, that makes it a bit of a long shot. Considering those who we know are involved. I can't see them footing the bill, for this whole recall petition on their own. That would be totally out of character. Their motivation is to make money, not to spend it. Not that I blame them for being capitalistic. That's the Americam way. Their supporters must know that though, to really be objective. At some point this is going to cost somebody something. My next idea involves the newspaper, namely the " Commercial Appeal". It would be the only local paper that has a large enough circulation. To reach that many people in a single day. Any message circulated through the newspaper is going to carry a hefty pricetag. I wonder who would want the mayor out of office that bad. To take this burden on themself ? If they circulate the petition in the newspaper. They would reach the required number for sure. The 400 volunteers would collect the filled out forms.

I just posted my ideas so they would be recorded. I often see things before they happen. With this blog, I can have them written down somewhere. I may change my mind before it happens. That's my perogative, the organizers of the recall do. Since this recall issue started, the mode of attack has changed a couple of times. Or could this be a case of where the left hand doesn't know, what the right hand is doing. Remember the charter commision. The organizer Mr. Lundt of Germantown, pitted opponents against the very ones he used to gather the necessary signatures. For the time being, this is what I think. Like everything else that hasn't already been done. It remains to be seen.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

City Attorney's Office

I brought this subject up with little to no response. I've heard it discussed on some of the local radio talk shows as well, of course with a twist. I wrote it down somewhere, but I can't find it right now. We look at all these jobs and services, we think could stand to be cut. I think we need to look, at all the claims being settled by the city attorneys office. We have a paid staff, that I'm sure receive hefty benefits after retirement. I mention retirement, because of the disparity in pay. I would guess many good attorneys, don't grow old at the city attorneys office. That is a reason they use, for not having an impressive win/lost record. They contend that they are not able to recruit qualified candidates, because of the low pay. I don't know for sure,but I bet some payola is going on somewhere. In memphis we have people with middle income salaries, that end up being millionaires. Usually as a result of stealing. We can't afford a more competent staff. Yet we pay exhorbant amounts, to certain private law firms, for consultations.

Very few residents even know who Sarah Hall is. They know who Bill Gibbons is though. The local district attorney. His focus is locking folks up, hers is paying them off. Which office spends the most taxpayer dollars? The lawsuit surrounding the Cannon Center downtown, could have off set the deficit by itself. They say we got off light, we could have been required to pay $31 nillion. What I would like to know is. Where were the city attorneys, when we were signing this contract? I would like to see the disposition of all the cases, that they have settled in the last few years. I would say we can trace some of our financial woes to that office.

The Recall or Right to Referendum (which one is it) ?

That's just the point I'm making, this drive isn't organized at all. They haven't even decided what they're going to petition for yet. At least among the voters and supporters. I've been following one of the organizers of this drive, it's falling apart before it starts. There is a big plan that's supposed to unfold, after the first of the year. That will produce 40-50,000 signatures in one day. With the help of 400 volunteers, which I'll have to see to believe. I wish this movement the best of luck, if that's what they want to do. I would love to see the citizens of Memphis stick together about anything. Hopefully it won't be this though. I won't be supporting it myself, but to each his own. I don't think they'll get the required number of signatures. If this doesn't work, those behind it will complain about that too. They'll try to come up with something new, and try to force it down other peoples throat. In the meantime his term will be practically over. Let's look at this as far as I know to the point we are right now. Someone please correct me, if I'm wrong.

Under the provisions of the city charter, even if accomplished it wouldn't change much. It would be more symbolic, than anything else. We're beyond this point, but for the sake of conversation let's consider this. That's one of my major issues with the recall. Even if I supported it. It's too late in the game. They can't initiate it until after the second year of his term. Then it can only be put on the ballot, in a general election. In hindsight the recall provision wasn't designed, to appease a disgruntled minority. In order for this thing to work, a whole lot of people have to be thoroughly upset. Like maybe if they caught the mayor on camera smoking crack, or in bed with a little boy. Well maybe not smoking crack. Somebody already got away with that. When it comes to money, it depends on who it is. Some people seem to feel, some people are entitled. I certainly wouldn't take a chance on a young girl either. Especially if she was developed. It would somehow be her fault. I think a little boy would be too much. Even the voters of Memphis, wouldn't go for that.

Even if you got the mayor out, you couldn't remove the city council. That's like killing a roach, and not getting the eggs. Everything the citizens are upset about, the city council voted for it. In the interim there is a prior appointed person in place, pending the results of the recall. I don't know who that is, but I would bet it's not a rebel. It will be someone that won't make radical changes. Look at the person, who filled Janet Hooks vacated council seat. It was someone I personally never heard of. Unless we take two things to the table all at once. The recall petition, and the candidate of choice. Which is another story in itself. That would involve another wait. I bet a majority of those people supporting this, haven't looked that far ahead.

The last time I saw a scenario like this, was the election of the president of the Shelby County Democratic party. That was a joke too. We see how that turned out. When the smoke cleared, who was in charge? Considering where this came from, I have suspicions of the same type of force behind this. The whole thing reeks of the "divide and conquer principle". Most people are sincere in their complaints. They just don't know how to resolve it. They don't know what to do, but they want to do something. Recalling the mayor isn't the answer.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Memphis Talk Radio

This post is in regards to the deterioration, of fomerly one of the midsouths' most informative talkshows. The Janis Fullilove show. These days intelligent comments usually get attacked by the dogs, or those karate chops. She has the same old tired callers all the time. Those weak impressionable minds. It's become a one dimensional show. You agree with Janis,or you don't call. She has political pondents that never picked a winner. She hasn't given facts since Fullilove unleashed. She now lets her biases, cloud her reasoning. She sticks with her clique no matter what. Everybody in the Tennessee waltz,is a Fullilove friend. Had she had an office,she would've been indicted too.

Black leadership doesn't mean pro-black. I agree with Janis,we don't need a recall. We need to do it at voting time, in the voting booth. If we need to do it at all ? I think some of these people only want a recall. To avoid a loosing campaign at the polls. Fifty thousand signatures don't represent the majority of voters in Memphis. This city boasts nearly 700 thousand people. Except those citizens in disagreement with the mayors policies,fifty thousand signatures is just a drop in the bucket. They know they can't win by choice. They want to do it by force. I like Janis as a talkshow host,but that's about it. A couple of weeks ago, they( Janis & Kenneth Whalum) were vying for the same office. Now they've both lost,they've joined forces. I think we should leave her on the radio,and out of politics.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Something For The People Of Memphis (Especially The Blacks)

I'm not impressed with the fact that Joseph Kyles and Kenneth T. Whalum Jr. have become the spokesmen for the Black community of Memphis. I prefer them to Lasimba Gray and the local chapter of the NAACP. I still think we need, and are going in a different direction. Joseph Kyles the director and Kenneth Whalum Jr. the preacher. Are like a blast from the past. They're really just a younger version of the same old thing. I think both of these young men have hidden agendas.That don't represent the Black community as a whole.They just need them to bring their dreams to fruition. Not that I blame them, for their ambition. Just don't make the Black community casualties along the way. I have noticed a new segment on Eyewitness news called "Speaking Out". Everytime I happen to catch this new addition to the news. I see one of these two faces and their commentaries. They give the impression to all viewers, that the Negro citizens of Memphis, are one sided in their thinking. Usually their opinions are liberal at best. Kyles coming across, as a polished lawyer or salesman. Whalum that of a fire and brimstone preacher. The majority of the Black community falling for one or both. Then they choose responses from callers, that are obviously less articulate. To bolster these guys opinions. Making them appear receptive to the masses. This reminds me of Crump era politics.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Terrell Owens, From Cocky To Contrite

There is a rising spirit of rebellion, growing in our community. It's growing in general, it crosses both racial and gender lines. It starts in the home, and continues in the schools. Being that we're the minority here, it hurts us the most. It has been most evident, in professional sports lately. With the dress code, and now the Terrell Owens incident. There seems to be this growing disregard, for following the rules. If you don't like the ones in place, just make up your own. Say or do what you want to, regardless who it offends.The owners just aren't having it. They have the gold, so they make the rules. There is a small part of the community that condones this type of behavior. No matter what happens, it's always somebody elses fault. Thank God they're not the majority. We would be headed for destruction, like the Romans were. Remember how people faced the lions, for the sake of entertainment.Terrell Owens got real humble real fast. He's apologizing to everyone, he's ever insulted. He's not shooting his mouth off now. All these people egging him on, haven't raised a quarter in his defense. Ask Ron Artest, they made a believer out of him. He had to sit out last year, because of his temper. He's back this year and glad of it. I don't think we'll be hearing anything about him, but maybe his statistics. Even he said," Terrell crossed the line". It's easy to have second thoughts, as you watch $40 million drift away. Especially when it's a result of you talking too much. It still boils down to the owners, and the league. They didn't sign him to be an football analyst. They hired him to make spectacular catches. In his absence Sunday, the rookie did a very good job. Just proof the show goes on without him. I don't know anyone that refused to watch the games this weekend, because Terrell was suspended. If he proved to be worth the $49.7 million they signed him for. His performance would shine a light, on all those not doing their job. I can't help but wonder right now. If we could ask Terrell Owens secretly,"was it worth it"? What do you think, he would say?


This is my first post, on my new blog. I plan for this to be a place where we can discuss, a vast array of subjects. Things will be discussed purely from a relevance perspective. Everything said here will strictly be someones opinion. Of course we're going to deal with facts. Not letting our biases cloud our reasoning. Wherever the issue happens to be. Both locally and nationally, worldwide or however they arise. This blog is open to all opinions, regardless of race, age or gender. I won't discourage other religions from posting here, but I am a devout Christian. Expect my opinions to be spiritually influenced,uncompromising in my faith. My convictions should be evident, and probably will be. In the things I'm going to say. Those in opposition to my beliefs, will probably find this blog interesting. All beliefs are welcome here, but Christianity rules!!!I do have my personal political leanings, but they aren't etched in stone. I don't call myself a hardcore this or that. Right wing Republican or leftist Democrat. Being Independant, doesn't pose a serious challenge to the dominant parties either. You can make a personal statement, but that's about all you're doing. In the grand scheme of things. I do my best to effectively use the one voice I have, when I go into the voting booth. I'm more concerned with what's right, than allegiance to a particular political party. I focus on the ability to rationalize things from a common point of view. I think we as a community have been captured by our sense of entitlement. Whoever makes the most campaign promises, that benefit us personally. Hug and shake hands with the most parishoners, and kisses the most babies. Is most likely the politician, to get our vote. Not to mention voter loyalty, and who the prominent ministers endorse. Everybody wants the easy way out. We can depend on that. The first law of man is " self preservation". What works well for some, works against others. That's the nature of politics. Some will be happy, but some will not. Having gotten that out of the way. We plan to uncover some of those hidden truths here. We welcome all opinions here with a open heart, an open mind. We don't have thin skin here. We call it down the middle.